Chaitra Navaratri Puja

New Delhi (India)

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1985-03-25 Chaitra Navaratri Puja, Delhi

[English Translation from Hindi]

I wish you on this auspicious day of Navratri. There is no doubt that the उत्कण्ठा , love and respect you people have for Sahaj is appreciable, because we find that the our heritage in North India are somewhat lost. Our past has been lost to a great extent and after independence after 300 years of slavery, we are entangled in our new environment which is intriguing but destructive too. As if we have been uprooted from our basic elements. These elements were never nurtured that is true but we also were interested in superficial things.The North had been a kind of curse on India. I think that the way Washerman behaved with Sitaji (Devi Sita of Ramayan) the rule of washer man have started in Uttar Pradesh. When you travel across Uttar Pradesh, it is sad to see that people have become superficial, incomplete, without faith, without respects etc that it does not appear that Sahaj can flourish there. Secondly, it is seen that everywhere be it Punjab, Bihar we call ourselves hindu or Indians but we are unaware of our culture/heritage.
We do not know our roots? On which root we are standing steady? We cannot prosper by seeding the roots of others in ourselves. And our roots are so very important that the roots of entire world will evolve and exalt from it. But the man here is in strange environment he is on never side, and when I see inside I am very surprised. The depth one finds in South India, is kind of lost here. We need to worry and introspect as to why we have lost it. Why we deserted what we had which was so important. In this regard I appreciate Sikhs as they know something about their religion. You will not find any sikh who knows nothing about their religion but you will find thousands of hindus who know nothing of their religion and they have no problem with it.
Though it has an advantage when the religion become too narrow and organised, the branches gets hampered, then a man goes to an extreme and becomes blind in faith. But to be unaware of your religion and faith is another. You can tell British and foreigners that that they have to learn, know a lot and go deep but what do you say to Indians? They have assumed themselves to be British. They think that they have attained great heights. What a superficial life we are leading we are not giving attention to it, that’s why our sensitivity to our heart is not deep. Sensitivity of heart is deep/profound not superficial. A man who leads a superficial life he can’t be profound. We need to give attention to why we lost it and how to establish our connection with it? How do we go deep in it? We are very sceptical towards religion. I am not talking of any external religion you know that, it is important to have religion/dharma inside. Religion inside means balance in all those things which affect. Some people argue that “What is there in wearing clothes, they are rooted/material things one needs to go in the depth/beyond substance” But when you are so naughty with matter then how will you go deep? Many people do wrong things without understanding Indian culture and heritage. Like wearing bangles in hand appears a minor thing but do you know it a woman should wear a bangle in the Vishuddhi chakra and even men used to wear it. My nose pin is the star of venus, I had to wear. I had not worn it for long time then I realised that it will not work without wearing it. Everything in our culture has been made in a balance. This has not been created by any religion but by visionary, saints and ascetics, we must understand that.In everything, in way of living, way of conversation,mannerism we must become Indian.Until you are Indian Sahaj Yog will not seed in you. Foreigners keep observing that how to stay in Indian dress all the time and learn Indian ways of behaviour. They keep observing and learn. They try.
Today itself my Daughter-in-law said that “Sahaj yogis we met in foreign, their dedication and faith, is not found in Sahaj Yogis here. Here they come only to get cured of their deseases.” So it appears that it is very difficult for Indians to become real indians rather than for foreigners. One they have pure and bright minds. With that mind they understand that whatever they did so far with arrogance, they have to leave those ways and to accept simple, straight Indian ways which directs towards the Atama. They understand this becausethey have achieved depth. But we come in presence of Mother and argue “What’s the problem in this, what if we live like this-or like that”. Today I am placing a proposal before you because you know that we have established “Vishwa Nirmal Dharm”.
But the heritage of Vishwa Dharma is Indian, in it’s entirety. There is no compromise on that. Whoever comes to India they will have to live like Indians because this culture has been designed after lot of thought developed over thousands of years by improving on its drawbacks. The salient point is keep your attention in control. In Delhi if you move around you find people have roving eyes all the time. You do not find purity of eye, they are full of lust and greed. Attention can be in control only if we respect ourself and others, so that a human being is सौष्ठवपूर्ण and not ugly. There should be no licaciousness, in all aspects of I’ve our life should be सौष्ठवपूर्ण. सौष्ठवपूर्ण means auspiciousness, heart is full of pure auspiciousness. That is how one should be.
But we learn their bad aspects completely and not their good aspects and we consider ourselves modern. Then the curses of the modernism will not spare you.Look at your children. Our children should have Indianness.Children should have respect, faith, devotion and modesty.Look at children from Maharashtra they sit quietly.I have never observed then looking here and there, laughing amongst themselves or chatting. You can see they sit quietly in meditation. If you look at English children they run around so much, that they are kept outside. Their mothers are also kept outside. Then we should understand the reason. Why Sahaj Yog has not seeded so deep inside us. We should introspect. Indian culture has to be accepted completely, with respect like you respect elders.I heard that there is some Sahaj Yogi, very great Sahaj Yogi but he troubles his mother. How can this be. If mother is monstrous or possessed then also one can understand but troubling is a against the culture. Running away from siblings is not allowed in the culture. Guests should be welcomed and taken care of.
There are ample examples. Whatever we have lost we have to bring that all back in Sahaj Yog. Women like Pannadha who sacrificed her son to save the prince. Padmini was so लावण्यपूर्ण. Remember those who have sacrificed their life on the country. You will not be able to evolve in Sahaja yoga if you deserve that culture. I have seen the civilisations of entire world.The ancient civilisations like in Egypt, china, Greece or Italy.
And all these civilisation deviations were followed and were swayed by it. They say that Parushram was attracted to women. How is this possible? Oh My father! He was so harsh how could he be attracted to women? Vishnu was depicted in another dirty form. Like this they defamed all God and Goddesses. If you see Romans, they were Rakshas natured people where ever they went they destroyed. Egyptians were involved in black magic. Chinese civilisation has some influence of India. It was based on Indian civilisation. It has travelled from Indian civilisation. Similarly, you will find the influence of Indian Civilisation in Japan as well, for example like Zen etc. These things have travelled from India.We have to give culture to the world. Our civilisation is so beautiful but forgetting our civilisation were are adopting culture which is uncivilised. We should not only be cultured but civilised also. Our culture should be such that auspiciousness should ooz out of our personality. Then only the world can be repaired. So first take proud in yourself for being an Indian and you have the wealth of civilisation, culture and heritage.
And please try that we are Indian in each life. Give up English ways of life. Give up using any foreign goods. Use only Indian made goods. You know that your mother uses only Indian things including creams and soap. I don’t like any foreign-made cream. I observe that in North India people are very leaned towards foreign things, foreign culture and behaviour. Where have you reached? At least take care of your culture. After Culture next is our Dharma/religion. Dharma should be in balance, talking too much or dominating anyone is not right. In north India I have observed that women are dominated very badly. We torture them badly and don’t respect women in the Nothern India.
Whatever way it may be the attempt is to suppress the woman. There is no respect for woman, then as a reaction woman turn out to be like storm and violent. I observed that in UP only two types of women are respected one who are like prostitute and other the violent one.The simple women is always oppressed.They say it is because of muslim influence.But in Islamic countries where I have visited like Riyad where I lived,they respect woman, yes I do agree there is polygamy.They take care that the woman is helpless and is to be helped.We are neither mulsim nor hindu, what has come over us that we oppress woman in such a manner.
In delhi we have heard that many bride burning cases have happened.I am saying this because when I went to foreign people asked me, is this your culture? You burn the brides? Now Law is to be passed, rules to be made, can’t we follow rules within us.Can’t we respect woman? We get angry at woman, getting angry at woman is a sin. What right do you have that you get angry on woman? She is mother of your children. Woman also need to become moral and worship worthy. Even if she is not worship worthy even then what is the advantage of becoming angry on her.But even if the man is not worth worshiping and he is evil and is having extra marital affair yet he gets angry on his wife.This is not indian culture.
This nation has great women who were debating Shastras with the wise ones. Now everything is lost. Either you run after the evil woman or a woman of very low grade. Is this manhood? Now regarding women they have started living like other women who attract the eye. What attracts men they follow those manners, dress, behaviour etc. which is very cheap. This is because they have no personality of their own. They have been killed by oppression, they think let the man be happy.
I consider man responsible for that. When man nurtures a woman the woman develops. This does not mean that woman dominates. Woman should live with respect with her man and take care of all his needs. There is no problem in that. Woman is like earth she has immense power. She should nurture her husband like earth. But you must understand that if you only suck the earth then one day volcano will erupt. It is so embarrassing that what is this happening, no such thing happens in Maharashtra. In south India also dowry system has started. Reason is the influence of Delhi. Those south Indians who are sitting in Delhi and say that they will take so much money for dowry. Return them all to south India. It is very surprising.Fine parents can give money for the daughter but in dowry the money does not go to the bride somebody else takes it.This is not Indian culture. In Indian culture woman is always respected. It is said Radha –Krishna (woman’s name first. Krishna is nothing without Radha. When he killed Kamsa he first remembered Radha and with her powers he killed Kamsa.
Could he kill his uncle Kans? If he could he could have killed when he was born. In our culture it is said Sita-Ram (Sita before Ram). In our culture there are so many things that are beautiful, if one sees it minutely , one can understand what is the beauty. But many people write about Indian culture as if highlighting the holes in a bank, they do not write how big the bank is.
It is possible that there are one or two things needing correction. But we have to go on swarth meaning. It means to get, and ultimate swarth is to get the ultimate. I observe that even foreigners don’t respect Indian women who imitate them, but they respect those who follow their Indian culture.
When I visited Japan in 1960, wherever I went I was got a very warm welcome. And when I reached a port Shikama, thousands of people had come to see me. I was surprised. I was told that news has spread that a pure Indian woman has come and by seeing her one can find how Bhudha’s mother looked/was. Where ever I went they gave me gifts. People were restless to see an Indian woman. The sindhi woman there wear half clothes.
At one place it was raining, so we went inside. There they gave us some gift. Similarly even taxi driver gave some gift. I asked the translator why are they giving gifts.He told, because you are of Royal family. Maa said but that is not the case. He explained that you hair wearing is like royal family here, ordinary people go to hair dressers. It is a sign of royalty to stand in your identity and respect. We were so surprised.
We can visualise (not sure) (निरूपण) it only when we go outside the country. But when we are in the country we are unable to appreciate that how beautiful each custom and mannerism in culture has been created. It is told that women especially married women must wear jewellery. The entire household is dependent on her and therefore her chakras should be in good condition. The clothes should be properly worn. Should live properly. But to make oneself especially attractive is not the part of Indian culture. The women in India does not dress up to make oneself attractive but to dress as per the occasion and therefore make the occasion beautiful.
Like in Maharashtra women wear various jewellery as per the occasion. Even when they come to receive me at the airport they come in best sarees and jewellery. They say that we have come to receive devy how can we come without being dressed for the occasion. It should be visible that we are happy and prosperous.But our city women especially associated with Delhi they are so funny (close). That’s why I want to explain to you the importance of Indian culture , read Devi Mahateme. Woman is Gruhar Lakshmi she should be respected. I feel very awkward that in northern India people give importance to their daughters more than their wife.This is influence of muslim culture. Daughter will go after marriage but wife will be with you all your life. Similarly, more importance to son than their husbands is also a desease here.
Son is a great thing in North India, real sweets are distributed on his birth, irrespective of the fact that he may be disrespecting his mother or insults her.From the very beginning the woman is discriminated, this makes her insecured and such a woman can either make you dance (negative manner) or destroy you completely.You should respect woman. Even your children, treat them with respect like an adult. They are special, they are sahaj yogis.If you explain this then children will attain great heights.But this is rarely found.
We mostly scold kids because of which they lack self-esteem. Then they will behave like your servants do. You should also respect your servants, in line with the extended family concept of our culture you should treat them as part of the family. Take care of the family and love everyone.I have seen that some women have this habbit “I don’t like this, this has not got cleaned, this is not done in home, this should be corrected” Then you do it.This is your work, do it and be happy, because this is your hobby.
You should be fond of cooking. Woman should have all kinds of hobbies and power to do it for others. This does not mean that man should get pampered but they should respect it and think. In England all men clean utensils except in my home. And if you tell him to do net day the utensils will be broken. He will start cleaning when he is angry and then it is done.The biggest pride is that “I am a man”. Except for Krishna I have not seen any Man- he is the doer and taker both. This vanity/pride is to be shed, I find it still persisting despite being in Sahaj.
To the extend that they are violent towards their wife, violence to your wife is sin. If wife beats, then it is a sin. We are like wheels of the carriage, one left and other right.If any of the two wheel becomes smaller it will only spin. Both have to be of same size but not at same place. Right has to give direction to see and take care of things and clean things outside, like they do in foreign. They clean outside. Woman to clean inside. In our villages houses are clean from inside but men don’t go out to clean hence the outside is so dirty. In England everyweek end you find men outside their homes and cleaning and competing. Sahaj yogis should do like that. In earlier era in India also men were responsible for cleaning outside and woman inside, if the same is revived our country will be so clean.
One of the great advantage of men cleaning is that there arrives innovations and inventions in cleaning process making it easier.
When men start some work then they realise how difficult it is.
I am surprised when Indian sahajyoginis tell me to get them married outside.When I ask them why they say that after becoming sahaj yogini we don’t want to get humiliated. When foreigner girls get married in India, I hope they stay in marriage.But when Indian men get married broad they change and learn to clean and cook.Men who can’t do household work abroad are not respected. I am allowed three servants by rule so my husband did not need to do any work. But I have spoilt him, though he tries.So, all those who are going abroad please learn, you cannot earn respect unless you know these things.
So we take it to the fact that source of pleasure is aatma. We attain this eternal pleasure and it should flow though us.What should we do regarding it. First we should know how to share it. One who does not know to share he cannot enjoy this eternal pleasure. Just as a frog living in a small pond, water of which does not move and slime sticks to his back similarly without sharing we can live but for constant pleasure the flow should move and slime not to stick.
If we want to enjoy the juice of life then we must open our heart. You know that I have become 64 yet I travel so much and work hard. One lady came up to me about 5 years younger than me and Mr Modikept saying this old lady is working so hard. I said you forgot me, I am older. But you don’t regard me as old because the capacity is give is still very much. Until you have the capacity to give you are not old. Therefore learn to give.
In fineness we should open our heart and give, that is the essence of our culture.You will hear the greatness of people who give like Harish Chandra. What ever appreciation I may do of Indian culture it is not enough.We should get into it.We should get happiness in giving.Ones I went to Rarari. There was a Engineers, not very highly paid, small houses, and one of them invited us for breakfast, we were 30 people and I told it will be difficult we are too many, but she insisted.We went at 6AM in the morning, we were surprised such nice madap and they had prepared food since 3 AM. And it was such a wonderful breakfast I can never forget.And she was so happy in hosting us.This is our culture do not leave it.We have to rehabilitate it, our customs, music, art everything we have is very deep.
Try understand it, go deep.Learn about your culture, art, music etc. One who does not know about the India as mother. How can they love me as mother.That’s why we fight. Next time I come I want youto be aware of our festivals, what all is done in them the home made remedies etc.
Small things like when you eat banana then eat some chana or other thing then drink water. When you come from Sun do not drink water. Nowadays we fall ill because we do not follow our small rules or traditions.We ask questions like so what? Why not? Etc.Like after grapes don’t take Limca/cold drink, water after fruits, coffee after ice cream. These traditions are made for healthier being. Healthy person with systematic lifestyle leading to achieve God. But Character is also important. Man without morals is of no use. The power which nurtures the character and moral is the culture.
The cultural values will help you identify between the truth and false.You must respect and accept the Indian culture and then you will see the assent of your character. Shivaji (Great Maratha Hindu King and warrior) is known for his character and his mother had a great role to play in it.His life teach you many things. Ones after winning a battle, it is said that his army got the treasure of the Kalyan subedar and also brought his daughter in law. When Shivaji asked her to reveal her face of the pardah and found she was very beautiful he said instead of saying that you are my sister “if my mother was so beautiful then I would have been as beautiful as you.” She got touched. He returned her belongings and with respect returned her to Kalyan.This is the character of India our great nation. Rana pratap (He was a great Rajput Hindu king fighting the Muslim Mughal Army) ones after a defeat in the battle and had retrieved in forest with no resourse thought of surrender after seeing that his daughter had nothing to eat and she had made a bread from grass and that was also taken away by a cat. Seeing this the great Rana Pratap who was an upright and righteous king also decided to write to surrender. As soon as his wife read that letter of surrender she took up a spear and ran after her daughter to kill her “Let me kill her, for whom you are thinking such a thing.” This is the character of our women.
And nowadays you find such jokers. Where from they have taken birth? Sahajyogis should be like them.In Sanskrit it is said any other woman is like mother and any other girl is like daughter.When I got married and went to UP, they said this philosophy is impossible. I was surprised as why, because I have seen such people all my life. What is so especial in UP that they find it impossible.Why is your view/eyes so bad?Then came to know that there was a Nawab who had 164 wives and what all.then what else will happen. They have such bad ideals? Can’t see any good ideals.Like there was a Raja/King in London, he killed seven wives. Then what will happen? Now adays women are killing men.
So our culture is very important and to understand and to go deep in it is a duty of a Sahaj yogi. When you will understand and write on it then only the foreign Sahaj yogis accept it. I observed that they keep assimilating small intricate things they observe. But we do not learn it because we are not completely on any side. Hopefully when I come next time I will find you all spreading the light of AAtma everywhere.I desire that whatever I have inside me my children should get it all and spread it like I do with same love, feelings and heart.(she said that dissolve some sugar in water and give to the child it is important and don’t listen to the doctor regarding this.) Doctors tell general things like don’t eat sugar and now nobody is eating sugar or salt.
You should eat what you need. Children need sugar so give it. But not in such a form that it sticks to teeth but which goes in the stomach.Secondly in summers a fruit named KoKum is found in Maharashtra. Soak it overnight and boil it next day add some sugar and give it to the child during day. If one suffers from Jaundice then boil radish leaves (new leaves) mix vibrated sugar and give to the child. Child can be cured of Jaundice in one day. In summers give juice of radish.Give radish to children it is good for them. We give lot of fried this to children, it should not be done.
Secondly here you get a medicine called Liv 52 it is also a good medicine. If you start it it can be continued for a year. Another thing is Arodya a small seed like thing, found in Nagpur verymuch, it is very good for liver, that’s why liver desease is negligible in Nagpur.In winter use sonth (dry ginger powder- I think) mixed with sugar give in the morning. Sugarcane juice is very good for children, put ginger and lemon in it. We should not rush our children or give too many directions especially in the morning, it spoils spleen and may lead to blood cancer.One who leads hectic life he gets cancer. We should not make a child’s life hectic but peaceful.
Fried bread (puri), shallow fried bread (paratha) are bad things. Stop consuming them. Secondly in Sahaja yoga it is compulsory for all to wear underneath clothes.For woman, chunni must be worn on dress else your chest will pain and then you will come to me that Maa chest is paining. When you sweat and it drys fast you catch cold.
In my college days we used to wear salwar suits but with an underneath garment always. earlier it was disrespectful to wear dress without underneath or chunni.This tradition was for good. What has happened nowadays I wonder. With saree its ok you don’t wear long slip but then you should cover yourself well. It is necessary to cover yourselves specially in this weather else you will get deseases.