Birthday Puja

New Delhi (India)


Birthday Puja, Sahaj Temple, New Delhi, 26/3/1985, translation from Hindi

[English translation from Hindi]

Today, you are all celebrating my birthday. This is a matter of great satisfaction as in this time of Kaliyuga, who celebrates the birthday of a mother? This shows that even though you are born in this Kaliyuga, you don’t just know about your duty towards the mother (Matru Dharma), but you also follow it.

To celebrate birthdays in this age, a year is getting deducted every year and there are so many tasks still to be done. I can see many incomplete tasks. We will have to work hard and pay attention to them. Only then can they be completed fully.

Like I said yesterday, in Delhi, we should pay attention to our culture. We should sort out our cultural state. The third very important thing is our spiritual ascent. We should pay attention to it like a martyr who is ready to sacrifice his life for his cause. We should have the same fervour for Sahaja Yoga. Until we have this sentiment in us, Sahaja Yoga is going to be only for our benefit. I keep hearing about the happiness and benefits people have got from it. Whatever we have benefited from it, whatever good has happened, is only because of one reason – that you have found your spirit. But when the light has come in you, you have become the lamp, then you can’t hide the lamp. You should bring your lamp out. I have said many times that Sahaj Yoga is society-facing. What is society-facing, that is Sahaja Yoga. if the light can’t be spread, then it has no meaning. So every Sahaj yogi should think about how and in which dimension or style have they spread Sahaja Yoga. Firstly, a sort of speciality should enter your personality. On attaining this speciality, I have enlightened so many people.

Today, when you embark on any task, in any country, the first question that arises is what is the state of the people there. What are their vices, their habits, how much ego do they have? This has to be measured. Then you have to think if this initiative can be achieved or not. The biggest question is about the human being. Even if the number of people is huge, if their state is not alright, then no task can be completed successfully. Sahaja Yoga has done this great task of transforming human beings. It has transformed the human being so much that it has brought forth their ascent. Today, Sahaj yogis are honest, truthful, hard-working people. Such people are very difficult to find in this country. Sahaj yoga has readied such people who do what they say, think what they know. In this respect, Sahaj yoga is a massive blessing on this country.

However, if you have these fine people, like a talented artisan without any work, then this talent goes to waste. So every Sahaj yogi has to think about how he can use this talent. But he first thinks of his physical troubles and comfort or about money or effort that he might have to spend.

In reality, you can not purchase joy, you can only experience it. The thing that we achieve and adopt, get joy from is different and Sahaj Yoga is different. You get this joy only by sharing it and there is no other way. Maybe, you will have to bear some troubles but they don’t seem like troubles because your spirit gets satisfied. Bodily comforts don’t matter to you anymore.

You have to test yourself that when you become the spirit when you share this light of the spirit with others, then you go beyond bodily comforts. You get so much joy of the spirit that you get immersed in this joy. Your spirit gets satisfied only by the spirit and does not need any other satisfaction. He doesn’t look for anything else. He gets so satisfied as if he’s drunk ambrosia. After you have had ambrosia, there is no need to have anything else.when you get this state, then you should know that you have become a Sahaj yogi, else you are still incomplete.

You all know that I am old now and I have worked for 14 years tirelessly. You can say my penance is now complete. I have worked very hard in the last 12 years. It seems the hard work will have to continue for another 12 years. But you have to see how much hard work you are putting in. Your mind will find one excuse or the other – that it can’t be done, I have my family, my children, my house, my this, my that.

But beyond all these things is the universe of joy. If you want to achieve that, then you should know that you have to fulfil the desire of your spirit. Until and unless, you don’t fulfil the desires of your spirit, all your desires will stay as they are and all your tasks will stay as they are. You can’t achieve anything, especially welfare unless your yoga is fully established. But as soon as your yoga takes place and gets established, you will notice that all your problems will be solved instantly. Have your problems been solved or not? All of yours have! Then you have to move forward and see that if we are involved in the work of Sahaj yoga and God is going to look after us, then all that we consider as problems and big obstacles will all disappear altogether.

I told you once before that the Kundalini is beyond cause and effect. When you rise in your Kundalini, then the cause gets omitted, as does the effect.

You can witness it. Many of you know that these things happen all the time. We’ve got the things we never imagined, we have got so much happiness and peace, we have got so much through Sahaj yoga, even then if we are troubled about small-small things, then it will become a difficult situation. We should now think that we have found so much happiness, comfort and security and if we give this Sahaj yoga to others, they can also achieve these things. But when we give it to others, then we get more of it ourselves.

there are many thousand messengers of God at work for us. There are innumerable hands, crores of powers behind us. If one person stands up to do the work of Sahaj Yoga, then you will not realise how things will get arranged, link up with one another and everything will start to happen spontaneously. Everything will happen.

First, you have to prepare yourself because the deities inside you know who you are, whether you are truthful or not, you high or low you are. They know everything. And until they are sure that you are fully dedicated, they don’t help you. Once they know that you haven’t come just for selfish reasons, for your benefit but have come to do Sahaj yoga and to spread Sahaj, which is society- facing, then you will be surprised that you will be showered with blessings from all the four directions – like the whole atmosphere will become fragrant and you will feel light as you have no weight on your shoulders and everything will start to happen spontaneously and everything gets organised by itself. We have to come to that state. Then you can see every person can do a lot of work and spread out.

I know that in Delhi, we still have to work a lot individually and then collectively. It’s possible for you all to invite and talk to your neighbours and relatives about it. You can call them all and tell them.

In India, we have a very nice environment where we have our children, our relatives, and acquaintances whom we can talk to about it. It is possible, Only a handful may believe in it. But when they will see how your state has changed, then they will definitely make an effort. At least some will. In this manner, you can help spread Sahaj yoga.

Every person, whether it’s a woman or a man or a child, has a right to be established in their yoga but then they also must give this yoga to others. It is their duty.

You have the power and everything and if even then you didn’t give yoga to others, then I can’t say how appropriate that would be.

In our Delhi centre, many questions have arisen that I want to talk about. I will tell these people the problems we have here and how we can obtain the solutions to these questions. It’s not a difficult task. However, what we think and any decisions we take based on our opinions, if we haven’t won over our Hamsa chakra and haven’t got the discretion, the power to know what is correct and that what is wrong, until we haven’t got a pure wisdom and subtle intelligence within about what is beneficial for Sahaj yoga, until then we haven’t completely achieved Sahaj yoga.

How does that wisdom come? Someone asked, how do you get it? How did you learn to ride a bike? Once you start riding it! How do you drive a motor car? When you start driving it! In the same manner, how does subtle intelligence come? Just when it comes! How does it come? By being indifferent to it. We should start seeing everything by being in a witness state, meditate and spend your time thinking about Sahaj yoga, then it will come. But how will it come, when will it happen? It will happen when it does. If this hasn’t developed inside us yet, then we should try to achieve it. That’s why I said that now we should try really hard.

I had told them to invite only those people to the puja who have actually achieved something. It’s your paramount duty to give this to anyone capable of achieving something. In every birthday, we make a new resolution. Now I understand that I should also make a new resolution. And the new resolution is that the Vishwa Dharma (universal religion) that we’ve made and established and we all follow if anyone doesn’t follow its ‘Maryada’ (boundaries), such a person should not have a right to be called a Sahaj yogi. This is what I thought we should all resolve. Anyone who follows its Maryada, only he/she can be its follower. Any follower of Vishwa dharma, who doesn’t live by it, then we can’t accept him/her as a Sahaj yogi. For example, if a person takes dowry, believes in the caste system, class system, then he can’t be a Sahaj yogi.

So I have decided today that anyone who calls themselves a Sahaj yogi, they should not just have a complete understanding of Vishwa Dharma but if it doesn’t reflect in their behaviour, then they have no right to be in Sahaj Yoga. they should be told that they should atone for their mistakes and correct themselves as part of their atonement before they come back to Sahaj yoga. There is no problem if people say we fewer people are left. There isn’t a lot of space left in God’s kingdom. You don’t know. How many people can you accommodate there? Even hell doesn’t have enough space. People will have to be kept somewhere in between. That’s why half baked people shouldn’t come to Sahaj Yoga. There is no need to trouble us. People who come to Sahaj should follow its Maryada (limits/protocol), and instil them in their behaviour. Tell your neighbours about it and say that we believe in universal religion and not in any other religion. If yogis don’t say that then we can’t accept them as yogis. Sahaj yoga is not for people who are scared to tell people in their society that they are followers of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma or those who are scared to tell others that they are Sahaj yogis. You will have to fully follow the Maryada of Sahaj yoga.

Some people tell me that ‘Mother, we sometimes drink a little alcohol, smoke a little, consume tobacco’, then you are not a Sahaj yogi. If a person doesn’t follow the Maryada of Sahaj yoga, then he can not follow a universal religion. And this universal religion of ours, we must keep completely pure as it’s not just a universal religion, but Vishwa Nirmala Dharma (Universal Pure Religion). We can’t allow any impurity to creep in, that’s why anyone impure, can’t come into it. Only those people who have fully accepted this universal religion and ensure that their behaviour is within the Maryada (limits) can stay in it. This is the resolution I have made for my birthday and I hope you will accept it with love.

Now, as for details of what are the specialities of this universal religion, how should it be and what is its depth – all this, I will tell you about that on some other day. For now, you mustn’t do things that you broadly know to be wrong, those are things you shouldn’t be doing in Sahaj. If even in normal light, you can see that this thing is not Sahaj, that thing/act you cannot do. If you can’t get rid of these things, then you must spare me. I can’t fight you. I have seen many people come just to get cured. Once the first disease is cured, they bring another one and then another. The reason is after being cured once, you should become Sahaj. If you don’t become Sahaj, and after that you become a-Sahaj, then you become ill yet again. Do I keep washing you like a washerman the whole life?

So you should also keep yourself pure and should follow this religion like it’s your ornament, your glory, your speciality. This is why we are sitting in a high pedestal in the world. Every part of our body should have this thought. From each core of each body the divine vibrations flow. You should understand that God is so eager to decorate you. But you have to know if you are aware of this, and how much you are ready for this. I am telling you what I can. Now the yardstick is that if you can’t follow the religion of Sahaj yoga then you can’t enter in, you don’t have a right to pujas nor anything else. Whoever stays in the Maryada, only he/she can have this right. We might have only 4-5 people left but that doesn’t matter. That will make it easier in fact.

You should be very aware of embedding it in your behaviour, you should make your life such that you should attain the meaning of your self. And with that, you should become capable. This is my blessing to you that you all should realise your powers and then nourish this world with this power of love.