Devi Puja

Dharamshala (India)


Devi Puja, Talnoo, Dharamshala, India, March 29th 1985

English Transcript

(अंग्रेजी में बोलें? ये लोग पीछे जाके बैठ जायें. इधर खडे नहीं. पीछे जगह है, इधर से बैठिये. – Shri Mataji speaks to the people in Hindi that there is a place in the back and that they should go and sit there.)

1:05 … People of [unclear Dharamshala] so different, so nice, special quality people. We cannot say no to them. They are beautiful people. Very beautiful. They will enter into the kingdom of God. …. (थोडा अंग्रेजी में बोलते हैं. – I’ll speak in English.)

Speech starts at 1:15

Today we are sitting at the foothill of Himalaya. Himalaya is the Father of your Mother. And since I have come here the feeling of returning to the Father is making Me feel extremely proud of you. (Hindi – अंग्रेजी में बोलने से लाईट चली जायेगी – because of speaking in English if the electricity goes off.)

2:00 So we have to count our blessings again that we are at the foothill of Himalaya which is the Sahasrara of the universe. Those people who live here are the most beautiful people that you could think of. They are not rich, they are not educated, they are not sophisticated. They are simple folk, but one of them is equal to thousands and thousands of other people who are still moving in the realm of materialism. It is such a special day to be here.

Today is the 7th day of the Goddess when She incarnated on this earth in Her 7th incarnation. On this day She incarnated again and again on this land, around this area seven times and She is being expressed through the exuberance of the mother-land, that she has created all the temples which have come out of the Mother earth spontaneously. The seven of these represent the seven Chakras of the Sahasrara – the Shaktis of the Sahasrara. So we are so fortunate today to be here on the seventh day to celebrate the incarnation of these seven Powers; of these seven Powers which came on this earth to give protection to the whole world, to look after the saints and to give them the vision of God. They have killed so many devils and rakshasas and established the blissful, innocent life here.

4:41 God looks after the innocent. He loves only the innocent and not the ones who are cunning, who are troublesome. He goes a little way towards people who are not so good as these are, tries to save them, helps them, but up to a point. Then it gives up. This is what has happened in this area before also. They were many kings who ruled these areas where they were people who worshipped the Goddess and lived a righteous, innocent life. And those who tried to insult the Mother perished forever and ever.

5:30 We are so fortunate today that Yogi Mahajan has called us here in this beautiful place. It is so vibrated, it’s so much full of the blessings of the great saints who were practising meditation here. They have worked out the meditation for us; through their ascent, they have achieved a road for us. Our Sushumna improved because of their [unclear]. Because they’ve worked so hard our Sushumna has become so accessible – so easily possible for us to ascend. Today you may not see them but I see them clearly. All My gratitude to them that they, in this atmosphere of purity came, but lived in the remote corner; without any shelter, without any support, without any help for days together. For you, Sahaja yoga has become so easy. We are all easy chair spiritual people. There is no struggle, there is no problem, wherever you are you get your realisation. They have made it for you. They have done it for you. But that does not mean that you should take Sahaja Yoga for granted.

7:10 Today in this great place let us think of the new vision I have about Sahaja Yog. Sahaja Yoga has to become a great Vishwa Yoga, Mahayoga – the bubbling energy of Divine in the new tree of Vishwa Dharma. For that you people have to sacrifice, have to come up; not to be easy chair Sahaja yogis. But have to give up many things that are lying within you which you have not yet harnessed and looked after. It pains me to see the way Sahajayogis take Sahaja Yoga for granted. It’s not possible with such mediocre, one can achieve much in life. But by God’s grace after coming here I saw the village people, I knew I’m at the right spot.

‘First will be the last’, Christ has said that. ‘First will be the last’ because the first (ones) come as if thinking that they have something great, that they have shown some great thing. But they do not know what is to be achieved; the innocence, the simplicity, the overpowering of your body –

If your body tries to overpower you, you are no more a Sahaja Yogi.

If your mind tries to overpower you then you are no more a Sahaja Yogi.

If your heart tries to overpower you then also, you are not a Sahaja Yogi.

But through all these three instruments, through these three instruments, you should work as if you are the master of these three instruments and not the slave of these three. This is a very very important thing because Sahaja Yoga has too many blessings. It gives you all kinds of prosperity, all kinds of beautiful blessings, all kinds of protections, miracles happen in your life. But we take Sahaja Yoga for granted.

The first and foremost thing I feel sorry sometimes when I hear that people insult each other for nothing at all, hurt each other, talk to others in such a manner that doesn’t behove a Sahaja yogi. I’ve never talked like that to people, in that curt manner; why should you talk like that to each other? The reason is (that) inside there is still some sadism sitting down to put down other people. That sadism will make you satanic, will not make you saintly and godly; is not a godly quality to behave in that manner. For such people, only these Seven Powers were born, to slay their ego, to slay their sadistic temperament and to make them into beautiful people who will surrender to God and will take to milder methods of attainment.

10:30 When I came here I felt I should not go any more to the west, I’ve had enough of it. I just don’t want to waste my time. (In) This place if I live for a year I’m sure the whole place will give Me so many Sahaja yogis that even if I struggle for hundred years abroad, I cannot get. But what to do? Mother has to think of all the children if possible try to save them as far as possible. That innocence, that simplicity, with this they live here, how they are one with nature, how they move about, come up; you just watch and see how they rise and how they make themselves available for the beauty of this nature to be enhanced. Because they are so congenial, in concord with the rhythm of it. The whole place is so rhythmically singing the praise of God and the Goddess. 11:35 I don’t know if you are sensitive to it or not but it is. It is so full of singing and chirping of birds.

I see these great mountains who have witnessed the ascent of man. They’ve witnessed the great penance of these very great saints who lived here. They’ve witnessed all that man has fought to go towards God – how they sacrificed, how they went into dangers, lived with animals just to achieve this path for you people. We have to thank them and thank all those Seven Deities who have created this atmosphere of complete security for these great saints.

12:25 All these Goddesses came on this earth to protect the saints. They deserved it. That’s the duty of a Goddess to protect the ones who are striving, who are fighting the way for the seekers. But what is the need to waste the time over useless people who have no other seeking but materialism? I do not know how many years it will take for me to convince them, the western people about the greatness of these [unclear saints]. I hope with our efforts some of them, very few of them will be saved. I don’t have many hopes of a larger number of people there. I’m speaking this in English because I’ve felt it too much here and disgusted sometimes. The way God has worked – He sent Seven of His Powers on this earth, in this area, also everywhere He sent them. They crucified, they tortured, they did all kinds of things to saints and they are least bothered about what they did to them. 13:50 All those turmoils and hardships through which they have gone I really felt them within Myself as if My body has gone through that tormenting period.

14:04 Let us all thank God that He has been so kind that He gave us realization in our own houses, in our own family. But let us also think about it, what did we do about it?

Today I’m talking especially for Delhi people because I may not be able to talk to them. In Delhi, I’ve heard that people are extremely rude to new people. I was amazed, while thousands come to see Me and then what happens to them? People talk so rudely that nobody can believe that they are Sahajyogis. I’ve heard about this event in Kuala Lumpur the same; not that I’ve not heard about these things in other places but in many places I’ve heard that people are extremely egoistical, they talk to people in such a rude manner that nobody wants to come and that’s why in all these places where there is even one person like that, Sahaja Yoga does not grow. And these people don’t want to change themselves. If you tell them anything they will say, ‘All right, so get rid of it’. But why don’t they say that we want to change? It is something shocking the way people are. They have no compassion, no love, nothing. But they are thinking about using the position as a Sahaja yogi to dominate others, to show off to others.

15:35 And that’s why people do not increase. It’s only one thing that attracts people to Me is My love, and My compassion, and My open-heartedness. Those who use strong words and talk strongly to others, thinking as if they are in-charge of Sahaja Yoga must know that if they try all these tricks they will be suffering very badly. And that no amount of My compassion and love can protect them because the same Powers which come for protection are quite capable of destruction. I want to warn you, all of you, to be gentle, to be kind, to be sweet to others. Don’t try to hurt others [unclear], don’t try to be sadistic. Otherwise, it will hurt you very much. It has happened in this place where you are sitting today, in this area, it has happened. I can see all the past that took place. Those people who tried to be harsh and horrible suffered a lot. They had to become gentle.

16:48 One great saint called Durvasa (दुर्वास), he was known to be a very hot-tempered fellow. And he meditated, meditated. But he was so hot-tempered. He did not live in this area. He lived in the thick forest of Maharashtra. And there he was extremely hot-tempered. He used to shout at people because he thought he has got the realization, and he has a right to shout at everyone and to make a nuisance out of it. Once he went to the ashram of a muni (sage) called Kashyap (कश्यप) and he had a daughter called Shakuntala (शकुंतला). Shakuntala had just married a king and she was thinking about him. This Durvasa went and called for her. She forgot to answer his call. So he cursed her that ‘the person about whom you are thinking will forget you and you will suffer because of that’.18:00 He was so angry that she did not attend to his call. Still, she was in her own mood and then when he came in she could not look after him as he wanted to be looked after.

This was Durvasa and he made her suffer a lot. But later on, he discovered that he was a man of tremendous temper and that his feet are going into the hell. There is hell burning under his feet. And that heat made him feel terrible. So he ran towards Himalaya. He came down here near and he meditated in this place where he just asked for one thing- is (that), ‘O Mother, give me the sweetness, the nectar of Your love, please let me have.’ He stayed here in a jungle for years together, meditated and tomorrow, I think the day after tomorrow we’ll be having our lecture there, we’ll be having our program there.

This is Durvasa who came all the way from the south because he couldn’t bear the heat that was burning him. That must be something like cancer or something. In cancer, you get this kind of heat. The people who are heated, those who have too much heat always used to come to Himalaya to cool down, to see the heights of Himalaya, the depths of Himalaya, to see the greatness of creation, to see the smallness of their own being, to become humble, to become extremely humble and that’s what happened to him.

19:40 He meditated on the greatness of Himalaya, at the Lotus Feet of Himalaya. And he prayed to Himalaya, ‘O Lord, You are the one who has given us the greatest of greatest, the highest of highest. We used to look upon You. You are the one who is a symbol of the height we have to reach and I am a person who used to think I’m very great till I saw Your greatness here, the way You bear the snow upon Your heads and the way You reach the depths of our hearts.’ And then he meditated here and he got his salvation.

20:26 Realisation is not sufficient. It’s not the salvation. The realisation is just, to begin with. Salvation comes when we master our body, master our mind, master ourselves in such a way that we become beautiful flowers. And the fragrance of our beauty flows and everybody enjoys. I’m speaking this for all the people who are still thinking that they have got realisation, they have certain positions in Sahaja Yoga, so they can misbehave with everyone as they like. Please remember that it is not important what you do for Sahaja Yoga, more important (is) what I feel about it. If you have to be something greater humble down yourself. Humbling down is very very important. Nobody has to think that we can achieve something greater heights by dominating others.

This has been very upsetting, since I’ve been in Delhi I’ve seen this in and out, and I was surprised that in Delhi still, people are so stupid that those who organise, some of them are so harsh. I would request you to humble down, to come down to proper sense and understand that it is your gain if you humble down. Like Durvasa you don’t have to stay here in the jungles, with the tigers and the lions who come and roar at you and the snakes that wrap you in the night. You have to have this lion and the tigers [unclear to be seen], they are within us. And the snakes and the scorpion that come out of you and bite others, please look after them. See that you become a beautiful person and not that you run after something that is power or materialism. It stirs Me completely sometimes when I see the disparity between the beauty of the people of the simple villages and the cunning and the domination of the city people. Sometimes I feel I should give up all the city people and ask them to jump into hell if they do not know how to behave.

I think the whole thing has come to Me because of Durvasa’s example I see very clearly. How many of you could be willing to do that kind of a penance that Durvasa had done? But Durvasa being a great saint, a real seeker felt that I’ve done nothing so far after my realisation. Only my temper, my showing off that I am to be a great person, here and there wherever I go everybody should dance after me. And he got cursed and he had to come here.

23:23 The son of Shakuntala (शकुंतला) was a great child called Bharat (भरत). After that great son of Shakuntala, this country is called as Bhaarat (भारत) because he was a saint and he ruled the country as a benevolent king. He occupied the whole of this country, even Pakistan and Burma (Myanmar) inclusive, and was the ruler of all this country. A very benevolent, humble and a very great, highly evolved soul. That’s why this country, the whole country has a name of Bhaarat (भारत) from him.

(Note: India is still called as ‘Bhaarat’ in Indian languages)

So in a way that we should really understand that when Durvasa saw that the cursed Shakuntala produced such a great soul, suffering because of his curses – because her husband forgot about her. He never recognised her. When she went to her husband he never recognised her and she had to live without her husband and this child was born. And then suddenly he remembered because the ring he had given (to her) was lost in the water and a fish had gulped it down and the same fish was caught and when they found the ring he remembered all that had passed. Then he sent for her and called her and then the king Bharat ruled this country. That’s how we are called as Bharatiya (भारतीय – means Indian). That is the symbol of a personality that is an Indian.

We are Indians and Indians have a great symbol of Bharata (भरत) before them. And that’s how we have to lead a life of saintliness. 25:00 You may be a king, you may be a street beggar, you may be anything but for an Indian, it is important to lead a life of complete dedication and complete renunciation. He has to lead an austere life, controlling his attention. He has to control his attention and tell the attention not to go to the wrong things. These heights which these people have achieved through their innocence you will have to achieve through your understanding. That’s the first step you have to cross after realization.

They’ll get realisation and will jump into the kingdom of God. I won’t have any problem with them. Let Me come and stay here for a month and you will see this area will be all charged. But what about us, the rest of us who think no end of themselves? That’s why I spoke in English language today, for you people to understand that this English language itself has given this terrible ego; like a pump, it goes into your head and you start thinking no end of yourself.

How many are going to meditate from tomorrow? How many are going to get up in the morning and give up their rooms and come out and meditate? Who into rewild just thinking that you belong to this age. We have to have a very rigorous disciplining, self-disciplining of ourselves. Otherwise, it’s useless to waste energy on people who have no value, no respect for their realisation, for themselves. I have to tell you that you have come here, it’s very good. Now see the ashram life. Now don’t try to find faults with (it), this ashram didn’t have this, ashram didn’t have that, we had no place to sleep, we had no place for a bathroom. Please don’t do all those things.

You have not come here to enjoy a five-star hotel. For that, you have not come all the way here. Please, for heaven’s sake don’t have that. On the contrary, I’ll be happy if you can sleep outside in the cold and go through it. I can do it. I can sleep in any condition, anything. Try to make your body your slave and don’t make your body stand on your head. I’ve to make a very humble request because there are some people who are quite a fusspot, I was told even from Delhi. And I expect no fussing here, no fussing here. Try to understand. It’s a great chance for you to ascend or to descend, one of the two.

So please try to ascend above your body. Try to mould your body in such a way that it becomes your slave and then you will enjoy having this body. Otherwise, it’s a headache to have a body like this.

Translated from Hindi

On today’s auspicious occasion we have gathered here. Today is the 7th day of the Goddess. On the 7th day, the Devi Goddess destroyed the various rakshasas and sinners, because they were torturing the great saints and rishis who were doing meditation and penance.

We wonder, ‘Mother, why they did so much penance? What was the need?’ The reason for doing it was because although human ascent was still low, yet their aspiration was very high. They aspired to achieve the Atma through the body. That is why they worked so hard and did penance in this place. It is due to their aspiration that today we are able to achieve this height. This does not mean that we should think that because of the blessing of Sahaja Yoga we are some great people or some specially chosen people by God. People who think like that will receive a great shock. You will see that those who are simple, innocent, and good-natured will ascend foremost and the rest will be left behind. Therefore just receiving your Realization is not the end.

On this auspicious occasion God Almighty has manifested all His shaktis for your protection, benevolence and welfare. In everything God is blessing you. He wants to see you enter His kingdom. In a way it is His desire that you should return to your Father’s home and enjoy its comforts. But at least we should be worthy of it. If we are not worthy of it then how can we enter it? We should examine our worthiness and see what it is.

The first thing is that you should come to your Father’s house. Today I have also come to my Father’s house. I feel like that because Himalaya is my Father. On coming here, I cannot express in words the feelings that are rising within me, but I think that today I have found a great occasion to celebrate the glory of my Father. A great opportunity has come before me to praise the glories of my Father and narrate the great achievements of those who meditated here. With the inspiration derived from the Himalayas they rose from nowhere to such heights that they achieved the highest state.

The Himalayas are the Sahasrara that Mother Earth has created for you. This Sahasrara is to be worshipped. This Sahasrara is very great. I don’t know if you can see vibrations emitting from it. I am completely engulfed by their vibrations that I cannot see anything else. There are only vibrations and vibrations. Nothing else.

Those who are residing here are swimming in vibrations and seem like fish swimming in the ocean of vibrations. You cannot distinguish one from the other. I cannot describe in words the splendour of the beautiful vibrations that are spread here. This is indeed the blessings of the Himalayas.

Foremost we recognize the ocean as our Guru. The ocean is our Father. When the ocean leaves behind all the dirt of the World that is dumped into it and rises in the sky as clouds, then it becomes completely pure and beautiful. Floating in this state it reaches the feet of the Himalayas and spreads as ‘Him.’ The word dhaula means ‘completely pure’, nirmal. Dhar means ‘range.’ (The mountain range is called Dhauladhar.) Like these pure ranges in the Himalayas, they are also to be found in our brain, where they support an opening of the Sahasrara. After this I cannot describe any further but I can say this, that the auspicious opportunity has come today of this connection; try to avail it and go to its depth. Think that before it, we are a dot of sand, an innocent child. There is nothing so special in us that we can stand before its majesty. What are we? It is so awesome!

The Himalayas are the Sahasrara of the whole Universe. They have given the whole Universe so much comfort and joy after which there is nothing more to be attained. With the help of this Sahasrara, I have opened your Sahasraras. With the help of this Sahasrara, I have realized that till the peace of the Himalayas settles in you, till its greatness penetrates your behaviour, it is useless to open your Sahasrara. Otherwise your Sahasrara will burn like a furnace. When I see a furnace burning inside some people I wonder O God! Why did I open his Sahasrar? There is so much smoke and negativity coming out that it is better that his Sahasrar closes. Like the opening of Pandora’s Box, one does not know what all is coming out. It is shocking to see snakes, scorpions and all the possible negativity being thrown out of it.

Today we worship the Himalayas and the seven Goddesses whose blessings are here, and pray to them to bless us with Devi Shakti. We have received the blessings of the Devi Shakti from a Mother. That is why, in the form of Mother, let us come to the feet (Sharanagat) of the Himalayas.

Keep your attention on yourself. People think of others. They think, ‘this person is bad. That person is not good. That fellow is not good.’ What about yourself? See yourself. Don’t look at others. ‘This fellow does not do this, that fellow does not do that.’ Watch what you are doing.

Himalaya does not see what the World has done with Him. How much they have exploited Him. He only sees what He has to give, what hard work He must do. How to nurture the people? How to protect them? We have gotten our protection from Himalaya’s Peak. From it we received the streams of Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati. All these streams flow within us, nirmal, despite all the negativity we throw in them. Despite the way we disrespect them. Yet, Himalaya unhesitatingly flows His purity in them. But all such things will soon end, they cannot go on forever.

You should remember that I should find sweetness in your tongue, sweetness in your talk, tenderness in your behavior. I am warning you that now I will not forgive. To hurt anyone in any way is a great sin. Kindly respect each other. You are a Sahaja Yogi. The other is also a Sahaja Yogi. Today you may hold a certain position which the other person may not have; you have not achieved this position, I have bestowed it upon you. I can remove you from it whenever I please. That is why, please become worthy of it. With great humility serve others.

Many people have reported to me that, ‘Mother, we will only attend your lectures but not go to the centre.’ I am very surprised that thousands attend my lectures, then why do they get lost? Are you blocking them in between like some negativity? Kindly pay attention to what I am saying and look at yourself. Do not look at others.

What is it that I did? Did I do it like that? Why did I do like that? Then you will know, you will understand, when you will realize your mistake. Then only you will be able to correct yourself; then only you will be able to recognize the greatness of this Himalaya. Otherwise you will not be able to comprehend it. You lack that perception, that vision, that maturity, that discretion to realize what it is. Where you have come, in whose lap are you sitting, in whose lap you were born, nurtured, brought up; that is this great Father of ours.

Honour it’s glory and, in paying homage to it, prove that the work you are doing will be fruitful and will not be wasted.

In this way there is the great blessing of the seven Goddesses upon you – they are like your maternal aunts. They look after your welfare. There is a saying that even if the mother dies, the maternal aunt should not die because the maternal aunt lovingly indulges the child. She looks after him, plays with him, amuses him, protects him from hardships.

You can witness the movement of clouds in the sky, making patterns in myriads of colours and hues, in breath-taking vistas. These are all plays to drench you with beauty. There is a lot to be gained here. It is to be seen that after receiving Blessings of Peace, how beautiful you become.

This Puja is very special, many will go deep and receive tremendous blessings. But first make your attention steady. In your attention pray for peace, “Mother, please bestow peace upon me.” Pray for peace so that you may spread peace in the Universe. Then Joy will come. Joy cannot come without Peace.

It will work out tremendously. I know it will work out, because I have really tried first of all to curb you down, and after curbing you down I think you people should ascend because many things have fallen out.

Now don’t try to gather them or go back to them and justify. Try to be without them.

May God Bless you.