Public Program

Dharamshala (India)

1985-03-31 Public Program Hindi Dharamsala India DP-RAW, 94'
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H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Programme, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, 31st March, 1985

I bow to all the devotees of Mother (Goddess Durga and her forms) in Dharamshala! 

The Temple’s Committee here has organized this, for which I am very thankful to them. In fact, so much hospitality and so much joy! With the blend of both, the heart gets filled with feelings of so much love, that it becomes difficult to express it in words!

It is said that in Kaliyuga no one cares for the mother. It’s the characteristic of Kali Yuga, that people forget the mother, but now we must say that the time of Kaliyuga is over, and that the people have accepted the mother. 

I have found a very huge difference between a mother and a guru. The mother is also a guru. She also teaches her children, but she explains by mixing and adding love in a manner that the child gets ready to do anything for that love!

This power of love which is today giving freshness to the whole world,  is doing all the living work, like the existence of this tree, it’s greenery, after that growth of flower from the tree, and growth of a fruit from the flower, all these actions which are living work. Who does it? The power which does all that is the power of God’s love. She is called Adishakti. 

God simply watches the play, how the work of his power is getting done! When he doesn’t like the play, he closes his eyes and the whole play also comes to an end. It’s the mother who has to worry that her children live well. 

The world should be an example of a very beautiful, magnificent, special form that God feels satisfied on seeing it. This complete endeavour is constantly on! But you know that each time such endeavours took place, many incarnations came into this world and many endeavours were done. But man’s wisdom is upside down. You tell him something, ‘Don’t do it!’ then he will definitely do that work.

Just now Yogi Ji told you not to take alcohol, if you are devotees of the mother. But by saying so, people start drinking more. I have observed that if you tell children not to do something, they do it double, because of ego. ‘Why we were denied, so now we will do it more.’

For that, I have thought of a better way, to light the flame inside them, even if it flickers. Even if a little flame will burn, then in it’s light they themselves will see what are the defects inside them!

Now imagine if you are holding a snake in your hand, and somebody says, ‘Brother instead of rope you are holding a snake in your hand!’ Then you will say, ‘No I will keep holding it!’ That’s the wisdom of human beings! But at that time, if someone shows you the light and you see the snake, then you yourself will drop it.

That is why the Sahaja Yoga we have today, in that first we awaken the Kundalini, no matter how you are, whatever are your ways, you may be on the wrong path, you may be doing anything. After it’s awakening you automatically become alright. There is no need for your mother to say anything, because you see for yourself what sort of a thing it is!

Now, if we talk about alcohol, you know in foreign countries people drink every day, from morning till evening. They are very big drunkards and their life is also unrighteous. We are a much higher type of people than them. We have respect for our mothers and sisters. We understand righteousness. Now you’ve started drinking a little bit, that’s a different thing, otherwise, we have righteousness within us.

Even those people, when those people achieve self-realization, they give up all wrong habits the next day. I do not say anything to them. I have not kept this attitude from the beginning, to tell them, ‘Do not take to alcohol, do not gamble,’ otherwise half of the people will just walk away, more than half perhaps. 

Here at least this won’t be the case! That’s why I don’t say anything. Just keep sitting as you are. Let me give you self-realization. By giving realization the ego breaks and also all the bad habits which are settled within drop out. By getting rid of those habits, automatically you all become competent.

Actually many people in their hearts know that this is the wrong thing to do, but are unable to give it up. Once you get a wrong habit, then the vision of a mother is, how to rescue the child from the habit when he gets addicted to something. These habits will not drop by reprimanding, scolding, or by stopping. Then how?

A mother thinks that why not light a lamp inside him! If a lamp is illuminated, he himself will see in that light, ‘Whatever I have been doing, it is so detrimental for me.’ When he becomes capable of giving up those destructive things, then there are no problems left. There is no need to say anything to him. There is no need to pick up a quarrel with him. Just by telling them that this is wrong, they will give up those habits. This is how it should happen!

Today we have reached that brink, that if we do not get our self-realization, if we do not get to know the Spirit, we all can be completely destroyed. This is absolutely correct because Kali Yuga has reached it’s zenith. Some will be destroyed by diseases, some will get trapped in such diseases, that they will not be able to escape. It can be due to destructive things. Don’t know how many things we have gathered to destroy ourselves. 

We think that people abroad have a lot of money, so they are very blessed creatures. They are not at all happy! They are much more unhappy creatures than you. They are much sadder than you, because they neither have society, nor any mother, nor any brother, nor any sister. Just imagine, if you are given a lot of money and you are told to hang around alone somewhere, will you be happy? Such is their condition! Even after having so much money, all the people try to find out how they can commit suicide! You will be surprised that their children are always planning or thinking about how to commit suicide!

So we think that by having money everything will be alright, it’s not so! But one must also have money! For that too, the awakening of the Kundalini is necessary, because within you also resides Goddess Lakshmi. When Kundalini rises to Nabhi Chakra, when the Kundalini of Sri Lakshmi opens, then we get an awakening by which the form of Sri Lakshmi also manifests within us. 

Now, whoever has thought of creating Sri Lakshmi, has thought wisely and created her. A person who is a (real owner of wealth) ‘Lakshmipati’ should have a motherly aspect. But nowadays whosoever gets money, takes on a demonic aspect. That shows that by achieving wealth one does not become ‘Lakshmipati’

Secondly,  one of Shri Lakshmi’s hands is for benefaction (daan) and the other hand is for shelter. With one hand she gives and with another hand, one must give shelter to people. Another thing is that in both of her hands, she is holding pink lotuses meaning that their (Lakshmipati’s) lifestyles, their appearances should be such as the flower of Lotus and their ideology should be such, their welcome should be like that of a lotus which makes sleeping arrangement on it even for a thorny bumblebee. No matter how thorny the guest is, he must welcome whoever comes to his house, must make him comfortable, then only he is a ‘Lakshmipati’. 

Poor thing! She (Goddess Lakshmi) is so simple that she is standing only on one lotus. She doesn’t need any other support. There is mud spread all around. Lakshmi Ji, whom we respect so much, is standing there on a lotus. Such a great Goddess is awakened within us, and all her qualities start manifesting within us.

Shri Krishna had said it very clearly, ‘When union with the divine (yoga),

will take place then only I will take care of your (kshema) well-being. First, accomplish the yoga.’ People will give big lectures, which nobody will even understand. Everyone will think, don’t know what they are babbling about! 

But the right thing is to first get the yoga. The one who achieves yoga becomes satisfied. All his problems are solved automatically. 

The power of Kundalini within us is our pure desire. Rest all other desires within us are impure. Like a lady will come and say, ‘Mother I don’t have a son.’ ‘Okay, you will get a son!’ The son takes birth. After that, she will say, ‘I have got a son, now I want a grandson.’ that too she got. ‘Now I want a house, after the house, I want that, after this, I want that.’ There is no end to it. That means whatever desires we have within us, are not pure desires. Pure desire is only one, that somehow we get that skill to become one with God. Somehow this should work out so that we become one with this all-pervading power of God, which does all the living work.

This only is our pure desire and the power of this pure desire is called Kundalini, and it is the reflection of Adishakti who is the desire of God, who is the desire of God Almighty. That’s the shadow inside us. The Spirit within us is the reflection of God Almighty and whatever is in the triangular bone is the reflection of God’s desire. His desire, which is Adi Shakti, is his reflection, his shadow.

If you understand this, then you will understand that in the name of religion, how disorientated we are.  The same Adishakti, she is our mother. We all have individual mothers that reside within us. She grants you what no other mother can give, because this Adishakti, the statue of Holiness, the power of God Almighty, gives us those qualities by which we can keep God pleased, and she gives us that capability, that power which is the power of God’s capability. Like somebody says, ‘Mother, I have these problems’ ‘Alright, I said, ‘You go home, everything will be fine!’ On reaching home he finds that the problem is solved. What miracle mother has done? I have not done any miracle. I have not done anything. What has happened? That I have awakened your Kundalini. It is the Kundalini that is beyond any cause and effect. 

Somebody was asked, ‘What is your problem?’ They said, ‘We don’t have money, that’s why we are troubled.’ The reason is you don’t have money and that’s why you are upset. But supposing you go beyond the cause, then the cause also ends and the result also ends.

The same thing happens when we have physical ailments. Now, when we have physical ailments, we think, ‘We caught cold because we went out in the cold weather. ‘Alright, but there must be a state where you don’t get affected by the cold. ‘We got cancer because we did this wrong thing’ or `we are suffering from this disease because we did not take any precautions.’

But there must be a place where these things do not occur. Where either you don’t make any mistake or where these reasons don’t exist. In medical science, it is called the Parasympathetic nervous system. But doctors should first understand Sahaja yoga before understanding this, then only they will understand.

But you all can understand it very easily. What people call a miracle is not a miracle. There is no miracle in this. We do not understand everyday miracles as miracles! Tell me, that a fruit is created out of a flower, so can we make it? We cannot make it! And like that we see thousands and millions being created, but we don’t see any miracle in that!

A highlander child is a highlander.  A native’s child is a native. The appearance is the same. Who makes that? Who chooses that? Just think of it! How these subtle and subtle, thousands and millions of such things happen in this world. The power which does this work, when it starts flowing within us, then we will definitely become capable, we will become empowered, we will become powerful! 

Goddess resides in these mountains. You know today is the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami. I had to meet you on this auspicious occasion only. There must be something special here, that I had to come here today. Here is the place of the seven goddesses. These seven goddesses came several times. They came here and fought. They killed many demons. They killed many devils. 

Today also I notice that many people move about as occultists (tantriks), gurus and fake people. You people go after them. Those people practice black magic, and you get into trouble. By going after these deceitful people, you have ruined yourself so much.

If you go to a doctor, they will say you are not suffering from any disease. It seems that you have no disease, but you are getting weaker. Every day there is a quarrel in the house. Daily there is a dispute. One can’t understand anything. Children do not feel like studying. There is restlessness in them. Where did all the trouble come from? It has come from following these occultists, and going after these false gurus.

You must know that God does not understand money. Now here is this earth, if you tell this Mother Earth that, ‘I’ll give you two paise and you do my work.’Will she understand?’ But if you put one seed inside it, automatically a tree will grow. For that, for that land, you don’t have to do any hard work. It’s just that it is her own power. When a seed joins with that power it grows on it’s own. 

But you think that let’s do this, do that. By doing this, by doing that God will get pleased. This is not so. You should simply have complete faith and devotion in God and you should know that God does exist! Whether you believe it or not, God exists and does thousands of types of things in the world. God definitely exists, but you do not know him yet!

Without seeing your mother (Goddess), without knowing her, you already have so much devotion within. So will you not achieve the mother? How can that be? Is there no heart in the mother? Doesn’t she think that my children are calling me? So, she has to go to them. Nobody can think like that, that if you call the mother, the mother will not come. 

But sometimes such a problem arises, that the man goes on the wrong path. By going on the wrong path, one doesn’t get any good results. But when the right time comes, then it is necessary that whatever you have desired, in your devotion it has to be fulfilled. And all of you must do so after the awakening of the Kundalini.

First thing is that there is no need for you to go to any occultists. This is today’s killing. This is the destruction of today’s demons, that I have got very badly after these Gurus and occultists. 

In the year 1970, in Bombay, I had openly told the names of all these demons, that all of them have taken birth. Keep away from them! Every demon, Chand Mund, all have taken birth. They are walking about as gurus and thousands are mad after them. Let them go, let those silly people go after them. But those who are righteous people, who are simple-hearted, also get entangled in such a mess and discord, get health problems, and many troubles enter their homes as well. That’s why don’t fall into such traps. 

Any occultist comes to tie the thread in your hands. Tell him,’Sorry I don’t want to tie the thread.’ Many people bring religious threads from Kashi. They buy it for one penny from somewhere and tell you that this religious thread (Ganda) is from Kashi so tie it. You will tie this thread for which he will take two rupees. Now, you have tied it. But you do not know that there is something tied inside it, which takes hold of you. This neither any doctor can recognize nor any physician, nor any other medical practitioner can recognize. Only a person who has got his awakening can recognize it. He will tell you that you are caught up! 

And such types of things are in abundance here. As soon as I came, I said that I have to fight all night with all of them (occultists and fake gurus) here. The war will be on all night. The war is on for the last three days. And there are many people hidden here practicing dirty, impure knowledge, who come to the village, and by keeping an eye on the women and the men, they are making money from them. 

Somebody will say, ‘Give me only rice. I don’t want anything else. Give me this thing! I don’t want anything.’

Have you ever heard that Rama or Krishna begged from anyone for rice? Or did they tie religious threads? Or did they say, ‘That take this name of God by which everything will be alright?’ 

We are ignorant, but ignorance should not go to that extent, that we are unable to differentiate between God and Satan, that we are unable to recognize that this is Satan, that this is a demon. This very big evil has come for us, (unclear) has come. We do not recognize him. We did not recognize God either! 

From the appearance itself, you can make out that this one is a demonic person. You can recognize by his mannerism, because you live in this atmosphere. You have sensitivity within you, and you can understand that this seems to be a satan and is not a good person. If women in the house interact with them, they will be harmed. If men interact with them they will be harmed. Your homes will never prosper. This is the biggest issue here, and that is why the goddess always takes birth here.

But now in Kaliyuga, the defect that has come is like this: If demons are standing before us, their necks can be cut and thrown away, but they are not standing before us, instead have entered the brains of people. If the demons enter the brains of all the devotees, all the children, then what will be the condition of that mother? Think of it! That you are a mother or a father? How upset will you be? And this is the condition I see today, that these things badly affect simple, humble, and good people.

Give up these pursuits! To visit a guru, to visit an occultist, to visit a mantrik (a person specialized in practicing mantra), to visit an astrologer, you should give up all that! If you give up that, you can go straight into the kingdom of God. You will have no problems. All these people who live in this country, especially the people who live abroad, out of that how many will go to the kingdom of God? Very few! They will not have the courage to come to the court of the mother. They don’t deserve it. They are not eligible for it. Nothing good is going to happen to them, I am telling you. 

Although my husband is abroad, I live there. I have been working hard for years but all in vain. You people are my own. You are more dear to me than my life. But you all have also got caught in such misconception and have lost your way, so how much it is a matter of pain and distress for a mother! 

You must understand that mother has told you not to go to any occultist, any Guru, or any such wrong person. You are all householders and householders should keep to their household. We have nothing to do with hermits and saints. We have to earn, we are performing Yagya, and we are settled in our household. Do we need to give our money to these fake hermits and saints? There is no need!

Once Sita Ji also got into the trap of the fake hermit and you know how, poor thing, the whole Ramayana was made. Therefore, don’t fall into their trap. Mostly the women are affected by this, because they are very simple-hearted. Keep your children, your house, and your husband protected from this. 

Our social structure is very beautiful. You have no idea how it is abroad! If anyone dies there, no one cares. No one knows if someone dies. If the father dies, then the children don’t come to know about it. When the children die, the father does not know. In that city of London, every week three or four children are killed by their parents. Why do they kill? Because they are fed up with them! Just think of it that they kill at least two children! Have you ever heard that in our country a mother or a father kills their child even, if they have ten children? Their ways are so cruel and we are people of Sahaj simple love. We shouldn’t get caught in this mess!

Today I will give you your awakening. You get your realization. After getting you awakening the cool breeze will start flowing from your hands. It should flow in your every vein. It’s not that somebody just says that you are realized now. From your head from the fontanelle bone area, you will feel the cool breeze coming. A cool breeze will come from here. You will see that cool breeze coming out of your head. A cool breeze will come from your hands once you get your awakening.

Also here you all sing, that cool breeze came, the silver leaves started shaking, and the Goddess came. You sang the song today. Yogi Mahajan was asking me, ‘Mother, how do they know that a cool breeze comes, when the goddess arrives? How did they find out?’ I said, ‘This is coming from ancient times. Goddess has been here for many years. So those who must have sung must have told, that when the goddess comes, the cool breeze also comes.’ 

What Adi Shankaracharya has described as ‘Salilam Salilam’, such a cool breeze should come in the hand. This is the identity of the Goddess. 

When someone’s body emits the cool breeze, that person is an incarnation. This is the tradition of the Goddess, this has been said. So, in our villages, those who are following the traditions noticed that when the Goddess incarnates, the cool breeze flows everywhere. The cool breeze comes from her body, That’s why such songs have been written. All these traditional songs that are made, all the things are written in them admirably, that who is a Goddess and how to recognize her! 

So, in this way you people have great wealth. You have got great prudence and understanding and you are simple people of humble nature. Those who are hard-natured people, are very difficult types.

It’s not at all difficult to give you self-realization, but you have to promise me only one thing: you will give up these deceitful gurus and will not run after them. Because of this, you have suffered a lot and you will suffer. Therefore first of all you all should get your awakening. 

Secondly, I have heard that, while singing, the body of the people here starts shaking. It is said that Goddess has come. This is a very big misunderstanding. Goddess cannot come in anyone’s body. Very difficult! Is it easy to do the work of a Goddess? There are thousands of chakras in the Goddess. To look after those chakras, to properly move them, and to flow cool breeze from them, to do good to people all this is a difficult job and also the character of such a person (who claims Goddess comes in his/her body) should also be pure!

All the maids we have in Bombay consume alcohol, do all sorts of things and the Goddess comes in their bodies! Tell me is the Goddess mad to enter into anyone’s body? Goddess can only enter in pure attention. And then what does the Goddess tell! That you kill someone, then everything will be fine! Or what will be the number of the horse? What is that one? What is the number to play Matka (a kind of game played for making money)? Can the Goddess ever say such things? Goddess will always talk of higher things, she will talk of God, and she will talk about nice things. She won’t discuss such dirty things! 

When you understand all that, you still fall at the feet of such women! This one is an evil spirit (bhoot)! These are evil spirits that enter these women and these women start speaking, and you start believing them. It’s true that the evil spirit knows certain things and speaks out. But what is the use? What is the use of such things? By going to them you will only be harmed! 

If today you go to a bhoot, tomorrow it will possess you! It will destroy your clan! Such women should not be allowed to come to your door. One should not eat at their home. You should keep them away because they are possessed people and give you dirty diseases.

Any woman in whose body an evil spirit enters needs to get her treatment done and become alright. 

Otherwise, in the end, they become lunatics and die. All such women become lunatics and die in a mental asylum. 

You all know everything. You can ask the old people here if such a thing happens or not! So there is no need to go near such women, go near such men who are possessed by an evil spirit. They call it that ‘Dev’ has come. And there are many men also like that, who get possessed by evil spirit. They start dancing a lot, they say strange things, and they put kerosene oil in their mouths and light the fire, they put lemon and what all buffoonery they do! And people go crazy on these theatrics! If it’s a spectacle it’s okay but it’s not a spectacle! There is a very poisonous thing behind it. They are even worse than a snake or serpent, because if they bite you, then you are finished. You can’t escape them. That’s why keep away from these evil people. 

This much knowledge is sufficient for you. Rest you all are absolutely fine.

There is no other defect in you. I don’t see any other defect in you. I see only this, that in ignorance, in the darkness you sometimes go after the wrong people. The more drama somebody creates, the more you should keep away from them. God is not an act. He is genuine. He is the reality. It does not happen by acting or falsehood.

Until now you don’t have the experience. So, I will give you the experience. Due to a lack of experience, you do not know what is good, and what is bad. When you will get the experience, you will know.

If somebody asks you, ‘Do you believe in Naina Devi? Do you believe in Chintpurni? Why? It is just a stone! Why do you believe in it?’ What is your answer to that? There is no answer to that! Why do you believe this? ‘Do you believe in Shankar Ji? Do you believe that there are twelve jyotirlingas (divine places of Lord Shiva) of Shankar Ji?’ Why? Why only twelve? What is the reason? You must ask, why, how, what? How do you know?

We had great saints, great people. Those great saints we had in our country, they had vibrations. They felt the vibrations and said that these things have come out of Mother Earth. This is written even in the Bible, that the things that come out from the earth element are Swayambhu. So, this Swaymbhu has come out. But if someone makes it’s statue, any dirty person makes statues out of a Swayambhu and sells them at a higher price, these things do not belong to God, they are not divine. If there is a Swayambhu, out of which the vibrations are flowing, only a saint can recognize it!

I will tell you one example of that. Once I visited a place called Rauri, where my ancestors ruled. There somebody told me, ‘Mother, there is a very strange place here. Fifty years ago, there was an Englishman living here. So, he was constructing a dam over here. During construction he noticed that there was a place around hundred feet, nobody could dig that place, whatever one may do. And if you build something there it collapses. It collapses in the night. People build something in the morning. Again it collapsed in the night. Why this was happening they were unable to understand! It is something miraculous.’

So, a saint came and said, ‘Do not touch this place. This is the place of the mother. Don’t touch it!’ They said how does he know? He said, ‘I am telling you, just move away from here!’ So, the dam which should be built straight is made like this. I went there and said, ‘This whole thing is Sahastrara!’ They said, how? I said, ‘You all are realized, souls. See, you can feel the cool breeze from it.’ Such a cool breeze started coming from it. 

Now all the Jyotirlingas, it’s the same situation, now you go. After getting your self-realization now you go somewhere. Go to Vaishno Devi! Ask her, ‘Are you Sakshat Vaishno Devi?’ The cool breeze will start flowing in. So, one gets the wisdom to know what is genuine and what is fake. If the wrong kind of person comes before you, immediately you will know. Hot air will come from him. If not, then sometimes one can also get blisters from the evil people. You will immediately know those who are evil. You won’t ask anyone. You will immediately say, ‘I have nothing to do with this person. Go!’ you will say clearly. Now, there is one way to know inside out, that the light should come to you. And the light comes from the kundalini which pierces the six centres, which is called ‘shatchakra bhedan’ 

These chakras when they are pierced, then on one side our health improves so much and on the second side, our mind becomes peaceful. And on the third side, we achieve the Spirit. Spirit is Satchidananda. This means that in this state of awareness you can know the Truth. Till now you do not know the difference between Truth and Untruth. Now, whether I am Truth or untruth, how can you know? Unless and until you get the vibrations within, how will you know who I am? In the same way, you call this as attention. Your attention also gets enlightened. Like sitting here you think about someone and you feel burning here, means what?

At our place, in London earlier when a gentleman got his awakening, so there people are more skeptical. They don’t have devotion like you people. They are suspicious, mostly they doubt. They don’t understand anything about Goddesses. One has to start from G of Ganapati. So, there was a catch! He started saying, ‘Mother why this catch is coming here? He asked a question regarding his father. I told him, ‘These are your father’s centres and it’s possible that he has got a problem of a very bad bronchitis in his throat’ because this is the centre of Vishuddi. So he said I will telephone Scotland and find out. So, he called and his mother said the same thing, ‘Your father has a very severe Bronchitis and he has fallen sick.’ He said ‘Mother, what is the diagnosis for this and now how to cure it?’ ‘So, the diagnosis has been done,’ I said. ‘Now I will tell you the method to cure it, and how you will give protection (Bandhan) to him.’ 

As soon as he gave Bandhan, his mother called up in half an hour saying ‘Don’t know how your father’s fever has come down and he is running about. He has even gone out.’ This is how these things work out. So, the attention that is, it gets enlightened. The light comes into attention. whatever you think of, whatever you will want to do, sitting here you will know about that.

Now you see, you must have heard there is radio, there is television. The programme is somewhere else, but it’s heard here!

In the same manner, there are such eternal rays of God, there is such a web spread out, he has thousands of hands, by which everything is accomplished. But first, at least reach into his kingdom! Come into his empire!  If you are not sitting in his kingdom, if you are sitting in someone else’s kingdom, then how will God take care of you? 

When you will come into the kingdom of God, then all the arrangements have been made for you, All his Angels, his Ganas all are standing in your service and when you will come into his kingdom, all of them will fully take care of you, and you will get solutions to all your problems in such a way, that you will be surprised how it has happened! Mother, how did we achieve this?

There are many such examples. Many such instances have been seen in Sahaja Yoga, which nobody has been able to answer!

Many times I was sitting somewhere. Suddenly I see that there is a beam of light coming from the sky. It’s caught by the camera. Something somewhere! Something somewhere else!

Once I was in Bedford. Even the newspapers there had printed that I  had gone to Bedford. I was giving a lecture. There were many people, I was giving a lecture. At that time,  around nine or eight o’clock a boy fell from a height. He fell eighty feet down! He had a motorcycle. When he fell from that small bridge, the people on the bridge called the ambulance. By the time the ambulance arrived, the boy climbed and came up. People asked, ‘How did you climb?’ He replied, ‘I don’t know! One lady came and she cured me!’ They thought he has gone mad or what! So they took him to the hospital. The police came there. He told the police, ‘Believe me! There was a lady who came in the white car (we have a white car) and was wearing a white sari, and she was an Indian lady. She came and put her hand on me. By that I became alright!’ So they said, ‘Nobody like that came here. We were standing and watching from the bridge and he came up.’ Somebody said, ‘No, it has happened. It’s a fact, because he doesn’t have any injuries!

The next day the boy saw my photo and said, ‘She is the lady who saved me!’ So they asked him, ‘What did you do?’ So, he said, ‘When I was falling I just said, Oh Divine Holy Mother! Please save me! I just said this much! I just thought of her and nothing else! And the moment I fell, I don’t know how she came immediately and moved her hand like this. I saw the car coming, I saw her getting down. She quickly came down and cured me.’ He spoke very clearly.

People were bewildered! They wrote letters about how this has happened! So they (Indian Sahaja yogis) said, many such incidents have happened in India, and now they are happening in England as well. It’s great! 

There is nothing special in that, because for someone who has thousands of hands, thousands of powers, what is special about it! If I am something, what is so special about it? If there is sun, it is there, what is special about it, because it has this power within. Whatever is there, it’s there, what is so special about it?

But your case is special, because from a human level you have reached the door of God! And it’s not just that! Now you have risen higher than a human being and become an ‘Atimanav’ (a state higher than a human being achieved post-self-realization)  You are about to become a realized person. This is your speciality. This is your greatness. That’s why first of all, I bowed to all of you! That’s why I had said, ‘My greetings to all of you!’

Now, in a while, we will do the process of Kundalini awakening. 

(Transcript ends here. 

Rest of the translation done directly from Shri Mataji’s talk)

But if you have any questions, please do ask. And after the question-answer session, we will conduct the programme on Kundalini awakening.

Give me some water! (addressing someone on the left side)

Now, we have Sherawali (Goddess who rides the lion), and you all are my lions (Shree Mataji is smiling sweetly). All the lions of the forests have been killed, now you all are the lions.

Is there some water? (again addressing someone) Ask questions! If you have any questions then you must ask! Later on, you should not feel that we did not ask this from Mother, we didn’t ask that from Mother.

Someone: (unclear) 

Shri Mataji: (laughing) They have become thoughtless! Now, there is one more thing! We have Yogi Mahajan and his wife here. They are great Sahaja yogis. Also, there are many others (Sahaja yogis) who live here. They will explain everything to you, what is to be done further and what is not to be done.

Like someone is taking the name of Shri Rama. Now, Shri Rama has come and is standing before you, but still, you are reciting Shri Rama’s name. So, what is the use of taking Shri Rama’s name, tell me? Like Tulsidas said, (Chitrakoot ke Ghat per bhai Santan ki bheed, Tulsidas Chandan ghisen, Tilak Karat Raghubir) that on the pier (ghats) of Chitrakut, there is a crowd of saints. Tulsidas is making sandal paste and puts it on the forehead of Shri Rama. But he did not recognize Raghubir. He put a tilak on the forehead of Raghubir and said, Come on move ahead! So, what’s the use? That’s why, now you must learn to recognize.

Now, all these arrangements have been made. These arrangements are now complete. Now, there is no need to do all this. 

Now, recognize your Spirit and achieve it! And now whatever solution has to be done for the Spirit has to be done. All these means are complete now.

Now, where is Shri Rama residing in us, and where is Sita inside us? Where is Shri Krishna, you all should understand this. After that these people will tell you that if you get into any trouble, or you face any problem, how the complete procedure should be followed, so that it’s completely cured.

Earlier I knew the Punjabi language very well. I used to study in Punjab at Lahore Medical University, but now I am not so fluent. (Shri Mataji is smiling) But it may happen that next time I will talk in Punjabi language only.

You don’t have any questions? Everyone is ready for self-realization.  Everyone, come forward! Everyone comes forward and sit. Sit in front! Sit in front!

The Delhi Sahaja yogis should be at the back, so that they can help me out to solve the problem. Everyone is sitting at the back. (Addressing people sitting far on the left side) All of you come here if you are feeling the heat of the sun! Doesn’t matter! Come here! I will make shade! Sit in front!

You only asked that it should be sunny today. So, I said have it that way. When it was made sunny for you, then you all went and sat in the shade. They were asking me, ‘Mother today please let the wind be such that it remains sunny throughout.’ So I said, ‘Alight! As you wish!’ So, I made it sunny for you today. Now when I made arrangements for that, why are you sitting in the shade? Sit in the sunlight for some time. 

Delhi Sahaja yogis should go to the periphery. They should stand on the periphery.

Everyone should sit comfortably. There should be space in between. One should not sit too close! Little bit! Be comfortable! Everyone sit down first of all! 

(Talking to Sahaja yogis) Put a shawl on my feet as well. The cool is flowing. One of your shawls, put below the feet. His feet! I have brought my own shawl. It’s so cold now.

Sit down! You all will also feel the cool. Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sahaja yogis also sit down!

(Shri Mataji to someone on her left) What do we call the word ‘left’ here? Khappa?

Sahaja Yogi: Khappa!

Shri Mataji: And right?

Sahaja Yogi: Sajja

(Shri Mataji with laughter) It’s different everywhere.

(Shri Mataji addressing the crowd) So this left hand of your’s is your desire. It is your desire! Therefore put it in your lap like this or keep it raised like this. If you feel tired, keep it in your lap. Keep in the lap like this! Left hand! Put it towards me! Left hand!

Now the cool has started coming. It has come, isn’t it? And keep the right hand on the ground because this  (Bharat Mata) Indian soil has given us a lot. it’s her gift and she sucks in all our problems. So, keep your right hand on it. Keep it on the side, not in front. Keep it on the side comfortably. Sit down! Sit down!

(Shri Mataji looking far towards her right side) Is there no one to take care of those children? Little children are playing. The cool breeze is coming? Is it coming? Very strongly? Alright! 

Now, put your right hand towards me and your left hand up like this. Left hand backward like this. Not towards me but backward. Now, don’t think. No need to think. There is no thought coming into the mind. Are you getting the cool breeze? Keep the right hand towards me. Are you getting the cool breeze? Are all of you getting the cool breeze?

I told you you all are good people. Abroad, I have to work very hard, but people do not feel the cool breeze easily. You all are dear to me and see how fast the cool breeze has come! I am Pahadon wali (the goddess who resides in the mountains) that’s why!

Now, raise both your hands and push back your head! Now ask, is this the power of God? Ask in your heart! Are you getting the cool breeze? How beautiful hands everyone has! Now put down your hands and put them towards me like this. Now close your eyes and see if the cool breeze is coming in your bands! And the silver leaves mean your hands! How beautiful!

Now, open your eyes slowly and don’t think! Don’t think! This is something beyond thoughts. Open your eyes! Now, take your hand above your head, here four-inch high. This hand towards me. Use this hand! See are you getting the cool breeze. See on the top of your head. It’s slightly subtle. slightly high! See you four-inches high! Left hand towards me and see from the right hand. Are you getting the cool breeze? Are you getting the cool or hot breeze on top of your head? You are getting the cool!

See, it’s coming from your head. You can know yourself. 

Now put this hand towards me and see from the other hand, if you are getting a cool breeze from your fontanelle bone area, what we call as ‘Talu’. You call it ‘Tallu’ here. See if you are getting a cool breeze there. Are you getting it? Is it coming or not? Are you getting all of you? You will feel very light inside.

Now, how to take Devi’s kavach, so that no harmful evil power from outside can harm you. That I will show you and also I will tell you how to raise your Kundalini. You have to do it daily morning and evening. 

Another thing, take my photo from them, and also ask what is to be done further, and then everyone has to do accordingly. By doing so every day morning and evening, the Kundalini will remain awakened, because in the beginning a lot of care has been taken. Like when a seed sprouts it needs to be looked after. So you have to keep it with care. Now, how to keep it, I will tell you! It’s very simple! 

Look, keep your hand like this towards me, and for protection, it is taken from over the head. ‘Kavach’ you all know that we have ‘Devi Kavach’. You have to take your mother’s drape over your head. Take it! Raise it from here and over your head, take it full and down. Everyone do it! From which hand are you doing? It’s not done by the left hand. Take protection with your right hand. We do everything with the right hand, isn’t it? Do it seven times as there are seven chakras. Everyone do it! Four, five, six, and now seven! You will do it seven times.

Now, how to raise the Kundalini, see I will show it to you!  It’s very easy. Our Kundalini at this point from where you sit, at this place. Now, you have to move like this, in it’s front, below it, behind it, and above it. Understand it, otherwise, you will do it wrongly. Again!  front, below, behind, up and this one you have to raise straight up and take it on top of the head like this, and this one you have to move simultaneously. Kundalini goes on rising and then tie it on top of your head. Do it like this and tie it on top of your head. It’s very easy. Even the children can do it. Now, see this! Sahaja yogis, please don’t tell them. They will be confused. You keep quiet! Don’t confuse them! They don’t understand your languages. So, keep quiet!

Now, let’s see! Let’s start! Now, this is the Kundalini, raise it like this. And take it on top of the head and tie one knot like this. Again, everyone do it! All the Sahaja Yogis should do this. Raise it and on top of your head move it and tie two knots and a third time three knots will be made so that the Kundalini doesn’t fall. 

Raise it again and you will feel so nice, just see. Raise it and bring it on top of your head and now one, two, and three! Now, check your hands. Are you getting the cool breeze now? The cool breeze is coming, isn’t it? Even a leaf is not moving anywhere see, from where is the breeze coming? See! See, all the trees are standing in a line but not a single leaf is moving. Only these leaves are moving here and this air too.

See, this wind is blowing from here.

(Shri Mataji bows to them with folded hands) Now, you have to look after it. Getting your self-realization once is not sufficient. Take my photograph. How to meditate and what all is to be done, for that you come and meet them (Sahaja yogis). They will also visit different villages and meet you and tell you. But most of the Indians have this attitude that whatever they get in Sahaj, they forget it in Sahaj only. And if they meet someone else (fake gurus, occultists, etc) they go there. 

Now, settle with yourself. Know yourself, understand yourself and settle within yourself. Become your guru. There is no need for any other guru.

Mother wants that whatever she has, her children should get everything and enjoy it.

My eternal blessing to all of you, eternal blessings, eternal blessings!

Those who haven’t got the cool breeze will also get it. There must be some of you who haven’t felt the cool breeze. Doesn’t matter! There must be some blockage inside. Doesn’t matter! Those who haven’t got will also get it. Everyone will get it. It’s not that one has not got it so talk in another way. it’s not so! Those who have got it, they have got it and those who haven’t will also get it.

There are many who don’t feel the cool breeze, they say why others have got it and start talking. This is not a matter of discussion but of achieving. It’s a matter of achieving your power, which is our true wealth, which is reality. It’s concerning that and that is our power.

(Everyone claps and Shri Mataji smiles)

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute (unclear) and then come! Peacefully! Peacefully! Now be peaceful! It’s time for silence. God will do everything!

(In the end, Shri Mataji is seen sitting with a shawl wrapped around her, looking at her children)