Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja: Sacrifice is very important

Pune (India)

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English Translation – Bhoomi Devi Puja Date 4th February 1985: Place Pune – Type Puja 

[English Translation from Marathi]

(Starts at 12:48)

So much preparation has been done by all you Sahaja Yogis. After seeing that, it feels that the decision to reside in Pune has to have some special reason of love. There are many reasons but the main reason I feel is the yearning for your immense love is why we decided to make Pune city our home. On the whole, getting the land and getting the work done here is certainly a special event.

But the main reason is that Pune has a mould of immense virtue, abundance of good deeds and also has a mould of virtue. Here people can be transformed into virtuous beings.  But a lot of nuisance has taken place here and will keep happening, because whenever people are transformed into virtuous beings, the negative forces are operational everywhere, ready to attack such beings. Especially at such places where some virtue is being created. So, you should achieve Sahaja Yoga more truthfully, with greater alertness and care.  Pune is the soul of Maharashtra.. It is not  only virtue but it is the soul.  If we infuse vitality(Chaitanya) in this soul then its good effect will certainly be felt in the whole of Maharashtra. For this purpose I need help from all of you.

First of all, one should remember that building a house is not really very important and it’s an easy task. But with this house if all Sahaja Yogis could be bound together and get  a beautiful form, I will be very happy. This is a very big thing that we all of us have come today for Bhoomi Puja, including the saints and sadhus. We are performing this puja of land and the benefits of this Puja will be felt for ages to come. So today’s special program has a special and an important facet which must be taken care of.

Sahaj Yoga is sustaining due to your support. Yesterday only I told you that we should be prepared to make sacrifices. Till now we have seen only the benefits of Sahaja Yoga. It has all types of benefits. Sahaja Yoga has financial benefits, job benefits, health benefits, Our relationships with everyone get aligned. Marriages take place. Lot of issues get resolved totally. But the main question is – what  progress have we  made? Whatever we have gained from Sahaja Yoga is outwardly. How much have we gained on the inside – that needs wisdom of sacrifice? But most of the people discard the wisdom itself. Therefore, the problem is that if anything is placed before them, people first examine what benefit they will derive from it. Even now there are a lot of Sahaja Yogis who think let us make money, or will get this benefit or that benefit. If you keep a petty perspective, then everything has to become petty.

In all, whatever is there and whatever has happened is due to God Almighty and is the work of God. Therefore, from outside it may seem like we are constructing a home etc. , but symbolically we must understand that we have achieved a great thing here because Pune will become the global center of Sahaja Yoga. But, along with it, pretentious people, hypocrites, or such people who come to Sahaja Yoga, only for their personal interests, say to take advantage for themselves, such people have to be kept under watch and should be kept away. Gradually, good people irrespective of their number, even with blemishes, will achieve Sahaja Yoga through cleansing. But people who are intrinsically bad and come with ulterior motive, we cannot do anything with them. So it’s better to keep such people out and they are to be told clearly that we cannot do anything for them.

       From now onwards, my stay is going to be here. I am going to live here only and  the entire  work of Sahaja Yoga is going to take place. Only thing I must tell you is that  this house is being built with  my husband’s (Saaheb’s) money and his income. And therefore, if he faces any trouble here, he will go somewhere else. Sahaja Yogis must keep it in mind that they should not trouble Mataji. 

Now everyone (thinks)… “We have come for darshan. “

 This is not a temple. This is a live person.

 Everyone insists  …” Let me have a glance.”

 They will come anytime.

 “I have specially come for darshan. “

The person has reached at six in the morning.

“Hello. What say?”

“I have specifically come for Mataji’s darshan.”

Is Mataji sitting in the temple? To give darshan to each and every one. 

“ But how come everyone gets a darshan when he enters the temple.”

 Then they insist.

“We came with great hope, but you do not give darshan ‘.

This and that, you are such and such…”

This has to go. This is a very low level thing. Because we do not understand, what is the work undertaken by Mataji, how busy she is in that, what right we have over her? Everyone feels that he owns every single moment of Mataji. Her entire time is ours. So we must give our time to Mataji, should not seek her time. People do not understand this. Anyone and everyone come and stand at the door. I feel absolutely restless that they are blocking the door. Cannot just step out of the door. So no one should turn up unannounced. The real Sahaja  Yogi will not trouble me. This is the first sign. I can’t understand a person who holds my feet and rubs his forehead on them, why is he doing that? But he cannot be a real Sahaja Yogi. On the contrary, he is a false one who shows off by such an act.

         Second  thing is, that you should not close your eyes when I am there. But a lot of people do that. I feel rather surprised. What is the need to close your eyes? Or in my presence also, people bow to the photograph first, and then they bow to me. 

          So in short, people should be respectful and at the same time should not be pretentious. Pretentious people can be identified immediately. So don’t give undue importance to hypocrites, pretentious people.

“Because they have very large set up, have a big factory,“

So what? How does it matter to us?  As they are such big factory owners have they offered you something, given you any help?                                                                      ”But they have so much money Mataji. They are like this”.                                                                       All humbug. They are simply selfish people.  Therefore people who seek dharma, who seek the Almighty, only such people should come to Sahaja Yoga. Then it does not matter even if they are only ten. And where is the place in Almighty’s kingdom now?  Very little place. So how many people to accommodate in that needs to be decided by God. To accommodate useless vagabonds, God is not like us. He is very wise. He is not ready to entertain useless vagabonds. He wants people who are truly genuine. All these vagabonds will languish here only.Hence we should befriend only such people, we should invite such people, we should make friends with people who are genuine seekers God and who aspire to ascend in their spiritual life.

     And I tell you again, one must sacrifice also. To sacrifice is very necessary. Once you reach this state, one must sacrifice something or other. And in that too, one should not get stuck in small things. Now if I say that let us purchase land at Pashan or some other place then people would say that it is very distant. Now this place is quite far off for me. I have not even informed Saheb that this place is in the jungle only. Once the construction is done there, what can poor Saheb say!      

      We have never stayed so deep in jungle, but now if we have acquired land in jungle for you, we will stay here. So each one of you should keep in mind that if Mataji is doing so much at this age then why should you look for comforts in each and every thing?     Sahaja yoga should not be dependence for everyone. No dependence at all. Just because there is Sahaja Yoga, there should not be dependence. “We have come to Sahaja Yoga, so Mataji, do this for us. Cure my children, cure my wife, and then cure my complete family.” You think, Sahaja Yoga is a charitable hospital or what? Therefore, firstly some select few people should understand Sahaja Yoga completely and once you are knowledgeable, then we can cure everyone.

Today is such an auspicious day, And also it is Vinayak Chaturthi. It is a beautiful day. Something very special was mentioned about it. Is there a “Panchang” (Indian Calendar)?

It’s written in the panchang that today is a special occasion. Therefore, today is a very good day and today we have started this auspicious work. It seems, that our “Vanaprasthashram” (ascetic life) has commenced now. These are the elements of  of “Vanaprasthashram (ascetic life).

(Gap till 24:18. Some Sahaja Yogi must be reading the Panchang and telling Shri Mataji.)

Sahaja Yogi: Mahargha Punya kaal.

Mataji: Maharga, you see. Just now I told you Maharga Punya Kaal. Such a great auspicious day. Nothing to beat Maharga.  Argha means, Maharga, Argha. Argha means to offer water, to give argha.  Now you should give water to this land of yours. You need rain and all arrangements should be done. But, then you should also   deserve it. Whether Sahaja Yogis deserve or not, should be seen. It will be better if without taking many efforts you achieve Sahaja Yoga. And whatever gains you can get, you should take. Today is a great day. It is Maharga Punya today. I had already said earlier. So today is a special day. All of you have given me such pleasure and happiness, you all came here, took so much trouble, I request you all with folded hands  to  take similar  efforts for Sahaja Yoga.    

 (Over at 25:22)