Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja: Sacrifice is very important

Pune (India)


Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja, Pune (India)

[English Translation from Marathi]

So much preparation has been done by all of you Sahaja Yogis. After seeing that it feels like the decision to reside in Pune had some special reason; a reason of love. There are many reasons but the main reason I feel it is your immense love for which we decided to make Pune city our home. On the whole, getting the land and getting the work done here is a special event itself.

But the main reason is that Pune is an extremely saintly land, is a bundle of purity and also the [origin] of purity. Here people can be moulded into more pure beings. But a lot of chaos has happened here earlier and will keep happening because whenever the mankind is being transformed into purer being, the negative forces are ready to attack such beings, especially at such a place where the purity is being created. So, you should be more vigilent and alert and you should carefully master Sahaja Yoga. Pune is the soul of Maharashtra. It is purity but it is the soul and in this soul, if we add more ‘chaitanya’ to this land then the whole of Maharashtra will benefit. For this purpose I need your help.

First of all, for this work, you should know that building a house is not really important and it’s an easy work. But with this house if all Sahaja Yogis can be bound together and get transformed into beautiful Sahaja Yogis, I will be very happy. This is a big, a very big thing, that today on the occasion of Bhoomi Puja, saints like you have come and to do Bhoomi Puja. And the benefits of this Puja will be felt eternally. Therefore, today’s special gathering has got a special and very big significance. It has got an important aspect which must be taken care of.

You people are the carriers of Sahaja Yoga. Yesterday I told you that Sahaja Yogis should be ready to sacrifice. Till now we have only used the benefits of Sahaja Yoga for ourselves It has all kinds of benefits. Sahaja Yoga has money benefits, job benefits, health benefits, relation’s problems get solved, marriages take place, lots of issues get solved. But the main question is – what is our progress? Whatever we have gained is worldly. What have we gained for our inner growth? For that you must have the wisdom of sacrifice. But generally people give up the wisdom itself. Therefore, when something is said, people think immediately, “What will I gain out of this?” Even now there are a lot of Sahaja Yogis who think they can make money, or think of getting this benefit or that benefit. If your desires are shallow you cannot get the depth of Sahaja Yoga.

Altogether, whatever is happening or has happened is the work of ‘Parameshwari’ (the Primordial Mother). Therefore, from outside it may seem like we are making a home, but everyone must realize that this is a great achievement, because Pune will become the global center of Sahaja Yoga. But, along with it, egoistic people, hypocritic people, or such people who come to Sahaja Yoga only for their personal gains or people with bad eyes, such people have to be kept under observation and kept away. Gradually, good people, however bad may look, will achieve Sahaja Yoga through cleansing. But such people who are bad from heart and come with bad thoughts or intentions, such people are to be kept out and they are to be told that we cannot do anything for them.

From now onwards, I am going to stay here and the work of Sahaja Yoga is going to take place (from here). Only thing I must tell you is; this house is being built through my husband’s (Saaheb) money. And therefore, if he faces any problem, he will leave from here. Sahaja Yogis must ensure that Mataji does not face any problem here. Everyone wants to see Me (Darshan). This is not a temple. I am a living being. People here say that they have specifically come for My ‘Darshan’. “I reached at 6.00 in the morning, Mother”. But why? “I have specifically come for the Darshan of Mother”. Now, your Mataji is sitting in a temple or what, that anyone can take Darshan at any time? But, even in temple one has to wait for the ‘Darshan’. People say, “We came all the way and Mother is not giving Darshan”. So this must be given up because it is an absolutely low level thing. Because you don’t understand what is the work of Mataji, that She is so much busy with Her work. What right you have on Me? Everybody thinks of having a kind of right on Mataji. “Her whole time is ours only”. Therefore we should give our time to Mataji and not take Her time. Anyone and everyone comes and stands at the door. I feel absolutely restless that they are blocking the door. Sometimes there is not enough space to come out. Please don’t come here. A real Sahaja Yogis will never trouble Me. This is the first sign (of a good Sahaja Yogi). I can’t understand a person who holds My feet and rubs his forehead on them, why is he doing that. But he cannot be a real Sahaja Yogi. On the contrary, he is a false one who shows off by such an act.

Another thing is, that you should not close your eyes when I am there. But a lot of people do that. I feel rather surprised. What is the need to close your eyes? Or in My presence also, people bow to the photograph first, and then they bow to Me. So, people have to be careful and at the same time without any ego. Egoistical people can be identified immediately. Therefore, hypocrite, egoistical people should not get on your heads, because they may have very big, big factory, etc. So what? Have they given you something or rendered you any help? They might be having a lot of money, but they are self-centered. Therefore people who seek dharma, who seek God, only such people should come to Sahaja Yoga.

Then, even if they are ten in number, it’s okay, because there is also very little space in the kingdom of Almighty. Very little space is there. Therefore, how many can fit in should be decided by the God Almighty only. God exactly knows whom to choose and has complete wisdom about it. God is not ready to select anyone and everyone. He only wants real and genuine seekers. Rest of them are going to remain here only. Therefore, you should make friends with such people and bring in Sahaja Yoga those who are genuine seekers of God and who have the desire to ascend in their spiritual life.

And again I am saying that you must sacrifice. Sacrifice is very important. At this stage, you must sacrifice. And you should not get stuck with small things. Like I said, we will buy land at Pashan or some place so people say that it is very far. But, how far it is? I have not even told My husband that the land we bought is in jungle After the completion of work what will he say? We have never stayed in the jungle, but now because of you all, we will stay here. Now, you all should know that if Mother is doing so much at this age then why should you look for the comforts? There should be no dependency in Sahaja Yoga, no dependency at all. Sahaja Yoga is there, so people say, “We have come to Sahaja Yoga, so Mataji, do this for us. Cure my children, cure my wife, and then cure my complete family.” You think, Sahaja Yoga is a charitable hospital or what? Therefore, firstly you should understand Sahaja Yoga completely and if you mature, then we can cure everyone.

Today is such an auspicious day, it’s Vinayak Chaturthi today. And something special happens on this day.

Shri Mataji:Is there a “Panchang” (Indian Calendar)?

It’s a special occasion. It is written like that. Therefore, today is a very good day and today we have started this auspicious work. It seems, now is time for our “Vanaprastha Aashram” (ascetic life). These are indications of “Vanaprastha (ascetic) life”.

Sahaja Yogi: Mahargha Punya ka.

Sahaja Yogi: Mahargha Punya ka.

Shri Mataji: Mahargha?

Sahaja Yogi: Mahargha punya ka…

Shri Mataji: Mahargha, see… I just said to you, “Mahargha Punya ka”. Such a big occasion. Mahargha means what? “Argha” means Mahargha, Argha. Argha means, pouring water. “Argha” giving, “Argha” giving. So, you should give water to this land of yours. There should be rain and all arrangements should be done. But, then you should also be deserving. Whether Sahaja Yogis are deserving or not, should be seen. They think that with least efforts they should do Sahaja Yoga and should be able to gain everything. Today is a great day, “Mahargha Punya”, I’ve told you earlier. Therefore, today’s day is special and all of you have brought so much of joy to Me. You all came to this place by taking so much pain. Similarly, you all should take pain for Sahaja Yoga. I request you all with folded hands.