Easter Puja: We should become the people who are fighting for Christ

Montague Hall, Hounslow (England)


Easter Puja. Hounslow (UK), 8 April 1985.

Happy Easter to you all.

So we celebrate Easter to show how Christ resurrected Himself. The Spirit that is Christ has to resurrect out of the material manifestation of the Divine Itself. The matter is manifested because we ourselves have created it. Not that we are born out of matter, our body, but we are attached to it, we want it, we want to have it. Whatever you want, that sustains itself, by your desire, because now you are on the stage. If you want to sustain the matter, if you want to keep the matter as the first priority, it will remain. It cannot disappear. It has to go out of your mind that matter cannot hold you any further.

Christ rose out of the matter, came out of the tomb which symbolises the matter which has enclosed us within, which has to be opened out with our spiritual power. Throw away, throw away the stone that is covering this grave. Get out of that and stand outside it. This is the message of Christ’s resurrection.

The tomb that we have created, we have created ourselves, because we have allowed people to dominate us. We have allowed them to make these graves for us, we have allowed them to bury Christ within ourselves, because we were afraid. But Christ has to rise. So we create our own matter through our conditionings, through our fears, through our absolute wrong ideas about goodness and kindness and compassion. In the light of the Spirit you can see what we think as compassion is nothing but a kind of sympathy which leads you nowhere. But one should learn to see everything in the light of the Spirit. But do we use all the time the light of the Spirit? We do not.

For Christ, it was not difficult, because He was the Spirit. But He has shown you the way. He crucified Himself to show you the way. All the ideas about sophistication, about our standing in the society, how we relate ourselves to other dignitaries, or to our country, to our politics, to our economics and the world at large, all of them can tie us down to that tomb. You belong to another category, I’ve told you a hundred times. And a category which is the Spirit, which can rise above ‘all’ the tombs, can throw away everything. This way you are conditioned. All absurd ideas have been accepted, which you cannot explain why you were conditioned like this.

Why I talk more of conditioning, because of England. English are very much conditioned people. The others are Americans who are abandoned. I mean, you cannot talk to them about anything because they cannot be rooted into anything. But the English are too much conditioned people, and when they are too much conditioned they build their own tombs.

All these ideas are to be seen with a new dimension of awareness that you have. You are the Spirit. Why should you worry about anything else but your vibrations. Because you are saints. You should just worry about the comfort of your Spirit. Whatever is congenial to your- Spirit, just go on doing that, observing that, accumulating that and sucking within yourself. All conditionings will run away because these conditionings you accept because they look comfortable, but they are not. Christ is a great example and if He is the one whom you follow, if He is the one you have understood and recognised in the light of your Spirit, then you must know why did He go into the grave first of all. The Man who was so powerful. Who when He will come He’ll reduce all of them into ashes-such a great personality like Him of Ekadasha Rudra. Why did Christ allow Himself to be crucified and to be buried into that? Because He wanted to stoop down to the level of other people, to come down to that level so that people should see that through His life they are shown that you can be resurrected. Now the Resurrection has taken place. Sahaja Yogis are resurrected no doubt, but still one foot is in the grave! And the second one I do not know whether it will be out or in–it is just halfway through! One foot is of course outside, no doubt, but still is not yet touching the ground, ‘and the other cannot be lifted unless you push the ground, this matter, again, to push it up. If you live with your Spirit, you should have no fears, you should have no worry.

See now, I will tell you how God is showing His ways, here. Like in Durham, the fellow is now under complete fire, he does not know what to do , and he himself is so stupid, as the saying in Sanskrit is that Vinash Kale Viprita Buddhi :When your destruction time comes you think of all perverted things, vipareet Buddhi. So his tongue if you, I mean see to the way he speaks, I mean,-blasphemous. And he is under fire; he himself lit the fire and is now sitting on top of it. And now when he gets the heat, the heated words come out of his mouth. We don’t have to do anything; it is all done, already. They are baked and cooked in their own . ! So why should we have fear? But we should know what is right and what is wrong. That is only possible because you are with the absolute, That is the Spirit. And related to the Absolute, if you do everything related to it, you are doing the right thing. If you are related to Christ, how can you do wrong? That is one of the proofs that they are not Christians of any kind, because none of the Christian organisations have done anything good whatsoever except for creating fire for themselves.

So you can see clearly how this conditioning has worked within us because we have been so-called Christians, we have been going to churches, we have been worshipping Christ as they told us, the way they told us we worshipped Him–everything regimented.

The One who came to resurrect us from the bondage of the grave, we used Him to build our graves. Now you are out of it, thank God, but take out the other foot, fast. This is one advantage you have because you have Christ before you, but also there is a disadvantage, because Christ has been used to set you down in the grave. So change your concept about Christ. Know Him through your vibrations, what He was. I mean, as a child I knew what was going wrong with Christians and left and right as a little girl of seven I used to give big lectures. Even when I was baptised, I was horrified ate way I was baptised by sonic stupid fellow ! I did not know what was he up to. And then he put a Bhoot on my head, I think, or something which hovered round and we met with a very big accident, I fell down. This bhoot must have put it in the horse, I feel, or somewhere , another bhoot. This priest, this stupid fellow, who belonged to the Lutheran Church. I don’t know what you call that. Lutheran, imagine,–Martin Luther’s Church. And that is how they baptised me. I knew all about it but I did not know what to do about it- I must have kicked him quite a lot,! But, whatever it is, so-called, he baptised me. I had to accept all foolish stupid things in this life, because I had to show I was quite normal. I mean, accepting stupid is normal these days, and to tolerate an idiot is even more normal. So I had to show that. I knew very well what sort of a thing it was, this fellow was up to, and I accepted the nonsense he did and many other things 1 accepted just to show that I am nothing special. But I knew all about it. When I saw the way Christ was described, I was aghast! I said, what are they doing to Christ. I mean, nicely second crucifixion going on.-You also know about it.

Thank God there are so many to whom I can talk and they understand my language. But the Resurrection will not be complete unless and until you pull out many out of their graves. I don’t know how you will go about it. Look at this fellow in Durham who is getting so much publicity when he is doing all blasphemous things. He is getting all the credit and kudos from people;–what about us, what are we doing? Why not we write to the newspapers, why not we talk to them? “Observer” has given us a clue I think. There is one gentleman, Mr. Wilson, who wrote quite nice things-why not write to him, some letters. Get to it. Because, you see, what I am a little concerned about this matter is, as it is they are half-hearted creatures, Now, if this Durham fellow speaks like that, that is the big authority on Christianity, Christ, His Mother and every body else. Now if this fellow he goes on’ like this, those who are half-baked will fall off to Communism, and the rest of them who may remain also, they may accept him. So the Anglicans, the Anglo-Saxon brain, I am saying, is going to accept Mr. Durham very well, I can see that. Or else will just leave and become Communists. Have nothing to do with this God who has so many problems.

So in the Seminar of yours in Birmingham when you have, I would like you to think over this new thing that has come up in the heart of the Universe. Everyone knows about Durham fellow, they know he is blight, everything. But what about us, we are so many, let us try to find out how we can talk to these people sensibly, talk to these Anglicans, find out about them, and communicate to them what you have found out. You need not say in the beginning only that I am the Adi Shakti, or I am the Redeemer and the Comforter, that Christ has said. But we can start talking about it. Find out these people, these Anglicans, church people, churchgoers who believe in God, who believe in Christ. I mean they are voting. Can you imagine! They are voting whether Christ was true or not. Can you vote like that? You feel you are in a lunatic asylum or what. It is terrible! They are taking votes, can you imagine such a thing like that? At this moment we have an advantage. because they are so much confused,-to give them a concrete idea as to what is God, what is Christ, what is religion. one side I feel very hurt and unhappy-1 think these three days l have gone through real Resurrection myself. The way things have been said about Christ. Just I can’t bear it, it is too much. You all should be stirred also, should be concerned, and you must go through it and see what you can do and tell them: “Are you all mad or what? Why don’t you listen to sanity?”

As you know, when I went to Australia, it is a different country altogether. They are much more sensible people than you are. I think the way they were exiled, they learnt a lesson and they are better. So I feel the English have to go into exile or jail for a while to understand. They are very sensible, extremely sensible people. You can talk to them sense. Everyone. The media is sensible, the people are sensible. Thousands of them came. They repeated. First programme we had once, it was 1 600, 2000. Can you imagine such people? And out of them repeats were 600. Now for the last how many years we are having the same 600 people again and again. What Seminars are we going to do, al I of us sitting and cooking some chicken, that’s all. Or making some cake for Mother which She doesn’t eat. Let us take out our satisfactions from these little, little things into some thing bigger. Let us talk about it, without fear. We have to go and talk and tell people about it. Take it a big way. There should be no hindrance on this part. We are a very big group-and we can assert and we can talk and meet people.

The situation has improved a lot because now I have to go to India as you know, and in India, for me, the situation is much better. It is not at all difficult. As you know, I went to the hills at the foothill of Himalayas . About 3000 people came from all over-the little, little villages that they had. They didn’t take even a second to recognise me-they were singing the praise of the Goddess of the Hills, Goddess of the Tigers, Goddess of the Lions. They just started singing my praise. Without any lecture or anything. They were all joyous that I have been there, and they knew and they accepted me and finished. And I just had to put my foot down there and I have done. Jaipur:-They said, Mother you just put your foot here, really. So for me the situation is very good in India.

So let’s see what you people are going to do with these big big Seminars and lectures. Why not get some outsiders to listen to you. Invite them. Invite these intellectuals. Try to talk to them, tell them what is it. What do you call them, those who know about Bible? Theologians-without logics! Call these Theologians,-challenge them. Why not put a challenge? You are not alone, you are so many. And don’t tell them that you wear saris when you come for my Puja! They won’t understand it, they are not that deep. You can wear your jeans. Or to convince them more, you can be punks ! That would appeal to them better. You go with your punky conditions, they will jolly well have to listen to you, otherwise they are in for trouble. If they are that stupid, why not handle them? it is very easy to handle a stupid person than to handle a person who is not stupid, or who is clever. Stupid can be stupefied very easily. So I think we have to change our course, we have to take it in a big way,-the whole thing what we are going to do. All of you should give some concrete ideas as to what you would like to do. And that would be really the way it will work out. So now in the Seminar you must discuss more how to talk to these people, how to create a platform for Sahaja Yoga. Find out how they create a platform out of nothing, like these punks, and once you do all these things you will be surprised that they will have to listen. They will have to listen to you.

Now go full ahead. I am giving you all freedom, do what you want. Except for telling them I am Adi Shakti-that they will not be able to digest, that an Indian has now become the Adi Shakti. They think now Adi Shakti has to be an English lady. At least, French[ So don’t mention me. If you want you can, but don’t mention me as Guru or anything, but you can say She is the lady who has shown us the way or something like that -not referring much to me but to them, I think you should go ahead with it and work it out because we have now had a lot of patience and all nonsense going around us.

Better tell them; or are we going to allow all of them to go to hell –direct.

Message of Easter.–East,-comes from East. I don’t know why they call it Easter. Have you ever thought of it? Why do they call it a Worcester Sauce—I don’t know. I don’t know why they call anything!-But Easter, you can’t explain. But Easter, it is coming from the East. The wisdom has to come from the East, the Resurrection has to come from the East, whether they like it or not. And that is the message of Easter today. That let us give them the chance of resurrection by talking to them-all of you. Just make it a point to talk to people who are in charge of theology, churches, Bibles.

Go and talk to them, tell them:”What are you doing? Are you mad? Why do you want to be slave people. You don’t know anything.”

Another thing I would suggest that we should have regular classes, to understand Sahaja Yoga properly. I have seen some people who are Sahaja Yogis for years, don’t know anything about Sahaja Yoga. Even in Bombay, people told me that: “Some of the ladies are absolutely zero as far as Sahaja Yogi is concerned. They don’t understand what is Sahaja Yogi, they don’t understand what the chakras are. They listen to your lecture, everything,  and then like a bubble, everything disappears from their minds.” I don’t know who gave them these ideas, but they were quite shocked. So let us have a class-like thing for Sahaja Yogis, to different topics and subjects –let us work it out.

Recently you must be knowing, there is a book going to be published by Yogi Mahajan called ‘Gita Enlightened’ which is a very good book. Of course, I mean, most of it I have helped him, he has been with me and all that, but doesn’t matter, but he has understood the subject. The other day they published a very beautiful book in Marathi. One Suravkar, such a learned book he wrote that in the light of Gyaneshwara what is Sahaja Yoga. And he has written it so well that anybody who is a theologian or anything, like in India, will be impressed by it, I wish I could translate that book for you. But it is all the stanzas from Gyaneshwara, which is in Marathi language. He wrote such a nice book on Sahaja Yoga and that is what he gave on my birthday this lime: something so substantial, I felt. And once it reaches into the hands of any one of these people- I mean, it will in any case. And he published himself, he brought some copies, gave it to me. And all the copies were sold out in that programme- every’ copy was sold out for Rs. 2 each.

So this is what we have to do now, is to write, write to different magazines, meet people, tell them we want to come and talk to you. First of all you must know about Sahaja Yoga!  You should be well equipped. It’s not that you can show my photograph with a light here. [Shri Mataji shows the palm of Her right hand] That is not sufficient. What is the light here, also you have to show. [Shri Mataji shows Her forehead on the right] Only a few people know what is Sahaja Yoga , the rest of you dont know anything.

Let us see what questions we have in our minds. Let us sit down and find out what are the questions, what questions are we lacking in, what we have to understand in Sahaja Yoga, what part we don’t know. Let’s find out all those things, all the details. Let us write it down. ‘Everyone’ of you. Whether it’s a woman, man, child, everyone can do it. Find out what are the questions which are not yet answered in Sahaja Yoga, how can we answer particular questions. Alright.

All these things can be found out if you put your attention to it you can easily find out what you need. Everyone has to do it. You must all be equipped. If anybody asks you a question on Sahaja Yoga and you cannot answer, I mean how can you convince people?

You take one ordinary so-called layman from Christianity–so-called Christianity again, the man is layman and the Christianity is also lay. He will give a big lecture on Christ. Every verse in the Bible he will tell you. “Chapters, Matthew 2, Verse 2, this is what Christ has said. That you will be calling me Christ, Christ and I will not recognise you, telling about himself only.

So you have to be absolutely equipped for it.

Now you have to also know what you will confront, in a particular country. For example, when I come to England, I know I have to confront these theologians and the Christ and everything. If I go to India, what I have to confront I know. I have to face it on different lines and different fronts. You don’t have to do that, Just think about your own country. For French people have to think about France, you people have to think about this country. And then go ahead with it. You can chalk out a good programme and work it out properly. I am sure, by God’s grace, everything will work out. Because when are we going to do it now? I’m going away, as I told you, to India, and I don’t know when will I be back. You wanted to arrange my programme in England, but I think I cannot do it, because I have to go round to all the places, Europe and all that, finish that.

You’d better do that touring. When I was not here, what touring did you do ? Nothing. You could have toured. Now at least, these three months, when we are having a nice summer time, I’ll be travelling all over Europe, everywhere. You please see that you go round England. Visit different places, arrange programmes, talk to people, find out who are the big Johnnies there. The mayors, this, that, go and talk to them, tell them about this. That is how new programming should be done and a new dimension should be given to our Sahaja Yoga propaganda. You have done no propaganda in the right sense, in the sense that you were not so much sure about it, that we’ll work out. But now we will, because people are rightly, there is an atmosphere against Christ. So we have to fight and that is how we should become the people who are fighting for Christ.

Now there could be areas where you can talk of integration, of talking about how we do not know much about Christ. That we have to go to other books to find out who He was. Why did He come on this earth? We have to go much deeper. We have to prove that there is Divine power. And you have seen how Divine power works. What wonders there are. You take my photographs. Show them: “These are the photographs, can you explain these things? That in the hand you see the sun? Show us in Mrs. Thatcher’s hand, even a star won’t twinkle.” These things are to be seen in the right perspective and at the right time. We must do whatever is right at that point. That is the way Sahaja Yoga is. Hit the point when it is to be hitten! If you cannot do that way you cannot achieve it. So this is the right time for you, there are now 3 months ahead of you, I would like you to see what you can do, because now the sun will be coming out, you will have a nice summer. Go ahead. But now just do not fix all your holidays during these three months going to some beach somewhere.

Sahaja Yogis have no time. They are busy people. They have no time to waste. We are on a warpath, we have no time to quarrel among ourselves, fight. We have to fight very great enemies. We have no time to waste on our families and our children and our relations and father, mother, sister, brother. We are on a warpath. Very important it is. So let us now prepare ourselves. As Christ stood out of that grave, let us get out of this grave of lethargy, of compromising, of comfort, of our past ideas about life’s pleasures. This is the new era that has to show it’s manifestation in this country. It is very important, and you all can do it.

You have to be very brave, you have to be sensible, wise, kind and also forthright. But you have to say what you have to say. Because it has to be said. And this is the only thing to be said, nothing else is important. Whatever these people talk about has no meaning. They are not mantras. Some of them are anti-God, some may not be, but they are useless, wasteful, garbages I should say. Why they are given so much importance and not the real thing that is there.

You understand that this is the reality that has come into you people. Actually you have ‘felt’ the reality. Actually you know the reality, you ‘are in the reality. Then why not talk about it. Why should we not? Is it not the most important thing that we have to do? If you realise it, I am sure it will work out.

With all my blessings, with all my love, I really ‘command you to do that now.

May God bless you.

Today, on this day you all should vow, vow that we are on the warpath and we are going to find out ways and methods for doing these things during these three months. We are going to work it out. Just vow. Just ask for wisdoms and the spiritual power, that’s all. And promise it to Christ that as You did, we are going to do.

May God bless you