The mystery of seeking the Spirit

Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

1985-04-19 The Mystery Of Seeking The Spirit, Birmingham England DP-RAW, 47'
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Public Program. Birmingham (UK), 19 April 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I’ve been many a times in Birmingham before and today I find there are so many people whom I know very well, and gradually we are all increasing in size, understanding our Spirit.

Now, the seeking of the Spirit is not a new thing. It’s a very ancient pursuit of human beings. They have been seeking the Spirit and many a times many prophets, many great incarnations came on this Earth to help the people in their pursuit. The seeking of the Spirit is a inner urge, a very compelling urge within ourselves. But we don’t know what we have to seek; we don’t know what it means to be twice born.

I come from India and suddenly I feel I belong to Britain. I’ve become British and I feel the shock that we are all facing. Where are we going? The other day I saw some program about cocaine smuggling in England and I was shocked. All self-destructive things sometimes can be misunderstood as Spirit seeking. One can misunderstand. But they lead us nowhere – is a fact. Then why do we do it? We do it – I know that we do it only because we are seeking the Spirit. It’s very misleading, though. We seek the Spirit in wrong things. This urge we think will be fulfilled by wrong things, by doing wrong to ourselves, by harming ourselves, by torturing ourselves.

We get bored. Why? Why do we get bored of life? Life should be bubbling with joy. Because we think life is worth nothing, we have to seek. And what do we seek there? It’s a amazing thing how many seekers are born in the West – so many seekers! Even I talk to little children and I am surprised that there is seeking within them. They are seeking something and they don’t understand the mystery of seeking. They don’t even understand what they are seeking, but they think there’s something wrong. They feel frustrated, angered, and they feel that life has not given them what they wanted. They’re bored stiff; they don’t know what to do so they take to vandalism, some sort of a sensation. They try to destroy others or themselves.

So the human mind today is at a different level, we must understand, especially in the West. Of course East has its own problems, but it has traditional understanding about seeking and it understands what to seek. But in the West such intense seekers are there and they don’t know what to seek, what to achieve, what is Spirit. It’s a big problem. But today one has to realize that the category of people that are born in these modern times are very different from the people who were born about say, I would say fifty years back. They had political ambitions, economic ambitions; they wanted to achieve political freedom, power. That generation is practically over now. They have realized that in this power game they’re not going to gain anything. It’s a subject finished now for them; it’s something absurd. They find the whole thing is a joke – same with the economic problem. Like there was once upon a time a gold rush. So everybody rushed to find the gold. Today if anybody wants to do that, people will think, “Are you mad? Must be joking.”

So the category of people today are of a different level, we must be aware of that. We must understand that the category is very different which perhaps media people don’t understand so much. I don’t think they have any idea as to what is the level of awareness of human beings today in the West. They are still of that old school which was busy fighting elections or strikes and this and that – all nonsensical things. But the people who are aware are many, many more than yet what we know of, that they are seeking something very different that their fathers and forefathers did not seek, because the times are such. Today, it’s a special time – special time where many people have to get their Spirit. But then again we are misled because people who are trying to exploit this have found a good market, and they come down to find out how they can market their goods in this new awareness of people.

We get enamored because we are still not fully conscious or knowledgeable about what to expect in your spiritual pursuit. And that’s how they come and befool us. We have cults and we have sects, but one must understand that as you have grown through amoeba in your evolutionary process, gradually, from that to this level, the awareness has to also grow the same way, in a traditional way. It cannot be somebody like Freud coming up and saying something new, that we accept. Suddenly, how can we deviate from all those who talked of something very different from what Freud has been talking? Because it’s a mind which is of course very aware, but also it is what we call very right-sided mind, as is described in the Gita they are called as the people who are rajasikas, the people who are in action. They live with the power of action.

So the people who live with the power of their action live with their egos, and ego likes something new, some sort of a new stuff comes in they think, “Oh, why not do that? Try this, try that.” It’s like a horse which wants to go into every new direction and fails. It’s a very venturesome horse, I think, and that’s how something new somebody says, everybody jumps to it. We are not new ourselves, we are ancient. And when we take to some new idea suddenly we find after some time that we have to recoil back, because these are all mental projections and that’s how in every religion there have been sects formed. Because, say Catholicism – Martin Luther who was himself a realized soul saw that Pope was doing all kinds of wrong things, so he started a new sect. But it’s a mental projection still, I would say, though he was a realized soul. Then out of that came out I don’t know how many churches. So now we have one Unification Church which turned out to be another horrible stuff, then we have Unity Church where they unite all these sects – is all projections, all branches of that mental movement. But the essence is lost. In the first case it was lost, and it was completely forgotten in the last case.

So that’s how the sects were born. Now we find Pentecostals. The other day I was reading the harm it has done to people. We have all kinds of faiths – Seventh Day Adventists. What does it matter what was the seventh day, the Sabbath? Supposing you have your Sabbath day, say, on the seventh day, will you become righteous? Will you become virtuous? Will you become your Spirit? By changing a particular type of ideology or thought, will you be transformed, will you become great, will you become a super human being? No. Then what? You think that by going from one sect to another sect you’ll achieve something great, you will just form different social orders, that’s all.

Then you have anti-culture, another sect formed as a reaction. That also is another problem. All these venturesome ideas of this horse takes you from places to places, and you think, “Why whenever we try to do something why we are committing the mistake?” Because we have forgotten the fundamental, and the fundamental is very simple, that you have to seek your Spirit, and when you seek your Spirit it is a spontaneous happening, it’s a living process in your evolutionary process by which you become the Spirit. By mental projection you cannot.

Then the people who took advantage of the situation that there are so many seekers on this Earth, they started all kinds of cults, also. I’ve been talking against them since 1970 that “Don’t go to these cults. These are another ego-pampering stuffs.” Suddenly they start a new idea – it appeals to you. Suddenly someone says that “No, by leading this kind of a life you’ll achieve God.” You accept it. Why not find out? Since ages people have been writing about the spiritual life. What does that mean? How to achieve it? Why do you take to anyone who just says that “This is so, this is so”? Because perhaps they have a nice circus or a publicity. There must be something that is so attractive that people take to it. Or maybe it is some sort of a ego-pampering that you want to join these cults and get destroyed.

There cannot be a cult for your assent. What cults did you follow to become human beings? The nature itself works it out. It is a spontaneous happening. But for a person who lives only with mental projections, morning till evening you see television or listen to radio, it’s nothing but mental projection all the time, you see, hovering on your head. You cannot think that there is something beyond that mental projection which is the reality.

So you find reality horrifying, absolutely horrifying. You have to pay the tax; you have to pay the rates; you have to pay this. You have to be like this; you have to be dressed up like this; you have to have clothes like this. All kinds of pressures on your head. So now what to do? How to get out of this? This is reality for people.

So then we accept the drugs and the alcohols and things because we want to get out of it. That gives definitely a sensation, hallucination; but reality in itself is so beautiful, is so surmounting all this, that we have to honestly understand that if it is reality, it cannot be hallucination. It cannot. You cannot pay for it. You cannot follow somebody who says something against the tradition of evolution. It has to be fundamental, what it has been and will be. It has to be something that is integrating everything, integrating all the religions, integrating all the religious leaders, all the great prophets and all the great incarnations, otherwise it cannot be reality because reality has to be one. It should unite everything. It cannot create a separate identity on mental level. It may create on a spiritual level, maybe, that people who get Realization, who have got Self Realization, maybe the people form a more coordinated concord among themselves, but they’re all the time worried about the other people who are not yet in there – not for money, not for lust, not for greed, but only because they want to share the joy of reality.

This has to be first of all understood by all those who are seeking that reality cannot be a mental projection, neither can it be a emotional projection which we can manage ourselves. One moment we are in love, another moment we are walking to the divorce cases. Why? If there was some truth in that kind of a love, why? It is something beyond, which is eternal, which doesn’t change, which overflows, is promised. What about that? Why not seek that?

Then you turn your eyes to find out where it is described. Vedas were written thousand of years back and every Veda, whichever you read, the Upanishads as they are called as the people where they have described about human beings have talked that you have to worry about your Spirit, it’s the Spirit that is important. Then you have other people, in India we had fourteen thousand years back some great poets. All of them have said the same. Then we have people in other countries like Abraham, like Moses, we have Confucius, Lao Tse. We have Krishna, Rama. All of them have said one thing, and one thing that, “You seek your Spirit.”

If so, then how? We should again look back. It is described how to seek it. It is described in Gita, but much before that it is described in the Vedas very clearly about the Kundalini and the seven chakras. Nobody says in any book that when the Kundalini awakens you become mad or you start jumping like a frog.

Recently I went to Pune, and there I was surprised that the Brahmins of Pune, who are supposed to be very learned people, were all suffering from high blood pressure, from kidney troubles, from insanity. I mean name any disease, they had it. I said, “Why are they suffering like this?” So, there was one fellow called Guru [unsure] Maharaj who really came as the killer of all these Brahmins, I think, that they followed him. And their main person came to discuss with Me about his religion, so-called.

And he started asking Me, “Do you know about “terno pai, erno pai”

I said, “What is that? I’ve never heard. Where is it described?”

‘Oh, You have never heard about it?”

I said, “No.”

“Do You know about shaktipath?”

I said, “I’ve never heard about this. From where does it come? Which book?”

“Oh, it’s from one book.”

I said, “Which book?”

“About sixty years back there was one Vishnutirth, Swami Vishnutirth who wrote this book.”

I said, “Really?”

He’s the only one. Only sixty years back this fellow comes up from somewhere, writes down something new, “erno pai, terno pai.” All the Vedas, all the Shastras are all finished. Bible is finished. Everything is finished. Only this fellow sixty years back comes up from somewhere and talks about shaktipath and you believe it. All of you, the Brahmins, the educated, the learned.

I said, “Where do you see these words in the Vedas? Show Me. Where do you see them in the Patanjali Yoga Shastra? Show Me. Is it written anywhere? “

He said, “We haven’t read them.”

I said, “What did you read?”

“This Vishnutirtha’s book.”

I said, “You are supposed to be learned people in Sanskit. You read only this Vishnutirth who came only sixty years back?”

How can it be? And all of them are so sick you won’t believe it, and in My presence when they came they were in a very bad shape, absolutely in a very bad shape as if they had taken cocaine or something worse than that. Eyes were going up, their hands were moving like this, all kinds of things.

And I told them, “Please forgive Me. Go to Vishnutirth or to his disciple, this [Gumani, Gurumani, or Gulumani ???] Maharaj.”

And the only thing they did was not to eat this, not to eat that, not to have relationship with your wife, become like a dry bean, live on a shoe string and then you become godly, is it? It’s very simple. In India so many are like that already.

Use your brains! They are very brainy people.

I said, “How could this man dominate you?”

So they came out with very intelligent answer that “In the Vedas, you see, when we followed the Vedas and what did we get?”

“All right.” I said, “You didn’t get anything. But there’s something promised in the Vedas, in the ancient books, that in Kali Yuga, at these modern times, you will get your Realization. Why didn’t you go for that?”

But this fellow says that through erno pai, karuno pai – God knows all kinds of nonsensical words, it has no meaning at all in Sanskrit language – that you will get your Realization. All right, anybody says so, must you join him? You should have asked, “How do you get these words? From where did you find them?”

You should have asked Mr. Freud, “From where do you get your knowledge?” He, himself, was a drug addict. He, himself, was a horrible man. He had bad relations with his mother. He had a cancer, and he becomes your guru instead of Christ? Suddenly, and you accept him.

Those people who deal on mental level cannot talk of God. They cannot understand God. God can be only understood through your Spirit. Like your theologians here – theologians – what do they understand about Christ? They haven’t got power to talk about Christ. Just because they are elected, they are just paid servants of the people to look after the churches, that’s all. They don’t deserve to be saints. Why are they so important? At least in India nobody treats them as something great. They are just priests, finished.

You have to be a saint to understand God. You have to be a realized soul to understand His miracles. You cannot just become a theologian in a theology school or somewhere and start talking about God. It’s blasphemous the way these people talk about God and Christ. I don’t know how you tolerate it. In India they would have been stoned and finished long time back. They don’t know what God is, how can they know about Christ? It has been on and on from this Augustine time and this Paul also another horrid fellow. I don’t know how they call him as Christian, from where he becomes Christian. And that now they are not following Christ, they are following Paul.

Theologians, intellectuals cannot understand God. He’s beyond your limited intellect; He’s an unlimited personality. You have to jump into that. With your limited knowledge you can play your horses of your politics, not of God. Such arrogance, such ego! You are challenging the wrath of God on your countries when you go about like this.

Please humble down yourself and understand that God is beyond your petty intellect. First become your Spirit. You have to become your Spirit. By reading if you understand God, then he’s not God. It’s clearly said “Atmanave Atmana Tattwa”. You see, through the Spirit you will know God. Christ has said it so clearly to Nicodemas that “You are to be born of the Holy Ghost.” And Who is the Holy Ghost? These people who go to theological colleges, are they Holy Ghosts or what are they? They are nothing but ghosts of intellect.

Beware of them. This is another very subtle attack on reality. And they all will have to suffer for it, they must understand. You, those who are seeking, should seek your Spirit and should understand that you are invited in the Kingdom of God. The time has come; this is the judgment time. This is the judgment and you can see it so clearly.

So there is attack on the seekers. One, from ignorance because they don’t know what to seek, how to seek, what to expect; and there is attack also from outside because they think you are ignorant, because they think they know more than what you know. They don’t know anything about Christ, believe Me – Who He was, why He came on this Earth, and how He plays His role so perfectly within ourselves.

I would request you all to receive your Realization first. There’s no argument about it; there’s no discussion about it. Even if you try to argue it out – I may be able to answer you, but that won’t give you your Realization, your Kundalini has to rise. Humble down in your heart.

I went to a village where about three thousand people came from all hills of Himalayas, very simple people. And they were waiting for this.

I asked them, “How is it you were waiting?”

“Oh, it is said. It’s said it, that Devi Jagaran will be there in modern times. We were waiting for You to come, Mother. Devi Jagaran is the awakening of the Goddess, of the Kundalini.

The villages know about it. On the foothill of Himalayas they are waiting. In one day I got three thousand people realized. In this Birmingham, how many people there are today who are new, who have come to receive their Realization? Very few. But theologians get all these lectures. They like to play with their mental projections.

But beware, time is very short. Better get your Realization. Become the Spirit and then you will know that God is not intellect, It is love. And love which is not limited – unlimited love which is the most powerful thing in this universe which you can become aware of and you can become empowered with that great, unlimited love which just flows, acts, coordinates, thinks, plans, works out everything. This All-Pervading Power about which you have heard, you have to know That and get It. You can’t pay for It. You can’t organize It. It has to work out like a living process within you.

May God bless you.

I would like to know if you have any questions. [Shri Mataji says aside, “Ice, I don’t take ice. It is very cold water.]

Come along, come forward. There are lots of seats here. Who are sitting at the back, come along. Sit at here.

Can you hear Me? Is it all right? Have you any questions? Come along, this side. There’s room this side. Don’t sit on the ground. There’s room here this side. Any questions?

Question: A man asks if it helps to be a vegetarian.

Shri Mataji: No, no. It has nothing to do with vegetarianism or not. Christ was not a vegetarian. It’s all absurdity. Of course you have to eat whatever suits you. I would say that – whatever suits you. This vegetarianism is a fad. It’s just a fad. To believe that by eating some food you’ll go to God is a wrong idea. But, of course, alcohol goes against your awareness, you know that. But I don’t say, “Don’t take alcohol.” You will just not take it, that’s all, because you get the alcohol of God within you and then you don’t want to take it. That’s a different point. But I won’t say just now that “Don’t take it.”

But food has to be seen whatever’s suitable for your body. I would say that Indians should take to meat. It would be better. And the Western people should take to vegetables, it would be better for them, just to balance.

Question: How do you become your Spirit?

Shri Mataji: That’s a very good question. That’s the question is – I’m saying it is a spontaneous happening and that within us is placed, if you see here in the triangular bone, is the power of Holy Ghost within us, which we call in Sanskit language as Kundalini. In Koran, it is called as ‘asas’ [base, foundation]. In every scripture it is described. And this Kundalini has to rise, this power which is the desire power, which is the pure desire power, because all other desires are not pure. If they were pure, then you would have been satisfied. But you’re not satisfied.

So this pure desire is the desire to become one with the Spirit. And this is within you, this force is within you dormantly placed in the triangular bone called as sacrum. That means the Greeks also knew the word sacrum means “sacred.” And this power has to rise within you, and there are subtle centers above it, six centers above and one center below through which it pierces and you feel the Holy Ghost, which is described by Christ and you feel the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your fontanel bone area which is the real baptism. And as a result of that you start feeling your Spirit in your consciousness, means in your central nervous system. You, yourself, feel it.

That’s how you become the Spirit. That’s the only way it is sprouted. It’s a living process like if you want to sprout a seed, you have to embed it into this Mother Earth and spontaneously with the power what Mother Earth has, it sprouts. In the same way it happens, and that’s how I have to work it out. But later on when you get it and you become established, you can do it yourself to others. Like one enlightened light can enlighten another light. But the first light has to be enlightened.

For that you can get some books from here, but once you start reading books also I find you become more bookish, so it’s better to postpone the reading for some time. Better get your Realization first. Like I would say that when you want to put lights on you say, “All right, switch on.” It’s all built in there; it’s all done. Only thing you have to switch on. And the whole thing becomes enlightened. But I could first of all tell you all the details about the history of electricity, then all the organization that has worked it out – would be a headache. Better have your light first.

And then you’ll know all about it. And this is not I’m saying that is today. Has been said for thousands of years. That is how we become the Spirit. Christ didn’t tell us lies when He said that “You are to be born of the Holy Ghost.”

He never said that any priest can put his hand on your head and say, “Now you are a Christian.” Did He say so? He did not. That’s all artificial. That’s why children cry such a lot when they’re baptized, I think. Like William Blake* has said that “A priest cursed me on my head.”

Any other question, please?

Now we have to work it out. It’s very simple and it will work out in no time. It works out. It will happen to you in no time but the problem is, it’s a new experience and people actually think that when you get an experience you must jump or you should become like a mad person. I don’t know what things are expected.

You become empowered, and unless and until you use this power how will you know you’re empowered or not? So to establish that power you take some time. Once you have established that power then you can see yourself how you are blessed, that how this power is flowing through you of God’s compassion, that how you are blessed in every way and how you, yourself, become the source of joy – to yourself and to others. How you jump into a new awareness of collective consciousness by which you can feel the problems of others and your own problems, how you can cure your problems and cure the problems of others. For this you have to have patience with yourself for a little while and once you’re established you will see that you, yourself, become your own master, your own guru.

So to achieve it, we have to do few things is to understand that we have to have, first of all, desire. You and your freedom cannot be challenged. So you have to have intense desire to be the Spirit. If you have that desire in your heart, it works much faster.

To express that symbolically we put the left hand like this which represents the power of desire and the right hand is the power of action. We have to take out our shoes because the Mother Earth helps us a lot. We have to take out our shoes to take some help from Mother Earth. Thank God here it’s not concrete, slightly better than that.

To put both the feet on the Mother Earth in a parallel manner, and be comfortable – you have to be comfortable. Now supposing somebody is feeling uncomfortable because of something that’s tight on the neck or on the waist, please loosen it a little bit if you find that. But if you’re comfortable, it’s all right. Or somebody has got a coat which is making one uncomfortable, you can take it out.

Attention should not be distracted towards some discomfort to the body. That is important. Secondly, if you can take out your spectacles will be better because here you don’t have to see anything, you have to keep your eyes shut.

So please put both your feet on the Mother Earth, your left hand towards Me like this, with the desire in the mind that we have to be the Spirit. We are not yet complete till we become the Spirit; we are not complete to understand God Who is absolutely complete.

Now the right hand is to be used for the action. That is on the different centers we have certain problems. In a village I don’t have to do all this. You’ll be surprised, it’s just like this, (Shri Mataji clicks Her fingers) just like that. I don’t have to do anything whatsoever. But we are little complicated so doesn’t’ matter. We have to remove our own hurdles by putting our hands into different things. [Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi] Please put your shoes at the back. Now, you have to keep your eyes shut, but before that I’ll tell you the different centers we’ll try to clear out. One is on the heart because heart reflects the Spirit. So that’s why one.

Then secondly we’ll have to put our hand on the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side. The whole thing we are working out on the left hand side because here resides the center that governs the mastery. Then below that is the center that governs the true knowledge, the pure knowledge.

Then here is the center on the left hand side which is very important, because this is the center where when we feel guilty, condemn ourselves, try to show that we are sinners, we are good for nothing, a blocket is built up. And that blocket is very common in the Western people, surprisingly. Whatever you may say there is ego, this blocket of feeling guilty is too much. They all the time feel guilty for everything that is nonsensical, or maybe little sensible also, but mostly nonsensical. So a blocket is built. That’s how you develop this angina troubles and you develop other troubles like spondylitis and all that. So this is a very important point.

At the very outset you must know that you are not guilty of anything, and God’s power of forgiveness is so great that He can wash up whatever wrong you have done. He’s quite capable. So don’t try to condemn yourself. Know that you are the temple of God and the Light has to come within you. That’s all.

So the hand has to be here, push back when I tell you. Then the hand goes here – is the center here is very important of Christ which is in the center of optic chiasma. The center of Christ is there where you have to forgive others. At the back is the center where you have to ask for forgiveness, just to get over your guilt. And then you have to put your hand on top of the fontanel bone area which is the soft bone in your childhood. Put your palm, just please put it just on top of that. Stick out your fingers, press it hard and move it seven times clockwise when I tell you.

So this is what we have to do ultimately and then you will see that the Cool Breeze will be coming out of this fontanel bone area. You have to certify yourself and then you start feeling the All Pervading Power of God’s Love as Cool Breeze around you, on your fingertips. You have to know on your fingertips. Nobody else has to certify. You have to certify yourself.

So now first of all we close our eyes. At the very outset we have to tell ourselves that we are not guilty.

[Shri Mataji speaks aside in Hindi] These are uprooted people from India so you shouldn’t worry about them.

Please have your right hand on your heart. Keep your eyes shut. Please have your right hand on your heart. On the heart is on the left hand side above the stomach. Heart. Higher, it’s higher. Now, at this point you have to say, or you have to ask Me a question, in your heart.

“Mother am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. If you want you can call Me “Shri Mataji” or you can call Me “Mother”, whatever suits you.

“Mother am I the Spirit? Mother am I the Spirit?” Ask the question three times.

Now, put this right hand on the left hand side in the upper part of your abdomen. Please put this right hand, your fingers, press them in, on the left hand side, in the upper part of your abdomen, that is stomach. Now , this is the center of the mastery. Keep your eyes shut. Now as you are the Spirit, you are your own guide.

So now ask the second question, “Mother, am I my own master?” Three times. “Mother, am I my own guide?” “Mother, am I my own guru?” Ask a question within yourselves. Three times.

After asking this question please don’t open your eyes, and put your right hand – left hand to be all the time towards Me and the right hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side. Please put your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen, your stomach, on the left side, on the left side. Press it hard.

Now this is the center of our true knowledge. As I told you, you are free, I cannot force things upon you. So please, you have to ask for it. The true knowledge of Divine Power, how it works, here you have to ask six times, “Mother, please may I have the true knowledge, the true technique? May I have the pure knowledge?” Ask the question six times, please.

Keep your eyes shut, please. Don’t open your eyes. Ask this question with full confidence, please. Keep your eyes shut, please, all of you.

Now, with your asking the Kundalini starts getting alert. The Power of Desire wants to ascend. So you have to make proper seats or arrangements for the Kundalini’s rise. So what do you do is to put your hand now on the upper center that is placed on the left hand side of your abdomen, in the upper part. Now, in the upper part of your stomach, on the left hand side you place your fingers. Now press them.

Now here you have to say with full confidence, that the Kundalini wants to rise but you show your full confidence by saying ten times, because this center has got ten petals, ten times. “Mother, I am my master. Mother, I am my guide. Mother, I am my own guru.” Please say it with full confidence.

This is the place is created by all the great masters, satgurus as they are called, within us. They have to be awakened by this confidence that you say. Ah. Ten times, please.

[Shri Mataji rubs Her hands together and blows on Her palms]

Now raise your right hand on to your heart. On the left hand side it is. Please raise your right hand on to your heart. Now here, with full confidence again in yourself, you have to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Twelve times. “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Twelve times. “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Twelve times. Because you are, but have confidence. Don’t feel guilty.

As I told you, God is the Ocean of Love. He’s the Ocean of Compassion, but above all He’s the Ocean of Forgiveness. With full confidence, please say, “Mother I am the Spirit” twelve times.

Now, with full confidence again, put your hand on your neck on the left hand side from the front, from the front. Don’t take it backwards because is easier from the front. And push it towards the back. Hold it tight, hold it tight. Here is the problem where you have to know that you are not guilty at all. Here with full confidence please say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Please say it sixteen times with full confidence in Me, yourself. You’re not guilty at all. Believe Me, you’re not guilty of anything – is all conditionings and all kinds of things, the norms that people have created, is all their mental projections. You’re not guilty at all. Believe Me. But if you still think you are guilty, you better have punishment of saying it hundred and eight times.

You have to be pleasantly placed because you have to enter into the Kingdom of God. You have to be pleasant about it. Not to be disgusted. Now, sixteen times please say, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Believe Me you are not guilty.

From your heart please say, “I am not guilty.” Believe Me. Believe Me.

Now, now raise your hand to your forehead across and press it on both the sides as we do when we have headaches. Now here you have to say from your heart, from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” But this is from your heart. How many times is not the point.

Now some people say that’s difficult to forgive. But it is again a mental idea that we forgive someone, or we don’t forgive someone. Actually, we don’t do anything. But when we don’t forgive, then we play into the hands of people who want to do us harm.

So put your hand on top of your forehead across, forehead across and say, “Mother, I forgive everyone” from your heart. Please say it. You wanted to have your Realization, isn’t it? Please, go ahead with it. Otherwise then you’ll say “We didn’t feel it.” Come along. As you asked the question, please go ahead. Everybody’s doing it. What’s so special about you? Just do it. Otherwise you’ll say, “We didn’t get Realization.” Then I’m not responsible. You are here to get your Realization. Be sensible. What are you going to lose?

If you are seekers, please do it. [Shri Mataji rubs Her hands together] It’s not proper that you should watch others. It’s not civil.

Now put your hand on top of your head. Here – we have missed one center because I don’t think you need to do that one where you have to ask for forgiveness – but just put your hand on top of your head and press it hard on the fontanel bone area and move it in a clockwise manner. Here now, again, I cannot cross your freedom, so you have to say, “Mother, please give me my Realization.” Seven times. “Please give me my Realization, I want it.” I cannot force it.

Place your hand on top of your head, top of your head, on the top, and press it hard, and move it. Now, seven times. Now, bring down your hand, please. Slowly open your eyes. Slowly open your eyes. Now see, there are no thoughts in the mind. Just see for yourself. Watch Me without any thought. Just watch Me.

Put your left hand on top of your head. Left hand. And right hand towards Me, and see if there’s a Cool Breeze coming in. Just move it up and down. It’s very subtle. Here, here. Here, the fontanel bone is here. All right? It’s very subtle.

Now, change your hand. Put your left hand towards Me. See with the right hand. [Shri Mataji blows into the microphone]

Now change, see it with the other hand. Carefully. Without thinking. [Shri Mataji blows into the microphone] Feeling it? There’s a little breeze coming out. Are you? Little bit here in front.

Now, those who are feeling the Cool Breeze, raise both the hands. Let Me see. Those who have not felt, should not. You should be honest about it. All right.

Now, all of you raise your hands and ask a question, “Is this the Breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask a question three times. “Is this the Breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Now, put your hands like this. See if It is coming in your hands also. It’s a very subtle thing. It’s very subtle. Now, put down your hands and see are you feeling It in your hands, some sort of a cool breeze. If you are not feeling, doesn’t matter. We’ll work it out. Doesn’t matter. Don’t get upset. All right?

Now those who have come for the first time, please raise your hands because people will come and see you if you are feeling the cool. First time. Please raise your hands. Are you feeling the Cool Breeze. No? You are? All right. Now those who have come for the first time, please raise your hands because people would like to see you. All right. Just see. Now, we have here people who have got Realization, who are established people and they would like to see if your chakras are all right because they’ll just feel your Cool Breeze.

Now the thing is, this is what, exactly what happened to Christ’s disciples. When they felt the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, they started using their hands because the chakras and all that, they could feel raising of the Kundalini and they started talking in the terms of the centers. So people thought they were mad. Because this is a new language, a new subject for them. So people thought they were mad. Exactly the same way you will also feel everything on your fingertips.

Now, don’t think about it. Again, I would request you to raise your both the hands those who have come for the first time so others could come and feel it, if there is a Cool Breeze coming out of your head or not. If it is not coming, doesn’t matter. All of you who have come for the first time, who have come for the first time, please raise your hands. Is important because they will all take over.

Come along. Forward. You have? You have come for the first time? All right. You’ve come before? All right. Doesn’t matter. You raise your hand. Raise your hand. Also, those who have not felt the Cool Breeze, raise your hands. All right.

Can you have a look now? Some of you should go and see. Now the lady who asked Me a question, Adita can you see her? She didn’t do anything and she had neighbors who didn’t do anything at all. So just see if she’s felt the Cool Breeze. She has felt it. This lady has come for the second time, she said. Just see her, Danny. Liver. Liver. Let her put her right hand, left hand on the liver.

Now don’t think about it. You cannot think about it. You try to remain in thoughtless awareness. [Shri Mataji says aside ” May God bless you.”] Just see this gentleman who came for the first time, this gentleman. Yes. See him, if he’s felt the Cool Breeze on his head. Now I have to request you one thing – that, though you have felt it, you have to establish it. Now don’t waste your Realization. See these people, all of them, they have got their Realization, they’re helping people, that’s how we have to save this world. And now you will know that what’s the meaning of your life, why are you here, what’s the purpose.

Did this gentleman come? You felt it? Still see him. They have got? He’s got it, you can see so clearly. Eyes start sparkling. Hah. Is it better? It’s better now. You think too much. Don’t you? All right. For that what is to be done she’ll tell you. It’s very simple to get rid of it. [Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi and Hindi]

Just see. Kalab [not sure how to spell this name], just see him.

There are some new people here? Are there? Some Sahaj Yogis should come and see this side. Have you come for the first time? No. No. You are Sahaj Yogis. Just see here. Some Sahaj Yogis should come and see there. Come along. Um. Better? Better. Don’t think. Just don’t think for awhile. Ah. Is he all right? Ask him to keep his eyes open. More on the left. More on the left. Right to the left you should put it. Right to the left. Yah. Better. These two ladies here. All right? Good. How many beautiful people there are in this world, just see. You have to just find them. Hah. It’s better with that, very beautiful, isn’t it? That’s the fact. That’s the fact. They are beautiful. Ah. Better. Flowing better. [Shri Mataji talks in Marathi and Hindi] All right? It’s good. [more Hindi]

Down below, little. Pat, there’s a gentleman in front of you here. Just see what about him. One ahead. Here. No, in there all right. Yes, this gentleman. Just find out about him. Yes, please find out. Next to that one.

Did you feel the Cool Breeze? Beg pardon? What did he say? He didn’t feel it? Should feel it. What do you say? It’s all right. Next to that one also. He’s got it. He’s got it. Keep your eyes open, please. Just watch Me without thinking. Just watch Me without thinking. Hah. Better. [Shri Mataji laughs] Don’t think. Don’t think. With thinking you cannot be there. This is the first mantra, first chanting, “Don’t think, don’t think.” By thinking we reach nowhere. [Shri Mataji laughs again] It’s maddening, I tell you.

The lady who asked the question, how is she? She’s what? Hah. Good? That’s very good, Ian.

Those who have come today and are not yet attended to, please raise your hands. Anyone. Hah. Great. You’ll knock down ten years at least. Ten years younger, minimum. I am sixty-three years of age, Myself. I might be the oldest among all of you. Good? It has nothing to do with age or anything. Good, he’s got it, you can see.

These ladies also, they have got it. All right? Good. Thank you very much, all of you. May God bless you.

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