Seminar, Mahamaya Shakti, Evening, Improvement of Mooladhara University of Birmingham, Birmingham (England)

Mahamaya Shakti. Birmingham Seminar (UK), 20 April 1985. Part 2

Shri Mataji: Please be seated.Is it all right this one?Are you recording alright?Sahaja Yogi: Yes MotherSo this is how Mahamaya plays They had planned everything. They had all the arrangements made and the sari was missing. All right. So they came and told Me that the sari’s missing, so now what to do? You can’t have puja without the sari, according to them. So I said, […]

Seminar, Mahamaya Shakti, Morning University of Birmingham, Birmingham (England)

Mahamaya Shakti. Seminar in Birmingham (UK), 20 April 1985.
I knew English were the most intelligent people, but I must say they have also very sharp and pure intelligence to get to the right point.
It is said that at Sahasrara the Goddess incarnates as Mahamaya. Because the job She has to do is of a very different nature. At the heart chakra, Anahata, She has to just defend, just defend the seekers from the clutches of the evil forces which are also not so subtle. […]