Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Why We Are Not Growing? (Evening)

Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)


1985-04-23 Talk To French Sahaja Yogis in Le Raincy ashram, Paris, France.

Talk 1
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Shri Mataji: So we’ll call her Gauri, all right? Gauri.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s a boy’s Mother.
Shri Mataji: It’s a boy?
Oh, it’s a boy! Boy, what happened! So we can have the Gauri Kumar. It’s a name of Ganesha. Son of Gauri Kumar. He’s smiling. Acha, he looks like a boy, I was thinking-
Gauri Kumar. All right.
Sahaja Yogi: [In French: please move that everyone can come in and see Shri Mataji]
Sahaja Yogi: I brought your shawl.
Shri Mataji: Yes, thank you

Shri Mataji: Now, we have many Sahaja Yogis here who have been also married in France, and there will be more coming down to be with you all, to strengthen the centre in Paris and other places. I feel that this year has not been very good for Sahaja Yogis, and there has not been much growth as it should have been. I don’t know why but it is always to be understood that when Sahaja Yoga does not expand there’s some sort of a negativity in the Sahaja Yogis, because all the nature, everything works out for you. As soon as you change, the whole atmosphere changes and you get a big response from outside.

I’ll give you an example of England now. In England we had one girl- lady, as you know , Gavin’s wife, who was very negative. And since she’s gone away, England has taken such a big stride, you’ll be amazed, they are very different people altogether. This time I saw them in Birmingham, I was amazed at their collectivity, their responsibility, their understanding of Sahaja Yoga. It’s amazing, absolutely amazing. And that’s what I feel, if there is negativity within us, then the things do not work out. So the first thing is to get the blessing and the grace of your Mother. And that is important because you must learn to surrender and to progress in your ascent.
Shri Mataji : Can you say this.
Sahaja Yogi: Marie tu peux traduire? [Marie, can you translate?]
Shri Mataji: You all understand English?
Sahaja Yogi: No Mother, we don’t know.
[Sahaja Yogini, Marie, comes to translate]
Shri Mataji: I said that this year has been rather disappointing.
Marie: Mother, it’s all right. [Problems with the mike]

Shri Mataji: So you have to discipline yourself, first of all, in Sahaja Yoga. That is, you must get up in the morning, meditate in the morning time, pay full attention to your Sahaja Yoga thinking that you relate every thing to Sahaja Yoga. You should not be complaisant, only worried about your comforts and your food, but more worried about your meditation.

One case as I told you about Jane- you tell them [to Marie]- that one person who was negative harmed the whole of UK.
So, another thing is that you must understand, those people who do not have jobs, do not get the discipline of doing the job. This is one of curses in the West that you can live without job. It’s a curse because you have lost the discipline. You should never give up a job, if you have, at any cost. You must be in a job, must be doing something, or the dynamism goes away. You must have a regular habit because you have already been ruined.

Now in England, I gave a nice lecture about children also. Now if some women have children they have a habit of using that as a pretext not to mix with others. They just take the child inside, sit inside, don’t mix up with other people, just become un-collective. And they think that’s only what their job is.

Now so in England, supposing or here, if you have your own house, if you have a little baby, still you have to sweep and chop and cook and shop and do all, all the things alone. You cannot just sit in the room saying: “But this is my child. I’m looking after the child.” And this lecture that I gave here, I hope you get the tape to listen to, that too much cuddling of the child, all the time caring of the child, just saying: “This is my child,” is an absurd thing, because that’s how the children hate the parents here, cause they get bored with their parents.

In England we had an experience as there’s one child born in Chelsham Road, and the people spoilt him completely so much so that he became like a mad man, actually like a very criminal ideas. So we have to understand that we are Sahaja Yogis and we must have discrimination, our Hamsa must be good. And to get the Hamsa right, you know that you have to put ghee in your nose every day! There should be a regular schedule, regular programming in an ashram, and they should work out that, and you must listen to somebody who tells you what is to be done. I mean, to produce a child is nothing great, what is so great? And that should not be an excuse for a man or a woman to get out of the collectivity and try to build up their own style. So the children themselves will be spoilt and you will lose your vibrations. So the blessings of a Realized soul will turn out to be a curse.

Now whatever I am saying today, I have to say it. I don’t like to say it, but I have to say it because the French must know why we are not growing. The child must be given to other people, to sleep with, to play with, without any reservation. Do you know, in India, it is bad manner to say: “This is my child.” And also to carry your own child in the presence of others is bad manners, better to give it to somebody else.
That looks nice, that looks better, you are more comfortable.
So that they, they understand the collectivity. The children must be told about Sahaja Yoga, they must be shown My photographs. I’ve seen some children when they see Me they don’t even recognize Me. It’s very surprising, Sahaja Yogis’ children. So that when you become disciplined, proper Sahaja Yogis, you’ll get ideas how to spread out. Now we were working today on how to establish Sahaja Yoga on a grand scale here. With Remo, I was talking what he has to do, go and see Ambo and what he has to talk to Ambo and Patrick also I’ll brief him, so that you make use of him, get some dignitaries and all that. But first of all, you should not be complaisant people, just enjoying the comfort of our house, living very happily here. That’s a wrong thing.
[Marie is translating]
Shri Mataji: Like in India meditation…
Marie: Sorry, Mother.
Shri Mataji: I’m sorry

Shri Mataji: Now, one of the impressions Indians have about French that they are very food-oriented and fussy about food. And they are very, you see, they feel hungry very fast and say: “I’m hungry”. And that they want their timings very correct for their food. But do you know, your Mother is now sixty-three years of age. And sometimes I have My food at twelve o’clock, one o’clock, two o’clock in the night, when I’ve not eaten the whole day. And sometimes I don’t have food for the whole day. And if you ask Me: “What did You eat in the morning?” I won’t be able to tell you because I just don’t know if I have eaten or not eaten. For example, this morning they asked Me: “Will You have Your breakfast?” I said: “I had My breakfast.” [Shri Mataji laughs]
They have to tell Me that: “You have to eat, Mother, now.” I never, I’ve never asked: “You bring food for Me”, have I? Today also you had to tell Me: “Mother, it’s time for You to have some lunch.”

So every country has its own speciality, and that becomes subtler when you become a Sahaja Yogi. The, apart from that, you see, we have some other speciality for French, that what was before Sahaja Yoga, but after Sahaja Yoga I’m very happy that you are committed, overcommitted. And that you have now sanity of married life and you are leading a, not a hypocritical life anymore. And that now you are not indulging into secretive, nonsensical stuff which gives you problems.
So I would suggest that to reduce the food orientation, you must fast or do something like that to reduce this orientation which is a very subtle thing in the minds of the French. They think “French cuisine” you see, and all that, goes with it. So we must get rid of this tongue, it is too much, it is putting down our attention to something very gross.

It is not immoral to think about food, but it is not sahaj. You see, I am the example for you. For example, I don’t know what is French cuisine, I don’t know anything about taste part, but I cook very well Myself and very fast.

So now what we have to have is a very concentrated effort to work on two chakras, one on the Mooladhara and another on the Nabhi. I’m coming for Guru Puja; that is for the Nabhi. And the, one of the qualities of the Nabhi is that when you become the guru, you become an ideal for others. You don’t demand anything, you sacrifice everything that is possible, you don’t get attached to anything. If you want to be a good guru, first of all you should be the example. And that is what is to be seen that you face yourself up and find for yourself where are we less in our guru mastery. That means you have to master yourself on the Nabhi chakra, you have to be your own master. But to be the master you have to listen to others, regularize yourself, go into a tapasya, is into a penance sort of things. To master yourself, you have to work it out yourself.

For this Mooladhara, there’s a very good tape and also Gavin is going to send a circular for people or he might inform you how to improve the condition of Mooladhara within us. So you see, you first fix your Mooladharas properly but Mooladhara can only come with the discipline of your mind. And that discipline of your mind can only be managed by you because you have to see your own mind how it works, how it dissuades you from the path of ascent. It could be some relationship, might be the husband, might be the wife, might be the children or might be some Sahaja Yogis forming groups. It could be anything. But whatever it is, you must stand out from it, detached, completely, and see for yourself that it is detrimental to your growth.

Now, see, yesterday we had about hundred, over, over hundred new people. Now, they had never known about Me, they had never seen Me before, they just saw the photograph and they came: why? Why this? They had not even heard My name before, some of them. But why don’t they come to your programs when you arrange? What is the difference? It’s the caliber. See, I am a tapaswini, I am a Yogini.

See, Warren was travelling with Me, he got sick, thrice he got sick. He was with Me, not even for half, half the time and he got sick four times. But he did the maximum, I would say. But everybody is in a relay race, you see, I’m the marathon.
I’m continuously doing this one. Till the month of July, I’ll be going all over Europe- America. I cook in the house, I have to change my house, I have to sell my house, I have to build then another house in India, doing all that together with Sahaja Yoga, all the time.
Only one thing, that the purest desire is in my being itself, that people should be saved. It is such an earnest desire that I don’t see the comfort, I don’t see any running away from it, neither I see food, nothing, to Me the only desire is to save as many as possible at this age.
That it’s the Primordial Kundalini Itself before you. But what about your Kundalini, the pure desire? The very vivid strand has come up which has given you only one side, a very vivid that you’ve got your Realization, that’s all. But what about the rest of it which is there, potential within you, which has to rise in you to feel absolutely, completely doing this job?

Now, when we had to fight for Independence everybody gave up their families, houses. My father went to jail twice for two, three years, and we were a family of eleven children. And we were rich, very, very rich people, but we had to live in huts and we were in jails, and troubled and tortured. And My mother went to jail five times. But nobody minded it because it was such a purpose of getting Independance. But this is a greater war where we have to get to the freedom of the soul. But what is the quality of Sahaja Yogis? They are mediocre. Even some of them are just here to take advantage of the situation, that’s all. We really need warriors: Nirmalites, we call them. Have you heard of the song they have made about Nirmalites? In, you see, now we have started to call ourselves as Nirmala Vishwa Dharma, means universal immaculate religion. So to belong to that dharma is a war of this great religion of the Spirit.

We talk of the blessings of Sahaja Yoga, how we got married, we have children, we are having a nice time, the beautiful houses we’ve got, God has been so kind. He has given us this and that. What about you? What have you given to Sahaja Yoga? It has given us bliss, it has given us this. But what about you people coming up? Only what is needed in you is nothing but the inner personality to develop. Each one of you can hold a meeting and can get the same kind of people I can get, why not? Because you must also be knowledgeable about Sahaja Yoga. Are you knowledgeable? You are just drifting in the joy of Sahaja Yoga but what about the knowledge?

[The translator does not translate “joy” but says “bliss”. Shri Mataji understands]
Shri Mataji to the translator: Not beatitude.
Marie: Bliss?
Shri Mataji: No, it’s the joy, is this “joie”.
Marie: Joy is “joie” and bliss is “béatitude” [French words].
Shri Mataji: But I said “joie” because, you see, I’m sorry, “beatitude” I know because it’s a – all right, doesn’t matter.
What I am trying to say that this [joy] is another temptation. You are capable of great ascents and great leadership. But I am surprised that still you are not aware of what you have got. You should really go on a rampage. These holidays, for example, you can take a bus, go round with a banner and all that, station yourself in a village, talk about Sahaja Yoga, hold a meeting there, arrange something, talk to people. Go on spreading it. There’s a lot of holidays. You can work it out!

Yes. They are going to do this in England.
There’s nothing to feel shy about it. You have to carry the banners and you have to sing the songs. You have to go to streets; you have to go to the streets and do it!

I was in, on Delhi station, and the train was late for about two hours. And there was a lady who came who knew I was Shri Mataji. She stood before Me, hands like this [open]. And then people asked her, the word went round that there’s Mataji is on the platform.
And even the coolies, as they are the people who take the luggage up – all of them lined up together, the officers and everything, and they all got their Realization there, all the platform.
There were some villagers from Rajasthan who were travelling. They heard about Me and they started singing the Mother’s song and they came down to get their Realization.

And we had one American lady with us, and she was feeling very funny about it. And then she said that: “You were giving Realization even to the coolies?” As if it is the right of only those sophisticated or the Americans to have the Realization. But I said: “One coolie of India is equal to thousands of you, it’s a fact!” Not only Americans, even French.
Even Indians when they come to France they become like you, I am surprised, they become complaisant like you, instead of giving you greater force. Now, Avdhut is coming, I hope he doesn’t become food-addicted or something like that and sit down with his child. I hope he doesn’t become like you. I hope so.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi]

I don’t know what is going to happen to him, I hope he is not mesmerized by you people. But I am really surprised that there’s no energy, there’s no sort of a spirit to come up, to work it out!
It looks very selfish then, you see, that people come for their own, own betterment, that’s all. You don’t think of others. There’s no compassion, that forceful compassion, that compels Me at this age to travel like this. You must think of others who are drug-addicted, this, that, so many problems in this country. This is the Hell of the world. And you have to be much more stronger, much more working, much more fighting, because this is the Hell! I have said this before many a times. Because Marie asked Me: “Why do You come?” Five times I came in the first year. I said: “Because this is the Hell, I have to work it out here, in France.”
I didn’t marry you to form a nucleus or a group like that, but that you’ll be standing on your Mooladhara, that you will work harder, that you will fight better with the power.

In India, in the history, we have women who used to send their husbands with the blood on their foreheads saying that: “You are not going to come back defeated.” We had women of such character that one day I will tell you about them, how they made their men so great. This is what it is, the French women themselves have brought this, you see, this womanish type of a cultural development in France. I tell you, it’s a very womanish type, the dainty darlings of men.
Now you be brave and you fight it out. I’m sure you will one day create a new world in France if you really decide today and take a vow in your heart that we will do it, you can. There’s no need to have education or anything very great about you. Only thing, you must take a vow and have that desire foremost before you. With your discretion, with your foresight behavior, with your character, I’m sure you will establish that. You are on the warpath, you cannot be casual, you cannot be just laughing, smiling, talking, and this is not the thing. You have to be serious about it.
Shri Mataji: Casual is “legère”, causal is the word, what is it?
Marie: Casual “à la légère” [lightly] I said.
Shri Mataji: Ah.

So I’m sorry, for the first day I’ve come here to tell you this but I would like to see some results in Guru puja. We are working out something through Ambo also. But before them, there should be some presentation of people who know Sahaja Yoga, who can talk on Sahaja Yoga, who follow Sahaja Yoga in a perfect way and that they can present Sahaja Yoga.

We will have one more program of Friday, we’ll have – Thursday, we’ll have one more program. Or we can have two days if you want, Wednesday and Thursday, I don’t mind coming that week here. But you see to it that you really work it out.
But you see to it that you really work it out. Go and
[46:06 to 46:45 Cut in the audio]

Shri Mataji: Everybody should go and talk to people and produce some results. Guru puja is, what is the date?
Sahaja Yogi: 29, on the 30th, the Sunday Mother.
Shri Mataji: Of?
Sahaja Yogi: Of June.
Shri Mataji: Of June. There’s time still. Now plan it out. I would say you should take something on hire and go on a Saturday, Sunday, to the nearest villagers, to the places, talk to them, sing about it. Everybody knows about Hare Rama, another horrible guru, another guru, nobody knows about Me in France! Not in Italy. Not in Italy. Italy is the only country I would say – now in England also- it’s the only country where we are really very eloquent and we have really lots of people. Last time we had about six thousand or how many thousand they were, I don’t know, but at least four thousand people for a program. And this time they are saying that: “hall will be shorter”. How is it they have done it? They have done it because of their working and there Guido is looking after the ashram. They have a huge ashram! They are doing so well because, you see, they have seen to it. Guido is a very strong man. Everybody used to criticize him. I supported him even, supported him; he is a very serious and a strong man and he worked it out and now I see that the Sahaja Yogis in Italy are so good that everywhere they are working it out as for them the main thing is Sahaja Yoga. And they are very knowledgeable in Sahaja Yoga, even the women. Italian women, I was surprised, they are very knowledgeable.
We had one now in India from Italy, she was from Milan I think and she was so knowledgeable I was surprised at her. What’s her name is? The one who went to Frankfort. The lady who was in Frankfort during that exhibition.
Marie: Elisabeth?
Shri Mataji: Elisabeth.
Marie: Elisabeth she’s English.
Shri Mataji: Elisabeth, very knowledgeable.

So you don’t lack intelligence but if the attention is on that we have to know about Sahaja Yoga, we have to understand Sahaja yoga and now you are getting the book also, Advent, in French language.
So study it, don’t borrow from each other, everybody must have one book on their own really properly, try to understand and there is also Nirmala Yoga coming to you, my tapes are there. I’ve seen there are so many tapes already there with you. See, you can play them, take it down, write it down what it is saying, what are the points. Then discuss among yourselves, if you don’t understand, you write to us, I’ll answer them. Like that, there should be some programming about it. There has to be some programming. All right?
So this is what I am trying to say that for the next session when I come here, I can also have a program on Wednesday and Thursday, I can come. So we can do Wednesday and Thursday, two days and then these three days.
Sahaja Yogi: 26 and 27 of June.
Shri Mataji: Yes.
Sahaja Yogi: It will be Friday and Saturday 29.
Marie: It’s going to be a long translation.
Shri Mataji: So we can have two programs on the public but let Me see how much you have worked it out and how much you have done it. And it should be like this: if I have not given Realization to five people, I’m not going to eat my food. Something like that. You take yourself to task. Why can’t you talk, go and talk to somebody here, there, there. Just think of it, go really amock, as they say, with it, then it will work out.
Tell them, Such a lot I’ve said.
[Marie translates]

Now you see, the only thing that I feel is this, that we have to seriously understand that either we get to Sahaja Yoga or we allow the world to be destroyed. This is the point, there is nothing in between. Try to understand, this is very simple. And you all have to play a very, very important rôle. So try to understand that you are very important and everything will go in the history of spirituality.
There is one more thing I would request that try to learn English language because I can’t learn French it’s too complicated. You see, it’s a French mind which has made it [ ?]. So if you know English it’s easier for us to communicate so that’s one simple thing that to learn English language. It will be better for you, better for Me.
I’m sure this will help you, the guideline for our next program and you will all work it out in such a way that we have more people. And everybody should be able to say what they have contributed, what have they done, everyone, individually, how many people you have given Realization to.

Now, yesterday we had people who were very knowledgeable. And if they come to a place and you find some sort of a person who doesn’t know how to talk to them, naturally they get disappointed. They can’t understand. Another place, we can say, is Austria where Gregoire has done wonders. In the same as he has dedicated his life, you all have to individually dedicate, that’s the most important thing for him. It’s because he is brilliant. His intelligence is so pure that he sees its purpose.

May God bless you all.

So from tomorrow, you must start putting the ghee and the camphor for the nose because I find all of you have got sinusitis. I mean you know a simple disease to be cured, how. You all have little problem with the sinus. Naturally, how can you have discrimination?
And for your Nabhi, I think you should reduce on your cheeses. Because anything with the fungus you should not eat at all, at all. Do you eat still?
Sahaja Yogi: No, fungus we don’t eat.
Shri Mataji: Ah. Fungus cheese.
Sahaja Yogi: No. Fresh cheese only.
Shri Mataji: Ah, all right.
Shri Mataji: And also mushrooms if there are, better not have them because they grow on something dirty. Maybe the bhoots might be crawling through them. They always grow on dirty places if you have seen. As if they become lively out of that you see. There’s no sink, nothing. Russians are suffering I think because of that, because they have such big, big mushrooms, I’ve seen, like that.
So by God’s grace, now you have a nice place, everything is done for a purpose that must be now achieved.
May God bless you all.
Shri Mataji: So we’ll have diner.
Sahaja Yogi: All right Mother.
Shri Mataji: And tomorrow, then tomorrow morning is the conference.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes Mother.
Shri Mataji: And then for this Ambo, I thought of, that I’ll ask Remo to go with Patrick to see Ambo.
Sahaja Yogi: All right.
Shri Mataji: And that he is going to talk to him, not to talk about Sahaja Yoga just now, to establish a kind of rapport with him. And then we’ll use UNESCO for our purpose. He can introduce you to many people who are dignitaires and all that. And then, you can talk to them and it can be worked out.
We have to work on those levels also and there’s a lady they said that who is now doing a social-
Maire: Claire? [In French : where is she?]
Shri Mataji: She’s here now. May God bless you.
So I was thinking if you can come tomorrow when these people are coming, you see?
Claire: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Then we can talk to them and we can plan it out better. You have to plan it out, you see, you have to program it, that guide line is needed.
So where do you live? In the ashram?
Claire: No, in Poitiers.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Claire: In Poitiers, near Françoise.
Shri Mataji: Near that side, you see.
Marie: In the middle of France.
Sahaja Yogi: She’s free now. Sh’ell be free.
Shri Mataji: But she can come down.
Claire: I’m free now.
Shri Mataji: You can come down here.
Claire: Yes.
Shri Mataji: That will be nice. You should come down here. Paris, we must thank them to begin with. Then from Paris everyhting else can work out. All right ? It will be a good idea.
Sahaja Yogi: It is perfectly managed because she quit her work.
Claire: Just after London.
Shri Mataji: Good, so she can, she can do it, just come, all right ?

[1:02:25 Conversation about the place]

[1:04:34 No sound up to 1:04:59]

Shri Mataji: And my brother was the minister. He is now the chairman of the cricket club of India.
[Laughter] who is winning cricket everywhere, we are doing very well in cricket.
All this, you see, with all this back-ground, then my husband, as you know, is the elected member of this, is the elected Secretary General, elected four times unanimously which is a record.

And as Remo will tell you that his organisation is regarded as the best among all the UN agencies. And he has got rewards- awards which are rare awards from Norway, from sweden, from Italy they have got an award which only two persons have got so far, very high degree. And many other countries I’m saying. But, despite all that, I wanted to establish the [inaudible] in the modern times. But still people like – like in India he was with the Prime minister, he was the main Secretary of the Prime minister which is the topmost job at that time. And he is known for honesty, he is known for everything. Despite that, so many governments have one side disciple of some third-rater somewhere in India also. What can you do with the human mind is so stupid: they want to learn after some Babaji, Dabaji, Tabaji, who talk something big. The reason, only reason I can see that they are mesmerized, they are not free. This is the only explanation one can give.

Shri Mataji: She is enjoying the baby. [Shri Mataji is laughing]
Nicely the baby is sleeping. I think the baby should be put to the bed. Too much of heat, it’s not good also for the heat, so better the baby should go to the bed.
French Sahaja Yogi: Should the Dutch get in touch with your friends?
Shri Mataji: Yes. You see, the thing is, he’s very knowledgeable. He’s a Sanskrit expert and all that. So I don’t think, just now, we should have any relationship that way, but we can go through Gregoire or someone for our purpose.
Sahaja Yogi: And Russian complex maybe with the Dutch, Indian culture, religion [unsure].
Shri Mataji: Oh, they are hopeless. Indians don’t go near them. Indians are uprooted. I tell you Indians, when they come to foreign countries, they just get uprooted. They are very different in their own country. When they come abroad, you don’t know, they are horrible, ask her, she will tell you. They are absolutely useless, just don’t go near them.

So many came [to Sahaja] just for getting cured, horrible. Anywhere you get, it’s ridiculous. They are absolutely-
Sahaja Yogi: So the Sahaja Yogis are not to be members of Indian cultural associations, no?
Shri Mataji: You see, they develop a kind of a complex, I think here, a kind of a complex in their minds. They develop a kind of a complex in their minds. Because they say, you see when you come now in England, everybody used to laugh at my- at this kumkum, you see. I’m wearing a sari, they used to laugh at Me. So, you see, people just take to- they make fun, you see, they are very good at making fun of others. So the Indians, you see, start thinking they are something low quality.

Do you know, in America, in America, nobody, no ladies are allowed to wear saris in the office. Because they say it distracts the mind of the people. Now the thing is that once I went for a TV program, television program, and when I entered the- you see, there was a lady who was absolutely half dressed, you see, this much and a low neck, and very jazzy dressed.
Yes. So you see, what happens with that is that people started feeling nervous about being Indians. And that’s why one has to understand that the Indians when they come here, they get confused and they are uprooted.
In the beginning, they are very, very affectionate and they do lots of things and then they discover that they are treated just like servants. It has happened in on of the ashrams in England. One nice girl was married and they first started making her work quite a lot because they had children. They said: “We have children, so you ‘d better do everything in the ashram.” And then they wanted, you see, she was very nice to them so they said: “You must massage our children. Give them bath and also massage us.” And then she gave them lots of presents because it’s like Indian’s generosity. But they would not even give her a handkerchief. So she left the ashram and she stays with her mother in law. She said: “They don’t understand love.” That must be happening to Indians here. They might be also afraid of you, that you may take advantage of them- one possibility.

Sahaja Yogi: How nice that Avdhut is coming.
Shri Mataji: Yes Avdhut is coming, it will be nice but I hope he doesn’t become French. Only worried on that.
Avdhut Paie is coming, he’s very great otherwise. He has been so far very good.

(Dutch)Sahaja Yogi: [Unclear]
Shri Mataji: What did he say? I’ll have to finish that [Shri Mataji is eating]
Marie: Mother, he is saying when you come to Holland, is it a good idea that they get as many Sahaja Yogis from all countries there?
Shri Mataji: If you can arrange for them to stay somewhere.
Sahaja Yogi: We’re trying.
Shri Mataji: They’ll pay for it.
Sahaja Yogi: Cause last time You told Robert not to invite so many Yogis from all different countries.
Shri Mataji: Yes you can. The same can go there also to Holland. But only thing is, you have to arrange for their say, they’ll pay for it. For these four days, some of them would love to come, even Gregoire was saying he might come.
Sahaja Yogi: Oh, well. [Laughter]
Shri Mataji: So, but you have to make some arrangement for them.
Sahaja Yogi: Do the Dutch go to the newspapers the postering, the same way
Shri Mataji: Yes. I mean if you need any money for that also they can provide. They can provide money for advertising or something, but postering is the best way they say.
Sahaja Yogi: The way the poster are made, the texte was-
Shri Mataji: Yes. But that has to be in Dutch language.
Sahaja Yogi: We use the same rolls, the same diagrams as they have in England?
Shri Mataji: Whatever you think proper, I mean, whatever you say.
Sahaja Yogi: Mother you have a nice idea what to write o a poster?
Shri Mataji: That’s what you have to decide yourself, I mean, whatever you think proper for the Dutch mind.
[Conversation about having posters done in France or not]

Sahaja Yogi: …Their lovely Ducth cheese.
Shri Mataji: Dutch cheese. I know the main one, red one, red cover.
Sahaja Yogis: Gouda.
Sahaja Yogi: These cheese. Are all cheese bad?
Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no,no. That one is very good, the round thing you have, like a ball.
Sahaja Yogi: But it is fermented.
Shri Mataji: That has no fungus.
Sahaja Yogi: No?
Shri Mataji: Fungus is the one with crust.
Sahaja Yogi: All right, “Camenbert”.
Shri Mataji: What do you call?
Sahaja Yogi: “Camenbert”.
Shri Mataji: What in Dutch thing they grow?
[Marie explains that the cheese to avoid are the ones which are fermented.]
Shri Mataji: They do. They grow worms. Yes, they do. So that would be too much.
Sahaja Yogi: In the Dutch cheese?
Shri Mataji: Yes, in the Dutch, in certain Dutch cheese, they grow worms which are living, which crawl out. That’s what they say, Dutch people.
Sahaja Yogi (Dutch): We don’t know this.
Shri Mataji: I’ve been to Holland, we had, they gave us [Shri Mataji is laughting] After that, we couldn’t eat our food.

Sahaja Yogi: There’s one more question. If you come four days in Belgium and Holland, there are three nights, three evenings.
Shri Mataji: All right.
Sahaja Yogi: So we want You to decide who is getting two and one.
Shri Mataji: No, no. What I am saying is three nights- hum. What are the dates? What are the dates?
Sahaja Yogi: It’s Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, And Thursday you fly back to India.
Shri Mataji: What’s the dates? Dates, dates.
Sahaja Yogi: One, two, three and four in July.
Shri Mataji: In July.
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Make it five. It’s all right. Make it five. You see, I was to go to India earlier, but not now, it’s not such a problem.

Alexander: Mother, in Rouen, we will have to leave the big house soon because it was on a short period rented.
Shri Mataji: This house.
Sahaja Yogi: Here, You went once.
Michel Cernay: The ashram in Rouen Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. I’ve told her about this that: “You must shift to Paris. I want you here.”
And you stay in that house, right now. Let them come because they have children. Let them come to ashram and look after the ashram people.
And you [Martine] come and stay in Marie’s flat. And take up a job here.
Sahaja Yogi: In Marie’s flat and Alexander should come here.
Shri Mataji: Yes, and look after these people here.
And you’ll be there because- [Laughter]
Yes, yes, ashram is to be looked after. I think you need somebody to do that.
Sahaja Yogi: All right Mother.
Shri Mataji: So you [Michel] come along with her and you can take a job here in Paris.
Michel Cernay: I shall manage Shri Mataji. It is a little bit difficult because of reglementation, because I am employed by the State and I have my only job, definitely, settled in some place, there are delays to ask. So-
Shri Mataji: Again, again.
Michel Cernay: We shall do a bandhan Shri Mataji.
Michel Cernay: I like very much [unclear] what You do –
Shri Mataji: No it will all work out. It will all work out, you see, give a bandhan, that’s all. You don’t have to think of problems, just give bandhans!
[Shri Mataji is laughing]
We have the power. We should not forget the power that we have, we shouldn’t think of these problems at all, anything. Because if you think about them, they become bigger.
Take them beyond thinking.
There’s no problem just give a bandhan. Such miracles take place you have no idea.
Like the Chelsam road house we bought. Remember Chelsam road ashram.
Now the government itself, that English governement- such a miserly one- has decided to give us ninety five per cent of the money for the whole repairs of that house to make it absolutely neat, can you believe it? Ninety five per cent.
And Linda is saying that: “If it returns her money, whatever she spent, she will give it to Sahaja Yoga” So you can imagine.
How things work out, you have no idea.
There was a Sahaja Yogi who came to Me and said: “Mother, I don’t have a job, I’ve been trying and trying.” He came from Australia here, he’s an artist, he is a very good artist but he could not get a job.
[To Marie]. Translate.
So I asked him, I said: “All right, come along, let Me see your paintings.” And I found that he makes- he has got a very good hand but he is paying more attention to other things than the human beings, you see?
So he was quite worried and I saw that and told him. And then I said: “Now, you sit down and say the mantra of nirvichara and leave everything at the lotus feet of your Mother.” And whithin half an hour, he gets a ring that he has got a big job in a firm for doing some sort of paintings for them for a book, within half an hour.
There’s another- [To Marie] Did you tell? I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Marie: No-
Shri Mataji: No, no, better tell them.
Marie: I’ve finished.
Shri Mataji: Then there’s another one who came to Me, a very good Sahaja Yogi. He said: “Mother, I’m running short of money.” I said: “Should I give you?” He said:”No, no, I’ll get it somehow.” I said: “Surrender yourself”
[End of the audio at 1:29:51]