Welcome Talk

Ashram in Le Raincy, Le Raincy (France)

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Welcome talk, April 23d 1985

Audio and video start in the middle of a translated sentence, in French which could be rendered back to English as « The said Guru told them that before the month of September – that was last year – the world would be destroyed and that… When Shri Mataji was there it was in September. And that everyone should come precisely before the world would be destroyed. »

Shri Mataji : And he is buying – he is just buying Rolls Royces and he has gt three aeroplane, I think. I don’t know. I mean such a fraud and such a horrible gangster he was. And he talked through his hat. I don’t know what he talked. Nonsense ! I just wanted to test him and I saw him and I wanted to know what is he up to and I found out that he was a dirty man. He was doing all dirty tricks with there… He was like a homosexual. Most of his disciples get Aids also because he spoiks their private parts and things like that. And in My presence, uh, I’m surprised about you but normally they faint and they just become like stone in My presence, the disciples. They can’t stand Me at all.
Once Yogi Mahajan told Me he wants to bring three of them for my program. I told him : »Don’t bring them. » He won’t listen. He brought them and I was sitting like this and at least two hundred feet away in a big Delhi program, you see, thousands coming. He brougth them – three of them – and as soon as they looked at Me they fainted and they had become just like stones. And nobody could lift them. We didn’t know what to do. And the program started very late because they were… actually like you see you take a stick with that, you see. They were thrown out like that. Otherwise we did three sticks had to be pushed on their [you see and…] to be taken out like a [?] as you jack up the stone like that. And they were kept outside just like stones outside and then they came to consciousness later on [?]. [Shri Mataji laughs] How to say ? Jacked up like. There ! And in the ashram Yogi Mahajan wrote « No Rajneesh disciples allowed ».
So they got very angry. And so he said : « Alright, come in, see, look at this photograph. » And they just fainted. And then, you see, they’ll forget also what had happened to them. They’ll just remember they saw the photograph and they’ll faint and they don’t know after that anything. And then they are thrown on the street and they just find them on the street.What to do ? I mean, we just can’t do anything about them.
Last September when I went there they were all going to Oregon, you see, so somewhere – I mean – leftovers were there, all miserable looking : on the wheelchair, all in a bad condition werre carried by people, by planes. Because now it is practically becoming absolutely sort of localized dying race there, all of them are there, just…
You see, in America we have all kinds of horrible bhoots gone there. And that’s why this new desease – what you call that one [lady in the assitance] Alzheimer desease. It’s a new disease where people get insane before the age of 40 years. [during translation about the disease’name] That’s the discoverer. So, after Aids, now this is coming in.
So Americans are not going to be destroyed by Russians but by diseases. And Russians will be destroyed by parapsychology. They’ll have no chance to use missiles. That’s what it is. They should take to Sahaja Yoga. You don’t know what an important thing you have got in your hand. How great it is. Why should you think of these dirty people, useless, anti-God, anti-Christ. Try to save yourself.A very few who are saved out of Rajneesh, I must tell you, so be careful. Beat yourself with shoes. And him and yourself. It’s a dying race now. Most of the gurus are finished now practically, about, nearly, thanks to Sahaja Yoga. Bur how many are going to be saved out of them I don’t know, because they’re so much mesmerized. So we have to talk vehemently about them. Denouncing them that «  What had happened to me when I waswith him. This has happened, that has happened. You must write it down and give a full account of what he did to you, how you were exhausted. And how Sahaja Yoga has saved you, you see, write letters, it will come very handy, you see, it will come very handy.
All those who have been to some groups like that should write a letter how Sahaja Yoga saved them. The sooner the better. Alright. Now I’ll take your leave and again tomorrow we have a program and a conference. I hope everthing goes [right] with it.
So, will you keep that material here with you in this place ?

Alexandre : This material that you bought today ? Well we can keep it here, yes, but they’re leaving by plane so we’ll drive them to the…

Shri Mataji : No, no, no, you see, what I’m saying that some material I have to take [to Italy I’ll leave it with you ?] not we don’t want it just now.

Alexandre : Yes no problem, ok, we’ll take care of it.

Shri Mataji : Alright, give it to them. Somebody who is responsible

Alexandre : [asking to bring the fabric to have it kept in the ashram] Martine, tu peux me donner le tissu que Shri Mataji a choisi aujourd’hui, on va le garder ici. Le tissu qu’Elle a acheté aujourd’hui.

Marie : Euh, le coton, tu sais, le rouleau le plus lourd. On va le chercher.

Shri Mataji : Only the, you know, the nine-ten yards’ one.

Marie : The ten yards You are taking with and the black one…

Shri Mataji :… and the two black, one is a four yards…

Michel : Perhaps – we don’t know – perhaps it is possible to have the French issue of the Advent. Perhaps tomorrow in the morning. Should we give it to the journalists if we can ?

Shri Mataji : Not so soon. You should have an official release of it and we should call [?Ambo ?] for that release, you see, next time when I come here. It should be invited, people should be invited for the release of the book. You should invite all the dignitaries and all that and Mr [Ambo?…] will preside it. Make it a big issue [of the place/ please ?] and also call [?Doodoo D.N. ??] for that. Also [?Doodoo D.N. ??] from America. I will tell him also. So fix a date, say Friday, Saturday. Sunday we’ll have Puja in the morning. Sunday night we can have this program here in Paris.

Michel : 13th.

Shri Mataji : That could be. Or we could have it earlier one day. Like we are having Thursday-Friday program so we can have it on – say – Tuesday. Tuesday I won’t be here ? No, no : Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have programs, so we can have on Tuesday this opening. Tuesday is a good day. This opening we can have earlier so we can ask them – all these people can – they’ll come to the program later on. Make it a big show out of it.
For this book Advent we should have a big program we should call [Ambav] to be there and you can also give him the tape of Dr Navin Singh from India, for him to listen to it, you see, to listen to it. And then we should get [?Doodoo D.N. ??] – Ambav for these things and he should invite other people for the book to be released. Because English book was released by the Ambassador of – no, High Commissionner Mr Singh, from uh… I.P. Singh, I.P. Singh from England : he released the book. So this second – this French should be released by Ambav. I think that’s a good idea. First you’ll build up with him all these things and then he can be called to release the book. And then you get all the dignitaries that day. Invite them so what will happen that next day when we have the program Wednesday and Thursday we can have them there. So I can come on Tuesday. What will be the date on Tuesday ?

Alexandre : On Tuesday it will be the… Attend, vendredi c’est le 28, jeudi 27.

Michel : 25. 25th.

[Shri Mataji picks up a document and reads it.]

Shri Mataji : You see, we have to cancel Spain then. The 25th you said, isn’t it ? It was Spain and France. Or then we’ll have to do Spain earlier. Can I have a pen ? We can do Spain earlier so we could have it on the 22d and the 23d, 24th, you see. And this is 25th ? Alright we can have it 21rst we can start, 21rst, 22d, because [I’ll have have one ? There? unclear]. So this is from the 25th onwards. Uh, starting from the 25th [unclear] and 25th to…

Michel : 30th because it is the Sunday of the Puja.

Shri Mataji : 30th Alright ? So you fix up 25th as the day for the opening of the…

Michel : On the Tuesday so, the first day of Your…

Shri Mataji : Opening, yes, opening of Grégoire’s book [we can tell?]. Alright. [yogi asking about Grégoire’s availability] He will be there. Then Holland is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, alright.

Alexandre + Michel : Mother the book is supposed to be distributed from the 15th of May.

Shri Mataji : No, you can’t do that. What is the reason ?

Michel : Because as soon as the book is printed they give it to the bookshops.

Shri Mataji : Then you tell him that we want to do this will help you. You see there is no harm. You tell them that it’s alright. See, just tell them that if you wait, you see, then it will work out. Try to tell him. Now, what I will say, now one thing, that all of you being right sided you’ll always think of problems.Now don’t think of problems, that’s a very bad habit. And the all alternate problems you will think of is another very, very bad habit : « This will happen, that… » nothing will happen. You just see that how you do it. Alright ? Spontaneously. Nobody should think of problems otherwise your Agnya will go off, so badly off that you won’t know what you are doing. Just don’t think of any problems, anything at all. When the problem’s coming you just give it a bandhan, that’s all. And that will neutralize. Let them come before you. Before they come if you think they’ll become solid because they are coming from a yogi’s mind. Alright ? If they do not come from your mind nobody’s mind is stronger than yours. You must understand this. So don’t have any problem. No problem. Now you said it, alright, I’ll do it I said. I never said : « This is the problem, this is that, this could be, I may be… Nothing, I just changed over. And you must be prepared to change accordingly.
Now, see, I’ll tell you. First time we decided to have our program in Switzerland. 9Th, 10th 11th, 12th, 13,th, 14th, 15th, 16th. Now, what happened, they said in Switzerland to have a program in novembre would be better. After september because according to Grégoire, he said : « I’ll be there settled down, we’ll do it well. » So I said alright. So now we changed over. So I said : « When do we have Switzerland then ? ». Later on. So just now no problem. Then we saw – they told me that they would like Me to go to Tunisia and in Tunisia then they told Me – facing the problem as it comes too – there is Ramadan. So I said : « Change it over, make it Italy during that time and this Italy straight we go to Tunisia. ». So, I told – what’s his name ? – Antonio- , now he is an Italian, I told him that see Italy is like this have they booked halls there ? He said : « Yes, they have, but no problem, no problem… » Italians will always say no problem, always, I’ve seen « No problem, we can have it then. » finished.
Warren used to do that and then he got very sick, you see.

Marie : Waht ? To say there was a problem ?

Shri Mataji : And he said. No, he said : « This cannot be done because there is a problem on this day, I’ll be there, this, that. And that day he was in the hospital. And we managed the show without him. Then he never said it. This problem is a modern word. Modern word. It didn’t exist. If you read Maupassant you won’t find this word. This is all very modern problem because, you see, we have become… [moving Her hand in circles in front of Her Agnya] all the time seeking for problems, mind has become like this. Immediately we think of a problem. I’ll tell you one point I’ve seen. I’ve studied it. With Warren I studied it very well because I tell him something immediately he comes out : « This is the problem. » Never he said : « Alright ». Always : « But with this this is the problem. » That’s spontaneous. I don’t blame anyone, it’s a spontaneous thing with your minds, you are always… You may do the same, anybody may do the same. Yes it’s true. I am the only person who is giving solutions while others are all the time giving Me problems. But not in India.
Like, I’ll tell you a very good example. One day, you see, My husband takes one particular type of tea called Prestige. And that’s the only adiction he has, so I don’t mind. So I told him that you will get some tea for yourself and he forgot and it was a Saturday. And then Sunday I told him : « Now we have no tea because… How about you won’t take any other tea. So, what to do ? » But we have to go to the reception on our way back we go to the shop and get the tea. So, he said : « What nonsense, it’s a Sunday, how can you go to the shop and that too about eight o’clock in the night ? How will you get the tea ? What nonsense ! » But this problem was correct, I mean, it was so, that was the fact for all practical purposes. [aside « Little open it I think, yes.] but not for Adi Shakti.
So we went to the reception and I told the driver that we have to go to this Tea center on our way back. So, My husband said : « You are crazy ! » But My driver has faith in Me at least [unclear]. Without giving any problem without saying anything, he just took Me down there. And to our amazement the shop was open and lights were on. To My amazement ! And so we went in and they were all, were saying : « Oh we have been waiting for you, we were thinking you’ve forgotten about our invitation. Why didn’t you come ? What’s the problem. » C.P. Started looking… Actually he was invited to an opening ceremony there something. There was going to be a ceremony. And that invitation card he forgot in the office. He had forgotten about the invitation. So they gave us two tins each as presents. My husband was really… « I can’t believe this ! » It is like that. Alright ?
So have faith. Have faith. All the Gods, all the angels, all the deities, Ritambarapragnya, all are working out Sahaja Yoga. We are not working it out. We are just instruments. But they watch you very clearly.
So just go ahead straightforward. Everything will work out. [picking up words from Marie’s translation] « tout droit » Alright ! « Tout droit ! ». Oh, I got four hundred pounds with that word « tout droit ». I’ll tell you what.
I had learned one word : « tout droit », you see. « Tout droit » I had learned the word here and My husband is supposed to have learned French. For the last, I think, fourty years he is learning French. So called. [While Marie translates : « Tout droit, tout droit. »]
So, he said – uh, we came here, both of us and [adressing Marie] you remember My husband and Myself were left alone in that hotel because he came here for a day so we said we will stay together for one day there in the hotel. It was a Sunday. And – that was a Sunday – and the dinner was not served in the hotel so we had to go out and he didn’t know anything of Paris and I also didn’t know much. And the taxi fellow came in because they [?a taxi ] and the taxi fellow droped us at some place, you see, very funny, you see, Wimpy sort of a [ ? unclear]. Yes, something and then we got in another taxi. See, this fellow understood that we don’t understand French and we don’t know Paris. So, My husband was telling him « Left, right » and all that, so I said : « You should say for ‘straight through’, you have to say ‘tout droit’ .» [while Marie translates] To right… No, no, for the right you say « à droite ». So he said… So, I said : « No, ‘tout droit’ means straight drive through. » So, he said : « No, it’s not so. » I said : « I tell you it is so. » He said : « Alright. Four hundred pounds it’s not so. » But the fellow understood [?] you can take right to there. And then he found out that it was correct. He has not yet paid Me.
Then another thing I said : « There is no word for ‘awareness in French. » He said : « No, there is. » I said : « What ? » He said : « Conscience. ». I said : « ‘Conscience’ is not, it’s consciousness, but there’s nothing for awareness in French. » So, he said : « There is. There must be. » I said : « There isn’t. » So he asked his – you see, he has many French people with him. They said :  « There is no word in French, you see. » So he lost again four hundred pounds which he has not given Me. Alright !
French Yogi : « You are very adroite. » [Pun : ‘adroite’ means deft, skillful but ‘à droite’ means ‘to the right. »]

Shri Mataji : You see, he knew two words. He knew ‘droite’ and he knew also the other on ‘gauche’, you see. But he didn’t know what I was telling him. So, you see, ‘right’, in that also there is « right », ‘right through’, you see, so he said : « No, I’m saying ‘right’. »

Yogi : But we have a third sense, you have ‘adroite’. Comment dit-on ? ‘Clever’ means also – in one word it means ‘adroite’.

Marie : Deft, deftness. To be deft is « adroite », « être adroite ». In one word.

Shri Mataji : Adroite !

Marie : And inversely to be « gauche » in French means not to be deft with your hands.

Shri Mataji : Like left sided and right sided. Means that. That means you knew about it. Right sided are over-efficient and the left-sided are over-emotional.
Alright. Mat God bless you.
May God bless you all.

Judie are you comfortable here ?

Yogini : Very much Mother.

Shri Mataji : and [?] is she comfortable ?

Other yogini : I’m here Mother. I’m very good, Mother.

Shri Mataji : Enjoy yourself. Tomorrow they are going to… Today they arranged something for you to go out ? Tomorrow also, if you want, you can do it, if you want to go somewhere. Alright ?

May god bless you.

How are you ? Are you alright ? Let’s go.

How is [Françoise] how is your mother in law ? Is she alright ? Alright, she’s now married and very happy. Vey good husband. A very nice house he has. He got a big job now.

Bye bye, for the time being. [after leaving Shri Mataji speaks to someone in Marathi]