The true master will tell you that you have to seek your Self

Musée social, Paris (France)

1985-04-24 The true master will tell you that you have to seek your Self, Paris, France, DP-RAW, 154' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Workshop, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 2, Musée social, Paris, France, 1985

[Introduction to Sahaja Yoga in French by Patrick. Short resume to Shri Mataji about what he said.]
[Talk starts at 23:35 on video.]

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
The day before, I told you, that eventually, one has to understand what a seeker has to find out. He has to find out himself, his own Spirit, the idea of having some sort of a new venture into the style of seeking comes because people want to make money out of you. But the one who is the true master or the Satguru will tell you that you have to seek your Self. He has no interest in what you are nor he has any interest in what you can give him! Because he stands on the giving end, and he cannot receive even if he wants to, he cannot receive by his own nature and so, also, he does not want because by his nature he is compelled, just to give! Even if you try to please such a guru, by giving him something, he will say: ”I’m sorry, you’d better have it to yourself”.
We had a very great saint in Maharashtra called Tukaram. And we had a very enlighten king called Shivaji. And when he heard about Tukaram and found out about him he took lots of ornaments for his wife and things for his children and for his household and went to see him. So the saint Tukaram was not in the house and the wife was very happy, she took the ornaments and the children took the things and they were very happy that they got all these things from the king Shivaji himself. Tukaram came home and he saw this and Shivaji was there. So he said to Shivaji: “Sir, these are meant for the queens and not for us.”
Marie: These are meant for the-?
Shri Mataji: Meant for the queen and not for us, ornaments. And he returned everything back to Tukaram- to Shivaji.
So we have many stories of this kind to tell us those who have interest in your Spirit and your ascent are the true teachers. Kundalini has been described fourteen thousand years back by a great poet called Markandeya in our country. I told you the other day that in Koran it is described as “Assas” [foundation] and in Granth Sahib as “Shruti” [revelation] and in the Bible as the Holy Ghost. In the Zen system also, it is described of the Zen system of Bodhidharma it is described and also Lao-Tse has described it. Every one of them has described it. Now, this Kundalini is actually the pure desire within us, is the energy of pure desire.
We have another one on the left-hand side of ourselves, which you see here in the blue colour, is the power of desire. And on the right-hand side is the power of action. The left-hand side one is called as Ida Nadhi and the right side as the Pingala Nadhi. And the centre one is called as Sushumna Nadhi, is the channel of Sushumna. So the left side caters to our past, to our conditioning and with the activity of our conditionings and desires, we accumulate within us an institution which we call as “mana” in Sanskrit and “superego” in the English language.
Shri Mataji [to new people coming in]: “There are some seats here in front also, please. You can come here in front there are some seats, please. Please, there are seats here.
Please come, there are some seats here. That side, you can come now, this side, there are some seats, please. [Shri Mataji is pointing to the place] This side, this side. Please, look out, there are some seats here. Come in front, yes? Those who want to come?

Now, the power of pure desire, which is the Kundalini, which is in the triangular bone of sacrum, gives us this ascent. This is the reflection of the Holy Ghost, is the power we call as Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother. And the reflection of God Almighty is in our heart, which is the Spirit. When the union takes places then we say “Yoga” has happened means the union, “Yoga” also means the union. Thus, our attention becomes enlightened by the Spirit. When our attention is enlightened by the Spirit then we become, I say again we become, it’s not a mental projection or anything, but actually you become collectively conscious. That means you start feeling your inner Self, your centres, your “nadhis” on your fingertips and that of others as well. So first, when the Kundalini awakens it gives the first state called Nirvichara Samadhi, means the one where you become thoughtlessly aware. Now, this is the energy of pure- again I say- the pure and the holy desire within us. All other desires are impure. That’s why you must have seen, that according to economics, the wants, in general, are not satiable, in particular, they are.

Because you want to have something say, you want to have a car, then when you get the car, you want to have a house, then you get a house you want to have something else, you go on shifting from one desire to another, to another desire. Because that desire is not satisfying. So, this pure Energy within us of our holy desire is one that is to be one with the Divine, with the All-pervading Power of God. And unless and until this Desire is awaken within us through the spontaneous happening of the living force of the living God, you cannot get your Realization.

It is “sahaj”, it means born with you. It also means: it is spontaneous. So the right to become one with the Divine is born with us. It is built in within our being, the way it is shown here in a subtle way [Shri Mataji points to the chart].
All these centres are created within us in the different stages of our evolution, which are being strengthened by the different Incarnations of the Prophets and of the other Incarnations that they have made this part available to us for our ascent. Now, the problem is that in this world, they are many people who are not yet feeling this urge to be the Spirit. But there are still millions who are feeling that there is something beyond, they are the special category of the people. So as William Blake* has said that: “Men of God have to become prophets, and they will have the power to make other prophets”, that is The Time today. All of them have prophesized about these special times, even Mahomet sahib has said it very clearly: “at the time of Resurrection, your hands will speak”.
But people don’t talk of resurrection, they just talk of the Doomsday. He was the same principal as other Prophets were like Abraham, Moses, Nanaka, Janaka, all of them are the same principal of Primordial Master. They tried to teach you the balance of life which is called as dharma. If you do not have the dharma within you- dharma is the valency of man, is ten valences he has got, while the matter has got only eight, animals nine, and the human beings have ten valences. So there has been principal ten Incarnations and those who came on this earth to teach us the balance.

Then they were other Incarnations on this earth like Krishna, Rama and Christ who taught us that we have to seek the life eternal. This Kundalini rest in the triangular bone which is sacrum – meaning sacred – that means the Greek knew that this, this one [Shri Mataji shows the chart] was a sacred place. But in the last hundred years, lots of funny people have come around and giving very funny ideas even about Kundalini which is not written anywhere in the Shastras [sacred texts]. This Kundalini is your individual mother, and how can she trouble you? When your mother, physical mother gave you birth, she took up all the trouble upon herself.
This kundalini passes through the six centres that why it’s called as “sat chakra bhedana” [six chakra penetration] means there are six centres it pierces through. And the seventh one is placed under the Kundalini.
The seventh one is the – or we can call it the first one – is the centre of innocence within us.

Now, the ascent of the Kundalini when it takes place, the seat of the Spirit is on top of your head and that’s why you get your enlightenment when the Kundalini touches the seat of the Spirit. It’s the seat or called as pita in Sanskrit language, is called pith. As a result of this happening, the first thing you feel is the cool breeze coming out of your head. You also start feeling the cool breeze all around you because this is the All-pervading Power of God which is formless. When you start feeling that energy for the first time, then you have to know what it is, how to use it, how to work it out. The- another meaning of the word “yoga”, also means “guptik”, means the deepness, deepness, how to you use the All-pervading Power of God, how to decode, how to manifest. Now the nature of the Spirit is that, when it comes into your attention, first of all, your brain gets enlightened with the truth. That is, you go to a person and he says he is a very great guru, you don’t know whether he is a real or not, you cannot make it out. But because you have got these cool vibrations, you can feel the cool vibrations from a Sat Guru and from a bad one you might even get some blisters.

Then if you ask any fundamental question, like: “Is there God?” You start getting tremendous cool breeze in the hand like a computer you start acting. I had a disciple, I shouldn’t say, disciple, I call them my children, in the beginning, he was an English man very sceptical about everything. He said that: “Mother, how do you say there is telecommunication of God that is very efficient?”
So I said: “All right, what do you want to find out?”
He said: “I want to find out about my father who is in Scotland because he’s not talked to me since long.”
So I said: “All right, you put your hands like this and ask in your heart: ‘How is my father?'” And he started feeling a burning sensation here, in this part [Shri Mataji shows the base of the right index]. Now, this is the Vishuddhi chakra here, and this portion, if it is burning, this is the father’s, all father’s chakras or the centres. If it is burning that means that your father must be down with bronchitis. So he doubted it and he telephoned to his father. And he asked his mother and the mother said that: “Your father is down with a very bad bronchitis.” But he was so amazed that afterwards he never started doubting the presence of God within himself.

When you start knowing the truth you do not accept untruth and falsehood. You become so powerful that you stand on that truth and you are not afraid of anything. In 1970, I spoke about all these false gurus, openly with their names, in India. And all the newspapers published it. And people were worried that these people will come and shoot me down. And I criticized all the cults and all kinds of sects but none of them, even till today, have tried to do anything to Me.
Shri Mataji [to new people]: Come and sit. Come here, there are some seats here, please.
So when you stand on the truth like Christ, when he stood on the truth, He saw a prostitute being stoned by people, and a person like Christ, a saint, has nothing to do with a prostitute as such. But He said that: “Those who have not committed any sin can throw the stone at me!” At himself! And nobody threw stones. This courage comes because you are standing on the truth.

So, the second thing that happens to you is that you become a very peaceful personality. Because you start witnessing everything. Like we have got thoughts within us which rises up and falls down, another thought rises and falls down. Now, when these thoughts rise, in between them, is a little space which is the present. And when the Kundalini rises, she puts you in the state of the present where you see the future and the past, but you are in the present. So you watch the whole thing like a drama, like a play. So you become a personality which is peaceful within yourself whatever maybe the turmoil outside. Supposing you are standing in the water, you are afraid of the waves. But supposing you get onto a boat, you can enjoy the waves, you can see it, without getting involved into it. This state is what we need today.

We talk of peace mission, these peace conferences and peace delegation, they have not peace within themselves, what peace are they going to create? And this peace is extremely powerful, it does not aggress anyone and does not take any aggression upon itself. And that sort of a personality you develop, you are so relaxed and doing everything with such dynamism but don’t get upset and you see the fullness of your action. As a result of Self-realization, you become a pure personality, your attention becomes purified.
Because of our conditioning, we have developed an attention that is full of greed and lust. But such a person develops that kind of an innocence in the eyes that if such a person even looks at somebody, he can purify that person, he can cure that person, he can raise the Kundalini, just with a glance. When the Grace of God starts flowing through your being, you become extremely compassionate, extremely compassionate, but the compassion that does not speak, the compassion that works. You get the discrete compassion, which tells you where you have to be compassionate and where you have to be firm and where you have to be denied. You get over all your temptations and the wickednesses of your mind, and you get completely integrated, your mind and your emotions and your physical body, everything integrates beautifully and you live in complete concord with yourself.

I have already told you that your attention becomes collectively conscious and you become a very dynamic person, understanding so many things which you never saw. And the last of all, you feel the joy of your Spirit. You live in the joy of your Spirit. You look at least twenty years younger sometimes than what your age is. Your face shines with the brilliance of the Kundalini.

You give so much to the world that first time you start even giving to the nature, establishing the ecological balance.
There is one scientist in Austria, who is a Sahaja Yogi, has experimented with the sugarcane, in Austria, who is a UN advisor to various countries and he was amazed that without giving any manure, without giving anything special he could give energy to the plants in such a manner that they grew ten times more, ten times more than the normal ones! And he didn’t know how to control the heights. In the quantity, ten times and the height was at least double. The hybrid seeds that we use are not needed anymore because they cannot reproduce and you become slave of some organizations for that. But in this, when you vibrate the seeds, which are old seeds, become regenerated and you can reuse them very well, producing very high-class products.

Thus, you enter into the Kingdom of God, where all that is available at His command, your compassionate Father, gives you all the help that you want. If you ask the Sahaja Yogis here they will tell you how much they are blessed. I’m not a guru, as I told you before, I’m a Mother and a mother has a greater joy in giving everything that she has to her children.

Her pride is in her children and she wants her children to grow, not that she becomes sort of a person who is growing and thriving on the children, but the children thrive on the mother. Thus, I have a message for you, for Paris, that please try to your innate heart, try to become the Spirit. There is no circus about it, there is no short method or some sort of stupid things. You cannot pay for it. It is something, it is a living process and it has to take within yourself.
So you have to understand one more thing that even if you get your Realization, you may feel on top of the world but that doesn’t mean that you have achieved the complete establishment of your Realization. For that, you have to come to our centre to know about it for which you don’t have to pay anything whatsoever.

Only in Paris, they found out that people were taking a very great advantage of other Sahaja Yogis, so they decided that those who come, have to pay a very little amount for the paper and all these things that they do and for the hall so that they feel that they have to pay a little bit, I don’t know that according to them it works out better with the French people.
But I don’t take any money whatsoever. They will see all the accounts themselves, what is happening with the money that you give, which is a very, very small amount. But that’s what they have found, it has to be otherwise we gather all kinds of beggars around us.

It’s a sad thing they have to do it in Paris so with a great deliberation, I allowed them all right, because they’re finding that for everything like these things and all that, for tapes and all that, all the Sahaja Yogis were paying the money and those who were coming were just coming for eating food and enjoying themselves it was a very sad thing.
In my own experience, I feel Paris is a very important and [inaudible] place. If we can establish Sahaja Yoga in Paris we may be able to save the world much faster. But I feel that people are sometimes very casual and they do not understand their own importance and the importance of their Spirit and the importance of their life that it must have some meaning. If you are a true seeker then I’m sure you will achieve that which is the highest. Nothing more is needed after.
I will ask you to ask Me some questions for a short time. But please do not go on about other gurus or anything. Ask sensible questions about Kundalini and things because the other day, one of the fellow was just on a quarrelling mood. So, please ask Me sensible questions if you want to know something and after that, we’ll have a session of Realization. And I’m sure most of you will get your Realization. Today is my last day here but I’ll be coming back again in June. I’ll be here I think, on what days? I think 8 and 9 they have fixed my programs in some halls.
Marie: 25 and 26
Shri Mataji: 20?
Marie: 25 and 26
Shri Mataji: 25 and 26 of June I’ll be here.
25 and 26 of June and you should also take the address of our centre. You can telephone and found out.

Shri Mataji: Now, I would like to have some questions from you.
Yes, sir.
Seeker: If the spine is not straight due to some sickness like this, can the energy flow?
Shri Mataji: What did he say?
Marie: If the spine is not straight due to some either illness or accident, can the energy flow?
Shri Mataji: Yes, it can. It can flow, not only that but that sickness can also go.

Marie: It is said that a satguru can control the Kundalini from a distance.
Shri Mataji: Yes.
Marie: Can you…
Shri Mataji: But for that, you’d better see.

Seeker: In India, a man in Hyderabad, I saw one guru take someone he pushes his head, he disturbed the flow of blood, then the man falls down but after the energy came. What is this?
Shri Mataji: All non-sense.
No, they have done- we had, you see, we had Kabir Das and Guru Nanak who have written chapters and chapters against this. Kabir Das has slashed this cheater and all that. But you see, nobody reads them, that’s the problem, nobody reads the real people! That’s the trouble is, you read Rajneesh, you read this and that, all absurd stuff. What to do?
Actually, the awakening of the Kundalini cures your diseases. We have cured a person suffering from AIDS you’ll be surprised. An AIDS fellow who came, he got cured. But again he went to something nonsensical habit and he got it back again but he was cured for two years. Cancer can be cured most of the incurable diseases can be cured, madness can be cured. Not only that but you get such a powerful personality that you give up all your habits, all your addictions everything just drops out.
I don’t say: “Don’t do that.” I say: “All right, you get your awakening.” It’s like the snake you see, those things and it just drops down.

It is actually three and a half coils and the three coils are, the first one is the power of our desire through which we desire things. And then, after Realization, we desire whatever is good for our Spirit. Then we have the second power of our action which, when enlightened, we do the action which is dear to our Lord, God All-mighty. And the third one is the evolutionary power which gives us, empowers us that we evolve others, we give Realization to others. The fourth one is the integrated power of the Holy Ghost, Adi Shakti, but which it understands, it knows, it loves and it organizes and works out. It’s such a tremendous thing!

Seeker lady: This is just a personal note. I spent a lot of time with Dany and Marcha and Bala.
Shri Mataji: That’s great!
Seeker lady: In San Francisco.
Shri Mataji: Oh good, nice to see you.
Seeker lady: I have never met thrilled people that were involved in a spiritual program that had so much to offer, feeling within themselves without even speaking and transmitting it to anyone that came to them.
Shri Mataji: Dany is such a great soul.
Seeker lady: Yes.
Shri Mataji: He’s such a great soul and he’s such a seeker. Because when I met him first, I met him in Bristol and then he got, he said: “Mother, what am I doing here?”
I said: “Why?” He said: “I’m coming with You. I’m for God.” Just he and his wife, both of them came. And now he’s gone to America, he’s working for America. He is so much worried about American problems.
Seeker lady: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Yes, it’s true. She’s seeing that, that’s very fine. Nice to hear about him.
But the best part, another one I’ll tell you, is that with this ascent, financially you improve also very much like Dany’s case. He was in a bad shape.
And we have somebody else here who was just in a very bad shape. And he brought one chip, memory chip, to Me and he said he is doing for a project he wants to write a- he wants to achieve an experiment by which he can produce these new types of computers. I said: “All right, it can be done.” And today he’s a rich man. He’s got a big factory and all that. We have so many cases like that because you become so dynamic: the blessings of God. As Krishna has said that: “Yoga kshema vahaamyaham.” First, you get your yoga and then He looks after your wellbeing, not before, after.

Shri Mataji [to Marie]: Yoga Kshema.

There are, you’ll be happy to know there are two ladies who have come all the way from America to help the people in Paris. Will you stand up? We have two of them here. Have they come? They are there, see. They have come and they are there. Please be seated.
Now, you have to go to America to help them out. We are importing people in Paris it’s not very good. [Shri Mataji is laughing.]
What’s it? What the gentleman is trying to ask?
All right, this is the last question now, all right? They are all anxious to have their Realization.

Marie: General anaesthesia, if somebody has to go for an important operation, general anaesthesia, what sort of effects does it have on the body, on the spiritual and the Kundalini?
Shri Mataji: General anaesthesia for a short time is all right it passes out, it doesn’t have much effect on the Kundalini as such. But after Realization you don’t get sick so you don’t take any general anaesthesia, no operation, nothing no more doctors.
But if you use too much of anaesthesia or you’re becoming a person in charge of anaesthesia, then you do have left side tendencies which can be corrected of course.
“Just one more question he said.” Now, all right, let it be the last.
What is it?
Seeker: [Inaudible. About cancer]
Shri Mataji: What did he say?
Marie: He said that Ramakrishna and Shri Ramana Maharshi died of cancer.
Shri Mataji: Because you see, it’s all right they were Realized souls, no doubt, but they didn’t know how to cure that’s why I’ve come on this earth. They didn’t know how to use the vibrations because they caught up with other people. That’s what we teach you in Sahaja Yoga is how to protect yourself. Even if you have yoga, that is the union, you must know the technic, the deepness, the yantra [unsure] as they call it in Sanskrit.
All right? Is there somebody there, raise the hand? Yes, some. All right, that’s all.
You have been [inaudible] ?

Seeker: [In French] Can we trust guru Maraji?

Shri Mataji: What did he say?
Marie: Can one trust guru Maraji?
Shri Mataji: Who?
Marie: The despot of Goa. [Unsure]
Shri Mataji: No. It’s all right. [Laughter.]
You see, the one who is buying Roll Royce, what is there to tell?
Seeker: Rajneesh has got 25 Roll Royces.
Shri Mataji: Ah, yes, imagine! And this fellow has fifteen houses.
Seeker: Yes, and he gets inside and he sells it twice the price because he has brought his darshan inside.
[Shri Mataji is smiling.]
Shri Mataji: I’ve been telling them, I said: “Use your brains!”

Marie: Can one get rid of the heaviness of sleep?
Shri Mataji: Yes!
Marie: The difficulty of waking up.
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, yes. That’s the minimum.
Yes, here it goes again.

Marie: Where is the Spirit while we sleep?
Shri Mataji: No, the Spirit stays where it lives. But when you sleep, your attention goes on to the left-hand side, into the subconscious. And then into the Collective Subconscious. But if you know the balanced way of life, then you wake up when you have to wake up and you sleep when you have to sleep.
All right, last.

Marie: One talks about a force coming down to awaken the Kundalini.
Shri Mataji: Shakti Power you call it. Nothing of the kind.
There’s nothing.
You see, it is a new style of a – they have started a new word Shakti Power, there is nothing like that. Actually, the Kundalini is a, you have to see now, you have to place your hands like this towards Me and these are the centres which represent one two, three, four, five, six and seven centres on the left-hand side and seven on the right-hand side. And when you join them together you form the spinal cord like this and in the centre is the Sushumna through which the Kundalini has to rise.
Now, when you put your hands towards Me like this [open hands] what happens is that the vibrations flow through your hands and inform the Kundalini and that’s how the Kundalini is awakened. There’s nothing like something coming down upon you and all that. It’s all the new stuff they have started. Actually, they mesmerize you with some spirits and with that kind of a thing like Shakti path business. It is never good. I’ve seen people start screaming, shouting, and making all kinds of noise and all that. It’s all absurd!
Somebody has written a book called [?] that we have had told yesterday that it is written in that, when it happens, sometimes you start jumping like a frog. Now use your brains, really. Are we going to be frogs now? Or like worms? Yesterday I said it.

Shri Mataji: All right now. Now, how many-
A seeker asks a question in French.
Marie: At what age can we start Kundalini awakening? From what age can we start?

Shri Mataji: There’s no minima, in a second, a split of a second. Just now it is. Once there’s a great guru in India, Ramdas was the guru of Shivaji, and he was asked: “How much time it will take for us to raise our Kundalini to get our Realization?” he used the word: “Tatkshane” that’s the moment. A split of a second.

Let’s have it now because you have asked too many questions I think. Let us see how many of you will get Realization and after Realization rise and establish your Realization.
Now, the second thing has to be done that you have to take out your shoes to touch the Mother Earth. It helps us a lot to touch the Mother. Also, you have to take out your spectacles because you have to keep your eyes shut all the time. And you have to be in a pleasant mood because you are going to enter into the kingdom of God. It has been your desire for ages. If you have anything very tied here [at the waist level] or tied here [at the neck], you can loosen it a little bit because it might a little bit disturb your attention.

As the left-side is the power of desire, you have to put the left hand like this on your lap in a very relaxed manner, in a very relaxed manner. Be positive, first of all, be positive. With the right-hand, you have to use the action because you are going to awaken your Kundalini.

[Process of Realization. Then Shri Mataji is working on seekers]

*(about William Blake)