Sahasrara Puja Seminar, Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Nirananda

Vienna (Austria)

1985-05-02 Nirananda Vienna NITL HD, 97'
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“Nirananda”, Vienna Ashram (Austria), 2 May 1985.

It is so joyful to be with you all again here in Vienna.

A poet came to Vienna long time back from India, he said that walking on the streets of Vienna the heart starts beating in a poetic rhythm and the ripples of poetry start flowing.  So, there have been people who have been seekers before in this place definitely and that they are again sort of reborn.

So we are all looking forward to Sahasrara Day, which is a very great thing and that you all are here to take up the task of receiving all the Sahaja Yogis and looking after them.

Now the atmosphere, as I said, of Vienna itself, is very poetic. I’m sure Sahasrara Day will be a great experience for all of you.  Poetry is like moonlight and when it falls upon any matter, it enhances the beauty and gives it a charisma and the language is so beautiful that it hides all the ugliness as the moonlight hides all the detailed ugliness. It creates an atmosphere – so meditative.

This is what is Sahaja Yoga; that it makes our life the prose into poetry – the poetry of experiences and events that take place. Like today, when we were coming by plane, three of us wanted to sit in one line, and that we had two seats together and one on the side. Now Dr. Rustom and myself sat together and Dr. Spiro sat on the other side and the airhostess said, “let us see, if the gentleman agrees on the other side, to sit this side.”

And when the doors were about to close, we found that the third seat was vacant, nobody came. So Dr. Spiro sat and I saw the poetry lilting in his heart because he was smiling all the time.

And this is how things work out. When we came down, I looked at the sky because I know always the sky gives a special welcome to me. And the sky looked like a Sahasrara, completely like a lotus with all the little, little petals, as if lit up into small streaks of light. A converging from one point they were going round like that, just like a lotus the shape was and that is the poetry of the nature that sings the praise. So, that is what we are, in a stage where our lives have become so much interwoven with beautiful events and beautiful visions of such lyrical rhythms, that it becomes impossible to get out of it.

And then Gregoire comes in and he looks at me and I talk to him and he is looking out for Rustom; Rustom is standing next to me and he doesn’t recognize Rustom, he’s looking much younger, he just doesn’t recognize. So he said, “Oh, God, I never recognized you”. It was such a beautiful meeting of two friends, Sahaja Yogis. He was waiting and waiting for him and he never recognized, what a story.  So, this is what is felt, then you come out and see such beautiful people and you see all the children standing there, you feel so much enamoured and you don’t know what to say.

All faces look like little, little flowers to me, holding my heart in their delicate petals. I didn’t know how to control my tears, it was too much of joy and they say at Sahasrara one feels Nirananda. Nira is my name and the joy of Nira. Today I experienced it on your faces, which was reflecting, in my heart – just as if the love has woven such beautiful poetry, so pure. And then Gregoire said, that you are all going to meet me, I was very happy to know that we are all going to meet.

There at the outside, I see an emblem of your mother and children and I see how already the poetry has got a beautiful heading. Such delicate relationships and emitting such fantastic love and joy, is something to be only felt and experienced.

Now your friends will be coming from all over to meet you on Sahasrara Day.  I hope you will recognize them, and they will recognize you, too. Just see their eyes and you will know, they are your brothers and sisters anywhere in the world because there is a glint in the eye, a spark and that’s how you can recognize.

The Sahasrara should meet in Vienna, is such a great thing for me. I remember the day, when I opened the Sahasrara and I saw the birds chirping, the flowers blooming, the whole nature feeling the joy of Sahasrara being opened, but the human beings, I didn’t see the reflection on their faces. But today, right from the airport, when all the Sahaja Yogis came and then in the plane, I saw that the force of Sahasrara has improved very much. Not only that, but the sensitivity of even ordinary people has improved a lot. And in the plane everybody entered very serious; perhaps they were coming for a serious job to Vienna, with big problems, very serious; and I just went off to sleep in the half way and when I got up, everybody was laughing and joking, as if they had no problems left. And in the bus also everybody was laughing.

So now we have to realize that the Sahaja Yogis have done so much, so much to channelise this Nirananda all over the world. So I am very thankful to you for all that. And now we look forward to the people who are coming, they are coming here to enjoy the Nirananda and we have to see to it that we give them all that is Niranand. Niranand means just “Kevalam”, “Kevalam”, “Ananda Kevalam” is Nirananda. Sheer, sheer the “Kevalam”, sheer, sheer joy, I mean nothing but joy, it’s Nirananda. And this word delight itself is “of light”, “comes out of the light” is, see, light and the joy, so much.

So this is, we are all enlightened, we are all Nirmalites and that’s how you all are joy. In everything that you see, you feel the joy pouring in. You can’t understand how, you see something that you see every day and there is joy.

Now for Sahasrara Day I have to tell you about little chakras that you are catching, which you should clear out before that, would be a good idea, very intimate.

The first thing I find is right Visshuddhi. For that I would suggest that you all should take tea, you won’t get Basil tea here. But I’ve got something which you can put it in the tea, which you can take it, and then have an ajwain dhuni.
Now another thing you have to do is to put your fingers into your ears and say “Allah-hu-akbar” sixteen times. Put your head back. It will clear out most of your problems about Visshuddhi. Mantras are to give strength to your deities.

Of course, Deities are very powerful, but strength, meaning the vehicle, which is carrying the Deity, becomes stronger. As you know, this is also the mantra of “Radha-Krishna” or “Vitthala” is the same for right Visshuddhi; but “Allah-ho-Akbar” has two things in it: first is, of course, the Visshuddhi and also the collectivity. So by the first one, you get bad colds and you get your attention diverted and other problems of the ear, nose, throat.  And by the second one when it is spoiled, you say aggressive words, sarcastic language – all kinds of things that breaks the collectivity. So either you suffer from a bad cold, so you cannot speak, and when you speak you hurt others.

But the voice should be melodious and the language should be controlled.  If we can control our tongue, 80 % of collectivity we’ll achieve. Tongue is first of all, of course, for saying things, which are sweet and beautiful.  Let us find out what sweet things we are going to say to people who come here. Not expressing our views about, I like it, I like that, I want that. But on the contrary “do you like this, do you like this, would you enjoy this?” So the language should be directed towards others, showing interest and concern.
Another thing one should try is a physical treatment of your throat, it is very simple, I’ve seen is that, you push back your tongue, and put, this is a physical thing, put your chin here and try to push back your tongue as much as possible.
Now, and hold your breath, push back your tongue as much as you can. Kundalini will move further.  First you have done Allah-ho-akbar, so you have bent backwards. By doing this, you see, you have allowed it to open the other way round also. You will see the sides; from the sides the Kundalini will be opened out.

Another thing is that, Krishna is very fond of butter.  But in collectivity Krishna principle, plus the principle of the guru is mixed. When he becomes a guru, then the collectivity starts; (principles, principles of these two when they get integrated, then collectivity starts); and as a result of that, you get discretion.  So to improve the discretion part, is a very simple thing we do is to take vibrated ghee or butter, which is heated up, and put it in the nose. But before that, we gargle our throat with the salt, which represents the guru principle. Also you can take a little ghee or butter on top of a hot water cup and if you drink it that soothes all your sides because that is, Krishna is soothed by that.

There’s another thing called primrose oil, that you get in this country – primrose oil, two-three drops of that if you can take it in the water that will also soothe your Visshuddhi. So oil is the one that helps you. In your ears, if you can, put some olive oil heated up with some garlic in it, heated up – one garlic piece in it that’s very good for the ears.  So the oil is the one that keeps your Visshuddhi all right.  Also the hair are to be oiled properly.

A lot of oil should be used before, say Saturday or something, so that when you have your bath you clear out your oil completely.  And when you get conditioners here, is a good idea, but in India we use oil again, but you can use conditioners if you want, but make the hair smooth with it. And then you must do again, with your own hands, a nice massage or one Sahaja Yogi can do for another, a nice massage for the head because this is what I am preparing you for Sahasrara. And you will be surprised, that your head will be very clear and thus you will be prepared for this Puja of Sahasrara.

I would say you must order one gallon of olive oil. When all the Sahaja Yogis are coming, you should all be ready to give them a nice massage on their heads and also on their back bone and Visshuddhi chakra will be a good idea, will give them a better sort of a feeling for Sahasrara Day.

As in India the custom is, if you want to sort of show the friend your hospitable nature, then like when Sudama met Krishna, first thing he did, that he got all the fragrant things to rub on the hands and the body of Sudama.

Then he gave him a nice bath with hot water and, first, of course, he rubbed oil, a lot of oil on his body and then he gave him a nice bath, then he gave him nice clothes to wear. And Sudama was so enamoured by the love, because when you touch somebody with oil, you see, it’s the Krishna tattwa acts because Krishna is the one who represents the “Madhuria”, the sweetness, sweetness of your character.  (Dr. Rustom: “Means honey, sweetness; also means spring, beauty”). (Madhuria; aspect of Shri Krishna). It’s a very beautiful feeling of Madhuria.

You see in little, little things they express Madhuria, like in poetry, in relating some events. When you get a very sweet feeling about the whole event. Krishna’s Leelas were all full of Madhuria. (Dr. Rustom: “Playful sweetness.”) It’s like a sport, you see, it’s a sport.

I’ll tell you, how sweet he was like this. You see once Indra got very angry with him, and it started raining very heavily. So all the people, who were looking after, the cowherds were called Gopas and Gopis, they were all getting drenched, and so he said: “Don’t you worry”, and he lifted the Govardha on his one finger, the whole Govardha mountain he lifted on his one finger and they all came under the shelter of that mountain.  So then he says to the Gopas that, “Now my finger is paining, you better support it with your sticks, that you have in your hand, otherwise my finger is paining.” This is the sweetness.

Like once he ate, I mean he really was a thief, a little thief, and fond of butter. So the butter of the house was kept in a little pot, and was hanging up, kept hanging there, so that no cat can reach it and all that, with a kind of thing we have a string, thing to keep that pot.

So he collected all the children, and took out all the butter and ate it and the whole face was filled with butter, you see. So his mother came, and she took one stick, and she said: “Now you have eaten all the butter.” So he says: “I never ate any.” “The whole thing (face) was filled with it. “And these boys must have put something on my mouth, because they have eaten everything”. “So then he said, “See now, the whole day I work for your cows, and when I come home, you just try to trouble me like this.” And then he says that, “Now, I am your foster son, that’s why you are troubling me like this.”

And she starts looking at him, and then he puts his hands towards her, little hands, and he said: “But I have kept some for you in my hand, to be given, though they have eaten everything.” And puts it in her mouth, so that all her temper goes away, and she just embraces him to his heart. And that’s how the whole thing ends up into a sweet drama.

When Krishna is awakened within us, we also can do all such dramas with each other, and enjoy the frolics. Then we don’t lose tempers, we don’t get angry, we enjoy each other’s personality very much.

So to prepare for Sahasrara Day first we must prepare this honey for them, when they arrive. And nobody is going to scold the children at all. And the children are going to be very  sweet.  And they are going to sit very quietly.

Now let us see how big she has become.  Come along Niranjana.  You come here, I want to see how big you have become.  Oh, such a big girl.  Now they are going to sit like big people – they are not small; and what about you Machindranath, you have gone small or big?  Let’s see, will you stand up.  How he has become so big now.  You better sit like a big man “alright”? She’s small, still this child is small.  Ah now, and you can’t put that in the mouth.  Alright, he’ll keep it down.  So, now, sit quietly.  All the children in London sit very quietly.  Let us see, all the children in Vienna, how do they sit?.  Look at her, she is sitting very quietly – such a nice girl, she is, and also Niranjana is very sweet and Machindranath is the sweetest.


You have to laud [Hindi] the depth, you see, you have to laud them with dignity, laud them with praises so that they settle down, you see, just laud them there.

Gregoire: Laud?

Shri Mataji: Lauding.

Sit down sit down, you can’t do that. You can’t do, you are big. You want to take out? All right. Sit down, sit down, we’ll take it out. Sit down, sit down, take it out. All right [The baby girl is talking] [Laughter]

Good, nice, yours is all right, yours is nice, all right. Now see, let’s see, you are feeling vibrations? Let’s see all of you. See here? Let’s see, Niranjana just see it. You feel vibration? Good. You’re feeling vibration? Let’s see. Good. Hum, see. Every body is feeling.

So now, if you have any questions, ask Me, that’s it. Rustom brought this for Me, because he said the gold is cheap there, and he said, this is not diamond, to make Me wear that, so I have taken out now my watch, so you tell Me, if it is all right for you, to ask questions.

Just imagine, this will be in the personal archives of Mataji. This is Athena’s dress. You see she wears it in the right hand, showing the Kundalini on the Visshuddhi chakra. See, for her also our Visshuddhi was very important.

Now Mr. Reagan is going to Bonn, so also, give all of them a Bandhan, they are all planting all kinds of bombs in wrong places.

Gregoire: There is a big controversy because he is supposed to visit a cemetery.

Shri Mataji: He will be caught up by bhoots. The only danger is, he should not become another SS. You see, he is an actor, and after all, an actor, how far can one go, you see.

Why do they go to the cemetery? I just don’t understand. As it is, you are caught up going to, near any cemetery. And going to somebody, who’s an evil influence, anywhere, if you go there, any cemetery. If you go there, what will happen to you? You will all be caught up.

Gregoire: Shri Mataji, he visits both, first the cemetery, and then the concentration camp.

Shri Mataji: God save him. You see, most of the presidents of Russia, are now you’ll find are dying of this problem and same thing this fellow is up to. You see it is aVinashakale” we put it, the Buddhi, when you want to destroy yourself, you go to your mind only suggests you wrong things. It’s very wrong to go to any cemetery whatsoever and to this concentration camp to go itself is dangerous, you see, or even to cemetery, going to SS, is very dangerous.

I went to East Germany, and they wanted, they showed me that there was a concentration camp, and all that and I closed my eyes, because I just wanted to bless all the souls in that concentration camp, so that they should not be hanging somewhere in a state from where they cannot take their birth.

And you see, what is happening to Israel today is because of this concentration-camp-effects, only, and also the effect of, they went to, what you call, these bad gurus like mahesh yogi.

One should not give importance to bhoots, then their life itself will be weak. But this is too much, to go to this SS-camp, because that shows such a compromise. This politic is nothing but a compromise. And then it is so mean, so filthy, that tomorrow if Hitler comes in, Reagan will go and garland him, just to give a balance.  And it is such an action and reaction, that you just cannot say, like some people told me, that after all the Americans also went and killed the Japanese, so they are equally the killers.

So under these circumstances, only one can say, that all these are wretched people, they have no sense of proportion at all. The compromise with evil, compromise with wrongdoers and compromise at any cost, just to have an election, sometimes you start decrying democracy because it becomes a demonocracy.

So one can say that, one could say, that one should have the desire and the prayers to God, that “Oh God, make Sahaja Yoga so successful, that people enter into the kingdom of God, where there is not such filthy things”, I mean this is the politics of the gutters.  I feel the way it is, it’s very, very low level, everything is so low level.

We don’t need anybody’s votes in Sahaja Yoga. Our vibrations are our votes. I mean somebody is elected because he has good vibrations, that’s all, just gets elected. That’s what it is the centripetal and the centrifugal force, which works it out, which is so natural, not mental, so it doesn’t compromise with something that is wrong. And those who are wrong, who are not up to the point, have to work it out, and they can be again back.  You see, which is a living force, but nobody harms anyone to that extent cannot harm anyone to that extent that we can say that it’s like SS-people, somebody cannot become like an SS-person in Sahaja Yoga.

Nobody can harm to that extent. Because this is a living force, and living force whatever is living, can always be improved.

But a plastic you cannot do anything you cannot evolve it. You cannot do anything to it. It is just what you created is created, it’s like a monster. It will pile up into a mountain, you don’t know what to do, how to dissolve it. So, as if I feel it is all such filth, that this fungus-like growth has come up, this is all like funguses. So they are at the helm of affairs these funguses, fungi, and I really don’t know what to say about them, I mean they are that level, what to say! We should just dissociate with them, we are different people all together, we are flowers

So after Sahasrara Puja, I am going to, as you know, to America also, and I hope something will be worked out on the Visshuddi there. But first let us work out our Visshuddis in Vienna, and we can work out the Visshuddi of the Universe. And the other side of it, which gives you a guilt, because when you speak about Germans, every German catches up here, thack! They are gone, finished.  They are now born as Jews.  And the Jews are born as Germans.  So what are you feeling guilty about?

That’s how the other Vissuddhi also should be all right, and our Sahasrara Day will be a great success.

If we only know, that Christ is with us all the time, and that our Agnya will not make us mental too much, but relax us from mental activity. For that a simple thing is, you leave everything at the Lotus feet of your Mother, finished. Your thoughts and your problems, everything.

Another miracle, I’ll tell you one, recently. We have one Ian from Australia. He came with some paintings, he is good at painting, and he was very unsuccessful, he could not get any job, or any publicity, anything. So he came to me, and he said: “Mother, I don’t know what to do, you just see my paintings”.  So I saw them, he has a very good hand, but more importance was given to other things than the human beings there, you see. So I told him, you have to paint human beings better in details, than other things.  So he got worried, because he thought, he has to do now the face study and all that, so he was quite worried. I said, “you leave everything at your Mother’s Lotus Feet”.  I was sitting in my dining room, and suddenly I found everybody was smiling up to the end of their jaws. Just after half an hour, it happened, that we received a telephone call, that he’s got a very good job.

That’s why Christ has said: “Behold the Mother. Behold the Mother. Behold”. Because, when you look at me, because I create Nirvichara”, you become Nirvichara.  So you have to say “Mother you are Nirvichara”. And that is how your Agnya can be alright. And if you can put a light in front of you and say that your left Agnya will be alright also. That’s how you keep your passage all right for Sahasrara Day, because maybe this time I may really put a big blast.

Last time we had a Puja in Birmingham, and it was a tremendous experience for all of them. So the Vienna people should be prepared for the Sahasrara Day.

May God bless you.

[…continued after present giving]

Who got married among these 54 couples we had last time? Ah, good, I am very happy to know about it. Ah, it was real joy, and the 108 people married, really, it was like heaven, beautiful.

I was told, that you were asked for money, when you went there, twice. And I have to give an explanation for that, because, people said that nobody gave any explanation. But there’s one point, I would like to say, that the money was taken, one for the presents of 54 marriages, you better tell them. Because you see even, if you have to give one dollar, it is 54 dollars, so I think they took $70 and the other money was taken for that land I was going to buy, so that’s what it is.

So I mean, there was no hanky panky about it, the whole money was given to me.  No, no, not from my side, but from the people who collected, because it was done for the land, you know Gregoire we are buying, we have already bought it, in Vaitarna, the 42 acres of land, that this was the reason they had to collect that time. But they said, they never told us, and some people in England. But that’s why I wanted to just tell you that, because it is for your children, the school is going to be for your children and not for Indian children.

I mean, it was beautiful, and the whole thing was done so well, and I mean everything went off very well, but one should not have these feelings, because our attention should not be on material things. It is not a very good idea to have attention on the material things, because these things spoil the joy of everything. I mean nobody is making money there, you know that very well. This is how also we kill joy. These are joy killers.  Or, if you have to spend on someone, say some friends are coming, or something, then you should be happy to do that. Instead of that if you start counting your pennies. It is joyless. The generosity is most enjoyable thing, I think.  I enjoy my generosity very much. And all the time I am thinking, how I can increase my enjoyment of generosity.

War does one good thing sometimes.  That people get out of the materialistic attitude, one good thing. But lots of bad things are there. But this is one thing, I have seen, when the war shakes a man, he thinks, what’s the value of all these things I have been fighting for.  But if you get Nirananda, after that you don’t want to have any joy from material gains or material things, you just do not want to have. I mean you feel so secure with it.

So you didn’t ask me any other question? The trouble is you all get thoughtless. No question? Not anything? At least ask how to perform the Puja, or something?

Question: “Can you explain Nirananda a little bit, Shri Mataji?” Can you talk about Nirananda?

Shri Mataji: “You see, you can only describe it, you cannot explain. Where there is complete joy, then there is no happiness and unhappiness. You don’t feel happiness or unhappiness; these are the qualities of the ego and superego. (translate it).

In Sahaja Yoga, as you grow from one to another, there are different types of Anandas.

Like we can say, the spirit, when you see the Spirit, you get an Anand, called Swananda. That means you feel your spirit yourself, and you feel very happy. Then you give Realization to others, you get Parananda, joy of others. But when you get the enjoyment of well-being, in health and materially all right and everything all right, everything in “Santosha”, in complete satisfaction, then it’s Brahmananda.  And like that you start feeling higher and higher joys within yourself. Because your nerves start opening to new dimensions.

So you can say that at the Krishna level, you get Krishnananda, where you get the sweetness, the Madhuria. And when you see your generosity, then you get Shivananda. And when you are with children, you get Ganeshananda. And that can be described, all those can be described, but Niranand cannot be described, because it’s Mahamayas’ joy. All these joys put together is Nirananda. So there is no place for ego and superego at all. The complete Sahasrara is opened out, and nothing but the complete rapport is established with the divine.

And there is a pouring of light all the time in the head and the light going back, that you have seen in my photograph. As if the Sahasrara becomes like a sucking child from the Universal Mother, sucking the joy inside, and it is again reflecting back. It would be like the waves reach the shores and then they are again repleted, they go back and then they form a pattern.

Now the joy out of that pattern, how can you describe? The only thing about Nirananda is, that you have Mahamaya so close and so far away, that’s the speciality.

Completely thoughtless, silence there, complete silence, you don’t think. Its just silence you cannot put into words anymore, because the words break with the force of the Ananda. They cannot hold it.

All right? Now explain, how you are feeling, you better explain now.

Any other question, beautiful question?

So far, you see, at human level, one feels only the pains or pressures on the nerves, but never the Ananda but after realization only, your nerves start feeling the joy. Alright?”

Anything more, anybody has to say?  Yes, there is.

Question: “The Goddess Kuan Ying, Shri Mataji, can you tell us something about it?”

Shri Mataji: “Kuan Ying, you want to know about her? That’s an incarnation of one of the……  I mean in the Chinese mythology you find the incarnation described of Kuan Ying. And actually she is the one, who is the Vruddha, is described as Vruddha, she is the one, is the aged one. Because Kuan Ying was born to a king, she was the daughter of a king. And she was the Virgin form of the goddess, and she would not marry, so her father got very angry with her, that she is not married, and he threatened her, because he had arranged her marriage with some great king, you see.  And when the marriage did not take place, father was so angry and annoyed and felt very humiliated. So he took her to a hillside and threatened her that “I will throw you down.” And actually she was thrown down from the hillside into a valley, and he thought, that she must have been dead. But there was a tiger, which held her, and he carried her along, and then he looked after her. And when she grew very old, quite old, then she came out of her hermitage and she started treating people, and many people got cured by her – but she was quite old, then the father recognized her, because father was sick.  She went and treated the father also, and she started curing people, and that’s the Kuan Ying. If you go to Hong Kong, you can see her statue, the face is very much like mine, absolutely, but she is older looking and her shoulders are bent, quite bent.  But she came much before Christ, and the Buddhist felt, that people wouldn’t give her up, because she was so much regarded as the Mother of Mercy. So they included her in the Buddha thing.

You don’t need translation? Anything else?”

Question: “How can we be more aware of you in our daily life, in whatever we are doing, not in meditation, in whatever we are doing?”

Shri Mataji: “See Gregoire, the Western mind is not conditioned so well for that, you must understand. Now when I went to Himalayas, to Dharamshala, they just advertised, that there is Devi-Jagra, that your Devi will be awakened. They know, that there is Devi within them, that your Goddess will be awakened.

And about 3000 people came from villages, about 20 km away, also some of them walking down to that valley, where there was a nice lake also, and they were just joyous and singing that Devi is coming. They were already aware of my coming. And they came, sat down, I gave them a lecture, they closed their eyes with complete reverence, with folded hands, just anybody who even opened the eyes had such Shraddha for Me as if they saw the Devi herself.

For them, no problem and I was talking to them, I asked,” Any questions”, of course, there were no questions, but the wind they felt was so strong and the wind that was going to them, was coming back, and there was a wall behind me, it was hitting the wall, and from the wall it was coming on me, and I was feeling so very cold, you know, it was not such a cold day, it was a very sunny day.  And the tent, they had erected was only showing that there was some wind blowing, and something happening there.  But the rest of the whole, all the atmosphere, the trees were all silently watching everything, not a single movement. The birds, everybody was there, looking.  The monkeys were sitting, the birds were sitting and all other animals, like dogs, things, and all were sitting very nicely, not a single sound.  Nobody felt it.  So they are conditioned that way, with the atmosphere, with all that background they have. And there are seven temples of Swayambhudhis, seven temples around of Swayambhus, Vaishna Devi, Naina Devi, then this, what you call Gangla Devi, they have seven of them, Naina Devi, all of them are around. And this was just in the centre of it. And to them, they started, when they got it, they said, “we have got it, we have got, we have got”, “we have got”; nothing be told. Now here the conditioning is there.

And even that there was Military, and there were jeeps passing when I was coming, they saw me, they had to salute. And the gentleman in charge of the command, he came down three times, just to see me. He saw me off at the station, I mean as if all of them knew. And they were singing the song, “You, the person that belongs to our hills.” – “Balowali-Cherawali”, the one who is of the tigress, the one who is the daughter of the mountains.

The first name of the Goddess is Shailaputri, as you know, that Shailaputri means the daughter of the mountains. So to them, I was just their own. They were waiting for me, they knew, I was to come, I came – they got it. So that’s the good conditioning.  You are conditioned  the other way, never recognize anyone. Even when we were going to Pathankot, the train was late, and somebody at the station said that Mataji has come and the train was late for two hours. Everybody, the officers, the kulis, everybody came to the platform.  They started getting realization. So many got realization.

And this American lady was there, sitting, she was feeling very nervous and bad, and she was thinking, what is Mother doing, why is She giving realization to the kulis all these things she was thinking stupidly, she wanted to run away. And there were some ladies from Rajasthan they heard, that I was there. They all started singing the song of the Goddess at Delhi railway station.

So the conditioning here is bad.  The part of the conditioning that is bad, first of all, is this way: That the mind is spoilt by wrong identifications. Like some actress, you see, like Bardot sort of thing, or Marylin Monroe sort of thing, you see, everybody’s attention will be on them. Our mind is made like that. You, if you see the way the statues are made, everything is on that line. Or else your mind is spoilt with reading such funny things, which are in the market, which you read, all these things. So, you see, so the whole attention is either on sex or on material things.  So how can it see something beyond?

Now, even, supposing, you can see beyond eastern things, material and, this and that, still Mahamaya is such, that she puts your attention on test.  But that’s the only escape I have. See the point. Now the escape that I have I use it not deliberately, I must tell you.  There is no deliberations.  It is automatically, it works out. And with that your attention is judged. Now the best way to do, is this way: “Why can’t I not recognize Mother? I have seen Her, raising the Kundalini of the people. I think too much of Christ. What, I have not seen Christ, have I? I have never met Him, I don’t know, whether He was there or not. But I have seen our Mother, and She has given so much to so many thousands of people, and She has been with us.”

But the Western mind is such that it will pick on something, by which they will not recognize.

Say, I’ll tell you how. Now, Easter Puja we had in London, alright? Now you must understand, that when you give me flowers, you ask for flowers for your life, and you have to give a little money to me, if you want to have money also, it is important. Not in person, but in the Puja.  But these people brought lots of sweets for themselves, food for themselves and for Puja they were not left with any money, but on the contrary, they said, that they are running short, as if I have to pay for it.

And like Garanga said, that can you give your Tama-Mana-Tanna. Tama is your body, Mana is your heart and Tanna is all your property, everything, can you give it to Mother?  He asked them, just think of that. And they were quite stunned, Sahaja Yogis, by such a question.  But everything is mine, you must know that.

But all the Indian Sahaja Yogis said: “Yes, we will.”

So now I said, that that’s wrong. You must collect some money for the Puja, I had to tell them. It’s very embarrassing. I’m saying the attention, I’m saying the attention, you have to see where it is. And you have no idea, as to thousands of pounds I have spent myself. But now the people who had arranged dropped out of Sahaja Yoga. An old Sahaja Yogini, she dropped out. So this is what is the understanding cannot come easily because your attention is on all these things. Then I play tricks on you because it is not important, how many Westerners come and how many Easterners come to God.  For Him everybody is a human being. If I am in Maharastra, say, for 5 years, most of the Maharastra will be there. But it is for you people, you have to seek that yourself, saying, why can’t I be aware, what’s wrong with me, why? Is it Ego?

So, you see, the attention, your attention, I must say, I judge it every moment, because there is a centripetal and a centrifugal force. Now the other side of it is also, supposing you are too much fond of some people, say you are Christians, you want Christians to be saved, or you are Muslims – you want Muslims to be saved or you want whatever to be saved. Then I give you a lesson through them only, that you learn, no more of these.

Families, for example. Family, you get so fed up with the family – like Gregoire gave me his family thing today. It is like that. You just don’t want anything to do with them.  It is that way. So this is.

Then apart from that other attentions you have, like your positions, your jobs, your…. all this is too much, the main thing is the Moksha. What is it after all, what do you need all this for?  And then you find, that the idealism that you have also keeps you back. Like I have seen people when they come to Sahaja Yoga, they think it is a good way of expression of your idealism, your power.  You see, the power game also starts with the Western mind, very common.

And then also people start seeing it sometimes, like some people said that – Mother, even I now feel attached to women, sort of thing, nonsense, and all these things, you see.

So I don’t know, what to say, that shows that the Deities are very weak. They have no strength that means that, that you are still doing things, which you just should give up in no time. The sin against the Mother. And on top of that the conditioning is such, that why should Mother run my life? I mean, who has got time to run your life actually?

You see, so one must know, that with all these things you are not the first. First are those from the Dharamsala.

So you have to develop that competition with them.  How are they surrendered?  Why are we not? What are we thinking, where are we?

You see, in this world those people who are regarded as top, are the lowest in God’s realm. You see, in the other direction. Then you should say, “Why am I so low grade, that I cannot recognize the joy, the source of joy?” “What is my background?” “Why am I like this?” Like a worm, still crawling.

That’s what you see, that sort of a feeling, with you should know that if I am asking you to come and all that, it is not that there is any shop here, nothing is selling, you have to sell your goods. Again it is Mahamaya.

Looks, as if I am trying to please you. You should please me (“Hindi words”).  And then ask a question: “Why can’t I please Mother?  What’s wrong with me?”

Like in India, or even in Dharamshala when all the ladies and men came, they must have washed their clothes – you see all new clothes.  Whatever it is, they brought all their ornaments, whatever they had, they brought it, and whatever they had pawned also. They must have asked the fellow that the Devi is coming, “how can we see her all properly dressed, combed properly, all nicely dressed, and they all came as if they were going to a big festival.

And they gave me things, which I tell you, of such immense joy, which were, you may say they are not so expensive, but their heart. I mean they had given me whatever they had, sort of thing; because I could feel their heart in it. And the whole understanding – that we are meeting the God.

Like they showed some photographs in Birmingham and there are two, three girls from India, they just started crying. This is not the way, she’s God, and God’s photograph, this way, to spoil the Devi’s [unclear] photo, God’s photograph, to be spoiled like this. They just couldn’t bear it. If a negative person takes the photograph, then the photographs come out very funny, and such photographs were shown, two, three and they were very upset. I am that, no doubt, I say that, but also I am Mahamaya.

You have seen that in your photographs; your cameras have shown you. You can’t see it, because you are not so sensitive. Even animals can know, the tigers can know, the serpents can know, the birds can know, the trees can know. Why not you? So that’s what you have to decide yourself. It is you who has to ask for it, not me. Better? Very good.

May God bless you.