Evening Program, Eve of Sahastrara Puja after Nirvikalpa talk Laxenburg (Austria)

Evening Program, Eve of Sahastrara Puja after Nirvikalpa talk

Do you know the meaning of this one? We have the translation. Oh, I see. But the one thing is there now, you see. It has to be rhythmic, otherwise, if it is not proper rhyme and also, in a proper rhythm, as you say taal. Any music, say it’s English, it’s western, whatever it is. It has to have that link. In the western music, whatever was composed they used to us beats i think, […]

Eve of Sahastrara puja, You have to be in Nirvikalpa Laxenburg (Austria)

Evening before Sahastrara puja, “You have to be in nirvikalpa”. Vienna, May 4, 1985.
It’s very gratifying to see so many Sahaja Yogis have come to celebrate the Sahastrar day.
Without breaking the Sahastrara we could not have achieved the ascent en masse. But the Sahastrara, which is the brain, has gone into too much complications in the West and the nerves are very much twisted, one upon another. To keep Sahastrara open should be very easy if the Western brains could understand and be aware about your Mother. […]

Public Program Vienna (Austria)

Public Program

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

As I told you yesterday that Truth is not a concept When people start establishing something as Truth there arises the problem because Truth cannot be organized, cannot be ordered, cannot be changed it is what it is. And today the Truth is, that the time has come for people to get their resurrection, that the time has come where people have to ascend to their higher being. […]