Talk: You have to be in Nirvikalpa, Eve of Sahasrara Puja

Laxenburg (Austria)

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Evening before Sahasrara puja, “You have to be in nirvikalpa”. Vienna, May 4, 1985.

It’s very gratifying to see so many Sahaja Yogis have come to celebrate the Sahasrar day.

Without breaking the Sahasrara we could not have achieved the ascent en masse. But the Sahasrara, which is the brain, has gone into too much complications in the West and the nerves are very much twisted, one upon another. To keep Sahasrara open should be very easy if the Western brains could understand and be aware about your Mother.

When your Mother is the Deity of Sahasrara the only way to be able to keep the Sahasrara open has to be complete surrendering.

For that many ask Me, “How do we do [it]?” It’s a very funny question – it is irrelevant. If your Sahasrara has been opened out by someone, and luckily that is the Deity before you, it should be the easiest thing to surrender, but it is not. It is difficult because the attention that has come up through the cells of the brain, expressing itself through the cells of the brain, is polluted, it is impure, it is destructive; it spoils the nerves and when the nerves are spoiled, the light of the Spirit does not shine on the nerves and you feel the inability to surrender. Normally, it should be the easiest thing to do.

So, we have to mentally approach ourselves. We have to talk to ourselves and say to ourselves, “What are you doing?” What is surrendering? It is enjoyment. It is just enjoyment. “Then why I cannot surrender? What is lacking in me? Am I a very low level person? Am I the one who was just saying I’m a seeker but I’m not? Am I dishonest person that I cannot surrender? If so, what am I proud of myself? If that is the situation, then why am I so much enamoured by my ego?”

What do you have to surrender? A drop has to dissolve into the ocean to become the ocean. And a drop cannot be greater than the ocean, can it be? So, what is the surrendering? Surrendering of our conditionings, of our ego and the artificial barriers we have built around us.
One can approach [it] mentally, one can approach emotionally and also physically we can approach ourselves. We can approach ourselves through mantras, through seeing ourselves, through knowing ourselves. But one should know, this is the greatest of greatest opportunity for you, not for the Divine.

If you are not available the Divine can find its own ways of fulfilling its last culmination of expression. Even to understand how immense the task is you need a surrendering heart.
Only through mental approach, when you arrive, you develop a petty ego that you are doing a great work.

Like, I telephoned to America saying that I’ll be coming, and there’s a very big scientist in Los Angeles who is an Indian, Maharashtrian fellow. He [just] missed his Nobel Prize – such a great scientist. He telephoned to Me immediately saying, “Mother I am coming to New York to receive you. I’m taking leave for fifteen days. When you are here I want to be with you.” What else is to be done? “As it is I am doing Sahaja Yoga by the way at my own convenience, whenever I get time. That’s what I’m doing, isn’t it?” “But I would like to travel with you to Europe to all the different places with you to spend some time, otherwise, what am I doing here?”
But what I have heard [is] that people are arriving at different times for Sahasrara Day. I was amazed! It’s typical Western mind: “by the way”. Sahaja Yoga is to be done mostly by the way. “It should be convenient, it should be a weekend when, just by the way for a holiday, we can go to Vienna. There, of course, by the way, we’ll have a puja and by the way Mother will raise the Kundalini, She will awaken our Deities and then by the way we’ll be enjoying the blessings”. No sacrifice can be done for God! No time, they have no time. Everything is “by the way”. It’s rather amazing! For war people give up their lives. For destruction they work so hard, day and night. But for the construction of humanity, for the ultimate goal of Divinity, in the West, how many there are who really surrender?”
“If it suits, then we’ll be there, ‘Sahaj’. This is Sahaj style! We should reach Sahaj”. I heard about this many a times and there are still many who take that kind of an attitude towards Sahaja Yoga. It is sometimes surprising for Me.

If I go to a village [in India] people take leave for fifteen days, one month. In Rahuri people take leave for one month to prepare for my coming. One day leave for them is a very big thing. They are the people who deserve it. It’s not what you dress and what you eat and what you have – it’s what you can give and give up. The tags of mundane life are to be cut off, we must understand. It’s a progress of people like slaves tied up to chains: chains of desires, chains of complacentness, chains of lethargy, chains of ego – which is like a log!

So, we have to understand ourselves. Everybody has to understand oneself: that through you the salvation of the world has to come.

You are chosen for the emancipation of the whole humanity. The Divine wants you to work as a channel for the beautification of this universe, for the ultimate expression of God’s love.

When I say this, I find suddenly the ego coming up automatically. On the contrary a surrender [should be there], to fill up your vessels with the bliss, the bliss of Divinity, so that when you go to others you pour on them the beauty and love of God. It is for you to understand yourself very well and not others. Don’t blame anyone!

It’s so precious that no words can describe the greatness of these moments which we are spending together. You have to feel it within yourself – the assignment that is given to you.

Through your own Spirit, through your own state, you can fulfil the assignment. But lack of faith in yourself cannot give you surrendering powers. Surrender is the opening of Sahasrara, keeping it completely open so that the nirvikalpa state is established within us.

There should be a regular progress of improvement; regular progress of the opening. Have you ever seen any lotus or any flower that blooms, blooms, and in between again does not bloom then blooms then collapses then blooms? Have you ever seen such a nonsensical phenomenon in the nature? You come up, again you go down, again you come up, you go down. Have you ever seen a tree that comes up, again goes inside the mud, again it comes up, again goes back into the mud blaming other people? Have you seen any animal which starts growing, then it becomes a dwarf, again it grows, again it becomes a dwarf? Even these huge palaces which have been built so beautifully for us, do you see that they become small suddenly and then collapse and then again they blow up? Only the balloon of ego and super-ego does that. And when you are identified with them, you too become very peculiar personalities.

The lotus of your Sahasrara is open now. It must open more and more and more and should not suddenly collapse, again open, again collapse. It’s a very complicated phenomena [that] you can see in the West and you can be very much surprised sometimes. To me it’s sometimes very shocking to see. Suddenly someone will come, “Oh, I am very nervous about this thing! I am very nervous about that!” Another person will come and tell me, “I want to leave Sahaja Yoga now!” Another one comes and tells me, “Oh, it’s too much! I cannot go any further with it.” So we must realise that there is something very peculiar within us, something absurd within us, that’s why it happens. We go forward, backwards, forward, backwards, all the time. What is this pendulum? That cannot be Sahasrar; Sahasrara is not a pendulum it is a lotus. So the pendulum is the chitta, is the attention. The attention that moves from left to right, right to left, goes on like that all the time.

But the area of Sahasrara is the realm of God. When the brahmarandhra opens fully then the heavens open within yourself. The Kundalini which has risen up and given you Realisation creates that subtle opening by which the Divine starts pouring all its subtleties inside your brain. But if you’re pressing it from both sides with these balloons, sometimes opening, sometimes closing, sometimes opening, the Divine recedes its attention; you must know that. The attention is receded back and if it is done many a times, the Divine doesn’t bother [anymore].

So it is you who has to achieve that state and all of us can achieve that state of nirvikalpa. In that there is just progression. After nirvikalpa you cannot come down. If somebody is still going up and down, up and down, he should know he is still not up to the point and he should face up to himself and tell himself or herself that, “No, I have to be into nirvikalpa where I do not come down!”

The people who are not in the nirvikalpa state are not going to be saved. I am very sorry to say that. They are not going to be saved. They will be punished. May not be in the same way [as] those who are not realised souls. But they will not occupy the seats in the realm of God Almighty. At least you must reach the state of nirvikalpa. Do not blame any circumstance. Do not blame your father, mother, brother, atmosphere, this, that. There’s no need to blame anyone,” “Because somebody came we were influenced?” What is the matter with you? I’m here – you are not influenced by me! How are you influenced by somebody who is so stupid obviously, so dominating? That means what is your level?

So tomorrow I have decided to tell you how to be at the state of nirvikalpa. As I said, we can approach mentally. But mentally if I say, “You take this medicine,” and you do not take the medicine then it’s just a mental thing: the medicine is kept on the cupboard. You are just the same and then you say, “Mother, yes we listened to your lecture.”

So the keynote of tomorrow’s puja, as I have decided [is] that you have to be at the nirvikalpa state.

We can say this Sahasrara day is a very big day because I never threw such an ultimatum before. Because now we are established as Vishwa Dharma, as the Universal Religion. We are not like other religions where, after the death of the incarnations, people started the religion and did whatever they wanted to do with that.

In our living time (lifetime) we are going to make ourselves that instrument which will represent the Vishwa Dharma. We have to have strong Deities within ourselves. We have weakened them by all mistakes – doesn’t matter. They are weak because traditionally we haven’t got the strength – doesn’t matter. But now this Religion has been established we cannot have black spots anymore.

We’ve done all the choosing, the training, everything and you all have to jump into the boat now. There’s no more time left for us to dilly-dally. Those who will be left behind will be left behind. It’s a very intense period now, you must understand. The intensity of the period is not by the way. It’s not anymore Sahaja Yoga, it is Maha Yoga now. And you have to become Maha, you have to become great otherwise you cannot be there. You have to jump out of all these things.

Tomorrow I’ll try whatever is possible on my side. I’ll work it out. But it’s a serious matter, I must tell you: that once I’ve established the Religion I don’t want to have any holes in it. I avoided it because I was not sure. Now I know for sure that there are many who could be called as ‘Nirmalites’. Because no more black spots on the beautiful sari of your Mother. It has to be absolutely highest quality.

Gradually we used to drop people, gradually worked out this, but here’s no time left now. As I have told you, I am going back to India. Tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you how, gradually, you have got up to your Sahasrara. And to get to nirvikalpa you have to really dedicate yourself fully.

It’s not a matter of convenience to come to Sahaja Yoga. It’s a Sahasrar Day – you have to cross the Himalayas. If you read the lives of the people who tried to travel up to Kailasha, you will know what hardships they have gone through. I have taken you very sweetly, delicately up to that point, but don’t get spoilt by that. You will all fizzle out into thin air unless and until you are in the nirvikalpa state.

I am sorry I have to say that here, in Austria. This is the place which should demarcate the end of our journey to left and right. Because “my husband is like that,” “My wife is like that,” “Because my child is like this,” you are not going to be excused. Whom are you telling? Your own Spirit? Tell your Spirit! Does it understand? It takes away your vibrations, it takes away your joy, it takes away your position.

Nirvichara is very easy to establish. But that also some people have not. Then what about nirvikalpa? You have to take it up very seriously.

This may be the last Sahasrar day we are celebrating in Europe, maybe, I don’t know. It’s not that Mother is only happy if there are people of higher qualification or higher calibre – it’s not that. I have very great concern for those who are lost, who are left out. But sometimes through my experience I think such people get spoilt. My love is not for spoiling you, is not for ruining you, it is for your emancipation. It’s for you to enjoy the beauty of God’s blessings on you.

Even now if there are people who are not righteous who are not truthful, who are not virtuous at the dharma stage then what can I talk to them? And then if they are not even the Spirit then what am I to do with them?

The ideologies, the talking, the discussions and arguments do not lead you there; no they do not. It’s meditation. What is meditation? Is actually facing yourself and correcting yourself with the full understanding as to what you are. We have to create ideal human beings. That is what is the Vishwa Dharma, otherwise we have many ‘dharmas’ going on. So many religious activities in the name of all the Great Incarnations, which are nowhere near the incarnation, just the opposite of it.

This nirvikalpa state has to be established once [and] for all, so I don’t have to then struggle with you. The group of people who will attend tomorrow Sahasrara [puja] should be able to establish that state, otherwise they are just like the people who are newcomers. They are coming for the first time or ten times or eleven times or hundred times: what difference does it make?

To me it is clear cut. I have short time because the instrument has to be alright. If you have to expedite the growth of the instrument in a proper way so that the God’s Love flows and the God of that Love feels happy about it [then] we have to create such beautiful flowers that He appreciates, that He does not destroy. The Spectator of this play has to be satisfied so that He postpones His destruction. That’s why I said the time is short. Time is very short.

If we want our children to grow into the realm of God – they are great saints who are born – if we want to give them a full chance of the enjoyment then let us first of all become proper parents and not people who just live with illusions.

Everything in Sahaja Yoga cannot be explained. I cannot explain it, I cannot, because you don’t have those powers to understand it. Like Gregoire said, “Mother I want to have the sun.” Because people told him “The weekend will be terrible. There won’t be any sun.” Within fifteen minutes the sun was shining! Within fifteen minutes! The wind started blowing. All the clouds settled around Vienna, beautifully like the Sahasrara and the sky opened as I want your Sahasrara to be open. All the nature is so anxious to work it out but you must learn to co-operate with your Spirit. It’s not a co-operation that is just by the way. It is to be the Spirit, the becoming of the Spirit, fully – is very important. Nothing should stop that.

I hope today’s announcement will help all of us to have that understanding of our responsibilities towards ourselves and towards our Creator. It’s nice to praise me for my love. It’s nice to praise me for whatever has happened, but to be very frank, I do not know if you are praising me. I do not feet the praise because I myself, I am not myself. I see myself as separate and then I tell myself that, “See, you are Adi Shakti, alright, but you have spoilt your children, you have not done full justice to them. They take everything so easy and mundane.”

So you have to tomorrow take a vow within your heart. It’s not the words that are important. It has to be living action of your being, that should prove, that should convince you, that we are fully surrendered. And the effects of that you will feel in your own personality, in your own being, in your own manifestation.

With so many Saints, why should I have any worry of spreading of Sahaja Yoga? Because there are some who drag you down, there are some adamant people and there are some still who are possessed, there are some who are murmuring souls. Just don’t pay any attention to them. They’ll be all lost – doesn’t matter.

We have to create the great day for us to be proud that we belong to this Great Religion of Truth. There has been no religion so far which is the Religion of Truth. It practices something and preaches something and it has nothing to do with the incarnation. You have to do something that people should say we can see our Mother in this person.

Today is a day when I want to bless some children. I have blessed many children. I would like to bless all the parents also to understand that they have to contribute a lot for the up-bringing of the children. There have been some very good tapes they have made in England [on] how to help the children to grow properly in this crazy Western life. And the one who has been the greatest enemy of yours (Freud) worked in this place. He’s the one who has ruined you and you had to commit sin against the Holy Ghost. Sin against your Mother, Now at this time in this place we have to turn our face to hope it will work out.

But just think in your mind what have we sacrificed so far? No sacrifice is sufficient, but have we sacrificed anything? That will make you understand that your Mother has given you your second birth without any difficulties; she’s taken up all the labour pains upon Herself. Now you are grown up and you have to understand that now you are grown up people and you can’t behave like children. That is over now. Now you are grown up people, you have to become responsible for this Maha Yoga and for this great dharma that we have established: the dharma that integrates all the dharmas, the dharma that purifies anybody who comes near. It’s the ocean of all the rivers. All the rivers flow to this great ocean of Vishwa Dharma.

So we have to mould ourselves to fit into the new pattern, the new rhythms, the new music of Divine flute. Unless and until that happens I do not think that Western people have much chances. If you have come for Sahasrar, be prepared! Tomorrow I would like to work out as much as possible.

I am working twenty-four hours. Not a single minute I waste. And in the same way I hope you will dedicate your twenty-four hours for your emancipation and the emancipation of the whole universe.

May God bless you all. So may God bless you all.

Gregoire: And We promise to you Shri Mataji that we will rise to do justice to you who are our most holy, most loving, most sacred, Divine Mother.

Shri Mataji: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for this promise. Today I thank the sun and I thank the wind and now I thank you for this promise.

I’m a very simple, innocent Mother, can be pleased very easily, but do not play games with me. Do not play games with me. Innocence can be very powerful also. Don’t play games with me.

I think let us meditate for about ten minutes, would be a good idea.

Gregoire: So Shri Mataji suggests now that we mediate together now for about ten minutes, so let us close our…

Shri Mataji: Keep your eyes open.

Gregoire: I was going to say, “Let us close our eyes!”

Shri Mataji: I am sitting here, where are you going to meditate?

Gregoire: Yes Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Meditate on me! Keep your eyes open! Just keep your eyes open.

Now all the children should put their hands like this, alright? And watch me.

Lift your tongues and put them back as much as possible. Turn it backward. Let it feel the bliss of the Divine on its tip. Now put your chin down, touching your [neck]- don’t close your eyes – in complete surrender. Put the chin [down], but don’t close your eyes.

Pay attention to your Sahasrara. Loosen your hands fully on the sides, make them loose. Sit straight.

Do not touch the palate. Now breathe in. Do not push back the tongue. Keep the tongue where it is. Breathe in. Now raise your stomach, without taking out the breath, upward, pushing the air upward towards the lungs. Push your stomach in.

Attention on the Sahasrara.

You’ll start seeing light through Sahasrara. Sort of the Sahasrara becomes like eyes. Now leave it. Leave it now.

Raise your head. Now put back your heads.

Put the fingers [in the ears]. Put the attention to your Sahasrara, that’s all. Don’t say anything, no mantras.

Take out your tongue, push it back. Take in your breath. Push the stomach. That’s good.

Now watch me continuously without blinking, without any pressure on the eyes. Attention on the Sahasrara.

You can do it without blinking.

May God bless you.

This is it: physically, we have worked out our attention on our Vishuddhi and on our Agnya. The left Vishuddhi is still there.

Now put your head more on the right side, loose, like this. With the attention on the Sahasrara, looking at me. Put it loose. Hand to be loose. Loosen it.

Now better.

You feel the Kundalini rising?

Let us put ourselves into bandhan after raising our Kundalini. Raise. Attention on your Sahasrara. Don’t close your eyes, push back your head. One. Again.

Sit straight!

Take it up on your head.



Now a bandhan: One, two. Do it properly, systematically. All of us should do properly. Three…four…five…Try to wait, as I am doing it…six…seven.

Still we have not done it properly.

We all should do in one rhythm. Let’s do it again!

One. slowly! Two. With attention on the Sahasrara. Three.

How do I do it?

Four. Five. Good! Six.

Attention on the Sahasrara!


Rising? Let’s have the last binding. Ha! Now see.



May God bless you all.

Gregoire: if you permit I’d like to say that if there are some people who cannot decide that Sahaja Yoga is the most important thing in their life, they should not come to the puja tomorrow.

Shri Mataji: Ha, of course. For tomorrow’s puja we should not have people who are not at least in nirvichara. Means if they still think that, “Sahaja Yoga will not suit me,” and all that, we don’t want such mediocres. Please don’t come. Nothing will work out with them, they are useless people for me, absolutely. If they have to come to the puja they must know that, you have to be of a calibre, otherwise please don’t come. There are many who think like that, that Sahaja Yoga is the solution and that I am the chosen one for that solution. Such people should only come tomorrow.

Otherwise all such people who think, this kind, even now. Please, forgive me. I want you to forgive me. I cannot have you for Sahasrara puja, it’s too much for me to work, with such adamant nonsensical people here. I don’t want such adamant nonsensical people to come. If they think they are doing some obligation, they should know that there’s no obligation on me, but it’s obligation on you. Please none of you, of that kind, should come. I could feel it. There are some sitting within you. So all such people should not try to come and disturb us. They should get out of Sahaja Yoga, work it out and then come back. I don’t know how much chances they have, but whatever it is.

You must know that to come to Sahaja Yoga is a special privilege and anybody who thinks like that should not be here. I’ll be very thankful. Thank you very much.