The time has come for people to get their resurrection

Vienna (Austria)

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Public Program day 2, the time has come for people to get their resurrection

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

As I told you yesterday that Truth is not a concept When people start establishing something as Truth there arises the problem because Truth cannot be organized, cannot be ordered, cannot be changed it is what it is. And today the Truth is, that the time has come for people to get their resurrection, that the time has come where people have to ascend to their higher being. As in Koran described very clearly, is Kiama is the time of resurrection. Said very clearly, that your hands will speak and they will give witness about. This is time of Last Judgment. God is not going to weigh people to judge them. It is you only, in your ascent, are going to judge yourself. And there are people who are a special category today, who are seeking something higher. Now, yesterday a question was raised about the religion part. All these religions which have come on this earth, are product of Divine force.

All the prophets and Incarnations, all of them came on this earth to propound a special milestone within us. On the tree of life, all of them grew one after another but people took out or removed them from the tree of life saying, “This is my religion, this is my religion.” So believing into something that is dead. So, what we see today, is a mess and people can’t understand how those who profess a particular religion act just the opposite of it. I’ve seen people who live, say, in Riyadh they don’t drink, they don’t look at women because they’re frightened their eyes will be pierced through or they will be put in the jail, if they do these things. but when they come to London, they drink like nobody’s business. They have all kinds of relationships which are very ugly. What happens to them that under fear they work this way and under freedom they behave in a different manner. Same we can say about political theories. I went to Russia and Russian people in Russia are quite alright under fear but when they are given freedom when they are given freedom they behave like anybody else.

And also in America if you go, the freedom of people is abandonment. You can’t walk on the street of New York with your purse in your hand. They’re all crazy people there. Uh… they’re so immature, worse than children even. Sometimes you can’t understand them. About two years back we saw a feature from Hollywood where they showed, very old about eighty all the actors and actresses coming for a dance. They were very stupidly dressed with all their bones showing and they had come for a shake dance. Right from the Limousine when they were getting out they were already shaking. So they try to compete with the young. So there is no maturity in their freedom.

Is such an abandonment of all the value system, all relationships, such impurities! I went there in the year 1973 and told them about this AIDS will be coming very soon. Well and all the homosexuals were so angry with Me they were about to beat Me and even today, it’s a martyrdom there for them to get this disease. Schizophrenic are so common. So what’s the use of this freedom? Man has no wisdom to use his freedom nor has he any wisdom to use his money. Anybody who gets an extra money, he goes to something which is self-destructive. The wisdom is so much lacking; There’s no discrimination also to decide what is right for you and what is wrong for you. So, under these circumstances, the religions, so called, also have to take the shape. They are not religions in any way because there is no enlightenment within.

You do not become anything. In Sahaja yoga, we have Jews, we have Muslims, we have Christians, we have Hindus people coming from all sides. but they do not fight, they do not quarrel, there is no hankering after positions because they can see themselves clearly. and they can see others also very clearly This is wisdom. In the animal kingdom no animal kills another animal. Even a tiger doesn’t kill another tiger There are certain qualities of a tiger, will remain with the tiger But human-beings are so unpredictable because of their sense of freedom; They could be a scorpion one day, tomorrow a tiger and third a serpent. What is the reason for this kind of absurd behaviour? The reason is that we live with rationality and not with logic. A, even if somebody murders someone, there’s a rationality behind it. The logic can only come when you have achieved an Absolute sense.

As you see here the flowers everybody sees they’re flowers here. Nobody is going to quarrel with them, whether it is flower or fruit because they see it, absolutely they know it is flowers, everyone knows they are flowers. In the same way, unless and until you have knowledge of propriety, of right and wrong, how will you say what is right, what is wrong. One goes on compromising with wrong and thinks they are doing the best things in the world. Everyone thinks they are the chosen ones of God. Jews thinks they are chosen ones, Muslims thinks they are chosen ones, the Christians think they are chosen ones These brands are not going to help anyone. In the Bible, in the second verse of second chapter of Mathews, Christ has clearly said, “You’ll be calling Me, ‘Christ, Christ,’ I won’t recognize you.” What is written between the lines is that, just by calling yourself that you are a follower of this one and a follower of that and a follower of that, doesn’t give you the right to establish yourself as a religious person. A religious person has a religion within himself who has no temptations, who has no weaknesses, who doesn’t consider money that important, who is love and compassion and generosity, who is peace [UNCLEAR] Such a person has the whole personality which is so auspicious. Auspiciousness is a coefficience which emits the rays of Divinity all around and such a person wherever he goes or wherever he moves, he spreads auspiciousness.

Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” How many Christians we’ll find who don’t have adulterous eyes? It’s a very subtle thing Christ has said. The eyes of a rich person has to be innocent, devoid of lust and greed. He doesn’t profess any religion whatsoever but He’s religious and the eyes are so innocent that when such a person even looks at someone, he can bestow benevolence of that person. This should happen then we can say that there is a person who has religion built in his Central Nervous System in his whole being. But everybody can be in religion. Everybody can get to that state where he can judge on an Absolute level. We live in the world of relativity but then we start living in the world of Absolute. Now somebody looks a very good person, he knows how to play flute, maybe or he’s trying to be very nice and good outwardly, he can make gestures like a saint how are you to make out?

There’s a way. When you’re enlightened, then from your hands the vibrations of cool breeze flow. You can feel on these finger-tips the centers. of another person and if, supposing somebody has cancer you can feel that person on your finger-tips. If you know how just to put the centers alright, you cure the person. So you jump into a new awareness higher than the human awareness much higher of collective consciousness. That you can feel others and you can feel yourself. But there are people who are still very limited and stupid. They identify themselves with some sort of an idea and get stuck with it but if you are an open-minded person, I have to tell you the good news that all such people can become enlightened. You have to have purity of intelligence.

It’s not brilliance that dazzles others or gives big lectures and all that but pure intelligence means that sees directly the Truth which is not maligned or spoiled by ideologies and theories. The intelligence which is so loud or is a slave of other’s domination cannot be pure intelligence. But today, as people are getting disillusioned many honest and sincere people are there, seeking the Truth. And if you’re honest in your seeking, you will have to have it. That is your right that you have to get. Then you’ll be surprised that you’ll transcend all limitations of the world. You won’t have all these ideas which make you small; Like a drop becomes the ocean, that’s how your personality becomes very great. I’m very fortunate that I’m born at a time when this special work has to be done. Is mentioned in one of our old texts that, at the time when there will be ghor Kaliyuga means the worst time in the modern times those people who are seeking the Truth in the jungles and in the Himalayas, will find the Truth their Kundalini will be awakened. And today that time has come.

You have been already explained about this the knowledge of the roots, the Spirit. The Spirit is the Truth. Truth is the love the pure love, the All-Pervading love and that you know through your Central Nervous System not just by reading something but as you see the flowers, in the same way you know the Truth. The another thing is, in the Nature of Spirit, it is the attention. That means the, when the Spirit enters into our attention, our attention becomes enlightened. Sitting down here we can find out about anyone in the whole world. She’s asking, “Why getting human-beings [UNCLEAR] does it [UNCLEAR] their significance?” the meaning why they get it? I was about to tell you today but he told Me that he’s already talked about it, so I’ll just now tell you. but I’ll tell you in short.

Now here you see just push forward everybody cannot see [UNCLEAR] What’s she saying? She was asking, why the question is not answered it will just start Annh? [LAUGHTER] Now, this is what you are inside let’s see. Now, on the left-hand side you see a blue line which is, what we call, is the Moon channel or you can say the left sympathetic nervous system.This channel gives energy to the left sympathetic nervous system.

And the another one is the right-side one, which is yellow colored, goes up there and like a bile color it is, is called as the Sun line or Surya Nadi, which gives rise to the right sympathetic system. Now, the central one is the one what we call as the Sushumna is the central path of ascent which is actually gives, gives, I mean, nourishes the parasympathetic nervous system.

Now, in a human-being, out of his freedom he can either go to any extreme of left or right. Supposing, he is over-active and futuristic and thinks too much and works too much and physically, all the time, working out like jogging, this, that, all sorts of things, then he goes to the right side too much because he’s futuristic, his feeling or he may be successful and but he develops a tremendous thing called ego. Ego is there that, ‘I’m doing this and I’m doing that.’ Actually, we’re doing nothing. Whatever is dead we convert it; say the wood is dead, we make the roof we think we make something great. From dead to another dead or from whatever is dead matter, we try to discover something out of that and you use the energy of that but we cannot even create one little atom. This is the situation but we think we’re doing this, we’re doing that.

As we give stories of some Indian villagers going by plane were told not to take too much luggage because the plane will feel heavy so they took all the luggage in the plane but put it on their heads. [Laughter] They were asked, “Why do you do?” They said, “We’re trying to reduce the weight of the plane.” In the same way, we have our ego, we think that way. Now this over-activity on the right hand side ego harms others doesn’t harm you but physically can give you tremendous effects. First of all, as you see, it starts with that yellow second center, called as Swadishthana, which is responsible, which is very much responsible for all kinds of physical and mental activities; In the sense that it converts the fat cells of the stomach for the use of the brain to replace the grey there are cells when we think too much. So when we think too much, this poor chakra cannot look after other functions.

Another important work it has got, the liver, the pancreas, the spleen, the kidney and with your intestines, the large intestine, the descending colon of the large intestine, they say. Now, when these things are neglected, the first thing you get is tremendous heat in the body. Tremendous heat because the liver is over-active Then we see heat passes to higher side and one gets uh.. asthma because it melts the phlegm It melts the phlegm, phlegm. Doctor, what do you say to the phlegm? Can’t get, ment? As a result of that, you get hay fever, you get sneezing, you get running nose and you get asthma. Of course, in the medicine, they don’t say this. They only treat the symptoms I’m telling you the root cause. Now, then on the other side, is the you have got the pancreas. The pancreas becomes over-active so you develop diabetes. You’ll be amazed, that in India, in a village, people take so much sugar that they say, that the spoon must stand in the sugar. Nobody gets diabetes but if you think too much all the energy is spent in thinking you get diabetes; Specially people who sit down and plan, plan, plan.

Then you have the third problem, which is more serious, is the spleen which is like a speedometer, which keeps the rhythm of life with us. Speedome… Now, the way we, our life is, what the life is we invite shocks. Early in the morning, we see the newspaper. Finished. Horrible news, horrible things. This one fighting, that one killing that all horrible things. This poor spleen has to produce more Red blood corpuscles for emergency. So under shock it starts producing more RBC’s Then you eat your food in a hurry, your breakfast you push it in the mouth, somehow because all the time you wasted in newspaper reading so you have no time to have your breakfast. You get into the car and then you find a jam finished. Then you’re breaking your head with worrying. Again another shock to poor spleen. It goes on producing RBC’s without any rhythm in it it becomes hectic. It is such a hectic life you lead.

Formerly, in the times of My father, I remember, My father used to come for, get up very early, go for his film and have his breakfast on the table and My mother would be fanning him and he would eat with that rhythm. My mother used to give him that rhythm I used to feel. but nowadays you’re so very hectic, slaves of our watch, every time trying to reach in time. I’ve known people, if you just tell them that, “I have to go to the airport,” they go crazy. “I have to go not you,” but still they’re crazy. And they’ll go on telling, “Now time go.” “I am going but why are you worried, I am going you are not going.” This kind of behaviour spoils the rhythm of our being. Then is the big problem. The vulnerability is established in the spleen and you get blood cancer.

But the cancer is pathological it comes from the left-side, in the sense, it is triggered by the left-side by some proteins. But the vulnerability can come from the right-side or from the left-side. Now, if you go too much to the left also, there are problems like that. I must have given, at least, hundred lectures on this. You can get My tapes and find for yourself in all details. But in this short time, I think, I have already told you not to have a futuristic mind. Try to be in the present.

Not only it is happening in our everyday life but also in religious life I’ve seen it happens. When Shri Rama came on this earth, they said, “We believe only in Parshurama,” because he’s dead now finished. If he’s dead, it’s better to believe a person who’s dead. Then Shri Krishna came, they said, “We don’t believe in you. We believe in Shri Rama,” because He’s dead. They never want to believe in something that is living today from where you can gain. They want to believe in something that is dead and finished because you can keep such a person in the pocket. Nobody is going to ask you. If Christ is not living, He’s not going to say, “Why did you do this wrong?” So, people don’t want to take anything in the present but present is the Truth.

The past is finished and the future doesn’t exist, so why not get it in the present moment. Because we cannot live in the present moment with the temperant life, we get into troubles physical, mental, emotional, uh.. material, economic, political all kinds. So, how to come to the center? The Kundalini goes through your centers and brings you in one line. She integrates you but this knowledge is difficult to digest. One of the reasons is, I’m living. When I will be dead, then you might build temples for Me. But just now in your time, I’m telling you then you won’t accept, you won’t try to understand and learn. This is human nature and this is the reason why all the people, who came on this earth, could not give realization to anyone of them. Even the Christ disciples felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost when He was dead.

Till the end they were doubting Him. They were doubting His Immaculate conception. God is miraculous. You have to see those miracles after sahaja yoga. One after another you’ll be amazed. But one has to rise to that awareness. Now, one of them I told you one side but the another side is weakened, becomes Schizophrenic man and all the pathological problems come from the left side. I think, this has taken too much time, this answering so I claim, I cannot answer.



Shri Krishna, Shri Mataji is the One. [Shri Mataji laughs] You should have written them down and I had said that, if you give Me the questions, I will answer them when I have to speak but nobody gave Me any questions I didn’t know what to answer; Yesterday I said so. Now there is not so much time, Sir but let’s see what is There are three questions. [Shri Mataji laughs] You tell him that yesterday I had said, that if you have any questions, then you write them down and then hand it over to Me and then in My speech, I will answer them. Now, you see the time is up and again their Nabhi, their spleen will become hectic. Now, I will be very happy if you could write down those questions for Me and I’ll answer them; I promise you. But all the people are now anxious to have their Realization.

[GERMAN] He’s saying Shri Mataji, he’s saying that You said, “We have time for questions.”

But up to a point. I cannot go on the whole night, Sir. Because they never ask any questions, though there’s nothing to fight. There isn’t so much time. Please be seated. I’ll answer all your questions. Please. I told yesterday that you give all your questions. You should have given Me all your questions when I arrived but no questions till I said, “Alright, let’s have one or two questions.”

Alright? Please be seated. I agree with you, I should have answered but you have three questions and I’ll answer all of them, so now be satisfied, please be seated thank you. You should write it down and give it to Me. I promise you, I’ll send you a letter of answering your questions. [APPLAUSE] So now, those who want to have their Self-realization, have to [AUDIENCE] [APPLAUSE] Yes, that is what I think but he doesn’t understand that, you see. Doesn’t matter but we’ll try if we can give him Self-realization. If it works out, very good; All his questions will be answered in any case. It doesn’t happen on mental level, you see, it is something, a living process that takes place within. It’s not a mental level thing.

One can, at the most, take you to that part or tell you but you have to have it yourself. Now, those people who want to have realization should sit here otherwise, I cannot force it on you. is your sweet will. It will take about ten minutes or fifteen minutes is your sweet will and those who do not want to have, should leave the hall. People don’t like others to look at them when they are meditating. Now those people, who are standing, can also sit here there’s room here. There’s some room here Please be seated. Be comfortable. Please be seated there’s room here. Here, there is some room here.

It’s very simple, please. You have to do as we did yesterday. But those who got realization yesterday, they will re-establish it properly and the ones who haven’t got it, will get it today, I hope. We also have a workshop for you. You’re not to give any money to anyone, there’s no business going on. You can go and ask them what you want to ask and they will work on you and explain to you. In such a short time, these Austrians have become so knowledgeable in the same way, you all could become very knowledgeable. And all this knowledge is available to you because it is your own. And the new revolution of a very peaceful type within us, is working out in the whole humanity only. which will manifest all over and as I told you, that the One who has created this world will not allow this world to be destroyed.

Now, I have to make one humble request, is to take out the shoes, to take the help of the Mother Earth, for a while. Apart from that, shoes are different styles, so it’s better. Now, put both the feet on the Mother Earth so the Mother Earth sucks in the left and right side problems within us. Automatically she sucks in when we start feeling the All-Pervading [power] So, the first thing that happens to you, that when the Kundalini crosses this center you become absolutely peaceful, without thoughts. You become thoughtlessly aware. That means, at this center ego and the superego, the conditioning, is sucked in. You can think, if you want to but no thoughts can invade you. Then you feel the cool breeze emitting out of your own head which you have to feel yourself. You have to give yourself a certificate. You have to be convinced about yourself.

And then you start feeling the cool breeze, all over, in your hands but sometimes, this center if it is not alright, you may not feel though you may get your realization but you may not feel on your finger-tips, if this center is catching, the nerves are little dead, then you may not feel. But with little practice, you do. Practise means, understanding where is the problem is and how to remove the hurdles, you get it. Now, as we are going to use our left hand to express our power of desire, like this on your lap comfortably you have to sit but little straight not like this or like that but straight and the, and the, if there’s anything tight, the waist or in the neck or anything, you can loosen it. In short, you should be comfortable. The right hand should be used for nourishing or helping the Kundalini, by putting on different chakras. All of you must do it. It’s very simple. Now, I’ll show you and then, later on, we can close the eyes and do the meditation. First we put the right hand on the heart, where is the reflection of the Spirit.

You can put it under the coat. It’s very good; So many people have heart troubles and things is a very good thing to put your right hand on your heart. Now, second center we have to attend to, is in the upper part of the abdomen, on the left hand side. upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side. This gentleman doesn’t want to do it so let him go away. Please. You’re already looking not well, why don’t you do it? [AUDIENCE] He says it’s his freedom Annh? It’s his freedom not to do it. Annh?

It’s his freedom doesn’t want to do Yes, but here others have the freedom that they don’t want you to see them; Let them have the freedom. You should respect their freedom now. Who likes others to watch them? You have to respect their freedom. Alright? Alright. Thank you. When they close eyes, you’ll have to close eyes also. We have no right to disturb other people. They have come for their Self-realization and they have their right to have it and it would be sinful to disturb them. So I would request you not to disturb them. [AUDIENCE UNCLEAR]

Now, please put this right hand in the lower part of your abdomen. This is the center of your Divine work. so you have to have in your consciousness the knowledge of the technique. Like, when I have to hold something, I know what to do with My consciousness In the same way, you have to have the Pure Knowledge in your consciousness and this is the center that works it out. Then you go back on your stomach, on the left hand side of the abdomen. This is the center of your mastery. You have to be the master master of yourself. No slave of any stupidity or of any habit or any kind of temptation and you have to be the master of the knowledge. So this is a very important center within us. Now, put this hand back on to your heart where resides the Spirit. Now, this center is very important, about which I was told, you have been informed is the center, what we call, the Left Vishuddhi, on the left hand side, here between the neck and this shoulder in this corner. To push the hand that side and turn your head to your right and push your hand, as much as you can, on the back side. Now, this center is caught up when you have a guilt or you think, “I’m guilty.” Nobody has to feel guilty at all, nobody has to feel diffident also. This catch gives you diseases like angina, also spondylitis. This catch gives you diseases like angina and spondylitis. So it’s better that you put your hands here, clearly you put your head this side when we do our meditation later on, when I tell you. Now, please you have to put your hand on your forehead. Right hand, right hand. Left hand is towards Me. Right hand now press it on both the sides and press it hard Now you have to put your hand on the back side of your head and put the load of your head slowly on to it. Lastly, you have to stretch your hand. Stretch your hand and you will have to put your center of your hand on top of your head in the fontanel bone area, where it was a soft bone, for your final baptism. This was a soft bone in your childhood and you stretch your fingers up and press the thing down. Slowly move your scalp, seven times, clockwise slowly. That’s all.

This is time when we have to look to ourselves, not to others. At least keep your eyes shut because the attention has to go inside. Till I tell you, please don’t open your eyes. You have to gain something nothing has to be gained by Me so, be kind to yourself. It’s for your benevolence. Alright. So, if you put your left hand towards Me and both the feet on the ground, straight and sit little straight and close your eyes. First thing we do, is to put our right hand on our heart. Here, is the Spirit so, you please ask Me a very fundamental question you may call Me Shri Mataji or Mother “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this fundamental question three times. [Aside You may turn it little bit, too much]. Now, Please put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen, on the left hand side, please. Now here, is a very important center and you have to ask Me a very fundamental question, which is followed by the first one. If you are your Spirit, you are your master too so, please ask Me a question “Mother, am I my own master,” ask this question, three times, please. Now, please hold your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen, on the left hand side keep the left hand towards Me. This is the center of pure knowledge but I cannot force on you. In your freedom you have to ask for it so, please ask six times, “Mother, may I have the pure knowledge? Six times because this center has got six petals. By asking this question, the Kundalini has started, uh..She is awakened. To help Her cross all the centers properly, you put your right hand on the left hand side of your stomach, in the upper part Here, with full confidence, please say ten times, “Mother, I am my own master, I am my own guru, I am my guide,” say this ten times. Now, raise your hand on your heart and here, we have to see the greatest truth so now, with full confidence in yourself please say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say twelve times. Now, we have to know that the Divine is the ocean and love, ocean of love and Grace but above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness and whatever mistakes you commit, is capable of completely neutralizing it. So, have faith in the power of forgiveness of the Divine. So, raise your right hand in the corner of your shoulder and your neck and place your right hand, head towards the right. Now here, forgive yourself and say, “Mother, I am not guilty at all,” sixteen times. Now, if you still feel guilty, then better punish yourself by saying 108 times. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself because you’re entering into the kingdom of God. So now, say it sixteen times, “I am not at all guilty.” Now, raise your right hand to your forehead, across. Put your left hand towards Me. Now, press on both the sides. On this center you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Now, some people think, it’s difficult but it is a myth, whether you forgive or don’t forgive but if you do not forgive, then you play into wrong hands. So, from your heart you have to say, not how many times, “I forgive everyone.” Now, take your hand on your back side and put your head on that and put the load of your head, slowly, Here, for your own satisfaction, you have to say, “O Divine, if I’ve done any mistakes, please forgive me,” but only for your satisfaction, not to feel guilty or counting your mistakes. Now, please stretch your hand, right hand left hand towards Me and both the feet on the Mother Earth. Now, put the center of your palm on the fontanel bone area. Now, press it hard and you have to move it seven times, slowly, clockwise, Here also I cannot force you so you have to say seven times, “Mother, please give me my realization.” If you like, you can bend your head a little it will make it easier Now, press it hard, stretch your fingers [Shri MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MICROPHONE] Now, all the blessings. Very few have not felt but we have a workshop please, please, please all of you should go clarify yourself, grow yourself out like a big tree. Respect your Self-realization. You have to grow that’s the important part otherwise, next year you’ll come and tell Me that, “Mother, I’ve got cancer, I’ve got this, I’ve got that.” I want you to be the most beautiful people on earth. [APPLAUSE]