Seekers of the beyond

TU Wien, Vienna (Austria)

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First Public Program in Technische Hochschule, Vienna (Austria), 6 May 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

It is very important at this time to know that human beings are not complete, that there is something more to be achieved to be complete. Whether you go to the north or south, east or west, you do not find people joyous. So the conclusion should be that whatever has been our so-called achievements, has been of no avail.

On the contrary, in the modern times, say about twenty years back we can say, so many new words have come up, which people like Me can’t understand. Like tensions, like problems – I don’t understand. But all these have come to us through various channels and are settled in our conditioning. While people have talked against conditioning, that we shouldn’t have condition, we have conditioned ourselves with all these theories and talks about something that is unknown. Like psychologists, you have to go to a psychologist as if everybody is an insane person. Everybody must have a lawyer and must have a psychologist to hang around. There is no need to have a psychologist for sane people. So instead of improving we have gone down.

There are certain diseases that have developed now in America, like AIDS and all that, have come to us through our bad conditioning by Mr. Freud. You cannot analyze a human being by asking questions, because it’s just a mental process. Whatever we think and whatever we project through our mental processes are all artificial, are man-made. That is how we live in a very relative world, and we do not know what’s on because we are so confused.

You ask anyone, “Did you follow?”

They say, “I’m confused.”

I mean, in say about thirty years back, nobody would say like that, nobody was confused this way. And to put it upside down they’ll say, “That means we are aware.”

So the knowledge before you, whatever just now you have discussed, is the knowledge of the roots. In this, our modern development, the tree has grown too big and we have lost all the contact with the roots. And to get to the roots is an urge within us, naturally. That’s how there are seekers, and seekers of the beyond. Every aware person feels that there’s something wrong somewhere – that why is it that we get so confused, because we are not related to the Absolute. But is there anything that is absolute within us? That is what we have to see clearly from many other scriptures and also our scriptures which are written thousands of years back. How can you write them off completely/ They were not liars and they were not confused. They were very clear cut. And they all talked of the Spirit within us, of virtue, of righteousness, of peace, of bliss.

So whatever we have to seek has to be traditionally built in a spiritual ascent. But those people who live with mental projections always prefer to have something absurd and new and sensational as something to truth. Some sort of an ego-trip. Whatever you are seeking has to be based on the traditional acceptance, and cannot be something out of the blue, denouncing everything else which was worked out from ages. I would say it is the modern ego which refuses all that is there and wants to accept that is something new, may be absolutely stupid.

Like in India, we have some very well-educated brahmins, very mentally equipped, projecting all the time on mental level. They know Sanskrit, they know what is written down. But they asked Me have I heard about something called dharmopine – all kinds of words.

I said, “I never heard these words, from where do they come into your hand?”

Which saint in India has said that be stricturous, which scripture in India has said it, which Bible has said it or Koran has said it, from where do they get these words which I’ve never heard before? They said there is something like Shaktipath.

I said, “Where is this word, show Me.”

Now can you imagine, one person called Vishnutirt, wrote one book, one book sixty years back, sixty years back, something nonsensical and they all believed it. And all these great people, who are so well-educated, suffering from high blood pressure, suffering from paralysis, heart trouble, cancer, every sort of disease.

I said, “At least your guru should look after your health. By following this special book which you thought was something great, what has happened to you?”

They were quite amazed.

I said, “You are all people who have read Sanskrit, you tell Me in any one of the books you have read these words? I have not seen anywhere, nor exist. Because Shaktipath what you are saying, is nothing, but you are all possessed.”

And after that I think everybody took a note from there and have been trying all these tricks. And it really entices a modern man to go to something new like a guru-shopping going on. Thus these horrible cults have been formed.

From 1970, I’ve been talking about it clearly, these cults are horrifyingly money-making processes, and as a result you’ll all get sick. They were all against Me. You must know that it has to be based on the traditionally accepted experience. It cannot be something absurd that people tell you that you take out your clothes and start jumping. It was also said in the same book, that people start jumping like frogs. Now just think of it, are we going to become now frogs or earthworms? We have to become superior human beings, we have to get to the Absolute which is within us. That’s what Christ has said.

He said, “You are to be born again,” to Nicodemus.

And Nicodemus said that “Have I to enter into the womb of the Mother?”

But Christ said, “No, you are to be born of the Holy Ghost. Whatever is born of the Spirit is the Spirit.” Very clearly, very, very clearly.

But we forgot. And then the religions that started on these great incarnations of truth were all false. Like a tree that grows and it starts forming into sects and sects and sects and ultimately it goes to nothing, loses all connection with the main tree. You are to be born again, but it has to be a living process of the living God. It cannot be something artificial that somebody puts the hand on your head and says “You are baptized.”

So also same about Islam, what Mohammed said they did just the opposite, same about Christianity, Hinduism, everything is in juxtaposition. So by changing religion nothing is going to work out, it’s like changing clothes. Or by going to these cults, only you’ll become a pauper or an insolvent, or might become sick.

So it is important to understand that whatever has to happen to us is based on a traditional ascent. Our evolutionary process has taken from amoeba to this stage. First of all, we should say the carbon. If the carbon had not played its part, there would have been no amino acids and there would have been problem creating life.

So we start from carbon onwards. Carbon is a matter, as you know. Then in evolutionary process you go further and further that the whole universe was created, and then from amoeba you became a fish, and from fish you became a tortoise and that is how evolution took place.

All these processes, which took place within us, are recorded on our central nervous system. And they are expressed as centers, subtle centers of energy within us, which has been already described to you. But these different centers have been adorned by a deity, or we can say like a fish which came out first. Now the fish was the first leader, and that is how all these different centers have a powerful symbolic deity, we can say. Now, when your evolution has to take place, it has to move through this channel which has got these seven centers, carbon being placed below the Kundalini, which you can see in the map. So, when you move upward the essence of your being changes, is being evolved and these are the milestones of your evolution.

But as you know very well that in this brain of ours, whatever we know is one thousand of what we can know. As described in the Patanjali Yoga there is a all-pervading Divine Power around us.

But you have to feel it, that’s the point is. That you have to feel that power, which you have not felt so far, though you have seen it working. We have seen that every flower can become a fruit and there are billions and billions they are changing into fruits at different times of the season.

This great power we have to feel on our central nervous system as our ascent is established. That is the first thing that should happen to us.

Now in the Bible the ascent of the disciples is described very clearly. That when the Holy Ghost blessed them, it was the breeze, cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Like Adi Shankaracharya has described it as Salilam, Salilam – means very cool, pleasing. So when this cool breeze came in they got their Realization, they got their second birth as a result of that cool breeze. Now then they started using a very strange language. Now this was not that they started speaking German or English or Indian Sanskrit language, it doesn’t mean that. But they started speaking the language of the centers, the chakras.

There are some Sahaja Yogis here, if you listen to them, if they have to tell you about you, what’s wrong with you, they will not say that you have got cancer or you’ve got diabetes or you’ve got madness, they will not say that. They will say, this is the center out of gear or these are the combinations of the centers out of gear. That is the strange language for a normal person. And also because their hands are feeling the cool breeze, and it’s blowing also the cool breeze vibrations, then they try to fulfill your centers with that power. You might feel that they are moving their hands in a funny way. And some may think they are mad, possibly.

If you go in a madhouse, the people who are mad think all sane people are mad. Like our Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru once went to a mad house and one mad man came and he asked him, “Who are you?”

So he said, “I am Jawaharlal Nehru.”

So he said, “Oh, you mean the prime minister.”

He said, “Yes, same I mean.”

He said, “You will be all right, all those who come here think like that; when they come here they are all right.”

So this is the situation. When people who are realized souls, who are one with the Divine, when they behave, it might look to be little odd to other people, who are not yet knowing about the Divine Power.

But today the situation is very dangerous. Now the problem about Christianity is so dangerous that they are challenging the sanity of the disciples of Christ. The theologians, the ones who use their brains to understand Christ – they follow Paul. When I read him, I said, “Who is this one, this Paul?” He was the one who tortured the Christians, he was the one who suffered from epilepsy and he is regarded as a great incarnation in the Bible. How can he talk about Christ, who is he? Kahlil Gibran has written a big chapter about him: who is this strange man, Mr. Paul? Followed by Augustin. Whole thing is nothing but a mental projection.

To understand Christ you have to go beyond your mind. To understand anyone of them you have to be a realized soul, otherwise you cannot understand Him. Even if you have blind faith, as the Catholics have, and they don’t want to talk about it, because the whole thing was done by Mr. Paul himself. And they are challenging now the disciples, who were the realized souls. I meet many intellectuals, they think that Paul was correct and that these disciples of Christ were not intelligent intellectuals. How much Christ knew about intellectuals? How much books did He read, to what university did He go? How much education one needs to know God? This is how they have shattered so many faithfuls. This is blasphemous. They must first of all get their Realization, and then they will know what Christ is. And what His disciples were. This is an aggression, I feel, of the intellectuals on the faithfuls, a new type of crucifixion.

In India none of the saints were educated in any university, nor Rama or Krishna went to any university as such. And we can understand this better, because we have tradition of understanding an incarnation in our country. And then they make a picture about Maria and all these people, insulting Her chastity. And they bring Mozart, who was a realized soul, into such a shameful shape. It is an attack, it is an attack, I again tell you, it’s a hitlerish – worse than that an attack on all that is sublime, all that is divine, all that is pure. But the time is different, they don’t know, they cannot go very far with that.

Now you people, who are seekers, must realize the importance of this time because this is the time we are on the verge of ascending or absolutely getting destroyed. You have to stand by it and see for yourself that you get your Self Realization. That you know your Self, and you go beyond this mental projection and this ego and achieve that absolute, that eternal life for yourself.

Of course, you cannot pay for it, it’s absurd. It has to work out. But Realization doesn’t mean that you first feel it and it’s permanent, because we are very complicated people.

In the foothill of Himalayas went recently and there were three thousand people walking twenty miles distance came to program. Three thousand people. Everyone got Realization, and they are there, no more lost. They know about the Kundalini, the Goddess and the advertisement was: “There will be awakening of the Goddess.” That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. And thousands of years back a great astrologer called Bhrigu Muni, who is the actually the first pioneer of astrology in India, has written of these days when the Kundalini will be awakened spontaneously, sahaj. In these modern times, in this Kaliyuga, it is going to happen, and they were just waiting.

You cannot intellectualize the Divine. You have to experience it on your central nervous system. As a result of this ascent, the word “problem” will go away, the word “tension” will go away. The sickness will go away. You won’t need psychologists and lawyers. You’ll enter into the Kingdom of God, where you will be looked after.

Tomorrow I hope to tell you one by one what are the manifestations of Self and what one can achieve through Self Realization. But today we should go in for the experience of the Spirit which takes hardly any time. And then we’ll have it tomorrow in a proper way.

Now as it is, I don’t know, if you would like to ask some questions to Me, because we shouldn’t waste too much time on questioning. It doesn’t help much, because question is again a mental project. But if you want to ask Me questions, you can write them down and I’ll try to answer them tomorrow. Will be better idea than to divert the attention of people. You better tell your mind to keep quiet for a while, because questioning is such a common thing with us. So tell your mind, “Just keep quiet for a while.”

Gregoire announces in German language the Self Realization experience.

Shri Mataji: Already they are in thoughtless condition.

Gregoire explains more.

Shri Mataji: You see, it is meant for really serious people, not for people who just come for lectures and things, it’s meant for people who are real seekers and who are truthful, otherwise it doesn’t work out. I am sorry.

Gregoire explains more.

Shri Mataji: To take the advantage of the Mother Earth you have to take out the shoes.

Gregoire explains more.

Shri Mataji: Open there if it’s tight.

Gregoire explains more about Self Realization exercise.

Shri Mataji: Moreover, I think there is one question in the minds of people that is there any condition on all that, there’s no condition at all. Your Kundalini will rise automatically and then, when you become the Spirit, you become your own master. And your Spirit guides you through vibrations. There is no condition of any kind.

It’s already done.

Now you have to put your hands towards Me because all these five fingers, six and seven are the centers on the left hand side and one on the right hand side the sympathetic nervous system, which join together and become the centers of the parasympathetic. So you have to put your hands just like this to begin with, just like this and you have to close your eyes throughout the experience – so you can take out your spectacles, because your eyesight also improves with that. You should not overlap your feet, but if you are sitting – squatting is all right. But if you are not squatting then you should keep your legs little parallel and both the hands on your lap, on the knees like this. And then we will be using the left hand for the desire, because this is the power of desire, which you put towards Me and the power of action through your hand we have to work out.

So I have to tell you about these centers that we are going to ourselves open out with the Kundalini’s awakening. The left hand will be throughout like this, with the right hand we will be putting it first to the heart, where resides the Spirit. Right hand, right hand. I will tell you when we close the eyes. But I’m just now telling you so you understand.

Now in the upper part of your stomach on the left hand side – we are working on the left hand side the whole thing is – so on the upper part of your stomach. Now in the lower part of your stomach. Then you have to go upward again – upper part of the stomach on the left hand side, then on the heart, then on this side from the front, many people try from that side – this side. In this area where the neck and the shoulder makes an angle and then in front here. And then at the back. And then you have to stretch your palm and put this part of your hand here on the fontanel bone area, which is the soft bone when you are a child, and press it. Move it clockwise, seven times. To stretch it so that this thing touches here.

Now the first experience you have is that you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. Holy Ghost is the Kundalini. So that is our first time you get your baptism in the real sense of the word. Then your fingertips are enlightened, you can feel the all-pervading Power of God that starts flowing through you, and tomorrow I’ll tell you how to use It.

You do feel very blissful, joyous and sometimes you feel you have achieved everything. But I have to tell you that establishment of this second birth has to be done properly through group practice of Sahaja Yoga. And luckily you have very good Sahaja Yogis here and a very good center for you. For which you don’t have to pay anything, but little time is to be spared to go and see those people or they might have a follow-on program for you, which you must attend. And the Sahaja Yogis are the people who have established it. In the same way you can establish it and they can give you Realization. In the same way you can give Realization, too. And tomorrow I’ll tell you all other things you can do.

All right. So today, be in a pleasant mood. In a pleasant mood. All right? And not to feel guilty about anything. That is the most important thing. You are the temple of God, only the light has to come. There is nothing to feel guilty. That is the biggest hurdle I feel in the West that people feel guilty for nothing at all, for all useless things. If they wear a black shoe with a white sari they feel guilty. Any little thing, they feel guilty. You are supposed to be free people why should you feel guilty about anyone? Even your forefathers and great grand parents – there is no need to feel guilty for anyone. In short, you must forgive yourself and you must respect yourself. There’s nobody like a sinner in My eye. I don’t see anybody as a sinner. Christ has died for us, for our sins. Now why should we think we are sinners any more? Only we have to awaken Christ within us. That’s all.

All right. So, please have your left hand towards Me and close your eyes. Put your right hand on your heart. I think, you should put it inside the coat, would be better, inside. Now, in the heart resides the Spirit. It’s the Absolute. But it is not in our attention.

So, you have to ask Me a very fundamental question. You can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whichever suits you. The question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. You are not to open your eyes till I tell you to open, please. Because attention goes out through our eyes, keep it closed.

Now this question follows another question, that if you are your Spirit you become your own master, your own guide, your own guru, guide. So you put your right hand down below on the upper part of your stomach which is the center of the guru principle, the master principle, which is built by many great prophets. Now, here you please ask Me another question three times, “Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own guide? Mother, am I my own guru?” Ask three times.

Now please take your hand, right hand on the lower part of your abdomen and press it. Now, keep the left hand towards Me throughout. This is a center which works out the Divine Laws, the Divine Technique and which is to be respected because through this only the Kundalini would rise, awaken. So you have to have the true knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t mean through your brain, but through your central nervous system. So here you have to say something, because I cannot cross your freedom. It’s your freedom that you have to ask yourself. I cannot force you for the awakening of the Kundalini. So here six times, because this center has got six petals, you have to say that you want to have the true knowledge. So you have to say, “Mother, please, may I have the true knowledge?” Six times, please.

Now again move your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen, where the guru principle center is there. Here now, to make the awakened Kundalini move through this center you have to assert that you are the master, accepting that. Ten times you have to say, “Mother, I am the master. Mother, I am the guide. Mother, I am my own guru.” You have to assert, with full confidence in yourself.

Aside: Hot, very hot.

All right, now, please say it ten times with full confidence in yourself.

Now please raise your right hand to your heart again. Here there are twelve petals. So you have to say again with full confidence, “Mother, I am the Spirit, I am the Spirit, I am the Spirit.”

Kundalini is rising.

Now you have to know that the Divine is the ocean of love, grace and compassion. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever so called guilt you have please know that in that ocean everything gets dissolved in no time. Because you are the Spirit and the Spirit cannot be guilty. So now raise you right hand in the corner between the neck and the shoulder, take it little backwards and hold it tight. This is the worst center everyone has. This you develop through feeling guilty. Put your right hand there, not the left hand. Left hand should be towards Me. In this center you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” This kind of guilt gives you all kinds of diseases, like angina, like spondylitis, all kinds of diseases. Now sixteen times, from your heart, please say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” From your heart, believing in yourself, “I am not guilty at all.” Even if you have been smoking or drinking or doing anything, just say that – not to feel guilty. Because this is the decision of the Divine.

Now if you still feel guilty better punish yourself by saying it 108 times. Better tell them – they can’t forgive themselves. If they can’t forgive themselves.

Now better? It’s better.

Now please put your right hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides as we press them when we have headaches. Now here – not many times, but from the deep feeling from the heart you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Many say that it is difficult to say this, but it’s a myth. If you forgive or don’t forgive there isn’t anything that you do. But if you don’t forgive then you play into the hands of wrong people. From your heart you have to say it, once for all, “I forgive everyone, Mother.”

Aside: Feel all the blisters.

All right. Now at the back, you have to put your hand at the back of your head. This is very important to press for your eyesight specially. Now without feeling guilty again, because this you have to say, because still you feel guilty. That’s why I just want you to say without feeling guilty. Here you have to say that “If we have done anything wrong against the Divine, please forgive.” That’s all. Ask for forgiveness from God or from Divine or whatever you want to feel that. But don’t count your sins, don’t think of them, just say it in a general way – and don’t feel guilty.

Now good. These are the mantras on these centers

Now raise your hand on top of your head. Press it on the fontanel bone area which was a very soft bone in your childhood. Now press it and move it clockwise. Bend our head a little. Seven times.

Shri Mataji blows into microphone.

Now bring this hand specially, slowly onto your lap. Please open your eyes slowly. Now there is no thought if you see within yourself so you can watch Me without thinking. Don’t think.

Now put your left hand and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head. You can bend your head and see. Sometimes it can be hot coming out. Now put the right hand and see if there’s a cool breeze.

See now, just put the hand like this. Feeling the cool breeze? You have to certify yourself.


Now you may put up your hands to the sky. Push back your head and say, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” Ask the question three times.

Good. Now put it down.

Now see, are you feeling anything.

Those who are feeling the cool breeze in their head or in their hands please raise your hands.

Look at that.

May God bless you!

I bow to you all. You are great. Please come back tomorrow and try to establish it. So many of you have got it. Now this silence you’ll enjoy. Don’t think about it. Don’t think. Just go, don’t talk too much. Enjoy your Spirit. You have found it.

Be quiet and just enjoy yourself. Just enjoy.