This is the Knowledge of the Roots

Munich, Deutsches Museum (Germany)

1985-05-08 This Is The Knowledge Of The Roots, Munich Germany DP-RAW, 115'
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First Public Program. Deutsches Museum, Munich (Germany), 8 May 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

But the seekers of truth have to know the truth, at least they should know what they have to seek. It is to be understood that the seeking has to be in the tradition of the seeking. Like when electricity was discovered, it took years together for people to find it out, and a scientist had to go from one to another – the experience of one, the indications of one, and the futuristic ideas of the one were picked up and he started on that tradition, on that basis his own evolution as far as the electrical knowledge is concerned. In the same way we must understand that there have been people who have been seeking for ages.

As in the West, you have grown so much outward, like the tree which has grown outside, there have been people in India, they have been going to the roots of this tree. So this is the knowledge of the roots. If the tree grows too much and the roots do not reach its source, then we are waiting for a shock of complete destruction. So today on such an important date, of the anniversary of the end of the War II, I think it is important for us to go to find out what are our roots. Any person who is aware in these modern times, who is intelligent, can see that there must be some sort of a reason for today’s chaos which is beyond human apprehension. Also we know in our humble hearts that we are not complete. There’s something missing in us; if we were absolute, there would have been no problems for us.

So we have to see to the knowledge which describes the completeness of man. In the tradition of seeking, we can go – say for example – to Vedas, where the word “veda” itself means [VIDA?], means “known”. At the very outset, in the first stanza of the Vedas it’s written that by reading all these books, if you do not know, it is all useless. Then we ask a question that when we read all the books, what is there to be known? It means that you have to know on your central nervous system the existence of a power within ourselves. The power without which we are indiscriminate, we commit mistakes, blunders, we create wars and in peaceful time also we are planning for wars. This power is the power of the Spirit, of the Atma. This is the power we are actually seeking. But in the countries where there has been all development outside, then they do not know how to seek this Atma, and what is the nature of the Spirit is. So we have to go to various traditions to find out what is the common point between all of them. In the olden times, when these books were written thousands of years back, it is described in all their [SADANA KANDE??] as the… where you have the… [SADANA?] would be the practices or the penal side they have described the Kundalini.

They have described that through the ascent of the Kundalini only you can reach your Spirit. All the Upanishadas, which are the second part of the Vedas, all of them have described the Kundalini. Only thing the difference is that some said by doing this, by doing that, by abstinence, some said by accepting the right part, the central part, by building up your balance, all these different, different style of things to modulate a human being to lead a moderate life, they have built up their own literature. But every one of them exist, exist because they want to talk about your ascent to be the Spirit. There’s nothing else but that, that’s the basic point. And Kundalini is the fundamental power which has to be awakened; all of them have the same. But it happens that a person who is more extrovert always tries to go to something new. And when he tries to go to something new, he forgets that there has been a tradition of that for ages. And why should we suddenly accept a new idea? Confucius, Socrates, Abraham, Moses, later on Christ, all of them have talked about the Spirit. Mohammed-Sahib has talked about the Kundalini, calling it the [ASSIS??]. And the word Kundalini also is… has a meaning that it is a coiled-up energy.

So whatever I’m telling you is nothing new. Maybe new to you, but it is not new to Indians. Not of course the Westernized Indians – are just the same as you are. But despite all that, even in India we had movements which were just new and absurd and anti all this traditional understanding. Time to time they appeared and disappeared, like we had tantrism, before that we had another kind of a beginning of a [CHARWAK??] style where only rational thinking was important. But all these things vanished into thin air and people know exactly that the Goddess of this Kundalini, the power of Kundalini, is to be awakened within you. But only about hundred years back, we had some funny people who again started another kind of a new nonsense by saying all kinds of funny words that never existed in any one of these Vedas. And surprisingly, these books were translated into English much before than any other Vedas or all this because these were English-knowing people. And all those who went to India from, say, Germany, from Hungary, or from any other place, read those books in English and took all the ideas from there which were all anti our tradition. One of the books which I’ve come across was written by a gentleman called [VISHNUDIRTH?]. This gentleman wrote some sort of a book which became a bible for many nonsensical people.

Now in Puna, I went there and I met many very well-educated, Sanskrit-knowing Indians, who call themselves Brahmins of a very orthodox nature. And all these people who were following a particular guru are suffering from funny diseases so much unknown to us like high blood pressure, diabetes – these diseases we didn’t have in India before – tensions, and paralysis, then cancer. We did not know these diseases in India before. And I asked them. “What do you do?” They said, “We are following this particular guru whose name is [GULWANI] and he is following this book of [VISHNUDIRTH].” When I read the book, I was surprised; it has no relevance whatsoever to our traditional books, no relevance at all. He had used words which had no relevance where… could not be found in any one of these books.

He had written when the Kundalini rises through SHAKTIPAT- this word doesn’t exist anywhere – then the people start jumping like frogs. Or they take out their clothes and start roaring like lions or tigers or jumping like monkeys. And all these stupid intellectuals were doing this nonsense. I said, “Where do you find this, where do you find this word SHAKTIPAT Show me.” There is no word like that anywhere. And I was amazed the way they were suffering, you see, hands shaking, eyes going up and down, nervous people.

I said, “How could you be realized souls? You look like mad people to me.” And they confessed that half of them are already in the lunatic asylum. But I said, “What happened to your intelligence? First of all, know that you have to become a super human being or are you to become a frog or an earthworm? What is there in getting nude so special? Anybody can get nude, what is so special?” And some people described that when the kundalini rises, there are blisters on your body and you get heat in your body – all falsehood.

Kundalini is your mother, individual mother. Everybody has a mother of his own. She is pure, and She purifies you and She is the pure desire within you, the energy of pure desire within you. And the pure desire within you is to become one with the Divine. This is the energy that is resting in your triangular bone, whether you like it or not, it is there, and this one is to be awakened by somebody who knows the job and you have to receive the realization. And that is why a guru, sat-guru, started the system long time back. But they were all realized souls. Not only that, but they knew the technique of Kundalini awakening. They were not giving you stupid ideas. You don’t become a stupid person when your Kundalini awakens, but you become a glorified personality. But to an extrovert mind, these new ideas appeal a lot. And when you start taking to new ideas without seeing to the traditions, you then get into severe troubles.

Now in the West, when I’m in the West, I’m faced with the problem that people think that unless and until you charge money, they do not think it is worth anything. In the BBC people came and told me that an Anglo-Saxon brain – I don’t know – what is a German brain called? Is it Anglo-Saxon? Then the Anglo-Saxon brain cannot understand anything in which you don’t have to pay. And that’s the contention they have. But if they pay, Anglo-Saxon brain, if it pays, then it is willing to do anything that you tell them. They can act stupid, they can act idiotic, anything. But they must be allowed to pay. I was quite amazed at this understanding, but he says, “This is my experience.” Those who are like this, how will they reach the Spirit? This ascent is not meant for the frivolous, not for the egoisticals, nor for the conditioned, but for the special category of people who are seekers.

As Blake has very clearly described, men of God will become prophets, and they will have powers to make others prophets. But the mistake started in Greece to begin with, to bring all the Gods to the level of human beings. They don’t want to have a higher image to look up to, but they want to bring all of them to their level so that they can go nicely down with an open heart to hell. They cannot believe that there could be higher beings, that there could be something which is beyond all these human trivial lives. This is how they have accepted so many things which are absolutely dangerous to any human being. I would say Freud was anti-Christ. He was accepted blindfolded by all of you. Today the result is that people are dying of aids. When I went to America in 1973, they didn’t like me when I told them, “Don’t go into these nonsensical experiments.” And today, who’s going to save them? Another disease has started in America where people under 35 years become insane, very common. The reason they give, that now these people have started living beyond 35 years, that’s why they get this disease, imagine. It is something new that is happening, we must understand how we have got all these things within us. What have you been up to? Unless and until they become the Spirit, they won’t understand. Unless and until you have that absoluteness within you, you won’t understand. This absoluteness must come into your central nervous system so that you become a super computer. With this new power only, you can cure cancer, you can cure aids, you can cure all these diseases. Only a realized soul can do that, nobody else can do it. We are under ignorance.

We are part and parcel of the whole. Microcosm is a part of the macrocosm. You have to become – that doesn’t mean with brains – but you have to become on your central nervous system a part and parcel of the whole. Without that there is no salvation for human beings at all because all these theories are taking you towards destruction. What you will be giving to your children is a much worse world than what you found it. It’s nice to say, “Today is such a great day of reconciliation.” But I wonder, unless and until we know the Spirit, I cannot guarantee, or I cannot say with guarantee, that we’ll not have the Third World War of complete destruction. No use carrying banners of peace, stopping the atomic invasion, all that is of no avail whatsoever. We will not be destroyed by atomic bombs; we’ll be destroyed by ourselves. That is why it is absolutely important at this time to know ourselves. We cannot be indifferent to this important point. Specially I request you because you are seekers of truth, and you are the ones who can save the world. It is such a responsibility on you people that you have to know what is your Spirit and what is the Spirit of others, how you have to enlighten others.

I’ve been to Himalayas and you’ll be amazed that in one day 3000 people came down from hills because they were told that the Goddess of Kundalini will be awakened. They are not educated like you, they are not aware like you, they do not know much about life. But they know one thing for definite: that Kundalini-awakening is the only way to reach the ultimate. They have pure intelligence. They don’t have the ideas of others which have come to us through books and all these things, but they have a pure intelligence of understanding that if you have to go beyond, something has to happen within us which is a living process of a living energy. It cannot be something which can be maneuvered; it cannot be something which can be thought of, but a happening which is a living energy. And this is to be realized by the West. I don’t know how to make the Anglo-Saxon brain understand that. Originally, all of you are just the same. And the worst part of it that most of the seekers are also born in the West. Even the little children who have taken to drugs are seekers of truth. They are ending up into jails, then some are ending up into lunatic asylums, these are seekers of truth of such quality. They don’t know what they have got from past life. They don’t know what quality they are and they are frittering away their life on nonsensical things. It is easy to make you understand mentally, but still I would not say that your Kundalini will be awakened.

It is a living process which has to work out in you that you have to rise in a spontaneous, Sahaj manner. We cannot force it. Like a seed – when you put it in the Mother Earth, it has to sprout spontaneously; the Kundalini which is placed within you has to rise spontaneously. She doesn’t understand money, she doesn’t understand affluence, she doesn’t understand science. She only understands one thing: that he’s my child and he has to be given his second birth. And that is your own… – that is your own right to have your second birth, which you should have. And one should not in any way think that we can manage it the way we handle our worldly things. It is Divine, and the Divine has to be managed on Divine level. A light which is the Spirit is not yet shining in your attention. Kundalini is the one which enlightens your attention with the light of the Spirit. Then you become – again I say – you become collectively conscious. Your consciousness takes a new dimension. In Sahaja Yoga it is the becoming that is important. It is not what some people would say, you are a member of this or you have this hierarchy, nothing of the kind. It’s what you become is the point. So in the first stage, you become thoughtlessly aware, known as [NIRVICHAR SAMADI]. And in the second stage, you become [NIRVIKALP SAMADI], that is the doubtless awareness. Then you become master of your own self. Through your vibrations on fingertips you can find out answer to all fundamental questions, as if your computer is put to the mains. There is no cheap sensational thing in this, but you achieve the epitome of your evolution. You become that higher personality that feels the one-ness with the whole. Of course your health improves, of course you become a sane, wise personality, you become a relaxed, witnessing person and you become a person entitled with the powers of giving realization to others, curing others, helping others and feeling others. All these powers are within you, but these phenomena can only work in people who accept the truth as it is. But not to people who want to have truth the way they want to organize. Like some people last time didn’t like the hall where they had the program, so they gave up. I mean, this is not the way.

In olden days people had to go to Himalayas to do the [TAPASCHARIA] to get to it, and today I come to your house and you get it and then the way you treat it is so cheap. Only the people who have that courage, who have that much of sense in their heads, can get it. The Divine is not going to fall at your feet that you get your realization. It is you who has to ask for it. So I said you cannot buy it, nor can you command it, but you have to take it. You have to receive it, and enjoy it. This is for you. It is your own powers which are potential within you. But one must know that you cannot grab it. Like if you force a flower, it won’t become a fruit, will it? If you force a seed to sprout, and try to take out the [? – incomprehensible], will it sprout? You cannot pull out your Kundalini from your head, can you? Have your senses intact. I think in Austria I found very sane people, and I’m sure in Munich also I’ll find some sane people. You have to have patience with yourself. It is the blessing of many lives, not one life. Many eons – means from amoeba to human beings – you have come, now you have to become that. It’s not a street shopping of like guru-shopping people indulge into. You must respect yourself because you are the temple of the Divine. And when that happens, then you will know that you are such a great dignity, such a great gravity and such a great glorified personality. I hope it happens today.

May God bless you.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the Spirit, the nature of the Spirit, and what blessings one gets when you become the Spirit. Get your friends, get everyone, it’s very important. This is the best you can give to your friends.

May God bless you.

For questions, I don’t think we should waste time because a mood is sometimes very much disturbed by funny questions. I would request you to write down all your questions and give it to me and tomorrow I will try to answer them in my lecture. Maybe tomorrow in the introduction they will tell you about the chakras and about the nadis that we have, the channels, the subtle channels and the subtle centers. And also you can read it in the books, but reading will not give you awakening of the Kundalini. It has to work out.

So for that, first request is that you have to take out your shoes and touch the Mother Earth, because She takes away most of our problems. Those who do not want to get the realization can go, but should 0not disturb others by not doing it. Or in the half way one should not get up. (You must sit in front and get out. We need the maximum number of people. Let them go. Better they go away, it’s better.) Thank you very much.

Now, you take out your shoes. It takes hardly any time and doesn’t give you any trouble. You see, when you were born, your physical mother took all the labor pains upon herself. You never had any problems. In the same way, you won’t have any problems. And it’s so close that you’ll be surprised. Now you have to put both the hands on your lap comfortably, very comfortably. You have to be comfortable. It’s better to see if there’s anything tight here or tight on the waist, you better loosen it a little bit and sit with comfort, in a very normal way, not pushing your head backwards, forwards, but in the center like this. Now, the second thing is that you have to keep your eyes shut all the time because the attention has to be sucked in. So you do not keep you eyes open at all. And please take out your glasses because it has an effect on your eyes also, your eyes improve. When the Kundalini passes through your agnya chakra, your eyes improve. So now the left hand is symbolic of expression of power of desire, the right hand is symbolic of expressing the power of action. When I tell you, then close the eyes.

Now what we are doing that you are raising your own Kundalini. I will just tell you how we have to do it. Keep the left hand towards me like this. All right. If you want you can put it on the desk in front. Would be better. Left hand. The right hand is to be used on different centers. First on the heart, second in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side, then in the lower part of the abdomen on the left-hand side, you are working only on the left-hand side. Then again back into the upper part of the stomach, then onto the heart, then onto this center here from the front side, pushing the hand little backwards. Then here on the forehead and then on the back of your head, holding tight, then stretching the hand, putting the center of the hand on the fontanel bone area, where the bone was soft as a child, you have to move it clockwise seven times. That’s all. Now, with a pleasant mind, you must close your eyes. First, forgive yourself and know that you are not guilty at all of anything, that you are the temple of God. Have faith in yourself. Now, please put your right hand on your heart. The Spirit resides in the heart. So here you can ask me a question three times. Can call me Shri Mataji or Mother – whichever way you like – “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Three times – please ask this fundamental question. Put your hand through the coat – would be better. Three times. Now, take your right hand down onto the upper part of the stomach. Left side. Right hand on the left-hand side of your stomach in the upper part. Now, dig your fingers in. This is the center of your mastery. This is the center built by the great masters of ancient times. Now here you have to ask second question which is followed by first, because if you are the Spirit, you become your own master as well. Here you ask a question, “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guide? Am I my own guru?” Ask the question. Three times.

Now, take this right hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the center of true knowledge of the [??] technique of the Divine. But I cannot force you. So you have to say, “Mother, I want to have true knowledge, pure knowledge of the Divine.” In your own freedom you have to say, “Mother, I want to have the true knowledge, the pure knowledge.” Six times. This will move the Kundalini. Now, prepare your chakras to receive the ascending Kundalini by putting your right hand now on the upper part of the abdomen, upper part of the abdomen, on the left side, upper part of the abdomen. Now at this center, with full confidence, you have to assert, saying, “Mother I am my own master” – which is a true thing. Keep your eyes shut, please. Don’t open them. This you have to say ten times because there are ten masters principles. Now, please raise your hand, right hand on the heart. On the heart you press your hand little bit and here again you assert, with full confidence in yourself, say “Mother, I am the Spirit”. This you have to say twelve times. These are the number of petals the centers have. Now, please raise your hand to your shoulder in the corner where it touches the neck. Now, move it backwards and press it hard. This is the center which is caught up very badly in the West specially because they feel guilty for no fault of theirs.

Here you have to say sixteen times, “Mother, I’m not guilty”. You must know that the Divine is the ocean of grace, love and compassion. But it is the grace of forgiveness. So to say you are guilty is absolutely insulting the Divine because Divine has such powers that you cannot have any guilt which it cannot cure. Forget the past and forgive yourself. You are not guilty, at any cost. Now please raise your hand to your forehead and press it then on both the ends. Say from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone” – from your heart. How may time is not the point, it should be said from your heart. Now, if you don’t forgive or forgive, it’s a myth. But only when you don’t forgive, you play into the hands of the wrong people. Now please take the right hand on the back of your head, hold it tight. And once for all, ask for forgiveness from the Divine for your own satisfaction, by saying “Please forgive me if I have done anything against the Divine”. Now, raise your right hand on top of your head on the fontanel bone area, stretch it and place the center on the fontanel bone area. Press it hard and move it seven times clockwise. Now please take down your hand slowly. Open your eyes slowly, very slowly. Now watch me without thinking.

Please open your eyes, watch Me without thinking. Now, without thinking, you put your right hand towards me like this, and the left hand you try to feel if there is cool breeze on your head – from the left hand. About four inches. There’s a cool breeze? Don’t doubt yourself. It’s a very subtle thing. Now put the left hand towards me, without thinking, and the right hand on top of your head and see if you are feeling the cool breeze. Here, here, here, not at the back, in front it is. In the front. Little front. Here, ya, see. All right? Keep your eyes open, keep your eyes open. Don’t close, keep your eyes open. It’s good. Now again change over – put the right hand towards me and see the left hand. Keep your eyes open. It’s there, better. It’s improving every time. Some people might be getting at a higher level. All right? Are you feeling? Good. Now, you have to feel the all-pervading power. Don’t think again, don’t think. Which does all the living work, which is called as [RITHAMBARA PRAgnya] in the Patangali. Now, put your hands up like this, freely, push back your head. I’ll ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the cool breeze of the [RITHAMBARA PRAgnya], the Brahma Shakti? Is this the all-pervading power of the Divine’s love?” Now, take down your hands, please. Now in your hands you’ll feel it, the cool breeze. You are relaxed and you are thoughtless. The first stage you have achieved.

All those who have felt the cool breeze in the head or in the hands, please raise your hands, both the hands – both hands. Oh, such a lot of you. Those who have not felt should not worry. They’ll feel it tomorrow. It will all work out for all of you. But at least you’ll feel the silence within yourself. I bless you all, I’ll see you tomorrow, and I’ll elaborately tell you all about the Spirit and its manifestations. Now you have to go home and not to discuss much about it, keeping thoughtless awareness. In the beginning you have to assiduously establish it, that’s all – in the beginning. And that will be done here in this place afterwards because tomorrow will be the last day I’ll be here. The way you people got today your realization proves that Anglo-Saxon brains are not the way they are described, but are great. Thank you very much.

Those who have not felt should not feel bad or upset. It will all work out tomorrow, I assure you. But don’t talk about it. There were one or two people who didn’t do it, and such people can go and just start criticizing. Just don’t listen because you have had the experience, remember it. Thank you very much.