Habit comes to you from matter

Munich, Deutsches Museum (Germany)

1985-05-09 Habit Comes To You From Matter, Munich Germany DP-RAW, 142'
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Second Public Program, Munich (Germany), 9 May 1985.

I’m sorry for being late today because I’ve just seen some other people.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Now the truth is that we are the Spirit. The Spirit resides in the heart and is the witness of what we do. It does not interfere with our everyday activity, and it is like a flicker of light, but it does not shine in the attention. It is the reflection of the absolute in our heart. And the Kundalini, which I described to you yesterday, which is the pure desire of ascent, is the reflection of the Divine desire within us. And this desire is to be one with the Spirit. In our course of life, we pass through many desires. We seek protection, we seek food at the primitive stage. As we grow, we seek possession and wealth, we seek power. But ultimately we reach a point where we discover that it was a joyless pursuit, because Spirit is the source of joy, which is eternal emitting joy. If somehow it comes into our attention, we can feel the joy on our central nervous system. Now we have to know one thing about ourselves in modern times: that we have passed through various stages of seeking before. We have done all kinds of seekings before. And now the time has come for us to get the reward of our seeking. There is no more seeking needed.

We must learn that if we become the Spirit, then the seeking stops. But if we still want to go on and on and on, then there’s no end to it. Because like a momentum, we start seeking like guru-shopping from one to another, to third, fourth, fifth, and even when we reach the temple of the Spirit, still we pass through that in our spree, then we go out seeking more and more and more. So we have to understand that we have to stop and see. Whatever we have been doing so far, where have we reached? And then when you have the experience of the Spirit, then you don’t have to move here and there, but to ascend in the glory and knowledge of the Spirit. Today, as I promised you, I am going to describe to you the nature of Spirit, Spirit, which is the truth, which is the joy. Also I will tell you how there has been misunderstandings about the Spirit, which you should listen to as you would listen to any scientist with an open mind, as if listening and hearing about some hypothesis. Do not deny at the very outset, that’s not a scientific mind, keep it open. And then if it is proved, then you have to accept as a gracious scientist.

So, the ascent of the Kundalini is a living process within you which works out, the Self-realization, the second birth, as Christ has said. As Mohammed sahib has said, “You have to be a waliy [saint]”, as Laotse had said, and Confucius has described. We have Nanaka and Janaka who have talked about it, that, “It is within us and we have to achieve it within ourselves”. It has to be effortless because it is a living process. Anything artificial you have to put in an effort, but everything living works out automatically. Secondly, you cannot purchase it. It is Divine, it does not understand money market. You cannot market it. It doesn’t understand bank.

So a person who thinks by paying money he will get his Self-realization, is still having an ego trip. Even the one who thinks you have to put in effort for it also is busy with his ego. So now, spontaneous happening has to take place to give you realization because as one light is enlightened, can enlighten another light, spontaneously. But the first light has to be enlightened light. But there is no obligation. The other light was ready, only thing that this light enlighten that light, that’s all. So now, we see the nature of Spirit. When you get your Self-realization, what should happen to you actually? The actualization of the experience of Spirit – is actually the epitome of your evolution. That means a triggering takes place and you jump into a new awareness, as I told you yesterday, of collective consciousness. It is not a mental process of believing that you are becoming a realized soul, it’s not mental. As we have grown in our evolution, everything that we have achieved has been felt on the central nervous system.

So, when you get Self-realized, you feel that you should know it through your central nervous system. But there are areas around us of which we should know, are not known to us, to our central nervous system. Like some people think that if you can see light at the Agnya, that means you have become spiritual. Now use your brains. When you see the light, that means you are not the light. When you become the light, you don’t see the light. When you are away from the light, then only you see the light. Seeing anything cannot be being, you have to become the Spirit. So as the light of Spirit shines within you, what happens? Actually you start feeling the all-pervading power which does all the living work of creating the flowers, flowers into fruits, and all such magnificent things.

So, what happens to you when you become the Spirit? That you start feeling that subtle, all-pervading power which existed around you, about which all these great prophets and incarnations have said. So for the first time you start feeling that power around you. Because you become subtler, you start feeling that power. And then you find the power is flowing through your hands and from your being. And when that happens, when that power starts flowing from your being and from your personality, only thing you have to know how to use this power. But if you want to live with some falsehood, then nobody can help you, because somebody has said that you must see the light, you must hear the bells in the ears, and you are hearing them and you believe them. You must find out what you have achieved, how much you have known, what you can do about it.

When she or Grégoire, who talked to you, came to me a few years ago didn’t know the word of Kundalini. But today they look like scholars. This Grégoire has given Realization to thousands of people all around. There are so many like this who are completely transformed and they have achieved the power within themselves to express themselves as that power of compassion and love. Because the compassion of Spirit doesn’t talk that it works. Even a person who is a Realized soul of that level looks at you, with a glance he can cure you, he can raise your Kundalini, he can soothe you, he can change the atmosphere. The word miracle loses its powers completely. Nothing in a miracle. Everything works out. You yourself start wondering, what sort of tremendous personality I am. I have seen people going to temples, to mosques, to church and all that, but they have not been able to get rid of habits which are crushing them. They have been trying very hard; they could not do it. We have a doctor in London, he was an alcoholic of the worst type and he had lost everything. And he came to our program, he got his realization. Next day, he left everything. Because you become a personality that cannot be dominated by any habit whatsoever.

Habit comes to you from matter. What we do is a dead work. Like if a tree has fallen, we make the table, we think we have done a great job. But we cannot do any living work. We cannot transform flower into fruit, do we? But when we make the table or the chair, we cannot do without it, it sits on our head. So matter is all the time trying to overpower the Spirit. And when you become the Spirit, nothing can dominate you. That is why you know that the saints can live in any place. They are not bothered about comfort; they are only bothered about the comfort of the Spirit.

As the Kundalini rises, she gives you a balance. As a result of the balance, your health becomes all right. I’ll explain to you how cancer is caused. Now, this is one center, and in this center we have the left and the right side of the emotions and of the mental. And through this the spinal cord is going. Now when you go to the extremes of the left or to the right, the imbalance takes place because you are disconnected from the whole. And that is how diseases are caused, especially things like cancer, when you are absolutely seceded from the whole and become on your own. So the cells become malignant, and they get triggered by some proteins and they start attacking other cells. And that is how cancers are [incomprehensible]. Now, the sympathetic nervous system, which is the left and the right, if by any means could be brought to a balance, then it is possible to stop this process. And that’s exactly what the Kundalini does, then when she rises, this power, it brings it to the balance. That is how cancer gets cured. It’s not difficult to cure cancer in Sahaja Yoga. Even we have cured AIDS and so many lunatic people. But the job of Sahaja Yoga is not to cure, but to create doctors. As a by-product of the Kundalini awakening, you are all right, your health improves, your habits drop out.

That is the first sign that you have become a Spirit, that no habit dominates you. Second sign is that you become absolutely healthy. Anywhere you may live, under any circumstances, any conditions you can withstand all sorts of attacks on your health as if you develop an immuned body. I’ve seen people look ten years younger, even sometimes twenty years younger, and I don’t recognize them second time I meet. Now with this realization of the body because where the Spirit has to reside, the temple of that Spirit has to be cured, has to be all right and cleansed. And as the cleansing process takes place, first thing you get is the blessing of very good health.

This has been described thousands of years back by a great astrologer, who was actually the pioneer astrologer in India, [BRUHUGUNI?], in a very big book called [NARIGRATH?], that in modern times the Kundalini will rise “sahaj”, spontaneously, and people will not need to go to the hospital. Secondly, the nature of a person changes entirely. I have seen people who have been very cruel, extremely aggressive become absolutely beautiful, compassionate, understanding personalities. All the arrogance drops like the thorns drop out, and a person blooms like a flower. People whom I have known, who have been very disturbed, very upset, even Grégoire when he first met Me, he was bundle of nerves. Very tense people suddenly become absolutely calm and peaceful. We don’t have to talk about peace, you just become peaceful. Today we are talking about wars and no wars; there is no need to bother about it once you get realized people on this earth. All these mental projections of creating a universal government or universal organizations are not going to help us at all because these are mental projections. But when you become the Spirit, then you become a universal being because you experience that you have now become the part and parcel of the whole.

Once you become the part and parcel of the whole, you do not feel that you are doing any good to others or you are obliging anyone because nobody is the other. If somebody feels this hand paining, the another hand soothes him. And what is the obligation? Who is the other that you are helping? You are helping yourself. So the feeling of other goes away. When you have the first stage of thoughtless awareness, then you watch everything without thinking, is Zen. Now I see a beautiful piece here and I know it is not mine, so I have no headache of it. But when I watch it without thought, all the joy that was put into this to create this starts filling me up completely because there is no thought in between. Otherwise, I would think, “How much will I pay for this? When will I get it? Where will I buy it?” But when I have no botheration like that and just enjoying without owning it. Like a calm lake reflects all that is created around it, the joy of that, fully. In the same way, the calm mind, without any thought, reflects the joy of the creation. So the idea of my mind drops out, all the headaches of insurance drops out. But the greatest thing is that you start enjoying another person.

For the first time you start enjoying another person without lust or greed. Once in Calcutta, I was staying in a hotel, and we had about three, four Sahaja Yogis in another room. And the owner of the hotel came to me, “Mother, please give me Realization.” And when he got his Realization, all of them from their rooms came running, “What has happened, we are feeling so joyous?” I said, “See the vibrations of this man, feel the vibrations.” And they stood there for at least half an hour, enjoying him and he enjoying them. No thought passed, they did not know he was the owner of the hotel, or he did not know who they were, from what part of the country. Pure joy of humanity which Confucius has described; you could feel real, true friendship of purity. But when there is lust, greed and thought, it ends up into miserable tragedies. So that one must know that for the first time, a rapport is established among human beings on very pure level. Sitting down here you can feel the vibrations of anyone you want to, whether dead, living, you can feel the vibrations of that person. With that you can say what’s wrong with the person, and you can also correct that person. Now I then say this is a hypothesis for you, but it has to be proved.

In England when I started my work, Englishmen are very skeptical. And one of them said that, “I can’t believe that you can know about somebody far away.” I said, “All right, your computer is working, you just put your hands like this, and ask about somebody about who you want to know.” So he asked about his father because his father had not telephoned to him since long. And he got a burning on this finger at this point. These are the centers of your father. And when he felt here, I said, “Your father must be down with very bad bronchitis, because this is the center of the throat”. Immediately he telephoned to his father, and his mother came on the phone and exactly said that, “Your father is down with very bad bronchitis”.

So the kind of a telecommunication you have. In the realm of God, there is a telecommunication. But that is perfect and absolutely efficient, and absolutely quick. You have to just enter into the kingdom, you have to be just the citizens, and that government works so efficiently, without paying any tax, you get all the benefits. Because of the problems these so-called religions and these so-called gurus have created, that people don’t believe that there is a higher life for us. Because they created a picture about something, and the picture was never actualized in our life. On the contrary, they conditioned us, made us weak and have made money or made some sort of a power out of it. But now the time has come to prove all the pictures that are given by these great prophets and to prove the existence of the Divine in an actualizing experience of the Spirit.

As I told you that it is all traditionally built up thing which has come today. It’s nothing new. A sudden new idea if you take up is a wrong venture. It must have relevance to the tradition of seeking. And the time has come to prove whatever they said it is the truth. So you become the knowledge, in a short time you become very knowledgeable because you go to the essence of everything. How do you know the essence? Now, for example, people say that Mona Lisa is a very good painting. You believe it because it is certified. But if you are a realized soul, you can feel it; you can feel the vibrations of joy. If I say Michelangelo was a realized soul, you can feel it. If I say Mozart was a Realized soul, you can feel it. If I say that Maria Theresa [from Austria], the queen, was a Realized soul, you can feel it. Your hands act like the antennae of a computer. Then, any fundamental question you ask, you find that you are answered as tremendous vibrations.

Now one may say how to find out, relatively? Because once we had some people who came to see me. They thought they were great masters of all the Vedas and everything, Brahmins. And they sat before me on the right side. And I said, “Those who think they are Brahmins of very learned nature, please put your hands towards me.” [side switch of tape – text must be missing!]

I said, “What’s the matter?” “Oh we accept You are Shakti, that’s why we are shaking.” But I said, “Others are not shaking; why are you shaking?” But they said, “There are some who are shaking this side.” I said, “Find out who they are.” The other people said, “We are certified lunatics from lunatic asylum.” And the Brahmins were surprised that they were uncertified lunatics. So only by believing that you are great, you don’t become great. This Spirit, when it shines, you become the true knowledge. The falsehood drops out, the whole reign of ignorance goes away and you see the light of truth. None of the great saints have been to any universities, colleges anywhere. They have been very simple people, and what knowledge! From where did this knowledge come in? They never read any books. How did they know? Laotse never went to any college. Socrates did not go to any college. From where did they learn all this knowledge? You yourself, you are the store of knowledge; only you are to be connected. So when you get connected like this instrument, or any instrument, it starts working automatically.

So your attention becomes collectively conscious, your central nervous system emits truth, and you become the source of joy for everyone. You never get bored of yourself. You enjoy your company, sitting alone in the house or with the nature, anywhere you may be, you never feel bored. And such a person emits joy for others; such a person brings peace on others; such a person brings well-being in others. Shri Krishna has said, “Yoga kshemam vahamyaham” [Gita, chapter 9], means: “First, you must have your yoga, union with the Divine, and then I’ll look after your well-being.” He did not say that first I’ll look after your well-being and then you take to yoga. This is what it is, that you become the source of joy. Joy is absolute; you don’t live in relative terminology. And the blessings of the Divine just come upon you, and you are amazed in every way.

I relate one miracle which may baffle you, but you cannot explain it. This has been reported in the newspapers in England. And you know the English media, how terrible it is. I was giving a lecture in Bedford. At about six o’clock we started the lecture, and about eight o’clock one boy about ten miles away fell from his bike into a ditch about eighteen, twenty feet deep, from a bridge. So people thought he must be dead. They sent for the ambulance, and the ambulance people came, and by that time the boy got up and walked up to the ambulance all the way. And they were surprised how it has happened.

They took him to the hospital and there he told the doctors that there was an Indian lady wearing a white sari who came down and cured me. And she came in a white sari, in a white car. I have a white car. But I was sitting in the town hall, addressing six-hundred people. They couldn’t believe it, but doctors said, surprisingly nothing has happened to me…[incomprehensible]. While there were all stones down below, they couldn’t understand how can it be. And his bike was completely broken and shattered, gone to pieces.

So, next day he saw my photograph in the newspaper and he told the police, “This is the lady who cured me.” And then they telephoned to people in London to find out who is this lady, miraculous. And they found to their amazement that I was at that time before six-hundred people. So they asked the boy, “What did you do?” He said, “Only while falling I said, Holy Mother, please help me.” We have got the cutting, you can see that. Like I went to Middlesborough – this also is in the newspapers – a lady came to me to say that her sister is sick with a disease that she doesn’t go out of her room; she sticks to her room. For the last four, five years she has not come out of her room at all. So the media suddenly jumped, they said, “How will you cure such a lady if she doesn’t come to your program?” I said, “All right, let me have photograph.” I looked at the photograph and I said, “She’ll be all right.” And they were surprised at my confidence. But, you’ll be amazed that the media could not sustain it within themselves, and they went to see her. I told them to wait for eight days. They went to see her and they were amazed to see that the lady had gone out with her husband on the mews for a walk. This has appeared in the newspapers that the guru who kept the promise.

I am not a guru, I’m your Mother. Mother is always a guru, but she’s full of compassion. When she wants, whatever she has should be given to her children, in time. She wants her children to bloom like flowers and emit fragrance of their joy to the whole world. There are no complications in this relationship. It’s very simple and pure.

May God bless you.

As I said, after the experience, we’ll be having a follow-up program. When I come, lots of people come to my program. But I don’t know why they disappear. Somebody said that, “Mother, everybody wants that they should have it from Me.” But I can’t stay permanently in Germany, can I? There are so many in this world where I have to move. But here we have, luckily, people who have been in Sahaja Yoga for quite some time. They are not there to dominate you, but to help you out. In the beginning you have to know in full details because in this short lecture, how much can I tell you?

I hope you will make it convenient, all of you, to go and establish this experience of the Spirit which you’ll feel. And each one of you is capable of becoming that glorified personality of a great master. It’s like one light enlightens another, and another light enlightens another; that’s how this work has to be done because it is tremendous work. If I could do it alone, I would have, but I cannot. So I would request you to think about it very seriously and know that it’s a very serious thing. One has to stand up at this point to save humanity from complete disaster.

May God bless you.

Now we’ll have to have the experience of the Spirit, which is very simple matter. You don’t have to do much about it. No effort is needed. Nothing can happen to you that will be harmful. It will be very relaxing and soothing, and empowering you to be the Spirit. So those who want to have the experience should sit down comfortably for about ten minutes more. These are precious ten minutes where you are going to get the fruit of all the goodness you have done, all the kindness you have shown. Now to first of all take out your shoes to take help of the Mother Earth.

This Kundalini is resting in the Mooladhara, is the triangular bone of sacrum, which is mainly made by the principle of the Mother Earth. So we have to take the help of the Mother Earth. She sucks in all our problems very easily. During this experience, you have to keep your eyes shut, but before that I will tell you how you yourself are going to awaken your own Kundalini. The left hand represents the desire to be one with the Divine. Say, we can say the desire power is on the left side. And the right side – right hand – is the one which represents the action, power of action. So what you have to do is to put the left hand on the table like this all the time, but be comfortable about it, but straight.

Now, at the very outset, I have to tell you that you are the temple of God and you are not to feel guilty at all. So you have to tell yourself that you are not guilty, and please forgive yourself. Now, right hand is to be put first on the heart, and then on the upper part of the abdomen, then in the lower part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. We are working only on the left-hand side. Then again back in the upper part of the stomach and on the heart, keeping the left hand all the time steadily on the table. Then this right hand has to go to the neck, here, in this corner, holding it tight. Then you have to put it on your forehead, then at the back; then you have to stretch your hand and put the center of this hand on top of your fontanel bone area, where you had a soft bone on your top here. You have to press it hard and move it clockwise, that’s all, seven times, but I will tell you all that.

Now you have to close your eyes and not to open them till the experience is complete and I tell you, because your attention should be inside. But don’t take your attention inside; it will be just drawn inside. You may take out your spectacles because it improves the eyesight. There is no need to have spectacles because your eyes will be closed all the time. All of you must do, otherwise those who don’t want to do should go away; will be very kind and civil of them because such a person disturbs others. It’s a collective happening.

Now put the left hand on the table and please close your eyes. Keep them shut. Put both the feet parallel to each other on the Mother Earth. Now, put the right hand on your heart. Please keep your eyes shut. On the heart you put the hand and say please a question to Me, asking, you may call Me Shri Mataji or Mother – whatever suits you – a question: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Put the hand inside the coat – would be better. “Mother, am I the Spirit? Am I the Spirit?” It’s a very fundamental question.

The second question follows. If you are the Spirit, you are also your own master. So the hand should be moved into the upper part of the abdomen, which is the center for the mastery, built by all the great masters. Put it in the upper part of the stomach on the left-hand side, and now ask a question again: “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru? Am I my own guide?” – three times please. Have confidence in yourself. Now take down this hand in the lower part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the center of the true knowledge of the technique of the Divine. But I must confess I cannot force you to have the knowledge; you have to ask for it. So you have to say – because I respect your freedom – “Mother, may I have the true knowledge, the pure knowledge?” – six times. Six times.

Now raise this right hand on the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side again and press it – upper part of the abdomen. Upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side, of the stomach. Now, at this center, as the Kundalini is rising, you have to establish your confidence by asserting – here you have to say, with full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am my own master.” – ten times please. Have confidence in yourself. Now, please raise your right hand to your heart. Here, at the heart again you have to assert by saying, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” You have to say this twelve times – these are the times according to the petals of these centers. With full confidence – you are the Spirit – that’s the truth.

Now please raise your hand to the corner between the neck and the shoulder and take it little backwards and press it hard. At this point I have to tell you that you should say sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” From the front, take the thing from the front. And now you have to say sixteen times because Divine is the ocean of love and compassion and grace. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So you cannot commit any mistakes that He cannot forgive. There is no need for you to have any guilt. Now take this hand on top of your forehead, across. From your heart you have to say here, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Just to say it from your heart, not to count how many times, but from the heart please say, “I forgive everyone”. Hold it tight. Whether you forgive or not forgive, it’s a myth. But by not forgiving, you play into the hands of wrong people. All right.

Now put the right hand on the back of your head, and for your satisfaction, without feeling guilty, you may say that, “If I have done anything wrong against the Divine, please forgive me.” But don’t feel guilty. Now put the right hand on top of your head; stretch it and put it on the fontanel bone area, the center part of your palm. Press it and move it seven times, press it and move it seven times. Now please take down your hand and slowly open your eyes, and without thinking, watch Me. Now, put the right hand like this and the left hand on top of your head – little higher – and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head – higher, higher. It’s a subtle thing. Do not think. Yes, it’s there. Should not be anxious.

Now put the left towards Me and see the right hand. See now if there’s a cool breeze. All right? It’s very subtle. Little higher you can feel it. Again put the right hand and see with the left hand, but don’t think, don’t think, you cannot think about it, you’ve gone beyond thinking. Keep your eyes open. Now there’s one more thing, is to feel it, the all-pervading power: is to put your hands up and your head like this. Now ask a question: “Is this the all-pervading power of the Divine? Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahma Shakti?” Ask the question three times. Now, take down your hands slowly. See now if you feel it on your hands. All right? On your head. Head is all right; she has a Vishuddhi – she won’t feel so much in the hand, but in the head most of you will feel. There’s one more thing we should try which is very simple, which will give you protection from evil. Now from your hand the vibrations are flowing. Now you move the hand from right to the left seven times, like this, with Me. One, this is your giving protection to your auras, is two, is three, is four, is five, all of you should do, is six and is seven.

Now I’ll tell you how to raise your own Kundalini. This hand has to move steadily upward and this one has to move round it from upward, forward, downward, back. And this moves straight. Now keep the hand in front of your Kundalini. Is here, about here, sitting down. Now start raising it, we have to do it three times. Watch your left hand. Push back your head and give it a twist. And a knot. Again. Once more. It’s very interesting how you raise your own Kundalini. It has started. Yes, do it, slowly, watching your hand, watching your left hand. It’s very simple. Now put your hand up onto the… and give it a twist and a knot. That is the Kundalini is tied there. Now three times you have to give the knot, that’s all. Now, start it again. Is it going up? There, there, now push back your head, give it a twist, one, two and three. Now see most of you might feel it in the hands as well. She’s looking very different. All right. This is how you have to raise. Are you feeling or not? (Little.) Little? Of course, in the beginning it’s little, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Some may not feel – doesn’t matter. But as you come to the follow-on, and do it with assiduity, you’ll establish it, you’ll master it. I’m going back to London tomorrow, and I’ll come back again after a year and I want to see all of you as great masters, giving realization to thousands, saving the lives of other people.

May God bless you all.