Be serious about it

Milan (Italy)

1985-05-15 Public Program Milan Italy DP-RAW, 131'
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1985-0515 Public Program, Milan, Italy

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

Already now you know about the subtle centres that are in this spinal cord, also in the brain. So, when the Kundalini rises from Its seat, from the triangular bone, and pierces through the fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood, it again becomes soft. And then the Grace, which is a very subtle energy surrounding us, which is all-pervading, starts falling down, the Bliss. 

Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the power of God. We can call It the primordial Mother. We have the Trinity, the divine Trinity, but we do not talk about the Mother. You have Father, the God; then you have Son, the God, and the Holy Ghost. How can a father have a son without a mother? So, from the very beginning, it is an attack on the Mother. And that is why you know that it is not allowed for women to be the priests also. But in India, or in all of the scriptures, it is believed that it is the Primordial Mother who created this universe. That is the Holy Ghost is the Mother. It is not a dove but a Mother. 

So this Primordial Mother, which is the power of God, resides as a reflection in the triangular bone, which Greeks accepted as Athena, as the Primordial Mother, Athena. So, this power rises within us and pierces through the fontanel bone area where we have the seat of God Almighty, who is reflected in the heart, the Spirit; the seat is on top of your fontanel bone area. 

So as soon as you feel the cool breeze on top of your head, you should also feel the cool breeze all around you and you should feel on your fingers flowing inside. But because of the Vishuddhi, this centre, being not alright, you do not feel it. And that is why sometimes people start doubting. This centre is a very important centre, in the human beings, because when we raised our head, this centre developed into a peculiar way. And it behaved in such a way that we started developing within us the ego and the super ego over our brain. When these two balloons develop in our head, we all develop Iness that is individual personality. But as you know when the Kundalini pierces through the Agnya in the centre of the optic chiasma, then most of these are softing and the Kundalini comes out. 

At that time, the Spirit, which is in the heart, comes to our attention as Light. That means you become the Light, but you do not see the Light. Becoming the Light is very different from seeing the Light. If you see the Light, then you are away from the Light. But becoming the Light, then you have all the powers of the Light within you. That means you start seeing things clearly on your central nervous system. 

As I told you that you start feeling your chakras, because it is Self-Realization, so you know about yourself. In London, when we had our first seven people realized, one of them was very skeptical and he said “how could it be that, sitting down here, we can know the centres of others”. Now, this all-pervading power has got all the telecommunications and very efficiently working. That’s why we say that everything that is divine is miraculous. He asked me “I want to know about my father because he has not telephoned to me all these days”. I said “alright, put your hands like this (palms turned towards the sky) and ask “how is my father?” So, he started feeling a burning in this part of the finger (base of the right forefinger). All these centres (the bases of all the right hand fingers, except the thumb) are recording about your father. And this finger (right forefinger) is for the Vishuddhi. So, I told him that your father must be down with very bad bronchitis. That time, he telephoned to his father who was in Scotland, and his mother came to the phone and she said exactly the same sentence that “I’m sorry, your father is down with very bad bronchitis.” So now, I said “you give him vibrations; you rub it hard in this part of your finger”. After half an hour, the father came to the phone and he said “I’m surprised, I’m feeling very well”.

But I will tell you about so many miracles that you’ll be amazed how God works out these things. These miracles work out and they have been published in the newspapers. Like once, it happened that I was addressing in Middlesbrough where people came down, the newspaper people, and they asked me there is a lady who is not well, and she just sits into her room, doesn’t go out of her house at all; she is all the time sitting in her room for the last six months. And how can you cure her when she cannot come to your programs? I said alright, you bring me a photograph of hers and then we will see what we can do about it. So they gave me a photograph, but I told them don’t go and disturb her next day; wait for a week and then see. But next day, the newspapers could not contain within themselves, so they went down to see how the lady was and she had gone out for a walk with her husband on the move. So they published in the newspaper here is a guru Mother who has kept Her promise. 

There are other miracles like once I was addressing a big meeting, very huge meeting, in Bradford to 600 people. And one boy fell down, about 20 feet down, on the stone, from a bridge. And his bike was completely shattered. When falling down, he just said “Holy Mother, help me”. And the people who were on the bridge sent for an ambulance which came to pick him up. They thought that he must be dead but they found that he walked all the distance up there and got into the ambulance, and they were amazed at it. So he went to the hospital and told the doctors that there was a lady who came in a white sari, in a white car, and who came down and helped me to get well. There was no scratch, not even a scratch on his body, so doctors were amazed, but the people on the bridge said that they never saw any car coming or anybody coming. But I was speaking before 600 people that time. This boy had never seen Me before but he saw My photograph next day in the newspaper and he told the police that this is the lady who came and saved me. So the police then telephoned in London to find out what was going on. And the person who is in London told that these things happen in India many times, and that if they happen now in London this means that we are becoming auspicious. And all this was published in the newspaper. 

So when you become the Light, people can see light coming out of you; people have seen light coming out of My head on photographs. They have seen light coming out of this point from both sides, from this point that we call the hamsa chakra. These are photographs, nobody has managed them; these are photographs that just came spontaneously. There is one photograph in which My hand has got a complete sun, shining. Also light coming out of My fingers, out of My toes; all this can happen to you also when you become complete. 

The camera can see much more, modern camera, than modern human beings. But modern human beings have become much more complicated than before. So they have become insensitive. So, one has to understand that by complicating yourself, you cannot become the Spirit; because the Spirit is beyond your mind, beyond your emotions. And when you become the Spirit, you not only become the Light but you become the Knowledge. One person who had his Realization only six months ago and he met a newspaper gentleman, and the newspaper gentleman asked me “Have you got all scholars as your disciples?” This particular gentleman was a drug addict and was just a carpenter. He had never been to any university but he was talking like a scholar. 

When I was once in India, going by a puller cart in a village, the puller cart driver was absolutely uneducated, and I started talking to him. And he was talking like Socrates, like Kabira, and I was surprised: from where this knowledge is coming to this man who is just a puller cart driver? The source of Knowledge is the Spirit. You can see that Christ never went to any university, Krishna never went to any university, Rama never went to any university. None of the Saints went to any university or theological schools. From where did they get all their knowledge? They got it from the Spirit which enlightened their brain and the storehouse of all their knowledge is there (Sri Mataji shows her forehead) which you start knowing as soon as you become the Light. 

As soon as you become the Spirit, you feel absolutely confident of yourself. I know of children who are born realized and who are so confident, it is surprising how they talk. I have a grand-daughter, she was five years of age and they went to Tibet and there they met in Ladakh a lama, who was sitting on a mount with shaven head and wearing a big dress like a maxi. Everybody was touching his feet and even my daughter and son-in-law, out of just embarrassment, touched his feet. This little girl, who was five years of age, couldn’t bear that. She is normally a shy child. So she went and stood before him and put her both hands at the back and looked at him. And she said: “What do you mean by making everybody touch your feet, you are not a realized soul. Only by shaving your head and wearing this big maxi, how do you expect people to touch your feet?” And my son-in-law was very embarrassed and he said: “You should not say like that”. And she said “I will because he is not a realized soul and you have no business to touch his feet.” 

That is how they become so powerful, you become so powerful that you can face all kinds of fake gurus or falsehood without feeling at all afraid of anyone. From 1970, I was speaking about all the fake gurus with their names, and who they are, and what they will do, what harm they will do, openly, taking their names, openly. But nobody prosecuted, nobody said anything to me; people were afraid they will come and kill me, but nobody dared come near me. Of course, they pay some people to come and disturb the meeting, that’s all; but there is nothing more than that they could do. 

Now, this is the thing we should know also from the life of Christ, that when He was faced with the stoning of Mary Magdalena, He had nothing to do with a prostitute like that but He stood up. And He said the one who has not committed any sin can throw a stone at Me…at Himself, He said. He was the spiritual power and nobody threw any stone at Him. So that’s what happens to you when you become the Spirit.

Moreover, you develop the Discretion, complete Discretion. If you see somebody who looks to be a nice person, don’t turn to be a cheat, but with vibrations you can always work out what sort of a person the other is. You develop such a discretion that you can tell what things are real, divine, and which are not real. In this way, you are never cheated and you are never put to a false position.

Of course as I told you, that you can give Realization to others and you can cure people; not like spiritualists, who do not know how they cure but you will know by every chakra what is the problem, you’ll diagnose it, you have the medicine in your hand and you will be the doctor as well. The curing comes as a byproduct of the Kundalini awakening; and then once you know how to keep yourself alright, you will never get sick. Some of the saints died of cancer because they didn’t know how to handle their Kundalini. This is what happens to your attention, and that is how you know the Truth.

But the greatest thing that happens when you get your Realization is that you become absolutely blissful. You become auspicious; you go to any house, you bring goodness, good fortune to that family. People had been materially helped, very much, by coming to Sahaja Yoga. People in England don’t have jobs because there is so much of joblessness in England. But in Sahaja Yoga, we cannot find a person without a job, very difficult, there are so many Sahaja Yogis; people have got very big jobs also. Suddenly, they become architects; suddenly, they become very well placed in life. Everything comes as a blessing to them. And it is very surprising how it happens.

Because within us, there is the Nabhi chakra, and when it opens you get the blessings of the goddess of Wealth, that we call the Lakshmi Tattwa, Lakshmi principle. Then you become satisfied, a very satisfied person. As you give up your bad habits, you have lots of money left with you. The possessiveness that you have, the headache you have about your position, just drops out. For example, when you see something beautiful, supposing there is a very good tablecloth, you see that; then if it is yours, you are worrying that it might get spoiled, should be assuring it, all kind of worries come to you. But when you do not possess it, you enjoy better. So, when you look out any beautiful thing, what happens after Realization is that you have no thoughts, you just see the all things as a source of Joy. Like a beautiful lake which is rippleless reflects everything that is created around; in the same way, the still mind as the Zen has done it, which has no thought, enjoys all what is created around.

And best of all that you start enjoying other human beings. For the first time, you relate to others without any lust, greed, or any possessiveness. Once we had gone to Calcutta and we stayed in a hotel, and there was the owner of the hotel who came for his Realization. And as soon as he got his Realization, there were other yogis in other rooms and they came rushing into the room. They said “what has happened, we are feeling so joyous, what has happened?” I said: “feel the vibrations of this man”. They did not know who he was. They just put hands towards him and they enjoyed his vibrations so much that they forgot the time.

So, your relationships improve with other people. You become better husbands, better wives, better children, better parents. You become very honest because you just know that by honesty you are nowhere harm and you get lots of blessings of every sort. That’s you start enjoying your righteousness, your virtues, your traditions, everything you start enjoying them. You look so happy but actually you are so joyous within yourself that you don’t know how to hide that joy. 

You become extremely generous, kind, compassionate and peaceful; because you become part and parcel of the Whole. The microcosm becomes the macrocosm. Like a drop becomes the ocean. And you start enjoying that personality, a special personality that you have. The people who are miserable, when they meet you, they also become joyous. 

A snake doesn’t bite a person who is a realized soul. A tiger doesn’t eat a realized soul. And the violent dog becomes quiet when he sees a realized soul. Aggressive people become mild when they meet a realized soul. 

Now we have Sahaja yogis all over the world, and when they meet you must see the friendship, the love, the purity they have. They lead such a pure life without telling them, they know that a pure life is the source of all the happiness and blissfulness. There is no secretiveness, somebody doesn’t run away with another wife and somebody doesn’t run away with another husband. That doesn’t exist anymore. And the parents are so sensible, the children are also born realized. There are so many saints who want to be born but they want to have parents who are realized souls. So far, all those who are realized souls and married have got children who are realized souls. So a new race, a tremendously peaceful, kind, compassionate, sensible race is born out of this curse. People had big conferences for having peace, this and that, against atomic bomb, but we don’t have to have any conference, there is peace among every one of them.

Actually, we may not be destroyed by atom bombs, but maybe destroyed by ourselves because the way we are going on with our destruction. The diseases that are coming up, one after another, suggest that what we have been going on in life has not been constructive. 

It all sounds very fantastic but if you take a radio, or a television, to a villager who has never seen it, he will never believe that you can see all kind of places in a television. But when you put it to the mains then you can see the fantastic things that it can do. In the same way, when we get connected with the mains that we are built that way that we’re manifesting fantastic character about which we are not aware.

For this, first we must have our Realization. Now, what today Sahaja Yoga is that first you have your Realization. No time to waste on cleansing or anything. So that you see your own problems, in your own little light. Instead of cleaning the lamp, first put the little light in the lamp. Then, the person who sees it starts cleaning it, because he knows how to clean it and he sees the problem; because the human being is such that if he is told not to do this then he will do it. So it is better to put the light into them, so that they see themselves and become their own guide and their own guru; so that they correct themselves. 

And as it is so joy-giving, everybody is all the time anxious to keep it up. And to keep it up, it is important that after getting your Realization, you must learn how to keep it up, you have to attend some of our programs which are followed after this. I hope this will work out today again, and yesterday many people felt the cool breeze, today you are going to establish yourself. But you must promise me in your heart, that after giving your Realization, you will definitely pursuit it and be serious about it. And Italians are traditional people, they have respect for themselves. So you must respect your Realization. Otherwise, it is the same story what Christ has said that the seed which were sprouting fell into the rain and were washed off. It is the most important thing for you to get your Realization to save the whole world and Humanity to reach its emancipation. 

May God bless you all.

Now, are there any questions?

No questions?

It doesn’t take much time to get your Realization. It is very simple, and the Kundalini rises that moment, as soon as you ask for it. But there are such complications within our chakras which we have to clear. You, yourselves, will raise your Kundalini. It will have a very soothing effect and you will feel extremely relaxed. 

I will request all of you to come a little forward, so it will be easier.

You can come on the stage if you can sit down…why not come on the stage?

Such seekers!

You can take out your shoes.

Good, great! Wonderful people! May God bless you! Great! Such seekers! May God bless you all! You can remove the flowers also. Such people! How are you?

Please do sit down.

What language is this? (Talking with a seeker) How are you feeling now? Are you feeling better?

Out of you, those who are sick can come at the back, and the Sahaja Yogis can help you. All right.

Wherever you sit down, I will look after you.

It’s great! Such great seekers, so very happy to meet you all.

Now, you have to take out your shoes because it helps for us to have the help of the Mother Earth.

There is a sick lady here, you can take her at the back and see if you can work it out or not. Or we can do it after the program.

Now, it is very simple as I told you; as you are so desireless, it will work out in no time. Put both your hands towards Me, like this, just like this. All feeling cool breeze. Working. All right. 

You are people of great quality, that’s fine. It’s working. Now, close your eyes, but don’t think about it, just close your eyes. And very simple thing is: first you have to put your hand on your heart when I tell you; when I tell you on your stomach, here upper part, then the lower part, and then go back on the same direction. And then the hand here (left vishuddhi), then here (front agnya), at the back (back agnya) and then here (Sahasrara). These are all the centres we are touching with our own hand to raise our Kundalini properly. And I will tell you what is to be done. But don’t think, just one thing is not think about it, it’s beyond thinking.

You can loosen it a little bit if you want, you can loosen your belt.

Be pleasant, be pleasant about yourself. Don’t have any anger towards yourself. You must have love for yourself, respect. Because you are the temple of God. Better then, I feel that.

Now, just close your eyes, you can take out your spectacles because you have to keep your eyes shut. Now, close your eyes, till I tell you please don’t open your eyes. Please close your eyes and put your right hand on your heart; without thinking now you have to do everything. Now, here you have to say, with full confidence you have to ask me a question, which is a very fundamental question:

“Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask me 3 times, in your heart.

Not to feel guilty asking this question at all, not feeling guilty at all; you are seekers, a special category of human beings.

Now, the second question you have to ask by putting your right hand in the upper part of the left-hand side of your stomach.

On the left-hand side of the stomach, in the upper part of the stomach, on the left-hand side. Press it with your fingers. Here on this centre, the second question is to be asked:

“If I am the Spirit, then, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own master?”

Just ask this question; 3 times.

Now, take this hand, right hand, in the lower part of the abdomen, on the left-hand side. 

(The translator makes a mistake, saying left hand instead of right hand)

No, left hand towards me.

Take the right hand in the lower part of the stomach, on the left-hand side.

Now, please, at this point, you have to say that you want the True knowledge of the Divine; I cannot force on you. So, you just say it 6 times, because there are 6 petals to this center which is very important:

“Mother, please may I have the Pure Knowledge?”

Six times.

Now the Kundalini starts moving when you ask for it.

Now, raise your right hand now higher, again onto the stomach, on the left-hand side, on the upper part of the stomach, where you have put first. This is the centre of the guru principle, of the master principle, built by all the great masters. On this centre now, with full confidence in yourself, you have to assert for the Kundalini to rise to this centre, by saying, without feeling any diffidence, you have to say:

“Mother, I am my own master”. “I am my own master, I am my own master”, 10 times.


Have full confidence in yourself; you will be your own master. And you are; that’s a fact.

Now raise this right hand onto the heart. Here, resides the Spirit. Now with full confidence in yourself, you have again to assert, to create a seat for the Kundalini to rise:

“Mother, I am the Spirit”. Say 12 times “Mother, I am the Spirit.” 12 times, please. Not to feel guilty at all, with full confidence in yourself. It is the Truth that what you are saying. Have faith in yourself.

Now, raise your right hand to your heart as I said and say it 12 times, press it, press it. Mother, I am the Spirit, say it 12 times.

Now take your right hand onto the corner of your shoulder where it meets the neck. From the front; take it from the front, across. Press it hard, take it backward. This is the centre mostly catching. This centre catches when you feel guilty. So please say here, with full confidence in yourself:

“Mother, I am not guilty at all”; 16 times.

“Mother, I am not guilty at all”; 16 times.

Because the Divine is not only the ocean of Love and Compassion but He is above all the ocean of Forgiveness.

Don’t count your guilts, please, just say “Mother, I am not guilty at all”. If you don’t believe, then you can take a punishment and say it 108 times; that we’ll be better.

Mmmh, better. Better now. 

Please, don’t feel guilty. Forget what I said to you, just don’t feel guilty.

That’s good. Now better, much better.

Now, raise your right hand onto your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Here, you have to say, from your heart, how many times it’s not the point, but from your heart, intensely, you have to say:

“Mother, I forgive everyone”.

You might think it is difficult to forgive, but it is a myth, whether you forgive or you don’t forgive. But when you don’t forgive, you play into wrong hands.

Now, put your right hand on the back of your head, and for your own satisfaction, say to the Divine if you have done any mistake, please forgive me.

Now, stretch your hand and put it on top of your head, on the fontanel bone area where it was a soft bone as a child. Put your palm on top of that. And press it hard. And move it clockwise. At this time, you have to say:

“Mother, please give me Self-Realization, because I cannot force it on you.” 7 times.

(Sri Mataji is blowing in the micro)

Take down your hand, very carefully, on your lap.

Now, feel with the left hand, if there is a cool breeze coming out; open your eyes, slowly. Right hand towards me. Put the left hand on top of your head. It’s very subtle. Little further, in front, it is in front. Little higher, about four inches, about. It’s very subtle.

Now, put your left hand towards me and see with your right hand.

Now, bring the right hand down again, and see with the left hand again, once more.

It’s there, right. Just pay attention, It is there.

Now, you can put your hands up there, and put back your head and ask:

“Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”

“Is this the all-pervading power of God?”

“Is this the Brahman Shakti?”

Now, bring down your hands. And see if you feel it in the hands. 

Don’t think, if you start thinking, it will stop. Don’t think. You cannot analyze it. When you keep your eyes open, just watch me without thinking. With both hands like this, you can feel it, but don’t think. Don’t think, that’s the main point, don’t think. Just watch me without thinking.

You’re almost right, it’s working out. There is nothing to be serious. Ha! It’s working out. Don’t think. You start thinking. There is nothing to think. Just watch me without thinking, you can do that. Without thinking, you can watch me, you can do that.

Some of you can just press your eyes, little bit strained on eyes, press it hard, that’s all. That will help. We have some strain on eyes.

Mmm? Better?

All right? All right? Are you feeling? Good! May God bless you all!

Now, one more thing I want to tell you, which is important, which you must know before you leave; that you have to now protect yourself. The Energy is flowing, but you must know how to protect yourself, first of all. So, to protect yourself, you put your left hand like this (towards Shri Mataji) and with the right hand you have to give a protection to your aura. It’s to put your hand all across like this (describing a circular arc above the head from left palm to the right side, towards the Mother Earth). Seven times, I will do it with you; and then, I will show you how to raise your own Kundalini and how to fix It up.

Now, let us start.

One; go above the head.

Two; go above the head.

Three; all of you should do it, because this is a protection.


Five; whether you feel it or not is not important.


And seven.

Now, where is your Kundalini?

You have to put your hand in front of the Kundalini, as he is putting now, just sitting down. Left hand. This hand (right hand) has to move in this way that it goes clockwise “above, front, below, back”. Watch left hand; and then we have to raise this hand (left hand), like this, with this hand (right hand) going around like that.

Let us start now; we have to do it 3 times.

Watch the hand carefully, left hand. Now, these are important hands; put back your head. And now give a twist; and now tie It.

Now, do it again, much faster; push back your head, loosen your shoulders. Give it a twist and now tie-up.

Third time, now again. Push back your head. Tie up once, tie up twice, tie up thrice. Now, see your hands.

Better, much better now.

Still thinking…Don’t think, if you think the vibrations will go away, don’t think. Try to keep in thoughtless awareness. Ha, now see!

Keep your eyes open. Mmm, good. All right? Are you feeling it?

All those who have felt it on the hands or on the head, raise your hands.

All of you have felt it! Just imagine, such great people! May God bless you all!


(Shri Mataji addressing a yogi) Your Agnya is working, that’s all. Now forgive, you didn’t forgive, you have to forgive. Forgive, you must; if you are not forgiven, then the vibrations come down. Forgive, forgive.

(Shri Mataji addressing a yogini) You also, Madam, has to forgive a lot. All right? Correct? Ha, better; see your hands! Forgive, you must forgive. Better, better now? All right. So, say “I forgive”.

The yogini: I forgive

Shri Mataji: All right, may God bless you.