Press Conference

Rome (Italy)

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Interview, Press Conference, Rome (Italy), 18 May 1985.

Shri Mataji: And secondly, once they feel the experience of the Spirit, they will start cleansing themselves, their own centres.
And this is how the modern Sahaja Yoga has evolved out of the old one which was only individualistic and was given to only people who were willing to go through any kind of tests and any kind of disciplining. But nowadays, best is to have it this way.
Also in modern times, there are many seekers who are born. These are a special category of human beings who are seekers of the beyond they are not satisfied with whatever they have achieved through their mental projections or through emotional projections. So they want to know what is beyond. So everywhere throughout the world, they are lots of seekers.
I hope I have answered the questions of the difference for your satisfaction.
But Yoga means union with the Divine, not exercising.
It also means deftness to know the Divine Laws and to handle the power that you get – deftness.
All right?

Interviewer: What do you mean by the Divine Laws?
Shri Mataji: You see Divine Laws are very different from what laws we make. And when we do not keep to those laws we become sick, we get mentally disturbed. We get to bad habits and we go towards destruction.
Interviewer: How can it be that a child gets ill? Sick?
Shri Mataji: A child gets ill because the mother doesn’t know because there is something wrong with the mother, quite a lot. Maybe a mother is an overactive person, child becomes overactive gets cancer of the spleen.
There is a lot of common sense also about it. Like it is said, in India, that if you see an eclipse of the Sun then you get, and if you are pregnant, then the child becomes deformed. And if you see an eclipse of the Moon, and you are pregnant, then the child becomes mentally deranged also. Because nature has a great play upon our life, which we should understand.

Interviewer: What should be our attitude towards life once we are Realized? Should we still follow our nationality or just give it up and follow divine instructions?
Shri Mataji: Actually, all nationality is artificial God created only one world. And He really wants people in this world who believe in one world. So, all fights must end, all wars must end, we are fighting for what?
After Realization, we may maintain all our individualities as far as- like an Italian will have its own individuality but he knows that he is part and parcel of the whole.
Who is the other?
Like this finger is in its own individuality and if it is paining, then another hand helps it because it is paining, because the part and parcel of the whole. It doesn’t feel obliged, it doesn’t feel like having a fight with this. Or the eye doesn’t fight with another eye, because part and parcel of the whole, but there is an individual character of every, every of them.

Like the microcosm has to become the macrocosm, the consciousness in our central nervous system we have to actualize the experience. It’s not just mental projection.

So, after getting Realization people jump into a new awareness of Collective Consciousness where you can feel others on your fingertips and you can feel yourself on fingertips, all the centres. If you know how to correct them, you can work it out.

The hands start emitting the All-pervading Power, the subtle power and which you can use for giving Realization to others curing them and giving back to the nature the vitality you have taken out.
Like in Australia- Austria- a scientist who is a Sahaja Yogi has experimented and he sees that if you give vibrations to the plants, they grow three times more, give more and you don’t have to use any hybrid stuff, the old seeds can be regenerated again.
We can cure cancer we have cured AIDS. And it makes you peaceful, joyful, you look much younger, glowing, it helps.
Actually, then you know what joy is because it’s only through the Spirit you can feel the joy. It is such a tremendous thing to be the Spirit that you cannot explain in a short speech but so many things happen to you that it’s absolutely beyond human conception.
Let them ask a question.

Seeker (photograph): What is the difference between your spiritual movement and other forms that have the same subject, let’s say, on the same-
Shri Mataji: I don’t know which one he is meaning.
Interviewer: Of other movements alike.
Shri Mataji: You see, recently about seventy years back, a book was written which is absolutely untraditional, has nothing to do with the traditional authentic scriptures, saying that a person can get his Realization through something called Shaktipat. Now, there is not this word anywhere, nothing. As a result of that, people take out their cloth, start jumping, shouting, some start jumping like frogs. In another world, they become mad, epileptic, it’s all madness.
Like we have some people here who went to these gurus, paid lots of money, and came to Me as sick people.
This is something new they have started. And in modern times, a person who is futuristic likes to take to something modern, one should try everything and it’s very dangerous. So, one must understand that traditionally, there is nothing like these methods that they are all doing, it’s very dangerous. What you have to get is your Realization and that, as a result of that, you should feel absolutely on top of the world.
That’s a simple test.
Second test is that you cannot pay for the Divine love, you cannot pay for compassion, you cannot pay for anything that is living, living work.
Like if you want to sow the seed, now you don’t pay any money to the Mother Earth, do you? It’s like that, it’s very simple because it is so widely; there is no circus about it nothing.

This is your right to have Realization. How can you pay for it?