Achieve the Absolute

Rome (Italy)

1985-05-20 Achieve the Absolute, Rome, Italy, 96' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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1985-05-20 yogi intro, Public Program Day 1 in Rome, Italy, 25'
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Public program, day 1, Rome, Italy, 20-05-1985

I bow to all seekers of Truth (Shri Mataji folds her hands and bow to the audience) First of all, we must know, what are we seeking. What is the Truth? The truth is very simple, that in our evolutionary process we have not yet completed our journey. We have become human beings, but we have to still get to a position which is absolute. A state where we’ll have joy, where we will be blissful and where we will become collectively conscious.
When people are not satisfied with what they have, they start seeking the Truth and such people are of a special category. These are quite a lot in the modern times, while in the beginning of life there were very few who were seeking the Truth. In the beginning, men started seeking protection from Nature, and then he tried to find out possession, money, power and a state reached where he found that these things do not give you permanent satisfaction.
We believe that a certain thing if we get, we will be very joyous and satisfied. Like somebody wants to have a car, then he is not satisfied. Then he wants to have a house, then he is not satisfied. Like that he is seeking about the pleasures of life, goes on and on and on, but he is never satisfied. Thus, the law of economics says that wants, in general, are never satiable in particular maybe but not in general. So, it shows that these wants, these desires are not pure desires.
There is within us a power of pure desire residing in the triangular bone called Kundalini in Sanskrit language, Asas in Kuran, and in the Bible also it is called as Tree of Life. Now in all the ancient religions, it is said that one has to achieve the Spirit. You have to become the Spirit and they did not tell us lies, but people who wanted to make money out of those religions, have ruined completely the fundamentals of those religions. That’s why nobody has faith anymore left in the religion, but it is like the true flowers on a tree have been plucked and everybody is holding on to it as mine, mine, and fighting, but they are dead flowers. They are dead religions.
In the same way, we talk of our political problems like we say Capitalism is good, or we say that communism is good is all our idea but actually, none of these experiments are perfect because it all deals with the money power or the power of aggression (repeating to the Sahaja Yogi translating Shri Mataji’s talk in Italian language) money power or the power of aggression.
But we have one another power, which surrounds us, which is everywhere, of which we are not even aware. When you get that power you become the real capitalist and you want to share it with others so you become a real communist also. This power is all-pervading and is the power of compassion of pure compassion. We cannot see it because we are not that subtle to feel it but you see the flowers becoming the fruits, the seasons changing. Who does all that work? It resides in every particle as electromagnetic power but who gives the electromagnetic power energy in the molecules or in the atoms?
If you see the periodic laws of chemistry you will be amazed the way the whole thing is arranged in such a beautiful manner that the carbon is placed in the centre. Who has done that? Now an Italian gets an Italian child an Indian gets an Indian child. Who does this sorting out such a tremendous sorting out? A mango tree will have a mango an apple tree will have an apple. Look at this sorting out tremendous work!! Who is doing all this?
So if there is such a power why don’t we feel it because we have to feel it on our fingertips we should be able to feel that power like we feel electricity when we touch it. But if you become a subtler personality through your ascent through your second birth then you can feel it all around. It is such a perfect energy surrounding us that it does everything in the most efficient manner.
It is the combination of four energies. One which resides on the left-hand side of ours which is the energy of desire and existence. And the second one is the one the energy of action for our mental and physical action on the right-hand side. They are all, both of them are expressed on the gross as left and right sympathetic nervous system. And the central power which is responsible for our evolution. We don’t even want to think why we have become human beings from the amoeba stage?
Science cannot tell you answers to why and how it just says what it is. So there is the 4th power which is the power which integrates all these powers and connects you to your spirit. As a result of that, you get connected with this all-pervading power. Now we have to know, that’s so far whatever we have achieved in our evolution we actually feel it on our central nervous system.
Like if something is hot it is hot, if something is cold it is cold. Now, if there is an animal like a horse or a dog can go through a dirty lane but for a human being, he cannot. He feels dirty, smells dirty but an animal cannot. In the same way, whatever we have to achieve now, we have to achieve it on our central nervous system. But what we do is to live with our mental projections believing into this we believe into something through emotional projections. And to our amazement we find it is not true, it’s false.
We go on understanding everything through our mental projections but truth cannot be understood through mental projections. Even a great scientist like Einstein has said, that he was absolutely tired trying to find the experiment to prove the relativity. He found that he could not do it in the laboratory but he was lying down in his garden playing with soap bubbles and then suddenly from somewhere unknown the theory of relativity dawned upon him.
So now the time has come for all of us to know that Power through this fourth power which we call as Kundalini which is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within us which manifest this new phenomenon of giving us another awareness of a superhuman being. These are special times. These are the times when you are going to judge yourself through the Kundalini awakening. And once you get your realization you will be amazed to know that you are a fantastic thing.
Tomorrow I will be telling you what really happens after one gets realization. But it has to be an actual experience of becoming the spirit. It cannot be where people just start jumping and talking stupidly or any other activity which we can do normally. Traditionally in India we know, if we are Indian, not Westernized, what is self-realization, what to expect.
Even in the Bible it is described when the disciples got their realization, they started talking in strange language means the language of the chakras and when they started moving their hands actually they were moving their Kundalini, but people thought they were mad because they didn’t understand what they were talking. So we have to ask for real baptism of really feeling the cool breeze out of our fontanelle area and not some sort of an artificial thing. As a result of that happening, you start feeling the cool breeze out of your fontanelle bone area and also you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands.
(Shri Mataji is showing on her hand all the fingers) All, all these fingers get enlightened and you start feeling on the fingertips your own centres in also the centres of others. Thus, you know what’s wrong with you and thus, you know what’s wrong with others. As you become subtler and subtler you can feel the vibrations of any person anywhere in the world whether dead or alive. You become so powerful that there is no habit that can dominate you.
In Rome, I have known many people who had very bad habits that they could not give up. They were alcoholics, or they were drug addicts or they were smoking too much and they could not stop even they were about to get cancer they all stopped in no time. The second thing that happens very great is that you receive good health. Any malady, any disease can be cured with Sahaja yoga if it is not absolutely a gone case. It can be done in such a way that you can cure also after realization the maladies of others. But one thing is important that all the curing takes place as the by-product of this happening. Not only for curing but it’s a by-product when the Kundalini rises then it looks after all the centres and enlightens them. Thus, your diseases are cured.
Now when the Kundalini rises she also makes you completely relaxed. We are upset because we think too much or we worry too much or we are frightened of something or we are very aggressive on others we want to aggress others. As a result of Kundalini awakening, the thoughts which are rising like this and falling out and again rising like this gets separated and you enter into the area which is the PRESENT this moment.
The past does not exist because you know it is already finished is gone and the future does not exist at all because it has not even come into existence. Only the present is reality. But, if I say in the present now you stand on the present you cannot. Your mind is jumping on the curps of the past and the future all the time. As a result of this happening within you, your attention is drawn inside. Otherwise, if I tell you to take your attention inside you cannot. And thus, this attention when is pierced through the Kundalini gets enlightened by the Spirit and you feel absolutely peaceful and joyous.
Now in the West, as you know people have gone too far in the development. It is like a tree which has grown too much without going to the roots. But you must go to your roots otherwise the tree will topple down. It will be destroyed. This is the knowledge of the roots, which we now have to know if we have to save this humanity. We always talk that we are brothers and sisters and that we are friends, but actually, when it comes to reality we find that there is a very big difference between us and lots of problems between ourselves.
So we find that brothers and sisters are fighting husband and wife are fighting. One country is fighting with another country. All the time that is something to fight about. Thus we have got social problems, we have economic problems we have political problems, we have ecological problems because we are in the darkness. Now in this house, if there is complete darkness and somebody is panicked the whole place will be in a turmoil. You will not understand who is standing next to you and you will trample that person, hit another person, and do all kinds of chaotic things that a person with light will never do.
This whats happens to people when they get the light of the spirit within them. If somebody is carrying the snake, and he is in darkness. You tell him not to carry the snake, he’ll hold it more tight you tell him not to do it But if there is light he will throw it away on his own. This is exactly what happens when you get enlightened.
Now in this room, if you come and there is darkness, I have to just tell you that put on one switch and you will get the light. But if I want to tell you all about electricity, the history of electricity every organization of electricity you will be absolutely bored stiff. So the best thing is to start the light somehow and then you can see for yourself what’s wrong with you and you become your own Guru, your own corrector, your own guide. This is what is today’s modern we can call it evolved Sahaja Yoga because we have Sahaja Yoga from ancient times.
First, let there be a little light and let people see for themselves what’s wrong with them and let them correct it. Moreover, any discovery if it is limited to one or two persons it is useless. It has to be an en-mass phenomenon for the whole society. And now today this phenomenon has become for the society for en mass evolution.
First, only one fish came out then few fishes came out and then shoals of fishes came out. In the same way, human beings have to rise to that state of bliss and peace. So in the new awareness, the microcosm becomes the macrocosm. A drop becomes the ocean. Like if there is a problem on this hand (Shri Mataji shows her left hand to explain) I feel it. It is part and parcel of me so I rub it. It is better so there is no obligation. So who is the other? In the divine, there is nobody who is other. If you cure people you just cure yourself.
The so-called missionary work is not the work of God, is the work of human beings of society not of God. God’s work is very different. It is the compassion which doesn’t speak it just emits from your being, it acts, it works out. It is wisdom, it thinks it coordinates, it cooperates in such a beautiful manner that you will be amazed to know that this all-pervading power is such an understanding and a knowledgeable thing.
So the first thing should be that you all get the experience of the spirit and the experience of the all-pervading power and then establish the experience in such a manner that you really become a Master. It takes hardly any time whatsoever and you don’t have to put an effort.
For this, of course, you cannot pay any money because it is absurd, it is irrelevant. In the name of God, one cannot take money because god does not understand money. It is sinful to do such things, in the name of God to take money or to do anything of that kind by which exploiting others. It is the living process of the living energy for which you cannot pay. We do not give anything to the mother earth when she gives all the fruits and gives us other things. Do we pay her anything? Does she understand money? But man in his ego thinks that he can buy anything and sell anything.
The truth is what it is. It is not going to change by your buying or selling or by your organization. One has to be humble to get to that position where you become the truth. That is the most important thing that today we do not know what is the truth. We have no discrimination. You cannot get it in the universities. All these great saints never went to any University. You can only get it if you reach the state of the spirit. So, today we will have the experience of the spirit and tomorrow I’ll tell you what you can do with that experience. Thank you very much! (Clapping by the audience while Shri Mataji bow to them with folded hands and closed eyes)
Today we don’t want to…We have told that you write down your questions, tomorrow I’ll answer. because of the television, we have lost some time. Tomorrow we’ll do it. You give me your questions in writing today or tomorrow. Before starting the programme we’ll do it. Alright! (Shri Mataji smiling and addressing someone in the audience) Want to know what?
Sahaj Yogi: (telling Shri Mataji the question asked by a lady from the audience) Are you the mother of Guru Maharaj?
Shri Mataji: No! No! No! (Someone speaking from the audience, inaudible) He is one who is collecting Rolls Royces. (the audience continues to speak and Shri Mataji is listening and then she says) I have nothing to do with such people. Imagine! Collecting Rolls Royces in the name of God. Why are you so simple and naive? Why are you so simple and so naive to give Rolls Royces to a man in the name of God? (The audience start clapping) How much money you gave to Christ or Abraham or Moses? In what tradition did they take money? You are an ancient country of such tradition! How can you believe in such people who are making money out of God?
People don’t even want to see how impure their lives are. What sort of lives do they lead? How they manage things? You must see that such a person has to be a pure personality. I feel ashamed that they are Indians and they are trying to befool people like this. People pay money to a Guru because he makes them nude. Why do you want to pay money for that? You must have your brains intact. You are all very well educated people. How can you not understand that divine cannot be bought, cannot be sold.
It is to be achieved on our central nervous system. I hope you people will realize that these gurus cannot prosper in India. These false gurus cannot prosper because Indians are wise people. They are very traditional they know what it is to be realized, soul. Only they have come to the west for the same reason. But the real gurus are hiding they don’t want to come. I told them why don’t you go all of you. They said mother you try first of all. We don’t want to go they will crucify us. So now please remember you cannot purchase it. Another thing is you cannot put an effort for it. It just happens spontaneously. Just like the seed sprouting but after the sprouting, you have to look after the plant you have to respect your realization. But before that, you cannot do anything about it. And if you get realization from me (Shri Mataji indicating towards Sahaja yogi sitting next to her on the ground on her left-hand side) he can give realization to another. One light which is enlightened can enlighten another light and many lights can be enlightened.
It is not important what you give to your Guru it is what you get is important. It is absolute enslavement to go about with someone who says do this do that! Why? ask the question! this is the problem with the west that they have lost the contact with the roots and that’s why the people are really trying to exploit you.
I am not a Guru I am a mother and I am going to tell you the truth about everything whether you like it or not. The only desire I have is that you all should get your realization and enjoy the bliss of Spirit. There is no secret in Sahaja Yoga everything is open. And all the knowledge is given to you. May God bless you!! (Shri Mataji does namaskar and there is clapping from the audience. The Sahaja Yogi sitting next to Shri Mata Ji offers a glass of water to Shri Mataji which she drinks)
Now the experience will take hardly 5 to 7 minutes. It’s a very simple method by which you can feel the cool breeze in your hands and on top of your head. First of all, we have to take advantage of the mother earth. Today on the television there were about 60 to 70 people. Most of them felt the cool breeze. In the same way, you all can feel it also.
Now please put your shoes on one side and put your feet on the mother earth in a proper way that they are parallel to each other. Nobody should get up in the middle and disturb others. If you want to go you can go now. And all of you have to be closing your eyes. Now, there are centres we will try on the left-hand side and you yourself will awaken your own Kundalini which is a very very simple method. Actually, normally nothing is needed, only by putting your hands like this, you can get it. But we are rather complicated so we have to do a little bit help to ourselves.
So I would suggest that you put your left hand, which is the power of desire, towards me throughout and with the right hand will do few actions of placing the hands on different centres. First of all, don’t close your eyes, I just tell you and explain to you and then you can see for yourself what is to be done because your eyes will be closed. Our eyes have to be closed because our attention has to go inside. There is no problem with it. You will feel extremely fine and there will be no problem of any kind. This is your own property, your own wealth which you will get yourself. I am just a catalyst.
Now, first, you have to put your right hand on the heart than on the upper part of the stomach, then in the lower part of the stomach. Then you have to go back on the upper part of the stomach, then on the heart and then here on a very important centre. But remember to take the hand from the front like this and not from the back. Then here (Shri Mataji puts her hand across her forehead) than at the back (Shri Mataji puts her hand at the back of the head) then you have to stretch your hand and put this area on your fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood and move it clockwise 7 times. But I will tell you every time what is to be done so, you don’t have to remember anything.
Now don’t pay attention to anybody else. Secondly, just now I feel that this centre is catching very much in you people (Shri Mataji is showing her own left Vishuddhi to the audience by putting her right hand there). And this center catches when you people feel guilty for nothing at all. What is there to feel guilty? You are the temple of God. What is the need to feel guilty about it? Forget the past! The Divine is nothing but forgiveness and is anxious to give you realization. Please don’t feel guilty at all, about anything whatsoever! You are very simple people that you start feeling guilty for nothing at all.
So, first of all, forgive yourself. You have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself because you are going to enter into the realm of bliss. You are going to achieve the desire of desires, the purest desire, complete satisfaction. So why to feel guilty? Don’t feel guilty otherwise the Kundalini won’t rise.
Alright! now be in a pleasant mood! Put your right hand please on your heart. You have to respect yourself and love yourself. Please put your right hand on your heart and know that I love you very much and you have to love yourself. Now please put your right hand on your heart and now close your eyes. Now ask me a fundamental question 3 times. Mother! Am I the Spirit? Mother am I the spirit? Mother! Am I the Spirit? Three times! (Shri Mataji is seen holding a burning candle in her hand with it’s flame in front of her heart).
Now please take this right down on the upper part of your stomach and press the fingers little bit. Now here ask another fundamental problem which you have because if you become the spirit you have to become the master, you have to become your own guide. So ask the question three times. Mother, Am I my own guide? Am I my own Guru? Am I my own Master?
Now please put this right hand in the lower part of your stomach on the left-hand side. At this point, I have to request you that I cannot force on you your realization. You have to yourself ask for the true knowledge of the divine. This is the centre of that so please please press your hand and ask six times Mother! may I have the pure knowledge, the true knowledge, the true knowledge of the divine! Now six times please ask!
Now, raise your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen and press it there. This is the centre of the master created by all the great prophets. Here, you have to now assert with full confidence because the Kundalini has to rise to this point with your confidence. So please say with full faith in yourself. Mother, I am my own Guru! I am my own guide! I am my own master! ten times because there are ten petals to this centre (Shri Mataji is seen holding a burning candle in front of her agnya) From your heart! Now! (Addressing the Sahaja Yogi sitting on her left-hand side) Good!
Now please raise your right hand on your heart again. And say with full assertion and confidence Mother I am the spirit! Twelve times ( Shri Mataji is holding a burning candle before her agnya) twelve times!
Now you must know that divine is the ocean of grace and love and above all, it is the ocean of Forgiveness as I told you before. So, raise your hand in the corner of your neck and shoulder on the left-hand side and press it hard. From the front, not from the backside but from the front side. Put it to the left hand, left-hand side yes. Now, here please remember that you are not guilty at all. Please say 16 times, Mother I am not guilty at all! Sixteen times! This is the worst centre we have in the west. Now, sixteen times! (Shri Mataji continues to hold the burning candle) Better! If you think that you are guilty still with all my assurances, (Shri Mataji laughing softly) better punish yourself by saying it a hundred and eight times it would be better! (Shri Mataji still holding the candle before her agnya chakra)
Now raise your right hand on your forehead across. Press it on both the sides and from your heart you say that Mother I forgive everyone! not to count any times but from the heart, you must say. Many people think that it is difficult but actually it is a myth whether you forgive or not forgive. But if you don’t forgive then you play into the hands of wrong people.
Now put your right hand on the backside of your head and hold it tight. Here now for your satisfaction just say it from your heart that if I have done any mistake please forgive me the Divine means the divine should forgive me.
Now please touch your hand and put on the top of your head on the fontanelle bone area which is the soft bone in your childhood and move your scalp seven times. (Shri Mataji blowing in microphone seven times) Now please put down your hands slowly. And slowly open your eyes and watch me without thinking.
Now put your right hand towards me like this and with the left hand try to feel if you got the cool breeze. On top of your head with the left hand and right hand towards me. It is subtle on top of your head from left hand, little higher about four inches. Alright! Move your hand and see for yourself up and down and sideways.
Now, put your right hand towards me. (Shri Mataji checking vibrations on top of her head) Sorry, put your left hand towards me and with the right hand, you see if there is a cool breeze is coming out. Now change it over again right hand towards me once more that’s all. And see now if it it is coming on the left hand.
Now to feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost around us, put up your hands like this and ask a question (Shri Mataji raises both her hands up and raise her head towards the sky) Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahma Shakti? Is this the all-pervading power of God? Three times. Push back your head and ask three times the question.
They are feeling it! Now put back your hands! You are feeling it! Now see you are feeling it in your hands like this. Those who have the experience of the cool breeze in the head and in your hands, please raise your hands. Or in the head or in the hands. Like this (Shri Mataji demonstrating by raising both her hands in the air) both the hands so that I will see.
So many of them have got it but don’t think about it. Those who haven’ t got it will get it tomorrow. And those who got it will establish themselves. Tomorrow I will see also you people individually. Thank you very much! (Shri Mataji doing namaskar with folded hands and audience are clapping)
Please ask your friends also to come tomorrow. (Another Sahaja Yogi comes on the stage and sits on the ground on the right-hand side of Shri Mataji and after taking permission of Shri Mataji starts addressing the audience in the Italian language perhaps about the next day’s programme)
Shri Mataji: (looking towards someone in the audience) Just ask him did he felt the cool breeze. Very strongly! I could see it! (Shri Mataji looking happy at the response from someone in the audience).
Sahaja yogi: (unclear )There are some Sahaja yogis who want to speak individually to new people. Shri Mataji: Are there? Today or tomorrow? Tomorrow would be better! Done it very fast! My watch has stopped! Cannot be! What’s the time now? (Sahaja yogi instead of replying to Shri Mataji turns back to enquire about time. Shri Mataji asks him) You don’t have a watch?
Sahaja Yogi: I never use it।
Shri Mataji: Eh! is it working? The watch is working? Eh? half-past eight? The time has stopped (Shri Mataji is showing her wristwatch to the audience) (A man and women come and offer flowers to Shri Mataji) Shri Mataji: Thank you very much such fragrance! ( Another lady comes and offers flowers to Shri Mataji, the audience are clapping)
Shri Mataji: Thank you very much! Much better (addressing the audience)
(Another lady comes on the stage and offers flowers to Shri Mataji)
Shri Mataji: Thank you Very much! (Addressing the Sahaja yogis) Better! It’s much better! Like to shake their hands with them. (Shri Mataji gets up from her seat and move forward on the stage to meet the audience standing below)
Shri Mataji is seen bending down from the stage shaking hands with people who are not initially visible due to lack of light but a later lot of people are visible looking up to Shri Mataji and talking with her. Shri Mataji is interacting with them for quite some time and she sits on the floor of the stage to interact with the audience and for a very long time, she is seen talking to them. Finally, she descends amongst the audience and is seen talking to them.