Two powers within

Rome (Italy)

1985-05-21 Two powers within, Rome, Italy, DP-RAW, 112'
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Public Program Day 2. Rome (Italy), 21 May 1985.

The main thing is to get your Realization. No one can guarantee it. As it is a living process so it has to work out. And that you should get that Realization is the main point. To get the Realization I would say if some people want to come on the stage can come also. If there are people sitting on the ground are in difficulties can come on the stage. If they want. Or those who want to go away can go away. But don’t disturb others.

[Mother speaks aside: Come along. Those who are sitting down. please, be seated. please. seat. it’s cold, is it? there is nothing to spread for them. is it very cold there? must be. seat, seat, seat. i’m sorry, it`s very cold? is it cold there? is it cold? no, no. it`s alright. all right.]

Take out your shoes. All of you. All of you should seat down quietly. Or if the people in front can come, all of them can sit in front. It’s better. As many can come on the stage. Now don’t fight. Please, don’t disturb. Please, keep quiet. These are very important times. Don’t disturb others. We have to be very, very kind to others. I will stand up. You’ll all be able to see Me. All right?

[Mother speaks aside: It’s all right. better sit now. I’ll tell you later on. (something like: next time I will talk Italian?)]

I wish we had a bigger stage. All right. Now, it’s very simple. You have to take out your shoes because this Mother Earth has the power to suck in our problems. So please take out your shoes and put both the feet parallel to each other. You can take out also your spectacles. It helps your eye sight. If there is anything [sounds like: very] tight on your stomach or in the neck. You can loosen it a little bit. All the people should be seated. All the people should be seated properly and should not move about at all.

Now. With both the hands like this. You have to know that these hands and the fingers here are denoting the seven centers on the left hand side and the seven centers on the right hand side.

[Mother said several words to someone aside, not clear].

Now, there are seven centers. Five, six and seven. These are five, six and seven which we learn very soon. This left hand is responsible for our desire. To get Realization is our main desire. Today. With this desire you put your left hand forward like this, comfortably. You should not be uncomfortable. Sit in the way that you feel comfortable. You may sit [sounds like: as? yes?] twisting both the legs on one side. Will be alright. [to someone: No, the other way.] Both the legs on one side you can put it. It’s alright. It’s alright. Put the left hand like this. Left like this. Left hand. Left like this. Comfortably, comfortably.

Now. Right hand we have to use for [sounds like: an?] action. Now we have to use that, on the left hand side. And to use that on the left hand side we have to put this on different centers. Because you are going to raise your own Kundalini. At that point I’m going to just tell you where to put your hand and later on when you close your eyes you will know. Just now I will just show you. The right hand should go first in the heart then in the upper portion of the stomach then in the lower portion of the stomach. Now, one must know it is all on the left hand side. Again should go back to the upper part of the stomach then to your heart and than to the corner between your shoulder and your neck. From the front. Many people put it like this is not good. This way. It’s comfortable.

In the West this is the worst center. Always caught up. It is caught up because one feels guilt. Now you are not to feel guilty at all [Sounds like: I’ll take off your guilt]. You have done nothing wrong whatsoever. The Divine is the Ocean of Forgiveness. And we can not do anything that could be such that can challenge the power of the Divine. So nobody should count their wrongs and mistakes. If you feel not comfortable you can sit on the chair will be better. Not to make uncomfortable. [Mother speaks to someone: “Are you alright?”]

Now, it is your [INAUDIBLE] that’s your own. And you have right to get it. So what is there to feel guilty about? There is no need at all to feel guilty. [speaks to someone: “You can come here. there is a space. or here. you can come here.”]
All right. Now…

[Something happened and the public laughs gently. mother says to someone from the public: “All right. all right. doesn’t mater. All right. As long as the feet are not towards Me is alright. You can put them this way. All right.”]

So now. What we do is to put the right hand after this here on the forehead then on the back then we have to stretch our hand and put it on top of the fontanel bone area. Here on top of our head and press hard and move it seven times [INAUDIBLE] the scalp. Seven times. That’s all.

Now. Nobody should watch others. One should watch oneself. Now. Please close your eyes. And don’t open your eyes till I’ll tell you. Because attention has to go inside. Now. The left had towards Me and the right hand on the heart. Put it under the coat. Will be better. Towards Me means the palm should be towards the sky. Now. This left hand should be kept as it is [INAUDIBLE]. [SOUNDS LIKE: AFTER] after closing the eyes you ask Me a very fundamental question: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask that question three times. Ask sincerely. Three times.

Now bring down your hand on the upper part of the stomach on the left hand side and press it. Please take out your glasses. [INAUDIBLE] Now, the second question, very fundamental follows by the first. This is the center of the Masters. Created by all the great Masters. Here you ask Me another question. Three times please ask Me: “Mother, am I my own master?”; “Mother am I my own guide?”; “Mother am I my own guru?”.

Now, please put your right hand in the lower part of the stomach. Right hand. Left hand towards Me. Left hand towards Me. [ASIDE TO SOMEONE FROM PUBLIC: [INAUDIBLE] “You have to put your right. No. Right.”] In the lower part of the stomach. This is the center which gives us the knowledge of the Divine. Please close your eyes otherwise it can not work. Here you have to understand that I can not force you to know this knowledge. So you have to say: “Mother may I have this true knowledge?”; “May I have the pure knowledge?” Please say six times because this center has got six petals. “Please, give me the true knowledge”; “Please, give me the Divine knowledge”, “The pure knowledge”.

Now. Raise your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen now. And press it. You shouldn’t talk, please. Don’t talk.

[Mother talks aside]: What’s happening?

Sahaja Yogi: She is feeling bad, Shri Mataji.

Mother: He?

Sahaja Yogi: She is feeling bad.

Mother: He?
Sahaja Yogi: She is feeling bad.

Mother: Bad?

Sahaja Yogi: Bad. She is in pain.

Mother: [INAUDIBLE] All right. Once again [INAUDIBLE]

Put your right hand on the upper part of the stomach. Now. At this point, as it is a center of the principle of mastery, you have to say: “Mother, I am my own master.” With full and [SOUNDS LIKE: UNSHATTERED] confidence. For the Kundalini to come. Ten times you have to say: “Mother, I am my own master”. Please, stretch your left hand properly towards Me. Now, say it ten times, please.

Now raise your hand. Right hand. To your heart again. Here you say, with full faith in yourself: “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say twelve times. With full faith in yourself. Now, put your right hand in the corner of your neck and the shoulder. This is the center what we call as the Left Vishuddhi. From the front. Right hand. As I’ve told you that the Divine is not only the Ocean of Love and Compassion but It is the Ocean of Forgiveness. So please, do not feel guilty. And say sixteen times, with all your heart and faith: “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” [ASIDE TO SOMEONE: [INAUDIBLE] “I’m not guilty at all” ]. Sixteen times.

This is the worst center. And if you say things like that you can say 108 times. To punish yourself. You should be presently [INAUDIBLE] towards yourself. You are entering into the Kingdom of God. And why should you feel guilty?

Now. Raise your right hand on your forehead. Now, again with full compassion for everyone please say: “Mother, I forgive everyone.” How many times it’s not the point. Forgive or not. Please say: “Mother, I forgive everyone.” To say that I forgive is a mythical thing because whether you forgive or not it’s a myth but if you don’t forgive then you play into the hands of wrong people.

Now. For your own satisfaction you can put your hand on the back and say that: “Mother, if I have done any mistake, please, forgive me.” And don’t count your mistakes. Don’t feel guilty. Now. Raise your hand. Stretch it. Put it on top of your head. And press it hard. And move it seven times, saying: “Mother I don’t have Realization. Please, give me.” I can not force you to do that.

[Mother blows into the microphone. Seven times.]

Now please take down your hand. Slowly open the eyes. Watch Me without thinking. Now. Put your right hand towards Me. And left hand you put on top of your head and see if there’s the cool breeze coming out. Here. Put it higher. Move it.

All right? Just see. It’s coming out. Just see it, moving up and down. All right. Now. Put the right hand on top of your head and left hand towards Me. And see now if there’s a cool breeze coming. All right.

Ha! You should just say: “Mother, I’m the Spirit now.” Just say in your heart. Now. Raise your right hand. [INAUDIBLE] feel ?the experience. There is no air condition or anything. Just see. Don’t doubt. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t doubt the [INAUDIBLE]. Now push back your head and push your hands up like this. And ask the question. Three times. “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?”; “Is this the all-pervading power of God?”; “Is this the Bramha Shakti?”

All right. Now bring it down. See for yourself. If you feel the cool breeze in the hand or the head. You got it.

Today I’ll teach you how to protect yourself when you go home. Most of you have felt it. Those who have felt it please raise your hand. Either on the head or in the hand. Raise both the hands. Those who have felt it. Everybody practically has that.
May God bless you.

Now, some of you have not felt. Very few. Everybody is [INAUDIBLE]. Not to feel bad about it. And you are absolutely relaxed. There is no thought. You can watch Me without thinking. Now I’m going to tell you how to protect yourself. Don’t [INAUDIBLE] your shoes just now. One minute. Every morning you must protect yourself.


You have to put your left hand towards Me like this. Now. And you have to move the hand on your auras. [THE HAND – ED] Which has got the vibrations. Like this. Now. We do it seven times. Let’s do it. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Now you all can raise your Kundalini. Those who have not felt also can feel. You please put the hand in front of your Kundalini where you are sitting. Left hand. And you have to watch the left hand going up like that. And the right hand has to move upward, forward, backward, like that. Clockwise, clockwise. Upward, forward, downward, backward.

Ha! Now. Lets start. You have to do it three times only. Watch your left hand. Push back you head. And give it a twist. And tide up. [Speaks aside: Sorry. (Mother pushed the microphone)] Again. Watch the left hand. Push back your head. Give it a twist. And tie up in your head. Once again, please. Now this time three knots. One. Two. Three. Now see. How much is flowing now. Much more. Your eyes are all sparkling.
May God bless you.

I’m going away tomorrow to Venice. And next year I definitely come. But we have an ashram here. Very good Sahaja Yogis. Please go and learn how to master it. Also we have a follow-up program. Please go. It is a free thing. Please attend it. All of you. Don’t waste it. Respect your Realization. And those who haven’t got it will also get it. They must. Maybe something is wrong. Physically, mentally, emotionally. So please get it checked up and enjoy yourself.

Thank you very much.

Oh! All of you have felt [INAUDIBLE]. Yes! You can see the eyes! See your eyes are sparkling.