This is the most important time

Venice (Italy)

1985-05-22 This Is The Most Important Time, Venezia Italy DP-RAW, 89'
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This is the most important time, Venice, Italy, 1985-05-22

I bow to all the seekers of truth. People told me that in Venice, there are many seekers. But I did not know that there are so many, I am very happy to meet you all. Now at this time we have to know, that this is the most important time for all the seekers; because this is the time when you have to get your seeking, yourself, your Spirit.

In the history of seeking, we have never had so many seekers on this earth. The reason is, this is the special time that has come, where you have to get your blessings of your age old seeking. Whatever you have heard about the kundalini is the knowledge of the roots. The tree of the human civilization has grown too big and we must seek our roots, otherwise all this that is developed can be destroyed in no time. We have to ask ourselves a question, “ Why we are created from amoeba to this stage of a human being ?”

The second question should be asked to ourselves, we see day the miracles of living force around us but we have never felt the existence of it. When you ask these two questions, the third question comes, to our mind, “ Why are we here? What are we doing here? What are we supposed to seek? What is the truth?” In our search we have become human beings, but beyond that, only one little stage left where you have to become the spirit. For this we have got from all the scriptures of ancient times, modern times, writings that we all have to get our second birth to become the Spirit. In Sanskrit language a bird is called as ‘dwijaha’; and a Brahmin is also called a ‘dwijaha’, means twice born.

But this happening is a living happening. Of a living force, so you have to feel on your central nervous system. Whatever you have achieved in your evolution, you have felt it on your central nervous system, like a dog cannot go through, can go through, but a man cannot. So whatever has to happen to us has to happen in our central nervous system and we should be able to feel it the experience and we should be able to use it. In the ancient time, union the yoga was given to very few people. On the tree of life there were very few flowers, but today is the blossom time and thousands of you have to become the fruits. But you must remember that you cannot pay for it, you cannot purchase it, you cannot sell it, it’s a living process just like sprouting of the seed, where you cannot pay to the Mother Earth, for what she has done for you. This awakening of the kundalini which is within you takes no time, whatsoever to be awakened. But problem in the modern time is that we are rather complicated people.

Still it works out in no time, but you have to establish yourself. Because as soon as you feel very happy and joyous, blissful you think that now you have got everything and you do not establish it. Then again the Kundalini goes down, she looks after different centres and you must learn how to bring it back and establish it. When the kundalini pierces through your fontanelle bone area you start feeling the cool breeze. Because kundalini is the ‘Holy Ghost’ within us.

I went to see your church here, in which it’s clearly shown, the kundalini coming out of the disciples of Christ. Red colour kundalini coming out and then you see the ‘Holy Ghost’ giving the grace on all the sides of these disciples, it’s absolutely symbolic. Now the artists were innocent people and the Unconscious has worked through them and they have put these beautiful pictures out of the mosaic to show that there is a force of kundalini that comes out of your fontanelle bone area and then you get the grace on top of your head. And also, I saw the disciples of Christ taking the vibrations like this with their hands.

In the same way you have to take vibrations and all these five centres, five six and seven on the left hand side and?  get enlightened, your kundalini rises,and you get a cool breeze in your hand. And for the first time, for the first time, you feel the cool breeze around you, you feel this living force which does all the living work. This is the power of love of the Divine. It has four powers integrated into it. First, the power of desire, by which we have the emotions within us. Second, the power of action by which we do physical and mental work. The power of evolution by which we have evolved. And fourth, the power of kundalini, the power of Divine, the pure energy of our desire, pure energy, pure desire.

The pure desire is to be one with the Divine, that is ‘yoga’. All other desires are impure because when they are fulfilled we do not feel happy. That’s what economy says that wants in general are not satiable.

Now one thing we should understand that what is going to happen to us is the most important thing. It is not important what others try to show off, or trying to say that I am something great, I am God I am this I am that, not that. What has happened to you is the point. So, this will happen to you yourself and your attention will become, it’s becoming of you, you will become collectively conscious, you will, it’s not just a storytelling. The happening takes place within you, and it rises within you and it is your own which you have to just know. And this is what you must see and not some sort of a magic or some sort of a jumping or some sort of a taking out clothes, this is absurd.

I am your Mother and I’ll tell you the truth. You should not accept slavery of anyone, whatsoever. You all have to become your own guru. This is what Sahaja Yoga is. “Saha” means with and “ja” means born with you”. It is spontaneous. You all have a right to become one with the Divine and also to know the another meaning of yoga is that you learn the deftness, the handling of the power that is Divine. It is spontaneous. So, you cannot pay for any spontaneous thing. You cannot put any effort for a spontaneous thing, it just happens to you. It’s like one enlightened light enlightens another light. And that enlightened light can enlighten another light and many lights can be enlightened like that. You don’t have to give anything to such a person nor you have to take anything from such a person. It’s all your own. Today as there is less time for us, I will in short tell you, what happens when you get your Realization.

When the kundalini rises through these subtle centres. She soothes them and you get comforted from all kinds of diseases inclusive of Cancer, Aids all kinds of horrible diseases can be cured if your kundalini rises as a by-product. You become absolutely relaxed, and calm and you start feeling the bliss as cool vibrations on your fingertips. It would be better if you all keep your hands like this, just like this, without your shoes. It’s a very happy union. Even if you are at the fag end you will get it, even if you are at the fag end of the thing you will get it. At the last end, even if you are at the last end.

All right, now the second thing that happens to you that you become collectively conscious, means your consciousness gets a new dimension and on your central nervous system you can feel your centres and you can feel the centres of others on your fingertips. So that you know how to correct yourself and to correct others by certain movements of your fingers and hands you get all right mentally, physically and emotionally. Already started feeling ( laughter), some of you have already started feeling. Now you become the complete knowledge of the Divine, you know what’s happening to you inside. What’s happening to others and you know the subtlest of subtle. All the great saints, all the great incarnations never went to school. But they were full of knowledge, the knowledge is here, after enlightenment you start knowing the knowledge yourself. You become the source of compassion, the compassion doesn’t speak. It’s silent, but it works, it emits and it cures people, it helps them it makes them peaceful. It makes them joyous, happy. You become the source of peace. Wherever you go the peace  [unsure]  there is no need to have this organization, that organization. The peace has to be within, we talk of peace outside. Peace has to be within then nothing can destroy us. 

When the kundalini crosses this centre, you become the source of discretion. You do not say, you do not know, because you can feel it on the vibrations. These vibrations speak, now you become like an active computer, because you are put to the mains and they can feel it. You can ask any fundamental question, ask a question, like “ Is there God ?” “ Is there Divine power?” Ask a question like that. And you will start feeling the cool breeze in your hand, but if you ask a question say like that guru he was talking about, who was showing tricks, bringing things from the gold, diamonds and all that, ask about him, you will get burning. I don’t want to talk about him. The attention becomes quiet, and you can feel anybody whether day, alive or far away on your fingertips.

Suddenly you discover that all the angels are helping you in every way, even materially, you will be surprised that in London, where there is so much unemployment, none of the Sahaja Yogis are unemployed, they get jobs just like that, they get good houses, good family, and lead a satisfied life. Of course, nobody wants to much money it’s a headache. Too much is very bad.

You become so powerful that you do not hurt anyone, nor anyone can hurt you. But best of all, the highest is that you become the joy. The joy is an absolute quality. Believe in the world of relativity, relative, but you become the source of absoluteness. This joy is not, neither that gives you happiness and unhappiness because these two qualities are the two faces of one coin. This joy is beyond all such feelings and you become a witness of the whole drama and enjoy the whole joke as a play.

Whatever was possible in this short time I have tried to tell you I am going away tomorrow, but I promise you next year I will definitely come here for two-three days.

But we have very beautiful people, group of people who are in Milano, and who are also in Rome ( “ should I tell about the Austria..”) and also in Vienna, Vienna little far away. But we have very beautiful people there. They will come here every week and hold the meeting and make you experts. For all this you don’t have to pay. You have to just get it, your own within yourself.

May God bless you all !!

If- let us try to get the experience which is very easy. Whatever position you are you can get the experience. This is the beauty of modern Sahaja Yoga.

Sit very comfortably. There’s nothing to do anything special. Yesterday in the programme in Rome, one thousand people were there, practically everyone got Realization. But like Rome people or like Austrians or Milano people, you all have to attend the follow on meetings and become experts. Otherwise, it’s a waste.

Now very simple things one has to do. That is the left hand is the power of desire and right hand is the power of action. Left hand is the power of desire, right hand is the power of action. Now just put the left hand towards me. And don’t think and right hand like this… right hand towards the Mother Earth. Now the problem only one I find, this centre, this centre you catch ( Vishuddhi ) when you feel guilty. There is nothing to feel guilty, you are temple of God, respect yourself, love yourself. There is nothing to feel guilty. So just in your heart, put your left hand like this, right hand like this towards the Mother earth and just say “I am not guilty at all” in your heart. Just say that sixteen times. And don’t think, don’t make the list of things. I am not a priest to get confessions from you. Sixteen times. Still there. Have faith in yourself. Just watch me without thinking.

Working out…. Better…Hmmm….better. Please believe me, believe me. And say “ Mother I am not guilty at all”. We should be pleasantly placed you have to enter into the kingdom of God. Even if we have to go to a party, we don’t feel guilty. Feel pleasant about it. Now put the right hand towards me please. And left hand like this towards the sky. At this point you have to say, seven times, “ Mother, I forgive everyone.” Like this, backward, backward, hand like this towards backside. Facing back, not like this, like this….right hand like this. Now, you have to say, “ Mother, I forgive everyone.” Some people think it’s very difficult, but it’s a myth, Whether you forgive or not, it’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive you play into the hands of wrong people. While doing this, hold your breath three times, hold for a short time, not for a long time. Take in now leave it. Take in….leave it. Once more. Take in….leave it.

Now raise your hands and put back your head. And ask a question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost ?”, “ Is this the all Pervading power of God’s love ?”, “ Is this the Brahma Shakti ?” three times…. Hmm.. got it. Now feel it on top of your head the kundalini is there. Little heat is coming out. See here, on top of your head see. Alright, it is subtle, alright. Good. Now put left hand towards Me and right hand on top of your head here. Seven times move your scalp. Seven times you have to say, “ Mother, please give me my realization.” Now put your left hand and right hand both together. Now feel it the cool breeze coming out of your head. Alright, just move it. It’s about four inches above your head, little…haan….No should feel just see her. Now alright, yes good..It’s there and you are absouletly relaxed. You can put your left hand towards me and [47:15]