About Qualities of Shri Ganesha

London (England)


Undated Talk at a UK Airport, possibly 27 May 1985.

Today’s program, I am happy in a way we could manage, because you know, in Rome we have done wonders. We have really done wonders in Rome, no doubt about it. The press conference was just like a meeting of Sahaja Yogis and also the television was as if it was our own television, was a fine television. But there’s one credit must be given. To the Sahaja Yogis, they are very dedicated people. Not only that but they see to it that they keep themselves all right. And they work very hard, they get up everyday morning, clean themselves, live in a collective. England, I’ve worked very hard because it’s the heart. But as the Sahaja Yogis go, I don’t know. We have some very good ones, but we have some horrid ones too. And that’s what we have to look after ourselves and not after others. Now, one thing you must know, if you have red faces that means you have Vishuddhi. That is the right Vishuddhi, and if you have white faces that means you have the left Vishuddhi. Now, if we have a problem with our Vishuddhis we cannot go further, and it comes out of a simple thing, that we are not collective enough. We are still individualistic. Then the habits will develop. Before coming to Sahaja Yoga. Now, the habits we develop, before coming to Sahaja Yoga, we have no will power to throw it out.

And the worst of all is the ego part, which is very, very strong in England. I don’t know how to get rid of this ego when we know it is the worst enemy of human beings. It is the worst enemy of Sahaja Yogis. And suddenly, as I always said, people get onto the horse, means like John Gilpin, also you have already described a person in England as John Gilpin, nobody had this kind of a character described in any country. That means there must have been John Gilpins here. Because these Humpty Dumpties are still around and they just jump onto that part and they again go back to the same. So this, ego has to be cleared out, has to be cleared out. It’s very important, and that only can work through Tapasya, through penance. We are not willing to sacrifice anything, we do not want to do any penance. We have been blessed by Sahaja Yoga in every way, in jobs, in getting everything, but we are still carrying on with all the nonsense that we had. So you see, everybody can be stamped on you. It’s a serious matter, which we should know about. It’s a serious matter, so be very careful of that point. My own experience of the whole thing is that if the Sahaja Yogis are first class things work out in no time. It’s you who are on the stage not Me. I cannot even stop the rain, the rain doesn’t want to go away. So, there are less Punyas. What Punyas have we got, what good have we done? And then talking ill about others. Judging others. All the time, this one is egoistical, that one is like this. I don’t like it. Talking like that is a very bad habit. Then talking about the organizations, this is wrong there, that is wrong there, what have you contributed yourself? Is the responsibility of all the western Sahaja Yogis rests upon you people who are, I don’t know what to say, I mean I would not say that you are near My expectation. There are very few, very, very few. And those who are there are attacked, are under attack. Is it good to do that way? Anybody who is a good leader, if I praise, say I say John is a good fellow, he’s very good, they say no. He’s like this. Anybody says he is, it just goes on. They also want [??], I can’t manage them. They think that as it is. Nobody listens to Me, nothing goes in the head so what’s the use of Mother talking, wasting Her energy.

So it’s not only for blessings that you come to Sahaja Yoga. Not at all, but for doing something substantial. Everybody’s blessed, you know that how much you are blessed, but now don’t go about so much. Work hard, improve yourself and don’t talk ill of anyone, I don’t like it at all. Judging others, please don’t do it. Please don’t judge others. In no way you should judge others, just yourself. There is no Tapasya, there is no idea that we have to improve ourselves. You have to do a lot. Nothing works out. So today is the day we are celebrating Ganesha. Now you must know that Ganesha is a Tapasi. How many lectures I must have given to you. Suddenly people become so important, start doing things arbitrarily, talking big. I don’t know why they do it, and group formationing, there should be no group formation on any lines whatsoever. This is all western ideas, to form groups. Or I would say also eastern nowadays. But not Sahaj, it’s not a Sahaj idea. They won’t listen, they are not very happy , [??] is not very happy,. I can see that. One person does wrong and I suffer. Anyone of you do wrong and I suffer. So don’t put attention to others, think of you, what you have done.

He’s not come, Paul has not come? I think better change name of Paul. Best thing is to change his name. Done now. All right? So now, we are going to have a hall here, a big hall for you. We’ll never get drenched. Hall we are going to work out. But what about you people doing something sensible. Even now I see some people absolutely white and another some people absolutely red. All right, so may God bless you, because it’s water all over. Sprinkle this water all over. We, no use worshipping Ganesha, how long will he be awakened? Unless and until we develop the qualities of Ganesha within he’ll be there. That’s it. Talking ill of others, it’s very low thing. I mean it’s really very, very low thing. Doesn’t behoove a saint. Have you ever heard any saint talking like that? It’s these modern times are really funny. I mean even the saints behave like low-bred things, how can they? I can’t understand. In modern times, anything is possible under the sun these days. How can you behave like this? It’s not proper. Talking ill of others, blaming others, finding faults with others. How will you rise, tell Me, how will you rise? Now I’m going to America, please pray that it is successful. They are even better than you. They don’t do all these things, they don’t do all these things. These are, this is a sign of our lethargy. Lethargic people only do this kind of a thing. But they do other things, they just don’t listen. Pray for that. Now, they have a justification I have not worked with them. They have justification. But what about you people? I’ve worked with you for twelve years maximum I have worked with you, much more than India.

[Queries aside about socks.]

And now today I want a promise from you, that you’ll imbibe the quality of Shri Ganesha within you. We’ll imbibe the qualities of Shri Ganesha. The innocence, the simplicity, no more the cunning, no more talking ill about others, forming groups, nothing of the kind. Ascend. And you are so important because you are the foundation. You know without the heart you can’t exist. Now Paris program has to be on Sunday morning, according to Dr Manias. And tell Gregoire not to save on a, the amount of the, what we have to spend on the hall, he should do the proper thing. And all of you should be there for Guru Puja. Now don’t save on that. Guru Puja, please come along. I don’t know, Gregoire thinks he has found something. I can’t listen to this big argument. Whether you pay it or not is not the point but you come to Guru Puja, all of you. This is the last Puja you’ll be having. And after that, Sunday morning there’s going to be the opening ceremony of The Advent in French. And after Dr Narayan Singh is going to come. If you people want to invite someone like that you can invite them. Also inform other people. This is Sunday morning, Dr Narayan Singh will be very happy to have it on Sunday morning. And, you will call him also.

All right, now can I make a move? Now I’ve taken a promise from you and you are not going to break My promise. Because you don’t know, unless and until you are Ganeshas, I cannot bear you within Myself. Anybody talking ill of anyone, tell them to shut up. Maria you don’t listen to that stupid girl. Why did you listen to her? You know she is stupid, I have told you about it, one should not be naïve about it. You have told, she’s very stupid and she requires a real correction.

[answer from Maria].
Who told you that?

[answer from Maria].
You and Tony should be on one frequency. Now how do you become in frequency with is wife? She’s a stupid girl. Yes, but whatever she does, you cannot change your frequency Maria. I don’t now how you people change your frequency. This is a thing I don’t understand. You are a sensible woman, all right, now how can you be on the same frequency as her, she’s a stupid girl. Unless and until she improves her frequency, she cannot be on your frequency. Instead of you improving her frequency, you go down to her frequency.

[answer from Maria].
I don’t know, but why doesn’t this action come in time, why so late? Delayed actions are no good. All right. Now, don’t go down with others. Pull them up. You see, tell them noble things. If they tell you, say, somebody says this is one is like this, just tell them, don’t say like that. What I do, if somebody says, I say no, it’s not true, the fellow was praising you. Don’t talk like that. Must learn how to make others nobler.

[question from Maria].
It’s not so difficult Maria, you lost your frequency, I could see that. There’s no argument on it. Now you’ll please keep it back, there’s no argument about it. You see, some people bring you down, all right, you must know where you stand. Stand still on that point. You see always I’ve seen, anybody else can come and influence you. We must have a personality. We must have our own personality. How can anybody bring you down. Nobody can bring Me down and I am your Mother, so you should be like Me. Anybody tells you about anyone, anything happens you see, you can never solve any problem like this. First thing is, you must have your personality. And let Me see who talks in a noble way. It’s very easy to become ignoble, nonsensical, cheapish, isn’t it? Make others noble, when they say something tell them no, no, no, it’s not right your saying. This is not virtue, this is not good sense, let’s not do it. I mean no more you are bhoots now. Are you still bhoots? Always, otherwise they blame the bhoots. What about your personality, bhoots are always had a greater personality than yours. How long? A bhoot or a ego, both have greater personalities than yourselves. How am I to talk to you? Your personality is that of the spirit. Which is eternal, which is pure above everything else of [??]. Remember that. How can you go down to these levels, stupid levels?


I can control them better than I can control you people I can tell you. They never do anything wrong, they were just trying to trouble you for a while, but they have stopped. But you stop at some point. You people go like this , you see, like a yo-yo, up and down and up and, I don’t know where you people are. Now, next time when I see you, nobody’s going to look red on the face or pale on the face. So now, for all of us, you. Take [??] if you have cold. We are so many things, good [??], good health, good mind, good heart, that’s what Ganesha is. Everything so innocent, so beautiful. I want him to be awakened within your heart, within your heart. We have to establish Ganesha here. All right? So today, I’ll establish Shri Ganesha in this place. May God bless you all. It should not be only on the Mother Earth but in your heart. In your heart, in the heart of the universe. Everyone must come to Guru Puja. We have informed them about it, all right, so bye bye. All the little children, thank you, I’m going to America, all right?

(Saying goodbye to children)

May God Bless You!

How many Pujas we have done? Let’s see, you know the other India they told Me that in India I had only one Guru Puja, can you believe it? One so far. Can you believe it, one Guru Puja, and very few of them have attended when they came here. One Guru Puja they had. They said Mother one Guru Puja must give us.

[Giving of a present]