Music and Conversation on Sainath of Shirdi Los Angeles (United States)

Music and Conversation on Sainath of Shirdi

[Somebody is playing guitar, a Marathi song]

Shri Mataji: Hai, Mathe. 

Sahaja Yogis: Hai, Mathe.

[End of the song]

Shri Mataji: Wow, beautiful, very beautiful, very, very beautiful, beautiful. 

A Sahaja Yogi: Thank you, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Hmm, just tremendous. How did you do it?

Everybody’s laughing. 

Shri Mataji: Marathi kaha se aa gaya? 

Sahaja Yogi who was singing: Ma, English main likha hoga, translation Madhuri [unclear]. 

Shri Mataji: Marathi is a very difficult language to pronounce, […]

About creation, problems of Americans Los Angeles (United States)

About creation, problems of Americans

So, we’ll not go too far with the creation, but we have to start it from some point, that first it was just Parabrahma, and when this energy Parabrahma was in silence, then nothing was there, just silence. From that [too] it was awakened that a human being can sleep, in the same way it was sleeping. Then the desire was awakened that there should be creation. So, the desire was emitted out, […]

Sahaj Behavior Los Angeles (United States)

Sahaj Behavior, Seminar Part 1, Los Angeles (USA), 1985-05-28

So, that’s a very good stanza if you can remember it by heart, I’ll say it again: [Sanskrit stanza from Adi Shankaracharya] “Pratah smarami hridi samsphura ta twam Satchitsukham paramahansa gatim turiyam” The second part of it: “Yat swapna jagara sushupta mavaiti nityam Tad Brahma nishkalamaham na cha bhuta sanghaha.”

So, the second part is – So, the first part, as I told you, is the Spirit which we must bow to, […]

Another Mozart, Lincoln, Gandhi? Los Angeles (United States)

Another Mozart, Lincoln, Gandhi?

Shri Mataji: Actually, in the West, I must say, it was unsolved, another unfortunate thing that you never had good kings. All horrible kings were there. And also, the people who came here, invaded Indians, and all those people were very cruel people. And that time aggressiveness was regarded as a very courageous thing. So, the aggression is still on. But we had people like Abraham Lincoln in this country. Think of it. And but for Abraham Lincoln you would not have been even knowing about freedom. […]

Miracles In Sahaja Yoga Los Angeles (United States)

Miracles In Sahaja Yoga

Please stop, we cannot [unsure].

That we had such miracles in India when I was doing up My house. I had made a staircase in India. We put up in the banisters that they call it banister, that’s the place I’ve measured and think about it, entirely thought. And we have one Sahaja Yogi, [Pradhan] who is a carpenter, who was trying to put it up. So, I said, ‘All right, I’m resting now, […]

The role of men and women in a couple, how to speak to new comers Los Angeles (United States)

The role of men and women in a couple, how to speak to new comers

Shri Mataji: The Anglo-Saxon’s brain won’t accept that you say you should not pay any money for Sahaja Yoga. I said, “For this high-level people there is no Sahaja Yoga.” They can’t understand that you can give Sahaja Yoga without paying any money. So I said, “Really? Then, you tell Me from your Anglo-Saxon’s brain how much should I charge them?” He said, […]