About creation, problems of Americans

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About creation, problems of Americans

So, we’ll not go too far with the creation, but we have to start it from some point, that first it was just Parabrahma, and when this energy Parabrahma was in silence, then nothing was there, just silence. From that [too] it was awakened that a human being can sleep, in the same way it was sleeping. Then the desire was awakened that there should be creation. So, the desire was emitted out, out of the being, all around, and so we have two powers created. The first one is the power of God Almighty what we call, is the power of desire of God Almighty and God Almighty Himself. So the first was the Adi Shakti, power of God’s desire. Now this Adi Shakti who is the power of God, was, was the Adi Maya, is the first one. 

So, the Parabrahma became divided into two parts. One was the God Almighty, Sadashiva, and the Adi Shakti. So, the first power was created. Then the Adi Shakti was asked to create. And so, if you read My chapter on creation which I’ve written down, you’ll see how Omkara was created and all that. But we’ll go further with it. That it took three shapes. Before becoming the three shapes, Adi Shakti herself had to assume the ego, cause She had to create. With human beings is the other way round. When they do something, they develop ego. But God has to have ego to develop something, because His ego is real. 

So, She then, in Her ego created three powers, we can say, in general, because to make it short. So first She entered on this Universe as the desire power which we have on the left-hand side. And then this desire power went into another power which we can call as the action power. The same desire power created out of Her the action power. Unless and until there is desire power, there cannot be action. And with the interaction of these two the evolutionary power was created. Now the Adi Shakti Itself is the residual power because it created all the powers and still it remained residual. 

So, the fourth power is the Kundalini, which is the reflection of the Adi Shakti in the human beings. So, the power which was the action power, the physical side, was created. 

It’s very interesting how the Mother Earth was created also. She, the power of Sun, created the Mother Earth, in the sense the gases around it moved in such a way that it formed a big ball of gases, because they have the circulatory action. And how the circulatory action came in is also very interesting thing. That when the Adi Shakti started creating, She started from, say, this point. She went down, this is a [remblai] and She went back. Again She did like this. And at a point She used to turn round and create a center like this. Then the whole thing became a thick mass of energy. Then it would crack. When it would crack with the same inertia every particle would move like that. And when every particle would move like that, then all the angularities of that mass would be cut off and it will become round. That’s how a mandala was created, or you can say a Surya mandala was created. 

Then the Mother Earth which was very hot was taken nearer the Moon which was very cool. First the moon was created. It was very cool. So, by putting the Sun and the moon very far away, they created the moon which had cooled down very much, had become absolutely cool. So, first the Mother Earth was taken towards the moon quite a lot. Now, see, in the nadis also it happens. Was taken too much to the left because of the desire power. And then it was cooled out. When it cooled out it flows. It all was covered with ice. Then it was brought back to the sun. That’s how the water was created. And then it was brought back again in the center and placed at a point where life could be produced. It was all done. It’s not just happened. It was all done. That’s the point one must understand. 

Now, this energy on the right-hand side which started creating universes, as I showed you how it created universes, it first produced the physical part of it, and that is what is the electromagnetic force. But then out of all this the Mother Earth created carbon. As soon as she created the carbon through the effect of the electricity that is Vishnumaya, the carbon got attached to the hydrogen and the oxygen. These are, left side is the hydrogen, right side is the oxygen. And that’s how amino acids were formed. First the amino acids were formed. That’s how the prana started. 

So, first it was just the electromagnetic force which became prana. So, in the electromagnetic field you will find there are vibrations clearly shown asymmetric, symmetric vibrations are there. Say if you take a sulphur dioxide as one of the molecules, you’ll find sulphur has got two oxygens vibrating it. But it is just the electromagnetic force. It’s just one force, out of the one energy which is out of the three energies. Now the second force started called as prana on the right-hand side which ultimately created the mind, the brain. So, when you get realized then it becomes pranava. So, from electromagnetic to prana, from prana to pranava. Pra means enlightened. The left side is the power of the emotions. Because, you see, English is a very funny language, it doesn’t discriminate. I don’t know how to say, because mind is the same as the Spirit, and Spirit as the mind is a big confusion. 

What it means that the “manasa”, which is the mind according to Sanskrit language, manasa is the left-hand side. Is the manasa which we call the superego. And the ego is ahamkara. So, they have two things, ahamkara. So, with the right side you produce ahamkara; with the left side you produce manasa. So, the left is the power of the manasa, the emotional power on the left-hand side. Now when you get realized then these two powers join together. 

So Pranava starts. First is like this I would say, to give you a very, very gross example is this way. That I come from, say, India and I go to England. So, I carry a tape recorder, we could say. I go on taping everything, accumulating all the knowledge, understanding everything what has happened and all that. Then again I go back, carrying all the knowledge; is like that. So the energy first was innocent energy, became nascent, it became active, it carried the whole thing, the knowledge with it. And then it’s relieved. 

Like I can come to America, take a tape recorder, tape everything, whatever has happened, go back and reveal it. So, the revelation then comes to you. And now you can trace it back again. This is the play this is the Maya; that’s all. 

Did you follow this point? No?

This is Maya again. 


It’s like this, you see. All the energy was, first of all was Mahamaya, all right? We can say, the Mahamaya, or we can say the Adi Shakti. Now, She created out of Her, one thing as the desire. She created another thing as the action, and action had two things. One is just to produce first of all the matter through electromagnetic force, and then second part is to, out of the same electromagnetic force with the help of the action and reaction, to create the higher force which is prana, and with the action of these two, as I said, told you, that electricity acted to create the first amino acids. When the amino acids came into existence, the amino acids became later on the prana, in the sense that this higher part of electromagnetic exposure started as an integration. 

And [Hindi] Vishnumaya [Hindi], carbon electricity [Hindi]. Carbon was created by Mother Earth and then through the carbon, you see, fire created the carbon, and the carbon through the earth. The carbon came out and it got mixed up with hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen comes from left and oxygen from the right. That’s how then amino acids act. Then the prana started. So, the whole thing became the prana, right-side. The lower portion is the electromagnetic; the higher portion is the prana. 

Now this prana started, and with this prana people, we can say that they tried to control prana and all those things. On the right-hand side, they wrote Vedas, where they tried to control electromagnetic forces by shutis, shrutis, mantras and all those things, you see. That was a right-side movement, through fire and everything. 

And the left side people we are having these “manas shaktis”. Manas shakti is the power of emotions. They felt that they should pray to God and ask for God’s help and devotion and dedication. So, two movements were started. 

The third movement was in the center. The center movement was that it has become from carbon to amino acids, from amino acids to human beings. Now from human beings it has to become Brahma, last thing. 

So how to do that? That was the last work to be done. So, as I was explaining to you, it is like this, that the Adi Shakti first of all took a form of all these three powers Herself. She created this world. She created human beings. Through the human beings She created Sahaja Yogis. And through the Sahaja Yogis, She is going to reveal the truth to the whole world. You follow the point now? Like I said, I take a cassette from London, bring it here. On My way I tape record everything and I sort of enlighten it. Then I take it back and play it in London. So, people listen to it and understand it. So now, because it could not be communicated to the creation, She had to create Sahaja Yogis. Do you follow now? 

So, you have to play a very important role. But if the cassette is defective nothing works out. Then there I fail. Because you have got freedom; the cassette doesn’t have. The engineer can improve it. But human beings, difficult. 

Sahaja Yogi: Lot of self-created problems. 

Shri Mataji: Self-created. Nonsensical, absolutely nonsensical. Has no meaning to reality. Has no meaning. [Hindi]. And I cannot give reasons for why it has happened like this, that why human beings went to that limit. But we can say that Adam and Eve started the joke. If they had not done all this nonsense you would have been long time being Sahaja Yogis. Long-time back it could have been done. 

Sahaja Yogi: That’s right, yes. 

Shri Mataji: But as soon as they got their freedom they went out. Same thing with Americans. I think they are abusing their freedom just like Adam and Eve. Or anyone, all those so-called free countries. This is not freedom; this is abandonment. And those countries which are oppressed, like Russia, are on the left-hand side. 

Sahaja Yogini: Please teach us that how to raise children in America, sometimes.

Shri Mataji: What is it? 

Sahaja Yogini: Could you speak to us about the best ways to raise children in America? I have two teenage children and I’m…difficult [unclear]…

Shri Mataji: Now this school will solve all the problems. It’s such an emergency that now starting the school, that’s the only thing. I think I should start first of all a school for Sahaja Yogis’ children. Because, you see, it’s, it’s [Hindi]. It’s burning from all the sides, you see. The best thing is to take them out for the time being. Then we’ll see what we can do about this place. 

But I think, in America, if you do lots of pujas all of you, your individual pujas, your group pujas, you’ll work it out; it’ll give the compensation. Pujas must be done. That’s one thing is lacking. 

You see, have a photograph, like a decoration should not be, there should be puja, aarti, some of [Hindi]. That helps a lot. I think that will help to counterbalance the other power. 

This is the only way I can think of, that pujas must be done with full dedication and understanding. That will solve the problem of collectivity. And, say, we, and puja how to do it and all that, you know very well, and not that is to be taught now. But you all should be prepared for a puja and should think that that is a very important part you have to do in Sahaja Yoga. Because Italy, it has worked out because of pujas. Rustom has worked it out even in Milan through pujas. You don’t have to do Havanas. Havanas are not good for you because it’s right sided, not so much. Once in a while, all right, but mostly pujas. That will work it out. And it’ll clear your heart also. I mean, if the people are not very clear in the heart because of the ego, you see it covers the heart, you see, and there is no surrender. That’s why Mohamed Sahab talked about surrender only. Islam means surrender. You must surrender this time; surrender your ego. What can you understand through your ego? Nothing, it’s just a small little thing. And then you play games with yourself, with Sahaja Yoga, with this, that. I mean, it’s so low level, low level sometimes. I can’t understand. These are saints. That’s, that’s Kali Yuga. That’s, that’s what is the modern times. In Kali Yuga anything can be possible. I’ve seen Realized souls drinking, smoking. I can’t understand. Now we get born-realized living like that. That’s only in Kali Yuga. 

And the other trend has also started very much, like they are showing Christ’s Mother as a woman, like an ordinary woman. They make her nude and all that. There’s a picture coming up. It’s all happening from Hollywood, Hollywood. Kya ek narak hai? (Hindi)

Sahaja Yogi: In San Francisco, Shri Mataji, there was some gay priest who said that Christ, he was trying to say that Christ was gay. [Of] gay church. 

Shri Mataji: You see, if you tell this to Indians they don’t know where to go. C.P. heard it and he telephoned to Me. He said, “Have you heard something like that? I’m coming home, I can’t bear it.” You see, I mean, he is not a Christian in the sense he never went to church and all that. But he was so hurt and he was so surprised. He said, “Where are they going? How can they say this to Christ?” There’s no sense of sacredness. But now you have seen all the miracles of Sahaja Yoga. Like yesterday we saw that film, I was saying you, “Star Man”. There’s nothing, no tremendous miracles. Like these we have had many miracles in Sahaja Yoga. You have seen the light coming out of My head, and light coming on My hand, and everything you have seen. 

Despite that, despite that, ego is so strong that they try to go against such a power. The mind is allowed to. And then you feel guilty. So that’s even worse. 

That’s not the way to ascend. Is too one-sidedness, because of the wisdom lacking, I think, in the people. So, we must understand; reality also means we must understand what’s the problem with us is. Also, that is reality. So that you correct your problems and then see what reality is and become one with that. But if you just see the reality, that Mother is such and such and She has this power, that power, and you don’t see yourself, then it won’t work out. If you have to reflect Me you have to face Me, with a clean mirror. I know it’s a difficult task. I know it’s a very difficult task in America. It’s not easy. I am leaving you. But again and again I come back here. Every time I declare, “Next time no more.” 

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji, Americans seem to, Americans tend to go to read books about someone and become disciples of people without ever having met the person.

Shri Mataji: That’s, we are having a, this translation of now, we are trying to translate this new book which is going to be published now, and we are inaugurating it by Dr Nagendra Singh is going to inaugurate the book in, in this Guru Puja. Just after the Guru Puja we are having inauguration. So that book we want to sort of translate and publish it in U.S. also, because our whatever “Advent” we have is, Gregoire wrote it in a frenzy that he has found the truth and this and that! But this one is a calm and quiet thing. So that can go to people and they can read it, because it’s all mental, you see. It is mental; whole thing is mental. They read it. They like it, mentally. “Oh, I like him.” How? That’s very common. “I like him. He looks nice, nice.” How? Then the choices are given you, what eyes are seeing that? There’s no light in the eyes. “I like him. I don’t like him. I see him like this. I see him like that.” It’s very common, you know. 

We had- I must tell you, Mrs. [Grupal] was with Me, and I studied her very well. She travelled with Me, and I was shocked. She would always say, “I like him.” I said, “For what”? “He looks nice.” “Looks what?” I didn’t understand what was he looking like up there. “What is it? You don’t see the vibrations. What are you seeing?” “He looks like this and he looks like that and I like him very much.” And it’s so stupid that ultimately, we went to Delhi. She, of course, was very troubled some [there/day]; doesn’t matter. But whatever it is, she was sitting in the hall listening to Me, and she said, “Oh, I met a very nice man today.” She said, “Oh, one fellow was sitting next to me, with a big coat. Though he was wearing a big coat he was not smelling.” You see. I said, “All right.” She must be trying to smell him than to see his vibrations, perhaps. So just imagine, such an old lady like her, you see, she is at least five, six years younger to Me but has no wisdom, I don’t know. So, I said, “Who is this man?” So, I found out that he is a tramp, is a beggar in India, who comes to My program, I don’t know, sometimes and sits in the front, and he was sitting next to her. She liked him very much. So, how do you explain? Her likes and dislikes were so funny, you can’t imagine. It’s all mental, so mental, that I studied her well and then I told her, “It’s all your mental ideas.” 

We went to somebody’s house, to stay, very nice, in Jaipur. So as soon as she went there, she said, “You haven’t got a dressing room with this.” I was quite amazed and I don’t see whether there is dressing room or not and all that. Like that, you see. Then she went to a hotel. I told her, “My house must be at least five times bigger than yours and much more comfortable. If I can stay here why can’t you stay?” “Oh, I felt I was uncomfortable.” She didn’t feel uncomfortable; she felt she was uncomfortable. Means she stayed in a hotel and she couldn’t come to My Puja. What you say to that? That’s the best part of it. Then I studied the thing. You see, she was looking at everyone who looks nice, who looks bad, this thing, that thing. And she looks so old now. All the time [Odin] was saying, “Poor her, look at this old woman.” I said, “Now she is six years younger to Me. All the time if you go on saying poor old woman, what about Me? You have no sympathies for My age? All the sympathies are gone for her?” Poor old woman, poor old… And for what? Because of this load unnecessary she’s looking so older. [Bent down], unnecessarily.

Sahaja Yogi: It seems tragic, Shri Mataji. We went to, looking for some material the other day, to [advertize] as a Sahaja Yogi, in a book store. And there was a young lady there, such a scholar, and they worship Shri Rama and then Rama Krishna people, were his wife, and his disciples. 

Shri Mataji: And both were ignoramus. They couldn’t talk a word of English, both of them. They didn’t know anything. They could not explain anything. He used to dance like a mad man. That’s all.

Sahaja Yogi: He dressed, he used to dress in a sari.

Shri Mataji: He dressed in a sari. He dressed like a Muslim. He dressed like he was a dramatist, big dramatist. And now his disciples are suffering from cancer. That’s a very important thing. 

Sahaja Yogi: Such a waste… Lot of noise [get people that]. 

Shri Mataji: And they think they it’s traditional in which, which traditional [film] you have heard Rama used to dance like frenzy or Krishna used to dance… in rhythm. It’s all right. Rama used to dance, not dance, Krishna, which is said, he would not dance himself but, you see, his image is like this, sort of raas, raas is this. If you see his dancing, his hands going like this, like a mad cap. He was a mad cap, no doubt. And all those who follow him are mad. Actually, in India when we went to a program in Solapur, an old man came. He said, “I hope your Sahaja Yoga is not going to make bad people.” I said, “Why?” He said, “My, my son who is a doctor follow the Ram Krishna and he has become mad.”

Sahaja Yogi: He was into the left channel, Shri Mataji?

Shri Mataji: Is a bhoot, nothing but a bhoot, what he is. And because Vivekananda was a right-sided, he was impressed by bhoots, you see. They are all impressed by bhoots. If I dress up like a bhoot your Americans will be very happy to see Me. To be like a beggar. I should be like a beggar, you know, all tattered and torn, walking like this. Then they will last accept, because egos like that kind of a thing. I mean, in New York I felt everybody walking like a beggar there. Torn clothes, you see, all these hanging there. You see, because they are right-sided they want to pretend that they are left-sided. It’s a big joke, you see, from here to there, there to here, like that, left to the right, right to the left. 

First, they took to hippie-ism, because they want to be anti-culture, this, that. So, they went to the other side. Now they are taking to the drugs which are right-sided, like cocaine, this thing, that thing. So, which, you see if you play with your being so much, what can you do? You are destroying it completely and collectively! I mean, cocaine I don’t know how many, fifteen million people are taking cocaine in here. Fifteen million. Gone cases. They came to Me in Rome and they were sitting before Me, these cocaine takers. They all going to do, “Oho, all that happen.” I said, “Doesn’t matter. Just take it easy.” But it was rather funny for Me. I’d never seen anybody with the cocaine. But next day they were all right, normal. They have given up. But who is going to listen to as they will have military, they’ll have everyone, but nobody is going to listen to Me that you can give up …