Mental Projections give us Illusions

San Diego (United States)

1985-05-29 Mental Projections give us Illusions, San Diego, United States, version 2, 101' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program day 1. San Diego (USA), 29 May 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I came to San Diego long time back and I’m very happy to come back here. When we talk of truth we have to understand that truth is not what we understand through our mental projections. Mostly the mental projections give us illusions. There is no reality behind them. Truth is an experience of the central nervous system. For example if this is cold I can feel it, it is cold. Even if a child touches this, it can feel it, it is cold. If it is hot we can feel it on central nervous system, that it is hot. In the same way the truth is to be known on central nervous system, not through mental projections. While we live on mental projections some people come and talk about truth, we think he is the man standing on truth. He represents truth. Somebody talks about compassion – we believe he’s very compassionate he’s very peaceful. But compassion does not speak, it is silent, it acts, it works. So one has to understand that to get to truth, to get to reality one has to cross the barrier of mental activity. Unless and until you understand this simple point, is going to be difficult to give Realization to people.

This is the basic trouble in the western countries that they think that they can conceive truth through their mental projections and that’s why they have many types of truths. So how do we achieve it? How do we conceive it? What is the way? How did we become human beings from amoeba? Scientists must ask this question: “How did we become and why did we become? What was the purpose? Why the nature works so hard to make us human beings? Is there any purpose of our life?” We have not achieved our purpose. Is something in transition still. That’s why there is confusion. There is confusion because we live on relative terminology, relative world. We are not in the absolute. Everything becomes absolute when you feel it on the central nervous system.

Now the confusion also comes because we always accept something that comes to us very new. Anything new we want to jump into it. Anything new we see, try it, why not? If you say: “Why do you do it?” they’ll say: “What’s wrong? We are seeking God, we are seeking the truth, we must go to hell even if it comes us to, maybe. Anything new we try, but not in our lives we don’t do that way. When we have to discover something about anything, say about electricity – we do not just try something new, but what we try through the knowledge of the past, through the tradition of finding it out. We try to find out how far it has gone and where have we to reach.

But in spirituality we want to try everything that is new. And the shopping starts because we have not known what is the truth. Like somebody told Me in Poona that there are some people who are very sick, group of people, very learned people, very sick. They are suffering from high blood pressure, cancer; they are suffering from heart troubles and diabetes, very serious patients. And they are all seekers. I called them. I said: “What’s the matter with you? Why should you suffer?” They said: “We have a guru.” I said: “If you have a guru there’s more reason you should not suffer at all. Why, why is it?” So they said: “The thing is, You see, the name of the guru was one Mr.[GURUVANI]”. Names are also very funny of these people, I must say. But he said, this gentleman, that [THAT’S, THERE’S] something called [SHAKTIPAD]. I said: “What is that? I’ve never heard”. [THAT’S, THERE’S] something called [ARUNOPAY, TARUNOPAY]. I said: “I’ve never heard of these things. From where does it come? It’s not in the Vedas, it’s not in any Puranas, even Adi Shankaracharya has not described it, Nanaka has not talked about it, Kabira has never said anything. And of all the persons Gyaneshwara, he never mentioned it. What are you talking about?”

So they gave Me a book which was written seventy years back, by some mad cap I think, giving some new ideas. And all of them are mad after it without finding out. And they are saying that when the Kundalini is awakened people get the heat, they become mad. In that book it was written that people start jumping like frogs. Imagine? Are you going to become now frogs? I don’t know what happens to logic when it comes to religion. Is very surprising that those educated people in India should forget all that was written about Kundalini, all that was said about Self Realization from ancient times, one after another in an evolutionary way and suddenly take to something so stupid as that. Like a tree grows, a seed through the living process becomes the tree. And suddenly you jump on to a plastic flower, saying: “Oh, this is something new.” It has no relevance whatsoever with the tree. You may tie it up to the tree and say: “Oh, that’s the flower coming out of the tree”.

This is one of the biggest snags in the seeking of the seekers of modern times. I came that time, long time back, and I warned people: “Be careful!” I didn’t know this kind of madness was going to come out, but I felt there’s something funny about that. So somebody comes and turns your Agnya chakra, you start seeing light. It’s an experience, just a sensation it is. What have you become? If you can see the light then you are not the light, definitely. What have you become is the point. I feel very nice, good… Is that the thing you were seeking? What do you expect to be? So first of all we must understand that your seeking must be relevant to what has been sought before in every seeking.

Let’s take Christ. They don’t like to take His name these days. It’s become so funny. Thanks to all the religions that were created out of these great incarnations on this earth. Whether take it Hinduism, Christianity everything’s just the same. So what did He say? He said: “You are to be born again”, all right? So they put a certificate “born again”, self certified “born again” is walking around. And when I said that four, five of them got up with a Bible in their hand to hit Me. And I just felt like laughing and really laughing at them. By hitting Me are they going to become Self Realized? Are they going to be reborn? You must face the truth as it is. If you want to avoid it, it’s very easy. But this is the last chance. Human being has learnt many things but has forgotten one thing: that every time we have missed the truth. Let us not miss it again. So Christ said you are to be born again. Nicodemus says: “That means should I enter into the womb of my mother?” Because after all Nicodemus was a Roman. Indians won’t ask such a question, they know what it is to be born again but after all Roman gentleman, you see. So Christ explains: “Whatever is born of flesh, is flesh. You have to be born again by the Holy Ghost.” Who is the Holy Ghost? What did He mean? Christ was allowed to exist somehow or other for three and a half years only. What is three and a half years amongst ignorant people? What can you explain to them? What can you talk to them?

I came here seventy-two. Four years I was struggling with seven hippies in London. What could Christ do? How could He tell you what was the Holy Ghost? Kundalini is the Holy Ghost, reflected within you. That’s the Holy Ghost, which is to be awakened spontaneously as a living process and as a living process you have to become something just like a flower becoming a fruit. Transformation has to take place. In Sanskrit language they call a bird as dvijaha and also a Brahmin, the one who has known the Brahma the one who has felt the All Pervading Power is also called as dvijaha, meaning born twice. But an egg becomes a bird, is not some self-certification like we are Christians, like we are Muslims, like we are Hindus or we are the twice born or whatever you may say. And we are quite satisfied with this self-certification and we accept: “All right, so I’m this, I’m that.” You are nothing but you are the Spirit; that’s what you have to become, becoming is the point. Is not a mental projection, an illusion but the becoming is important. And how do you become that? What do you do about it? Simple question. What did you do to become a human being? Did you cut your tails? No you did not. You become spontaneously with a living process. What is that power which has worked out this process of our evolution? And the same power is going to trigger that last happening where you become the Spirit.

Let us accept very humbly that this is what the nature has to do. But if you say it is effortless they can’t believe it. How can it be? You must stand on your head; you must run for five miles before becoming a Spirit, or all kinds of other things. I don’t know what other things people can do: jump like a frog, maybe. But the simple thing is to be understood that living process take place spontaneously. How? How does a seed grow? The Mother Earth has the capacity and the seed has the innate quality and when you put the seed in the Mother Earth it sprouts. You don’t stand on your head for that. Or do you pay any money to the Mother Earth? Poor thing doesn’t understand your money part. And then you say you cannot take any money, which is really irrelevant; it’s a big joke, you know? You are paying for your Self Realization just I can’t understand. I’m too naive to understand this part of the marketing. Then they say: “No, how can that be?” You have to pay for everything and you have to pay for your Self Realization. By the way, how much did you pay to become human beings? And to whom?

So one must first of all understand that it’s a spontaneous living process, which has made us human beings and the same living process is going to make us the Spirit. And when that happens there has to be a transformation within us and the transformation of wiser people, saner people, normal people, healthier people and not stupid, nonsensical people. But what I find, the seekers are getting more and more stupid… Surprising. Since I have come these seekers have become drug addicts or another nonsense, some sort of a perversion or another nonsense… punks or I don’t what to call them. So for a Mother when She comes back, She sees Her children into these new phases, She doesn’t understand. What to say, how to tell them that you are seekers you are seekers of ages. You are a special category of people. Even as late as hundred years back, William Blake, the great poet, has said very clearly that “Men of God will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets.” Is very clearly said. You all have to become prophets, the powers of divinity, not bestowed by any church or certified by any theological thing, but through the grace of the Divine. And then you have the power to make others prophets. So then they will say William Blake was crazy. That’s the best way to certify someone like that and be satisfied. So let us understand first of all that truth is what it is. It will not compromise with you. If you have to accept the truth, you have to accept one thing: that it is beyond your mental projection, your mental personality. You have to go beyond your mental personality to perceive it and then the whole thing becomes logical.

Today you are born in the most important times when thousands of you have to get your Realization. Say San Diego I come all the way, how many we have here? I go to Rome, there are four thousand people. I go to the foot hill of Himalayas, there are six thousand people, I go into Indian villages there are eight thousand people. But I must say that there are seekers born in America, no doubt. But they are lost into all these ideas, which are just mental projections, put forward by someone here and someone there. Now it’s a happening that has to take place, the awakening of the Kundalini. Traditionally it was accepted that the Holy Ghost has to give you your second birth. In the Bible it is called as the ‘tree of life’ or ‘tree of fire’ and is said that: “I will appear before you like tongues of flame” and that’s how these chakras look like. In the Koran it is called as [ASSAS], the Kundalini, and is said, I mean Mohamed [SAAB or SAHIB] talked more about Resurrection than about the doomsday. But to them the doomsday is much more important; you can frighten people and make them fanatics. Resurrection part everybody has tried to forget; better forget the Resurrection part.

So He has very clearly said that: “At the time of Resurrection your hands will speak.” If He was the last why did He talk of the future? Every one of them has talked that you have to have your Self Realization, your second birth to understand the Divine. Without that you cannot understand. Buddha went to this limit to say that: “Don’t talk of God, don’t talk of anything else just first get your Realization, first thing first. Same with Mahavira. He didn’t want to talk of God or anything else. “Better have your Realization.” They reached the conclusion the more you talk about these things the worse it becomes with human beings. But even if you see the Buddhists and the Jainists, you will be shocked. So now with all this confusion let us face the fact that we have to become the Spirit. Now what you have seen here and you have been told about is the knowledge of the roots. We can say in the west the tree has grown too big. You are not bothered about the roots, that’s why every time we get reports, it’s shocking, the shocks of the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen, suddenly we are going to collapse, or God knows. All kinds of shocks are expected in the future

But one should find out that there must be something sustaining this tree, we must find out about our roots. But to find out about our roots we have to become subtler people. With gross development we cannot do it. So we have to become subtler persons. But this could be also very misleading because we must understand also how our ascent is going to be worked out. As you see here, on the right side when we move, we move towards our future, what we call the supraconscious. By moving to the right, becoming futuristic, we loose all powers of the left, which is the emotional side, the past. If you move to the left you go to another area, which is called as subconscious. But beyond the subconscious lies the collective subconscious, which is the dead. Like your ideal “Parapsychology Foundation.” Unfortunately I did not to what they are up to. Actually they invited Me and I went there and I was shocked what they were doing with this parapsychology business; was collective subconscious. And to be very frank I told them the truth that they are playing with the dead spirits. Is very dangerous. Even Russians are doing that today. As a result, you know, all their presidents are dying suddenly, nobody knows how. Is thanks to parapsychology. But in a way they are wiser people. Once they are told they will retreat. They will not find another type of a Para-parapsychology.

So when I said they were very angry with Me, they wouldn’t like it because they have started a foundation. But I had to tell them, I am sorry. I said: “I’m sorry, you are my children. I cannot allow you to go to hell. It’s not proper.” Now that phase is over; now I find another phase coming in, another phase coming in. So if you go to the collective subconscious you are attacked by the collective subconscious. If you go to the collective supraconscious, that’s what Hitler did. How did Hitler manage Germans who were quite sane people? How did he manage them? By supraconscious activities, like lamas, you see. They gave them the full ideas how to control the supraconscious spirits, the spirits which are very ambitious people, and he mesmerized them. We should not call them regress but in supraconscious case we can say aggress. And that’s how they all asked for nothing at all but for power to destroy. Imagine human beings destroying people in the gas chamber, seeing them being destroyed: children, women, all people, young people. Even in the film if you see one child being killed, you start crying. That’s an illusion, we start crying. And there they watched it, thousands of them, millions. How could they do it? There must be some barrier, there must be some cover on their eyes that they had no feelings at all left in them, that they are kith and kin.

How it happens? Is the same supraconscious nonsense as you have many other institutions which are doing now, this E.S.T is doing that, E.S.T. If you have cancer you might get cured by E.S.T people. Like if you have cancer you get it because of the left movement so you can go to the right movement. But then you might end up with a heart attack. You may end up with a paralysis, or you may end up as Hitler. So either you move to the left or to the right and you can say: “All right that is what we felt on our central nervous system”. That’s not the point. You have to feel The All Pervading Power, which exists, which does all the living work. We see every day these flowers becoming fruit. [BUT] we don’t understand. At the right time these flowers coming, they have their own season, then they fade away at the right time. At the right time the autumn comes in. Who does all that? Which is this power who manages all kinds of choices and sorting out? Like an Indian will have an Indian child, a Chinese will have a Chinese child. Who does all that? That’s the power, which is All Pervading Power, which is integration of all these three powers here, which are shown. On the left hand side, as I said, is the power that [GETS US or CATERS] to [YOUR or OUR] subconscious, is the power of desire. We call the channel as Ida Nadi. The right hand side is the power of action, which we call the channel as the Surya Nadi. Is the channel of the sun. Left side is the channel of the moon. And in the center is the channel by which we have become human beings. How? By sustenance of our valances. Like carbon have four valances and human beings have ten valances. And when Moses talked of Ten Commandments He said: “If you are a human being, you better keep your ten valences intact.”

That’s what it is, as simple as that. So the sustenance within us, which has worked so far is of ten valences. But why the balance, why should we balance the left and right? Apart from the fear of getting into troubles, what’s the purpose is that without balance you cannot ascend. If you have to ascend then you must have a balance. But thanks to Sahaja Yoga of today that you don’t have to bother to balance or do anything of the kind because the seventh center is open now. With the opening of the seventh center it has been achieved that Kundalini can rise, you can get your Realization whatever you may have done in the past, whatever may be your mental level, whatever may be your emotional level, whatever you might have done to destroy yourselves, still you can get your Realization. The reason is you have to see in the little light yourself. Even if there is a little light one can see what’s wrong with you, with yourself. But if somebody says: “Don’t do this”, supposing somebody’s holding on to a snake. You say that: “You are holding on to a snake, throw it away.” But it’s darkness, he says: “Why should I throw? It’s not a snake. I’m going to carry it.” But as soon as the light comes in, he throws away.

So let there be a little light at least so that they see for themselves, they guide themselves; they become their own gurus. I don’t have to tell them. And in that light they understand and grow wiser and wiser, more established in their Spirit, thus becoming the Spirit in the full way, seeing everything in the Divine light of the Spirit. That is what Sahaja Yoga is. I’m here only for two days, I’m sorry. I came to this side of America only for two days. And tomorrow I’ll be here again and tomorrow I’ll tell you what is the Spirit. You need not blindfolded believe Me. There’s no need, because blind faith is also of no use. But like a scientist you have to see this as a hypothesis, with an open mind and if it is proved then you have to believe in yourself. Thank you very much. May God bless you!

Now if you have any questions, I would like to answer them.

Shri Mataji: Yes. What did he say?

Question reported: He wants to know what are your impressions of the systems of meditation given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Shri Mataji: What? Systems? Which one? You mean the flying squads? Horrible, horrible. The head of the Flying Squad Academy in [RANAK] he, his wife and child, three of them suffering from severe epilepsy came to me. Thank God they are cured by Sahaja Yoga. But the husband become bankrupt. He has gone to… he’s gone to South Africa; his wife is now in India and the child in the school. The less said, the better about them. I think you will not put Me into controversies now because, you see, I’m not afraid of them at all, but no use wasting time on such people. They have nicely collected their money. Let them sit down now; they have done whatever they wanted to do. Six thousand crores of rupees isn’t it sufficient? With so many epileptic patients going round, jumping in their seats.

Question: How do you nurture the Spirit?

Shri Mataji: How do I know?
Question repeated: How do you nurture the Spirit Mother?

Shri Mataji: Ah. That’s a good idea. Actually the Spirit nurtures everything. The Spirit is the nurturing force. So we don’t have to nurture the Spirit but the Spirit has to nurture us. But first the Spirit has to come in our attention. Just now the Spirit is watching, is not in our attention. When it comes in attention we can feel it on our central nervous system. All right? And once that happens then it nourishes us. Tomorrow I’m going to tell you all about the Spirit.

Shri Mataji: I’m not very good at American English so I have to…

Question reported: He says he feels good every day and he wonders if a person who does feel good every day what is then to be done?

Shri Mataji: You see main thing is that you feel good, all right, but still you do not know what it is…

Answer: I know what it is. I think I know what it is [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Yes, now what I’m saying that supposing you feel very good you should exactly know what it is, why you are feeling good. Secondly you should be able to give this feeling to others. How do you do it? That also you must know. For this you don’t have to pay, nothing of the kind. All right? So is better to have that knowledge. If you feel better and better, something good is happening to you. But let’s see or maybe that your Kundalini might have been awakened and it’s rising in your chakras. That’s why you are feeling better. But to be very sure is better to know all about it. Isn’t it? So that you have the absolute, no relative ideas.

Question: The more love you give, I find more pours out and in time it’s difficult to express such an intense love for God that you feel unable to express it. It’s beyond expression.

Shri Mataji: It’s correct. You don’t have to express in words; just sitting down you can do it; just thinking about someone you can do it; just looking at somebody you can do it. You need not say anything about it but I’ll teach you all that. Those tricks are to be learnt. That’s a very good thing to think of. Yes?

Question: Where do you live?

Shri Mataji: I? Just now?

Question: Yes. Do you have any place to call home? Are you married?

Shri Mataji: Yes I’m married, I’ve grandchildren. These days I’m in London. My husband (rather embarrassing), He’s Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization, one of the fourteen Secretary Generals you have in the U.E. And He’s reelected four times. That’s how we are planted in London. So for the all-practical purposes I’m in London but I’m moving about.

Question: I want to ask You are You [CONSIDERED] a prophet or what exactly are You?

Shri Mataji: That you better find out. You see… No, no, you will find out very easily, once you’ll become the Spirit you’ll find out. The reason is, you see anybody who tried to say, like Christ… He said: “I am the light, I am the path”, which He was. He was the Son of God but when He said that, they crucified Him. I don’t want to get crucified. I want to finish My job. So you better find out. You’ll find out very soon but for all practical purposes they call Me Mother, simple. Because I may be the eldest among all of you. I’m sixty-three years of age so you can call Me Mother or Grandmother, whatever you think proper.

Question: Do You have any special suggestion for your followers about what kind of food they should eat?

Shri Mataji: About what?

Question repeated: What kind of food they should eat?

Shri Mataji: No, no, nothing of the kind. In the beginning nothing, you get your Realization first. Then if you are a liver patient, supposing you have liver problem, then we’ll tell you what food you should have for some time, but then liver gets cured. Or if you have other problems, any other problem in the physical way then we tell you what is to be eaten. But there is no restriction of any kind to begin with. Automatically you understand because [ONCE or WHENCE] you get Realization you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, [WHAT or THAT’S] we call it, and the vibrations, the cool breeze, vibrations in the hands and you know on your finger tips because these five centers, six and seven centers on left side and the same way on the right hand side. You know what is the problem, on what center and related to that whatever is to be done you do it. So related to that we tell you what exercise you may have to do, related to that we tell you what mantras you have to say, related to that we tell you what sort of food will suit you and then you just do it because you enjoy the vibrations, you enjoy to be there. So it just works out automatically. So there’s nothing general about anything, automatically you do. But so many things you drop out very fast, automatically. I don’t tell anything. Once I just said that: “You can get cured of drug addiction” half of the hall was emptied. So I stopped. It’s very difficult these days, you just cannot say anything. Very funny, here. World is very funny these days.

Question: Can you please speak about the connection between the Holy Spirit and Resurrection?

Shri Mataji: Oh, Holy Spirit is the Holy Ghost, is the Power of God within us, the Primordial Mother reflected as the Kundalini in the triangular bone called as Sacrum. That means the Greek knew that it was a sacred bone, that they called it sacrum. And Athens has got Athena as the Goddess. Atha means the Primordial Mother and She too had a snake like [TEE] in Her hand with the centers going round like that. But this Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost is the power of pure desire, the power of pure desire, which gives you the ascent. She rises through these six chakras, pierces through the last one and then She integrates all of them, enlightens them; as a result your health improves, your mind improves and ultimately it gives you what you call the state of the Spirit, that you become collectively conscious. But tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the Spirit.

Question: Do You teach meditation as a meditate [UNCLEAR]?

Shri Mataji: There is nothing like teaching meditation, that’s also a misnomer. You are in meditation there, you are in a state where you are in meditation, because you are absolutely in peace with yourself; you are beyond thought. If you want to think, you think, otherwise you don’t think. It’s a state, meditative state, you become. But how to establish it and how to retain it, that of course we tell you. But very simple actions are needed. Very, very simple actions, by which you give yourself a balance, by which you try to cure your centers and you maintain that state of tranquility. But it’s nothing to do with physical exercises. You will know about it in no time, you are all just ready. Like this instrument is all right, I have to just plug in, isn’t it? It works. It’s fantastic. In the same way you are to be plugged in. But there is something wrong with the instrument so it becomes loose then again you have to fix it up. There what you have to learn a little bit about it. Once it is fixed you are all right. Sounds very fantastic. But it is. Like if you take your television to India to a village and tell them about it, that it’s a fantastic thing and suddenly there will be a big show coming up in this television, people will start doubting. What sort of a thing it could be? But once you plug in, they’ll see it is, already built in everything. In the same way you are all built in with it. Just you have to be plugged. It is very simple because you people have gone through circuitous ways, you see. One cannot believe it. I’d seen one film long time back. One gentleman got an aeroplane, you see, and suddenly he lost control, went round and round and round. He thought he was on moon, he’s reached moon. And he met with an accident. Then he’s thought that he’s just landing on the moon. When he opened his eyes he thought he may have to just be controlling the gravity and all that. Suddenly he heard a voice calling him and it was his wife. He had landed very near his house. Because you have gone round and round quite a lot is very difficult to accept that Kundalini has to rise only from the sacrum bone to the fontanel area, that’s all. That’s the only journey you have to be. Very difficult to accept but it’s true. Realization is not difficult, but to maintain it one has to understand that it is to be learned.

Seeker: How and where did you receive the power to awaken the Kundalini?
Shri Mataji: Me?
Seeker: In the people.
Shri Mataji: How and…?
Sahaja yogi: How and where did you receive the ability to awaken the Kundalini in them?
Shri Mataji: I had it born with it. One can be born with it. But I realized that to give en masse Realization, seventh center has to be open, first of all. That I did on the fifth of May 1970 and then I realized that with this happening one can achieve en mass Realization. But till that time I had to understand human beings, so by My subtle methods I tried to understand what was their problem, what chakras they had in trouble, how I have to work out the permutations and combinations in such a way that en mass Realization can be achieved.

So this en mass Realization I started from that day. Before that I did not speak about it because what’s the use of another Bible or another Gita? Better to achieve the results.
Unless and until human beings realize that there are higher storeys of awareness within them, whatever you may tell them they are not going to understand You. So first it must be done. They have to realize that there are higher awareness states which we have to achieve, which we have achieved – and then they can go further. My Father Himself was a very great, – evolved soul and He told Me that those who are born on the tenth storey shouldn’t talk about it.
They should come down and try to raise the people at least to the first or second storey so they realize there are storeys beyond because if they just talk about the tenth storey, people will think they are crazy or they’ll crucify them. They’ll never understand. That won’t be practical. But it took some time to understand human beings. They are very complicated people, must say, not easy.

Question: Is there any good that can come out of delving into the collective subconscious?
Shri Mataji: No good; can never be. Whatever is dead is finished. Getting into collective subconscious at the [might?] you might know the number of the horrors or something like that if you are interested. Depends on your interest.

Question reported: She said Mother when you [ARE] to activate the Kundalini do you have to go into a different state to do that?

Shri Mataji: Me, Me? Me I have to go into states? No, nothing of the kind. No, no, no; nothing of the kind. I don’t have to do anything whatsoever I tell you I don’t do anything. I’m just watching.

Question reported: He is saying is Kundalini when You are in a crowd You can feel energy in certain people and not in others?

Shri Mataji: What sort? Do you feel heat?

Question: [UNCLEAR] You are just aware that there’s an energy beyond, well part of it [SEEKING or IS HEAT] and part of it is an energy that you are aware is going in different [ONES or PARTS] but it seems to be very definite with some and indefinite with others, but you are very aware that something is transpiring between you and them.

Shri Mataji: Actually you see it’s…

The same person who asked the question: Along with the feeling of love…

Shri Mataji: Yes but still… one should first of all see it on chakras to be definite. To be definite it’s best is to feel it on the chakras to know what sort of an energy it is, whether it is positive, negative, neutral. One must have a definite understanding of it. It could be anything. Like I know of a lady who came from Texas to India. She came to My lecture and she said: “I liked the gentleman who was sitting next to me, he was very fine and I felt a kind of a energy about him and all that thing, you see”. I said: “Really?” “Yes, he was wearing a very big coat”, she described. So I asked the boys because is very crowded India. I said: “Who was the gentleman sitting next to this lady?” So they said: “He’s a tramp, he’s a drunkard and he’s a beggar”. So I couldn’t understand. So I said: “You better take your Realization, then you will know. Best is to take your Realization so your machinery is absolutely under your own control and you know what it is, isn’t it?” That’s what I’m trying to tell you that you must know the exact nature of it.”

Question reported: He is saying it’s totally impersonal and has nothing to do with sex or anything of that nature.

Shri Mataji: No, no, it is nothing to do with sex. Sex is below. This is the center of sex, below the Kundalini. That’s also another myth that by doing sex, it’s another myth that by doing sex one goes to God. And I just don’t understand. Animals are… they must go first, before us. It’s so logical you know, it’s so logical.

Question reported: Can Kundalini be blocked and cause pain… Can it be blocked and cause pain?

Shri Mataji: Yes, in some people it does. But if you know how to remove the blocked then it’s very soothing but doesn’t cause much pain. It’s the chakras. Kundalini is the One that relieves the pain, that’s the One, which opens the chakras, but if your chakras are caught up you do feel the pain. I mean all diseases are because of the imbalances in the chakras, physical, mental.

Question: May I ask you about this sign on Your forehead?

Shri Mataji: This is the sign that I’m married.

Question reported: She wants to know Mother, if You could explain the desires in a person when you know they are wrong, should [WE or YOU] subdue them, or, or what should be done?

Shri Mataji: No, no, you are not to subdue any desire but you become so powerful that nothing can subdue you. All right should we have it now the Experience? Better have it because otherwise half of them will go away. We have to use some gums sometimes in the western countries for people to stick on. Stickers!

Question: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Yes, you must have your Experience, that’s the main thing, otherwise talk, talk, talk, talk for what? I mean is like talking about food and no food coming forward. Here, now. You can’t hear? Really? What’s the matter? All right just put…

A voice: [UNCLEAR] voice [IS] stopped.

Shri Mataji: Is it? I have to learn American English, I know. I pick it up but takes some time.

Somebody: You are doing well.

Shri Mataji: All right? Thank you thank you. Thank you very much. You are very kind. Thank you. All right so now it’s very, very simple as I told you; you are in a very good happy mood. The first thing, first requirement in all the western human beings I found one common problem (of course there are exceptions) is that they have this center very much in trouble, on the left hand side. Now this center is caught up when one starts feeling guilty and is a common feeling. I don’t know why the western people feel guilty… There is nothing to feel guilty. After all, to err is human. Why feel guilty about it? You are human beings; if you have done mistakes it’s all right but to forgive, divine. So the Power of Divine is so great, the Ocean of Love it’s so great that it can dissolve all that is so called “the mistakes”. So forget the past and remember one thing that you are the temple of God. Believe Me, you are. You are a special category of people who are seekers. So we have to respect ourselves, we have to love ourselves. I’m not glorifying you just to please you but it’s a fact. So please do not have any guilt because as soon as you start talking about God people start counting you know: “The other mistake I committed was to put the fork on a wrong place” or “dropped something on the carpet”. Nothing is important. The Divine is extremely anxious that you should get your Realization, extremely anxious. And have faith in the Power of forgiveness of the Divine. So first and foremost thing is that you forgive yourself fully, entirely and please do not feel guilty at all, that’s the first thing. Whatever you might have done. In My lecture might be, might I’ve said something, which you might be upset about. Forget it just forget it please.

Though the western people sound aggressive, I don’t know why, they sound only, sound it’s different, it’s an illusion I think. They feel guilty for very, very small things. Indians will never feel guilty, very difficult to make them feel guilty for anything. I mean here the language starts with: “I am sorry, I am afraid.” What is there to be afraid or what is there to be sorry all the time? So count your blessings, be in a very, very happy mood and pleasantly placed towards yourself. That’s the first request. Secondly we have to use our own action power to raise our own Kundalini. So the left hand you have to put like this with the desire power. It’s symbolic of expression of your desire to get Self Realization. And the right hand you have to use on the left hand side, all the chakras I’ll tell you one by one, one on the heart, then you go down in the upper part of the stomach (on the left hand side all of them), then in the lower part of the stomach, then you come back in the upper part of the stomach then again on the heart, then here the center which I told you is always in trouble, then over here and then over here. Then you have to stretch your hand and put it on the top of the fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood and press it hard and move it seven times. One by one I’ll tell you what it is to be done. Another thing is we have to close our eyes throughout this happening. It takes about five to seven minutes all together. Please close your eyes and take out your spectacles. Be comfortable. Put both the feet straight parallel on the Mother Earth like this because you have to take the help of the Mother Earth. Left Swadishthan. All right. So please now put your left hand towards Me like this and close your eyes and don’t open your eyes till I tell you, because attention has to be drawn inside, which you will not feel, but if your eyes are open Kundalini may not rise. So please keep your eyes closed. It’s very relaxing, extremely relaxing. Now put your left hand on your lap very comfortably. If there’s anything tight on your body, which makes you uncomfortable you can loosen it. Be comfortable, that’s important. But that doesn’t mean you should slouch or you should bend too much. You have to sit straight as much as is comfortable with your head straight.

Now, with the left hand towards Me, all the time, please put your right hand on your heart and close your eyes. Now, on the heart, on the heart. Here, you see, is the abode of the Spirit and you have to ask Me a very fundamental question because you are like a computer and when you ask this fundamental question the answer comes as cool breeze on your hands, that you will start feeling very soon. So the first question you have to ask Me is: “Mother am I the Spirit?” You may call Me Mother, you may call Me Shri Mataji, whatever is convenient. “Mother am I the Spirit?” Slowly, within yourself, in your heart, ask this question: “Mother am I the Spirit?” three times please, just three times. Now the second question follows. When you put your right hand in the upper part of the abdomen, stomach, on the left hand side, the second question is according to the center. This is the center of the Masters, of your mastery. So you have to ask the second question: “Mother am I my own master?” Because if you are your Spirit, you are your own master. So ask this question three times please: “Mother am I my own master, am I my own guru, am I my own guide?” And please keep your eyes shut, please don’t open them throughout, just keep them shut. Ask this question with full confidence in yourself. This center is created by all the great masters, real masters, sat gurus. Three times.

Now, please take down this right hand on the lower part of the abdomen, lower part of the abdomen and press it, on the left hand side again. We are doing everything on the left hand side, lower part of the stomach and press it. Now this center is a center called Swadishthana and is for the technique of the Divine Power, the knowledge, the pure knowledge. Here I must confess I cannot cross your freedom. You have to say yourself that “Mother may I have the pure knowledge?” You have to say it six times because this center has got six petals. Please just say: “Mother may I have the true knowledge, the pure knowledge of the Divine?” Now, raise this right hand again on the upper part of your abdomen, on the left hand side. Keep the left hand towards Me, stretched. Now here on this center as I said is the center of your mastery. With all confidence in yourself, without feeling guilty, please say ten times because there are ten valences as I said, ten times with full assertion because the Kundalini has started moving now to create a seat for Her there. Please say: “Mother I am my own master”, ten times. “Mother I am my own guru, Mother I am my own guide”. Ten times. Much better.

Now please raise your right hand onto your heart. Here you have to say again with full confidence, with full respect: “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say it twelve times. This center has got twelve petals. “Mother I am the Spirit.” Proclaim it; assert it so the Kundalini rises with your assertion. Now, you have to know that the Divine is not only the Ocean of Love and Grace but above all it is the Ocean of Forgiveness. So as I told you that there can be no mistake which cannot be dissolved by the Power of forgiveness of the Divine. So now raise your right hand on the left hand side of your neck, place it in the corner between the joint of the neck and the shoulder and press it hard. Now, here please with full confidence, again, very much with full confidence. You have to say sixteen times: “Mother I am not guilty”, sixteen times. “Mother I’m not guilty at all.” Sixteen times: “Mother I am not guilty at all.” Please! Sixteen times. If you still want to continue with it then better take a punishment of saying it hundred and eight times. Believe Me, forgive yourself. (Right heart. Left heart, right heart. Now better.) Sixteen times. (Better? Still there? Better now? Better?).

Now please raise your hand onto your forehead. Press it on both the sides. When we have headache how we press our head, that’s how. At this point, from your heart please say: “Mother I forgive everyone.” From your heart, how many times is not the point. Now some say that is difficult, it’s a myth. When we say we don’t forgive or when we forgive both are myths. But when you say: “I do not forgive” then we play into the hands of wrong people. So please say from your heart: “Mother I forgive everyone.” Put the hand on your forehead across. You have to forgive otherwise the Kundalini won’t rise. Now for your satisfaction only, for your satisfaction only please put your right hand on the back side of your head, press it hard and here you have to say just for your satisfaction that: “Oh Divine, if we have done any mistakes please forgive us.” That’s all. But don’t feel guilty; not to feel guilty, without feeling guilty. Please keep your eyes shut and don’t watch others. This is the time to watch yourself. Now, please stretch your hand, don’t open your eyes; put it on top of the fontanel bone area, the soft bone on top of your head and press it hard, press it hard. Stretch the fingers press it hard and move it seven times. At this time again I cannot cross your freedom so you have to say seven times: “Mother, please, may I have the Self Realization? Mother I want the Self Realization. Mother please give me the Realization.” You have to say otherwise I cannot force it on you. You have to ask for it. Press it hard, stretch your fingers, press the palm, press the palm on the fontanel bone area. Seven times move it clock-wise. Move your scalp.

Now, now, slowly bring the hand down and open the eyes slowly, very slowly. Now you have to watch Me without thinking. You can do it because you have crossed without thinking. You all can do it. You can watch Me without thinking. You can put on your glasses. With the left hand towards Me and right hand towards Me, both the hands. Now with the left hand pay attention here and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming in. Pay attention here. With the left hand you see, please not with the right hand, left hand. With the left hand try to see. Yes, right hand towards Me, right hand towards Me and left hand here. It’s very subtle. Move it about four inches or five inches; move it up and down. Like this, like this. Palm towards the head. Ha, all right? Good? All right.

Now change. Put the left hand towards Me. Don’t think; don’t think, that’s the thing. Just now you don’t think; left hand towards Me, with the right hand. See for yourself. Don’t think is the point. All right? Now, again once more. Put the right hand towards Me. All right? Is it there? Right hand towards Me and left hand on your livers. You all have liver problems also. On the liver (show them the liver). Like this. Better? It will cool down. All right? Now, put the left hand like this. Right hand like this, towards Me, right hand towards Me. Is just I’m trying to balance you. Right hand towards Me, right hand; left hand like this. Is like that. At the back, back side. Like that backside. Yes that’s all, that’s all very simple. It’s flowing out. Better? Don’t be upset. It’s going to work out. And not to be anxious. It’s good. It’s there. Now, turn it round. Left hand towards Me and right hand towards the Mother Earth. Not yet? All right? Good. Better. There’s another way: it’s to put your hands up and your head up backwards and ask a question: “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the All Pervading Power of God? Is this Brahma?” Ask three questions. “Is this the Brahma?” Put back your head. Now see for yourself how you feel it in your hands. Take down your hands. Very relaxed. Now last of all. We must know how to raise our own Kundalini. That’s important. We must know how to raise our Kundalini. Is very, very simple. Is… put your left hand in front of your Kundalini, just like this as he’s showing you.

Now the right hand has to move clock-wise like upward, forward, downward like that and the left hand has to move straight so the Kundalini moves straight with us. You can watch him. Then you take it on top of your head and twist it and give a knot, first knot to establish it. That’s it. Again, again. Watch the left hand. Now push back your head, give it a twist and tie: one, good. Now remember that you have to do it properly: up, forward, downward. That’s important. Now let’s do it again. Watch your left hand. Now see it will move much faster now, your left hand. Take it upward, again give it a twist and tie it up nicely. All right? Third time three knots to fix it up once for all: one, two, three. Now see on your hands. Are you feeling? Good? Good… it’s there. Are you feeling there? Hot, cold? Good. Who’s feeling hot? All right. Now put your left hand here, that’s all for a while. If it is hot. Good, good, then right hand. See now. This is what it is. I mean this is something we cannot do. It’s not like jumping like a frog or anything, it’s a happening. It’s good, very peaceful. Now you have to give yourself a protection, that’s the last, which you have to do. It’s a very enjoyable thing, just learn how to give yourself a protection and then tomorrow again we’ll meet. Bring more friends here, as many as possible, because tomorrow is the last day I’ll be here. This is the highest thing that we can give to someone.

Now put your left hand like this, simple. Now you have to take right hand on your auras, just like this and give it a protection: one, again the second one, is two, again is three, again four, five, six, seven auras are there and seven, done. Now see, better you’ll feel the vibrations. But don’t think don’t argue. Someone who’ve not felt it in the hand or in the head? Raise your hands those you have not felt at all. You didn’t feel? Who else? You too have not. All right, three. Not at all? There’s one gentleman there. Some Sahaja Yogini sitting there, come and watch him. Which one did you say? There. Can you see that? Now this is what it is when the disciples of Christ, when they got their Realization, when the cool breeze came, of the Holy Ghost, they started speaking in a strange language of chakras and also they started moving their hands in such a way that people thought they were wild, they were mad. That’s what it is because the power starts flowing through you. Is a question of chakras. All right? So now… [Hindi talk] Can you come out those who you have not got as it? Just come a bit. Just a minute. This is doctor [WORLIKAR] here? [Hindi talk] I need that gentleman there. Please see him.

Now don’t think, don’t think, that’s the point is, let’s see. You didn’t feel it? All right, little bit behind, just go little bit behind, they’ll work it out. Can you, can you take them out? Yes, this side; this side. Yes, that’s better. That’s better, ha. And this lady also. If you don’t mind Madam can you come this side? [Hindi talk] Who is there? Somebody, Sahaja Yogini? Can you look after the lady, please? Yes, please. Sandra, can you look after this lady? Come here. This one. Now they have done it and they know it very well. Now you have to do it and you have to become masters. Is very simple, doesn’t take much time. Now I think I should shake hands with all of you. Will that be a good idea? Do you mind coming up or should I go down? Whichever way you feel… [Hindi talk] Can you come up please? Hello, come here, take out your shoes.