Devi Puja: Steady Yourself

San Diego (United States)


Devi Puja. San Diego, California (USA), 31 May 1985.

May God bless you.
Please be seated. (Just to record, hmm?)
It’s such a pleasure to be in the ashram in San Diego. And it’s such a beautiful place, so much expressing the love of God, the Divine, the way it wants to help you at every step. If you want to have an ashram, if you want to have a proper place, you want to look after your children well, you want to do God’s work, everything is looked after, everything has to be worked out. If it is not worked out, then how will you do your work? So, it all works out. And it’s so obvious, the way we have different ashrams, such comfortable places at a very reasonable amount that we can afford, that we can live happily together. This is the abode created by love for you.

So, the first thing we have to remember, that among ourselves we should have complete love. [Marathi] We should not trust people who try to divide us, who try to give us wrong ideas. It’s very easy to make out a person who is a Sahaja yogi from the heart. It’s very easy to make out. You have to be a little more sensitive and you’ll find out such a person very easily. Whatever may be the cunning, it can be discovered. Nobody can act against God now, because everything will be discovered and will be found out.

But we have to have our attention fully on your Mother. But some people do get little more fanatic because they are so attached, doesn’t matter, you’ll come round. But is better to be fanatic than to be doubting. So those people who do things little over, should commit to a life that whatever they see, whatever they understand in Sahaja Yoga, whatever happens, they will accept it without any anxiety about it.

This is the point, that we build up our images about Sahaja Yoga also. We cannot build up – it is what it is. We cannot build up our image that we think Sahaja Yoga should be like this, Sahaja Yoga should be like that – it cannot be. You cannot compromise, you just cannot compromise. It has to be what it is. It cannot be anything that you want it to be. You cannot mould it, because it is fixed long time back. Now it is what it is, and that is why it is working out so well, so efficiently. But to make it more efficient you have to accept its working.

Like yesterday’s timings, you see: I knew there must be something, and the time was not yet ready. The time I spent here would have been spent raising their Kundalini, unnecessarily wasted. Instead of that, five minutes I took, it took Me to give them realization. So, it’s, everything has to be understood in that light. Gradually you will start seeing the divine play, how things work out, how it helps you.

But supposing God has brought something before you. Dr. Worlikar told Me a nice story about this which is very interesting, that between the Goddess of wealth and the Goddess of education there was a little conflict. You can say education or the Saraswati, which if neglected or if too much adored can make you egoistical, in the sense that if you become a person who is after learning, learning, learning, you can be thrown on the other side.

So, this lady wanted to test the power of wealth. So, She said to the Lakshmi that “All right, let’s see, on this person.” This person was a beggar, he needed money, and very much. So, Lakshmi put lot of money in a big utensils, what we call handa, and put it in his way. This fellow was walking, so Saraswati entered into his mind. As soon as Saraswati enters into the mind he became egoistical, and he didn’t even look at that, he just walked off. That was his need, but he walked off.

So, it suggests one thing, that when people become egoistical, start making their own plans, start making their own suggestions and images they form, then what happens that the Divine, which is trying to supply for your need, for your wants, for your solutions, disappears. This is what happens, that we do not allow the Divine to have its play. This is not only on material level; it is true also on emotional level, it is true also on our physical level, but the best of all that it is true about spiritual level also. So, we should not miss the point. Let the Divine play its role, and we should be able to see.

Like Krishna has said, “Karmanyevadikaraste” – “It is our job to do the job.” Now we’ve done the puja, aarti’s done. I said, “All right, if we can do it, all right; if we cannot, I’ll go by the evening plane.” I am not bothered, whether I go by morning plane or evening plane doesn’t matter. I’m absolutely relaxed. We discussed certain important points had to be discussed, some time had to be spent; that has to be done, that’s part of our life. So, I’m not anxious that I should go by one o’clock plane. All right, I’ll go by the night plane, makes no difference to Me.

So just to have a very relaxed mind, to watch how things come forward. People unnecessarily – [Marathi]– So ….
Now when we understand that the Divine is having its complete play, its own working, the whole thing is working for us, for you, the Sahaja yogis. Once you realize that, then you feel absolutely relaxed and you are in joy. But when you start, “Oh, this should have been like this, that should have been like this,” then everything is against joy. Whichever way it comes is all right. Once you develop that attitude, then the joy will be complete.

I have seen in emotional life also you if people suffer too much. The reason is, for everything you start thinking.
Now in India, how we get married is very simple, you see. From childhood we are taught that “You’ll be married, so you must learn how to live with your husband,” and a man is always told how to treat your wife. But they don’t know who is the wife and the husband. But the husband and wife is just a sort of a symbol. They don’t know which one it is; just could be anyone. So, once you accept her as a dharma, it comes as a surprise to you, and just enjoy. And the whole thing is built up to a point, to a moment which has to be auspicious also.

Of course, they consult the horoscopes, that’s an important part, because horoscopes if you don’t consult, could be quite disastrous. So, they consult the horoscopes. And if there are so many points – they say twenty-six points is ideal – then they get married, otherwise they don’t. Now it’s not necessary that we do not meet or we meet. Sometimes the people meet, talk to each other for one year, may be that their marriages are postponed, there’s no auspicious time. They get some time to be together, but never in private; they never go into privacy. So that moment is kept as sacred moment, when you are going to meet your husband or wife – that’s a very sacred moment, so you are concentrated on that point. So suddenly it is decided. Now, you keep that moment as sacred moment. Even sometimes it happens that you get some time in between, quite a lot, after decision; could be that you have to continue as a feeling, seeing that person, this. But then you do not divert your attention, it’s completely concentrated effort. It clicks, because you just accept it.

But here people live together for three years, then they marry and divorce. I mean I can’t understand, even if three years you live, seven years you live, ten years they live, still they do the same. So, what’s the use of knowing each other for so many years, still you divorce?

But it just clicks if you understand that it’s a concentrated movement where you have everything concentrated, and you just meet the person and accept that person as your companion. Maybe one or two fail, but if you don’t think about it, it won’t fail so much. Because after marriage you start thinking, “Oh I expected this, I expected that. I thought this would be so; that’s not so.” And always trying to find fault with another, not with yourself – that’s the best part of it; not seeing that how you are adjusting to that person. Once you start thinking about marriage, marriage is finished, already done with. As a child is born to you, without thinking what sort of a child is going to come, you love the child, in the same way in the marriage you’ll have to develop that kind of a concentrated feeling. Then only marriages will be successful.

But here, you see, like when you purchase something, you buy something, all right, then you think, “Oh, it was not good, I should have bought something else, would have been better,” this, that. So, you go to another thing. Things are different; things are things. Human beings are living things, they are not dead things that you can change one from another, “I could have got that one or that one.” You cannot go on like this with human beings – you’re playing with the Divine then.

And this is the main point where we feel that Sahaja yogis have to learn to accept with joy, with happiness, and not to project nonsensical ideas. Then only you will find your joy will be complete. Otherwise it will not be.

Then if you come, say, to the physical side: like here it is, if a woman is very thin, she wants to have legs like this, hands like this, body like this. Why? I mean, imagine everybody to be regimented into certain patterns, so much of the waist, so much of the thing – horrible it will be. I mean you’ll be tired and fed-up with that. So, you want to be like that.

Now the fashion comes in that physically we should be Mr. America or whatever you may call it. So everybody is doing jogging, everybody running like mad. But why? You have your own personality, keep it up. You need certain things for your body, the way you are. Of course, if your health is not all right then you try with your chakras, cure it. But to appearances, to think that “I should look like this, I should be like that,” makes no difference at all.

So again, another madness starts, so people are very unhappy. You see, you go to these very so-called elite classes where most of the men are very highly paid, educated, top class people, women are also educated, everything, and what they talk is this only: how much calories you eat, this is that. You don’t understand, what’s the matter with these people? Their level is so low. That’s a decent talk, and if they come to indecency, they can go to any level also there. So that shows that there has been no evolution in that person. They just think on those terms. And that’s how they become very serious, very seriously they discuss all this thing. You feel like laughing at them, the way they are stupid. So, all these things are regarded as so important in a country like America or any other country, shows the kind of people they have.

I mean, in India nobody is so much bothered about the figure. At least in My age people never liked very thin girls, because they thought they must be very irritable, hot-tempered, all the time thinking. They never liked very thin girls I really tell you; even now My husband doesn’t like. He says, “You see, men have befooled women, and that’s why women are doing all these things.” You see, he’s a simple man, so he thinks that the men have befooled them. So, it’s like that, and then they make legs like this or teeth like this or nose like this and you take a plastic nose, put on – why?

So physical also imbalances come in when we start thinking. Because when we think, we collide with another thinking, then we form a general thinking, then a general pattern is accepted. When that is accepted people say, “All right, let’s have it.” First, they used to have very tight clothes, you see, and one girl was boasting to Me that she wore it for eight days and she can’t take it out now. I said, “How, how did you manage?” She said, “This is something that you can wear and jump into the tub, and then it shrinks and you can’t take it out. You can have bath with this, you can do what you like with this.” I said, “It’s very filthy.” “No, no, you can wash it nicely and wipe it.” But I said, “Why, why do such a thing which will completely coagulate your blood inside?”

Now they started suffering, so now they’re having absolutely loose clothes, you see, lanky-pankies, casual, this thing. So, they jump from one to another when you go on thinking about it, trying to devise new methods.

But tradition is different. Tradition is that when people are traditional, what happens actually, those people who are sensible can only become traditional, because they understand whatever is to be discarded, whatever is not to be discarded. And they try to understand how we are going to ascend. Not by taking one side, but on both the sides we must weigh and balance ourselves and then go ahead. And whatever is to be discarded to be discarded, whatever is to be good is to be taken up. Like what you call the trial and error business. You see, you make the error – all right, give it up; then take another – all right, give it up. Whatever is good, you keep it and go on with it, and that’s how you build up a proper tradition for other people to follow.

But those who think of the new things all the time, they want to have something new all the time, then they are very much mistaken, that when they do like this what we call is a tomfoolery. With the new things they can land themselves into terrible messes, and that’s what exactly has happened to most of the Western countries, that everything new they try. Now the new craze is cocaine – all right, have cocaine. I mean, even I would not be surprised if Prince Philip takes to such a thing or somebody takes to thing like that. I mean, everybody wants to try new, and if you say you cannot try then they say, “Why, why not?” This is a very big problem with the Western mind.

So, you all people should also understand, don’t try new things in Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is a traditionally built thing. Don’t try anything new in Sahaja Yoga. Whatever we have is more than sufficient, you don’t try anything new. People who tried new things have jumped into problems, so do not try something new. Like somebody said that nowadays, you see, I heard in London we had some people who started giving lectures and giving new methods of Sahaja Yoga, suddenly. And they all went mad. I mean, their vibrations were crazy, I didn’t know what to do with them. I was quite surprised. I said, “Why did you try a new method like that? What was the need to try a new method?” “Oh,” they said, “Well we thought, better try this one.” But I said, “I have already told you all the methods. Have you tried, have you perfected yourself? Better try those which I’ve told you, and then you can ask Me and then start something new. But you must understand what you are doing.”

And also, I’ve seen mediocre Sahaja yogis always do like that, try some new method. And they’ll come out with this thing, “Now I’ll tell you how to circulate your breath.” Why to circulate your breath? Suddenly they find out a new method. Is a common thing, but these are sometimes could be very sinister people also, so be careful. There is no need to try new methods. Now you have jumped on to that awareness where you have to just be steady. So, don’t try at this point something new. Just steady yourself, steady yourself in balance – that’s very important.

Second point is that everyone should be knowledgeable in Sahaja Yoga. But some people are so funnily knowledgeable that I’m sometimes surprised. Like there was a fellow who was homosexual or nonsensical thing, and then he told some people that “Yes, you see, Mother says it’s all right once in a while.” I never said so. I can never say such a thing. Then somebody said, “Drinking – all right, Mother said.” How could I say? There’s no compromise. Somebody says, “It’s all right, you can do some business.” I never said so. No, you cannot do, these things are not, they are not meant for you. You don’t have to do it at all. Right?

So, anybody who comes out with such ideas, you tell them “nothing of the kind.” There’s nothing like that, there’s no compromise in Sahaja Yoga, no compromise. Whatever methods we have learned, let us practice them to establish ourselves and establish others. You must keep to your maryadas, to your limits. Do not try to fly. Some people think that they are greater Sahaja yogis and they will do this and they will do that. Then remember, that is wrong. You have to humble down yourself, and remember that when you humble down you will realize that only the humble people are steady people.

So, there should be complete humility. Try to acquire more knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. There are so many ways. I have got all My tapes done already, we have got all these Sahaja Yoga books out now and also your “Nirmala Yoga” is there – so many ways by which you can understand Sahaja Yoga. If you don’t understand, you can ask each other, try to analyse it the way you want to understand, that what Mother is saying, is this is what She’s saying. Because My lectures are in very, very simple language. I use extremely simple language, avoiding all literary language as far as possible of course; sometimes I do have to use difficult words, but normally. So, but beyond that is a very subtle knowledge flowing. So, to understand that sometimes may be difficult, you may try to sort of construct something else out of it, may try to sort of interpret something. If there’s any such problem, better consult somebody whom you think is capable of advising you. But you must accept that. You should not put forward your viewpoint, and it would be very wrong. Then you will be sort of like a derailed train which goes out of track.

We have a track in Sahaja Yoga, you must know that, whether you like it or not. It’s no question of freedom, but the track to ascend. You cannot get out of that track. If you think you can just move about a little bit, have a nice time with all filth and then come back to Sahaja Yoga, you won’t be acceptable. If you do that then I’ll have to work hard to cleanse you out, do this, do that. But to keep yourself clean you’d better keep to your tracks and don’t get out of it. Don’t try to find out new things of doing something which is not necessary; why do it? I mean, simple thing is to understand it’s a waste of energy. I’ve already found it for you, why do you want to do it again?

Like this kind of a blouse I’ve been wearing now for the last, I think, fifty years or maybe more, this type of a blouse. Now My tailor knows that I wear this blouse, this is this, this is this. He has got My measurements. So, I have to just tell him that “You get Me a cloth of this kind, and just make a blouse for Me.” He makes it. For the last so many years I have had, about twenty-five years, I had one tailor who does My job. He has no headache, I have no headache, no problem.

Every day if I have to change this pattern, make a new sleeve and a new type of a blouse, I’ll have a headache, I mean, I tell you. So why, why do that? What’s the use? Who sees, who is affected by that? So unnecessarily we are wasting our energy on these things. But I don’t say that you should be regimented, by any means, but what I mean that wherever you can save your energy of thinking, you should do it.

For small, small things there’s no need to have varieties, and this country as I’ve told you before that every tap has to be different, every handle is to be different, every tile has to be different – what is the need? What has to be different is artistic things. Sari has to be different because it is artistic. But what is in a stitching of a blouse, there’s no art in it involved. So, whatever is artistic can be different, but whatever is mundane need not be. In the machinery why should you have different types of things, you’ll go mad. You go to a shop, there’s twenty types of things, you don’t which one to buy, all made by machine only. This is good, that is good. Then another fellow he comes, he says, “Not good.” Then you feel hurt. But if you have for mundane things, few things is better, that you do not take too many headaches upon yourself.

So best thing to avoid all these problems is to use your new awareness of vibrations. So, you save your energies. Your energies must be saved, and they can be saved if you do not pay attention to things which are not your style, where you don’t have to go. Just see vibrations. If I go for shopping – now I go shopping for various reasons, as you know. One is to put My vibrations there; another is to put also vibrations on the people who are in the market. Thirdly is to look at all the things, so My vibrations go onto them. Fourthly, to buy something to be given to others. But if I like something it is only through vibrations and I buy it somehow, because it is to be given to someone or something has to be done later. I just buy it, keep it, it comes very handy.

That is how your attitude should be. But on the contrary if you just go on, “I like this, I don’t like it,” about your wife, about your jobs, your everything, you’ll be uncertain. These days in America people are very funny about their jobs also. I have to touch these points, because you’ll face this problem. Today they’re doing some job, “I don’t like it, I don’t like my boss” – another job. Then they’ll go to another job, they change it. Then third job, change it. They like to change, you know, all the time – it’s maddening, I tell you. Change their wives, change their house, change everything. Why? Have only one wife, is better. At the most have two jobs in life, is better. And at the most change three residences, is better. But more than that is a headache. I mean, to Me, I have changed forty houses because of My husband’s temperament. But I’m different, because I’m absolutely a person who is not bothered whatever change comes. But you are not the same, so don’t waste your energy. So, this is very important to understand, not to go on changing jobs, is very important. Because that is also a craze, I tell you.

I’ll tell you about Douglas. He used to do that. Every time he had financial problem because he was changing jobs. So one day I told him off. I said, “Douglas, if you change this job” – because I saw the vibrations are all right – “if you change this job, that you are not going to see Me again.” And now today he has got a house, he’s got a car, he’s got money in the bank, he’s doing well. So that also is a headache for Me, “Mother, I have no job, I have no money. What am I to do?” Every time there are people who come to India, they say, “Mother, I have no money, I’m sorry I couldn’t pay You.” All right, doesn’t matter. There are at least, this last time also there were five people. But before that I think there were about twenty people. So, every time it happens like this. So now we must understand, we must have proper jobs. We have to be respectable people. We must have proper qualifications, if possible, better to get some qualifications. You are all very intelligent people and you can get your qualifications. You should have a respectability in the society. Otherwise they’ll think that this Mother is the Mother of all the beggars.

So steady yourself in your jobs, in your houses. To steady yourself you must learn not to change. The change makes you unsteady – do you see the point? So, there is no question of changing. “I’m going to go through it.” Then if it is necessary, if it is not workable, then one can change. It applies to everything.

Now, guru-shopping is nothing but change. The more gurus you have, the greater headache I have. If you have only one guru, say horrible one, it’s all right, easy to clear you out. But if you have been to twenty, whatever am I to do? One fellow who has been to gurus so much that I couldn’t understand his personality. I said, “What’s the matter with this?” Every problem, you name it and it’s there. I said, “What sort of a fellow is this?” So, I said, “All right, write it down all the names of all the gurus you have been to.” He wrote three foolscap papers on both the sides. I said, “I’m sorry, sir, I can’t help you.” He said, “Mother, You have to, because there’s a very immediate problem.” I said, “What is the immediate problem?” “That now I am becoming a woman.” I said, “Hah?” “The doctors have said that now I’m becoming a woman.” I said, “That’s really an immediate problem.” I said, “That much I can stop, but you need lot of cleansing.” And he used to sometimes look like Hanumana, sometimes he looks like a madman, he used to look like anything, because so many gurus in him were working it out. Ultimately that he got himself cleansed out and his problem was solved, but even now I would not say that he is a Sahaja yogi; though he’s very learned, knows all about Sanskrit because he has been to so many gurus, every type of guru he has been. This has come by change – “what’s wrong?” So, once you come to Sahaja Yoga, then stop. Stop everything else.

Second point that I stressed was this, that in Sahaja Yoga once you come, focus yourself to Me and Sahaja Yoga first, and then other things. Like Christians when they come to Sahaja Yoga, they can’t accept Ganesh. Indians who come to Sahaja Yoga cannot accept Christ. Muslims who come to Sahaja Yoga cannot take to puja. Everybody is coming with a load behind them. So better come and put them at My feet, finished. Now you see them through My prism, through Me – is better to understand that way. And those who have understood Me that way, just understand Sahaja Yoga in a perfect manner. There’s no fanaticism of the past, neither of Sahaja Yoga either. So, they understand that this is all the same as Mother is, and there’s nothing to be sticking onto one thing or to another. But it doesn’t mean that if you call Me the Goddess Kali you are insulting Me, or if you call Me Mataji Nirmala Devi you’re elevating Me – it’s all there.

So, one has to understand that all this is related to our own compartments. God has no compartments like that. It is not that America exists in His mind, or it is not that anything exists in mind. Do we exist like “now I am only my Vishuddhi” – do we exist like that? Or “I’m only my nose” – do we? We exist as the whole body. So, God exists – though He has a nose, He has His ears, say, everything is there; but He exists as God. He doesn’t exist like a nose, separate, doesn’t exist like only America separate, but He’s existing as the whole, everything related to the whole.

And when such a thing happens to us that now we are related to the whole, the Primordial Being, we should not relate ourselves to something that will localize us because of our conditionings. No localization should be there, we should be in circulation.

I find it difficult for people who have been Catholics to worship Shri Ganesh with the same respect, because they are conditioned. So, try to leave it for a while, Christ, completely leave Him alone. Come to Sahaja Yoga, then you’ll see Him in proper light. Because this is the problem is, that unless and until you come inside and see for yourself that all roads have come to this one thing, so they are just the same, there’s no difference at all.

First come inside. Give up everything, come inside. Then you will know that it’s all the same. And this is very important, and once you see that, it’s such a beautiful thing that you have no complications of any kind, belonging to any particular cult or particular guru or a particular thing. Even so-called religions are like cults if you see to it, they are like cults, they have conditionings. They have not given you anything but conditioning and illusions. So, we are not to live with illusions, we have to live with reality. And the reality is that, that all these essences are one, and we have to be inside them so that we can see them, all of them as one.

This is also very important thing in country like America, I feel, because there are such diverse ideas, such diverse ideas that I, I’m surprised at them. Everything you name it is in America. The other day I developed one thing called Mormon, Mormon or something. Mormon. Name it and it’s in America. I don’t know how all the varieties have gathered here. Every sort of a guru, I mean, you discover them here. I had never heard of so many names. Whenever I come, I’d find a new guru coming up. Why America is the place where all these prosper like this, like mushrooms, you see? A mushroom is growing, that is – is it a rottening thing? Only mushroom grows as fungus. Is it rottening, this country? What’s happening? Why? It is the mind of human beings. The mind of human beings here always wants a new thing, and that’s why a supply comes. As a result of that they become unsteady. So, the main problem of American character is that they are very unsteady people.

You ask them, “How are you?” They also say …. Understand whatever you like. They’ll never say “How are you?” …. What do you understand with that? I mean, an Indian person can’t understand. If somebody says like that, an Indian, you see, if you ask him, “How are you?” and he says like this, they’ll say, “Are you mad?” Then if you ask them, “Do you understand this?” “I’m confused.” An Indian will never say such a thing, “I’m confused.” He’s cocksure. “I’m confused” means, are you a lunatic or what? Why are you confused? Something wrong with your brain?

So, all these ideas, you see, are tending towards our unsteadiness, frivolousness, superficiality. You are really bombarded by superficiality, bombarded, I can see that. Absolutely from everywhere, you see, the media, this, that: it’s nothing but superficial. It really kills the inner germ in the human being. And you want to live with it, then you want to think on those lines, and really you lose yourself, all contact with yourself is lost.

Under all these circumstances one has to know one beautiful fact, that so many seekers are born in this country. It’s America which I visited the first. And I’m sure San Diego is the place where it will start, I have a feeling. [Marathi] So this is a place very important, and I’m nice, I’m happy that you have arranged this wonderful puja, and we should do this puja. And I am sure by this we will have a time, especially good time coming where we’ll have on one side American evolution, on the other side, Mexican. This we can work out from San Diego.

It’s a beautiful day that you have asked for this puja. I’m very happy about it. Today is the day of the Goddess, [Marathi] –Thrayodashi. Thrayodashi is the best, thirteenth day. [Marathi] See the vibrations, you don’t need any puja! There’s no need to have a puja, really, it is so much today. So today is a great day, and I’m happy he’s asked for this puja here.

So, now to begin with …. Now if you have any problems, any questions, you must let Me know. One thing, a Sahaja yogi should not be a serious person, that’s one thing. That doesn’t behove a Sahaja yogi to be serious. You should be smiling, laughing, enjoying. If he’s a serious person then he’s not a Sahaja yogi. I can’t keep serious for more than five minutes, at the most five minutes. Even if I have to scold somebody, I prepare Myself, then I come down and I shout, and then after five minutes if I don’t run away then you’ll find Me again laughing. Can’t – it’s all a joke!

So, nobody should be serious, that’s one thing. Nobody should be serious. You should be always smiling and happy people, because there is joy within you. What is there? Only by thinking “I’m miserable, I’m miserable,” you see – that’s French style! French, you know, when I went there first time, they told Me, “Mother, You look too happy” – for French.

So, I said, “What should I do?” Said, “Do You see, they are all very, they think they are very miserable people, this, that.” So, I said, “All right.” So I went and said, “Now see, you are all les Misérables” – you know Victor Hugo has written this “Les Miserables” – so I said, “All right, you les Misérables. Now I am a person who is not miserable at all. And you will be miserable in any case if you have, every third house you have a pub, every tenth house you have a prostitute, so what will happen? I mean, you are in for it.” That’s what it is.

And even Yogi Mahajan told Me that “Mother, we want Your photograph which is very serious, it is hard to get one, and we must put a face which is very serious.” And ultimately, he ended up with a photograph which was horrid. When he told Me, “It’s a very nice photograph, You look so serene,” this, that and all the descriptions. When I saw the photograph I said, “It’s horrid!” He said, “Really?” I said, “All right, let Me tell you who has done this.” He said, “Who?” I told him the name and he was shocked. I said, “That’s the lady who has given you, and you know where she is today.” Was shocked how I told the name “Jane.” I said, “This is the photograph you are sending to Americans.” But I know Americans will be attracted by that photograph, because they are miserable themselves, you see. But such people who are attracted to that kind of a photograph will drop out in no time, they will not stick on – you don’t understand that point. They are not the type who’ll stick on.

Like in Scotland, I went there and there was a photograph I saw, and I got a shock. We had gone to a restaurant where we were to have our food, and I saw My photograph and I said, “Who has done this one?” They said, “This is the copy of one of the Australian ones.” I said, “But who has done it? Because this is not good – very bad.” So, they said, “This is done by someone, suddenly.” I said, “I’ll name the person,” and I told them who has done it: Hilary. They were all amazed at it.

I said, “This photograph is no good.” But now they had put it everywhere. I said, “Let it be.” So many people came to My program, all funny types, you know. Some had one eye, some had one nose, some had something else wrong, everything missing. “Oh God,” I said, “this is the thing of the photograph.” And not one person came back. We had at least about five, six hundred people for the program, all like this, you see. [Marathi] And none of them came back, not one person. All bhoots, attracted by the bhoot; and I could see on My photograph that it was just repelling it.

So those who take My photograph also reflect in the photograph. You must have seen Ray’s photograph come out very well. I don’t which one is Ray’s here, but Ray’s photographs used to be very good. And this time Ray, he has a funny wife, I think. He went to India, and Indians told Me, “Mother, I don’t know how this Ray is so ruined.” In India it doesn’t happen. Once a Sahaja yogi, then they improve. But this fellow was just the opposite – now what to do?

They said, “Mother, he’s all gone down, what to do?” I said, “Must have been something wrong. What to do?” When I came back, you see, Ray brought three or four photographs of Mine. When he showed, everybody was shocked. “These are not Mother’s photographs.” And he had to withdraw them. This is what it is. Same Ray who made such beautiful photographs was having horrible photographs nowadays.

So, in everything what you do, everything that you achieve, you can make it out. You suddenly become an extremely posh person, you can say, with a finesse, once you are a good Sahaja yogi. Everything comes in proper stream. You can make it out, very simple ways of such a person are so pleasing and so soothing.

So, on these points I have covered lots of things which I wanted to say, and that end with it I would say that as Vishuddhis you have to become the sakshi, the witness. You have to become the witness. And to become the witness there has to be a detachment. That doesn’t mean you live on a shoestring by any chance, but try to have a detachment.

Thank God this time the experience of the Sahaja yogis from America was not so bad. They were very good people, they adjusted themselves well and they enjoyed themselves. It was fine. And I hope more and more will come and will enjoy themselves. And as you know the new programming has taken place. Is better you people tell us if you are coming or not. But also, don’t change last minute, it creates problems for us, for everyone. So please don’t change; if you’re not coming, it’s all right. You will have a certain date, by that time you decide, don’t change. You see it’s only Americans who did this, nobody else. And we told people, “Now no more, let’s give more chance to Americans are coming, we should give them more chance; so no, you are not coming.”

So poor things, they came for ten days, five days, because we could not arrange for them. So, you should not change your ideas. If you are coming you can decide up to a point, if you are coming or not coming. If you are not coming you just say, “Yes, we are not coming,” or if you are coming you just say, “Yes we are coming,” and you do it. At least that much you should not change. So again, I request you to keep to your schedules and things, because it really upsets the whole thing. Because now we are working on the rhythm of the Divine, and we have no business to upset the rhythm. You may be Americans, but as you know in Sahaja Yoga Americans are not placed very high up. You know that very well. And we think Italians are much better off; they take to Sahaja Yoga just like a fish takes to water. So Americans have to work a little harder, they have to do little more to get to that adjustments.

What to do? Such a great a country, so many seekers, but they are already ruined – what am I to do? Trying My level best. You all should help and understand the difficulties, and you have to be kind to the newcomers and see that you put them right. So, we have to think of our ascent from San Diego, and from this corner we are going to enlighten the whole of America.

For practical purposes I’ve decided that Dr. Worlikar should be in charge in the eastern side [Marathi] – western side. For us, New York is already western, all right; and the eastern side is, the New York side can be managed by him. Because there’s a, like a two countries it is, two countries, two different types of thing. So that is how it is to be managed.

Money matters: you should do deal with money matters with his consent. So, I told him how I do it is that the money is kept in the bank under the name of the registered name or whichever way it is, and they have the check book, but I have to sign. So, you keep the check book but he has to sign, so he sees what you are spending. So, check is there. Or you do the same there, see, so that she keeps the check book but you sign, so you know how much is being spent. So, there’s a check. Of course, as far as you people are concerned, I know it’s all right, but still ….

Why I do so many things, just to make you understand. Like if you give Me puja money I keep a packet of that. I keep an account of that. There’s no need: who’s going to ask Me what did I do with the puja money? But I do, I do keep it. And then what do I do with the puja money is that I want to use it for your puja materials, puja things, for presents and things. So I keep. I need not do it, that’s My money, at least that much is Mine, but My pleasure is such. So that is how one must know that if Mother is so strict with it, why not we?

You have to give money in puja, no doubt, because that has to be. First, we used to take one “p”. (Maybe Shri Mataji means ‘pound’) Then I went to two “p”, then to five “p’s”, ten “p’s” – it has increased like that. And for these pujas then, for the main pujas that we are going to have, one on New York, they have decided certain amount. That is your decision, I never said anything, because I was only up to one pound, I was there. Then I don’t know, I got lost with these people. So whatever they decide, that is there, is the money that is collected under the name of puja, which I have to take for the Nabhi Chakra. You have to do it with heart, just like the Shabari style, and everything will fall in proper places.

So, one can say that Sahaja Yoga is not an extreme thing. We do give money; only the Sahaja yogis can donate money. Say, for food here you have to pay, for the house you have to pay. You do pay, you don’t live here like parasites. We don’t want parasites around us. But it doesn’t also mean that you rob a Sahaja yogi completely and make him a pauper, and build your own Rolls Royces!

So, it is not also the other way, that you people rob Me. So one has to understand that Sahaja Yoga is give and take, in a proper certain manners, and that has to be properly done with grace, with understanding, with a beautiful feeling that we are all part and parcel of the whole. And for which America is responsible, because America has to become the Virat. The Vishuddhi has to become the Virat. What a responsibility! So don’t quarrel among yourselves, don’t quarrel among husband and wife. Try to be one in complete unison, enjoy each other. That’s very important. All right.

So may God bless you. [Marathi: This is Virata’s place] Even now the Right Vishuddhi is catching. All right.

[Marathi – directions for puja]

Now, I want those people who have not washed My feet so far, should come forward. One by one. [Marathi] Let them handle the situation. Danny can do it. Danny, you also come here. Now, two persons at a time will do it. [Marathi] It’s very cold water. [Marathi] Very good, very good. Very, very good. Rub it. Rub My feet.

Now just see your vibrations. All right? Good? May God bless you. Now come along. (Should be warm.) [Marathi] Come along, both of you. May God bless you. Rub it. Put it on this one. Rub it. [Marathi] Done! Now, come along – see your vibrations. Now, keep smiling like that, it’s all right, it’s all right – the sari can be dried. May God bless you. On the eyes and the head, wipe it. Come along. Very good. May God bless you. Hold it with one hand, tight, and another hand, rub it hard. Ah, good. You can feel the vibrations well. Your right, left heart, rub it – the last finger, pull it out. Last finger, pull it out. It’s got it. Now, see your vibrations. May God bless you. On the eyes and the head. Come along. Your face has changed with this! All right? Good. May God bless. Perfect.

[Marathi] That’s all. Come along. That’s better. Right, now hold it tight. Rub your full hand. You see, the hand, your hand is to be rubbed, not My feet. Pull that out. Pull it tight.

[Marathi] Mm, good. I think we are all right. Now just sit, this side. All right? You can’t keep it. Put it on your head. On your head, and then wipe your eyes also. May God bless you.

I think you come with him, that’s all right. It’s all right. A little water. Now, they can use the same water to do My feet. Come along. May God bless you.

Now, .… Hold it. Rub it hard. Rub it hard. [Marathi] Now see. Now. All right? See the left is – a little bit. All right. While sitting, just put the left hand towards Me, right hand on the Mother Earth. Good? May God bless.

[Marathi] Good. Now, just see yourselves. How are you? All right? Not yet, feeling? Good. Very good. May God bless you. [Marathi] Put your left hand here. Rub it.

All right. Now see for yourself. All right? May God bless you. [Marathi] Just put it on your head first, and then on your eyes. Good, nice. Feeling fine? Shiny, eh? Little bit you can lift from this side, this one; this side, yes. That’s all right. [Marathi] Done! See yourself now. May God bless. Have you washed? Her husband? He’s washed My feet? (In 1981). You both? Both have washed? All right. So, do you want to wash it again? (Yes) All right. Now come. Are you all right, Jeshua? Better. All right.

Let him play with the water. Close his hands. Ask him to play with the water, would be better. In the water. Ask him to immerse his feet in the water. Rub it on Mine. Wash My feet. Good, good, good. Then touch My feet. Now put his hands on Mine. Good. Hallo! All right.

So may God bless you all. He’s all right now. You have washed, both of you have washed. [Marathi]

Just put more water. Pour all that, I think. And more is needed. That is better. [Marathi]

Ya Devi sarva Bhuteshu.

Hundred-and-eight names. You said hundred-and-eight names you have got. Hundred-and-eight names. You showed Me thousand names you had. These are … hundred-and-eight. These are the hundred-and-eight names? …. Of Mahakali. Oh, take a hundred names. It starts with Shri Mata? Take out that one, all right? …. Sahasranama. Yes, we have Shri Lalita. [Marathi]

This is the praise, after the Goddess killed the two rakshasas called Shumba, Nishumba. They’re all again back on the seat. So now the praise of the gods, you have to do the same praise. Now, we’ll start – you know that up to a point he will read it, and then he will tell you that you have to put it “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu” – he’ll tell you “Buddhi” so you should put it, “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Buddhi rupena samsthita.” You know that – “Namas Tasyai namas Tasyai namas Tasyai namoh namah.” [Marathi] First he will say the beginning of it. This is how the gods, you see, praised the Goddess, when She killed Shumba, Nishumba. So …. The first of all you have to give the – what you call – the ghee. But there is no spoon. For ghee at least you have some spoons. [Marathi]
Also the moon. She’s like moon. Face is like moon …. Just water.

“Sarva” is the essence. Sarva Karini: She’s the one who’s the ruler of everything. Ati Saumya, Ati Rudra Hai: Extremely gentle, and extremely harsh. (…) We are the intelligence. She’s the intelligence in every human being. She’s expressed as intelligence, pure intelligence in every human being. ….
So you just say “Shraddha.” And now you repeat together. You say “Shraddha” – now say. Nidra.
Should be sugar and then water.

Unmarried girls now. [Marathi] Unmarried. [Marathi] She used to do it always in Bombay. [Marathi] You also do it the same way. [Marathi] Now. [Marathi] You should say, “Sakshat Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namah. Shri Mata sakshat Shri …” – what do you say? Just say, “Om twamewa sakshat Shri Mata,” that’s all – “namoh namah.” Yes, that’s all. That’s all.

[Yogi: These are hundred and eight out of the thousand names of Mahadevi given in the “Shri Lalita Sahasranama.”]

First is “Shri Mata.” So now say it. [Marathi]

“Pataka nashini” – killer of all the sins. So that’s why I said, don’t feel guilty. She’s the killer of all the sins. Maha-pat: the greatest of – Maha-pataka nashini.

“Nistula” – means “uncomparable.” [Marathi]

You should first of all touch here. First. [Marathi] Go and wash your hands. Unmarried women. Unmarried.

[Marathi] With the Para-shakti, all the work which it looks at all happens.

“Yogada.” [Marathi] I have given you the yoga, you see, the union.

“Labdha. Punya-labdha” – by the punyas. You see, if you have no punyas, you cannot find any. So if many people are lost, you shouldn’t worry; they have no punyas. What can you do? “Punya-labdhaa.”

“Shobhana-sulabha-gati” – “Shobhana” means “gracious”, “sulabha” means “easy” and by that, “gati” … “movement.” You get to the, your realization through “Shobhana-sulabha-gati.” There is no disgraceful behavior, or it is very beautifully done, and also “sulabha” is “easy.”

“Shubha-karini” – Giver of auspiciousness. [Marathi]

Not the red. No, not the red. Now, two. [Marathi] Unmarried women. [Marathi]

One, one person. All right, all of you! All of you have to hold it in the hand. Now, hold it in your hand, all of you, here. Now from top. Yes, just hold it, right hand. Hold it with the right. Here, one can hold it. Now, put it. So thank you.

“Pasha-hantri, Pasha-hantri” – [Marathi] You see, they are under bondage. She’s the one who kills all the bondages, pash.

May God bless you.

Pavana Krutih (marathi)

“Vandaru-jana-vatsala” – those who bow to Her, She is … She is kind to them like a Mother. She mothers them. Those who bow to Her, She mothers them.

May God bless you. [Marathi]

Sorry. I’ll tell you how it’s to be done, you see.

Now all right? You have to go from forward backwards, otherwise the hairs start coming forward. Is it all right for you people? Just hold it. This is rather a big one, you see, just – just a minute, I’ll take it. Hold it, eh? I’ll just put it right. Just hold it.

In Krishna’s – this is Krishna’s country, you see, and it has to be everything upside-down. All right.

Big problem! Now let Me see. Now it’s better. Yes, it’s better idea. Put it that way. I look like a Red Indian lady; Inca, Inca-style. All right? Both hands.

Somebody should take a full photograph. I hope you get some miraculous photographs.

Aarti …

[Marathi] Just give a bandhan there. Kundalini’s just clear-cut. No, anti-clockwise. No, no, there, at ….

Just bow down. Let’s see. Keep bowing down. We want to see your Kundalini. It’s all right. Now you try on him. Just move it. Swadishthan. Center Heart. So hold it tight, hold it. He’s all right. You just see his Kundalini, at Nabhi.

Just bow down. Is he all right? Left Swadishthan and the Nabhi. You come now. Bandhan there. Now you are all right. You are all right. Everybody. Let us see everybody. It’s better to watch it.

You come along just one minute. I want to see everybody’s Kundalini. Now, it’s good. Now Doug, you are all right. You are all right.

But in the Vishuddhi, throat, little bit. All right, now, let’s see, one by one. Now just put both the hands forward. Just see, his Kundalini. Come along. See, his vibrations. Ah. All right? No, left – not all right. We’ll see, now. Michael. Hold your breath. Hold your breath. Hmm. Leave it. Leave it. Ah. Nabhi. All right? Are you all right? Let’s see. Started now. You are perfectionists, all of you! He himself is a perfectionist. Heart.

Done! Been worried a bit too much. Nothing to worry. It’s done now, all right? She’s all right, now. She’s all right. Are you all right? Why? Hold it, hold it there. Hold your breath for a minute. Leave it now ….

You come here. This lady. Yes, you come here. She’s catching on the center Heart. Now, hold it. … Sit down, sit down. Now, bow. Hah! Leave it. Center Heart … Void … She’s been to some gurus? You have been? …. I don’t know what is it …. What is it? (Lady: It’s called Builders of the Adytum). Builders of the? (Adytum). Atom? (I think it’s a Greek word) …. Center Heart you are catching. Hold your breath, please.

You leave it. Again hold your breath. Hah! Leave it. Again hold your breath. Are you better now? Hah! Leave it. How are you?

Left Agnya. You’re all right. Is she all right? See her vibrations. She has to work it out on her left. Left is problem, I think. Center Heart [Marathi] Ah! Now it’s good … Now. All right. Have you got one like that? Smaller one?

… Are you all right now? You got caught up with others. Don’t get worried. Nothing to worry. First class! Put your right hand towards that. That’s right. And left hand towards Me. Now. Why do you hear so many things? Just now take it …Very good, excellent. Tell her how to do it. Little this side. You tell her, little this side. Put it, hah ….Left Nabhi.

How is he? …. left Swadishthan. Better? How many days you did that? Not for a long time? About how many years? Put it next to the light. Higher. Fixing the light there.

In between, you have to hold your breath.

Marathi] Ah! Good. You’re all right now. All right? What happens in Vancouver? Must meditate regularly, that’s the real way. Now, let’s see …. Patricia.

She’s from a very strict ashram – of Bala the great! You are perfectly all right. You are all right. No problem.

Bala is coming here, like Hanumana, to America very soon. But you see, when he starts all correcting and all that he’s all right, but then sometimes he gets so tired, then he becomes a complaint master, you know – isn’t he? So I have told him next time you don’t complain to Me about anyone, otherwise he’ll get ….

… is done. All right, he’s done. Excellent! You are right, all right, come along. You are perfectly all right. Yes, now come along. If you want Me to see you again…. You are perfectly all right. Very good. For trade (?) you have to now stick onto your job, all right? It goes from right to left, right to left – that’s not good, eh? Just try My trick! May God bless you. I think, you’ll be all right. But you see, your Heart catching, all that is because, if you start changing jobs, it works on your – put your hands towards Me.

You are all right, James, and despite Santa Cruz! May God bless you. I’m really very happy about it. I didn’t know you worked there in Santa Cruz. That’s something I’m very much worried about. May God bless you. I’m very happy that you are there. Something is working out. It’s good. You are very good. Santa Cruz otherwise could be – [Yogi: I should stay in Santa Cruz?] Yes, I think so, you can. Very few people can, without catching, so you’d better stay there. So may God bless you.

Now, who else? So everybody has been? (marathi) Very good. Excellent .…Now. Better take out the … if you can. It’s mine, all right, take it out, doesn’t matter. Better? That’s how you can treat people, you see? Ah, now. Left … left Nabhi, left Nabhi. You are all right. Hah, now, better? Better.

[Yogini: Should I not wear the other rings?]

Better not, because sometimes your chakras are not all right. They give a pressure …. What? Yes, that’s what is needed. Who else? Come along, come. Nabhi … Swadishthana …artistic? Hah! It’s all right. Working in the restaurant, so you can have …! She’s all right. Come along now, who else? Ah, better, isn’t it?

I’m saying that you search a husband for her; because I searched yours in no time! It was such a fast thing, such a fast thing, wasn’t it? Those who tie it up put their hands like that.

Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah! I think you just take a photograph. So, Alex, everybody has got it? Come forward. Let’s see. Are you all right now? Better? Better now. Let it work out. That’s all right. Hah, now, is he? Left. Right to the left. Right to the left. Ah, that’s it. Hah! …. Hah! Done!

All right? How is he? Bring him. Where’s the other baby? Where is he? Shaun. Shaun, come here. I wanted you to come and make Me wear this. You have to make – good, you’re all right now. God bless you – now, now, Shaun, you have to put this in My neck; she’s feeling shy, you see. Now, this one is not feeling shy. Now, let Me have this one. This one doesn’t feel shy. Ohoho! This one doesn’t feel shy.

Oh! You are crying, so he’s also crying! He’s also … See now, they have done the puja, they have done everything for Me, you have done nothing! Shaun, you have to put some – All right, let’s – don’t disturb her, they are all sleeping.

[Yogini asks about a name given previously to her child]

You put it “Narasimha”, who gave her the name? (Yogini: You did) Where was that? (Yogini: At the Krishna Puja in New York, last year). Narasimhini. I gave you the name!

She was born – when was she born? [Yogini: On July the fifth.] Ah, that’s why, because she’s a Leo. You can give her another name also, a simple one. That’s a power of Goddess, you know. Oh! Somebody’s coming up! Ah!

You can call her Kesar. Kesar. “Kesar” means “the power of the lion.” Kesar. “Kesari” is the lion, and the “Kesar” is the power of the lion; same thing as Narasimha. That’s easier, Kesar. What does she want? K-E-S-A-R. Kesar. All right. He wants to have something more. Whatever you want, Shaun, what do you want? Shaun, what do you want to have? You want to have this? Which one do you want to eat?  Which one you like? You’re hungry. Whatever it is, have it. Everybody has been? Hallo. Come along, come along. What do you want? All right, all right. Let him have something there. They all like grapes. There.

So let’s see you. You have to bow. You – she has to still come, yes. What about you? You have, I see. So sweet. He’s shy, that’s all. He’s excellent, Shaun is excellent! Very beautiful, excellent, see now! Now slowly open the eyes. He’s a bit shy.

[Yogis: Butter.] You made it? You made it here? Really? It’s great! Now, take it, it’s all right. Good. May God bless you.

Come along, now let Me see. Are you all right now? Not yet? I think you sit more comfortably.

You’re very tight. Be comfortable, that’s important. And now let’s see. What’s the matter? His left side is so tight today. Left Agnya is still there. And right Swadishthana, Heart … chakras.

Now come along. David, you put this light on his back. Here. And now you put both your hands towards Me like this. The light you take it in your hand, that one, that one. The one that is before you. Now, she’s all right. She’s all right. You’re all right. May God bless you. You are all right. Now, who else is left? In Marathi also we say “I” is “me”, “I”. Better? Now – it will work out. [Yogi: Shri Lalita.] It’s catching. Put right hand on the Mother Earth.

Hah! She’s all right. You are all right. May God bless you. Come. Now you grow up fast; you have to give realization! Hah! All right. She’s all right. You are all right. You come along now. You have been. All of you? Now, right. Heart. Right Swadishthan. Left Swadishthan. Heart. Both sides. Heart. Combination is funny – left, right Swadishthan and Heart; center Heart now. [Marathi] Hah! Hold your breath. Do like that, do like that. Hah! Better? Better now. Now better. Better, but she has to work. Hallo! Work it out, because a funny combination: left Swadishthan, right Swadishthan, Heart, and Sahasrara. E-G-O. As simple as that.

Rub My foot, right? Still. Now, what you do is to put your right hand towards Me, left hand up. Let’s see, one by one. Are you better now? Still the left is catching.

Why don’t you both get some lemon and chillies? Would be a good idea.

What have you been doing? Have you been – I don’t know what you have been doing. I just don’t understand. You had right side, but this left you didn’t have it. Left Nabhi. Very hectic liver. That way you’re much better. Left Nabhi’s all right, but left Swadishthana. That is your psychology. Do you meditate?

You see, I just thought that right-sidedness could be down in a place where it is quieter, so that your speed at least should come down first of all. And then it will be all right. Just put down your speed. “I don’t do anything,” you should say. All right? Put it everything into the hands of God. Still there? Better now. It’s very surprising. What’s that? A gift? That’s all right. Thank you. What’s this – two? Two things not allowed! What’s that? I did not see the gift! That is his trick, I tell you: I was buying it, and he bought it! Oh, it’s beautiful. So we quarrelled for quite some time. It’s not easy to win over Mr. Danny!

But this one is a trick you played. This one is, this is not. This one was tricky. For the other two is all right, but this one was tricky. It’s a beautiful piece, though, isn’t it? These are magnets?

Beautiful. Very good. We should get a suitcase where you can keep all these things, in several boxes. You see, in that if you put this ….

No, he was saying, doctor was saying he has got a box which he’ll vacate it. But so far they have not telephoned, these people. Ah, he is worried on that. All right now. Better? Are you better? I think first the financial situation should improve, then you’ll be all right. I think if you really go to Mexico, that would make some money also. And she is also very clever.

May God bless you.

But to establish, how will they do it, suddenly? They have to ask the government here to employ them, or something. But there is no job problem there. All right. That’s a good idea. May God bless you. I don’t know how also his boss is. Might be he’s caught up with his boss, or something. How is he? [Yogi: Terrible, Mother.] Ah, that’s it. [Yogi: Garam’s uncle.]

Because you are not so bad. I know. I heard. Must be, must be him. So better change him now. As he says, they can find out something for you. Better try. Because that will bring down her speed also, I think, because your country is very, moving slowly, yes. It’s a very speedy place also; America’s extremely speedy. Those who have no speed can come here, but those who have speed should get out of this place.

At first I thought it would be nice if you go to New York, but New York is no less, and that won’t suit. So if it could be arranged in Mexico, nothing like.

Once they are all right then there’s no problem, once they are balanced; but both are caught up. And they are good people there, they’re nice, they’re not horrible people in that country. Except for this black magic they do, which can be corrected. Slowly they’ll be all right. Things are so much cheaper there, so much cheaper …. Handmade, yes, that’s also a good thing, compared to machinery.

So all right, thank you very much. May God bless you. Thank you for the purse. May God bless you. Now as you have given Me purse, you must have lots of money here! In this ashram you must get lots of money. So far, nobody gave Me a purse, for your information. This is the first time.

[Yogi: For auspiciousness we should have put a dollar in.]

Ah, it’s a good idea – one dollar, then. Five dollar is too much. One dollar. No, no, no, no. This is the puja money? So this you give it in the general puja there, when they have it, eh? Now I have got this purse, that’s all. You don’t have one dollar, isn’t it? All right. But he’s given twenty-one now. He’s another difficult person! All right. Now what I’m saying, that this puja money whatever you’ve got, you count it and put it in a packet, give it to Me in the general puja money, but from your side – all right? So for the real puja it’s going to be there. It’s of course a real puja too, today, it was a great puja, but the Krishna Puja we are going to have there. So thank you very much, it’s rather smart for Me. Very good. This time, you know, four forces/purses (?) I have got, luckily.

We must give a bandhan to that gentleman.