Arrival Talk

Brooklyn (United States)


Arrival Talk, Brooklyn, United States, 01-06-1986

Like a child will accept (..inaudible word) if you tell a child do not put your figure in the plug (..inaudible word)….whatever you say everything (..inaudible word)….…..only few days back a Mexican fellow…..(..inaudible word) why you follow Freud so much?….because he gave something new you never gave anything new, what about plastic. It must come out of evolution from a living process a real flower not plastic flower and all these Gurus have come out of one book which I know now which was written 70-78 years back. (..inaudible word) (perhaps –“whole”)movement is only 100 years old of Theosophical society of Vivekananda. (..inaudible word) nothing. It should diverse, just opposite, justa-position with all Vedas, all ancient books everything (..inaudible word) nothing because it is new thing they wanted to (..inaudible word) they say they like tradition, they do not know what tradition is. For India 100 years is no tradition, or even 2000 years is no tradition, it is thousands of years, whatever in the growth of the tradition has fallen off, has gone off, like tantriks this- that, all of them came and went away. Khajaraho is that went away, nothing stayed off and only these people revived all that was filth in the tradition so far, like so called Kama, from where all these books come from, God only knows we have no idea. They were all forbidden laws, finished somewhere these people went and I do not know.
(someone suggests that these were dug from the tombs)
Maa says- No -no we will not do this at least to the dead. These books have not come from tombs, kings were not so bad(..inaudible word) these books must been from somebody’s house, lying somewhere- not tomb kings were not so bad. Kamasutra and all that. these are coming from some people must have written and they must have been imprisoned or might be so they put it somewhere. Not from the tombs we are very particular what we are embedding in mother earth. That’s all.
(Maa distributes candies to the kids.)
(She discusses the custom search on the airport.)
After eating all this we are going to clean our teeth.
Ganesh puja was wonderfully done. I must tell you the story of the maya. It so happened that….(..inaudible word)made mangalsutra for me he also told me that we also want to have a mangulsutra for you mother. Somebody had given me (..inaudible word). This is the emblem of the mother, Adi Shakti. Shri chakra is in the middle. They did well with their mangalsutra. Nasik you got it done (she asked one of the yogini)

Brahamapuri was best, lotuses coming out. Beautiful Krishna river. Named after Krishna. As soon as they announced that we are going to land in New York they played a beautiful fute. Played very beautifully. So I was telling you, just remember, they had some money that they thought of buying something like this, but that was double the price they had, so I said let me have a look. I just saw a very nice mangalsutra in gold (..inaudible word) but it was not worth much, so money was left over, I got some vibrations went wrong. This was the last shop opened. (..inaudible word) and only shop they got …with earing and like this .They told it was made in Italy no body buying it is lying there ..we bought in India something made in Italy. They gave me as a presence in Melbourne, I never wore it , Thelma put in the box which was supposed to go to London. it was to go in box to London directly, but arrived in Italy with Thelma. In Italy when there was puja of Ganesha same coral, must have been made by some artist in Italy, bought in India, gifted in Australia which is Ganesha’s place, just by chance, what a remarkable coincidence, Shop keeper had told that it is Italian piece Indian women do not buy it. Such a beautiful piece with red roses. (offers chocolate)
Some yogi mentions abought the gift Maa gave him, Maa says oh I was about to say what a beautiful tie, it is very embarrassing some times that I say this thing is so beautiful and I am told that you gifted i.e. feel so bad about it that you are praising your own gift.
This is present from America. (..inaudible word)With great love and affection. Rustom was there, he could have come if I had come earlier. He sends his best wishes; he has written a book which is really so masterly. (..inaudible word) Some people have some quality some, you should understand that, Rustom is a great scholar (..inaudible word). We have here with us Alexandria wrote two articles, one in magazine and one in newspaper that gave us..She is all writing about everyone on our trip to America. In Rome we had a newspaper meet all people had come for a press conference, you know how it ended first half I spoke for 15 -20 minutes then they all came sat before me to give them realization. Could’nt understand what sort of press conference.
What is happening Christine in your city. How many are you now?