Reaching People With Music

Englewood Ashram, New Jersey (United States)


1985-0602 Reaching People With Music

Shri Mataji: Raise your hands! Haya!
One two three four five six seven eight nine, nine ten.
Yogi: Mother one more here.
Shri Mataji: I saw him. Eleven twelve thirteen fourteen, good number fourteen. That’s a good number all right.
Yogi: Let us make it a hundred and eight.
Shri Mataji: You see if only in this group number is fourteen, I can tell you it would be a hundred and eight marriages. We have only fifty-four marriages. But I think it’s going to be a hundred and eight. All right let’s see what happens. But marrying them in India is better, is easier. We had it in what you call this place, Switzerland, very difficult, we married, we did it, very difficult and you don’t get some nice presents. Isn’t it you got lots of nice things. For a little amount that you pay we can manoeuvre something very good. You will be happy to know that Indians also pay lots of money, substantiated it. Of course, you people also paid some money there. And actually, if you see that the people who paid all together we calculated that for every couple, even the people who attended the wedding paid two dollars each. You cannot buy any present for two dollars each. But in a collective way it was so beautiful, worked out so well. It was such a time I tell you unforgettable as if we were in the Vrindavan, beautifully done. We saw Southern cross coming down, both the time, Southern cross! From Australia, it came through that side. I mean we have never seen in India but we saw Southern cross in India at the time of marriage. It’s a miracle of miracles. All the Stars all the Nakshatras were there. So I hope all of you will get very good husbands and wives and we are going to have very good marriages. But that’s not the end of life, that’s not the aim of life. It has just its own purpose that’s all. You have to go much higher much above. Actually, marriage itself gives you that beginning of winning over this attraction to sex, that’s very great. You can come out of it with a proper marriage. May God bless you.

If you allow Me, I think I will go back there and sleep if you allow Me would be better because tomorrow morning I have talked to people. All right so I say good night. Tomorrow are you going to be there for the programme?
Yogies: Yes!
Shri Mataji: That’s good! So we will see you there. Thank you very much for, thank you, thank you.


We have to arrange the music on professional levels and for that, we should find out, ahhhh when you come to India, I think we should gather some people who sing very well together and get somebody to compose your music and all that. And get somebody to direct it also. So we get a group of people, can form a good group of musicians, in which you need not put She as the thing but you can call me as Primordial or something, You cannot put Me as My name because it is for the public,the Primordial or Holy Ghost or all those things you sing that will work out, Adishakti. And then we can arrange some programmes see with three four people who can really compose and can give a nice tune and the group can sing, you can have group singing like that. One of the thing that please western people is music. They have an ear for music, no doubt. And if you have to reach to them you have to sing that song but with depth and feelings. You have to sing a song with very great depth and feeling, Everything should come from your heart you see, then it goes into them. otherwise does not, must come from your heart. When you sing you must practice it in such a way that you sing it from your heart. That’s very important, it should not be superficially sung, slightly sung but from your heart, it should come. That practice it, Practicing is very important. You see in Indian language we call it riyaaz, My sister you know, she is musician, even now she practices three hours in the morning, I think one hour in the evening, one and a half hour in the evening. Even now she is only one year younger to Me though she looks older to Me but she is one year younger. She sings very well, very well she sings.

We can get you, somebody, to teach you very good music from India. There is a blind gentleman, who will be willing to come here to teach you. And with him a gentleman who plays the tabla with him very well. Aah if you decide I can arrange it for you, a gentleman, who can come and we can pay for him for that. He plays with Violin but he teaches music very well. So would you like to arrange that? So will have to pay for his fare and also we will have to arrange some music with him, it could be. He is a Sahaja Yogi. Very good player, tremendous! Haan all right. But you see financially we should be a little bit settled. The financial side of Sahaja Yoga is still, I don’t know, it is still uncertain. Moreover, you should not waste your money in buying something absurd, don’t go on buying things you see, because they like the camera and anything else you go on buying then there will be a problem. Of Course from the general funds we can help to get those people here, we can pay for the fair and all that but can make it possible for them to exist here also because they are earning quite a lot in India. If they come here they will stop there earning you see. Say for over six months if they come here, six months earning they will be losing. So we have to pay them for teaching us. They can come to New York, they can go to Boston Toronto if you want. Toronto we don’t have any musician, Have we? All right you can send them Los Angeles, San Diego Ya where we can work it out (UNCLEAR) But if you learn Indian music you can learn anything because it is so basic, it’s just the roots of it. That gives you the proper sense of Taala and proper sense of music. There are two persons, one for tabla and the other one for this. Also, they people from France they want them to come but they will have to give them livelihood and come here. It’s a dangerous thing so I don’t want them to stranded. This time when you come you can see, I will call you. He doesn’t sing but he plays, he plays on Violin. Where is Pannalal Ghosh’s record and play that? Where is that, is it not here tomorrow if you have any? There is a very good centre here for music, I will go with Cristine or someone tomorrow, will you come with me. There is a big centre here for Indian music, people buy. Do you know where is it?Some Indian shops, where we go to buy the sarees. Yes! where we buy the sarees, that the place. If we can get some classical music I would like to get some. Like Shehnai Yes. Chaurasiya plays beautifully really good. I have heard him personally many times. He is a great musician. Amzad Ali is now a Sahaja Yogi. So Chaurasiya will become Sahaja Yogi no time because Chaurasiya is a realized soul, born realized. Amzad Ali now plays very well since he has become Sahaj Yogi


A Yogini; Anoop Jalota
Shri Mataji: We had sent Anoop Jalota and did everything to him.
Yogini: We have his classical songs and Bhajan.
Shri Mataji: What happened to him it’s all related to money. I had sent him, I sent him to East Africa. Then he started drinking and all that, the father.Do you have that bhini re bhini…….
Do you sell the records? You have videos, You don’t have old mythological?
Yogini: We have but we will have to search all that.
Shri Mataji: Then search them. They need them.
Yogini: Yes I have quite a lot, audios cassettes. Mother Which one
Yogini: All these, Anoop Jalota and all are mixed. Some I have at home.
Do you have some related to films?
Yogini: Yes, those I have quite a lot.
Shri Mataji: Related to films, which are our old films. You must send them over.
Yogini: If they will come to reach, I will also learn. My uncle is a music director. Shri Mataji: There it is possible.
Yogini: I also have a passion for music.
Shri Mataji: These things our classical music and all, where can we find? Where can we find in New York we have to see.
Yogini: We have the address, I have the address I have brought it.
Shri Mataji: Give Me I will see that.
Another Yogini: Give the address to Mataji.
Shri Mataji: It is the same place which I am telling.
Yogini: Shall I write it down.
Mother. Write it down. And also I bought one record from here. It was Rosanara Begum’s Thumri. Very nice. I have a passion for classical.
Yogini: I have Mehendi Hasan and Gulam Ali.
Shri Mataji: Gulam Ali is Good but these are Gazals. Gazals mean gloomy faces I don’t like. All the time be gloomy.
Yogini: Subba Laxmi’s also.
Shri Mataji: Yes her’s is also the same.These days she is in a good phase.
Yogini: Jagjit Singh
Shri Mataji: He is very romantic. In Indian music only classical music I like. Bhajan is all right but I like bhajans of Lata Mangeshker.
Yogini: I have bought one yesterday.
Shri Mataji: Give Me I will listen to it.
YOgini: Yesterday we bought, very nice bhajans.
Shri Mataji: Give Me, I will listen to it.
Yogi: Mother we can get Debu Choudhari’s also.
Shri Mataji: Acha, which one? I will go and see there. I bought only one. It was very nice, the recording was very good. It was of Roshanara Begum. Once you understand classical music you see, somehow you don’t like cheap type music at all. I mean somehow or other it becomes like that, can’t like cheap music. Gulam Ali sings very good, he is all right.
Yogini How about Tulsi Das bhajans?
Shri Mataji: Who Tulsi Das, but Tulsi Das was not a realized one. Valmiki not even recognised Ram. When Ram came and stood there he was putting a Tilak to him like others he was putting.
Subba Laxmi doesn’t have that thing which she uses to have. She has now become very old and she hasn’t got that to put forward the notes and all. Do you know that they have the songs of kesar bai Kerker or not? She was another great singer. These old singers like Roshanara Begum, Kesar Bai Kerker and Gulam Ali Khan they use to play, sing very good. Another one Abdul Karim Khan. He uses to sing very well.Which one?

Yogini: These few are written here, I have not heard them. These are Anoop Jalota’s Aisi lagi lagan….
And Lata’s thumak chalat Ram Chanadra …….Very beautiful!
Yogini: I will bring some more.
Shri Mataji: Hari hari sumiran karo. This one is good, Vaishnav Jann to … Just play this. Anoop Jalota seems to disguise like babaji.
Some yogis are talking about other babas.
Shri Mataji: This is all happens in money matter. This all happens in money matter. We have sent him there. It’s all money jugglery. Can you play or just see. Play Vaishnav jann, this is Gandhiji’s famous song. We all are Vaishnavas. Vaishnav means the one who got a realization. The one who got the Vaishnavi shakti the ascending power started by a great poet and very great saint as an incarnation he was. Vallabh Das and he was the one who started this Vallabhachariya’s. Have you heard this Vallabhacharya? He was a very great person Vallabhachariya. Among these Gujaratis this Vallabha community a well-known community.
Mother May God bless you. All those who sang for Satya Sai Baba, all those have gone to downwards. They have gone mad. Someone has made a film and got inaugurated by him, he is finished, only he just asks him to inaugurate the film in Madras, he is finished. In Madras and Bangalore, he is found out.

Just play one then I will go.
Yogini: Jackson heights Queen’s view Singapore emporium it has everything for Indian Music.
Shri Mataji: Is it the same place. I saw this.
Yogini: We went there but we had very little time so we came back.
Shri Mataji: You go there and get from there. Play that then we will go there. Has she come?
Yogi: Christina?
Mother Yes. Alexandra can stay back. Alexandra stays back. She should stay back here. What’s the use? Who is this?
Yogi: Lata.
Shri Mataji: Which one is it?
Yogini: She is coming to Toronto for the show. She is coming on the 10th of June.
Shri Mataji: Which show is it?
Yogini: Charity show. This one is useless.
Shri Mataji: She is coming. She knows you very well. She had come to our place also for dinner.
Yogini: There was inter news on T.V.
Shri Mataji: Her personal life is finished.
Yogini: She says something which is not audible.
Mother says, Is it done, is it being announced, that’s very nice. When she came to our house, it wasn’t. Just a minute I wanted to hear. Yes, tell me what is there, if you are unable to do it let it go.
Yogi: Mataji, they have written something on cassette and inside it has some other music.
Shri Mataji: Don’t do, leave it. I will go and get that. The quality is very good here.
Yogini: I will check it and segregate them and will keep them.
Shri Mataji:
Shri Mataji: When we start tomorrow this thing we must have some good music, to begin with, you see we should create an atmosphere before we start the program. Have some nice music and nice decoration and things like that in the hall, to begin with, that improves. And in the UN we were having some people, have you informed them, those people there, nobody from the UN. What about the mad fellow, who came how is he? OK Let’s go…. All right, may God bless you. Give us that bag which he has to the child. Keep that keep the tea.