You have to rise to the fourth dimension

School for the Humanities, New York City (United States)

1985-06-05 You have to rise to the fourth dimension, New York USA DP-RAW, 144'
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Public Program Day 3, School for the Humanities. New York (USA), 5 June 1985.

We are today here to know about the truth. Now the main problem as I told you with the East and West is this that in the Western mind it is the outward movement of the attention. And it was necessary to move outward, to grow outward. In the same way, it is necessary to grow inward. These both the things are part and parcel of one being. There’s no separate thing like East and West. God made only one world. We think that there is East, West, North, South. It’s not so.

So when the tree has grown up too much we must find out the roots. And some people, as I told you, in India who were bothered and worried, started thinking about why are we on this earth. As a result of that, they reached a point where they started seeing that there is something beyond us.

As I told you yesterday, there are ten valences within us. That means matter has eight and we have ten valencies. Now it is not yet complete. At the ten valences, we balance ourselves. That’s why all the great prophets came on this earth. Like Abraham, Mosses, Nanak, Janak to give us a balance. But then we asked, why the balance. Balance is for the ascent. With the balance, our attention gets properly distributed and in the centre concentrated to ascent.

So after balancing, ascension is needed in the attention. Without that ascent, our attention is at that level where we are not yet superhuman beings, where we have to become non-being. Now the concept of non-being is absolutely Eastern concept, that you become the non-being. So now we are the being and then we become the non-being.

In the state when we are the being what happens to us that we are actually believing in the illusion that we are doing something. Because the two dimensions of the left and right give you a feeling that we are doing something because we can go to the right and we can go to the left. Like if you want to think you are in love with somebody and imaginary you see…all these things we can build up the castle that side. If you want to think that we have to do something so we can change matter. And how do we change matter is that if something is dead we change the form and we think that some dead…from the dead we have done….so we have done a great job. That means we think we are the doers. Actually, by changing the forms we have achieved nothing because you cannot create anything. So one must know the creator is beyond us. But we also don’t know the creator. This is the dimension that is missing in us. So we live in the three dimensions but if you have to rise to the fourth dimension where we have to know that the doer is somebody else, the creator is somebody else and that His all-pervading power is flowing through you, we will not believe into anything which is the truth.

Supposing I say I am an ardent Christian, or I say I am an ardent Hindu. Or anything like that. I believe in this. It’s a mental projection. So we are only mentally endowed to understand all these things. But mental projections are of no value. Because they are not reality. You can have any kind of a mental projection, any kind of mental projection of a thing that will make you feel, that this person is the avatara of this. That person is that. I am this. I was in my last life like this. In my…own my powers, have these powers. I’m God. Anything you can think. Whatever you want to think you are free to think. Alright now if you start thinking like that then nobody can stop you. But is not the truth. You are just going from unreality to unreality. So to know the reality one has to ascent.

This ascension is only possible when you become a non-being. That is we can say here now as we have seen that within us grows the two sides one through our conditioning the Super-ego and from another side is the Ego. That is the power of action. When these overlap each other at the age of actually twelve years what we find that the calcification takes place on top of your head and you become a person, what we call as a mature person. You are no more a child and the fontanel bone area gets completely calcified. Now if you make a hole there that doesn’t mean your Kundalini has risen. If you pierce through this that doesn’t mean that you have opened your fourth dimension. This is what it is. This is the difference between reality and your mental projection. So in reality to achieve the fourth dimension you are to be triggered to that by this Kundalini which is placed within you in three and a half coil. It has to rise and pierce through your three-dimensional thing to make you into the fourth dimension which controls all these three dimensions. Now this happening has to be a living happening. It cannot be something that you can do.

Like some people used to believe that if they can stand on their head for say three-four hours then the Kundalini will rise. Kundalini doesn’t act according to gravity. It rises upward. Like the…you see the tree grows upward. Life forces act against gravity. Can act. So, in the same way, Kundalini rises upward. It has nothing to do with gravity as such. But all these mental projections have blinded us and because of this blindness, we do not see how we can become a non-being. Many people in the West do not know even the word Kundalini. There’s a one kundali for horoscope so they think it is the horoscope I am talking about.
So this Kundalini which is your residual power of ascent has to rise to give you your self-realization. That’s very, very important and vital not only to you but to the divine. And that’s why it is anxious that you should reach that position where you become non-being. So the fourth dimension is that if we can say the zero, where you start going toward the absolute zero. Like in the physics you have got minus 273. In the same way, you start going towards that. There you form a line with the divine. There’s a line establishment with the divine. You start seeing who is the creator, who is the doer, while you are the instrument. You become the non-being and He becomes the creator. This is only possible when Kundalini pierces through your Agnya. First, your Ego and Super-ego both are sucked in. You become thoughtlessly aware as said by the Zen. Then you rise here and the brahmarandra is broken and you become one with the divine, what we call the Ritubara Pragnya as Patanjali has said.

But nobody has said that it is some sort of an artificial action. Artificial means what man can do. Like we say manmade. Manmade cloths, you see. In the same way, it is a natural process which brings forth this happening within you. Once you understand this then no use proclaiming anything. Because what’s the use of proclaiming. Supposing I proclaim that I am this and this. You are still not in that position to understand. The line is not made for you to see through who is the Creator. Who is the one who has created this universe? The one Who looks after our parasympathetic nervous system. The one Who does all living work. We have not seen Him. We have not felt Him. We have not known Him. So the first thing that should happen to us is that we should become a non-being. When we become a non-being then the greatest thing happens to us is this…that we become that part and parcel of the whole. Like this finger thinks, “Oh, I am great. I am great.” Because she does not know…she is connected with the whole body. She does not know that. But once she gets connected with the whole then she knows.

[UNCLEAR TEXT/ Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the background] ….Just give Me the water. Today I’ve had a very hectic day. What are you bringing? No not that. She has got something. It is liquorice … liquorice …oh, I see.
So this non-being state has been achieved by people who have accepted first of all that I have to go beyond. The state in which I am is not the real state. This, one has to accept first of all that I am not in the state where I can feel the absolute. That’s why we have been indiscreet. We don’t know who’s right who’s wrong. We do not know how to decide what is right, what is wrong. Who is a fake guru? Who is a real guru? What is the real way, what is not the real way? How are we to know? Now for this only way is not also through an understanding of Kundalini but any scripture if you read it is said that you have to get your self-realization. Now when the Kundalini rises She crosses over all these centres and these centres are the milestones of our evolution. So in our evolution, we are up to our brain level. Only up to our brain level. (pointing to Agnya chakra) So we have crossed at the most in our evolution this centre is being established which is placed in the Optic chiasma in the centre which controls the pituitary and the Pineal body. But beyond that, we have not yet crossed. We have to go beyond and this is exactly what I felt that unless and until you go beyond your being, unless and until you touch the state of non-being you will not be able to understand, what is a reality.

For example, the people who came today they are living with unreal things. They have to seek God. They…if they follow any religion it is to seek God. If they are thinking they belong to any caste, community anything which professes God has to seek God. Even the people who are agnostic, those people who are atheists have to seek the creator. One must know that you are not the creator. If once you know that you are not the creator and when you start seeking that then you are a higher category of a personality which I call as Seeker. For which William Blake* has said clearly, “Men of God…Men of God will become prophets. And these prophets will have….Prophets means again non-beings….have powers to make others prophets. Is already predicted. Your potentiality has already been predicted. But if you have no value for your being, you’re wasting it for nonsensical things then nobody can help you. Nobody can help a person who has no sense in his head. Who is wasting his energy?

So one thing is important that Sahaja yoga is only for the people who are seekers, to begin with. Those who are not, we are not bothered. We are not going to fall at their feet. We are not an organization or anything. We do not want any money. We want to help people who are seeking, to ascent that’s all. There is no need for them to come. There is…nobody has asked them to come. Like other cults are anxious to keep the people, we are not. The reason is there are two forces all the time acting in nature which you must be knowing as centrifugal and centripetal forces. By one force you are sucked in but by another force, you are thrown out. If you are no good you are thrown out. That’s how evolution has taken place.

As you know that in evolutionary processes many animals many vegetables many plants have been thrown out of the evolutionary process. In the same way, all such people are thrown out. So it makes no difference to the divine. If there are five people, well and good. If there are thousands, well and good. But only a mother’s concern is such that after all so many are created from amoeba to this level and there are so many seekers on this earth. They may be doing the wrong things. They might be doing some things that are not proper. They might be mislaid doesn’t matter. Forgive them but for them, it should be available that they get their ascent. They should get their ascent. It should be available. That’s the only concern I have or any other Sahaja yogi has. He doesn’t care what money you have. He doesn’t care what position you have. He doesn’t care for anything whatsoever. Only concern is that you are a seeker. And you have every right to ascent. And those who have ascended want to help you. Just to help you to ascent so that you can help others to ascent.
Because people don’t understand I don’t take money. So why do I work so hard?
I am a very happily married woman. You know that. I have My children, My grandchildren. And even My husband who is a very responsible man, he too feels that this is the only way we can save the world. There’s no other way out. This is the only way we can save the world.

You see, if you see how this acts, the whole atmosphere helps us. The other day somebody told Me, “Mother there’s drought.”Just told Me there is drought. I said, “Alright, you want rain? Alright” It rained. Nature is looking after such a person. Whatever you have…want it will do for you. Nature is at our command if you want. But what happens is this that when you want to go against nature all the time then nature says alright have your own way. And then you suffer.

So the first thing is a….as you call the surrender to one fact. Not surrender to Me or surrender to anyone. But surrender your Ego and surrender your Superego. Ego means that “No, I can do it. I am the one. I will do it.” You cannot. The reason is only an enlightened light can enlighten another light. That’s all.

The second one…the second point in this surrendering…You do not surrender your money. You do not surrender anything. None of your powers. You have seen now how Danny has become so powerful. There are people who came only for six months. They are very powerful Sahaja yogis. They have given realization to so many people all over the world. So it is not that we say that you must stick on here. No, not at all. If you stick on you will rise. If you do not we are not responsible. And this is exactly…is the attitude of the Divine. On the contrary, you will be surprised; the attention of the divine recedes very fast from people who are not able to rise. It goes up to a point. It stoops down and goes very very low also to pick up the people. But after some time the attention disappears. Just the opposite of the cults. It has no attention on people who have no desire to ascent. So the desire to ascent is the first thing you must have. And that is the power of the Kundalini.
Now some people get the experience very strongly. The reason is they desire very strong. Some people they say, “Mother, I was a drug addict. I was this. I did this. I went to ten gurus. All sorts of things I did.” But still, they get their realization very fast. Why? First of all, their desire to receive the truth is very strong. For them, that is the thing. And the second thing is that…that they have worked it out in previous lives very well. They are genuine, they are honest. These two things work out. The ascent and establishment of your being into non-being.

So when the Ego and Super-ego form an egg like shell what happens that you develop your I-ness, the being. I am this, I am that. I am an American, I am a New Yorker, I am this, that, all these things you develop. But when this breaks then you discover, you’re not.
So in the Sanskrit language there are the same words for a person who is twice-born and for a bird. Dwijaha, twice-born. The bird is an egg first like a human being when he is a being. He is like an egg. And when the Kundalini rises and pierces through then like the tip of the egg is broken and now the bird has come out of it and is in the complete free zone riding on its spirit. This is the second birth when the person is completely transformed. He is a different being because he is a non-being. There’s a tremendous difference between a being and a non-being. And gradually you will start noticing it. And you will be amazed how it works out.
All these years these great incarnations, prophets, saints have worked very hard to put this into our mind. But they were snatched away from reality, put into some bottles and made into some limited things by which fanaticism has come. And fanaticism is not the way. It can never be preached.

You know that people who are fanatic are so violent. First thing happens to them, they are hot-tempered. They are violent. They a have no peace in their heart. They are restless people. So to achieve that spirit is the aim of every human life. Is the epitome of your natural evolutionary process. No doubt about it.
As I told you about the chakras, today there are three more chakras I have to talk to you about is the chakra here in the centre of the heart. Now, this is a very important centre. As I said this is the time when the Mother of the Universe came on this Earth long long time back to fight all kinds of evil people, devils – to kill them, to save human beings who were trying to ascent from the green thing is we call as the Bhavasagara- is the place where you became from amoeba to the human level. That’s the ocean of illusion. So she came to help you to fight the evil forces. That time human beings were better people. There were two types of people. One was evil and another was good. But today the people are good and evil mixed up. In the brain of the good people evil has gone. It’s a very complicated brain these days of human beings. Not simple as it used to be. Become so complicated now that first, you have to take out the evil from the mind and then you can make the Kundalini rise. This is the problem. Problem is much more complicated today than it was before. So one has to understand that by…through mental projection you cannot reach there. First, surrendering comes here when you know it’s not a mental projection.

First, the Mother of the Universe did help everyone to rise. This is what you call is the Athena of the Greeks. They did not know much about Her. Whatever they knew they have put it down. But whatever they have written they have got it from India. This primordial Mother fought with the evil forces killing them, destroying them and saving the saints. These saints then had to be guided into another evolutionary process. But now also this centre is very important which is first acting through your sternum bone. When in the sternum bone there is any vibrations of fear when it pulsates with any kind of apprehension than the antibodies which are made in this bone first of all till the age of twelve years and which are now distributed all your….all over the body just start acting.

Now when you say that in the AIDS people develop a state where they have no immunity is very simple to understand that they have done sin against the Mother. They have done sin against the Mother so as a result the centre of the Mother is affected. Because of that, the antibodies have become weak, very weak because she is the one who nourishes them. Because of that weakness they cannot fight the enemies. That’s how they have no immunity to anything. But somehow if you can raise the Kundalini and nourish this centre you can cure that disease. It’s not difficult. It’s a simple thing but first of all the one who is going to do it has to have a very powerful Mooladhara chakra and also this centre. Because these two centres are affected in those people. Once these two centres are cured they can be alright. But they must have also will power built in. The third thing is the will power to continuously keeping this centre nourished so that they become alright. Say after five six, the month they can be perfectly alright. These failings also can cause a reaction and there can be again a…. the same disease showing its manifestation. This could be. It’s possible. So that’s why once you have this centre established then you don’t have any problem of AIDS.

Now when you come to Sahaja yoga, we actually tell you everything. There is no secret in Sahaja yoga about anything. Like the other day, a lady asked Me a question of vibrated water. Now for you it is a new thing, a vibrated water, but not for us. Actually, we know also that they say that in [UNCLEAR TEXT/loots], there people go and get cured, and things are there. Now the Chaitanya, the all-pervading power which is a subtle power can be permeating into everything, like plastic. Can permeate into everything.

A person who is a realized soul of a high degree can be felt after thousands of years in the place where he lived. I’ll give you an example. I was in Kashmir. And we were going to someplace. It was all wilderness. While suddenly I felt tremendous vibration in that place. So I said, “ Driver.” I said, ”Is there a temple here? What is it?”
So My husband said, “What makes You think there’s a temple?”
I said, “There are tremendous vibrations in this area.”
He said, “No. There is no temple. Nothing of the kind.”
I said, “Alright, let’s go this way.”
We went around. A little bit further when we went, what we find, there are very poor people, Muslims, living there. So we asked them, “Is there a temple?”
They said,”No. No temple here.”
“That. What is it that you’ve got here?”
He said, “We have got one hair of Hazrat Mohammad Saab, Hazarat-bal.”
One hair of Mohammad Saab! And I caught Him about five-six miles away. So you can imagine how the vibrations the Chaitanya can go into everything.
Now we have as I said that New York is the place where due to these hopeless people our work is the least of all and it’s not so good as it should have been. But in other places like Vienna, we have an Agricultural expert, a scientist, a great scientist, who has tried these vibrated water on seeds which are what you call not hybrid. Now non-hybrid seeds have one power that they can be regenerated. When he gave vibrations or vibrated water to these plants he found that non-vibrated once came up to this and the vibrated ones came up to that. He has got the record. He has written it down. And he has given it to the United Nations. And then, now they feel that he should look after the acid rain. He has been appointed to deal with the acid rain. At that level today our Sahaj yoga is. There are many scientists who are working with vibrated water. But in New York, I don’t know what to say about New York. Is one of the places which I don’t know how it is that we do not find so much of understanding of Sahaja yoga. Not sensitivity to Sahaja yoga. But this is happening in Austria and this fellow has published his papers. I was interviewed by the television and all that and then they said that this is such a remarkable thing that this fellow if he can stop the acid rain by his vibrations we’ll be achieving such a great thing that all the trees of Germany are falling down. I said, “But, Germany has to pay for its sins also. It has done so much harm to Jews also. It has to pay for it. No doubt.” But still, let us see now how it works out. So he is going to experiment with that.
So this is what it is that the vibrated water is the one where the vital power is there. With that vitality whatever your problems are they get cured. They just get cured. If you have a mental problem they are cured, if you have a physical problem they are cured if you have a spiritual problem they are cured. If other people do not interfere and do not trouble the patient we can cure most of the incurable diseases.

But I find the worst enemies of the patients are their own relations who just come forward with their own ideas. Now there was a lady, we had cured her of cancer. Her husband was my professor in My medical college when I did My medicine. And he was very fond of Me and knew I was a very clever student. He believed in Me. But his boss or say the hospital where he was working, the chief man was an Englishman. He said, “Now your wife is with cancer. You don’t depend on anything. Let’s have her on chemotherapy.” Poor lady lost all her hair. I was not there. I had gone to India. She was a cure completely, she was walking alright, doing everything. They removed her hair. Completely she lost all her hair and she died before I came back. A person who was moving about was perfectly alright just a relation in a way in a relative to this man is the main doctor there. He said, “No, she has cancer. Let’s do it.” Because it is difficult to even for doctors because, I know, I have done medicine. I know how far they are to understand that there is something beyond. Because they also become fanatic and for a scientist to become fanatic is not proper. Is not ethical. A scientist should not be a fanatic. It can be somebody else but not a scientist. A scientist must keep his mind open.

Thus the trouble with this centre comes in when women develop their breast cancers when they are unsecured. Any insecurity can bring forth this problem to you. This centre is very important because it has two other sides also, the left and the right. So if there’s something wrong with your mother, if the mother is not alright, if she has not given you love or if she has spoiled you or something wrong with your mother, if you had very bad motherhood, you never had motherhood, the Left-heart is affected and such a person doesn’t trust anyone. If you have a very good trusting mother you know whom to trust. You develop that wisdom within you, whom to trust. But if you had a mother who has not given you that wisdom then you always trust the wrong person till you are absolutely beaten up.

Now on the right-hand side is the father’s which is Shri Rama’s place. Is we can say the Shri Rama occupies that place. The father is also a very important thing. Because if your father has died early, if your relationship with fatherhood is not alright, if you are not a good father yourself, you develop the trouble of the lungs like asthma. It may go up to the cancer of the lungs. A person who has had bad relationship with the father, who has not forgiven his father, whose father has been unkind to him or he has been a bad father himself can develop this kind of trouble. Especially the people who have never know their father. I mean any lacking in the fatherhood principle gives you this asthma and that’s how people become asthmatic.

Now the third ….the higher centre than that is this Vishuddhi chakra which I say in the universe or on this Earth, it is America. It has got left and the right side. Now, New York on the right side. And the left is, I should say, is South America. Now the right side is the one where person become extremely arrogant, aggressive, talk bad language, tries to oppress others as you see every day these people are doing here. They have a right Vishuddhi. They get all kinds of problems and when I suck them in, their problems, I also get coughing Myself. When I try to neutralize them I have to cough it out. So this right Vishuddhi is very important. And the left Vishuddhi is the one by which you develop a lethargic heart where you develop angina. Both the Vishuddhis can give you also what you call spondylitis. But the centre of this… the centre of this is the one ruled by Shri Krishna himself. Shri Krishna himself rules this that’s why in America you have this movement of Shri Krishna’s consciousness. Of course, it is illusionary, no doubt. But you have that. You can form anything. But why Krishna has come so much here because, this is the land of Shri Krishna. Now the main thing is the people from India who have come here are also mostly Krishna worshipers. Like Gujaratis are the ones where Krishna ruled himself. So this is the land of Shri Krishna is the most important because it is the Shri Krishna who becomes the primordial or we can say who becomes the Virat. Virat means the great one. Allah ho Akbar. When we say that Allah ho Akbar, Mohammad Sahib, what He was referring to was Shri Krishna when He becomes Virat. This finger suggests this centre. See how it is related. This centre suggests this centre. When Shri Krishna used His Sudarshan chakra He used this finger. This finger. Now when Christ related to two fingers like this it was the Vishnu and the Shri Krishna. He kept His finger down because He himself was that. All these things are so significant and related to each other which you have to gradually learn. So this Vishuddhi chakra in the centre gives you so many problems of ear, nose, throat. Of the eyes.
Now in modern times, people don’t know what they are doing with their eyes, the way they are moving their eyes morning till evening. God knows what is going to happen to their attention. And this is worked out. It’s conditioned to them. They cannot keep their eyes steady. They have to move their eyes all the time like this. They have no concentration there. That’s also a part of Shri Krishna’s power. So all the face, ears, nose, throat, teeth, tongue all these things are concerned with the sixteen petals of this centre. So all these diseases of teeth come from the defect in the centre. But the only defect in the centre is not responsible. There can be some combinations. And when the combinations worked out we call it a granthi, a knot. And when the knot comes in then, the first problem is how to remove the knot. Once you have removed the knots then only you can attend individual centres. But if it is in a knot you cannot attend to it. So in these complicated brains, in these complicated personalities, it is a difficult task to raise the Kundalini. But somehow it has been achieved. Luckily it has been achieved. The reason for that is that the seventh chakra has been opened out. If the seven chakra was not opened out I would have had to clear every chakra by chakra, every granthi and big problems would have been there. But because now the seventh chakra is opened out your Kundalini just passes out. And then you can see in that whatever dim light you have. You see your lack. You see your defects. You see your problems. And then you start correcting them yourself. I don’t have to do anything. You become your own guru. You become your own master. You start correcting yourself. Because if you tell something, don’t do this, they will do exactly the opposite. It’s common human nature. So better give them enlightenment. Let them find out.

Like some people yesterday were feeling very hot. I didn’t do anything there. Your Kundalini itself was suggesting you are feeling hot. Means you had a liver problem or you are following a wrong guru or a wrong concept. Something wrong in the void. So, otherwise, if you tell them this is a wrong concept you are following they will never have…they…believe. If you say, your wrong guru…is following they will not believe. But when they find their stomach is gurgling the Kundalini is going round and round you can actually see with your naked eye, with your naked eye, the pulsation of the Kundalini in such people where there is an obstruction. And you can also see in the stomach sometimes the Kundalini gurgling, it cannot come up. Why? Because you have been to a wrong guru. You are living with a wrong conception. It’s a wrong idea you have. It’s all a mental projection and in reality, it is all false.

Like in India many people have a habit of fasting. I say this is another nonsense. They go on fasting so they starve. What is the need to fast so much when we have so much starvation in our country already? If by starvation if you have to go to God then all the Indians must go to God immediately. All the poor people. And because they fasting themselves God is so angry with them that He makes them starve. Alright. Have it. You want it. Have it. Now fasting permanently. Till you die. That’s the logic. People asked Me, “Mother why is it…yours is a Yoga-Bhumi and why people die so much?” Because they are stupid. This is conditioning the Brahmins so called the priest class in India has taught them that you must fast. You fast and give all the money to them. Give all food to them and you fast. Brahmins eat such a lot sometimes that you are amazed. They can eat by kilos. (laughter) Yes. While the other people, poor things, have to fast, preserve their money and give it to these Brahmins who are not Brahmins at all. They are…it’s a misnomer. They are not the ones who know the Brahma. So these horrible Brahmins who live there as priest class try to tell people you must fast on this and fast on that. And the speciality of the fasting is this that they tell them that the day Krishna is born you fast. Imagine. A child is born in the family in India they celebrate. They spend such a lot of money that day when the child is born. And they distribute sweets and do all kind of things out of their jubilation because to us child…children are very great. And also that’s one of the reasons why we get more children. Because we love our children we look after them. We train them well. We really care for them. So children are not born in countries where the children are neglected, tortured.

Like in England they say every…every week two children are killed by parents. I mean which sane child would like to be born to parents like that. It’s better to be poor than to be born to somebody who will just kill you off. So this is also another reason that the people in a naïve country, in the sense…the way that they are like Americans who do not know about Kundalini will not understand reality and in India where they know the reality that they have to seek the…divine, they have to seek their self may be entrapped by people who will say alright you fast. For that, you must fast. And there are people who fast actually practically every day in India. There are people like that. They become just bones, they develop TB and all kinds of troubles. But they fast and they bath at least three times or four times. Imagine in this country even if you bath once, it’s enough. That’s why when Indians come to foreign countries they develop lung cancer. Because they bath still the same way as they bath in India. These are the two things which are killing the people who are seekers, who want to be divine in India. What we call the Andhavishwas, the blind faith. While here it is complete ignorance. They have no idea how to achieve reality. They read books after books after books. They know all the books, they have read everything and reached nowhere. Even the first stanza of Vedas. Vida…vida means whatever is known on your nerves. Vida means whatever is known on your nerves. Even the first stanza says that by reading the Vedas if you are not vida means if you’ve not felt it on your central nervous system then it is all useless. But nobody reached that. Nanaka has said, “Kahe Nanak bin aapa cheene mite na brahm ki kayi.” Unless and until you are realized your self your illusion will not go away. I mean A to Z all of them have said so. But they will be six….for example, will be reading it morning till evening….this verse…you must know your self, you know your self and you know your self. But by reading that like supposing I have a headache and I say go and take medicine. I write the name of the medicine. You say, “Alright take this medicine, take this medicine.” You read the prescription. Will your headache go away or will it increase? In the same way when you go on reading, reading, reading, saying mantras, mantras, mantras, mantras you go mad. You have to get this grace by which you ascent. Ascent to be a non-being. It is another state into which you jump just like an egg becomes a bird. Is a complete transformation. Is a complete transformation. And at this state when you arrive you become the witness. You become the witness.

Now they talk of Jehova witnesses. Do they know that Shri Krishna is the Virat, is the Jehova? Of course, Jehova is their own saying . It’s not Jehova. It is another word which means the one who is. The one who is is the Virat. Is the being. You may call him by any name. You may call Him Shri Krishna, you may call Him Virat. You can call Him Jehova anyone. But is the one who is the great one. So that is what is what when you become the witness. The whole thing becomes a play, Leela. When it becomes the play then you are the witness that is Krishna consciousness. Not that you stand in Oxford circus with the dhotis falling out and dancing madly. With all these things attached on the head, and they are also falling out. That’s not the way. That’s not the way. And begging for money…imagine Krishna’s disciples begging money. Krishna is Dhanwantari as well as He is Kubera. Is the one who is the God of wealth. And imagine the disciples of Shri Krishna begging. So they are just the opposite juxtaposition.

Now you go to the second centre, this centre is the centre of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the centre. Now, this is a very very difficult centre because it is crossed. Crossed by Ego and superego and there’s a very little space to cross through. Now His mother was the power behind Him. She was Mahalaxmi but He didn’t talk about Her because you see mother is such a great blessing for the child. And He was the son of His (Krishna’s) child. So this He could not bear anything against the Mother. He said it, “Anything against Me is alright but anything against the Holy Ghost will be taken note of. That means the mother of Christ was Mahalaxmi and He didn’t want to talk about Her because if anybody would have touched, the Romans would have touched He would have come out with eleven powers of destruction and He would have finished the whole joke and today we would not have been here. So what He has done is ascent this centre. He was crucified. But crucifixion…crucifixion is not the message of Christianity. Not at all. His resurrection is the message.

Now, many believe He was not resurrected. Now mentally you cannot understand Christ. Theologians cannot understand Christ at all. It is a mental projection. Whether He was resurrected or not, for that you first at least become the spirit. For example, if you have to see in the Histology some cells you have to use a microscope. You cannot see with the naked eyes. Supposing I say there are thousand and one cells on my skin. How are you to… going to believe it unless and until you see under the microscope? So you must have the microscope to see. In the same way, to understand Christ, you have to be the spirit. That’s why He all the time is said, “You become the spirit.”
He told Nicodemus, “You have to be born again.”
So he said, “How? Am I to enter into the womb of my mother?”
So he said, “No, you have to be born again through the grace of Holy Ghost.”
The Holy Ghost is the Kundalini, your Mother, who gives you realization. But some people can certify themselves, we are born again. We are twice-born. We are realized souls. So what? You may certify yourself as anything. Supposing I certify myself as the Governor of New York…Do I become? Any certificate must have some power behind it. For example, the policeman was needed here to assert his powers on these people and they are..they are the ones who are effective. So the one who has the power over a particular area is the one…who is the one we can call as the owner of that or we can say the one who is the king of that place? But just by saying I am this, I am that, do you become? This kind of foolish ideas if you have of certifying ourselves you will miss the point. You will be the loser nobody else, it is going to be you who is going to be the looser. Take it from Me.

You see, like somebody who is a great Sahaja yogi and is a very well placed man in life. I told him not to talk in a way that will be telling…that will be disturbing people. He said, “No. no, Mother. I will be very careful.” So he came up on the stage. He is an ardent Hindu. He says, “Now, I used to believe in Rama, I used to believe in Krishna. But now I really believe in them. First I used to just believe. Because my mother told me that Rama, Krishna was like this. My father told me. I listened to it. All the time it was put into my head so I believed them. But now after realization, I believe in my Mother, that is, Mataji Nirmala Devi because She has given me the realization. These people have not given me a realization. But I believe in them because She says they are there.” That’s being sensible. They are no more. When they lived they all killed them, gave them poison, they beat them. They never listened to them. Like some arguing now to Me. Same style. They always…they have tortured saints. For nothing at all. But when they died then a big, big organization, temples to make money. Every religious head has got such enormous money that I am really shocked how people don’t see that.

Even you will be surprised Dalai Lama’s thing I saw in China. I would not say it was for any kind of advertising because I am a VIP’s wife and we went there and they showed Me around. Because I know Pali language they all belong to these generations of these Dalai Lamas and a huge collection of gold, silver, precious stones you cannot imagine. And from where did they get it from? These poor Tibetans? Poor things didn’t have sufficient clothes to cover themselves. There’s no propagation of any advertising against them as such. Was done by China. But they just showed Me as a museum piece and I was shocked. My mind went into this. What are these Lamas doing? And I had read that Hitler was…had a guru who was a lama. These are religious heads who have so much accumulation of money. Why don’t we open up our eyes to this? They have lots of money. They indulge in money. They have a business. They do…You cannot do all these things.

See all the great saints. Christ, did you do any business? Mosses. Did you do any business? Abhram, did you do any business? You have known all these people. May not have known Rama, Krishna and all that. But are….these you have known. Zen or say any one of them. Did they do any business out of their learnings, or out of their teachings or out of their grace? Did they? But we are stupid people that we think that those who have lots of money, Rolls Royces must be great.

That’s what Christ has said that the rich cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Same way I would say the poor because rich and poor both believe in the money. (laughter) Not in God. Rich think….poor think if they get the money they will be alright. The rich think if they have the money they will be alright. Capitalist and the communist. But we are the real capitalist, as you said, I told you yesterday, and we are the great communists also because we cannot live without distributing. So now one has to understand that his centre of Christ has been the only door to ascent to the seventh centre which is Sahasrara. All this was prepared the tree of life as they call it. The tree of fire as they call it… is this tree and Christ died because He does not die? He is not a physical being. He is Chaitanya, He is Omkara. A special effort was taken to create Christ to cross that because it was such a small gap between the two Ego and Super-ego of human beings to exist. Only the Chaitanya itself in a form of Christ could exist and that’s why he died and was resurrected. Is a fact which we can show you after the realization that when the Kundalini rises and when She comes up to this point you have to take the name of Christ.

Now, many Jews did not believe in Christ but those who come to Sahaja yoga do believe very much in Christ. Because their Kundalini has to rise. Those who did not believe in Abraham and Mosses now believe in Abraham and Mosses. Indians who never believed in Mohammad Saab, Hindus worship him as an incarnation. Because when you come to reality you find the essences of all these religions which have come out of these great incarnations is one, there’s unity. We are stupidly fighting, that’s different. But they are one and this is not just talking. Some people talk. Oh…There are people like that who talk. Who talks like that. Who says that, oh, all religions are one, this, that. But prove it. Now the time has come to prove that whatever has been done in the name of God by these great incarnations, by these great prophets is a fact. It’s not just believing into anything but is to prove it. But if somebody is stupid it is not meant for the stupid and cowardly. Not meant for that. It is not meant for that. It’s meant for sensible and the brave.

So now about Christ centre, I will not tell you more because we have to go to the seventh centre. This centre has one great capacity, that Christ said that He died for our sins. For our Karmas. He has said it. Either you accept or don’t accept. If you accept then why are you going through all this kind of torture to yourself? Through Catholicism through other sorts of thing, why do you want to torture yourself? He’s died for you, no? You cannot do better than Him? Can you? So now you have to just awaken him within yourself. When He is awakened He sucks in. He sucks in. These two things and that’s how the door is opened. But now as it is the other power of this one is working very fast. What we call is the Kalki, is the one who is going to destroy, is Christ Himself. Anybody might say he is Kalki and all that, is not true. Is the Christ, He is called the Mahavishnu in the…in the literature of the Devi that He was Mahavishnu. If you want to read you can find out who was Mahavishnu. But the priest and the missionaries who went to India with a pistol in their hands they didn’t talk of Christ that way so nobody recognized Him. He was Mahavishnu promised a long time back. Thousands of years back by Markandeya. 14,000 years back has written about it. This Mahavishnu is the one, who is going to incarnate as Kalki. But it has already started working as AIDS, as cancer. By cancer, this Ekadasha is caught. These are the eleven centres here which comes from your ten and the eleventh is that of the Krishna. So these eleven centres are caught, the cancer is set in. The sign is this portion comes out. In the mirror, if you see this portion will be bulging out. If this portion is bulging out too much then you should know your Ekadasha is catching. It should have an opening here for the Kundalini to pass up.

Now, above that…above that is the seventh centre which is the most important, which is the one I have been able to open out. This seventh centre is the one which has got one thousand petals around it. In the Bible, it’s written in the Old Testament. I will appear before you like tongues of flames. Nobody wants to understand that. They cannot explain it. So really you see the lotus opening like that and the petals are like living flames very gentle, in seven colours and beautifully pulsating. Through that, the Kundalini comes out pierces through here and gives you the cool breeze which you have experienced. This is the seventh centre. In this centre, the peethas the seats of all the seven centres are placed. From here if you start is the Mooladhara is here and then you have got the Swadishthana around it, then you have got the Nabhi, then you have got the heart. Now see the Heart is here. So Heart is to be pierced means if you do not have the feeling of your ascent in your heart if you’re not a clean hearted person, there’s something malice in your mind, then it will not work out. This is the heart. It has to pierce through and then in front you have got the Vishuddhi, is the Viratas thing and then the Agnya. So that you have got all these centres placed all the seven centres placed in your head.

So as a result of piercing of the Brahmarandra, that top of your fontanel bone area, you get complete integration of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being. And all religions disappear and that’s what happens to you. But first of all, decide that whatever you have known before are illusions. And you have to see on vibrations because this is a new awareness which you have to use. Without using a new awareness if you use your old awareness you will not know because you had no awareness that time of the spirit but that you were just a mental being. Anything showed on the TV you would believe. Anything showed in the advertisement you will believe. But now this is absolute knowledge.

Even if there are ten children who are realized souls…we have so many children now born realized. Ten children are realized and you tie their eyes and you ask them about a person. What is he catching? They’ll immediately say how many centres are catching on the fingertips. That’s what Mohammad Saab has said that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. But Muslims don’t want to talk about that. They just want to talk about the doomsday, all of them. Because they can frighten people and make money. Is all money making propositions. But hands have to speak. And when they speak they tell you the absolute, what’s wrong with another person. Once that happens then you become the non-being because the all-pervading power starts using you as the instrument. You become an instrument in the hands of Gods power. And is the most enjoyable thing because then you become the spirit. And the spirit is the source of joy, of knowledge. Knowledge, not that is known through the books but the knowledge that is known through the spirit. Your whole brain gets enlightened. People…I don’t think Danny has been to any university, but the way he speaks people will think he is a scholar. And many a times newspaper people have asked Me, “ How is it all your disciples are scholars? I said, “What about Christ? What university He went to? What about other saints? Which universities they went to? What about incarnations? What university they went to?”There’s no need to go to university. I did go to a university I studied because I knew I had to face mad people. So I had to study their language. What do they talk. That’s why I studied Medicine, Psychology everything to understand what these mad people are doing. See to understand human beings I had to study. That’s a different thing. I had to do so many horrible things which no incarnation, no prophet, no saint would have agreed to do it. But I have to do it because I am a Mother. I have to understand My children what are they up to. And that’s how I’ve worked it out. And now we have many doctors who are Sahaja yogis and so many governments are recommending that Sahaj yoga should be taken up as a…on medical grounds. But we don’t want to fall into their traps. These governments mean again there’s a trap. So we don’t want to do it at that level. Maybe this might give publicity. But we don’t want that kind of publicity. If people want to come [UNCLEAR TEXT/us] we give them realization. As a by-product, they get cured. But we do not say that we cure people so people come here for curing. They first get their realization and as a by-product, they get cured. That should be the way you should look at it that the ultimate thing is to achieve your realization. May God bless you.

Today because of the rain…how it was so blocked, we had to come through the tunnel. And I just thought of the Kundalini the way She rises, through the tunnel. No questions, no questions. We have had enough trouble. You see, there should be no questions. If you have any questions you write to Me. That’s much better and I’ll answer. That’s much better. After all this lecture how can you think of a question? Most of you have become Nirvichara, beyond though. If you have not I am quite surprised. I have crossed all the chakras and despite that, if you can ask questions…mean you are at what level? Mental level? There should be no questions after this. Just get your realization. You are in a mood, just now to get your realization.

Alright, keep the sanctity. There should be some sanctity. Now what we have to do is a very simple thing as I told you. It’s already flowing quite a lot. Take out your shoes just to take the help from the Mother Earth. That’s already flowing. Those who don’t want to do anything should go away. Be civil. What’s the use of keeping eyes and looking at other people. Is not good. You are not kind to them. If they are doing something why do you want to disturb? I mean I can’t understand this kind of violent people has in their heart. Why do you want to disturb others? Yesterday there were to persons sitting just watching everyone. Have you not watched enough? Why not go to the street you will watch more people. I mean you must be people of some level. If you are that level how can I give you a realization? This is surprising. People are meditating, they are praying. At that time how can you look at their faces and make them self conscious? If you don’t want you to go away. Be kind. Why are you so wild, primitive? I don’t know what to say. Primitive people are much better I should say. They are much better than many so advanced. They are not aggressive, though so-called primitive. Even a tiger won’t attack if he doesn’t want to eat you. He won’t bother. Animals don’t do that way. They don’t waste their energy. Why do you want to look at every woman, every man who is sitting here? Can’t understand this stupidity.

Alright, now please all of you must respect yourself. You are people who are seeking God. You have been seeking God. You are not people who are cheap people. You must understand your own value. Any number of times I may come here but you will remain the same. If you…if you are just the clay, what can I make out of you? I’ll try and try and try.

Alright so let us have both the hand like this. Now as I told you yesterday we use the left hand to …to express our desire to ascent. So we put left hand like this. We have to be very comfortable. Now the right-hand …left hand just like this. And the right hand is to be used for touching our centres. For example, the Heart, the upper part of the Abdomen. All on the left side. The lower part of the Abdomen, then the upper part of the Abdomen, and then the Heart again. Then here this is the best…important centre in New York. I don’t know why people feel guilty. Whatever I’ve said just forget it. Don’t feel guilty. Please don’t. Forget it I am sorry. Just forget it. I love you. And that’s why I am concerned. I love you very much. Know that I love you. Don’t feel guilty at all. As a Mother, I have to tell you. You have to come up. This is your right. This is what you are. This is your property.

Alright, now then you put your hand here, right? And then you have to put your hand at the back. Right? Now you have to put it. Then stretch your hand and put this portion, this is very important because here you see the Sahasrara. Put it here and you have to press it and move your scalp. This is very simple. Now we’ll do it. You have to close your eyes. Please don’t open your eyes. That’s a simple thing to do. Just close your eyes because your attention must be inside. Don’t have to do much. There’s nothing that will destroy you or spoil you in any way trouble you. You will be so much better, alright. Now put both the feet on the Mother Earth, straight on the Mother Earth. Try to put them straight, on the Mother earth, away from each other because these are two…two different energies. Now the central energy is that of parasympathetic. Fourth energy is that of the Kundalini which has to be awakened. Now what you have to do is to put a left hand towards Me and right hand on the Heart and now close your eyes. And please don’t open it. There’s no need to wear glasses. There’s no need to wear glasses, you take it out. It helps your eyesight.

Alright, now left Swadishthana is too much. Baap re! Now again feeling guilty, just before closing your eyes you promise Me that you are not going to feel guilty at all. Because all religions have taught you to feel guilty. Everybody said you’re guilty, you’re guilty, you do this, this guilty, you spoil the carpet you are guilty. You spoil that you are guilty. From childhood, you have been feeling guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. No more guilt, no more guilt, no more guilt, please. It’s catching. My finger is burning I tell you. Believe Me. Alright, now better [UNCLEAR TEXT]. Put….Now be pleasant to yourself. You have to sit with a very pleasant mind. We are going to enter into the kingdom of God. How when we have to go to a festival, how we are dressed? We are very happy. In the same way, this is what we are going to achieve today which we have been seeking.

So forget the past and just put your right hand on top of your heart. Close your eyes. At this point, you have to ask Me a question like yesterday. Mother, am I the spirit? Ask this question without feeling guilty. How can I be the spirit? I say you are the spirit. Now come along, just please say that. Without feeling guilty. Terrible guilt still, nonsense. To much. What to do? What did I say that you feel so guilty? Ha! We are all one. We are part and parcel of the whole. If you are guilty how can I be happy? And if you are guilty how can you enter into the kingdom of God. You cannot. You are invited like a guest. Guilty people are not invited, are they? Alright. Now put this…put your hand on the upper part of your stomach. Here you ask a question. Because this centre is for the mastery of the divine power or how to handle it. Or all the Masters have created this centre. All the Masters. So here you ask a question, “Mother, am I my own Master?” Ask this question three times.
(Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the background) Hot. [UNCLEAR TEXT] Hold it behind My heart.
(Shri Mataji speaks to the audience) Don’t open your eyes. Just ask the question three times. Keep your neck straight. Don’t move it up and down. Just try to keep your neck straight, that’s all.
(Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the background) Give a Bandhan… here between the left Nabhi and the heart. No Left-heart and the Left Vishuddhi. Left-heart and the Left Vishuddhi is the Granthi.
Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham.
(Shri Mataji speaks to the audience) Ah! Now put this right hand on the lower part of the Abdomen. Here now you have to say something which I’ve to request you because I cannot cross your freedom. So you have to ask for your realization. I cannot force it on you.
You have to say, “Mother please may I have my realization?” Six times. Or else you have to say, “Mother may I know the true knowledge. Mother, may I know the real knowledge, the pure knowledge.” Or say, “Mother may I have my realization?” This is the beginning. [UNCLEAR TEXT] Ha, better.
Hmm, six times. Now raise your right hand again on the upper part of the abdomen.
Just put it there, can you? No?
The upper part of the abdomen. Here you have to say, in the upper part of the abdomen you have to say with the full assertion, “Mother…” On the upper part of the abdomen, “Mother, I am my own master.” Ten times with full assertion.
(Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the background) You have to be a little lower. Little lower. Little lower. How hot it is. Just lower.
(Shri Mataji speaks to the audience) Please say that.
(Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the background) Little lower. Left Swadishthana is there.
(Shri Mataji speaks to the audience) “Mother I am my own master.”
(Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the background) Ah, good. Now that is over.
(Shri Mataji speaks to the audience) Ten times. As I said these are the ten valencies built by the Masters to balance. The great Master, the real Master, the Sadgurus. Now raise your right hand to your heart again. Here again with full confidence in yourself you have to say without feeling guilty at all, “Mother, I am the spirit. Mother, I am the spirit.”
(Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the background) Between this and that. Vishuddhi…move it from Vishuddhi to the Heart.

(Shri Mataji speaks to the audience) Say it twelve times, “Mother, I am the spirit.” Believe in yourself. Believe. Must have faith in yourself. You have come here to be the spirit. Yesterday I was surprised you have very low estimation about yourself. You are seekers. You are My children. You can become like Me. Ha! “Mother, I am the spirit.” Twelve times.

Now raise your hand to your shoulder in the corner where the shoulder meets the neck. On the left-hand side again from the front. Hold it tight. Hold it tight. Now again here the same problem as I told you, that we do not believe in ourselves. That we feel guilty. So now here you have to say. Please put your right hand there and press it and say with full confidence in the divine, “Mother, I forgive myself and I am not guilty at all. Say it sixteen times. I am not guilty at all. Say it sixteen times.
It’s very important. “I am not guilty of anything.”
Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya.
Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya.
Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya.
Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Om sakshat Vishnumaya.
Om sakshat Vishnumaya. Better.

Now please bring your right hand to your forehead. And press it on both the sides. Now here you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone. From your heart. As I told you yesterday, it is a myth to believe that to forgive is difficult. Yesterday how many people came to Me on the stage. They were not feeling the cool breeze because they did not forgive. And when they forgave they got it. So please believe in Me. Please say that…that, “Mother I forgive everyone.” It’s a myth that you are living with. So just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Please say it. Everyone should say. Now from your heart. How many times is not the point. From your heart please say. Ha..Now take the hand back…. on your backside of your head and hold it tight. Now here just for your satisfaction sake, you say, “If the divine…” You address to the divine, “If we have done anything against You by mistake or anyway, please forgive us.” That’s all. Just for your own satisfaction.

On the back of the head. On the back of the head. The back side of the head. Ha! Now raise your right hand and stretch it and put it on top of the fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Press it hard. Move it seven times. Here again, I cannot cross your freedom. So you have to say seven times, “Mother, may I have my realization. May I have my self-realization.”
(Shri Mataji blowing air in the microphone)
(Shri Mataji speaks to someone in the background) Right heart.
(Shri Mataji blowing air in the microphone)

Now take down your hand. Open our eyes. Now don’t think. Don’t think. Just don’t think. You can do it. You can do it now. Now put your right hand towards Me. Slowly now lift your left hand. Raise it…your right hand and see for yourself there is a cool breeze coming in. Not very high to begin with and then you can go higher and see. If you are not feeling it. Its too high some people are feeling it. Some people are very…Now put your left hand like this and the right hand. Please. Is very simple. This is what the disciple of Christ did. Heat is coming out. If you see there’s a heat coming out. Doesn’t matter. Put the left hand towards Me and right hand like this. Some people have heat from the left and some have from the right. Hmm…

Now push back again. Right hand towards Me and left hand. Alright. Now you can put your hands to the sky and push your head back and ask a question in your heart. Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Is this the all-pervading power of God, of His love. Is this the Brahma shakti? Is this the Chaitanya? Ask three times. Those who have read Patanjali can ask, “Is this the Ritambhara Pragnya.?” Now take down your hands, please. See now in your hands are you feeling it? You are completely relaxed.

Now I’ll tell you how to raise your own Kundalini. That’s important. You should be able to do it every night and every morning. First of all, you have to give yourself a protection seven times by moving your right hand along your aura seven times. Now see one. Very important. Because your thoughts will take over. Two. Some people will tell you something. Three. Four. Don’t forget the experience. Five. Six. And seven.

Now raising of Kundalini is very easy because you are empowered now. It is very easy to raise your Kundalini. Put your left hand in front of your Kundalini. And the right hand has to move upward forward, downward, backward. That’s all. And the left hand has to be raised straight. You have to watch the left hand. Now start it. Take your hand above your head. Now and give it a big twist. Push back your head and give it a big twist and give it a knot. Again, let’s do it again. Once more…now the hand rises much faster. Because the Kundalini is there. Now push back your… Two. Again. Third time. Three. Three knots. Three knots to fix it up properly. Three knots. One, two and three.

Now see yourself how much you have improved in vibrations. Alright? It’s there. But now going home don’t think. Again you become a mental being. You are a non-being. So live in that area where you can see your thoughts. They cannot overpower you. It’s coming out of our head. Just see, it’s the heat or the cool.

Till 10 o’clock we could be here. I am sorry I won’t be able to meet all of you today because we have to leave the hall early. But I have to again make a very very humble request now. That you have got your realization. Some of them have not got. Some…most of them have got it. So now you must learn what it is. You must go ahead with it. We are having a follow on meeting for you. You have to just find the time, go there, learn. When you learn it well, when you master it, you will be amazed to know that you have all the powers.

For example, if I give you this instrument, first I will tell you, “Get it connected to the mains.” Then how to repair it. How to work it out. What are the buttons? So you have to know about all the buttons that are within you. How to keep it going and how to nourish you, so you grow in your awareness. This is a very important thing. As it is you will be seeing the miracles around. Tremendous miracles of the divine power which you should see and work it out. It will be very peaceful. So many people have become so transformed that they cannot believe it that they have…they were like this. They laugh at their past. It’s all finished. The egg is an oven and now you are the birds. So enjoy the complete freedom of the spirit.

I am sorry I won’t have time to meet you today as I met you yesterday and day before. Though it was a very good experience meeting you all, seeing you all but in any case, I am not lost. There is a way. You write to Me. You all must send Me your photographs, the day of your realization. Is very important. Because I will keep My attention on you. You can always write to Me, letters. But apart from that best way to connect to Me is through your ascent. So you establish your ascent. You establish yourself properly. For which you don’t have to pay anything, nothing of the kind. All knowledge will be your own, without reading any book you’ll know it. Then you will know which is a good book, which is not a good book, which is the real, which is unreal. But first, establish yourself. That is the most important thing. I hope all of you who are today here if you try to establish it, I am sure that within two months time you will be able to create a nucleus for the people who are still searching and getting drowned because of ignorance. You can. Only so many people who are here can work it out. But I hope you have that much understanding and wisdom and patience. May God bless you all.

Shri Mataji: Please listen first of… one minute. One minute.
Man 1: There’s a follow-up workshop meeting in the same building here on Sunday afternoon between the hours of two and five for those who want to come. Could those who feel they may come just raise your hand.
Shri Mataji: Please raise your hands. I want to see how many are going to be [UNCLEAR TEXT].
Man 1: Between the hours two and five
Shri Mataji: And why not the others? What’s the matter?
Man 1: On this Sunday. This Sunday…coming.
Shri Mataji: Raise it higher. I can’t see all of them. Very few. Raise it higher still. Oh, I see. Then I’ll come back soon. (laughter and clappings)

Man 1: The address…(people clapping)
Shri Mataji: I will definitely come back. But every time coming back for ten persons and five persons is too much. You see Indians say, “Mother, why are you wasting your energy on New York? You come to India. Within one day you will give realization to six thousand. What does it matter?” That’s it.
Man 1: The address is public school 41. Not here. But they said the date and the time are exactly the same.
Shri Mataji: Now.
Man 1: Public school 41 for those who…people…..those people who did not come previously is 116, West 11th Street. Just a few streets from here.
Shri Mataji: In the beginning, you must listen to Sahaja Yogis. They are all trained very well. Now we have here Danny as the leader for this place because we have to have one person to be in contact because it’s a worldwide spreading. We have to have one person. Don’t dominate him. Don’t trouble him. Try to learn because he has been in Sahaja yoga for days together. He’s done all the tapasya (hardwork). He has worked it out. So don’t try to argue with him and don’t try to find faults with him but try to see that you gain out of his knowledge and you become yourself a great guru. Alright, please. That’s how Sahaja yoga works. Not by argument, by talking but by learning and absorbing more. Those who have understood the essence of Sahaja yog I am sure they will work it out. Thank you very much. May God bless you.
(A person speaks in the background)
Shri Mataji: What’s it?
(A woman speaks in the background:[UNCLEAR TEXT]told me because my back hurts, my)…[UNCLEAR TEXT]

Shri Mataji: Are you alright? You’re so changed. The face is shining, absolutely. May God bless you.

(Woman speaking in the background: [UNCLEAR TEXT]
Shri Mataji: It is better…..What’s she saying?
Man 1: [UNCLEAR TEXT]. You are getting better.
Shri Mataji: You will be better…. You will be better off. They will tell you how to do it. It is alright [UNCLEAR TEXT]. Are you alright now? Yeah…
(A man says something in the background: My wife said….)
Shri Mataji: It will work out. Don’t depend on your wife. First of all become the spirit, alright. Then everything will be alright. Now your guru has spoiled you, that’s true. Alright.

Man 2: Mother, can I ask you a question?
Shri Mataji: Oh yes, please.
Man 2: I know of my sister. She went to India. She died of [UNCLEAR TEXT]…
Shri Mataji: What’s this?
Man 2: My sister. I want to show you the picture of this sister.
Shri Mataji: Who is she?
Man 2 : Her name is Wayne Shine.
Shri Mataji: Ha
Man 2: She went to India in Buddha gaya. She got sick and died. And I am all the time looking after her and I want you to forgive her because she is my only sister.
Shri Mataji: That’s it you see the face of the lady. Poor child. Now you give Me her address. We’ll try to locate her. Where is she?
Man 2: No she died in Buddha Gaya. She died.
Shri Mataji: She died!
Man 2: Yeah
Man 1: What disease did she die…?
Man 2: Probably hepatitis.
Man 1: Hepatitis.
Man 2: I knew only after that. She went in….she went in a temple in Buddha Gaya and she died.
Shri Mataji: So many have disappeared. But they go to the false ones only. You don’t know these Buddhist, these Dalai Lama.
She didn’t go to any …..any up here to anybody. She went by herself. She felt enlightened. And she got…and she didn’t go…She…..
Shri Mataji: She’s not. I can tell you she is catching on both these three chakras, means she is possessed. She is not…Yes, my child, she’s not. You see these are all fake people making money. Whether in India or here.

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