Arrival Talk

Founex (Switzerland)


Arrival Talk. Founex (Switzerland), 11 June 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Today we have a new generation of people what we call the people who are seekers. These are some special category who are seeking something beyond. They are seeking the truth as they say. But what is the truth? What are you seeking? As I told yesterday in Geneva that whatever you are seeking has to be something sensible. It cannot be something nonsensical, that something new comes to you and you just accept it because it is new, but must evolve through that traditional understanding of seeking. Then we are on the right path.

As I told you yesterday only one hundred years back new methods of seeking started, which has no relationship whatsoever to the old methods, to the tried out methods, to be traditionally practiced, no relationship at all. And so I have read books where it says that Kundalini awakening gives you problems, it gives you heat, you start jumping like a frog. Now, we are not going to now become frogs, are we? What urge we have of seeking is coming through our evolutionary process. It is a living process, which is within us, which has made us amoeba. Now if you have to become something higher, then we are not going to be like frogs by any chance.

So we should see how in the scriptures, ancient scriptures of every religion it is described, and you can bring down or boil it down to one main problem. Christ also has said that you are to be born again. But it is not a mental process. By mental process you cannot create anything that is living.

So it has to be something living process, which should happen to us by which we become the Spirit. To become the Spirit is not something that you can pay for because it is a living process. You do not pay anything for any living process like sprouting of the seed. The seed has the germinating power, and the Mother Earth has the sufficient energy to manifest it. You don’t have to pay to Mother Earth or to the seed for this germination. And no effort; it has to be effortless. These are two things our ego is not willing to accept. We think we can purchase God. Any guru who says that He can be purchased, you must know he’s fake. If he puts you into some sort of an effort also, you must know he’s fake.

It should happen spontaneously, easily; that is what Sahaja is. ‘Saha’ means with, ‘ja’ means born. You can pay for this hall but you cannot pay for your realization. When we are conditioned by our ego, we do not see it. On the contrary we enjoy it. And when the ego is not pampered we feel unhappy.

Now as we know that we have to become a super human being, what should happen to us really? When we become the Spirit the quality of Spirit must manifest through us. Not that we change our dress, hair styles, all outward thing, but from inside something has to happen to us to be the Spirit. The first quality of the Spirit as described is that you know the truth. Now the truth first is that you are the Spirit. You are not this body, you are not this ego, you are not this superego, you are the Spirit.

So the second part of it is that when you are the Spirit your attention has to be different from what it is today. So the first thing happens to you that your attention becomes very aware and has what we call the collective consciousness. The attention is expressed or manifested through our central nervous system. So our central nervous system itself expresses our evolutionary ascent. Like a dog, if you want you can make him go through any dirty lanes, but a human being cannot go through it.

Human awareness is much higher than that of the dog. So the awareness that you are going to have now has to be something higher than what you have already. So this awareness is the awareness of the collective. That means macrocosm, which is the big thing you get it into your awareness that you are a part and parcel of that macrocosm; the microcosm becomes aware of the macrocosm. Now this awareness when it comes to you …

Like this finger has awareness that it is the part and parcel of the whole but supposing if it is numb, it has no awareness. But when it is awakened, it can feel the awareness that it is the part and parcel of the whole. In the same way you become, you become, again I say, you become collectively conscious. It is not just a mental conception but it is a thing that happens to your central nervous system. But when we go for seeking, if we have to understand that unless and until we know the reality, we cannot be benefited. With artificial things, man-made theories we cannot be satisfied, but something that happens to our central nervous system that we know that we are now empowered.

As this machine is connected with the mains, when you are connected with the mains, the energy which is all pervading, starts flowing through it. And you start feeling the all-pervading power, which does all the living work, is flowing through your hands. Then you realize that you have become an instrument of the divine power. When the energy starts flowing, you feel the cool breeze, on the hand, of the Holy Ghost. The Kundalini is the Holy Ghost reflected in your sacrum bone. And then She passes and pierces through the six centers from here, then She gets the Spirit enter into your attention. Our attention is, say, like this cloth spread on the stomach. When the Kundalini rises through it, the attention is pierced from here. Now when that happens, the all-pervading power starts trickling down on to the attention all over.

This all-pervading power is the power of divine love. It thinks, it organizes, it plans, it loves. It is the one which is the subtle of the ether you can call it. It is the subtle of the matter. It is the subtle of your emotions. It is the subtle of your mental power. It is the subtle of your evolutionary power. But all integrated and coordinated in complete synchronization. So efficient it is that you are amazed how it works. Now you see these flowers, how beautiful they are. And they appear on the trees or on the shrubs where they are supposed to be. [There’s a big choice?]. At the right time these flowers become the fruits. A mango tree will give you a mango, an apple tree gives you an apple. Who does this choice?

Is this great power which is all pervading. But we have never felt its existence. We have taken it for granted that it exists and we don’t want to know about it. We don’t want to know why we have become human beings from amoeba. What is the purpose of this life? Why nature has taken so much trouble to make us human beings? There must be some purpose for it. We never think of the purpose and we lead a purposeless life. We are not here to just live like animals. But we have to do something much more because why should we have this human body and this human awareness. This human awareness when it reaches a state where it starts thinking why are we here, that time you become a seeker. But you have to know that you have to become the Spirit, which is a collective being within ourselves.

This is the knowledge of our roots. We have grown too much outside but what about our roots, if you do not look after your roots what’s going to happen to us? And to know about the roots you have to be subtler; with your gross attention you cannot know yourself. So it has to be pierced through your Kundalini. Kundalini is the pure desire. That’s the power of that pure desire because after getting your realization you don’t need anything, you don’t want anything, there is no more desire left; that’s the ultimate. All other desires are impure because even if you get them you are not satisfied. Now you see people think that if you take to drugs or to alcohol, alcoholism or to any jobs or to money or to any kind of such fascinations, you will be happy, but you are not. On the contrary you become a slave.

But the second thing that should happen to you that you become the master of yourself. You are not slave to anything. Nothing should dominate you and you should not dominate anyone. If that happens to you then you should know that that is what is the Spirit. Now as a result of this happening what other things should happen to you is that you should know about yourself. That how will you know?

You have to go to a doctor to find out if you are physically unfit. They say you are all right and after one year they say you are suffering from cancer. You feel all right and suddenly doctors tell you, you are about to get lunatic. You don’t know what has happened and why should I suffer like this. Because you have no knowledge about yourself, what’s happening within. But when you get connected with the mains, then you can feel your chakras very well on your fingertips as they say and you know what’s happening, where we are going wrong. So you get corrected.

As the Kundalini ascends, the first blessing that you get good health, that you get a proper mind, that even your material problems are solved. You don’t get very rich because it is a headache to be very rich. But you get a blessing by which you feel very satisfied. In London now we have, London city, at least thousand Sahaja yogis, and it is hard to find one without a job when there is so much unemployment in England. I don’t tell them, “Don’t take drugs.” I don’t tell them, “Don’t smoke.” I don’t tell them anything. But it just happens overnight to people: they become so powerful that they are not tempted any more to anything like that. We have seen many incurable diseases, like cancer, AIDS, being cured by Kundalini awakening. It’s your Kundalini, it is your power of repairing that works it out. You have to awaken it. That’s the only little work that has to be done, and then you have to establish it.

When this happens to you then you become first, as the Zen has said, thoughtlessly aware. Jung has said that you become thoughtlessly aware. There is no thought. One thought arises, falls off. Another thought arises, falls off, and we jump on the cusp of the thoughts. Now, what we have to do is to jump in between the thoughts. We think of the past, which is finished and think of the future, which doesn’t exist. But as a result of Kundalini awakening you stand in the present without any thoughts. If you want, you can think but if you don’t want, you need not think. So you become your own master. And when this thing happens you get completely peaceful and blissful.

Now when you become, then people are amazed to see your transformation. You feel completely redeemed and resurrected into another being. You become so joyous. You see the whole thing as a play, as a drama, and all the worries and all the mythical ideas just drop out. That is now imminent. You have to have it now. We are standing on the verge of destruction because the tree that has grown has not looked after the roots. Destruction is not going to come from atom bomb, it is going to come from within yourself. But before destruction there has to be resurrection. Even Koran has said that resurrection is so important that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. That has to happen to all of us. That is what we are seeking.

In the Sanskrit language you call a bird as dwijaha and a realized soul also as a dwijaha, or a brahmin they say because he knows the all-pervading power, which is called as Brahma. Because the bird is like an egg first and then it becomes a bird. In the same way a human being is like an egg with his ego and superego. But then he becomes the realized soul, the free bird of the Spirit. This is the complete freedom.

Now whatever I have said to you because I have come for the first time to Neustadt, may be a new thing altogether. For example those who have never heard about electricity, if you tell them about electricity they will be quite surprised. It is not new, it is thousands of years of knowledge. But as scientists you must keep your mind open. It is like a hypothesis for you. And once it is proved, it becomes a law for you. That should happen. And once that happens you start seeing it clearly as an experience of the divine power that is surrounding us. But it is not meant for people who have no respect for themselves, for their own being. Those people who do not understand why are they here on this earth, that their potential is so great. It’s not meant for frivolous people, who want to waste their life in frivolous things.

This is the time of Last Judgment, and the Kundalini is going to judge you. If you miss the point, you have missed it forever. As the Mother I have to warn you. But I don’t want to frighten you at all. Because Kundalini awakening is a very easy thing, I mean for Me and later on for you also. You can also do the same way.

Now we have many sahaja yogis in Geneva, and I would like to have lots of them even in Neustadt, who can awaken the Kundalini of others and give this experience. You, yourself become the light. You do not see the light but you become the light, the quality of the light.

In this short lecture in one day I won’t be able to talk about everything. This was just they wanted to find out if there are seekers in Neustadt of genuine things. How many genuine people there are or just a fashion of seeking. But then you can listen to many tapes of Mine and know all about it free, absolutely free. You can become the master of all this knowledge. All this knowledge is within you. You have to just enter into the kingdom of God and you get all the knowledge yourself. The experience is very simple and you don’t have to do anything about it and immediately you start feeling extremely relaxed. You start feeling the cool breeze around you and on top of your head. But then you must establish and you don’t waste your realization. Like a seed is just sprouted, delicately you have to look after it and try to establish it. For that you don’t have to pay. Very simple methods are to be adopted for keeping up the Kundalini up there.

So you reach the second state, which we call as Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which is actually the doubtless awareness. Then you can give realizations to many. This is what is today’s Sahaja Yoga. Only the speciality of this, in this age is that the seventh chakra is opened. Because the seventh chakra is opened you can get your realization easily. And it can be worked out en masse. Till the sixth chakra it was the life of Christ, which He opened. And the last job was to open the seventh chakra, which is done now. And that is how it is working out. It is for the emancipation of all the human beings. You are the ones who are going to save them. Today there is no time to tell you about all the prophecies made about this time but when we’ll meet again I will tell you all about it. Thank you very much. If you have any questions, you can ask me.

They have become thoughtlessly aware.

Translator: This lady would like to know the method to meditate.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. That’s just like a seeker. All right. That’s what I am going to tell you just now. But apart from that?

Translator: This lady says it seems to her that that it was said that it is dangerous to have the Kundalini raising without …

Shri Mataji: I have already explained to you that it is not knowledge; it’s some sort of a sinister statement. I think it’s a negative attack.

Translator: What is the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: I told you that She is the power of your pure desire. She is the representation or the reflection of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother.

When we talk of God Almighty and His Son and a Holy Ghost, one must know that you cannot have a son without a mother. Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. She is your Mother. She gives you your second birth. When you were born your mother took all the trouble, you don’t even remember how you were born. In the same way you get your second birth without any trouble. She does everything very sweetly.

All the ladies are only asking questions.

Translator: You spoke about the prophecies that you are going to tell another time, is it from the Bible or any other?

Shri Mataji: From everywhere. They have all said the same thing.

Translator: Gentleman asking question?

Shri Mataji: All the ladies here talk.

Translator: Do we have to forget?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no. You become extremely intelligent and you remember many things which you would never remember normally. But you have to forgive. That’s different. The attitude changes. You start seeing the whole thing as a drama, out of it. And then only you can improve it. If you are involved into it, you cannot.

All right. So let’s have it now, it’s very simple. Only one thing you have to help me. I don’t know what sort of floor you have, is it cement?

Translator: No, it’s a wood, stone.

Shri Mataji: Stone?

Translator: Tiles.

Shri Mataji: It’s all right. You see, you have to take the help of the Mother Earth. But I hope it’s not very cold. You have to take out your shoes, I am sorry, and put them on the Mother Earth. Thank you. It’s simple, it’s very simple. Just to take out, just take the help of the Mother Earth. It will take hardly four, five, ten minutes, not much. It won’t take much time. Actually it happens that moment but as we are little complicated people, it takes little time. But don’t feel guilty. The common disease is that you feel guilty for nothing at all. And you become very serious. You have done nothing wrong. Please don’t feel guilty. That stops the Kundalini from rising.

So now, I’m sorry, we had to do this hurried up thing today and … because situations, with the situations one has to adjust. That is what is the situation is today. I may not be able to come down for Navaratri Puja, may not be, may be, I can’t say. But whatever it is we should have a little puja that’s what is the desire. So we will do it. Now, only you have not much time, but you can say the mantras, and somebody can just wash My feet and [INAUDIBLE]. It takes about five minutes to wash the feet.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, should we say your 108 names with the translation in English?

Shri Mataji: That we will. All right, you think so. But I think better is to say mantras. It’s better. The mantras of the chakras, you see, it’s better to say because that also is very important to say the mantras of the chakras.

Sahaja yogi: From the beginning to end.

Shri Mataji: To the end. So you say one, and then they will repeat. From one to another. Start.

Sahaja yogi: We can start with Shri Ganesha?

Shri Mataji : Shri Ganesha.

Sahaja yogi:  Three times Shri Ganesha?

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Now Adi Kundalini three times. Now Brahmadeva Saraswati once. Now Guru, Adi Guru. Now Lakhmi Vishnu. Then Jagadamba. Now Krishna, Shri Krishna. Now Shri Rama. Now Shiva. Now Jesus. Shri Virat. Omkara. Now Kalki. Shri Nirmala.

Now say the Sahasraras mantras, three, Sahasrara Swamini, Moksha Pradayani, Sahaja Yoga Dayini.

Sahaja Yogis: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Sahasrara Swamini Moksha Pradayani Sakshat Shri Adishakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

Shri Mataji: Sahaja Yoga Dayini.

Sahaja Yogis: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Sahaja Yoga Dayini Sakshat Shri Adishakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

Shri Mataji: Now after saying all these mantras you have reached up to Sahasrara and you have also pierced through the Sahasrara. The most effective mantra you know is Nirmala, and that works the best for Sahasrara. Now one thing we must know if somebody’s Sahasrara is catching, then such a person should be avoided. It is very easy to find out a person who catches Sahasrara. We are not here to denounce anyone or to say ‘no’ to anyone. But you will be amazed if you come in contact with some of these people, if you are not fully matured you do, and you start changing your temperaments, your nature, everything. Now for that we must understand anybody who is catching Sahasrara must be avoided. There is nothing to feel bad, just tell that person that your Sahasrara is catching, and the best thing is that you clear out your Sahasrara. If your Sahasrara is catching that means there is a barrier between you and our Mother, and we don’t want to know about you.

So for the time being till you clear your Sahasrara you better not come to the ashram, better not come to the program. Clear out yourself, let us see if your Sahasrara is cleared out.

I did not feel it much, but if you can pass a thing that both of them were catching on their Sahasrara when they came to the program in India, and they informed Me that their Sahasrara is very badly catching. Actually I did not know what they were doing here and what was the problem till her letter came to Me. But this is the main thing. And not to feel bad because if your Sahasrara is catching and you come here, then what happens, you cannot improve because the bhoots won’t leave you, and also the people who are here will be affected. So one thing one should remember. Even her daughter-in-law, I must say you must avoid her. Like, I know I shouldn’t say this, but her daughter-in-law was very much catching on the Sahasrara the other day, I saw. So she has to be kept away. You should not tell her in a way that she should feel hurt, in any way, nothing. I mean not that she’s bad, she’s a good person, all of them are good. But if the Sahasrara is catching, she might be catching for Martha, she can be. She must clear it out by getting out of Martha because this is one thing we have to remember that ashram must be kept pure. Ashram must be kept pure.

Then I would say that, also Brigitte, your son, elder son has a problem. You better look after him and be completely in charge.

See how he behaves, because he has got something from his father, which must be taken out. So you look after him. What we have to do, everybody has to improve and improve. Another is Andre. Andre, you still you are not all right. So you have to put your left hand towards the photograph with the light and put your right hand on the Mother Earth. You see, if there are people who do not improve they should give up because we cannot work it out. So you please put your left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the Mother Earth.

They should all improve, and no use talking to other people because they catch and they get into trouble. So what’s the use of troubling others, it’s best is that you cure yourself, you should be all right. There is no hatred, no anger, there is nothing. It is just a simple understanding that just now there is an infection within us; we should keep out from others.

In Japan if you go, even you may be the president of any place, you see, one president of this Akai, fellow, he came to see Me. He had a big bandage just like a, I don’t know like Hanumana, you see, big thing here. I said, “What’s this,” I felt very funny. You see, came to see Me all the way, you see, and VIP, this, that and here you come with that. He said, “I’m sorry, I have got cold I don’t want to be here.” Very sensible.

So, in a way it is to be understood that we have been catching, we have been doing wrong in the sense that we are meeting people when we are catching. So see that your Sahasraras are kept clear. For that is very simple, you see, I have seen miracles happening to people when they know how to surrender entirely. But if there is barrier in the heart, the heart is not clean, you see, then Sahasrara catches, because you know it is Heart Chakra. It is so made that it is the Heart Chakra. From the heart you must get to it, so that put Me in your heart, put Me in heart, it will work out.

But these people who are just on the periphery catch very much from others. So be careful not to catch. If you catch try to beat yourself with shoes or do something to keep yourself all right. And everybody should work it out that way so that you are safe. If your quality improves a lot, then there will be no problem.

Then another thing I’m told here that there are many old people who come to program. So I’ve told Arno, I’ve told all of you that let Kathleen and our [NOT CLEAR, SOUNDS LIKE: “Jinway”] and [INAUDIBLE] and all these people, elderly people, should all join together. All join together to look after them, talk to them. Also elderly men should join together to talk to them because they like to talk, come around and this thing. They don’t trust young people. So you be careful on that, and it will be very helpful, if you can first let them talk, let them take charge, and then gradually come to this. And there will be some very good news coming to you about the ashram I’m sure. I bless you. May God bless you.

Try to be in the ashram at least for two three weeks so that you learn certain disciplines and disciplines must be maintained. Do not challenge Arno for that. You must discipline yourself. There is an emergency and your disciplined life is to tell everybody else that it is going to work out. You should not side with your sister, brother or anyone. You must side with the Divine so that you can cure brother, sister, everyone. So try to work it out this way that the whole thing cleanses. Mother is cleaning all the time morning till evening I am doing nothing but cleansing. You also should do some cleansing, isn’t it? That’s very important.

So now I take your leave, and there’s this vibrated water. You can use it for whatever you like. I will vibrate that with My hand.

You be careful with mixing up with people, you shouldn’t come. She’s not all right. Get somebody else. All right. I’m sorry, but it is so. Don’t get angry with us. You see, it’s a fraternity of bhoots. If there is a slightest bhoot in you, it will combine another bhoot: she will go down and you will go down. Try to keep it positively.

[UNCLEAR] you are not all right? What’s the matter with you? Why? May be [NOT CLEAR] Then what? I don’t know why it is so. You should improve, you should see your vibrations, work it out. You see, so many years you have been with Me, what will people think? Now next time I am not going to see such faces, all right? Everybody like a flower. What makes you look like that? Work it out, see your vibrations, you know it very well, work it out. Marie has improved so much, you see. What about you? You should improve also. You are such a nice husband. Are you quarrelling with him? Are you? All right. Perpetual work.

You go on the right side too much, you think too much. Think too much. So just say nirvichar, it’s the mantra for it, nirvichara. And for her, Vivian, Vivian, you must say the mantra of Sahasrara, all right. Twamewa Sakshat, Sahasrara Swamini, work out. Still it is catching little bit, it will work out, you are much better, no doubt. All right.

Everybody has improved. You see [INAUDIBLE] from where she’s improved to what. Tremendous people you have here, who have improved themselves with full confidence in themselves. Maiti has improved so much, everybody has improved, even she has improved so much. And Antionette, I’m very happy to see you this way, she’s so much confident, she’s so sensible now. Everybody must improve. All right.

I’ll try to arrange for your children, if they can be looked after in some place in India, then those who have children can also travel. I’ll try. I don’t promise but I’ll try.

So now, where is the garland? Beautiful, very beautiful. May God bless you. Now take a photograph. Everything to order, in this short time what to do? You cannot do much, you see, [much justice?]. That’s the problem.

[NOT CLEAR] the photograph of Sahasrara. Another thing I found out if you can get the photograph of My feet which are nicely exposed, you put it on the ground, bow to it and look at it without thinking. That’s a very good way of [protection?], that’s a surrender, all right.

Sahaja yogi: Complete puja Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Fast, you see, you are very speedy people. For India they take four and a half-hours, while in Switzerland only ten, fifteen minutes, very speedy, you see, telescopic.

Sahaja yogi: If you say that Shri Mataji to the Indian Sahaja yogis who will be scold when you (could this be ‘we’?) come to India.

Shri Mataji: They know that things can be very much complete. Effect is there. That’s the main point.

This is the flower of the [UNCLEAR, SOUNDS LIKE: “purav”], we call it, is a, like that which is used little away so that the feet can be seen. The feet must be seen.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, we put the photograph is good, we could enlarge it because it is on the green, green color your feet. It’s tremendous with the flowers, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Should be nice. All right. Take it one more. Let it be, need not be there flowers, need not be. All right, doesn’t matter. Show as long as My feet show. Look at them, there is no swelling, see. No swelling at all.

Shri Mataji: All right. May God bless you all!

It was very enjoyable, intense and beautiful. I don’t know how the time passed. You all enjoyed. So be kind to everyone, be nice to everyone and don’t say harsh words when you are with other people. And Munna, what about you? Are you all right? You still go up and down. Now you steady yourself. You have to become into Nirvikalpa, you see, the boat is leaving. The boat is leaving. You have to come to Nirvikalpa.

Sahaja yogi: Shri Mataji, we all the Sahaja yogis here, we pray to You and we promise You that we will be one, just one flower so that when You can see us, You will see only one flower, one color, one perfume and one flower offered at Your Divine Lotus Feet. And we pray Shri Mataji in our heart that Your Divine Lotus Feet will dwell forever in our being. Amen. Jai Shri Mataji!

All Sahaja yogis: Jai Shri Mataji!

Shri Mataji: I want to thank you all very much for the gifts, [in way for the gift?] and others, all those who have given Me gifts. Thank you very much for all that. May God bless you!

Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji

Shri Nirmala Devyai namo namah