The Truth Has Two Sides

Geneva (Switzerland)

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Public Program day 1. Geneva (Switzerland), 11 June 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

But the truth has two sides: the illusion that we see can look like truth, and the essence of the illusion also may appear to be truth. But the other side is absolute and has to be felt, has to be experienced on your central nervous system. It’s not a mental projection that we can think of, nor emotional imagination, but truth is what it is, it cannot be changed. It cannot compromise. We have to humble down ourselves to know the truth. Now we have discovered so many things in the science, by humility that we have not known so far. But whatever is known outside, like the tree must have roots, and these roots are not known if you are just looking at the tree. And when somebody talks about the roots, we get shaken up because we have had no knowledge of it before. Thus we are conditioned to only see the tree, and we cannot make our mind understand that there must be some roots to it.

So we can say that people have advanced in science quite a lot, and have progressed and have become developed countries. But they do not know, if they do not seek their roots they will be completely destroyed. Now when I’m before you, one should not in any way feel that I’m here to offend you, but I’ve come here to tell you about the roots, the great properties you have within yourself. We know about so many energies around us like electricity, gravity, in the scientific field of knowledge. But there are subtler energies within us which we should try to understand with the same humility of a scientist, and the open-mindedness.

Now what problems are facing us here in the West, we should try to understand. As somebody in America asked Me, “What’s wrong with the West?” We have to see what has happened to us in our evolution. When we evolved through the industrial development, we developed certain temperaments and certain value system. Industrialization was a good idea, but there is no discretion where to stop it. And that’s how when we go to very industrialized countries we think we are just eating chemicals and not food. Now the balance has to be maintained, but how? By knowing about the roots.

Now the first problem I feel about the Western mind is that it is a mental being; it has developed this mental capacity beyond balance. Like in the industries we have to have new things made all the time; every time we have to sell some goods we must have new fashions, otherwise the machines will be starving. In the same way our brain starts producing new things, that’s how these things are man-made. With mental projection we start thinking of all the time new things and we appreciate whatever comes new to us. We have to take to new things, but not to something that is absolutely devoid of any traditional value. Like the other day I said that “What’s so special about Freud, why did you accept him and why not Jung?” The reason was given that he gave us very new ideas. Anything new is not always good; for example plastic was new once upon a time, you know what are the results of plastic development. If that is true about matter, what about the spirit?

So when we seek also the truth, we try to get to a new method all the time. And I think the evil that came in forms of wrong type of gurus are the product of this kind of demand. Only seventy to hundred years back, I should say, in India, suddenly a new wave of some new ideas about the knowledge of the roots started. Some things that they talk of are not written in the Vedas nor in the Puranas, nor in any books of oriental knowledge; nor in any books that are written after Christ like the Bible, or Koran after Mohammed Sahib, and also the writings of Zoroaster. It has no relationship whatsoever to the ancient findings about the roots. So we had a problem about the religion in the same manner.

For example, let us take Christianity: Christ came on this Earth, as you will know later on, to create a special awareness within us of the spirit. He resides inside within us in a special center, what we call the Agnya Chakra, and described in the Indian scriptures as Mahavishnu. And in the purest form He exists as the Omkara, as the Logos. So much is described about Him in the West, in the Western knowledge in the mental way, but actually it is very much discovered in the Indian philosophy. You cannot understand Christ by mental projection, because He is beyond mind. He has Himself said, “You are to be born again.”

When Nicodemus said, “What do you mean ‘to be born again’? Am I to enter into the womb of my mother?”

“No,” He said, “whatever is born of flesh is flesh, and you are to be born of the Holy Ghost.”

And what is the Holy Ghost? The bishop of Canterbury was asked this question, I saw it on the television, and he says, “I am agnostic.”

So the interviewer asked him, “What are you doing here, then?”

He said, “I am doing my job.”

So the interviewer said, “All right, I am also doing my job” – mutual understanding between two mental projections.

The Holy Ghost is the reflection within you, is this kundalini. (To translator: No, the kundalini you just show them. The lower – no, no, kundalini you show, in the sacrum, now.)

Now this kundalini has been described very clearly in so many scriptures in India. It is said in the Bible that “I will appear before you like the tongues of flames.” These are the centers, and this is the Tree of Life which is described. Now in the Koran it is described as Assas. Nowhere in any one of these ancient scriptures, or up to the time of Kabira which was hardly four, five hundred years back, nobody said that this kundalini gives you any trouble. But I have seen many people writing books about kundalini later on, and there is a very thick book like that, I was amazed to see the description they have given by a German writer about the kundalini, that it can give you heat, it can give you diseases, it can make you dance, it can make you jump.

So this is how they have tried to condition you against your evolutionary process. And the religions which came after the great incarnations also tried the same trick. Paul is the person who started this kind of conditioning in the Bible. Actually Paul had nothing to do with Christ. How is he in the Bible, I could not understand from My very childhood. And then he was born as Augustine who again made the religion, organized it, and conditioned it. And today, surprisingly, people are challenging Christ’s birth, His divine powers of creating miracles. Now with their mental projection they are trying to prove that He was just like us. And also dirty filthy things are said about Him and His Mother. This is hell that we have created with our mental projections. How dare we say these things about such a great personality like Christ! It is our ego which has made us so bold and so arrogant, that we are preparing our own destruction by challenging such personalities, which can really protect us and guide us to our ascent.

This is again the result of this newness, because the mind wants to find something new all the time, develops this ego. Like in America if you go, you better ask them how to open the bathroom taps, because every tap is different. You may just press onto something and you may get drenched, because they want to have every place new. And they take hours together to decide what kind of taps they are going to have. Getting into the car, American car, better ask them what, how to open the door, because if there is an accident you may not know, it may be something new. This power to decide has gone so far that people really appear to be just like stupid children.

Ego stops the maturity of a person. The conditioning of the ego is the worst of all, which cannot be removed. If you are conditioned by your superego you get your pains, you get your troubles, but when you have got your ego you trouble others, you aggress others. Then to overcome the ego they try again some mental processes, that they try to dress up like primitive people. By dressing up like primitive people this brain is not going to become primitive. I mean, you know that it has reached its maximum now; it should stop behaving in that stupid manner.

Like in England if you go you’ll find people are using funny colors, to dress funny colors on their hair, and they call themselves punks. So I asked some of them who came to our program, “Why do you do these kinds of things to yourself?” So they said that this makes people very attractive. To Me they look like clowns, but to them they thought that everybody feels attracted by that. So the second curse I find is that we want everybody should feel attracted towards us. But what’s the use? It’s a joyless pursuit. If everyone is attracted towards us, what does he get or what do you get out of that person? – I fail to understand. But on the contrary, you get into trouble. I mean, of course, if you become like punks you can develop horrible blindness. Or maybe you might develop some problems of your skin in the head.

But the way you move your eyes all the time to see how many are attracted by you, you know what you can get? This Altmiser’s [Shri Mataji may mean “Alzheimer’s”] disease that is coming up now is the early lunatic behavior. Now in America they have discovered that before the age of thirty-five, one out of the five becomes insane – out of five, can you imagine? Out of five; that’s what I today I read it in Reader’s Digest. Can become, can become. Altmiser’s [Alzheimer’s?] disease they call it. Altmiser’s [Alzheimer’s?] disease; a new disease they said. It’s a name of the scientist, Altmiser [Alzheimer?] or something. And they blame that if you lived after thirty-five these things start propagating. But in a simple country like India or other countries where they are not so developed to flirt around, they don’t have this disease. That’s why Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” And it is so difficult to understand that the people who go to church just want this.

I’m sorry I have to talk about this, because I notice it everywhere I go in the West. This is a terrible disease that is crawling up now. It is to look at very frivolous, but it is not, it has very deep implications. The eyes have to be so innocent that there should be no greed and lust expressed through them. The only solution I find is the kundalini awakening and realization, through which Christ is awakened within you in your central nervous system. In the Agnya Chakra He resides, which is on the optic chiasma – which is in the optic chiasma. If there is no innocence in a person, then this Agnya Chakra catches. And this is the greatest purification that we need today. Imagine, the people who say they are Christians, these are Christian nations, are the people going just against Christ – it is very surprising. Whatever is preached by someone – like in India it is said that in everyone resides the spirit; but the stupid intellectuals of India are very busy with the caste system. Such intellectuals must understand that they cannot intellectualize God. People don’t like it when I tell them that you have to purify yourself to become the innocent personality.

The problem of the West today is, it has lost its value as far as the purification is concerned. The purification is not of the body, is not how you live clean outside, it is not how you represent yourself, but it is within. The destruction is not going to work out from without, it is within ourselves we are building up our destruction every moment. In 1972 when I first went to America, I told them that “You do not take to Freudian theories, and don’t indulge into nonsensical perversions. If you do that, you may develop a disease which will kill the whole nation, and nations.” And you know the epidemic of AIDS has started.

You’ll be happy to know that through your kundalini awakening you can cure all these diseases; because when the kundalini is awakened, the greatest thing that happens is that whatever you have done so far is completely finished. It happens in every chakra, but specially at the Agnya. At Agnya Chakra, when she opens out the Agnya Chakra, the deity of Christ is awakened. And the ego and superego which have made us into a egg-like structure are just sucked in spontaneously, because kundalini is a living force and that cleanses you completely. Then you believe that Christ died for our cleansing and purification. He suffered and He was crucified for that, so that He could come into that little space between the ego and superego.

Now the time has come to prove all these great incarnations and all the great scriptures. Now, when we talk of deities, people get quite stunned because they have never heard about it. Deities are the milestones, like the people who came to save us, the leaders. They had divine force within them, and every time they came on this earth they tried to give us a new awareness. Like we can start from the first chakra, is nothing but where the carbon was formed in the chemical periodical law. By the formation of carbon only we could have organic chemistry and by that later on we had amino acids, and then amino acids formed the life. Then from the life came, as you know, amoeba, and from amoeba today we are human beings.

But why don’t we think about the reason, the cause, why we have become human beings? Have we got something special about it, that only we people should become human beings? And what is the purpose of our lives? Is it only to look at your watches and waste your time in gambling? Is it for that we are born – not to have any respect for ourself? To be frivolous is a crime in the eyes of the Divine. You must know that you are very deep personalities. See the seven storeys you are built into. You are the epitome of all the instruments that you could think of. Now only, what has to happen to you is the last triggering. And once that happens you just get completely purified, you become then the real instrument. As every instrument has to be connected to the mains, in the same way you are to be connected. And then you realize how fantastic you are, how dynamic you are, what great powers you have. But it is not meant for the frivolous or for the people who have no respect for their own beings. It only happens to people who are true and honestly seeking, truly and honestly seeking. So it is important for us to know that if we are going to be the citizens of God’s domain, we have to get our realization, our Self.

Buddha went to this limit that He said, “Don’t talk of God, just talk of Self.” Even Mahavira said the same thing. The Zen went even further, that it said only talk of thoughtless awareness. That is the first awareness one achieves as a kundalini awakening, that you become completely aware without any thoughts. Like when you see a beautiful lake which has no ripples on it, you see the complete creation around it reflected into it, giving complete joy. So far we have not known the joy, which has no duality. We know happiness which is nothing but ego pampering, and when ego collapses a little, then we become unhappy – that is the illusion we have.

To get to reality we have to be the Self, and Self is beyond ego and superego. Then you no more live on relative terminology, but you live with absolute. Like you just feel the cool breeze in the hand as if it is the computer that has started, and you are having a rapport with the Divine. Even when you place your hand towards any question, you can get the answer as cool breeze, meaning “yes, very good” and as hot breeze, meaning “bad”; but you might even get blisters if you try to go near somebody who is a possessed personality. All the information comes to you from the unconscious, which has now become conscious on the central nervous system. This is what one has to understand, that your unconscious has become, has to become the conscious. So whatever information you have been getting so far from the unconscious is completely clearly understood by logic.

So the first thing that happens to your central nervous system, that you become – again I say you become, collectively conscious. It is not a mental projection, but you just become. Also you know about yourself because you know about your own centers, and if you know how to cure these centers then you are perfect, in perfect health, in perfect joy.

This was for the introduction of Sahaja Yoga: saha means “with”, ja means “born” – it’s spontaneous. And “union” means, “union” is the meaning of the word “yoga.” Also it has another meaning, which means yukti, means “the trick.” Yukti. And also the, it means the deftness, how to handle this power when it starts flowing through you, to know everything about it; so it is to be decoded.

All this is your own. One enlightened light enlightens another light. There is no obligation. It’s all your own, which you have to get it and then establish it. All this has to be free because it is nature’s gift, it is living process, you cannot pay for it. You cannot pay to the Mother Earth for sprouting a seed, do you pay anything? How much do we pay to the flowers for becoming fruits? Nature doesn’t understand money; in the same way God doesn’t understand money. But the way we have lived so far, we have paid always money for God’s work. Specially in Switzerland people believe that if you give money to some countries, then you are doing God’s work. Poverty is created by human beings, not by God. A country like India, ruled for three hundred years, if it becomes poor what’s so surprising? So that shows that by giving money you are not doing God’s work. That’s a human problem, created by human beings, solved by human beings.

God’s work is pure compassion: compassion which doesn’t speak, which cannot be valued in money. It just flows, emits and acts. It doesn’t expect anything, it cannot be controlled, it cannot be killed, it does not need any protection – this is what it is, God’s work. Because who is the other, for God? We are all part and parcel of His being. If this hand is helping another hand, what obligation there is? So one must understand the difference between the reality of doing a God’s work, and the illusion.

It’s the quality of Divine is such that it quenches your thirst as the water does. It gives you the light that guides you, it gives you the strength that makes you stand up on the right, it gives you the compassion that makes you enjoy your virtues, it gives you that attraction which takes you to higher planes of the spirit. It discovers all the pearls in the ocean of illusion. It gives you that peace within and without, and you are always drenched in the showers of the bliss of the joy. It is your right to have it, you have to have it. This is what you are meant to be here – but with humility. That is important, as a gesture of grace. When somebody gives you a medal, how you bend your head. In the same way when you are adorned with this, you have to bend your head before the Divine. When the audience claps for you, gives you a ovation, standing ovation, the actor bends before it, he salutes to the audience. (To translator: He salutes to the audience – all right?) Now, in the same way we have to salute to the Divine. What we surrender is automatically our ego and our conditioning.

I hope today you all will receive your realization. And day after tomorrow when I speak on the spirit itself, I hope you’ll make it convenient to come down. You have to later on establish it completely. Otherwise it will be like the parable of Christ, that the seeds which sprouted also did not take to roots.

May God bless you all.

(Should we ask for questions? No questions. Or should …. ) You want Me, to ask some questions? … Good. Let’s have now the experience.

[Question: How to protect oneself from somebody from whom you feel on the chakras something not nice?]

(Ego problem. Ah, ah, all right.) That is what you have to learn. Before realization also you catch from others, but you don’t feel it. But after realization you feel, but temporarily, just like an indicator. So you have to learn how to protect, and when you come to our center they will tell you everything elaborately.

Whenever I have come to Switzerland or any other place I’ve seen the houses are always full, people like to listen to Me; but they don’t listen to one thing, that they have to make it a practice, a complete understanding, a complete happening. There is no course, there’s no course for it, but you have to yourself understand from others who have achieved, and you can be masters yourself. Only thing, you have to give some time. Swiss are very good at making good watches, and they want people to save their time; but they have no time for God. Same with Japanese who are very good at watches, they have no time for God. They make watches for others, not for themselves. They are busy making watches. Now you have to be selfish also, you must look at yourself. Better save some time for God and for yourself.

So now we’ll have the – if you have any questions, you can always know that we have a regular center in Switzerland, and you can always go and meet those people, get all the answers from them.

Now, first of all I have to request you all to forgive yourself and to forget whatever I’ve said, because I do not want that you should feel guilty about anything. This is the biggest hurdle in the West, that people feel guilty for everything. I mean even if you wear a something which is not matching, people start feeling guilty. It is too much, the way we feel guilty, so I have to make very humble request that you don’t feel guilty at all. With whatever you have been doing, whatever has been there, one must know that you are the temple of God Almighty, and your kundalini is quite capable of giving you realization, purifying you completely; but don’t feel guilty about anything. That is a first condition: we have to be pleasantly placed towards ourselves because we are going to enter into the Kingdom of God.

Second thing I have to request is that we have to take the advantage of the Mother Earth, though I know it is a little cool, but doesn’t matter, you can take out your shoes and put your feet on the ground; because the shoes also sometimes are a little bit tight, and keep you out of touch with the Mother Earth.

It’s a very, very simple method, extremely simple, because we are just ready. It’s extremely simple because you are just ready. Now first of all we’ll have to see that we try to feel our own chakras and clear them out ourselves, because if there are any complications, they can be removed. For that I will tell you how to place your right hand, but the left hand should be towards Me like this, symbolizing your desire to get your realization.

Now the right hand should be used for touching centers on the left-hand side. And it’s very simple: first we’ll put our hand on the heart, when I tell you. Then we have to put it in the upper part of the abdomen, then in the lower part of the abdomen, then again on the upper part of the abdomen, then on the heart again. Now one has to place the hand here, in the corner of the neck and the shoulder – from the front, like this, not from back. This is the center which is the worst always, which catches when you feel guilty. Look at it as if you are looking at something jocular. What is there to feel guilty? Another mental projection; it’s an illusion. All right. Now, then you have to place your hand on top of your forehead across like this, and then on the back. Then you have to stretch your palm and put this part on the fontanel bone area. Press it hard, and you have to move it seven times clockwise when I tell you. Now, do not try to stop your thoughts or anything, it will all work out spontaneously. If there are too much thoughts, then you can put your attention here on the fontanel bone.

So let us start now. All of you must do it. If those who do not want to do it should go out, don’t trouble others, because others become self-conscious. It is not civil. Now, everyone has to close the eyes. Take out your spectacles because you don’t have to see anything, you have to keep your eyes shut.

Now. Now, put your left hand towards Me just like this, and have faith in yourself. Now, forgive yourself and close your eyes, keep your eyes shut. Close your eyes, put your right hand on your heart and left hand towards Me. On your heart. Left hand towards Me and right hand to be used for the action. (To translator: Tell them.)

Now, please put your right hand on the heart, right hand on the heart. So the left hand has to be kept on your lap, upward. Be comfortable, you have to be comfortable. Now, you have to ask Me a very fundamental question. In the heart resides the spirit, so please ask Me a question three times, “Mother, am I the spirit?” If you can call Me “Shri Mataji” it’s all right, or “Mother” – whichever suits you. You must really have faith in yourself.

Now, take down this right hand on your stomach, on the upper part on the left-hand side, and press it. This is the center of the mastery, which is created by prophets who came on this earth. So here, you have to ask Me another question. If you are your spirit, then you have to be your own guide. So you have to say, “Mother, am I my own guide? Am I the prophet? Am I my own guru, am I my own master?”

Hah! …. Three times. Now, please take down your hand in the lower part of the abdomen and press it. This is the center of the knowledge about the Divine. This knowledge is not mental, but the technique that builds into your central nervous system. So here you have to say something, because I cannot force you to accept the procedure of kundalini awakening. Now, you have to yourself ask that you want to know about the true knowledge, about the pure knowledge. So please say six times, “Mother, may I have the true knowledge? May I have the pure knowledge?” With this saying the kundalini will start moving. Six times, please ask the question, “Mother, please may I have the true knowledge, the pure knowledge?”

Now we have to make way for the kundalini, which is awakened. Please keep your eyes shut. Raise your right hand and put it in the upper part of the abdomen. Now, please keep your eyes shut, don’t open in between, because attention has to go inside. At this point, as I told you, is the center of your mastery. Now here you have to say with full faith in yourself, asserting, “Mother, I am my own master. I am my own guide, I am my own prophet.” Please say it ten times.

Please do not feel guilty when you say that, please do not feel guilty. You are the prophet. William Blake has said that “Men of God,” meaning seekers, “will become prophets, and they’ll have powers to make others prophets.” You are the men of God, and you will become prophets. Ah – now, better. William Blake helped!

Now, please raise your hand to your heart. You should not say things speedily, but with understanding and with depth. Now at this point you have to again assert with full confidence in yourself and say, “Mother, I am the spirit.” Say it twelve times, please … Now, now better. Working out.

Now, raise your hand onto the corner between your neck and the shoulder. Take it quite back so that you can press on the bone. Here you have to say, with full faith in yourself, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.” You have to know that apart from God who is the ocean of love and compassion, above all He is the ocean of forgiveness. Whatever your guilt may be, compared to the power of the Divine to forgive, you cannot have any guilt. So please say sixteen times, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all.”

Even some people feel that they cannot believe that they are not guilty, so to punish themselves they can say it 108 times! …. That’s better. Nobody wants to have the punishment, is a good idea …. Better?

Now, raise your hand to your forehead, please and – with the palm towards your forehead, and press it on both the sides. Put it across, across. I mean, place it horizontally. And now press it hard. Here you have to say, not how many times but from your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Some people think that it’s difficult, but it is a myth when you believe that you forgive or you don’t forgive. But if you forgive everyone, then you do not play into the hands of wrong people – in a mythical way, of course.

Now, raise your hand and take it backwards to your back side of your head, and hold it tight. Press your hand little backward and hold it tight. Now here you have to say, for your own satisfaction maybe, that “Oh Divine, please forgive me if I have done anything wrong against You.”

Now … Now stretch your hand, and put your palm on top of your head on the fontanel bone area and press it hard, very hard, in a clockwise manner, saying one thing, that you want your realization; because I cannot cross your freedom here again. So please say, “Mother, I want my realization. Please give me my realization,” seven times. Press it with the palm only, not with the fingers.

[Shri Mataji blows into the microphone several times.]

Now take down your hand slowly, open your eyes slowly. Place your right hand towards Me, and with the left hand you place it on your top of your head. Don’t think, don’t think, see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Change your hand, please. Put your right hand and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Don’t be nervous; it is subtle, it is very subtle. Now, change over again.

Now, put your hands up like this and push back your head, and ask a question. (To translator: on the mike – come nearer to the mike.) Now ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahma Shakti? Is this the all-pervading God’s love?” Now, bring down your hands, please. See for yourself. Don’t think. Are you feeling it on your hand?

Those who are feeling cool breeze on their hand – it’s very subtle – or out of their head, please raise your both the hands.

Most of you have felt it. But I will now tell you how to protect yourself, all of you should know how to protect; because some have not felt because they have a problem here, in the Vishuddhi Chakra. Or maybe they have not forgiven others.

Try this. Put your right hand towards Me and your left hand like this, for balancing – to the sky. This is now we use the ether. If you are feeling the cool or something down below, put it back like that, if you are feeling down below.

These people are very speedy and they are very right-sided, so this is the problem they have. Doesn’t matter, it will work out. Think too much! Futuristic, they are futuristic. Facing your problems only, you solve them. Not mental projection but facing, just seeing them as they are. You are the spirit, you are not the problem; you are beyond all this. After realization the word “problem” goes out of your dictionary!

Now, put the left hand like this and the right hand towards the Mother Earth …. Better, much better. Hmm! Don’t think. You can do it now.

Now, I will tell you how to protect. It’s very simple. You have to give protection to your auras. (You can wear your glasses if you want to.) That you must all do, whether you have felt the cool breeze or not. You give protection to your auras in this manner, that you put left hand like this and right hand around the auras, you take over your head and bring it down like that. Left hand towards Me. All right, let’s do it seven times, for seven auras. One – don’t think. Don’t think …. Three, four, five, six and seven. It’s important.

Now, how to raise your own kundalini, that’s very simple again. Now put your left hand in front of your kundalini – you yourself can do it. And it should be moved from up, forward, down, like that clockwise, right hand. Left hand should be steady, left hand should be straight. And then down. And this hand should move straight. Attention should be on the left hand. Now, try to move the hand properly. On top of your head you have to take it, take it on top of your head. Bend back your head, and give it a twist, and give it a twist, big twist, and tie it up like a knot.

Again let’s do, to fix it up properly. Again do it, please. Second time, let’s just do it. Now push back your head, and give it a big twist, and give it a knot. Now, third time same way, but three knots. Again. Now it’s moving fast. Put it – now one, again give a twist; two, again a twist; and a three. Now see your hands.

You feel much lighter. Feel it on your head also, cool breeze coming out. You’ll be absolutely relaxed. You cannot think now; but if you want, you can. But don’t think about it, you can’t think about it. Just feel it – all of you have got it. Good! You’ll see, your eyes will be sparkling. There will be light in your eye.

Now, you don’t think. Otherwise next time when I come, you’ll say, “Mother, I have lost my vibrations.” If you think about it you cannot reach there.

All right. Now if you want to shake hands with Me, I will sit here for you for a while. You can come round to shake hands. But Sahaja yogis, you need not – otherwise there’s just no end to it!

Ah, ah. You can come here and see. Did you feel the cool breeze? Did you? Now that I can see.

Philip, just help him, just see – the gentleman didn’t feel the cool breeze. He’s on the, more on the right. Give him a right to the …. All right, all right. Just a minute, please, just a minute. Hallo, how are you? Felt it? You’ve enjoyed it …. Hallo, how are you? …. May God bless you ….

Yes, I’ll be there …. When will he be back? …. Yes, I’ll be there, yes …. No, I’ll be – when will he be back? …. Oh, I see, and then London, he won’t be there? …. He got his realization? …. Oh, I know, yes, I know. All right, so he can come to London? I’ll be in London. All right …. All right, all right. Thank you. Thank you very much, thank you. You got your realization. Good …. Yes. May God bless you. I’m so very happy. Now you’re all right. Now you must, you must completely become Sahaja yogis so that you have full confidence. You must have full confidence, all right? …. I’m very happy it should happen. May God bless you.

…. What happened to you? All right. So it has happened to you? Good. She is a born-realized, a great person. Now look at your eyes. Can you see the eyes of each other? …. Now, but she says somebody talked to her. Who talked? ….

No, no. She cannot do it. There is a science about it. This is a born-realized child. He’s wrong. He’s wrong. That will not. You must have the full knowledge, all right? …. You call the lady who’s got asthma, he’ll cure her, but just tell him to get the lady with the asthma.

[Hindi] How are you? Glad you got it. [Hindi]

You have to establish yourself, that’s important, then you have to give it to everybody ….

I will tell that. But you see once we …. Yes, the thing is, you see, that in one lecture that you can’t speak about everyone. But I’ve spoken about all of them – Jesus, because the more here they worship Jesus. But all of them are spiritual, they’re all our own, there’s no difference …. That’s it. Yes, that’s it, that’s it. So now you learn it, and you will listen to My other lectures where I’ve talked about everyone, all right? May God bless you.

…. He’s the brother of … You are getting a nice sister-in-law! … That’s your brother? They’ll be all right, you see, because people are so recently here, and when I came, I had a diplomatic passport, but only they examined Me on the sense of the passport and then they saw My ticket, and all that – nobody else. They are like that, very … people, what to do? You don’t know, you must get some more Indians to …. He’ll be all right, no doubt about that. And you also get them in Mumbai!

Hallo, how are you? …. Confidence. All right, that’s what I feel, that you people lack in confidence. Now what you think is shaken by all kinds of nonsensical doubts people have sown in you. You are the spirit, and you have to become that. I’m guiding you to become completely confident, all right? So you have to come and see these people also, these are … but I’m coming after … I’ll come day after tomorrow, all right? Call your friends already. I must make you all very, very confident. But definitely come, because ….

Cambodia? Ah!

How are you? Just enjoy, enjoy yourself! But you have to be confident, and let it work out. Again and again …. You have to follow up, then you should see …. Absolutely confident about it, all right? May God bless you.

So how are you? May God bless you. Now come along, you have become very brave, all right? …. Tell her that I said that you should come, and come very soon. Thank you very much.

Are you all right? …. That’s not going to help …. That’s all right, but you must know everything about it also, and this is fine. You see, you should not do it indiscriminately …. I’ll leave that to them, they’re all here. You stay here? Yes? The day after tomorrow I am coming, and they’ll give you addresses. Yes, and day after tomorrow you have to bring your friends also. You are from what country? Peru? All right, bring all of them. All right? I must see them.

How are you? How did you feel? What country you come from? Puerto Rico! Oh, nice country. I have to go to all these places sometime. I must go. I haven’t been there yet, but I will go. Let’s see …

Are you here? Oh, great! How are you? … Come along! And get your friends! Just tell them, they must come! All right? May God bless you.

Now, how are you? … No, haven’t you met? … You are not Bolivian? ….

So, how are you? …. Now, but you have to forgive. You must say it. You have to forgive. You must forgive everyone ….You have to forgive. Just say it, “I forgive.” Just say that, “Mother, I forgive.” Just say it, from your heart …. Ah, now, see? …. Now, establish yourself. That’s very important. Otherwise you will not have confidence. Must establish. The aspect more I’m telling, watch your … also …. And then you have to see these people.

Ah, so nice! Ah, great! …. I’ve been to that side. I’ve been to that side. And I’ve given realization to people in Russia. I’m going to …. They’re the first who will get it. They’re very good. They’re very good people. People are very good in Russia, very good …. Great souls! …. In fourteen weeks we’ll teach them from India. But they’re very friendly, nice people. We can have a rapport with them very easily. We’ll manage that. I’ll try on the government level. We can do it. May God bless you.

Come now …. Establish yourself. Just say, “Mother, come in my head. That’s all.”