All great Incarnations are just one

Geneva (Switzerland)

1985-06-13 All great Incarnations are just one, Geneva, Switzerland, 140' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1985-06-13 yogi intro, Public Program Day 2 in Geneva, Switzerland, 40'
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Public Program. Geneva (Switzerland), 13 June 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

We are here to know about the truth. First through our mental understanding and then through our experience, to prove everything that you have heard so far. But the minds are very conditioned. Like in India, when you talk about Christ to Hindus, say that Christ is based and placed in the Agnya chakra, they think that I’m trying to spread Christianity, because I was born in a Christian family. But when people talk about the deities on the chakras, which is a fact, people in the West start thinking they are talking about Hindu philosophy. But one must know that are all related to each other. Christ Himself has said in the Bible that: “Those who are not against us are with us”. Who are those? Actually the most unfortunate thing is that Christ was not allowed to speak more than three and a half years.

I’ve been coming to Switzerland for four years and I have been telling [UNCLEAR] before talking about the deities. Because I know the conditioning of the Western mind. They will never try to understand that there is something beyond what they know from the missionaries. It is a very difficult situation but I think the Sahaja Yogis feel the emergency. They feel that it is now necessary to start talking about the truth plainly to everyone. If they do not want to come in, all right. But at least we’ll not be blamed that we didn’t tell the truth.

There are some Christian people who came to Sahaja Yoga and they refused to give up alcoholism and smoking. But the reason they gave was very funny. They said that: “Christ has not said you should not smoke, you should not drink”. I said: “But did He say that you must become alcoholic and you should smoke? Did He say that: “You must do it!” Did He say that?” In that short time of three and a half years with all mad people around, what could He say? Whatever it was possible He said and they crucified Him.

And in Australia we had a program in a Jew hall, it was owned by Jews and I talked about Christ and they were very angry that I talked about Christ. But they were told that: “Today, Mother is going to talk about Moses and Abraham”. But they said: “Why did She talk about Christ? She has spoilt our temple.” I tell you all of them must be laughing the way we fight for them. They were like beautiful flowers on a living tree of life. You can see the tree of life where they came and established themselves within ourselves.

They are completely synchronized in one personality. They have no problem. They don’t quarrel among themselves. It is we who have plucked those flowers and say: “This is mine, this is mine, this is mine”, and are fighting. The fanaticism is expressed these days in the worse possible way. In the beginning, Christians were very fanatic. When they came to India, they came with one pistol in their hand, or gun in their hand and a Bible in the other.

And one could never imagine that it was Christ who was described as Mahavishnu in the ancient books of 14000 years back written, because He was shown to be a very mild personality. And they combined the religion with the ruling people who were very, very cruel. As if Christ was like a Roman ruler. And they would really take advantage of people and do all kinds of tricks, to make them Christians. When I was born in a Christian religion, I knew that I have to be born in the most fanatic people. Because others are very gross. You can see the Muslims, you can see the Jews, you can see the Sikhs, you can see the Hindus, you can see them as gross fanatics. But in modern times, Christians have become very subtle fanatics, very subtle, very sophisticated. It’s not easy to find out [THE, A] false with them. In the name of doing social work, doing good to others, they are using Christianity. Christ never did social work. He was the source of compassion. He never went and built hospitals, did He? This is human work. And it is so sophisticated that people get confused.

It’s a big problem this conversion business also. They converted people in India by putting a loaf, bread of loaf in the well saying that: “We put some meat of the cow”. And the whole village became Christians because Hindus are, also, another type of fanatics. They believe in driving out as many as possible so they said: “Now you have taken the water which was filled with cow’s meat, so you are finished now. You can’t have here, you can’t be Hindus”. They drank the water where the cow’s meat has been put, so they are no more Hindus. So they were thrown out.

This is the conditioning, which we have to speak about God. There are people who just don’t believe in God, they don’t want to know about God, like Russians, and there are people who believe in God, are all mixed up.

I went to Russia, I’ve been there twice or trice, trice. And I told them I want to go and see some church. So they took Me to a church where it was the Greek Orthodox church. We were VIP so the priest, the chief priest came in and he invited just for a lunch and he said that: “These are our fasting days. So we cannot eat meat, but we can eat vegetable”. I said: “Very well”. But he said: “We can drink, drinking is all right”. And the chief priest drank so much, so much that he forgot that he has to see us off. And he was saying: “When I don’t eat meat, I at least take some nice drinks, you see”. Vodka and all that, very strong things. And My husband and Me, we don’t drink at all, so the officers who were with us never drank. Because it says the protocol. They could not drink. The VIP are not drinking, how can they drink, you see? And when we came out, you see, all these officers started laughing aloud, you see, they couldn’t help it. And I was very embarrassed because I thought he is a man of God, he should behave himself better.

So the Russians told us: “That’s why we don’t believe in God. This fellow believes in God, preaches about God, look at him how stupid he is!” Then they told us a story, which is one should understand how things work out. They said some tsar and tsarina told that they must have some religion for Russia. So they sent for Christians. The Catholics came out. So the Catholic said that: “You can drink as much as you like, but you cannot marry many times. You can have keeps but you cannot marry” so tsar said: “This won’t suit us”. So then they called the Muslim. The Muslim said: “You can marry four, five times, but you cannot drink”. Then they said: “This won’t suit us either”. But the so called Orthodox religion said: “No, no, you can marry as many as you like, you can drink as much as you want, do what you like. The only thing is you have to give us sufficient money to run our organization. Then you are certified to go to Heaven”. So they were very happy that they should take to this Orthodox religion. And that’s how they have this Orthodox religion there, but they all make fun of that.

Now the time has come to tell you that all these great Prophets and all these great Incarnations, are all on this Earth, came on this Earth with a particular purpose, with a singular purpose to establish within us different dimensions of our awareness. They were like the leaders of our evolutionary process in different periods. Like Mohamed Saab came, when Mohamed Saab came, they were not smoking, they did not know what smoking was. So he said: “All right, don’t drink”, but He didn’t say: “Don’t smoke”, because they were not smoking. But when they started smoking He had to come back again as Nanaka, to say that: “Don’t smoke”. So now the people who take drugs say that: “Nanaka never said ‘Don’t take drugs'”. This is the trouble with the human mind: they want to find out loopholes by which they can justify their adherence to these prophets, as well as their existence as people who are doing wrong to themselves. But Truth cannot compromise. Truth is what it is. When you become the Spirit, then you will be surprised that you become so powerful yourself that you don’t have to read any book; you don’t have to understand anything. Automatically you give up things, which you are not supposed to take. In the light of the Spirit you understand immediately what is good for you.

All kind of mental processes, which have made us stupid, drop. For example, a person who is not realized does not know who is right person, who’s the wrong person. If he’s a futuristic man, he will say: “All right. I have to buy this house. But maybe, it may not be available, maybe available, maybe this problem, that problem. He will think about the problems first, waste all his energy before is facing the things, situation. All the alternatives he’ll give a problem. As a result of that mental activity you really create problems. Because whatever is in the mind, takes the form. This hall was in somebody’s mind, then it took a form. But after Realization you decide: “All right. I have to do this, because it is inspiration”. You just do it. And once you do it, if there’s a problem, all right, he tries to surmount it. It is the intelligence of the Divine that works through such a personality. Like a tip of the root is a small little cell which penetrates in the earth and [SEIZE] a stone, an obstruction. It goes around that stone and ties it up, and uses it for later support. That little cell has got the pure intelligence of the Divine. That is how a spiritual being faces any problem that comes to him and makes advantage out of this disadvantage. But he is not involved. So, if it does not work about, he says: “All right. Let’s take the other course because, maybe, it’s not all right”. So any obstruction comes to him, any obstruction comes to him, becomes kind of a understanding. And that is the attitude comes spontaneously. Then, on the other side of the physical level, as I told you, one gets above comfort. The Spirit doesn’t seek comfort because it is above all bodily comforts. If you have to live in a palace, all right, if you don’t have to live in a palace, all right, you can live in a jungle. It’s all right. Nothing dominates. You become so free.

Thirdly, when it comes to the emotional side, a spiritual being sees other people as relations in spirituality. Like you say: “We are all brothers and sisters”, but we are not when it comes to selfishness. Before Realization, you are not brothers and sisters at all. There’s only three types of relationships: lust, greed or emotional. Like a husband and wife. They marry. After, see, living together for so many years, then they marry, and after marriage, secondly they are there for a divorce. Because you find out that they hate each other. I mean, sometimes it is shocking, when they describe the husband or a wife, you think you are living with some satanic people, or what. They think themselves are really perfect and the other person is absolutely satanic. And so the marriages fail. In Russia, you’ll be surprised, there’s a big area, kept like this, the bride and bridegroom have to first walk all the way, not in the church, before entering the church, in a big area like that. And I asked them: “Why do you have to make them walk, because, after all, they are wearing such nice dresses and all that. You see, whether it is raining or snowing, they have to walk. So they told us: “It is more practical that if they decide not to marry till the church comes in, it is better they go away”. Because they said: “Half of the time we are marrying them and half of the time we are divorcing. It’s all our energy is wasted in this kind of a nonsense.

Now you are attached to your children and children are not yours. Now, there’s also tremendous hatred for children among parents. Now they have to weigh within this and that relationship, if the husband is important, if the child is important and the child suffers. I was shocked, really shocked when I came to London to discover that people make the child sleep in another room and the dog sleeps with them. And they said: “This is our culture”. I said: “What is this culture?” and so many children die without the knowledge of the parents. You’ll be surprised that in England two children are killed every week by their parents, two children are killed. That’s what I learned. But then somebody told Me that it’s not England, it’s only London. While in our country, in India, people will sell their nation for their children and this is another absurd stuff. So there are two extremes of this emotional relationships. But when you are a spiritual being, you are not attached to anyone. It’s like the sap in the tree, rises, goes to all the leaves, goes to all the branches, all the flowers and goes back. It’s not attached. It does not get lost into any flower. Otherwise the flower will die ultimately and the tree will die.

So all these kinds of attachment that one has with another person is mythical. There is no pure relationship. In the West also I have seen another very dangerous thing that happens. In India, if you invite somebody in the house, maybe he may run away with your things, something maybe. But in the West, if you invite somebody, he may run away with your wife. So, I mean it is very dangerous. And there is no law to protect you. This is what it is, that when our ideas about devotions are not clear-cut, when we are mythical about it. It only creates problems. Never gives you joy.

Now the kind of spiritual being we know of these gurus, the fake gurus and all that, you must know that it is not at all possible for a spiritual being to be like that. If he is a real guru he will increase, enhance your freedom. He’ll make you powerful. He will not try to show off his powers, but he’ll make you powerful. He would not care if you are a governor, or if you are a laborer. If you are a spiritually highly evolved personality, he’ll respect you. Spiritually you can evolve so much that even your glance can cure a person. Your compassion could be so strong that even just an attention on a person can cure. You can cure, you can release. And such a person will council you, without being afraid of you, of pleasing you. He will not pamper your ego. Like in England I was surprised, now they want to have pubs inside the churches. So I said: “Why?” “Because they want to make it interesting”. If the people have no interest in such a person, he doesn’t care. He is not going to compromise. Because he lives much higher than the rest. His compassion pulls out people from their troubles and miseries, but he doesn’t jump into that. He’s responsible to God and not to human beings. He’s doing God’s work, and appointed by God, by the Divine and he is not working for people to please them.

He is not a politician to tell lies and get wars, to give false assurances. And such a person is not afraid of anyone. In 1972 I went to America, and openly, on the stage I told them the names of the horrible gurus that are going to come and that are there. In 1970 double the hall of this, or maybe triple the hall, before Indians, thousands were there and I told them that: “These are horrible people born again and these are going to bring all the shame to God and they are satanic”. I told them about all these cults and these branches of religion which have made people fanatics. Openly I criticized all of them. Throughout in all My lectures I have been criticizing them. But nobody so far has been able to prosecute Me or to do anything to Me bodily. Only the other day, when we had in your Geneva a program, Calvinistic Church, some people came to disturb us and one lady brought Bible to hit Me. Instead of getting afraid of her I’ve started laughing so much that she couldn’t understand what was happening [ON THE OTHER DAY]. They are very weak people, they are very weak. They have weaknesses in them.

Such a person has to be very decent and decorous and very dignified. He doesn’t move the way the fashions move, the way the masses move. He is an individual of a character. But he is not cynical. He has to be one of the others. Like in America I started taking Coca-Cola so that they were quite surprised that: “How can Mataji take Coca-Cola?” I said: “If you take, I will also take. What’s the harm? Let Me see.” But not the… not the whisky, not the alcohol. In a very sweet way one can avoid. But the higher side of such a personality is this, that such a personality does not depend on you for money or for anything what’s so ever. It is a completely a free personality, but he [UNCLEAR] doesn’t have, not have a licensee, a license of doing things. It’s extremely dharmic. It’s extremely religious. But it’s completely free and it does not in any way you trouble you or hamper your road in spirituality by any chance. Because the only concern it has, such a person has with others, is that: “How to emancipate them?” Spiritual personality is can be only understood once you are a realized soul. Without Realization you will not know. Because you haven’t got the sensitivity on your central nervous system to know what is real and what is unreal.

And this personality may be living in the turmoil of the world, but inside he’s completely peaceful. Such a personality emits peace and confidence and security. And being very active, extremely active, such a personality is never tired. And so dynamic and knows so much that you are sometimes surprised that these people who have not even learnt how to read and write, how they have got so much of knowledge. Such people you can find in any strata of life. Say, in our country we have people, a butcher. There was a gentleman called [HINDU NAME], a butcher. He was a great soul. Kabira who was just a weaver and he was such a great soul. If you read his knowledge you’ll be amazed at his knowledge. So many poets like William Blake*, Wordsworth, Milton and also your poets, so many here who were realized souls. Even in other countries, who were realized souls, never went to any college, never went to any university but wrote such great things. If they are born realized, like Mozart, from childhood they are geniuses. Like Michelangelo, you can say, is a great personality. He has shown Christ in a real way, if you see the Sistine Chapel, that is the Judgment he’s shown so well, which is happening today. Christ standing like a strong man there and not like bones that they show in the Catholic Church. I feel they are sadists, always talking of cross and putting Christ just like a bone structure, making I really feel like crying when I see these things.

Can they carry that cross, anyone of them? Like Christ, with that skinny body, could He carry that cross? He is the one who died for our sins and our miseries, and you want to show Him such a miserable person? And the other side, the shameful side is this that they want to call Him homosexual. This is a new type of crucifixion of Christ. They have no respect for themselves, how can they respect others. How can you judge Christ? You have no powers to judge Him. First become the Spirit then you’ll know what He was. But nobody wants to talk about that and they want people to suffer. Why suffer when Christ has suffered for us? Why should we suffer anymore? Only He is to be awaken within us and He sucks in everything. He is so powerful!

That’s why Christ has said in the second verse of Mathew, [He said] in the second chapter that: “You’ll be calling Me Christ, Christ, and I will not know you”. These are the people. And you don’t become one of them. You know Him, you see Him, you will find Him here within yourself awaken, He resides. Be sensible! By saying: “There is no God”, God doesn’t disappear. He’s very much there. Sahaja Yoga is the only way you can prove the existence of God and all that is said so far about all these Incarnations. Because the seventh center is now open, you get your Realization and you become the Spirit.

It is so eminent that the seventh chakra was to be opened. So that you pass from one level to another level. Otherwise, if you tell something: “Don’t do”, they will do it again. That’s human nature. They’ll do it more. So it is better they have a little light within themselves and they see their own lamp and cure it because they become their own guides.

When the seventh chakra was opened, it was possible to give en masse Realization. But that is more in India, not here. Because they know what it is. They are educated that way. For them, to get Self Realization is the only aim in life. I’m not talking about the Indians who are westernized or who are here to make money. The other day I went to the footing of Himalayas where they announced that I was coming and they said: “The Goddess will be awakened”. Goddess they know as Kundalini Devi [UNCLEAR]. About more than 3000 people gathered from all the villages around, from miles together they walked [DOWN, ON], came down for their Kundalini to be awakened. As soon as I stepped into that valley, they all got Realization. No questioning, nothing. I did not even talk to them. I talked for about ten minutes, it was all right. And the wall, there was a wall behind Me, because there was a road going up, and the wall was struck by their vibrations so much that I was feeling extreme cool on My back from them. And around us were all these trees, everything, but not a single leaf was moving. But only where I was sitting, the pendal, it had all these decorations, they were just moving beautifully in a rhythmic way.

Because they know one thing: “No use knowing the whole thing without knowing the Spirit”. So we must think about so called development of ours. Spiritually, where are we? Now, when the speaker talked to you, he has been to India. He has seen in every village I go there are at least seven to eight thousand people. And they get all Realization and they are changing so fast, in the Maharashtra state.

Now My husband was elected to his post and we had to come to England and that’s how I’m before you here today. But once I go back, I know India will be just in few months we can transform. But not in the West. I don’t know why. He feels the emergency so much that he wants to tell you everything so fast, but I don’t know how far it is going to be successful in the West. All the [TUCKS] who came from India know how to mesmerize and under mesmerism they have controlled so many people.

In your Switzerland we have all these [TUCKS] coming every time. This Transcendental Meditation had people sent, when they came to Me they were all suffering from epilepsy. The head of their “Flying Academy” in [UNCLEAR] Scotland, his wife, his child, all they came to Me, stayed in My house. I cured them of their epilepsy.

Another one comes here who has got 59 Rolls Royces now. He has got 50,000 people in your country who are supporting him. He had 58 Rolls Royces and he wrote to England saying that: “If you can give me one more Rolls Royce, I’ll come”. So people starved for one year and got him a Rolls Royce. There is another one, who males everybody nude, makes them dance and takes money.

Now there is drug epidemy coming. Then there are AIDS and cancers, everything is coming down. Some comes to them and some comes to our abandonment. It is an emergency in the West. It is an emergency. If the older people in this country realize what they are doing now by neglecting their children, they will be shocked. Everybody must know that the time has come and that you all should get your Realization and see that you establish it. This is the most important role you have to play. In the history of evolution, this is the last phase where you are to be triggered and this is what you have to now do because you are born in this era. There is beauty within you, there is bliss within you, there is peace within you. But you have to get it. It is to be exposed. You must feel it. This is what you are here for. Don’t waste your precious human life. Otherwise the whole intelligence is wasted. With humility you will get it and with working it out, you’ll establish. I think you have to play this role.

May God bless you all.

Now, if there are any questions, you may ask Me. For only one or two persons because I think we are in a mood to get our Realization. Moreover, in this short time you cannot explain everything. But I… There are thousands and thousands of lectures of Mine which you can listen to, if you like only listening to lectures and know all the knowledge. But that may not give you Realization. I cannot guarantee that thing. Even by asking question, answering it may not work out. It is a living process which has to act. If it does not act, I can’t help. It is like a sprouting of the seed. You cannot argue. It has to happen. So now, if you have any question, you can ask Me.

Question: Shri Mataji, they ask why your photo, he says that why people are using your photo to get Realization? Why are they not strong enough to get their Realization?

Shri Mataji: You are not. What can I do? I wish you were that strong. My photo gives Realization, curing, everything. What can I do about? That’s a fact. I must accept. I’ll be very happy if your photo can do that. I will retire. As I am a happily married woman, I got My children, My grandchildren, I don’t need anything. If you can do it, I’ll be very happy. Can you do it? You haven’t seen My some of My photographs which you should see. There is one photograph which, seven scenes, where the light is coming. As you have seen Christ praying, there’s a light coming on Him. Like that.

Translator: There is one here.

Shri Mataji: One is here. You can see that. This is in a village. Absolutely in a remote village. It’s only one. There is one photograph in which My hand, the whole sun is shining. Can you do that? There are some photographs which have got lights coming out of My [THROAT]. There are some photographs where the light is coming from My head, like that, from My toes, there are flames. This is all in a village where we do not want to manipulate. For what? In Hong Kong… While in Rome on the television I gave Realization to so many people. But though people in Italy are very different. They are very sensitive and an Italian Mayor of Rome he just saw My photograph and he said: “This is Divine personality. One see it clearly”. And he printed My photographs and put them on different places officially. They sent Me a car, they reserved a hotel for Me. Of course I don’t use those all. I don’t need it. But that’s how they looked at Me.

But here in Switzerland when I came, I must tell you, that the custom officers talked Me, I am a diplomatic passport, he didn’t stop anyone, he stopped Me, he took My ticket, tried to find out what ticket I got and then he allowed. America’s even worse. You’re better than Americans.

I mean, you see, Americans are egoistical and childish. Both the things put together. Some funny mixture. Even their old people behave so stupidly that you don’t know where to go. Even old people become punks. Now you are laughing at them but they don’t think that way. This is the trouble, you see. You have to face people like that who are clunks. What to do? And I asked one gentleman: “Why do you do this?” So he said: “What’s wrong?” I just told him: “But I cannot laugh anymore. That’s the only problem. But when you put all these things on your head, you get your eyes spoiled, your brain spoiled, everything is affected.” For ascent you need really deep people of special category, of special sensitivity. Such people are humble and are not egoistical, because ego can make you racist, can make you any nonsensical thing. I mean you can find it everywhere, this ego. But you have to leave it to Christ to correct you. I think of Americans and I just know how to laugh. That’s all I enjoy. In America I was laughing all the time. Even 80 year old people go and do shake dance. They are already shaking and they’re doing shake dance for [UNCLEAR]. How can you give Realization to [HELP ME]? Now, but is nice to be on a very pleasant mood. Those who are not in a pleasant mood also are difficult people. There’s nothing to be serious. It’s all a play. And they said that, in America, if… My most of My photographs, they smile. They said: “You should not be smiling, you should be very serious, you see.” I should be like Christ, to see, bones. So that’s what it is. You see, the people demand an image, you see, it’s built up. And that image you must be. Otherwise they don’t want to come to you. Because they have no proper image in the head. They don’t know is what a Divine personality is. Indians recognize Me just like this. Even the president of India could not stand before Me. Make Me sit first of all. He has that much sense. They know Me.

So, let us now have our Realization. And I hope something goes in the head of people, that they establish themselves. Please, put your left hand towards Me like this. Those who do not want to do it, please, go away. Please, put your left hand towards Me. The left hand is symbolically expressing your desire power to know…

Who is sitting behind Me? Please, they are talking all the time. What are you talking? Was he translating? Were you translating? You want to have Realization or not? Otherwise you can go. All right? It’s all right. They might be translating. It’s all right. You see, sometimes you have someone like that. They just get up and disturb everyone. They are very negative people. Because we are all meditating, suddenly some people will get up and walk through ten people sitting down disturbing others. They have no idea as to what they are doing. Because they are so weak, maybe they are so negative that they cannot stand anything that is spirit, that is good, that is Divine. So those who don’t want to do it should go out. We have to do these things because we are little complicated. That’s all. You have to put your left hand towards Me, which is symbolic of your desire to get Realization. And forget about whatever I’ve said about Americans or anyone. So don’t feel guilty for anything, please. I didn’t mean that. So just to make it pleasantly placed towards yourself I told these things, but don’t feel guilty, for anything whatsoever. Because that is one of the biggest hurdles we have in the West. Before starting you must forgive yourself, respect yourself because you are the temple of God, no doubt. Inside yourself you are all pure Spirit. So doesn’t matter, whatever it may be, maybe you’re egoistical, maybe there is conditioning, whatever it is the Spirit will show Itself out. You do not, please, condemn yourself or judge yourself. The manifestation of the Spirit is imminent and will work out. As I love you, you have to love yourself. So forgive yourself. Now put the left hand towards Me, with the desire to be one with the Divine. Desire is to be united, one with the Divine.

Now, we have to place our hands on different centers, one by one, on the left hand side. And you have to put both the hands parallel on the Mother Earth. Now the first is on the heart, second is on the upper part of the abdomen, third one is in the lower part of the abdomen, then again on the upper part of the abdomen, and then on the heart. Then here, in the corner of your neck and the shoulder, here. Right hand. Now this is very important because this is the center most of you catch because of feeling guilty. This portion is. And this causes other problems like angina and spondylitis. Spondylitis, angina. So many diseases. Spondylitis is the…is the…, this bone. They must be knowing spondylitis, it’s a common word. This one is to be done from the front like this, not at the back like that. You’ll all can feel a lump, there, see. Just see the lump. Feeling guilty, that’s why. No, no. With the right hand. Go to the left side, right hand. Right hand to the left. Now it’s better. See, you feel the lump there? Press it a little bit. Better now. Then you have to put your hand here and hand there, and then you stretch your hand and put this part, which is the last breaking point here, just on top of this and press it hard. And move it clockwise seven times. Stretch, stretch. This is not on the forehead, but on top of your head. The last one. Stretch your hand. Stretch. All right. I’m sure it will work out.

Now just put your left hand towards Me. You can take out your spectacles, because you have to keep your eyes shut throughout. Please, don’t open your eyes. Please, don’t open your eyes. Now, please, put your right hand on your heart. Keep your eyes shut. Here now you ask Me a very fundamental question. You can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. With full confidence. Now put your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it. This is the most important center for our sustenance. And it gives you the power to guide yourself. So you become your own master, your own guru. This is created by the great Prophets. So you are also a prophet and you are to become that. So now here you say: “Mother, am I my own guide? Am I my own guru? Am I my own master?” Please, say it three times. “Am I the prophet?”

Then now, please take your hand down, on the lower part, on the left hand side, lower part of your abdomen. Now press it hard. This is the center of the Divine technique, the pure knowledge. Now here I cannot cross your freedom. So you have to ask that your Kundalini should be awakened. So you have to say: “Mother, please, I want the pure knowledge. Give me the pure knowledge. Make my pure desire fulfilled.” Say it six times, please.

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