Farewell Puja

Founex Ashram, Founex (Switzerland)


Farewell Puja,  Founex,  Switzerland  14 June 1985

What’s it? Now, who is going to play that? That’s great. Sit down. Sit down. Ah, the roses have grown in sizes. Do you see that?

Yogi: Huge, Mataji. They are huge.

But they are growing in size. Your vibrations I think. All right. So now.

I’m sorry we had to do this hurried up thing today. And with the situations one has to adjust, that is what is the situation is today. I may not be able to come back for Krishna Puja, but – Navaratri, sorry, Navaratri, may not be, may be, I can’t say. But whatever it is. We should have a little Puja. That’s what was the desire.

So, we’ll do it now; only you have not much time. But you can say the mantras and somebody can just wash My Feet and then My hands. So it takes about five minutes to wash the feet.

Yogi: Should we say Your hundred and eight names? There’s a translation in English.

That will be. All right? If you think so – but I think better is to say mantras, it’s better, the mantras of the chakras, you see. It is better to say because that also is very important, to say the mantras of the chakras.

Yogi: From the beginning?

… from the end, yes. So you say one and then repeat, from one to another.

Now, start it. We can start with Shri Ganesha.

Yogi: Ganesha, Shri Ganesha.

Three times,

Yogi: Shri Ganesha, three times?

Yes, yes. Just start pouring here.

(Shri Ganesha’s Mantra is said)

Now Adi Kundalini. Three times.


Now Brahmadeva Saraswati, once.    (Mantra)

Now Guru, Adi Guru.   (Mantra)

Now Lakshmi Vishnu.  (Mantra)

Then Jagadamba.    (Mantra)

Now Krishna, Shri Krishna. (Mantra)

Now Shri Rama. (Mantra)

Now Shiva. Shri Shiva. (Mantra)

Now Jesus. Shri Jesus. (Mantra)

Now, Virat.. (Mantra)

Omkara. (Mantra)

Now Kalki. (Mantra)

Now Nirmala. (Mantra)

Now say the Sahasrara’s mantras, three: Sahasrara Swamini, Moksha Pradayini, Sahaja Yoga Dayini.

Now, after saying all these mantras You have reached up to Sahasrara and you have also pierced through the Sahasrara. The most effective mantra you know is ‘Nirmala’ and that works the best for Sahasrara. Now, one thing we must know, if somebody’s Sahasrara is catching, then such a person should be avoided. It is very easy to find out a person who catches Sahasrara. We are not here to denounce anyone or to say “no” to anyone, but you’ll be amazed, if you come in contact with some of these people, if you are not fully matured, you do catch. And you start changing your temperament, your nature, everything.

Now, for that we must understand, anybody who is catching Sahasrara, must be avoided. There is nothing to feel bad, just tell that person, that “Your Sahasrara is catching and the best thing is that you clear out your Sahasrara. If your Sahasrara is catching that means, there is a barrier between you and our Mother, and we don’t want to know about you. So for the time being till you clear your Sahasrara you better not come to the ashram, better not come to the programme. Clear out yourself. Let us see if your Sahasrara is cleared out.”

I did not meet Magda but if you can pass her the thing, that both of them were catching on their Sahasrara, when they came to the programme in India. And they informed Me, that their Sahasrara is very badly catching. Actually I did not know what they were doing here, what was the problem ’till her letter came to Me. But this is the main thing and not to feel bad, because if your Sahasrara is catching and you come here, then what happens: you cannot improve, because the bhoots won’t leave you. And also the people who are here will be affected. So one thing one should remember, even her daughter-in-law, I must say you must avoid her. Like – I know I shouldn’t say this, but her daughter-in-law was very much catching on the Sahasrara the other day I saw her. So she has to be careful. You should not tell her in a way that she should feel hurt, in any way, nothing. I mean not that she’s bad, she’s a good person, all of them are good. But if the Sahasrara is catching she might be catching for Magda – can be. But she must clear it out by getting out of Magda, because this is one thing we have to remember, that ashram must be kept pure.

Ashram must be kept pure. Then I would say that also Brigitte, your son, elder son, has a problem. You better look after him and completely be in charge. See how he behaves because he has got something from his father, which must be taken out. So you look after him.

What we have to do, everybody has to improve and improve. Another is Andre. Andre, you still are not all right. So you have to put your left hand towards the photograph with the light and put your right hand on the Mother Earth. You see, if there are people who do not improve they should give up because we cannot work it out. So you please put your left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the Mother Earth.

They should all improve. And no use talking to other people because they catch and they get into trouble. So what’s the use of troubling others? The best is that you cure yourself, you should be all right. There is no hatred, there is no anger, there’s nothing. It is just a simple understanding that just now there is an infection within us, we should keep out from others.

In Japan, if you go, even you may be the president of any place – you see, one president of this Akai fellow, he came to see Me. He had a big bandage just like a, I don’t know, like Hanumana, you see, big thing here. I said, “What is this?” I felt very funny. You see, he came to see Me all the way you see, a VIP, this that, and here you come with that. He said, “I’m sorry, I’ve got cold. I don’t want to give you.” Very sensible. So in a way it is to be understood that we have been catching, we have been doing wrong, in the sense that we are meeting people, when we are catching.

So see that your Sahasraras are kept clear. For that is very simple, you see I’ve seen miracles happening to people when they know how to surrender entirely. But if there is barrier in the heart, the heart is not clean, you see, then Sahasrara catches. Because you know, it is heart chakra. It is so made that is the heart chakra. From the heart you must get to it. So that put Me in your heart, put Me in your heart. It will work out. But these people who are just on the periphery catch very much from others. So be careful not to catch. If you catch try to beat yourself with shoes or do something to get yourself all right. And everybody should work it out that way so that you ascend. If your quality improves a lot, then there will be no problem.

Then another I’ve told here, that there are many old people who come to program. So I’ve told Arneau, I’ve told all of you that let Jaqueline and our Genevieve and Madeleine, and all these people, elderly people should all join together. All join together to look after them, talk to them. Also elderly men should join together to talk to them, because they like to talk, come round, and this thing. They don’t trust young people. So you be careful on that. And it will be very helpful, if you can first let them talk, let them take charge and then gradually come to this. And there will be some very good news coming to you about the ashram, I’m sure. I bless you.

May God bless you.

Try to be in the ashram at least for two three weeks, so that you learn certain disciplines. And disciplines must be maintaned. Do not challenge Arneau for that. You must discipline yourself, there is an emergency, and your disciplined life will tell everybody else, that it is going to  be all right. You should not side with your sister, brother or anyone. You must side with the Divine, so that you can cure brother, sister, everyone. So try to work it out this way that the whole thing cleanses. Mother is cleaning you all the time. Morning till evening I’m doing nothing but cleansing. But you also should do some cleansing, isn’t it? That’s very important.

So now I take your leave. And there’s this is vibrated water. You can use it for whatever you like, I will vibrate that with My hand. I won’t be able to wash it I think. My hands with that. And this one here, yes, this one you put it here. Just put it. No, no, you put all that in here.

Yogi: In the big one?

Yes. No, no, no, no. This, all this. This water can be removed.

Yogi: Shri Mataji can we just put a garland on You?

Yes, yes, while going I’ll take it. Can you bring some pot like this? Something to wash My hands. Now some ladies should open the sari and give it to Me. This sari has put a bondage on Me. Some seven ladies. Married ladies. You give a sari to them and you take a fruit in that. First let Me wash this you see, that is important. Did you bring a pot? That’s too small. That’s it… Just open. Look at this. This is also, you people are so lucky to get it. You got it so cheap, do you know? We payed eight hundred rupees for this sari.

Yogi: It’s tremendous, Shri Mataji. It’s just the color of the sari You have today.

You can’t believe it, you can’t believe it, you see. You can’t get it for less than three thousand. You are people so lucky, you have no idea how lucky you are. Just imagine. Can you get such a sari? The other way round. Just show them. Now put it on Me. Put everything on My hands. Ghee a little. Lttle bit ghee. Little. Just a wee bit. Just a bit. That’s all. Now put all the…

Yogi: Curd? All of it?

Yes, yes. Now put that. Madhu – what you call? Honey. You have more curd, na?

Yogi: Yes, Shri Mataji.

It looks it was more curd with it. Yes, it’s all right. Now you pour it, the other.

Yogi: Milk?

Milk. The other should be this side. Now the sugar.

See the sari. This is your luck I tell you. I mean your wedding saris you bought, compared to that, look at this. You be careful with mixing up with people.

You shouldn’t come. This is not all right. Get somebody else. All right? I’m sorry but it is so. Don’t get friendly with her. You see, it’s a fraternity of bhoots. If there is a slightest bhoot in you, it will combine another bhoot. She will go down, you will go down. Try to keep with positive people.

Annie, how are you? You are not all right. What’s the matter with you? Why? ‘Les Miserables’? Well, then what? I don’t know why it is so. You should improve, you should see your vibrations, work it out. You see so many years you have been with Me. What will people think? Now next time I’m not going to see such faces, all right? Everybody like a flower. What makes you look like that? Work it out, see your vibrations, you know it very well. Work it out.

Marie has improved so much, you see. What about you? You should improve also. You have such a nice husband. Or you are quarreling with him? Are you? All right. It should work out I think. You go on the right side too much, you think too much. You think too much. So just say ‘Nirvichara’, it’s the mantra for you, ‘Nirvichara’. And for her, Vivian – Vivian, you must say the mantra of Sahasrara, all right? Om Twameva Sakshat Sahasrara Swamini. It will work out. Still it is catching little bit, but it will work out. You are much better, no doubt. All right.

Bring it slowly. You have to put some rice. No, I think you have to do it this way. Ha, good.

Yogi: The rice, if You want to put it now, Shri Mataji.


Yogi: They went for rice, Shri Mataji.

Beg pardon?

Yogi: They went for rice, they are coming with the rice.

Put the garland now. But the rice should be fast because I take that – Everybody has improved, you see. Marie Martine, ask her, from where she has improved to what. There are people, tremendous people you have here, who have improved themselves with full confidence in themselves. Martine has improved so much. Everybody has improved. Even she has improved so. And Antoinette, I’m very happy to see you this way. She’s so much confident, she’s so sensible now. Everybody must improve. All right.

I’ll try to arrange for your children, if they can be looked after in some place in India, then those who have children can also travel. I’ll try. Although I don’t promise but I’ll try.

Hello, Shakti. May God bless you.

So now, where is the garland? Beautiful. It’s very beautiful. May God bless you.

Now take a photograph. Everything to order. In this short time what to do? You cannot do much, you see, do much justice. That’s the problem.

Give her the photograph of Sahasrara. Another thing I found out, if you can get the photograph of My feet, which are nicely exposed, you put it on the ground, bow to it and look at it without thinking. That’s a very good way of progress, that’s a surrender, all right?

Yogi: Complete Puja, Shri Mataji.

Fast. You see, you are very speedy people. For India, they take four and a half hours. And Switzerland only ten, fifteen minutes, finished! They are very speedy, you see. Telescopic.

Yogi: If You say that, Shri Mataji, to the Indian Sahaja Yogis, we will be scold when You come to India, Shri Mataji.

No, no. They know that things can be very much, complete effect is there. That’s the main point. Oh, let it be, let it be. Don’t you worry. This is the flower of dathura we call it. Is a – like that, which is used for, little away, so that the Feet can be seen also. The Feet must be seen. That sari, did you keep or not for the background? I’ve put it inside, the one he liked.

Yogi: Oh, it’s in the bag Shri Mataji.

I will take it out. You should use it for a background, good idea.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, if the photograph is good, we could enlarge it, because it is on the green color Your Feet. It’s tremendous with the flowers, Shri Mataji. Should be nice.

All right, take it one more. Good one. Let it be, need not be there flowers, need not be. All right, doesn’t mattter they show, as long as My Feet show. It’s all right. Now see. Don’t put, pull this out a little. Good. If you look at Them there’s no swelling, you see? There’s no swelling at all. All right. Take it here. All right.

May God bless you all.

It was very enjoyable, intense and beautiful and I don’t know how the time passed. You all enjoyed. So be kind to everyone, be nice to everyone, and don’t say harsh words, when you are with other people.

And Mona what about you? Are you all right? You still go up and down.

Yogi: Yes, Mother.

Now you study yourself. You have to become into Nirvikalpa. You see the boat is leaving. The boat is leaving. You have to come to Nirvikalpa.

What’s that?

Yogi: From Mite, Shri Mataji, to match with the tea set.


Yogi: From Mite, handmade, to match with the tea set.

So you bring it with the tea set, all right? So sweet of you to have given Me that tea set, really. So sweet, it’s so precious. I don’t think I’ll ever use it. Is too good, too good to be used, you know. It’s too sweet. So beautiful. I mean what an idea. What an idea. And the sari?

Yogi: We put it in Your bag Shri Mataji?

All right. And take out that another sari, all right? You feel very sad, isn’t it ? l feel very sad, leaving you all here. But we are going to meet for Guru puja. At least make it for Guru puja, all of you should be there for Guru puja, all right?

Yogi: Shri Mataji, could we sing Your aarti, while you are leaving? Could we sing Your aarti while You are leaving?

All right, sing.

May God bless you.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, we all the Sahaja Yogis here, we pray to You and we promise You, that we will be one, just one flower, so that when You can see us, You will see only one flower, one color, one perfume, and one flower offered at Your Divine Lotus Feet. And we pray Shri Mataji in our heart, that Your Divine Lotus Feet will dwell forever in our beings. Amen. Jai Shri Mataji. Jai Shri Mataji.

I want to thank you all very much for the gifts, Genevieve, for your gift and others, all those who have given Me gifts, thank you very much for all that. May God bless you.

Now enjoy yourself. Hope to see you all very soon. I’m going with a heavy heart, but I hope at Gurupuja it will be all cleared out.

May God bless you. Thank you very much.