Holy Ghost is the mother, which gives you your second birth

Madrid, Colegio Mayor Chaminade (Spain)

1985-06-26 Holy Ghost is the mother, which gives you your second birth, Madrid, Spain, DP-RAW, 113' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 1, Colegio Mayor Chaminade, Madrid (Spain) Wednesday, June 26th, 1985

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

When we say we are seeking the truth, we have to know that it is not a mental projection that we are seeking. Nor it is an emotional projection. Truth exists beyond emotional and mental projections. In the evolutionary process that we have become human beings, whatever we have known as truth, is expressed on our central nervous system. But there are many things which are unknown to us and we think it may be divine. But when the devin or the divine shines, then we get empowered with the powers of the spirit. For example, somebody sees the light, but he is not the light. If you have to become the light, then you will have the powers of the light within you. Now also, another problem with us is that we understand everything thru money. But, if it is the living process within us, how can we pay for it? We have become human beings from amoeba, what did we pay for that? Also, what did we do about it?

So we have to know that whatever has to happen to us, has to happen in a living process, without paying for it or without any effort put into it. This is rather difficult for us human beings to accept. But it’s a fact that you can’t do anything about it. It is within you, the power, the energy. What we call as the Holy Ghost is placed in the triangular bone, as we see there. This bone is called as the Sacrum bone, (which) means (that) the Greeks knew it’s a sacred bone. But because people did not seek their evolution, their second birth in the real sense, real actualization… that is why we have failed in our ascent.

Christ has said you have to be born again. And when Nicodemus said, “how? am I to enter into the womb of my mother?” He said no, “whatever is born of the flesh is the flesh”. You have to be born of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the mother. Which gives you your second birth. Now, where is this Holy Ghost?
This Holly Ghost is this power within us which resides in the triangular bone in three and a half coil. When this power is awakened within you, you get your actualization of second birth.
It’s an actualization, it is not just artificial baptism, as somebody putting their hand on your head and say, “now, you are a Christian” or “you are twice born”…it’s not like that, it has to happen!

We are all empowered with this energy, it resides within us. This is the epitome of our evolution. We have to figure it now. And this has to happen within ourselves. It is a very simple living process. As a little seed can sprout itself, the same way, this energy rises within you. What do we do when we plant a seed? The mother earth has the power and you just plant it, and the seed has also built in powers and it just sprouts.
You don’t have to do anything, to stand on your head or you have to pay to the mother earth. She doesn’t understand money. So one must understand that when you are seeking the truth, you have to become the truth. And truth is powerful. Truth is love and compassion. Is a power that flows and emits thru you and you don’t have to say that you are doing this. It works by itself. It just emits and it is silent. This happening of Kundalini, is so eminent today that it is happening to thousands of people. For example, the whole of Europe, I’ve been traveling and I find there are so many seekers of truth -special category of human beings. They are just ready to get their realization. It is to happen now. This is the time which is described as Last Judgment.

This is how you are going to get judged, by the awakening of the kundalini. This kundalini pierces through six centers, which you see here clearly, they are subtle centers within us. And enlightens there, ultimately piercing through the last one, which is call as the Brahmarandhra o we can call the fontanelle bone area. It pierces through your fontanelle bone area and you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your own heads. As a result of that, because all these centers supply the root centers, you get lots of good effects.
These subtle centers, actually look after our gross plexuses on the physical side. As a result of that, you become physically fit. All your diseases disappear in no time.

It is very difficult for people to believe that such a thing can happen. Such a person doesn’t have to do anything, it just works automatically. It is your own kundalini, it is your own chakras and it is your own gain. And then, you get the another great benefit out of it, is that you become emotionally, absolutely, self-satisfied.
Many people who suffer from mental troubles, become all right. It sounds fantastic, but this we have tried everywhere and has worked, in most of the cases. The greatest of all that happens to you, is that you become absolutely peaceful and joyful. We try to establish big huge organizations to create peace, but is not possible, unless and until this transformation takes place.

Human beings are to be transformed. As a result of this, only you realize that you are part and parcel of the whole. You feel that you are now a microcosms but you are a part of the macrocosms. For example, this finger of mine, if it is paining and if I rub it, I’m not doing any obligation on that finger. So you become a personality which is actually collectively conscious. You become, it’s not just a certificate. It’s not some sort of a enrollment as a member, but you just become yourself.
When you become collectively conscious, then you can start feeling on your fingertips the centers of other people as well as your own centers. And you can find out how to cure your centers and the centers of others.
Mohammed Sahib has said that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak. He has talk, quite a lot in Quran, about the resurrection time but nobody wants to talk about it. They always talk about the doomsday. Everybody wants to frighten everybody about the doomsday because they can take advantage of people. Frighten them so that they become fanatics and form groups and fight among each other. There could be also very intellectual subtle fanaticism. They, with their mental ideas and conceptions they believe in something and form a group out of hatred.
For example, Christianity or protestants, now has led them into a ditch. They started mentally solving the problem and as a result now they think that Christ was just a human being and that he did not perform any miracles, and he had no birth of this conception, which we call as the immaculate. In London, there is a big argument going on, whether Christ was divine or was he just a human being and many, many theologists are sitting down to discuss and find out whether he was divine or not.
How can you know about a person when you are not perfect yourself? You have to become the spirit first to know what Christ was. How would you know about anyone of them, when you are not connected to the divine?
They become so fanatically attached to a particular religion and then the young people start understanding that this is something nonsensical. Now the time has come to prove the existence of God and that of all His incarnations. But unless and until you are spirit, you cannot understand. Like in Histology, if you have to look at a cell then you have to use a microscope. In the same way, you have to become the spirit to understand Christ. Or to understand Krishna, Rama, all these people.

Moreover, human beings must know that they have to still achieve their ultimate, ultimate. We are still living in the relative world, not the absolute world. When we become the absolute, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost starts flowing through our hands. We start feeling around us the subtle energy which works out all the living things. All Pervading Power of God’s Love. And we are amazed how this things like flower becoming a fruit, all these things happen, through this great power. Through science what we know is ribbit compared to the enormous that you have to know. But when you become the spirit, you know it.

But this knowledge is not mental. It is spiritual, meaning it is on your central nervous system. For example if you take an animal, or a dog say, or a horse and take it to dirty lane, he will walk through. But for a human being, it is impossible to walk through that dirty lane. Now this we have achieved, this sensitivity we have achieved on our central nervous system. Through the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga you become master of yourself. You become your own guide and guru because you become the spirit. And then you have to just know how to use this power. And this knowledge is also available to you absolutely free.
So it is your own potential within you and as this potential is awakened you become a dynamic personality. And you become a compassionate personality. You have no fear of any kind. And you feel your freedom, completely. You no more yield to any temptations, or to any habits. And you enjoy your being as the spirit, in its own glory.

In Sanskrit language a realized soul is called as a dvija and also a bird is called dvija. Dvija means the person who is born again, because the bird is first like an egg and then it becomes a bird. In the same way, a realized soul is an egg of a human being and then when the human egg breaks, then he becomes a realized soul.
You can see in this diagram how we have developed two institutions within us, one through our conditioning as super ego and through our work, ego. Now these two institutions meet here in the fontanelle bone area and you become the egg of a human being. Then the “iness” develops, like I’m an Indian, I’m a Spaniard, I’m this, I’m that. And even if you believe that we are all one, it is only mental projection.
But when this egg breaks, and you come out as a new personality, then you realize that we are really part and parcel of one. It actualizes! Actually you feel it that you are one because we can feel others on your fingertips, you can feel yourself on your fingertips and you know for definitive.
I see here that there are many seekers today. I’m very happy to meet them and by God’s grace, it should happen to you today, now.

There was a poet called William Blake*, about 100 years back. Who has described the seekers as the men of god. And he has said that the men of God have to become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets. This is what has to happen to us, for which you cannot pay anything and we cannot do anything. As one candle which is enlightened can enlighten another candle, you get your enlightenment. Because you are ready and it is your birth right to have it. Once you become that enlightened light, you can give to others. One gentleman who was a farmer in India, has given realization to ten thousand people. Which these people have seen (referring to the Sahaja yoguis).
Thousands of years back, in India it was predicted that such a time was going to come, when people will get their realization.

In the west, we have developed like the tree outside, but this is the knowledge of the roots. If you do not look after your roots, you’ll be uprooted completely. I went to America and I was shocked the way things are happening there, it is a mad world! They have lost a sense of ridicule , they have lost a sense of destruction, they are doing all kind of things which are not to be done by a human being at all. I hope they will come to senses and seek their roots, because they are lost if they don’t seek to their roots.

So today, I hope you’ll be able to get realization, most of you. And tomorrow again, I’ll explain to you about all these centers. I am sure that you must be knowing that this knowledge is unlimited and that I cannot cover the whole knowledge in one or two lectures. But once you become the spirit you start seeing knowledge yourself. For that you don’t have to go to any university or do some special course. There is no course in it, you have to become. Becoming is the point!

So now you are all seekers and I have to make one humble request: that whatever you think you might have done, you must know that to find it don’t have to seek , it is devenues (devenir= french for becoming). What I find in the West is that people pay for their seeking, waste a lot of money and they get entangled in it and completely lost. They don’t want to change their ideas at all.
I’ve seen that in their seeking many have become abnormal people. They have become sick, they have got epilepsy, they have got heart trouble, they have got all kinds of problems. But a divine person, has to be a very healthy, peaceful person. Has to be very wise and extremely compassionate. And he should have powers to know whether another one is realized or not.

In every country lots of children are born, who are born realized. But people don’t know what children they have! And they don’t know how to look after these great souls who have come on this earth. And they have such a big ego that they don’t want to accept that their children could be such smart souls. But they are, I know. In Spain, also we have lots of great children born who are great people. So it is proper for all the parents also, to have their realization. To solve your marriage problems, to solve other problems, which are also financial, you’d better get your realization. You don’t know the ways of god, how far (not clear). Krishna has said “yogakshemam vahamyaham”, that is: “first you take your yoga and then I’ll look after your wellbeing”. And the yoga is not physical yoga, it means the union with the Divine. And also it has another meaning, “kaushalam” (excellence in action ) meaning the depth: one has to know how to use the yoga.
So that is what you have to have, just the connection. Like a television, if you take (it) to a village in India and tell them that you can see lots of pictures, they won’t believe it. But when you connect to the mains, they will see how fantastic. If this instrument is not connected to the mains, it is useless. In the same way, if you are not connected to the mains and you are just talking about it, you are not going to be helped. And Sahaja also means, Saha means with and Ja means born with you, means it is so simple. Spontaneous. And that happens in a very simple way, it should happen to you, it is your own, better to have it.

I know that about 100 years back, horrible books were written against the Kundalini awakening. It has no relevance to the traditional knowledge of Kundalini. It started as a new thing for Americas or for Western people, because they always want to have something new. But every knowledge must have a traditional background. You cannot just start doing something out of the blue. All kinds of nonsensical ideas came and the people who wanted to make money came to the west and exploited you and I’m sorry for that. They wanted to take advantage of your naivete, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sure whatever you might have done, you will get your realization because you are seekers.

Today is the first day, I would like you to ask me some questions, if you have any. But sensible questions and not for too long, and if you have read something or you are from some other guru, or something, we are not interested in that. Ask some questions which you really feel that will come in the way of your ascent. Because I don’t want (that) when I’m trying the awakening, you start thinking about something else, but just about yourself. Moreover, I must say that so far, Spain has not shown much progress in spiritual ascent, as other countries have shown in Europe. Maybe [it is] that I, also did not come here so often. But I know for definite that there are many, many seekers of very great value, residing in Spain.

May God Bless you.

Now, should I have questions from you?

Question: What is your impression of Madrid, in general?

Sri Mataji: Is a part of the liver. Where people smoke a lot and drink a lot, it is rough on the liver of the universe. But they are never ridiculous, never ridiculous. No, I have not seen them doing ridiculous things, so far. And they have a sense of holiness and saintliness. They are sensible people, compared to many. Like, English are supposed to be very sensible, (but) they have this new thing called “punks” (laughing). I asked them, what do you color your hair like that? and why do you do these things to your hair? because hair is very important and they say “what’s wrong?” And some of these hairdressers charge to them hundred, two hundred pounds for hairdressings. Italians are also very sensible, they have a sense of ridicule.

Question: What’s your opinion of the killing of bull, here in Spain? the interpreter explains, talking to Shri Mataji about bull fighting in Spain.

Shri Mataji: (laughing) You see as a mother, I’m a mother, you don’t seek to the right side of the child. Bull fighting brought about a kind of an ego amongst Spanish people, that “we were fighting the bull”….What is there to fight a bull? For what?
In the west they have all kinds of funny things like that, you see, what you call as motor racing, you call as Grand Prix, all that kind of a horrible things, where people die in the motor races. In India we describe these as -there is a phrase for it- we say all these things are like “come bull and hit me” (laughs).

Question: What do you opine about slaughterhouses, about slaughtering animals

Shri Mataji: Now you see, the thing is…just a minute, please. The problem is that we have put our attention more to the animals, but what about human beings? Actually, animals are not that important if you seek to it. Because suppose there are chickens, how can I give them realization? What is important is the human being, he should be transformed.

Question: What is the significance of the different colors on the fingers (referring to the subtle system chart)? Is it the energy or what is the meaning?

Shri Mataji: They are signifying here (referring to subtle system chart) the different colors which are that of the different fingers. That’s how that is that. For example, you see that center is a green color, all right? So you see that center is the green color and actually that has a green color in it. And that is what you see on the centers. These two represent that center which is here in the liver, which is on the left hand side for emotional. And this is for our physical and mental side. So that is how it is representative. You will know everything like that , it is very easy to know. But first know the spirit. But this all you will know very soon, that is not difficult.
But it is like this. If you ask me how to electrise a dark room, you are taking that you just put on a switch and you get the light. But if you want to know all about how electricity has come, what is the history of electricity, what is the organization of …(unclear), it’s quite boring. It’s better to have the light first and then you can know all about it.
So one has to know that if you have the light, it is easier to see things. When the power is flowing through you, it is easier to experiment with it. Otherwise, it is just talk, talk, talk….

Now, what do you want to ask there?

Question: So you are saying that it is like switching the light on, but if I switch the light on, most probably, I’ll go blind. And the question would be, what is the normal process by which we can go through each chakra, and it’s different colors, until we get to that total balance?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, you don’t become blind, on the contrary if you are blind you start seeing because this is Divine Light and Divine Light is beautiful, is very gentle and delicate. It knows you very well, it knows your capacity. Though at the first shot, the Kundalini pierces through and then it goes back to places where you have problems and you have to work it out, that is why you have to learn about the light and then you have to establish it. There is not hat all, the slightest danger, on the contrary you immediately start feeling extremely relaxed.

Question: I have a question related to the Mother, what is the relation between the Mother with this new Era of Aquarius?

Shri Mataji: Great! Aquarius is this area within us. These are all chakras related to one of the signs and Aquarius is the Kundalini. What we call in Sanskrit Kumbha. Kumbha is Aquarius. We know this. We know in India. Because everything is related to the Divine. Is not hanging in the air. The astrology does not hang in the air, it has to relate to Spirit. It has to relate to Kundalini, it has to relate to different centers. So this is the Kumbha and that is why is (nice?), through that conscience you know that it is the Age of the Aquarius. Means the Kundalini.

But now all these questions that you are asking, like the gentleman is asking about Aquarius, this, that… you are to know very soon. Your enquiry will be fulfilled. Why not have the Spirit now, first of all?

Shri Mataji asks the yogui who is translating: How long have you been in Sahaja Yoga?

Yogui: “82, Mataji. Three years”

Shri Mataji: Jose is only for 3 years in Sahaja and you can ask him any questions, he can answer (laughs). It is true, no doubt. He is a humble man but he knows everything. Because he is a humble man, that’s why. You didn’t you say that part? I know that (laughing). All right!

Now, I think, you see, we should give up now asking questions. Spain people asks too many questions (jokingly). This is now the impression I will get, otherwise. But by asking questions, it is not going to work out. There is no gravity. If it has to work out, it will work out. It has to work out, I want that it should work out but if everybody is all (shrugging)…

Question: I went to a meeting about mental control and in that meeting they taught us about how to use our energy.
To the interpreter: Does she want to say something? (referring to Shri Mataji).
Interpreter: No she wants to listen.

Shri Mataji: No, you cannot wake up your energy, mind control cannot wake up the energy, the only thing that happens is that your sympathetic nervous system goes into action and it will heat it up. And moreover, the criteria to know it is very simple: can you feel the centers of another person and can you feel your own centers? Simple as that.

Now, let us see if you get realization. Also, madam, just wait. It would take only hardly about eight to ten minutes to get your realization, why don’t­­ you have it? And then ask me questions, it would be better. isn’t it? You may or you may not get it. No, we’ll have it later madam, tomorrow.

Question: I would like to ask you (about) what is this point here …..but now I see that you have two points here (asking about Shri Mataji’s bindi and sindoor)…. It helps you to open your mind or….(unclear)?

Shri Mataji: No, this is a sign of married ladies (Shri Mataji points to her forehead). In India, when you are married you are supposed to do all these things.

-But it is the third eye also, you have to open it (unclear)?

Shri Mataji: Yes, but later on you will know that this signifies a center, Agnya. the center of Christ.

Question: yes, but you have so many (unclear, points?)

Shri Mataji: Yes, this also has a certain significance. Indian ladies, when they are married, in certain parts of our country, we have to wear it.

Question: But in the nose? Also, here?

Shri Mataji: Yes, in our country we have to wear. We have to wear all these things, you see, I am a married lady and as I am a married woman, I have to wear….

Question: I am sorry Mataji, but I would like to know why do you put so many things, if it doesn’t help anything (unclear)

Shri Mataji: No, no, we mark it (that) we are married ladies, just to announce it.

Question: It only means that you are married, It doesn’t help anything….

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s so. May God bless you.

See, in certain parts… I married a gentleman from the north of India, and there you are supposed to wear these (piercing on nose), different types of things to mark it whether you are married. So for us, marriage is very important in India and a married lady is very much respected. Very much. She is regarded as very, very great, because she is married and she looks after the children and she looks after their chastity and she is a holy person in the family. So that is why we have to wear all these things.

(Interpreter announces that Self Realization will follow)

Shri Mataji:

Now the only one request is that you should not disturb others. If you have to go, you can go now. It is only 5, 10 minutes we have to be here but don’t disturb others, we have to be civil. (announcer: I told them, Mother) You told them, all right.
And also that, one thing I’ve seen in the West -this is very common everywhere-, that people feel very, very guilty. Very guilty for nothing at all. There is nothing to feel guilty, at all!
So first of all, you have to forgive yourself and you have to know that you are the Temple of God and you have to respect yourself.
Now as it is your own Kundalini and you have to raise your own Kundalini, I will tell you the different centers which you have to touch.
The left hand is symbolic of your desire, so you have to put the left hand all the time like this (open) towards me, representing your desire. But you have to be comfortable… But you should not slouch, in the sense you should sit straight. You are all younger to be (unclear) and you can sit as I can sit.
All right, so now you have to just put the left hand towards me and the right hand is to be used for giving a way for the kundalini by touching the different centers which I’ll tell you.
I will just tell you, these centers are:
First the heart where resides the Spirit. Then we go down in the upper part of the stomach, then in the lower part of the stomach. Then we come back in the upper part of the stomach and then on the heart. Then we go to the left side of your neck, here. This is very important because most of you catch this as you feel guilty. This is a very dangerous thing, to feel guilty.
Actually, spondylitis are caused by feeling guilty or you may get what you call the angina, and diseases of the heart. So now, you have to understand this is a very important center, where you have to put your hand, for all the Western people I’ve seen they have this problem. But not from the back, here, but from the front like that.
Then you have to go on your forehead here and then on the back side of your head, here. And then, you have to stretch your hand and put this area (the palm) on the first day bone area and press it hard, and move it seven times and I’ll tell you. And then I will tell you to take down the hand and you will be able to feel the cool breeze on top of your head and then also in your hands. First time you’ll see the All Pervading Power and you’ll become a subtler being.
So now what we have to do is just close eyes trough out. Nobody should open the eyes for these 5-10 minutes.
Put the left hand towards me, just like this… simple…and close your eyes. Please don’t open your eyes, that’s all. Because attention is to be drawn within. With all respect to yourself, please put the right hand on your heart and close your eyes. Now, here you have to ask me a very fundamental question: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Three times.
Now you have to move your hand for the second question, please put it on the upper part of your stomach, on the left hand side. Everything is to be done on the left hand side. Here you ask another fundamental question, that if you are the Spirit then you become your own master, your own guru, your own guide. So please ask the question, three times: “Mother, am I my own master? Am I my own guru? Am I my own guide?” Ask this question. Ask the question three times.
Now take this right hand down, onto the left hand side again, on the lower portion of your stomach and put your hand there, little bit press it. This is the center of the Divine (Tickle?), of the Divine Knowledge and here I cannot force it on you, you have to ask for it. So as this center has got six plexuses, you please ask me or you can say: “Mother, I want to have the Divine knowledge. Mother, please may I have the Divine Knowledge?” Six times. “May I have the pure knowledge?” Keep your left hand towards me and do it with concentration. It will make your Kundalini rise.
Now, please raise your hand on the Center of the Guru, which is placed on the left hand side of your stomach, on the upper part. At this center you must know that the Kundalini is rising and you have to assert that you are your own master. So please say: “Mother, I am my own master”. Please say that, with full confidence in yourself. Ten times. Because these are ten sub-plexuses created by the great prophets.
Now raise your right hand to your heart. Again with full confidence, you have to say with confidence. You have to say: “Mother, I am the Spirit”. Twelve times. Y
ou have to know that God is (the) ocean of love and grace, but above all, He is the ocean of forgiveness. So we are not to feel guilty about anything because whatever mistakes we may commit, He is so powerful that He dissolves all our mistakes. Raise your hand up to the neck, between the corner, between the neck and the shoulder and press it hard. And with complete faith in yourselves and in the Forgiveness of God, sixteen times, please say “Mother, I am not guilty”. Sixteen times. Say it from your heart. (Aside: better….much better.)
Now, raise your hand on your forehead across. Here you have to say, from your heart, how many times is not important. From your heart (say), “Mother, I forgive everyone”.
It is a myth that we do not forgive and also a myth when we forgive, but when we don’t forgive then we play into wrong hands. Better to say “Mother, I forgive everyone”. Say it from your heart.
Now take your hand on the back side of your head. Hold it tight. Here you have to say, for your own satisfaction, “Oh Divine, if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me”. Hold it tight.
Stretch your hand and put it on top of your head, on the fontanelle bone area, in the center and press it hard and move it seven times. Again I cannot force your freedom, you have to say “Mother, I want my realization, please give me realization”. Press it hard and say it seven times and move it seven times. Press it hard.

[Mother imitates wind sound by blowing air on the microphone]

Take down your hands slowly, on your lap. Open your eyes slowly. Put right hand like this (palm open towards Shri Mataji), and left hand (above the head) you start to feel… see if there is Cool Breeze of Virat. Left hand and right hand towards me. Left hand like this, higher, about 4 inches. Like this (palm up), not like that. Like this. Put it close, it’s a very subtle feel. Move it. Good?
Now put the left hand (towards Her). Now see if from the head is coming up (the Kundalini energy), with the right. Put it higher. Move it (up and down). Little higher. Ah? Get it? Are you (feeling it)? Good.
Now to feel the All Pervading Power, put up your arms, on top, like that and ask the question, “Is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost”? Put back your head.
Take down your hands and let see for yourself if you feel it on the hands. Like this (hands open towards Mother, palms up), just higher. With heart, just heart. Some are feeling more on the left, some are feeling on the right.
Put the left towards me and the right towards the Mother earth. Is for balancing.
Now put the right hand towards me, and the left hand like this (elbow bent, pointing towards ceiling, palm facing backwards). Right hand towards me, left hand like this.

Now put both hands (open, towards Her) and see if you are feeling the cool breeze. Little bit, is very subtle. Yes, I told you… you are great seekers. Very silent. Not hot, It’s not hot, you are watching me without thinking. Now, don’t think. You can do it, don’t think. You are beyond thought.
When you go home, don’t discuss, don’t argue, be quiet and sleep off and tomorrow come here quiet. You cannot talk about it. Once you start thinking, you loose your vibrations. I’ll tell you how to protect yourself, also. All of you should do it. Your aura must be protected.
Just put your left hand towards me. And with the right hand, you have to protect your aura by taking it like this (Mother makes an arch over her head, from left to right hip and back):
-One… Ok, seven chakras, seven.
-Two…please, everybody should do it. With left hand like this.
-Three…everyone do it. Four…five…it will help you. Six…and seven.

Now, how to raise your Kundalini, three times. Your Kundalini is here, about (here), when you are sitting down. Put your left hand there, you should do this at home. And the right hand does the action, like this. Upward, forward, downward. And the left hand goes up, like that. On top of your head. Let’s start. And then you have to give a knot, I’ll tell you how.
Now start. Let’s go, watch the left hand. Watch the left hand. Loosen your shoulders, push back your head and give it a big twist and a knot. Once more. Watch the left hand. Loosen your shoulders, push back your head and give it a twist and one knot. Third time, three knots. That’s all. Now it’s coming faster. Now, one….Again, two…Again, three. Now see how you feel in your hands. Much better? Much better?
How many of you have felt the cool breeze on top of your head? And/or in your fingertips? Please raise both your hands. Both hands, both hands. Great! Most of you have felt it. And those who have not felt, will feel tomorrow. Definitely, I promise!
Also, bring your friends. Telephone to them and call them. I’m here only for tomorrow. Thank you very much.

(Audience claps)

*(about William Blake)