Devi Puja: Ashtami Madrid (Spain)

1985-06-27 Puja in Madrid

Just rub on My Feet. Rub with both the hands. Rub your hands; rub your hands. Now, see yourself. Now see your vibrations, now see. Got it? All right!

Now, let’s have the third, second, three persons. May God bless you!

Yogi: The restaurant belongs to this lady.

Shri Mataji: Yes,yes, I know. She came to Me, she was weeping..

Rub it now; rub it; rub it. See, just rub your hands, […]

Prana Madrid, Colegio Mayor Chaminade (Spain)

Public Program Day 2, Madrid, 1985-0627

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I am happy that you people have read something about seeking and about Indian thought. The climate in India is so good and congenial that people don’t have to worry about say from the cold, or dust and all those things which people have to face in other countries. You can live under a tree and you are all right. And so the people started seeking inside not outside, […]