Madrid, Colegio Mayor Chaminade (Spain)

1985-06-27 Prana, Madrid, Spain, DP-RAW, 144' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 2, Madrid, 1985-0627

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I am happy that you people have read something about seeking and about Indian thought. The climate in India is so good and congenial that people don’t have to worry about say from the cold, or dust and all those things which people have to face in other countries. You can live under a tree and you are all right. And so the people started seeking inside not outside, as in the west they went outside in the sense that they developed as a tree, not as a root. Luckily, they had great sages and incarnations to guide them properly to proper lines. And if you go to the traditional knowledge that has come out, that is what I am telling you today. But only about 100 years back, you see, some people wanted to sell it and they gathered something here, something here and they published books.

Now I will tell you what is prana is. First of all, we were ‘jadas’ means matter. If you have seen periodic laws of chemistry, you will see that carbon is placed in the centre. So, the carbon that was created in the mother earth with the heat became the central point of all the chemicals that were there. Now carbon is placed within us on the first centre which has tetra valences. Because of its tetra valency, it started combining and we have organic chemistry, means living beings, means living things. So then amino acids was formed further. Now these amino acids, later on, became living beings like an amoeba. That is the time when we are beyond the second centre. It’s the green area (in the chart) that you see, there where we have come.

Now the second centre is the one which created all kinds of matter, all what you call the Surya mandalas, Sun, Moon, galaxies. So when we started growing from amoeba to human beings, you see, it took some time for you to develop into this form evolved into it. So from the time a living being started breathing, the prana came in. Prana means the air that we breathe in and breath out. Now that is on our right side we have in the human beings, prana, Prana shakti which we call as the vital thing. Which gives us the physical as well as the mental capacity. While the Mana shakti is on the left-hand side. And that shakti is the one that gives you desire. Now when these three shaktis, one is the one which we call as the Prana shakti, is the Kriya shakti. Then the Mana shakti on the left-hand side, the emotional shakti. And the central one is the Evolutionary shakti. Then we say that it becomes pranav. Now they started the working on prana long time back under a Realised soul, who is a guru, not anybody.

Because that time Mana shakti was quite a lot and people wanted to try the Prana shakti, means desire was quite a lot. So, we had two types of schools in India one that was dedicated, devoted and Bhakti Yoga they believed in. Bhakti, in the dedication, devotion. And the another one that believed in the Prana shakti which developed the Patanjali Yoga.

But in Patanjali yoga whatever written is 8-fold, it is ‘ashtangasan’, it is 8-fold. And the exercise is the 1/16th of the 8, 1/8th. Because it just get us to the physical side. And that too if the kundalini has not started and if you start doing yoga then you develop complications of the left side; so-called yoga, I mean physical yoga. Because you become right sided. Physically you may be all right but emotionally you become zero. Like people who jog. They are very unhappy people. If you look after your physical side too much, then you develop a kind of a personality which is very austere, dry and incipient.

As it is, the West is the right sided. On top of that, if you do right-sided exercises you will have more divorces. People will be extremely dry. They wouldn’t have love for their children. In England you will be surprised, every week two children are being killed by a parent, is a fact. They make the dog sleep in the bedroom and the children sleep in another room. This is western nonsense. And also they kill their parents, this that, in America. I mean we cannot think of Indians, we are left sided. They lose the sense of poetry, the sense of delicacy everything. Like now the houses are bow?? house everywhere. Dry, incipit. In your country itself I have seen such beautiful artwork done, such delicate things. Now what you find is nothing but everything artificial everywhere. And now you will be fed up of the artificial things. You put your foot anywhere is artificial, you touch anything is artificial; you get fed up of the artificiality.

It started with the Vedas when they wanted to master the matter. And they did all these home havanas just to know the essence of matter. As a result of that, you people developed sciences. And as a result of sciences you developed artificial life as well as atom bombs. Because human nature is to go to extremes. If you tell them to keep to the centre, they do not. There is no modernization in life. Like in China Confucius said that you must become very virtuous, righteous. Because the Chinese were lethargic farmers and you must work. Humanism he started. But now they found out that now they are going too much towards it. So Lao Tzu / Laozi came. You see they had to work it out, because some people move like a pendulum on one side and then they had to move them on other side.

Lao Tzu / Laozi came, he talked about Tao. So, all these great prophets tried t give you a balance, to give you the proper sense of law of God. So, the human beings have 10 valences, while the matter has 8 at the most. Because they have 10 valences they have to balance themselves. These are the Ten Commandments or can call them 10 ‘vratas’ in Indian language we call them a way of righteousness, path.

Now in yoga also, if you just do physical side you get completely imbalanced. You can develop a heart trouble, you can become very speedy, telescopically speedy. You know that the worst is Switzerland the? Make watches. You cannot talk to a Swiss person because he goes? you. He doesn’t know where to stop to listen to you. There’s no time to stop to listen to you. So like mad everybody is running. While the other side is they are just settled down, with their drugs or something like that. In India, as they are extremely lethargic people. So they have to become more right-sided, you have to become left sided. Like for you too much protein is not good. So you better to be vegetarians and for Indian, it is better to be non-vegetarians. This is a problem one has to understand that resides within ourselves.

But also if you go to a greater extent then it can be very dangerous. If you move too much to the right you will become Hitlers. Hitler did that. Hitler took help from the lamas who were supraconscious right sided people. And he put ideas into people which made them ego oriented like they are the selected ones of the Gods. Most of the fanatics are also like that. So the collective supraconscious lies on the right-hand side. If you enter into that you get possessed by ego. I used to wonder why bulls in Spain are in that rage with a red, not in India. Why? Most of the ladies in India wear red colour. But I have never seen any horse or any bull going mad with them. I am sure they must be conditioning the bull with that rage by showing him red and conditioning him in such a way that he has these supraconscious ideas. I mean we have bullock carts in India and nobody has seen such a thing happening that a lady passes with a red saree, the bull attacks. Nothing! So this is some sort of conditioning that it has worked out a person who gets conditioned to the ego, to the working out of it or to the right side can become like that bull. But the bull is the vegetarian otherwise. But you can make him like that if you condition the bull. In the same way, you can condition the bull.

Because your media are such, they make you ‘this is the ego, you must look like this, the women should be like this, the man should be like this’. All kinds of conditioning are there. Now latest in America is that women are building muscles like men, big, big. You see they are becoming Mr Universes. So I said why this? They said we become attractive to men. I said why do you want every man to be attracted to you? What’s the need? Are you a prostitute? Are you not trying that person to do sinful things to look at you with dirty eyes. Don’t you think you are creating an adultery in their eyes by behaving like this. That’s why Christ said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”. Because he must be knowing this is going to happen, to his followers, the Christians. And when the eyes move like that you become crazy in your heads. Then you have choices this to choose or that to choose or that, all the time like mad you are thinking. Worse in America. Every bathroom is different, every handle of the motor car is different. You better ask them before entering into the bathroom because you might slip into something and get completely, you see. Horrible as that. They call it individualism, but all of them will dress up the same way, have the hairstyle the same way; everybody follows any fashion that comes in. How are you, individuals?

Now by thinking too much, they have developed a disease in their brains. Before their age touch 35, 65 % people are getting mad, crazy. Alzheimer or something as called as Alzheimer disease. That before 35 you get this trouble. Another problem you know, of AIDS they have got. Because they have dollars everybody wants to follow them. It is a wrong idea. So one has to be careful as to see where have they gone. If they have fallen in a ditch better keep away, not go that far. So you have to have a balance. And why do you want to have a balance? What’s the point? Why should you have a balance? Is the question. For you ‘Ascent’. All these religions were created for a balance. Though of course, they have gone off their tracks, completely. Agreed. You know what’s happening to Islam? Its happen to you in Spain, physicians and all that, before. It happened to Portuguese. They came to India and blasted off all the temples which were built so beautifully thousands of years back, with the canons.

So one has to know that either you become destructive or you take the destruction of others upon yourself. One of the two. That means you have to be yourself. You have to know yourself and that self is the spirit. And that resides in your heart. When the kundalini awakens, this is the seat (fontanelle bone area) of the Spirit. And once it touches the seat of the Spirit it starts working on your central nervous system. Like yesterday, you started feeling the cool breeze. And that’s what you have to feel. You have to feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost! The all-pervading power of God which does all the living work. In Patanjali Shastra it is called as “Ritambhara pragnya”.

But one problem is there that we do not want to accept anything like that. But if you have a scientific mind then you must have an open mind, you should be an open person. If I am telling you something you should take it as a hypothesis. And when this hypothesis works out then you have to believe in it and work it out as laws. This is a sign of a modern open scientist. I must tell you, in Sahaja Yoga all over the world we have a lot of scientists with us. One of them has missed his Noble prize. We have very great scientist and the understand this is a science of the divine laws. It is beyond human explanation. There are so many of my photographs which you cannot explain. Like in one photograph there’s a sun on my hand, a complete sun as a light in my hand. In one photograph, there is light, seven photographs, light coming on my head. In a village. In some photographs you find light coming out, flames coming out of my fingers or toes. Then they want to avoid, you see. They want to escape, they don’t want to face the truth. So they say it is all organised, arranged. But why? Why not see it? You have missed always the truth.

All the incarnations came. Christ was crucified, Mohammad was given all kinds of things and everybody was tortured; why not today face the truth? That truth is that you are the spirit and you have to become that. As soon as you become the truth, the first thing you get is your good health. Is like a temptation for you. But those who get well do not rise very high because they have just come to get well. That’s all. The second thing as I told you that mentally you feel absolutely peaceful and blissful. And spiritually you feel you don’t have to seek anything. You know that you are the light, you have to give now. First, you are asking for the light. Now you have become the light, you have to give.

There are thirty-two Sahaja Yogis who have travelled down all the way from Switzerland, France and England to Spain for this program. With their own money. Because I told them Spain has a lot of potential. Next time we are not going to import them. You are to be exported somewhere else.

I hope you will respect your Realisation and understand that you have to be the Spirit which is the truth. Truth means you know the truth. After getting Realisation, when you put your hands like this and you ask any fundamental question, “Is there God?” Ask the question three times. You start getting the cool breeze in your hand. As if you are a computer and it has started working any fundamental question. Moreover, all your problems just get solved. This is the experience of all the Sahaja Yogis who are here. All your problems neutralise. There are so many cases where people have problems, and they are very different, they look so different, they are so happy, so joyous.

So, your attention becomes powerful. Wherever you put attention the problem get solved. Your attention becomes collectively conscious. Again, I say it becomes- its just not telling yourselves- on the central nervous system. You become your own master. And you can give Realisation to others. And this can be done by all of you to save the world today. The world has to be saved through transformation. Everyone who is a thinking man has to know that he has to become the Spirit. Then you become the joy. You become the source of joy. You become the source of peace. And you give peace to others. You are peaceful because you become the witness. And you become joy means there is nothing happiness or unhappiness. Is one thing a joy. The joy is something which cannot be described but you experience it. The whole thing comes to you as a shivering feeling of complete contentment.

You become so powerful that even your glance can cure people, can give realisation. For all this, you have to know that you don’t have to pay. For Realisation, for awakening, there is no effort but to maintain it you have to learn. All habits drop out. You become a powerful, compassionate person. But you have to respect yourself as a human being and as a Realised soul. And everything works out very well.

This last chakra was to be broken, which was broken 1970 on the 5th of May, and because of that, we could give en-masse Realisation. It is like this, I thought unless and until people get Realisation, a little light in them, they cannot see their lamp. Let them get a little light in them so their see their own light lamp, and see for themselves how to cure themselves. Because if you tell somebody don’t do that, they will do that same thing. If somebody is holding a snake, and you tell that person throw in the darkness, he wouldn’t listen. He would say no this is a rope I am holding on. But if the lights are on then he can see then he will just throw by himself. You don’t have to tell. That’s better for me, safer. Otherwise, you would crucify me also. So this is a better method. And a mother’s method that you give them the light little bit. Let them see for themselves what they are. Let them know what glorious things they are. And then they become.

Now the time is up, but you have asked all your questions I think. I have tried to say something in the short speech because I thought he will give you quite an explanatory lecture. If you any more questions you better write them down and give it to me. I will answer them by writing. It is better that we should now go in for the experience of the Spirit.

Now as I told you better thing is to take out our shoes so that we can put our feet to our mother earth. I don’t know there must be something artificial down below also but doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. What can you do? You are also modern. All right.

Let’s have it this way. Very simple.
Both the hands are to be put like this, like this. You will have to all of you will have to close your eyes.

Ask them to open the door a little bit. Are you all comfortable with the fans? Keep it open. ?? it rather hot. Can you put this fan for me also? We will put it off at the end because I want you to feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. But till then, you are quite heated.

Now as I told you yesterday, the left hand represents your desire to have your Realisation. So it has to be kept all the time like this very comfortably. Be comfortable. If there is anything tight anywhere here you can loosen it. Yes, better to take out if you are wearing any heavy things or somethings that destruct you. It does not distract you, all right.

Now you have to put your right hand on your different centres because you are going to awaken your own Kundalini. All the centres are on left-hand side we are going to use now. The left-hand side. We have to put first on the heart, I will tell you when to put but I am just showing you. First on the heart, then the upper part of the stomach, then in the lower part of the stomach, then again in the upper part of the stomach. Then on the heart again. Now the most important is this centre where you take the hand from the front. And put it here on the left-hand side. This is the centre in which you all catch very much because unnecessarily you feel guilty. In the west people feel guilty for anything, for small things. See there are so many norms that even if you put a fork and a spoon differently you feel guilty. I mean it is absurd. The English language is such that you start with “I am afraid”. I mean you are human beings. You are great things. All this world is for you, every?? laws are for you, you are not for them. And you have made this world, you have made everything yourself. Why are you so much bowed down to eat all the time and feel so much guilt? All these norms are stupidity. There is nothing important. Only important thing is your Spirit which is beyond.

So first of all, not to feel guilty at all for anything. Because you are the temple of God. In your Spirit is going to come. Not in animals. And you are seekers. You are a special category of people. Please don’t feel guilty. I am having a terrible pain here because they are all feeling guilty still. Moreover, I have to tell you that feeling guilty is just a kind of a conditioning. It gives you all kinds of problems. It gives you angina, it gives you spondylitis, it gives you a lethargic heart, so many problems it gives you. It is nonsense. Moreover in my lecture, if I had said something which has made you feel guilty, I am sorry. So please forget it, forget my lecture. You should be pleasantly placed towards yourself. You are going to enter the kingdom of God. There is a need to have Spanish seriousness. You all are great people, you have to enter into the kingdom of God. So be happy about it and be joyous. All right.

Now with this introduction, I hope you wouldn’t feel guilty. Now this hand has to go here then after that, and then has to go at the back and then you have to stretch your hand and put it on top of your head. And push it down and move it in seven times like this. That’s all. Which I will tell you one by one. That’s all. It takes about 5-6 minutes. Alright. Now please close your eyes. Now those who don’t want to feel please go away. Because yesterday there were some ladies who didn’t want to do it, they were fanning, disturbing everyone; is not being civil. So if you don’t want to feel please go away. So now put your left hand towards me like this. Close your eyes and put your right hand on your heart.

Here now press it and ask a fundamental question “Mother Am I the Spirit?” You can ask me as mother or you can ask me as Mataji, whatever suits you. You can ask me “Mother Am I the Spirit?” “Mother Am I the Spirit?” Ask the question within your heart with full attention to yourself and not to others. Three times. Now take your right hand in the upper portion of the abdomen. This is the centre of your mastery. If you are the Spirit you are also your master. So again ask a question to me, “Mother am I, my own master?” “Mother am I my own guru?” “Mother am I my own guide?” ask three times.

Now take down your this hand in the lower part of your abdomen which is the centre of the divine laws techniques. 6 times you have to ask now because I cannot cross your freedom. So you have to say that you want it. That you want to know the true knowledge, the pure knowledge. So please say “Mother please may I have a pure knowledge, the true knowledge of the divine.” 6 times, please. Don’t do it with the speed. Do it with the heart. So now, raise your right hand to the upper part of the stomach to the centre of the mastery. And now you have to assert because the kundalini has started moving. Assert with full confidence by saying “Mother I am my own master” say it 10 times, please. The Kundalini will move faster. Have confidence.

Now move your right hand on to the heart again. And now here you say with full confidence again “Mother I am the spirit” “I am the Spirit” “I am the Spirit” say it 12 times with full confidence. Now put your right hand on the shoulder where it makes a corner with the neck. Here you have to say 16 times “Mother I am not guilty”, 16 times, don’t judge yourselves. Forgive yourselves. You must know that the divine is the ocean of love and grace. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. And what guilt can you have that cannot be dissolved by the great power of forgiveness. 16 times. And if you still feel guilty you better punish yourself by saying it 108 times. So you will be satisfied. All right.

So now, raise your right hand on top of your forehead and press it on both the sides. now here you have to say from your heart, how many times is not the point, “Mother I forgive everyone”. You might say that it is difficult to say but as I told you yesterday its a myth. Whether you forgive or not forgive its a myth. But only if you forgive you don’t play into the hands of the wrong people. Now put your right hand on the back side of your head. This is the chakra catching very much. Hold it fast. Now for your own satisfaction, you say that “Oh Divine forgive us if we have done anything wrong”, for your own satisfaction. Now stretch your hand and put it on top of your head, on the fontanelle bone area, where it was soft bone and press it hard and move it 7 times.

At this point, I cannot say that you have to get your Realisation. I cannot force you, nothing can be forced. So you have to say with your choice that “ Mother I want my Realisation, please give me my Self-realisation” . So please say 7 times “Mother please give me my Self-realisation, moving the scalp 7 times in clockwise. Press it hard. Now here you go on saying for 7 times. Now take down your hands. Open your eyes please, slowly. Now just see. Now put the right hand towards me like this, right hand and left hand on top of your head. Pay attention. Are you feeling any cool breeze? Just see. All right.

Feeling the cool breeze, good. Now put your left hand towards me and right hand you feel it. Don’t think about Don’t think Don’t think. Good. It is there. Little high. If you are not feeling try little higher cool breeze coming out of your head. Please put off the fans they can see. Better. Now put up both of your hand. Push back your head and ask the question “Mother is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost, is this the all-pervading power of God, is this the Ritambhara PrAgnya ?” whatever you want, you ask three times. Now put down the hands and see, in your hands will also feel the cool breeze. Just put down the hands and see.

Yesterday people felt more on the right, less in the left like that. So give is a balance. Put the left hand towards me and right hand towards the mother earth. Now the right hand towards me and the left hand towards the mother earth (actually sky as per video). Now, don’t think. See what we are doing that we are allowing the vibrations to come this way and everything that is caught up in the right hand is going to the ether, is going to the sky. The five elements. Now I’ll tell you have to give protection to yourself and how to raise the kundalini and then you see for yourself how it works out. At ?? you all can do it yourself. Put the left hand towards me like this. Now to protect our aura, you have to put your right hand, because the energy is flowing through your right hand, every bodies hand its flowing. You feel it or not is not the point. Its flowing and you will feel it. Because of this (vishuddhi) centre sometimes, if people smoke a lot, sometimes you don’t feel it. So it doesn’t matter. You feel it. Before going out of your house you should do this and sleeping time you should do this, to protect yourself. Now you have to give protection to your aura like this. Now let us rise. (from to left to right) One, two, everybody does it, three, take over your head, then four, then five, then six, then the seven. Now all your auras of 7 centres. Now how to raise the kundalini. You can raise your own Kundalini. When you feel little disturbed you give yourself a Bandhan, what we call this kind of protection and raise your kundalini. How do you raise it. Just you put the left hand towards the kundalini, put the right hand on top and you have to move the hand in such a way upward, downward, lower; like a clockwise. Now watch your left hand. Now raise your left hand like this. Now let’s go. Watch the left hand with concentration. Now push back your head and loosen your shoulders and give it a twist, now give it a knot. Bring it down again. Let us do it carefully. Watch your hand. Watch your hand, push back your shoulder and again twist. Now you have to give three knots last time. Watch your hand. Now one twist and give knot, the second twist and give knot, and the third twist and give knot for three powers. Now see your hands. All right. Feeling it. It is good. On top of your head. If you are not feeling on top of your head, you just say “mother come in my head”. Say it 7 times. Kundalini is your mother. just say “mother come in my head”. Say it 7 times. All right. Good. She is your mother. She is so kind. Not in the left?. All right, put the left towards me and right towards the mother earth.

Now luckily we have lots of people here who are experts on Sahaja Yoga. And we have a centre here also. I think they are going to have a follow on program. Now all of you must know that you got your Realisation. You are all Yogis to be worshipped. To be bowed to. Now the power that you have felt is the power of the divine. But you must know about it, how to use it. So please give at least a months time. Work it out and become your own gurus. Like the parable of Christ, the seeds which sprouted also were wasted. Sahaja Y

ogis are humble people. They are picked it up in a very humble way and they will teach you everything that they know and then you have to teach others. Nothing to feel bad about it. Don’t show off your knowledge. Because whatever so far you have know is mental, this is beyond mental. You are without thoughts just now. They will tell you what these centres are, how to correct yourself, how to correct others, how to give realisation to others; everything without taking a single pi from you. But you have to give some time towards yourself. I am going away tomorrow morning. So I say goodbye to you.

May God Bless you!

And have the wisdom to understand your own importance, please.

May God Bless you all! I will come next year again.