Devi Puja: Ashtami

Madrid (Spain)

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1985-06-27 Puja in Madrid

Just rub on My Feet. Rub with both the hands. Rub your hands; rub your hands. Now, see yourself. Now see your vibrations, now see. Got it? All right!

Now, let’s have the third, second, three persons. May God bless you!

Yogi: The restaurant belongs to this lady.

Shri Mataji: Yes,yes, I know. She came to Me, she was weeping..

Rub it now; rub it; rub it. See, just rub your hands, all right? Rub your hands. Rub it. Hard. Both the hands. Done. They are all right. They have got it. Now see. All right? Good. May God bless you!

You did wash? You did wash, ah? All right. Those who are…, he here, he, and you come along. Who else?

Yogi: He already washed Your feet before.

Shri Mataji: Doesn’t matter, once more. Rub it, rub it,just rub it. Rub your hands that’s all. All right. Rub, rub your hands. Rub your hands, rub your hands now. Rub your hands, not the feet. Rub it hard. Hard, hard. I don’t feel bad. I don’t feel anything if you rub Me hard. Now rub your hands. See now. All right? Here! Rub it hard, hard. He’s married or not? He’s married? Ah! Rub hard. Rub it hard, here. You are all right. You got it. You are all right? Are you all right? Good. May God bless you!

Rub it hard. Is better now, see. Now see. Ha! Better? Good. Who else is left? Come along, those who have not yet got it.

Jasraj is he? Jasraj singing?

Are you all right? Take it like that. Good, you are all right. All right now? Better? Rub it. Rub it more, rub it. Who else is? Call more people. Now, hot water not needed, cold is all right. Good. Now see. Better? Who else? All right? Just rub it hard. Hard, hard You are all right? You are all right? He’s all right. Rub it hard. Rub it hard, hard, hard. You are all right. Rub it hard here, you are catching here. Hard, hard, hard. Ah better! Better now. Better now. See now. See now. Better now? It’s better. What about you? Mother come in my Sahasrara, Mother come in my Sahasrara! Ah! Better. Now all right? May God bless you!

Now who else is left? Come here. Sit down. May God bless you! Now rub! Now let him, let him there and then you can… …two persons can come. Any other person with you? Two is better than three. Two is better than three. Rub it hard Rub it hard, rub, rub hard! Second two. Rub it hard. Rub your hands. Rub, rub like this. Rub your hands. Ah, nice! Rub it hard, hard.

He’s saying: “Oh Mother, Shakti give me dedication at Your Lotus Feet.”

Now see. Now see your vibrations. All right? Good? May God bless you!

Now don’t think about it. It’s just here on top of your head. He’s… as a little hard. You just say: “Mother, are You the Shakti of Shiva?” Just ask the question. Three times. Aah! Who else? Now you and somebody else. Great! All of them are! Who else is with you ? Two persons are better. All of you have been? All the rest have been? Rub it. Rub it hard. Bus (Hindi: enough). Now see. Done? All of you or there is somebody else left now? José you’ve washed My feet sometimes? He did very well. Both the hands. What’s he saying?

Yogi: We’re not allowed to lie and say no.

Shri Mataji: These lies are allowed. These are sweet lies.

You felt it, cool breeze? She is from… she is from Como.

Yogi: She is a Sahaja Yogini from Italy.

Shri Mataji: She’s washed My feet?

Yogi: Yes. She was there at the beginning.

Shri Mataji: Done, done, here; rub it here a little bit… Nabhi, Vishuddhi. Ha! Now all right. See. The cheeks are becoming like nice reddish stuff, you see. Very sweet. May God bless you.

Spill this out! Slowly, slowly take this out. Just slowly. Slowly, both of you should do because it may fall. This water is important because you can use it for your gardens and things, all right?

We have to thank Don, because he’s the one who came to Spain and who did the… May God bless you!

Now if you could just bring all these things you know, here and just you can go on saying the mantra of the 108 names you can’t say, 21 names you don’t have here anything, so say the mantras of the 7 chakras, that’s all. And I’ll wash My hands in something like that. Warren you can do that. Seven Chakras. You can start it. Just keep it here. I’ll tell you one by one; you pour it in My hand Little bit of ghee, little one spoon. Come along, you have to say the mantras of the seven chakras. All right? All of you should say. Make it little slower.

Ganesha Gauri Mata. This a… what you call, Madhu [= honey] You got lot of milk in it? Put more, I think. Put more of that. All of them can come. Dahi [= yoghurt]. You have more dahi? You have more dahi there? Yoghurt? You have more yoghurt? Don’t use, don’t use this brass for yoghurt. Just pour it direct. Just direct. This is also brass (…) Milk now. That water, you put it in there. We want that pot. We want that pot that she had brought. Can I have little bit to wash My hands, little water? No, no, come along, sit down.

Get seven ladies to put it on.

Yogi: Married women?

Shri Mataji: Seven married women.

Yogini: Spanish ones, Shri Mataji?

Shri Mataji: You have the Spanish one, isn’t it? Or you have…. Spanish ladies, from Spain. How many there are?

Yogini: Just three, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: It’s all right. So very lucky! Open it. You have to take the photographs now. Get the photographer. Spanish photographer you should that.

Yogini: There is a crown for You, a crown there.

Shri Mataji: Ha? It’s a crown? Got daisies first time! Let Me have a mirror. They look nice on Me, the daisies, with the white saree; first time I Am in Puja in white saree. Have you noticed that? First time in a white saree, isn’t it surprising? Coming for the program. Just take the photograph now. I think, I think miracles may take place today, with the white saree, I don’t know, may be.

Yogi: It’s the ninth day of the moon, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Yes, very nice day. Eighth day is very good, Ashtami, is the best day for the Puja. I seldom have a white, except for the Shiva Puja.

Take of the Feet also, take it nicely of the Feet. Specially for the Spanish. All right?

First time the daisy, first time the white. It’s surprising. You take it without the blue saree then, isn’t it, the white looks nice, this combination looks nice. May God bless you! May God bless today all the Spanish sahaja yogis. Let Spain take to Sahaja Yoga very fast and transform themselves.

And all those today who have been in the program and yesterday, should all take to Sahaja Yoga seriously and work it out. They must respect their Realization… and must pay full attention and importance to their lives. May God bless them all with wisdom. May God bless you all.

You see the Kundalini. You take out your coat, otherwise I can’t see. Can you take out his coat? I can’t see your Kundalini. Ask him also, take out his coat. I want to see your back. Bend down full; bend down full. May God bless you all!

Now the only chakra which I feel is the right Nabhi, that means you all have little bit of a problem of food. So look after it. May God bless you! May God bless you! May God bless you!

You look after your livers, that’s important. Heat, ah… say, and the food, I think your food here is very oily, I think. Try to reduce fats, you see. It’s very oily food you have.

Yogi: There’s a gift for you, Mother.

Shri Mataji: What is that? Thank you. What is that? Fan… aah! I brought two fans when I was coming to Spain, I brought two fans. I knew it will be hot. In India we have fans everywhere. Can you open this for Me? What is that?

Yogi: This is the bhajans translated into Spanish.

Shri Mataji: Oh I see! Ah! Good idea.

Yogi: The book is made by sahaja yogis.

Shri Mataji: This one? Oh beautiful! So this is in Spanish language? I’ll have to learn at least Spanish.
Yogi: Here are some presents for the Swiss and English.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Yogi: Swiss Brothers.

Shri Mataji: For Swiss brothers. Arnaue? Now you have brothers and sisters all over the world. This is for English, English brothers.

Yogi: And this is for each of our brothers.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see! This one is good for The Advent. So, you have to go on distributing it to all of them, one each. Thank you very much. Now you have friends in – brothers and sisters in America, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy… and now we will be going to Greece also, in Germany, in Austria and after this program, as you know, after the Paris program we are going to, first to – what is the country? – yes, to Belgium. But what is the capital there?

Yogi: Brussels.

Shri Mataji: Brussels which is the capital of Belgium and then Holland. In Holland we are going where? Den Haag, or?

Yogi: Den Haag, yes, yes, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Haag, all right. We are going to Haag and there is going to be seminar. You are going to meet all your brothers and sisters for this Guru Puja especially. They all are looking forward. Christine also is coming from America and I think Danny has come from America… and I don’t know, maybe one or two might come. So you will meet lots of people. May God bless you!

Next time I will come for more time to Spain.

Yogi: Shri Mataji, I just would like to thank all the Spanish sahaja yogis the way they welcome us, it remind us very much India and the Indians how they welcome us with warmth and love and affection. Even if it would have been 1000 miles more… we would have been very happy to meet them. It was very beautiful.

Shri Mataji: You have to learn from them. One has to learn from this.

Yogi: We have been to the seaside Shri Mataji, we got sea here in this country, we have got mountains so to remind them that we are still surrounded by mountains in our country, we have a poster for all the sahaja yogis just to see that Shri Mataji is crowned not only by he sea, but by the mountains, too. It’s the mountain of Shri Ganaraj.

Shri Mataji: Just open it.

Yogi: It is a colour photograph they can give to people, from you Shri Mataji.

All of you can have one. This is the one – really remarkable, isn’t it? Just My Hand. You might say I was holding a light or something. Very remarkable, it’s very remarkable. Slowly, slowly one can expose oneself. Isn’t it? And this one is?

Yogi: This is one of your pictures, too, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: One of My pictures?

Yogi: Yes, for the Spanish sahaja yogis. I really look a Spanish. Distribute that. This one at -in Austria. Somebody gave Me this and they took the photograph. In Paris, in Paris, sorry. You, you gave Me! He gave, he gave it. I’ve got it at home. May God bless you!

So now we can have our food and then tomorrow…

Ypgi: Prasad perhaps for Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Prasad I have to eat, ya. You see Gods and Godessess are just – are supposed to just see it, not to eat. Now which one is Spanish in this? Spanish? Really? Looks like Indian. Just like Indian! Spanish cake? What is it called?

Yogi: Made with almonds.

Shri Mataji: So what is all the white things? This one I know, Mr Srivastava likes this. This is very famous, very famous. Hmm! I know. What is it called? What is it called in Spanish language?

Yogi: Turrón.

Shri Mataji: Curon. Curan – is Curan from Koran? It makes the sound “kur kur”, that’s why. Thank you very much.