Guru Puja: You Have To Respect Your Guru

Château de Chamarande, Chamarande (France)


Guru Puja, Paris (France), 29 June 1985.

(Gavin Brown reads out prayer to Shri Ganesha in English at beginning of puja)

I believe you all say these things, and you listen to it, and you say it from your heart.

Only the one who are united with God can worship Shri Ganesha. And Shri Ganesh worships your Mother.

First of all, one must understand that there’s a combination of a Mother and a guru. Because guru is a very hard task master. He doesn’t allow any liberties to be taken, and Mother is very kindly. Well, you don’t have feelings for the Mother, do you? Is it all a lip service, that you listen, goes into your head and you think you have become the surrendered sahaja yogis? Like all Islam, people believe they’re surrendered to God, like Christians believe they’re surrendered to God. It’s just a lip service that you are this, you are that. How do you know what is said is a fact? Have you not seen the Sun in My hands? What more proof you want?

Anybody who misleads you is of course is sinful, no doubt, but to fall a trap to such a person!

If you had told a child that The Mother is coming, he would have fought, “I’m going!” Would have cried and wept. What about your vibrations? You don’t use your vibrations? You have come all the way from Guru Puja here, who is your Guru? Whom are you going to worship?

Anybody who comes from anywhere becomes suddenly important. How? It was never done before. First time, I see such a horrible thing. In My living time if you are doing like this, after My death so many gurus will rise to mislead you, are you going to accept all that?

All the Deities refused for Me to do this [puja], They tortured My life, They would not accept to allow you to have the puja, absolutely. Nothing doing! Because They love Me, They respect Me. They have the proper protocols. They don’t want to become gurus Themselves and misbehave in this manner.
Last time when I came I really was very strong with the French. I have told so many times that French is the hell of the universe. And you should fall a trap to something like that! It’s very supra-conscious, extremely supra-conscious, and arrogant. I’ve never known of such a Guru puja, never! Indians had only one Guru puja and they are praying that they should have at least one more Guru puja. With all these Guru pujas if you have achieved this kind of surrendering it’s better you don’t have any more Guru pujas at all. Don’t deserve it. You cannot become gurus, I can see that clearly. Without surrender how will you?

All the blessings of the Divine have been showered upon you. And what have you given back? Such ego, that you act to somebody because he has greater egos. It is a very bad example! You have to wash the feet of the Indians and drink that water, maybe then you might realise where you are. You may be very developed and all that. And the Indians who are of your type, all of them have to do that.

Why didn’t you see your vibrations? When a blind gets his eyes, he doesn’t close his eyes to see things, does he? And what has happened to your leaders also? All of them put together could not say that we’ll not have this nonsense at this time?

Just coming to the airport, so many people have risen higher in life. What were you doing here? You should have protested. I would like to know how many wanted to go to the airport and asked for it. Raise your hands, honestly, honestly. These are the only people who love Me. May God bless you.

Tomorrow somebody tells you to insult Me, will you do that? You know that if a king arrives from a small little place somewhere, or a Prime Minister from a very small island, from Lakshadweep and Maldives Island, Prime Minister came and the Prime Minister of England had to go and receive him! And if your Guru has come all the gurus have to come to receive Me? Or to listen to something nonsensical here? I felt like going back from the airport only, the kind of vibrations I felt. How do you get into this kind of a mind? How you join hands, except for few.

Your quality will be known [by] how much you are surrendered to Me, Christ has said that. And today I say to you that. On all other things sahaja yogis will protest. “This was not good, that was not good, this was done,” against each other, against everything they protest. “Sahaja yogi took this much money from us, and this should not have happened.” They always tell Me – complaints and complaints and complaints and complaints.

And for this kind of a nonsense they have no protest, nothing. You are all ego-oriented people and you like egoistical supra-conscious nonsense. That’s what it is. You all have come for Guru puja or what have you come for? It is beyond me.

This I’m talking to you as your Mother and not as your Guru. As a Guru I do what I have to do. I’m talking to you as a Mother. Is this the way to respect Her? I had told you this is the last Guru Puja you will be having, last Puja you’ll be having! perhaps, maybe. It’s shocking! You have to respect your Guru, surrender to your Guru. It is said that Guru is the Paramchaitanya but it is the Paramchaitanya itself is your Guru.

„Aagatah Paramachaitanyam Dhanyo Aham Tav Darshankara” – ‘When the Paramchaitanya itself will come on this earth I’ll feel Myself so gratified Myself to see the darshan of that, My Guru’.

In what world are you living? Where are you? You take it for granted. I know Mother has a right to punish you, very well, even Krishna could be punished by His Mother, but I’m not interested.

The children who wanted to disrespect Me and insult Me I have nothing to do with them. If they have no love for Me I have nothing to do. Only those who protested and wanted to go to the airport should come forward to do My puja. Honestly.

You should be ashamed of yourselves! You have insulted your Mother who has given you realisation, Who has done so much for you. Selflessly I’ve been working, day in and day out, neglecting My own children, My own family, My grandchildren. For you?

Only those people, who wanted to go to the airport and said, and did not go, please come forward, please. Come.

He’s meeting Me after so many years. When did you come?

sahaja yogi: Two months ago.

Just imagine, they’ve come all the way from here and there and nicely you are telling them to listen to some nonsense. They have not come to listen to anybody’s nonsense! Come forward, this side.

(Someone asks a question).

Oh yes of course those who could not come because they arrived late. I told you them there’s no program in the evening. All the Spanish, how sweet they were. Those that were here and did not come are the ones.

Gupta, when did you come? (Speaks in Marathi). Yes you can come up. (Someone speaking).

Those who were here and did not come should understand that you are living in the Kingdom of God and when the Goddess of that kingdom arrives you have to be there. I’m sorry I have to do that, this [is] the promise I had to give to all the Deities.

Know that you have to evolve more. You have to work hard. You have to meditate. It shows that there is no discipline!

I would also forgive Austrians because their leader wanted to go. Austrians should be forgiven because their leader wanted to go. They could come up too.

One man can save and one man can destroy you. Your leader is all right till it comes to Mother’s point, but when you reach that point, then you have to protest against your leader. Come along, come and sit here.

All the rest should go at the back. Just go at the back. Please go back. All others go back and sit down.

I had to promise this, I had to promise this to the Deities. They would not accept!, They would not accept! You must know there are Deities and Ganas in everyone sitting here, They came forward before Me, to France. Twenty four hours They are working, you know that very well. You know it is not a story, you know that, They’re working for you helping you in every way, solving all your problems. Don’t They?

Gavin also should not do My puja because he should have said. Gavin should go back. And all the English who came here early just to attend to everything, attend to what a nonsense? Gavin said he did not know there was going to be a lecture otherwise he would have objected, but what about coming to the airport? English know how much I have worked with them.

All the leaders who did not protest should also go back. All should go. Those who have not protested? Guido, you protested? (Guido says, “Yes, Shri Mataji”). Italians should be there.

Guido: “Italiani possono venere al puja”

Shri Mataji: Ya!  Guido protested. He could not understand what was happening. Where is our Mother?

Come this side. All the rest go at the back. What courage is needed for that kind of a thing?

Spanish yogi: “Spanish people can come forward?”

Shri Mataji: Of course.

Otherwise there is protest for everything. Every day I am receiving letters from people. “This is not good, that is not working out in Australia. It is not working out here, that is not happening.” Everybody has a right to criticise everyone!

(Somebody announces in French that Spanish can come forward!)

French has been stupid in the past and they are stupid even now. That’s what they are. Think no end of themselves. Spanish people were once upon a time very aggressive but in Sahaja Yoga they are not like that. You must learn how to respect. You’ve had no good training, very bad breeding, that’s what God is going to say about it. I’ve done My level best to tell you how to behave. No protocol, any sense of protocol you have! Just like beggars!

Today you have to resolve,  and ask the forgiveness of all the Deities, that you are going to use your vibrations all the time. Resolve it! And that no more such a thing you are going to repeat again. This is the last. Never like this. I am really surprised that English, they have come even in sleet in snow,  this, that – and here, what happened, as soon as they came to hell they became hellish. What has happened to the English? They have no personality of their own? Always they followed the French and now go with them to the ditch! Is that the principle now maintained? “French sahaja yogi said… French sahaja yogi said..”. Tomorrow [if a] French sahaja yogi says “Go and kill your Mother!” You will kill Her, is it? Because French sahaja yogis have said! No individuality, no understanding of anything, stupid!

(Speaks in Marathi).

(Talking to a sahaja yogi and yogini. Shri Mataji asks for the name of someone but gets no reply.)

Shri Mataji:  Hmm? Don’t know?

This Yashi has come to Me from her childhood and as children they used to come all the way. Do you know where this Old Delhi is and where the father was working in the university? Whether I came at six o’clock or eight o’clock or ten o’clock or in the night about twelve o’clock the father with all his three daughters used to be there and so much bubbling with joy that Mother has come.

(Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi).

Many people have not seen Me for months together. Whether you have seen Me or not. As I am angry with you and also I am pleased with some people. Those who have love for Me and as a symbol of that I want to give this ring to Guido.

What surprises Me is the gurus who leech you! The one who wanted this Rolls Royce, they starved themselves for one year, bought a Rolls Royce and went to receive him and such a crowd that people could not get to the airport. That sort of a guru you need who will take you to hell! You don’t want to go to heaven, you don’t want to be the citizen of Gods’ realm.

Now whatever mantra you say, please listen! Put it in your heads what you are talking! What you’re saying from your lips – listen! Put it in your hearts, what you are saying! Don’t be hypocrites! No explanation is needed “I’ve been to a guru, I’ve done this, I’ve done that”. Nothing of the kind! Even at this stage after so many days if you have not realised that whatever we believe into should be part and parcel of ourselves.

I mean these wretched people like Christians these other people Hindus Muslims they not seen God, they have not got their realisation, nothing, but to them it becomes a faith, they fight for it. And for you people who have seen the reality it is not. What’s wrong with Me?

People are afraid of a Police, afraid of this. You have entered into the Kingdom of God, you have seen what has happened with people who have tried to trouble Me! Aren’t you afraid of that? Don’t become frivolous. “What was there to go to the airport after all doesn’t matter.” All the Ganas are there with Me, they have all noted down, and they are here too.

I’m so cautiously taking you out because you don’t see them. Well you’ll see them very soon. It’s not easy to control them also you must know that. I do not control you neither do I control them.

So now I don’t want to be unkind to people who have been desiring to come and see Me, who love Me so much. And I want to forgive you all, all of you, because this was the first mistake.

Nobody should fix My program, without asking Me. Nobody should take such liberties. From next time I will not do anything of the kind. I am telling you very clearly. You fix My program and I’ll let you down. Without asking Me you are not to fix Me anywhere. Without taking My permission, written permission.  If you ever try to do such tricks with Me I’ll put you right!

You know I have all the powers to correct you.

Don’t take liberties with Me anymore. I’m telling you, I’m warning you. Try to understand you’re facing someone who has all the powers. You know that. Know well within yourself!

It’s not even like Mohammed. Mohammed just talked. He never gave Realisation. He warned you. None of them, None of them. But after seeing, none of them have photographs as you have seen of Mine. Have they? What more proof do you want to know what I am? Now behave yourself! I’m warning you. Mahamaya, the other side of it is horrible, be careful!

Only for those who are My children I’ll come on this Earth. Not for those who are not, I have nothing to do with them. I did try to save you as a prodigal son has to be saved, that’s different, that’s very different. But don’t take liberties with Me, I must tell you and warn you.

I feel like a Mother who is insulted, abused, ill-treated by Her own children. You can take interest from others but not from your own children, you cannot, very difficult.

If you don’t understand any protocol because you are so naive, you have never known anything, you don’t know how to respect, then you better learn it. There’s no shraddha because it was never there. You don’t know how to respect anyone. You won’t respect yourselves perhaps may not be that (??).

Now today is the day, of a very great event, and Guru is the word, as I told you, comes from the word ‘gravity’, the gravity. And the gravity that’s what I felt, that I have no gravity to attract you people, or you people have no weight at all in you, that I should gravitate you. Anything that has weight gravitates automatically. It does not gravitate towards itself, but it gravitates. There is also gravity between the matter. But what it has towards the Mother Earth is incomparable. You throw any stone out it comes back! Impossible to fight the gravity!

And that gravity is integration of your shraddha, of your dedication and your surrender. Without that gravity you cannot nourish yourself, you cannot grow. Just imagine the roots go towards the gravity and when they are nourished then only the tree rises above. If your roots are not deep, if your roots are so flimsy, you cannot go down. Unless and until you go down in that gravity, you cannot come up, you cannot nourish yourself.

Now My talk should not be a waste again, please listen to Me! I’m addressing to you all of you! Remember that. Do not think I am addressing to someone else, it is to you all.

So the only way one can ascend in Sahaja Yoga is through putting the roots down. Allow the roots to grow. Unless and until the roots grow the tree cannot grow. I have seen many sahaja yogis who talk big about Sahaja Yoga they can write books, they can write things. The other day I saw someone writing a big pamphlet about Sahaja Yoga- nothing inside the person! That’s not the sign of a sahaja yogi. A sahaja yogi has to gravitate inside.

How do we do it?

In the year 1982 I told you the eight fold ways of doing it and I said I’ll tell you later and I was about to tell you but not now – the other eight ways by which you can rise, because you are not yet grounded in Sahaja Yoga, you are not yet grounded. I thought you would be grounded, but you are not. You have to nourish – the other way around – the roots are in the head. By becoming thoughtless, by not making the cells to think, by resting them, by peace within. Is not a show of a peace, or just, some people look very peaceful for a show! You have to work it out here in your head. The grounding it has to go into your awareness. How? Meditation!

There is no discipline I am told. [In] Hounslow (ashram in London) I am told, there is no discipline of any kind. I am surprised [that] Hounslow people have no discipline getting up early in the morning and doing meditation. What are you doing? How are you going to grow? How does a tree grow? It does not grow in the daytime, it grows in the morning, early in the morning. You never see that. How these roots are going to grow into the head, into your brain, into that jada (roots in Hindi)?

You have to meditate. That’s the only way you can do it. Those who do not meditate will become superficial, they’ll not achieve anything,  they’ll create problems. If they are right sided they’ll become supra-conscious they’ll become bhoots. If they are left sided they will become left sided and will be thrown out. You have seen it in the Sistine Chapel You see Christ throwing them out, one by one. And then you should not blame Me! Just listening to Me is not sufficient. It must grow, actualisation of the growth, of the thing is needed. Do you follow that?

You have read all kinds of nonsensical things before, all kinds of horrid things, I know what you have read. You have had in this horrible French country all kinds of sadists, like Sade (Marquis de Sade), or Sad-e, whatever you call him. And there were many like this who wrote horrible books for you which you have read but they have not read Advent. There are many sahaja yogis who have not read Advent. But only reading is not going to help, it must go into your brain! And brain means what? Into your central nervous system.

Brain doesn’t mean into the thinking. Into the central nervous system, into the cells of your central nervous system. That light has to come into the cells. You have to grow and grow and grow. There’s only [one] way left out for you is to go to the Himalayas and not to any Ashram or any place, but settle down somewhere where you don’t eat anything or do anything and take another birth. That’s the only way I think.

They can work it out – not difficult. If you have the seeking within your heart, and if you have understanding, sense, intelligence to understand that you have achieved something in life, you can do it. You all can do it. We don’t forgive others, we forgive ourselves – this is the worst thing that we do. You all the time try to forgive others – that’s the best way to work it out. But no! We try to forgive ourselves all the time and not to forgive others. Everything we do the other way round. We are sahaja yogis, we are yogis, saints.

So, you have to be the guru. I am a Guru Myself. And what is the conveyance of a guru? What is the animal he keeps? The dog. Do you know what is a dog is? Do you know the qualities of a dog? He loves his master, he’ll give his life for his master, he’ll not sleep till he sees his master return back. Any time!

We had a dog and every time I went out, every time, he would come and sit on the door waiting for Me. And some people tried a very hard thing on him, some vegetarians, and he was about to die, we put him in the hospital. When I went there and I sat before him – he just pulled all his body put his head on My feet and died. It’s a dog, an animal. When I went away, say out of My house, he would not eat food till I came back. To any other country I went, he would not eat food. For all these days he would not eat his food till I came. He would not disturb Me but would sit outside waiting for Me to get him. That’s a disciple!

Unless and until you become good disciples, how are you going to become the gurus? What’s the use of My telling you anything about it? You don’t have any discipline of your own, how are you going to give discipline to others? You yourself you are tempted into all kinds of things. How can you work? Are you going to make others understand you? What have you got to become the gurus? What can you give?

All the saints themselves have spent their own money all over the world anywhere it is. To spread Sahaja Yoga how much money have you spent of your own? How much money have you spent of your own to spread Sahaja Yoga? They used to starve themselves to get some. I have spent thousands you know that very well. You know it for definite how many thousands I have spent on you people. Even the puja money that I get, you know each and every money, I use it for buying some silver things for you. It should not be for you, it’s for Me, I should say, but I do it.

Every saint used to spend money. Christ had to spend money to spread His Christianity. He never spread Christianity, His own message. Tukaram had to do it. Gyaneshwara had to do it. Whatever they had they used that money whatever they had to spread Sahaja Yoga by himself.

While in Sahaja Yoga, the greatest thing I notice is that everyone is so blessed. They have nice houses, nice ashrams, all conveniences, everything is so well done. They are so blessed. God looks after them, all their problems get solved, they want marriages the good marriages are done,  everything is done well, everything gets sorted out. Only blessings are there no duties.

How much money have you spent for Sahaja Yoga first of all should ask that question? How much time have you given for Sahaja Yoga? How many people I have given realisation to? How much righteous and virtuous I have been. What have I done to bring the good name to Sahaja Yoga? What about my personal behaviour how I have lived.

Arnaud has spent lot of money I know, he and his wife. I know about everyone. You have to give time, money, everything. Your job, everything you have to give up. People have given up jobs. I’ve told you the stories how people have sacrificed for ordinary things like freedom fighting and all that.

So today, as I told you, you have to resolve that – we are going to have the growth within ourselves through our shraddha and through our surrender. Only through meditation you can do it. “We are all going to grow Mother into this”. This you have to promise Me as I stand before you as a guru. All right?

We will have the Guru Puja now, not Mother’s Puja. I don’t feel like having it. Just start the Guru Puja. Come along.

When I say something you smile, and talk to Me, giggle, laugh, in the program also. In the church you keep quiet. When there is a bhoot of a pope you all keep quiet. No breeding at all, ill-mannered, badly brought up.

It’s like a dog becomes mad you know and such dogs are killed. They are not kept in the public. Such sweets dogs, see, one by one. Italians have brought such beautiful dogs for you to see.

Guido: “Those are the dogs chosen by Shri Mataji herself!”

Ya! I chose you also. I have chosen you also. But look at them, so sweet they are. So pleasure giving, so joy giving. They are so timely they will absorb all the anger of the Deities I am sure. Sitting down here like deities, beautifully.

(Applause). (Somebody says: “Is it alright for a German dogs?”). (Shri Mataji and audience laughs).

Shri Mataji :  That’s the one you keep it here has to bark at people, for those who do not behave, turn him round. German dog! So sweet they are, beautiful.

Do not forgive yourself, forgive others – then you will become gurus.

Your life should be such, that those who come in close contact with you should feel respect for you, that you are so disciplined, you are very disciplined. I have seen this. My husband is coming tomorrow, we’ll be having program, and I have seen one thing about his life, one thing, which I have to tell you, which has made him such a great man. He’s an extremely disciplined man, extremely disciplined. The one who does not have discipline is like a dog which is amuck, which has got rabies. After realisation you have to be disciplined people. Discipline yourself. This is what I said, in ’82 again I am repeating it. Not now, the second half of it which I said I’ll tell in India, which I hope they will send it over to you.

You may say the mantras of ‘Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu’. Just forget about it, it’s alright.

(Recitation of Ya Devi Sarva bhuteshu starts)

Say the Sahasrara mantras. 108 names of the Guru are to be said.

[Recitation of mantras]

That is we surrender everything to You.

When you give everything after that you have to put a tulsi leaf and put the water.

Everything, all our health, all our wealth, everything that we have we surrender everything to You. It’s symbolic like that, everything. Our body, our mana, our mind, our speech, our talk, our thinking, everything we surrender.

All our work, our jobs, responsibilities everything we surrender to You.

All our estates, our wealth, our money, everything we surrender to You.

All our relations, all our connections, all our friends, all our nations, the whole world we surrender to You.

All our education, all our reading, all our books, all that we have done so far – we, everything, surrender to You.

I hope you have heard it and put it in your head again. Meditate on this point, to surrender everything. Nothing belongs to us.

Now the mantras, first name you say, all right, and then we have to repeat it. One mantra is said then you have to repeat it. You have to complete it. Just give the first name of the Guru. Now listen and understand what that means.

[Recitation of mantras]

Now the symbol of this, is like this. You must understand the symbol. That is just a leaf. The last thing left with us is this leaf. Of course tulsi represents the left Vishuddhi, but also an attachment. So now when you have it in the hand it sticks it doesn’t fall. So you put water to see that it goes away even its smell everything goes away from the hand. It is significant of that. Now, what’s that?

[Recitation of mantras continue]

Loudly, chitti vibhushanaya, that’s the ornament of the attention. Is the Guru. In your attention, who is the ornament, who is the beauty? Is your Guru.

[Recitation of mantras continue]

These are all My qualifications and not yours so far. They have to be your qualifications.

[Recitation of mantras continue]