Departure (to Belgium) Talk

Charles de Gaulle Airport, Roissy-en-France (France)

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Departure Talk, Charles de Gaulle airport, Roissy-en-France (France)
Monday, July 1st, 1985

[All the attempts that have been done to create a trade by Sahaja Yogis for Sahaja Yoga have failed, but the ones that exist before]…Established shop is alright, like she has, but otherwise.

So everybody must take up a job and should go on working on his job, not to change, it’s ego, absolutely ego that: “I’ve given up my job.” It’s ego, 100% it’s ego. You see as if, you see, as if it’s side dish; it’s the main issue for us to maintain yourself. Of course, Sahaja Yogi is there.

And we had one case like this long time back of Douglas. Douglas he used to every time come and boast: “I’m successfully unemployed.” And I could not understand because he had no money, nothing, he was just trying to boast. And with all that, he was on and on and on. Then one day, I told him that: “You are not to see My face if you give up this job.” And when I’ve said that, you see, you’ll be surprised today he has got his own car, his own home, he’s got his work, he’s doing very well, both of them.

So now, you should understand that you should not give up your job. Now those who are making something, like they are making some herb thing – who’s making the one you ?
Now, for you also, you see, it should be a side dish, try to sell it to some sort of a company who will buy from you. You see, saying that: “This is herbal thing I’ve made with hands or something herbal.” But do not take it up as a profession. Selling will not work out, doesn’t work out these days, especially in France, you see, it’s in a very bad shape. You must read newspapers to understand what the situation is.
Because this venturousness will give you a problem on capital and you’ll have to worry about money all the time. You don’t need much money. What is best for Sahaja Yogis is to get some jobs, finish the jobs and be Sahaja Yogis,
So the attention is not so much in money making. What is this of money making? Those who made some money, are they happy?

Also you should try to have qualifications and expertise, professionally expertise. Because once, you see, this unemployment increases, you’ll be again unemployed. So better is to have a profession, professionally expertise, you see, as a side thing, but first thing is job.

All right. Now this is about the jobs and about the things.
About you [Jean-Marc], for example, your music you see, should not be the main thing but should be a side thing. Take up something, another job, you see.
You were, he was an actor, wasn’t he? So you take to acting, make a profession out of it. Anything that you want to do. But you must have some profession which pays you constantly, that you don’t have to change. Music and all that can be done, can be, but it s not paying. So the attitude must be changed that we don’t have to make money in Sahaja Yoga, isn’t it? We have to take to a job by which we sustain ourselves properly, live well, and we have sufficient money just to carry on, but not to get into something which will make your attention absolutely too money oriented. It’s an endless pursuit. And it’s not joy giving, it’s not joy giving.
So we need not be very rich, you see, and then you will find you have opportunities. But there should be expertise. Now the thing is, you see, unless and until you have some dignified positions in the society, people are not going to accept us as something sensible or right here.

Like in England we had people who were on dole, you see. And the people said: “Sahaja Yoga is an organisation of beggars.” It should not be such a thing. We have to be dignified people, whose people are well educated and well placed in society and definitely of assistance of building dignity of Sahaja Yoga abroad.
Those who are professionally expert and who have some dignified positions, definitely bring dignity to Sahaja Yoga. You can take to any profession, whatever you like.
For example, the ashram can be used by ladies as a thing for, a kind of a crèche [kindergarten] for children, any child.

Now see, we are going to India, so many ladies want to go to India but they don’t know where to leave their children. But those who are not going, if they have a crèche and can be paid a little bit for that, the ladies can go, some- those who can afford can go, can go.
So one should not have fantastic ideas of anything, just have a realistic idea. 10:09

The second problem as I told you last time, what you lack is the respect. Respect for say- tapes and respect for things you see, is wrong, I find it’s missing. Respect for tapes and Sahaja Yoga things and. So you have to know that you have to be attached to Sahaja Yoga.
Then your wellbeing is taken in charge, wellbeing is taken charge.
Sahaja Yogi: Wellbeing?
Shri Mataji: Yes, that is looked after. Then you don’t have to worry. But you are not attached to the things, you are not dedicated, you are not devoted to Sahaja Yoga. Then why should God look after you?

French have a very great responsibility because the Hell started here, the Sade fellow, you see, he is one of the greatest rakshasas. Not denounced yet so much as it should have been, like Rapustin. But the worse part of it is that the French Sahaja Yogis are very individualistic. They have to be collective. They are not, that’s the problem is. So, I don’t know how we are going to work it out for France. I mean if you are very patriotism you should come up well.

Especially the French women are extremely dominating; they’ve all wrong ideas about life they have made themselves miserable and made the men miserable; the whole society is miserable because of them. They have to be emotional and they are only mental and very materialistic. Now they talk- I was surprised that only in Paris the Indian girls who came have felt. Because you talk to them: “Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla” and “We are insecure.” This starts all ego stuff and this goes into their heads, they have never known these words. When Yashi start talking to Me I was amazed: how could she be an Indian girl? I mean, Indian girls don’t talk like that, these bad manners. And they pick up from you people, from you ladies who tell them all those nonsensical ideas. So you must stop talking too much.
Women must learn how to absorb. Because if you dominate you only use your egos and that’s never joy giving, never joy giving. You have to be women and not worse than men. Especially the French women have to learn. I mean I know in India, there’s a French coming, everybody [around?] takes sort of a funny farce entering you, a mad horse entering into the saint place, it’s like that, you see. They have been played into the hands of wrong people because they have not developed their personality.
If you have your own personality you will not fail [unsure] to nonsensical path.
So now, instead of dominating your men, you’d better dominate your fashion. And it’s a very big responsibility on French women, I agree. And you’ll see, your nerves will be silent, you’ll feel better, relieved, relaxed if you do not take up so many things on your head.

Now I have, I talked to you, last time I talked to you but nothing goes into the brain. That’s the trouble, everybody says: “They never listen.” And even if they listen nothing works there. In the brain it doesn’t go [?], it comes from the same ear. The same women, who are so criticised, can be ideal women because they are so good, they can go in better [?? unsure]. I am myself a woman. I don’t dominate these leaders at all. I tell them do what you like.

So you have to establish yourself in the same way as your Mother has established, that they themselves realized that you are wise and they consult you.
[The translator doesn’t understand].
What I am saying, they should establish themselves just like Me so that they consult the women for their wisdom but not for their domination.
[The translator still doesn’t understand. Another one says: “Women should be consulted for their wisdom”].

Shri Mataji to a child: All right, kiss your mummy down. [Unsure].
Kiss your mummy now you can sleep.

Shri Mataji to ladies: You see, you must establish yourself in your wisdom so they consult you. Not for that-
[Translator starts to translate and stops again]
Shri Mataji: But if you don’t listen, how are we to talk to you?
It’s working out.
All right? Which one is Isabella?
Translator: Isabelle.
Shri Mataji: What’s the matter with you Isabelle?
What’s the matter? What’s the problem you have, tell me?

[Cut in the audio]

And I leave it to your wisdom now to you see how you grow.
Try to learn English also, it’s better. French is such a difficult language I cannot learn.
Translator: Do we ask them in Le Raincy to speak in English Mother?
Shri Mataji: Of course, they should try to.
She [Yashi] knows English very well! Why don’t you teach them English?
Yes you pay her some money for that. Yes. And you start an English school.
They must learn English, you see, these French are so funny, they have made the language deliberately difficult. I don’t know, it’s all anti-God activity.

You see, a word like “ra” which is the energy, “ra” starts for energy, they make it a “re”. I mean “rA” should come out. Very self-opinionated stupid thing. [To the translator] Self-opinionated, “think no end of themselves”. And these talk quite a lot.

But you are Sahaja Yogis, you are not French, you are now Sahaja Yogis, you are special people. Why stick on to your past? You are Sahaja Yogis, you are special people, special category, you have to save the whole of France. You are not to behave into the hands of horrible destroyers like Sade. You see you have to go against the flow of this destruction. But my lecture becomes just fruitless I think sometimes. How will you absorb if you talk so much?

[Cut in the audio]
Shri Mataji: All trouble that you have, lethargy.
Lady: It makes me rather aware of it.
Shri Mataji: Better get out of that nonsense, put you right to the left.
It’s too much. It has come from the Giaruji ???. Look at a person like Douglas, he has come up. Why can’t you when you are such an intelligent woman?

Ah. There’s another solution. All your things, you’d better show her. If she thinks they are worth anything, you can take them to Switzerland. Or you can take them to Switzerland and give it to her, all right? But if there are useless, better throw them up.

Better have a look. Because Switzerland is a funny place you sell all kinds of food [of cloth?].
They are too speedy so they want something lethargic to wear. [Laughter]

Shri Mataji [to a child]: Oh, what happens? Come here, com, how are you? Are you all right? Yes! What did he say? Yes.

Shri Mataji: Now Guido’s wife is also a French lady but she doesn’t behave like – she doesn’t dominate Guido, so far. But now, if her ego doesn’t go up, I think, I hope so. [Laughter]
Shri Mataji [to a child]: Now you must learn English language.
Child: Oui, yes.

Shri Mataji: Look at this lady who wants to come and see Me, this journalist, we waited half an hour for her, she’s not there!
Whenever I got up so early, I slept very late last night. I got up very early, got ready for her, and here, it is the lady who is not there! I mean, you see the lethargy of French. And they manage it with their ego: “So what’s wrong? All right. So I’m late, so what?” Like shameless people. Is there a word in French language; is there a word for “sorry”?
Translator: Yes. There is Mother.
Shri Mataji: There is. I’ve ever heard. Which one is that? Which one is that?
Sahaja Yogi: Sorry, “désolé”
Shri Mataji: [in French] “C’est le meilleur” that word. Nobody says that. There are many words missing, one of them is “désolé”. I never heard.
Sahaja Yogi: We apologize for her.
Shri Mataji: No, no it’s all right. Doesn’t matter. Why should you apologize? [Shri Mataji is laughing] Now you feel sorry for her [Shri Mataji is laughing].
All right, Steve you come along.

[Cut in the audio]
Shri Mataji: You have should of it. Mother is travelling and they say: “Why can’t you all travel?”
Sahaja Yogi: The Swiss, the Australian and the Italian they’re all there but not the French.

Shri Mataji: Not only that, Spanish! But French are very, you see, they’re proud of themselves, you see, that everybody should come to them all the time. Never move.
Ah? She’s come all the way from New York. From Los Angeles, Dany came.
And you can’t go up, to only up to Brussels? What do you think of yourself? You think too much of yourself, I think.
People catch all from them, that’s why people didn’t come to receive Me at the airport. It’s very, too much vanity. Vanity is there. Without any thing, you see to have vanity. In Sahaja Yoga also, how far we are, how far we have gone, that, nobody quarrels, vanity, it is clear vanity. How can they be with their vanity? It’s empty, empty shells.
With Sahaja Yoga you can find out the vanity with you, because you can see yourself. It’s like an empty shell.
So one should not live with vanity.
They came all the way to Spain from Switzerland!

It’s all the way floated in the air like that.
[End of audio]