At the spiritual point you become a seeker

Auditorium Shell, Brussels (Belgium)

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Public Program 1985-0701, Brussels

I bow to all the seekers of truth. First of all, I must apologise for the small place that we have. But it gives me tremendous joy to see so many seekers in Brussels. It is a special category of human beings who are seekers, as it is human beings are the epitome of evolution, but seekers are people gifted with a special awareness who know that there is something beyond. They may not have known about it may be, they do not have in their concept what they are seeking but there is an urge, a desire to go beyond. Now, one has to know that whatever is the truth has to be known on our central nervous system.
It is not a mental conception or an emotional attachment but it is something that happens to our nerves. Like if there is a dog or a horse and we want to take it through a dirty lane it does not mind, but human beings find it impossible to pass through that dirty lane.
So, in our human awareness we have developed lots of sensitivities within ourselves, but when the sensitivity is developed in such a manner that one realizes that the joy does not lie in whatever things we are doing so far or whatever our forefathers have been doing, we have to go beyond then they are called as sages and the seekers.
Hundred years back William Blake* has said about such people, men of God will become a prophet and they will have powers to make others prophets. So, the prophet is not the one who proclaims but has a power that he can make others prophet. For example, a candle which is enlightened has the power to enlighten another candle. So, we should not be satisfied by certifying ourselves as this or that or also adhering to something that has not given us our realization.
You should also not take me for granted, but as a scientist, you must keep your mind open to listening to what I am saying, which is a hypothesis for you but if it is proved then you have to accept as honest people.
Now as you have seen a spacecraft in the same way our evolution has taken place. Spacecraft. Like any living process of a seed sprouting, the seed has everything in it which comes out of the seed. Like in a spacecraft which is not a living process, but has got containers one into another built in, thus we have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual containers built into one another. No, no physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. So, when one container is thrown into the air which is accelerated by an explosion and is travels with a much greater speed then another one is again exploded and travels with a much much more speed, like that it goes the last where at the spiritual point you become a seeker, but then it is blasted and triggered into the space. In the same way, our evolution takes place, we are at a stage where we are to be now triggered into space, that is the kingdom of God. This is a very important time, I call it a blossom time.
Like out of one seed the whole tree has developed, leaves have come out, flowers have come out and now the flowers have to become the fruits. First of all, it is very high time for us to give up our mental projections and mental conceptions. You cannot conceive God, in human awareness. You cannot understand Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, anyone. with human awareness, because it is limited. You have to enter into the unlimited awareness, then only you can understand them.
This is a big problem of all the religions because they miss the point, they have become headaches now to all of us. So much so that people don’t believe in God. They don’t believe in His powers. But whatever is, it is to be seen and found out. For example, we cannot even create a stone. Leave alone the transformation of a flower into a fruit.
If you start thinking about that power, we get really very upset about it. But it exists, it works, the knowledge about this existed in India thousands of years back. In the west, the quest for new areas started much later. Much before that, much before that, in India people were searching inside, inside the roots. The growth of the west is like that of a tree, but I am talking to you about the knowledge of the roots. Here I am not to discuss the problems of India but discuss the problems of the west. And if you see to the real problem it is that we have lost our roots. If we have to nourish the tree we have to go to our roots, for which we have to become a subtler being, for which a transformation among human beings has to come.

Only by talking about peace, talking about bliss you do not get it. Talks have been talks, theories have been theories. Like this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains it doesn’t work out, in the same way, we are now to be connected to the mains. Supposing in an Indian village you take a television, they won’t understand that you can see all kind of pictures in it from all over the world, but when it is put to the mains you find it’s fantastic. In the same way, your whole machinery is made with great love and care and delicacy, and it is just to be put to the mains. But it is a living process, like sprouting of the seed.
One must understand we do not pay anything to the Mother Earth for it, do we? She doesn’t understand money, in the same way, you cannot pay for it. Some people stand on their heads thinking that the kundalini will move upward towards the gravity. Its, its, it’s not that way, it has to grow in such a manner that you have not to put in any effort what so ever, so the sprouting takes place Sahaj, sah mean with and ja is born with you, it takes place the sprouting.
Now, what is this kundalini? Kundalini is the power of pure desire within us, as it is if you see on the left-hand side we have the power of desire and right-hand side the power of action. One caters for our past and another caters for our future. As the by-product of the right you get the ego and as a by-product of the left, we get conditioning or superego. That is how a human being is made and after sometimes say about twelve years of age his whole being become separate into an identity into an individual.
At this time we should say we are like an egg of a bird. In the Sanskrit language, a realized soul is called a dvijaha means born again, also a bird is called as dvijaha. When the egg breaks then the bird which is matured inside comes out as a bird. In the same way when you get your self-realization established you become like that bird. It’s a complete transformation, you feel the bliss on your central nervous system. You feel the peace within and you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost flowing out of your hands and around you. Now, this kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost as described in the Bible. Christ did not want to talk about it because he did not want to endanger the life of his Mother. But we must logically understand that there is God the father, God the son, and what about the Mother, Mother is missing. Have you ever heard of a father producing the child, that is the Holy Ghost, She is the Primordial Mother. In the, in Greece, it is called Athena. Ath means in Sanskrit, Ath means primordial and She has this energy like a serpentine has with the seven centres. That means Greeks knew because they call it is sacrum, a sacrum bone, but as everybody lost their point, this also knowledge was completely lost perhaps in the west.
Thanks to Columbus he did not come to India and he went towards America so we were saved. And this knowledge was saved also, otherwise, we would have lost it as well. So, this knowledge was practised in India in a very secret manner until the sixteen, sixth century. And then Adi Shankracharaya told about it very openly though Buddha had mentioned it, Mahavira had mentioned it. Now Buddha and Mahavira did not talk of kundalini, they just talked of self-realization, because they thought if they talk of something else people just start talking about God, talking about things and they think they have become Gods. So, he said you must first get your self-realization, even Mahavira said the same, you must get your self-realization. Being very practical, but intellectuals with their limited brains say that you need not to believe in God. So, at different times these great prophets also came they talked about at the time of Moses, but at the time of Mohammed, he didn’t want to talk in that manner because it was a different country and at the time of Nanaka, he just talked of the formless God.
So that’s how they had to adjust according to society according because such people had to break those concepts to put the right things into their heads. Like a little root take goes inside the Mother Earth and when it finds any obstruction it goes around it and establishes there itself. Human beings though are the epitome of creation very hard, but cannot understand the truth, they cannot understand the truth that it exists in a way that we have to feel it on the central nervous system. Because they were not realized souls, they have crucified Christ, they have given poison to Mohammed, they have tortured people because they did not know what a realized soul is. And how much could Christ talk about it, because they didn’t allow him to live long? You will be amazed in England where people are supposed to be wise and intelligent, I thought so, for four years I was struggling with seven people. They didn’t crucify me, no, but argued so much that I was really exhausted with them. There is no argument about it, it has to work out, the system that we had in before was to clear out every centre gradually and put the person in such a way that he achieves his realization. But now Sahaja yoga has become much easier than what even Kabira talked about sixteen century, sixteen-seventeen century. Because the seventh centre is now broken, so it is very easy to raise your kundalini put through your seventh centre so that you can see for yourself what’s a wrong little bit at least. And once that happens, once that happens when you start seeing for yourself what’s wrong with you and you correct yourself, you become your own masters. Of course, when the kundalini rises the first boon you get is your physical wellbeing.
Many incurable diseases have been cured by this. Because all these subtle centres on one side or the physical side supply all our plexuses, and when they are nourished by the kundalini, which is your own pure desire, you feel alright like magic. Left-hand side when they are nourished you are mentally alright. Many mental diseases can be corrected, many people who have been to wrong gurus they have done wrong sort of search, have fallen into wrong traps, have belonged to some organised religions, have a problem in the centre of the centres, in the central path. But when the kundalini rises, she nourishes that part and that’s how even those spiritual problems are solved.
As soon as you get your realization you start feeling absolutely relaxed and peaceful. When it rises above the centre of agnya then you feel thoughtlessly aware, aware but thoughtless, there is no thought, which is described by Zen. When it crosses this one then you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head and after some time you may feel also on your hands. But this is just a physical manifestation, but you become dynamic, this dynamism is not outside, is within. It is silent, is the compassion, it acts in a silent way and creates transformation in other people. The person who gets realization who becomes a prophet gets the power to make others prophet, by raising their kundalini.
This pure desire within you is the desire to become one with the divine. It is not yet manifested. All other desires are temporary and never satiable in general. But once this is satisfied you become the light, you don’t see the light but you become the light, and you have the powers of the light, you become the witness and you become discreet, you become compassionate. The best of all you are so powerful that no temptation can bring you down. You are no more enemy of anyone but you are no more dominated by anything whatsoever. Such a person when he moves, he brings peace to that country, to that person whom he meets, this is what is called as paawanmurti means the auspicious personality.
We have lost the sense of auspiciousness, sense of purity, sense of sacredness. In this money orientation now, we have also lost the sense of innocence. But innocence is within us awakened, and we become a very powerful person, without aggression, without any bitterness, without frustration, absolutely self-satisfied.
This is what is your potential I am telling you, all this you have is your own. Actually, I don’t do anything, really, I don’t do anything, it just works out because you are ready. This is your own you get it and then you give it to others. Then you become the consciousness which is collectively conscious. which is, that your finger-tips can speak about your centres, you become, again I say you become.
It is not a mental conception that I am a Hindu, I am a Christian, it is not you, just become. You start feeling another person within yourself. And you start feeling yourself. The only thing after this redemption you are to become silt after this comforting you are to become silt, you are to be told, you are to be explained, what these are, how to decode them. Then you become the absolute, no more relative.
For example, if you have to find about somebody if it is a real person or not, how will you find out? Supposing, Christ comes before you, how will you recognize? If I say I am the Holy Ghost promised by Christ, how will you recognize? Is there any measure? That’s why Christ has said you are to be born again. Now we have organisations who said we are born again, baptized and they came to hit me with Bibles, they are twice-born. It’s not self-certification, it has to happen to you, and I cannot be guaranteed either. It may work, may not work, if not today, tomorrow. But you must respect yourself, you must love yourself and forgive yourself. The worst thing I have seen in the west is that people are extremely guilty. They feel guilty for anything silly stupid. The English language is even worse because every time they say they are afraid, what are you afraid of? If you are guilty, if you are guilty, if you feel guilty, please remember you are at the epitome of God’s creation. Guilty, that’s the only thing they feel.

That you should know, that Divine is the ocean of forgiveness and what guilt you can have that this ocean cannot dissolve. So first of all, forget about your guilt then only get your realization. This is the worst conditioning you have had. You are guilty of your forefathers, you are guilty of your brothers, you are guilty for yourself, for you are guilty of everything. But past does not exist and the future is not there, and in the present how can you be guilty? How your spirit could be guilty. If you are the spirit you cannot be guilty. So, first and the foremost request is that you tell yourself fully that you are not guilty in your heart before going into realization.
You should be in a pleasant mood if you have to enter into the kingdom of God. There is another conditioning in the west that all the saints must look miserable. I cannot even act as a miserable person, because I am not, I cannot be a hypocrite so that’s what it is, we have to be very pleasantly placed towards ourselves. May God bless you all.
Now if you have any questions, I will allow a few minutes for that and then we will have a realization. But not too many and not aggressive questions and also not questions of what you call contradictory or sort of you see ask simple questions because you see this is no parliament going on here, and also one more thing I tell you, by asking questions you will not get realization, it has to happen, that’s a different thing asking questions.
Audience asking question. People laugh
What is the question?
What is he asking? You see again you are asking the same question
What is he saying? What is he saying?
Let me hear. No, no, what is he asking let me hear.
Audience: Have you got a sexual life?
Shri Mataji: Must you ask such a question to your Mother, will you? Please go and ask your mother and then come back. Alright?
No, no, you have no sense of respect, you have no sense of respect, you don’t ask this question to your parents, now you have no sense of, I am a sixty-three-year-old woman and you must behave yourself. Must know you have no sense of respect. No, no, no, no no, this is no way to talk, it’s arrogant, arrogance.
Alright now you don’t get angry, you see he is just trying to provoke. Don’t get angry, let’s not, alright let it be, let him go out now, please.
The audience asks a question
Sahaja Yogi: It is a sensible question. What is the difference between the experience of self-realization and experiencing of moving from steps to steps you move from mental level to spiritual level…..
Shri Mataji: It’s a sensible question. Now the question is that what is the difference between the self-realization and the different stages through which you pass.
Actually, you do not pass into many stages. Unless and until you are obstructed on your way. Actually, the kundalini just shoots off in a second. I would say the split of a second. But if the personality is such pure then it happens. I do not mean by purity anything sinful but supposing there is some disease, you are guilty, or any such thing, kundalini will stop
Now the first blockade people feel can be in the stomach, can be here, but as soon as kundalini crosses this centre, you enter into the limbic area, a limbic area which is the, actually is the kingdom of God within ourselves. Where you go between the two thoughts

and you go in the present and there is no thought if you want to think you can think, otherwise you don’t think. But it does not stop there it shoots off here. Most of the people, most of the people, get the realization, but it is the light that has come in you, but you have to see what’s wrong with yourself, your instrument is to be corrected.

I will give you the example of a bird, which comes out of the egg, egg breaks alright, it gets the breeze alright, but still it has not come out of the shell sometimes, it has got all the things of the things on its thing, it has to come out of the shell fully. But most of the birds do come, but some do not, but those who do not come out also can work it out and can come out themselves, with effort there. Then you have to learn how to fly, that’s the only part which is very important, where Christ has given a very beautiful parable of the seeds that were sprouted and wasted.
Audience: question
Sahaj Yogi: What does it mean to become realized or it is only to believe in it?
Shri Mataji: (Laughs), Not believe it, blind belief is not good, you are already built in like that, you are made like that. Even if you do not believe in it you are there. But if you do not want to have realization nobody can force you. We have to just ask for it and it works out. There is nothing to be done much, which will take, I will tell you, you are a great seeker and I will tell you how to do it, we’ll have it done.
Audience: Question
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes it’s a very good question, she is asking do you stay that way?
That’s what I am saying that the kundalini first comes up with a shot, but then it goes down and looks after the parts that are not alright, so you must learn how to keep it there. That’s the only point you have to learn. That’s all. That’s we have a centre here, we have a centre here.
Audience: Question
Shri Mataji: I know I should have come for a more period, next year I’ll come for more time but we have a centre and we have very well-equipped people who’ll help you and then you can help others.
Audience: Question
Shri Mataji: Give them the address of the centre. Let him tell the address.
Clearly, clearly, they can’t get you.
We are importing also people, we are importing people for the follow up like Dr Bogdan, or Dr Warren, they will be here for follow up, one from Australia, one from Russia, no I am sorry from Australia.
Also, also tell them about tomorrow’s program if they want to.
They are all very young people but we also have some senior people, but see in such a short time how much confidence they have gained.
Will it be possible for you to be seated? Is it possible? Try if possible. If possible.
Now those who do not want should go away, don’t disturb others. It’s not being civil. It will not take too much time as I told you, but don’t disturb others. All of you have to do it otherwise please go away. You are not here to just to disturb others by looking at them.

So many, I feel so sorry, there are younger people, they should get up and give seats to the older people, would be better. There are young people, you can get up from your seats and give to some older people, it will be nice because they can’t sit on the ground. Alright? Some younger people, you also ya, just young people can sit on the ground very easily please, that’s very kind of you, thank you, thank you very much, thank you. Now some of the older people can come here. Who cannot sit on the ground come here? We have to adjust ourselves, we are all for one thing, for our realization and we have to help each other. You can come up, some of you can come up, where people can come up, yes yes come along, come along, come up here, here, come here, there’s room, here also you can sit down. Can keep the flowers up there, and sit there, Sahaja yogis, puts the flowers up, let others sit down, you can come and sit, that’s good, take out your shoes, you’ll be comfortable. Aha, good good. They are great seekers, may God bless you all, may God bless you.
Now the very simple thing has to be done, very simple. You have to awaken your own kundalini which I will tell you now, very simple. This the left hand is symbolic of our desire, and the right hand is symbolic of our action. I want you to awaken your own Kundalini. And I will tell you how to do it, by placing the left hand like this, expressing the desire and the right hand on the different centres, on the left-hand side which I will show you just now.
Be comfortable, you can put it on your lap. Be comfortable, first thing is comfortable.
Alright now with the right hand, right hand you have to put on different centres, first on the heart where resides the spirit. Second on the upper part of the abdomen which I’ll tell you, then in the lower part of the abdomen, then back again on the upper part of the abdomen, and then on the heart, which I will tell you one by one. Then you have to put the right hand here, between the neck and the shoulder, little backward, and this is the worst centre because when you feel guilty this centre is caught up and that’s how the kundalini doesn’t move, here from the front. Not like this, not like that, from the front, here, just try to touch your spinal cord if possible, not the whole but part of it the left side. But from the front side, that’s, that’s the one which, which gives you spondylitis, angina, gives so many troubles. Spondylitis spond and also angina, heart trouble, all comes because of this centre. Then you have to put your right hand on top of your forehead, like this pressing on both the sides, then on the back, then you have to stretch your hand like this, put this area on to the fontanel bone area which was a soft area, as a child you had that, press it hard and move it seven times, but this you will do later when I tell you.
Now, it’s very simple to do, I will tell you one after another. First of all, one must know that we have to keep our eyes closed, we are not to keep eyes open, take out your spectacles, it will help your eyesight, don’t have your spectacles and close your eyes throughout, because the attention is staggering. The kundalini rises like this, attention supposing is my saree and the kundalini rises through it, pulling the attention inside, when it pierces through, the subtle sensitivity flows on the brain and thus on your central nervous system.
So now you have to just put the left hand comfortably, be comfortable, if there is anything tight here, here, just loosen it a little bit and sit straight neither bending nor backwards. Do not concentrate anywhere, keep your attention free and loose.
Automatically it will work out. So please close your eyes and don’t open your eyes till I tell you. Now left hand towards me and right hand on your heart. Right hand, right hand on your heart, you should put it under your coat, if you have a coat, better. Now here you have to ask me a very fundamental question. You ask the question you can call me Shri Mataji or you can call me Mother, Mother am I the spirit? Ask this question three times. Mother am I the spirit? Mother am I the spirit? Mother am I the spirit? This question is followed by another, if you are the spirit, you become your own master. So, the second question comes in, when you put your right hand on the upper part of your stomach and there you ask a question on the left-hand side and you ask the question because it’s the centre of the master, Mother am I my own master? Am I my own guide? Am I my own guru? Please again don’t mistake, please put your left hand towards my left hand towards me, and the right hand on the left-hand side of the centres.

Now, we go down on the lower part of the abdomen, which is the centre of the divine technique, which is the pure knowledge, knowledge is not what you know through your understanding, through your brain, but the knowledge on your central nervous system.
Now at this centre, I am sorry I cannot cross your freedom, so you have to ask for it, six times you have to say, Mother, please may I have the pure. knowledge, Mother please give me pure knowledge. Six times, please. Wonderful people. Candle and the light. Hmm
Now, now the kundalini has started moving, which you may not feel, but it has started moving. You put your right hand on the upper part of the stomach, where you had put it for the mastery, and now you have to assert with full confidence saying, Mother, I am my own master. Say ten times with full confidence, so the kundalini will move higher. Hmm.
Ten times please because there are ten sub-plexuses of the centres which are our ten commandments and we have ten valencies. These centres are created within us by ten prophets. Ten major prophets. Now, (I say the whole thing so that you can translate the whole thing). Now raise your right hand on your heart again, and here you have to say with full confidence again, twelve times on your heart, on your heart, on your heart, not on your back, but on your heart please, please put it on your heart yes, now here you have to say, of you have to say twelve times with full confidence in yourself, Mother I am the spirit.
Now place your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder on the left-hand side and press it hard. Here now, you have to say sixteen times, Mother I am not guilty, sixteen times. As I told you that Divine is the ocean of love and bliss and compassion but above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. And it is the divine which is anxious to give you realization, so please say, Mother I forgive myself, I am not guilty at all. Those who still believe that they are guilty and they must go on thinking like that can say to punish themselves hundred and eight times. Because if they get the punishment, they feel relieved. Don’t count your guilts and so-called sins. Sixteen times, please.
Now raise your right hand on your forehead across and press it hard, here you have to say, Mother I forgive everyone, how many times is not the point, say it from your heart. Many people believe that they cannot forgive, but it is a myth, whether you forgive or not forgive. But if you do not forgive then you play into the wrong hands. You harm yourself.
So now put your hand on the back side of your head, and press it hard, hold it hard. Now here for your satisfaction, you have to say, O Divine, if have done any mistake please forgive me. Don’t count your mistakes please, even whatever I have said forget it. Now Good.
Now put the hand, stretch the hand and put it on top of your fontanel bone area, which was the soft bone in your childhood. Press it hard and move it seven times please saying, Mother, I want my realization, because I cannot force you, you have to ask for it.
(Mother blows vibrations through the mic, a few times).
Now please take down your hand, open your eyes, very slowly, very slowly open your eyes, now without thinking put your right hand towards me like this don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, and now try to feel on top of your head about four inches above see, move your hand and see, left hand, left hand, with the left hand.
Now try to feel the subtle, subtle cool breeze coming out of the Holy Ghost. Now turn around, put a left hand towards me like this, once more, right hand. Now you can feel the all-pervading power of the Holy Ghost.
Now just put your both the hands up, loosen your head put it back and ask a question Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the compassion of God? Is it His all-pervading power of love? Is this the Brahm Shakti described?

Now put down your hands and see for yourself. Are you feeling in your hands, please? Those who have felt through their heads or through their hands raise both your hands. Both the hands please, quite a lot of people, most of them have felt it, now I’ll tell you one more thing which everybody should do, you first give protection to your auras, seven times, whether you felt it or not do it, because your kundalini is awakened you might have not felt because of this centre. And then I will tell you how to raise your own Kundalini.
Don’t disturb others, please wait for one minute more. Now go like this it’s the way, I’ll tell you how to it but this is how we have to give protection to ourselves seven times. Now let’s start on top of your head, one, all of you, one, don’t think, again, two, everybody please do it, then you will say Mother we did not start, three, please do it please do it, it’s nothing much, its four, please do it don’t be obstinate, five, it’s six, its seven. Now, how to raise the kundalini, it’s very simple, you all can do it at home. Put the left hand in front of your kundalini, now the right hand has to move up front down back like that clockwise, and the left has to move straight like this. and you have to take it on top of your head I’ll show you. Come along now start it let us do it, watch your left hand , push back your head take it on top and give it a twist and now tie it up there, tie it up there, again, let’s do it three times, again do it, watch the left hand, now push back your head, give it a twist and tie it up, again do it please, watch your hand now three times you have to tie, one, two and three. Now see how you feel in your hands, very much better, alright? Good. Now some are feeling on the right hand some are feeling on the left hand, there is a balance to be given so you put the right hand towards me and left hand like this. This is what’s going to the ether the problems of the right, those who are futuristic think too much, plan too much are right sided. Put the right towards me and the left up, tell them. Right, left like this. No right hand towards me left hand like this. Now you might get hot, if you are feeling hot you have to say I forgive everyone. And some of them must be feeling down below so they have to take it up like that. On the right hand. Now see, feel it, flowing quite a lot.
Now the left hand is the emotional side, left hand towards me and the right hand towards the Mother earth. It clears out. Hmm better, now how many of you are feeling on your head or on your hands raise your hands. All of you those who are feeling, have felt it all together who all have felt before also, don’t think don’t think because you think it stops. Don’t think, you had more, many more before what has happened, they have started thinking. Don’t think, then it will work out, put attention here, you may say Mother kundalini come in my head, seven times, could be better. No, you can ask the kundalini if you want. Mother, come in my head, it will work out. Better? All of you. Haan better, the head is the problem, the head is the problem, ha better now? Did you feel it? No? No? You say Mother come in my hand, just put your hands towards me, you should, you are a seeker why shouldn’t you feel? Makes no difference whether whatever age you are, you should feel it, now don’t feel guilty if you are not feeling it. (laugh, that’s the main problem is) Haan now better? Better! You’ll feel extremely relaxed. Now I am having a program tomorrow again I promise you next year I’ll come for a longer period, but we are sending two doctors here for the follow-up program. Please attend the program and see that you get your realization fully, you can feel each other’s realization also, you can feel each other realization.
This is the realization, the energy has started but you must know what it is, you have to know how to use it. So, do not waste it, respect your realization, a little more time and you’ll be alright. So please come for the follow-on program, though I am not here, they will tell you all about it whatever you want to know. May God bless you all.
Be silent, be silent, don’t talk too much, go silently home, don’t discuss it, don’t discuss it. Just be in it, will you tell them in French? Fine?

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