Is there anything beyond the human awareness?

University of Gent, Ghent (Belgium)

1985-07-02 Is there anything beyond the human awareness? Ghent, Belgium, DP, 108' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realziation
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Public Program in the Auditorium at the Faculty of Science (Faculteit Wetenschappen), Campus Ledeganck, University of Ghent, Karel Lodewijk Ledeganckstraat 35, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

Introduction by a Sahaja Yogi:
It is my privilige to introduce Shri Mataji, a wonderful personality, who I hope you will all meet in a very deeper way in the program. Shri Mataji is the founder of Sahaja Yoga, in which the union with God becomes an actualization. Shri Mataji actually gives this deep experience and you should get it tonight. This is an actualization, it should happen, you should enter a silence. Depending on the clarity of your nervous system, you should enter a very deep and holy silence. At the very least you should be light(?) and relaxed at the end of it.
Shri Mataji herself is the wife of a diplomat, the Secretary General of the United Nations International Maritime Organization. As such she travels the world and shakes the hands of presidents and prime-ministers.

Does anyone here not understand English? I am sorry, because we were limited by Flemish.
Anyone who does not speak English? Who does not understand English? Hands up? Who does not understand English.
It is all right. You’ll get the experience, this is just a little [talk? unclear], you wait for the experience.

Shri Mataji herself is a very cultured, very educated lady, with medical training, hence my particular interest as well but behind this external role that she plays, as well as a housewife, she has the capacity to actualize Self realisation. She has the capacity, the energy to give everyone the connection with God.
It is quite unbelievable, it does not fit in with previous reading on the subject, but Shri Mataji was able to give it instantly.
When I entered this deep silence several years ago, I also felt a cool breeze emanating from the top of my head and a cool breeze which I felt from the palms of my hands. So I asks Shri Mataji what this was. She told me that in a Christian tradition it is known as the wind of the Holy Ghost. The great Gnostics knew it as Pneumos or Pneuma, the wind of the Divine Breath, and the Muslims have called it the Ruh.
The great Indian reformer of old religion in the eleventh century knew it as the Ananda Lahari [sea of bliss and truth]: this was Adi Shankaracharya.
So, these are words in different cultures, names given by different religions, different cultures to the same thing.
This particular energy is awakened by Shri Mataji. It resides in the base of the spine, in the sacrum.
It rises spontaneously and effortlessly, pierces through seven gates, or seven centers within the spinal cord. And finally pierces the seventh center, on top of the head, and can be felt as a cool breeze, on top of the head. This energy which resides as a potential in every human being is the reflection of God Almighty within every human being. It is the desire of every human being to rise above to reach that deep and sublime peace which we cannot seem to reach in this hectic world.
Shri Mataji herself is also very much a mother. She gives this second birth to us. She is a very warm and compassionate personality. As an example in the early days, she took in drug addicts who were at the end of their almost natural lives. She treated them in her own house for several months. With one particular one, he did not have any clothes, she gave away the suits of her husband. So this is just, if you like, a one example of the way she communicates with all of us with compassion.

When this energy rises within us, it rises, connects with the heart, where the eternal spirit resides within us and then continues on to pierce and join up with the all pervading.
Many people have got their realisation in the world, in the last ten years. Shri Mataji tirelessly tours the world and gives programs like this, giving realisation to everyone. For instance, in Italy, several months ago, 1500 came to programs, thousands at a time in Australia, four to five thousand at a time in India, all got their realisation. All felt the cool wind.

And this is what Shri Mataji will be offering tonight. We had quite a successful program last night in Bruxelles, which a lot of you may have attended.

At a technical level, once you achieve your realisation, you start to feel the cool wind on your hands and on your head, but you all may also feel heat or tingling as well in your hands. Shri Mataji has helped us indicating what these tingles mean. Each of these fingers corresponds to one of the chakras. The same colour corresponds to a center within the spinal cord. These tingles correspond to blockages within the autonomous nervous system, which impede the full rise of this holy energy. These blokkages may reflect physical, emotional or mental problems within ourselves. As an analogy you, before realisation, we are like a still riverbed without any water in it, a dry riverbed with rocks in it, with rocks, impediments, dirt …
But when the gate is open, when the dam is open, the water of life enters this riverbed. This water, this energy swirls around rocks and causes, if you like, a disturbance which can than be recognized. But this water also has the capacity to clear the impediments and the blockages from the system. Once these blockages are fully removed from your system you enter your selfrealisation in a much deeper way. So please come to our follow-ups, which will be held certainly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Bruxelles and tomorrow in Ghent, where all these things can be explained to you and you can develop your realisation in a more full way.
Shri Mataji, by her great capacity, gives the self realisation easily, but once awakened it is up to you to keep this energy, this kundalini up. There are various qualities associated with each chakra. The bottom-most chakra emanates, when it is awakened, it emanates innocence. It supports the whole tree of life. Shri Mataji has the capacity to regenerate our innocence so that we become more like children. Not childish but childlike.
The second chakra, painted here, deals with a persons creativity, his capacity to create, to think, to paint, to write poetry, songs or even just to do his work. This is all improved once you get your connection.
This chakra here lies in the center of the abdomen, behind the umbilicus. When you clear the impediments from this chakra, which can feel like worries, money-worries, family-worries, (?) – worries, any worries which have to do with this material life of ours, then what you feel is pure satisfaction coming from this chakra. The energy of pure satisfaction. As an example, once in India having been to Shri Mataji at a big program, I felt extremely good. We were offered very simple food on simple plates outside on very rough tables and chairs. And this food was the most satisfying food that one had ever tasted. I looked around and talked to an Australian, who was sitting next to me and he was a very satisfying conversationist. And looking up into the sky, at the trees, at the ground, all seemed very satisfying. Than the realisation dawned that the satisfaction was not coming really so much from the meal, or the world, or the people, but it was coming from within, from within this chakra here. So came the insight that it is not so much what is outside, but what is inside that can actually satisfy you.
At an early stage I used to be quite fearful of Shri Mataji. One [?] new things with some insecurity. Shri Mataji kindly gave tea and a meal. I think we will finish here and allow you to feel the experience of our mother Shri Mataji.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:
Please ask them to come down, it will be better.
[You better do it. You can. In Flemish you know. One language ….]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. When we talk of the truth, we have to ask a few questions to ourselves. First question should be: why are we on this earth? Have we found out the meaning of our life? Is there anything beyond the human awareness? Is there any arrangement or a technique, lies within us that can reveal us the truth?
When you start thinking on those lines, than a thought comes to you that maybe the human awareness has not reached its climax and that is why there are so many problems in our world. Maybe something has gone wrong with our discretion that we have gone to the wrong side of life which is destruction. And if you follow the thread of our movement, you will very easily discover [that it is not very constructive? = Not very clear]
And what have we to do to make it constructive for the progeny, for the next generation. If there is God, what is He doing? Has he made any arrangements for us? Within ourselves, or without? If he has done so, than what about it?
Than we have to (Please come down. It will be better for her also).
You are hearing, all of you? Are you hearing her all right? Good.
If there is such arrangement, should we not find out about it from some other sources, than whatever we have known before? So the truth is that there is an arrangement within us, built in during our evolutionary process. Now, what is that, which is built in us? Many of you must in your seeking of the truth, must have come to know the word ‘Kundalini’, because there has been many books written about it, last hundred years, I think, in the Western language.
But if we go deeper, about two-three hundred years back, we find that whatever is written in these modern books is absurd. The latest who wrote about it was Guru Nanaka and Khabir Das. They have written about Kundalini and nobody has said, nobody has said so far that Kundalini awakening creates problems, that it gives you heat, that it is, nobody has written that it gives you heat. Nobody has written that you start jumping like a frog. Nobody has written that you change your dress and you become godly. Nobody has said that a godly person is an abnormal personality. So now, we have to know that whatever we have learned from these books, is something absurd and juxtaposition to the truth.
When you realize that whatever is written about Kundalini by Westerners has come out of some books which were translated into English language or some Western language. Now one has to realize that there is a regular movement of our growth in our awareness. For example in this chart, when you see there are seven centers. They represent the evolution of our human awareness from carbon.
The first center that you see, is the red one, represents when we were just matter, or we can say when we were carbon. Up to the animal state it represents, because we were nothing but matter till carbon came into being. From carbon amino acids were made (a couple of repetitions of that), and from amino acids then the life was made. That is how life came into being. Now, when life came into being, than you know it started first in the ocean. That is how the animals started growing, or we can say the vegetable or say plant life. Now this plant life started growing and then we became animals, and from animals then we became human beings.
Now, when you become the animal, you were not aware that you were going to become a human being. And when you are a human being, you do not know that you are going to become a super human being. But that is what is lacking in us, that we do not know, that we are going to become super human beings. But there have been great saints and prophets, who have said that you are going to be, you are going to become super human beings. There are scriptures and prophecies and many saints and many poets. They have said that the time will come, when you will all become prophets. William Blake* has clearly said that men of God will become prophets and they will have power to make others prophets.
Now, the thing is, if you have to become the prophet, what it the [means?] Now Christ has said that you are to be born again. What does that mean? How it is going to work out? Supposing somebody says ‘Now, I baptize you’, artificially, do you get a new awareness? Or somebody says that ‘I am a twice born person’. Do you become? We have to be honest about it. If you are seeking the truth, you should be honest. Truth is not meant for dishonest people. Those who honestly want to know the truth, will know. But those who just want to stick on something that is falsehood, then why should they know the truth?
Now, the main thing is that, when you know the truth, you know it on your central nervous system. If you know any truth by your mind, is not the truth. Supposing I tell you something false. How will you know if it is false or true? Supposing I say this is very hot. How will you know this is hot or cold? Something has to happen to you, so that you get that new awareness. When you get that new awareness by that you will know whether it is true or not on your central nervous system. This is the test of the truth.
Now if evolution has to take place, you cannot pay for it. There was a buddhist who came to us and he wanted to pay me. And I said you cannot pay for it. He said all the lama’s take the money. They thrive in this money, they prosper. So I said forget it. You cannot pay money for something that is Divine. This Divine has to work within yourself. And when it works, you have to feel it on you central nervous system. It is not some sort of a conception that I am a twice born. Supposing I say I am the governor of Ghent. Will you believe me? You won’t, because as a governor I must have some powers. In the same way, if you become a twice born, you must have some powers of you own. Then how can you say, that I am this and I am that, when you have no powers. It is a false certificate. In the same way, when you become a realized soul, when you become the absolute, you get powers.
Many people in modern times now have got some horrible people from India who are absolutely fake, and they follow those guru’s and say that ‘we are following this guru and are following that guru’. But by following any guru, do you get any powers? Now one gentleman told me that one guru touched him here (Shri Mataji points at her bindi) and he saw the light. One gentleman told me he touched his agnya and he saw the light. Now by seeing the light, you do not become the light, do you? If you are the light, you do not see the light, do you? But you have the powers of the light. And the powers of light are such, that you can see yourself. And you can see others. If you can see yourself, and you can see others, than we can say you are the light. But if you cannot see yourself, inside, and you cannot see others, than you are superficial. If you just say that somebody is like this or that, and you criticize someone, it has no sense. But if you can feel the inside centers, subtle centers of another person, than one can say ‘Yes, he knows’.
If you know only about your own centers, and about others centers, we say that you know through your new consciousness. Now the new consciousness is called as collective consciousness. Now this consciousness opens out in our nerves and you can feel it. You can feel your own centers and the centers of others. Also you know how to correct the centers. Also you know how to make another one, another person, a prophet. These are the minimum powers you get, but the centers represent your physical being, your mental being, your emotional being and your spiritual being. If you know how to correct them, then you are powerful.
Now we have to energies within us, which are acting as sympathetic nervous system. One energy is the energy as we call it as the power of desire, on the left side. And the another energy, on the right hand side, is the power of action. Now the central energy is the energy of our evolution. Now the fourth energy is the energy which is dormant, is sleeping. This is placed in the sacrum bone. That means Greek knew about that it is a sacred bone. This is your potential. This potential has to be awakened. If it could be awakened, it will evolve you to the new dimension. And by that you will know that you have achieved the epitome, the last, the end. Of course, you need not pay for it and there is no effort needed. There is no obligation.
If you are a light, like this candle which is enlightened, it can enlighten another light. Those lights are really the men of God, who are seekers. And once they get enlightened, they can enlighten others. Of course, as you come in this house, [to?], and you want to put on the light, you tell me ‘mother, just put the switch on, all the lights coming’. But there is a very big organization behind these electrical arrangements. And, also, there is a big history. But you need not know about it. if you want to know, you can know. But only thing you have to do, is to push the button. In the same way, enlightenment takes place, sahaj. Sahaj means spontaneous. Saha means with, ja means born, so it is born with you, the right to become a yogi. Yogi is a person, who has a, who has united with the divine power.
There is divine power around us, which we cannot feel. For example, these flowers become the fruits, how? This all-pervading power does that. For the first time, when you get your self realization, you start feeling the all-pervading power. And for which you do not have to pay. Because it is a living process. For sprouting a seed we do not pay. In the same way we do not pay for the sprouting of the Kundalini. This is very simple, but people want to do everything in a difficult way. They want everything complicated, but you must know it is vital, it is so important, vital. And for that, anything that is vital, it cannot be complicated. For example, if your breathing was complicated, how many would have existed? So, as it is the most vital thing, it works out very simple. Moreover, the time has come, that it should happen now, to masses. And that is what it is going to work out in you. It is your own, only you have not known about it.
Now, I would like you to ask me questions, if there are any, but sensible questions and no aggressing questions and then we will have the realisation session.
Can you come down? You are too far away. And the hall is too big. Yesterday we had people who would fill in two halls like this. And, today we have less people, so, I think, better come together.
If you have any questions, please ask me. No questions. Alright. Thank you.
Yes, please. What is he saying?

A man in the audience is asking: How you have discovered the Kundalini power and Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: I am it. What can I do? I just have it. What can I do? As you are a human being, I have this power, also, but you can have it, all of you can have it. For example only one fish came out of the sea, and then many came out. Because I paid attention to it, and worked on it. And that is how I have, but you can have it too. Like Edison worked to find out about electricity, I also worked very hard to find out about en-masse realisation. That was my concern, my study. Alright? Thank you.
Now, what else?

A woman is asking: whether the last thing a human being should have, is peace with himself.

Shri Mataji: Of course. Peace, blessing, everything within, everything within. You become the witness. This is the power of compassion and love, which is silent, but which acts, which is within you. You are already feeling it.
So now let us have our realisation. Is a very simple method. You all should follow it. If somebody does not want to do it, should go away, do not disturb others in the middle. It takes about ten minutes hardly.
You have to take out your shoes. We have to take help from the Mother Earth.
(Robert, what is it? They do not know? They must know this language. Aah, they do not know? -the translator asks if there are people from Bruxelles and speak Dutch-)
They understand. No? How many do not understand? Alright, let’s have one more, but we do not have any now, that is why. We have only two.
Now, can you come here to speak French, someone? You can do alternately. Who, [name?]
Love has only one language. Alright, what you do, is to alternately take from her. Alright. He does not need a loudspeaker. Good.
Now, please put both your hands on your lap like this. Be comfortable, and relax does not mean that you droop down, but sit straight. Now we have to know that the left side represents the desire, so put the left hand all the time like this desiring to get your realisation.
Now, the right hand is to be put on different centers by you, so that you raise your own Kundalini. Now, the first is your heart, where resides the spirit. And then is the upper part of your stomach on the left hand side. And then in the lower part of the abdomen, on the left hand side. Then again on the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side. Then on your heart again. Then, then on the spinal cord, placing like this on the left hand side between the corner of the neck and the shoulder. This center is always caught with the Western people, because they always feel guilty for nothing at all. Why should you feel guilty? They say that Christ died for our sins, he suffered for us. He is to be awakened, that is all. But what is the use of feeling guilty? So I have to request you at the very outset, to say in your heart, sincerely, that you are not guilty.
Now, second thing is here, on the forehead to put your hand and press it hard, on both the sides. Now place the hand on the back, and hold it tight here, at the back. And then you have to stretch your hand, and put this part, this part, the center of the palm on top of the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone when your were a child. Now, press it hard, and seven times move it clockwise. That is all you have to do, which I will tell you one by one.

Now, first thing you have to do is to close your eyes and not to open them till I tell you. Please put your left hand towards me like this and close your eyes. Now put, no, on the lap, put the hand on the lap. Now put the right hand on your heart. Please do not open your eyes. Now, close your eyes, please close your eyes. Now, you have to say, in your heart, or ask a question in your heart. You can call me Shri Mataji or Mother: ‘Mother, am I the spirit?’ Three times. Three times.
If you are your, if you are the spirit, you become your own master.

Now, take down your hand on to the upper part of your stomach. Put both the feet on the ground, on the earth, properly [inaudible word]. Here you have to ask another question. Please do not open your eyes. Here you ask a question: ‘Mother, if I am the spirit, am I my own master?’ Three times.

Now, please put the right hand in the lower part of the abdomen on the left hand side. Press it hard. Here you have to know that I cannot cross over your freedom. This is the center by which you get knowledge of the Divine technique on your central nervous system. So here you have to ask: ‘Mother, please give me true knowledge, give me your knowledge’. Six times you have to ask. Six times.

Now, raise your hand on the upper part of the stomach. Now the Kundalini has started moving, but you have to give her full assurance on this center of mastery. So now you have to say here with full assertion and confidence: ‘Mother, I am my own master’. We say ten times, because there are ten sub-plexuses.

Now raise your hand to your heart. Again, to make way for Kundalini you have to say twelve times on the center: ‘Mother, I am the spirit’.

Ah. Now raise this right hand in the corner of the neck and the shoulder, on the left hand side, from the front, and press, and press it hard. Here you have to say sixteen times: ‘Mother, I am not guilty’. You have to know that the Divine is the ocean of love and compassion, but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So please say it sixteen times, and if you do not, if you do not feel that you are not guilty, then you should say it 108 times to punish yourself. You have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself. You have to forgive yourself.

Now raise your hand on top of your forehead and press it on both the sides, hard. Now, here from your heart you have to say, how many times is not the point: ‘Mother, I forgive everyone’.

Now, put your right hand on the backside of your head, and press it hard. Here you have to say, for your own satisfaction that: ‘Oh Divine, forgive me, if I have done anything against you’.

Now stretch your hand and put it on top of your head. Right hand. And move it clockwise. Seven times. Shri Mataji blows in the microphone.
Now please bring down your hand. Slowly open your eyes. Now do not think about it. Now you can feel it on top of your head. If you put the right hand towards me and the left hand on top of your head. Right hand towards me. Right hand towards me. Right, right hand. Now see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. It is a subtle thing. Now try with the left hand. Now see if there is a cool breeze. Once more, try with the right.
Now you put back your hands and your head and ask the question: ‘Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?’ ‘Is this the all-pervading power of God’s love?’ ‘Is this the Brahmashakti?’
Now take down your hands and see. All those who are feeling cool breeze in the hand or in the head, please raise both your hands. Most of you are feeling it already. You all have got it. Those, those who have not got it, we will see you also, we will see you later.
All right, now, one more thing we try, which will fix it.
[Shri Mataji makes a sound and moves her hand like: yes, you got it and laughs. People applaud]
Now, it is so simple, and you feel the joy of it. Now, we try one more thing, how to raise our own Kundalini. First we have to give ourselves a protection. With our own hands, whether you feel it or not, you give it.
Now, you start moving your hand on top of your head, like this. Now, we do it seven times. Let us look. One, all of us, again, is two, again, everybody, is three, give yourself, proper protection, is four, is five, is six, is seven. Now, to raise your Kundalini, place your left hand in front of the Kundalini as they are doing it. Sitting down. And you have to move the right hand, later on when I tell you up, forward, downward, backward, clockwise around it. Then you have to raise the left hand, looking at it and you have to put it on top of your head and twist it and I will tell you how to give a knot. Now watch your left hand. Let us start, let’s go, now put back your head and give it a twist and tie it up. Again, again, now, give it a twist, two. Now, give it a twist, again, three times, three times, one, is two and three. Now see, you feel absolutely free.
All right? It will work out. Do not think, if you think, do not think. If you are thinking, you say ‘Mother Kundalini, come in my head’. ‘Come in my head’. Three times. Keep your eyes open, and do not think, you watch me without thinking/.
This is the silence.
May God bless you all.
There is going to be a follow-on program, here, on Wednesday and Thursday. So, tell them the address, who will tell.
Loudly. You say that. You told them? All right. She is told. What time?
No? All right? It will be all right, just a minute.
In the following program you will know how to manage it, how to manouvre it. It is there. You did not feel it there? You must forgive, you did not forgive. Put your left hand like this and forgive. Say: ‘I forgive’. Like this left hand, left, left. Now say ‘I forgive’, you must forgive. I forgive, say it from your heart. I forgive everyone. Better? It will be, it will be soon.
Ha, better now? No, just see her.
Now, we have people here, who can look after you. Who have not got, can talk to them or those who want to know about it, can talk to them now, if you want.
Allright? As yet, she has not got it. She has not got it as yet. Ask her to help her. Come on. Those who have not got, please come out here. Come along. You have felt it now?
Sit down, sit down, on top of that. Come along, sit down.
Please. No, come along, you sit down there on top. [work out?] No, because there people have to work on your back. You can sit down there on that. Yes, please come. Please sit down. Allright. Now put your hand like this.
Allright, now?
Coming closer you are feeling it, coming closer to me.
Allright? Now, you got it already.
Hands like this.
Hah, better. They are already feeling it, coming closer to me.
She has got it? [?She says, there is vishuddhi?] She has a vishuddhi
Now come.
Are you feeling now?
Coming closer to me, you are feeling it more. I think sitting higher to me was not good.
Hah, are you? Now feeling?
You have to forgive.
Not yet? She, she does not feel it on her hands. She has to forgive. Tell her to put her right hand towards me, left hand up there.
You got it? You got it, sir? You got it? You got it? Now, who has not got it? Please put up your hands, so far the hands.
This gentleman, just see them. Come forward. This gentleman, you have not got it as yet? Allright. Him also.

*(about William Blake)