The Guru Supermarket

Huis Overvoorde, Rijswijk (Holland)

1985-07-04 The Guru Supermarket, Rijswijk, Holland, DP, 75' Chapters: Talk, Workshop
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Public Program day 2, Garden of Overvoorde mansion house, Overvoorde (Holland), 4 July 1985.

Sri Mataji: Hello, please be seated. (To yogi giving introduction) Have you finished?
Yogi: Shall I continue a little bit?
Sri Mataji: You finish it, yes.
(Yogi finishes the introduction in Dutch)

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Yesterday in My lecture and afterwards, the impression I got about Holland, I must tell you very frankly. And you shouldn’t mind, because I am a Holy Mother. I am your Mother and I will not tell you any lies, nor will I support anything wrong that you have been doing. If you are a mother, you will understand Me better. If the mother sees the child is doing wrong she will tell, whether the child likes it or not, because the child is yet not matured, is not grown up, he doesn’t understand. There is nothing to gain for Me; I have to just give you.

So those who are real gurus, I’ll praise them; but who are not, I will say they’re “antichrist”. But if you are honest and if you understand My earnestness to save you, you must not mind that. You get identified with a person, for nothing at all. What did you get yourself? You must think, did you get your realization? Did you feel your collective consciousness? Can you talk like this, the way he’s talking? Do you know all that, what he knows? Or like sheep, you are following somebody like blind. Do you understand what your guru is doing?

I feel in Holland there has been a “guru supermarket”, and because you are so naive that you followed it blindly, and you are adhering to it. I mean, people are so mad in this respect that they leave their rationality, their logic behind and just follow like sheep, just like a fashion or a fad – I don’t know what to call you people who run after individuality so much. Like in America people will have a different clock, a different tile, a different bathroom – you don’t know, everything must be different. But as far as the understanding is concerned, they are just like sheep.

Now, there’s a letter, I have seen this letter now of somebody who gave Me. Now about this Yogi Bhajan I have to say that you know already, but I knew about it much before. Two boys from this Yogi Bhajan came to India. I had gone to his ashram in ‘70 and told him, “Don’t do this. You don’t know what is kundalini, you are not a realized soul,” I told him on his face. I know who supported him, why he supported him; there’s one gentleman called B. P. Jain – he was just a custom officer. There’s one fellow called B. P. Jain who is a Jain, who save – Jains, you know as they are, they want to save even mosquitoes. So he paid him money to go to America to create vegetarianism. So he went there, and his wife. He was just a custom officer.

Now what Indian papers are printing for him today, I knew this long time back, Myself. And about, I think three years back, two boys who had met Me before, came to Delhi and they told Me they have delivered guns in the temple. They told Me, and I told the Head of the C.I.D. in India, because I know him very well.

There is another one, the one is Anand marg. This fellow had spread out so much and people had become mad after him. He was killing people, still people did not know that he was doing something wrong. In … there, in the eyes they could see it clearly, but nothing went into the head to see that he was killing some his disciples. He’s also a vegetarian, for your information, and all his disciples have to be vegetarian. This fellow killed twenty-eight people in the presence of one gentleman called Dr. – he’s now a Sahaja yogi – Dr. Prasad. And this Dr. Prasad went to Colorado, everywhere; even now there are people who are anand margis. I mean, even if they find somebody is a snake, still they hold on to it like that. I don’t know what sort of brains Western people have, I can’t understand.

Now this man, this Mr. Prasad, Dr. Prasad went to Calcutta, and he saw. He went to the Kali’s temple, Devi’s temple. There suddenly he saw, you see, something in Kali’s eyes and the whole thing came into his head, “What am I doing? It’s madness, I am sticking onto this man.” So he got collected many people around him, and told them about this. He took …. (If you tell about gurus they run away, they don’t want to hear. When they will go mad, where will they go?)

Now they went down, he just ran away from there to Lucknow. From there he came to Delhi. And there’s an income tax commissioner who is My son there, who brought him to the hotel. We were staying in Ashoka Hotel, Myself and My husband, under the police guard, can you imagine?

My husband says, “What’s this going on?”

He came in and he told Me that “This fellow has murdered twenty-eight people, and I want to go and tell the police. But I wanted to see You before that.” Because he saw My face on Kali’s face!

I said, “All right, you go and tell them. Everything you tell them.” Then they arrested this fellow.

Still people were mad after him. Not only, but his Western disciple tried to kill the High Commissioner of UK, and Deputy High Commissioner was killed. The Australian High Commissioner was killed. They assaulted Canadian High Commissioner, Canadian High Commissioner. To such an extent that government had to release him and put him under house arrest. He’s under house arrest. His wife and his son have now come to Sahaja Yoga – imagine – and so many of his so-called disciples, Indians, have come. But Westerners, foreigners are still for him, he’s the greatest guru. What is the slander? Should I praise such people who tried to kill our prime minister, madam?

Nothing – what has he done to you, I can see clearly your kundalini cannot rise. It’s all right, if you want to go with him you can go, but your kundalini I cannot rise because he’s frozen it. She’s catching on four chakras. What is she talking? She doesn’t know anything about herself. Even to give realization to his disciple is a difficult thing, you don’t know how difficult it is. But you want to stick on to your crocodile and want to come on a boat. How I will do it? I will have to say this is a crocodile; if you like it or not I don’t care.

In 1970 I told about every cult, sect and every guru that they all are anti-Christ, openly. Nobody came forward; they could not sue Me, nothing. With all their money they could not, they know that they were. You people are getting lost in cults, you don’t know what’s happening to you, they are exploiting you. I am Myself an Indian, I feel ashamed about it. This is a new fashion they have started. It never existed in India like this.

So now one must under – see, he’s made so much money, this fellow. Not all of them. Everybody has made in crores of rupees, why don’t you understand? We Indians have better brains in this. And the mantras they gave you are horrid mantras. One fellow gave a mantra, “tinga”. Now, tell any Indian and they’ll laugh at it. Tell any Indian, but you are not supposed to tell. Six thousand pounds they took for that “tinga”. What does “tinga” means this ! There is nothing, no mantra can be given. It’s a wrong idea. Only the chakra which is wrong, there is something wrong with the chakra, that mantra you must know. There is a logic. There’s a science. Try to understand.

Do not follow anyone just like a sheep. Everything has to be logical. You have human brains. You shouldn’t follow anything which you don’t understand logically, just like a blind person. Then why don’t you follow your pope only? If you have to do blind things, why don’t you go to pope? He’s the best, easy to get him! You have to have your eyes open and you must know everything. You are seekers. You are under attack. I am not here for election or voting or for anything. I do not want to be harsh with you, but with your gurus I am. And I say they, most of them are anti-Christ, believe Me, and I can prove it to you. And this is the reason, because you are attached to something like that, you cannot get your realization.

So unless and until you get your realization, I have no interest. Otherwise you should get your realization, that’s all My interest is in you. And you should only have that much interest in you – what other interest can you have? Supporting anyone: what is the need to support anyone? I don’t need any support, and you should not support anyone like that. You have to just discover yourself, simple thing, you must know that. You are that; you have to just become that, that’s all. It is so simple, it’s so easy, because it is so vital, it is so vital, so important at this time. If you miss it now, you’ll miss it forever.

But sometimes you have paid a lot of money so you think, “Now we have paid the money, now what to, how to get out of it?” Like you go to see some play, it’s horrid, absolutely it’s boring, but you have paid the money so you want to go through it. Forget it! Forget, whatever has happened has happened. Now you yourself become a guru.

Vincent, when did you come to Sahaja Yog?

[Yogi: Two years back, Shri Mataji.]

See now. He’s a master! Only two years back! How much money he paid Me? And so many are sitting behind you. They are raising your kundalini, you are dancing like mad! You don’t know anything: where is kundalini, who’s kundalini, what, nothing of the kind – and you want to believe?

Today a journalist told Me that there’s already a book called as – what did he say? – “Guru Supermarket.” I’ve been saying that and I will say that all throughout, because I love you very much and I won’t allow you to be drowned, as far as possible. But if you want to get destroyed, what can I do?

All right. So we come now to another thing you were asking Me for, about yesterday. Somebody asked Me about – what did he say? – about clairvoyance. Is it this, that gentleman here? Good, good.

Now when you see this – can you bring it forward a little. I should see a little – a little bit, little behind I think’ll be all right; I ask. Can you see, madam? All right. You can come this side. Here there’s a chair, all right? Please take a proper chair. What about you? What is he sitting in there? Come along, join here! Christ has said, you have to be like children to enter into the Kingdom of God.

All right. So now, I will first tell you about the three energies which are working within us. Come along. Give them a chair. Let Me explain this, all right? Let Me tell, then I will see to you.

The first energy, that is on the left-hand side in blue color, you see, a deep blue color, is the energy of our desires. Now it caters to our past, and it’s called as the moon energy, chandra nadi: moon channel. Now, this energy is the one we use when we think of our past, our emotions, and we also use it when we get conditioned. So this energy creates within us an institution which we call as conditioning, or we can call it as superego. In Sanskrit it’s the mana shakti, on the left-hand side. It goes, crosses over, and goes to the right side.

Now the another one is the energy which is on the right-hand side. This is the energy that we use for our mental and physical work, is the energy of action, kriya shakti, or prana shakti. You can call it prana shakti. This caters for our future, also, for the futuristic thing: futuristic thinking, planning.

Now we have in the center, third energy. This energy has given us human awareness, is the evolutionary energy. This energy is the one which is represented in the gross as parasympathetic nervous system; and the other two energies are left sympathetic and right sympathetic – expressed as, manifested as. Now both these energies meet to form a chakra, like this.

Now you see the last chakra is below the kundalini – this is a very important point. (Mooladhara, I’m saying: “last” means here last.) Now we have – see, all of them know. Only thing, by reading these books you have become frightened of kundalini, that’s all. That’s all the knowledge you have. All right.

Now the fourth energy is the kundalini, the Holy Ghost, which is coiled up within us in three-and-a-half coils. In the Koran it is called as “Asas”. In the Bible it is said, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” These are the centers. These are the centers. But about the Holy Ghost not much has been said, because Christ did not have time sufficient. He was crucified much before His time.

As I told you, four years I was working with seven horrible English Sahaja yogis: very demanding, egoistical and argumentative. Argumentative. But because in Sahaja Yoga you are free to argue. With other gurus you cannot say anything, you have to accept what are they saying with the stick on your head. And you have to pay for that stick also. But they are today the foundation-stones in the West, of Sahaja Yoga, I must say. They were all very well-educated, Cambridge and Oxford and this and that; but had become hippies, taken drugs, done every sort of thing: have been to every guru, done all kinds of nonsense. When they told Me, I told them, “How many gurus you have been to?” they wrote it down. Everybody had written three pages foolscap on both the sides. It was so difficult. But doesn’t matter.

So because I tried on them for four years, you can understand Christ in three-and-a-half years, what could He have done except for talking, that’s all. But His disciples got their realization, and they felt the cool breeze on their hands. And they felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. They started talking the language of chakras: “Mooladhara,” then as we say, “Ida, Pingala, Sushumna” – all this language they started talking. And they started moving their hands, you see, in all directions because we too do that way, because the energy moves in our hands. So people thought they were mad. You see, in the mad world if sane people come in, the mad people think they’re mad.

(What is it? You don’t agree with Me?)

[Yogi: I missed something.]

No, no, no. I am saying …. Yea …. Now I’ll tell you a story. I’ll tell you a story. Our prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru went to a lunatic asylum, and there were some mad people there talking sanely, for a change. So they asked him, “Who are you?”

He said, “I am Jawaharlal.”

They said, “You are Jawaharlal Nehru?”

He said, “Yes.”

He said, “Are you the Prime Minister of India?”

He said, “Yes, I am.”

“See, it’s all right. I used to say the same thing till I came here.”

So that’s what happens. When the sages come on this earth they are crucified, but if some cheat and a thug comes in, they are worshipped. Everybody runs after them, because he’s very clever, he puts a camouflage. He pleases you, he pampers your ego, and everyone likes such a person. But a real person will tell you the truth, because he is your well-wisher. He’s not going to tell lies. Why? For what?

So then we have these energies within us, which are four energies I have told you about; and whatever we gain in our evolution, we feel it on our central nervous system. Like you should know, supposing you ask a dog or a horse to go in a dirty lane, he will just pass through, he will not worry about anything. But if you ask a human being to pass through, he cannot. So human beings are much more evolved, and they can feel it on their central nervous system. In the same way, manifestation of the spirit is to be felt on your central nervous system, and you should be master of that. You should know what it is.

Now as you asked Me the question about the clairvoyance, what happens, I’ll tell you. When we try too much to do something in our seeking, without our connection – like this machine is not connected and I try to work it out – it will get spoilt, we say. As a result of that, only thing that takes place is the activity of the sympathetic nervous system: of these, either the right or the left. Now supposing you think you should call God, you go on calling “Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram” like that. Now He gets tired of you really, to be very frank. There is a protocol even to call someone. Supposing you come and call someone like that, people will say, “Now get out of here, we are fed up.”

So what happens, you start moving from your central path to the sympathetic, either to the left or to the right. But if you move to the left side, supposing, take one concrete, you go into the subconscious, to the collective subconscious. Now in the collective – now in the collective subconscious, all that is dead is since our creation resides, and that attacks us and we get possessed. And some people you will find suddenly start jumping, epileptic; they have all kinds of funny gestures without their knowledge, without their control. They are all possessed people.

I had a disciple called Mr. Rao. He is still there. He came from Pakistan on his way from war. And hiding himself, he went into a burial place of some Hindus there, perhaps, maybe some so-called Hatha yogis, he hid himself in a burial place. But he did not know what had happened to him but when he came to Delhi, he found suddenly he used to get up and do all kinds of Hatha Yoga exercises continuously. And his wife got a fright and she didn’t understand what’s going on with this fellow, continuously going into this or that kind of a thing – he had never learnt Hatha Yoga. So she brought her to Me. Again he went into the same nonsense. I thought his intestines will come out now, I was so frightened of him!

So I told him, “This is all nonsense. You’ve got some Hatha yogi on your head who is making you do all this nonsense.” He could not believe it. His wife told Me he vomits blood. He is not in the job, he’s doing nothing; only time, all the time whenever he’s awake he’s in this kind of a pose. He sits in this pose or that pose. And he could not hear Me also. He did not understand Me what I was saying, he was so mad. Thank God he’s cured now, he’s a normal man. The Hatha yogi has left him, I think, in peace now – through Sahaja Yoga.

But recently I saw one very good television show by doctors, who are doing a research on cancer. And they admitted that when the body is vulnerable for cancer, it is some sort of a protein which they called protein 52 or protein 58 – they gave it a name. You see, doctors don’t know anything so they give it a name like that: 52, 58. (Sorry, there are doctors sitting here! I am sorry.) But they said, these proteins exist in the area which is built within us since our creation. This is collective subconscious! Like doctors have a name, “autonomous nervous system.” Autonomous – what is auto? Automobile has a driver; what about this body which has an autonomous nervous system – where is the auto?

So this is what happens to a person when he goes to the left, he starts doing all kinds of things: he might become ESP, he might become clairvoyant, he might become a cancer patient, or he might become like a Hatha yogi this way, or he’ll do all kinds of funny things. But he’s not in control of himself. But the interest of clairvoyant and other people is absolutely material. They will tell you the number of the horse! And it’s very dangerous, because you go to the area where you get exposed to diseases like cancer. Alcohol also drives you towards subconscious, and there are some drugs that drive you towards subconscious.

But there are some drugs which drive you towards the right side, like LSD, or the recent one – what is it that they smoke in the nose, they sniff? – cocaine, cocaine, cocaine. I’m sorry, I am not very good at it! But I have seen the patients. This cocaine also makes you right-sided. So you go to the supraconscious, to the collective supraconscious on the right side. Now Hitler used this method from Mr. Lama. This method, by this you can put supraconscious proteins into human beings who are very ambitious and who are self-opiniated, think no end of themselves. Very egoistical people become supraconscious. And any idea that you are a particular race, you are something great, like this idea is put too much into your head, one can become supraconscious. And then you move to the collective supraconscious. Such people can become extremely cruel, violent, without feeling anything about it. Some of the gurus who have made their disciples cruel, they have tried this trick. And some of the gurus who have enslaved their disciples have tried the other trick of taking them to the left.

You have to go to the superconsciousness on top of your head, not on the sides. There are so many other attacks also, like Freud. Freud was another attack, I think. He’s made human beings into nothing but sex-points. Another extreme. Jung talked about it, but he made one mistake – Jung, Jung – that he described the conscious mind, subconscious mind in a layer like this, horizontal. But it is placed vertical, and the central path which is the conscious mind, which is the present, has to be kept open for the kundalini to move. And because of that mistake, many people believe that you have to go to subconscious to go higher. You don’t have to go to subconscious or to supraconscious. It’s a straightforward march upward like this, and you come out of your fontanel bone area, your attention just comes out, just like this. Like this tent, you see how it is inside, in the same way your attention is put outside. And then the whole thing breaks and it starts penetrating into subtle, subtle areas of your attention.

So this is what I have to tell you about the supraconscious and about the subconscious.

We don’t allow people to tape us, I’m sorry. You take it away, that one. No, we can’t, and we are sorry. We don’t allow people to tape, all right? Sorry. If you are Sahaja yogi you give us the tape, we’ll return you another one. Yes, thank you. We don’t allow people to tape us because of certain reasons we have found, and now it has been decided that we should not allow others to tape till they become complete Sahaja yogis, for certain reasons which you will agree later on. Because once you become a Sahaja yogi, you have a right to do what you like; but before that I have seen people, I have found certain problems, and that’s why they do not allow, so you don’t mind. I am sorry.

So now we have come to these four energies that we have. And we know the fourth one is the kundalini which is the Holy Ghost within us, which has to be awakened, which has to pierce through all these six centers which he has described to you. Not the seventh one, which is below the kundalini.

Now the last center that you see here is looking after your pelvic plexus on the physical side, which has got four petals you see there, Mooladhara Chakra; and in the same way we have got four sub-plexuses for the pelvic plexus. Now the very important point is this, that sex does not play part in the ascent. At the time of ascent you become like a child, your innocence is awakened at the time of ascent. You have sex activity, all right, but sex activity which is sane sex activity, not perverted. But I don’t want to say anything just now because as soon as you’ll become the spirit, every sort of sanity will come into you. You’ll become absolutely sane person, and absolutely liberated.
But the most important thing is that sex does not play part in the ascent. That time you are a very pure person. This one point is very important to understand, because we are misled. But brahmacharya is not to be done, and none such austerities are needed. Gradually as you become a realized soul you mature, and you understand what is good and what is bad. Whatever is suitable to you, you do it and whatever is not suitable, you just don’t do it. Yourself, you have the power now. You have no temptation of any kind, you are above all temptations. Nothing can dominate you, but you become a wise person. You become discreet, you become dignified, you become compassionate and you become dynamic. The attention becomes collectively conscious, and effective.

Like sitting down here if I think of someone, I can correct. It’s a very wonderful telecommunication, hundred percent efficient. You will be amazed how things work out. This world has to be known, but it’s a fantastic world in which you enter in. Then, that is what you know is the truth, and untruth. Untruth. You can feel the vibrations of cool breeze in the hands from a person who is a realized soul; and from a wrong person you might get hot, or you might even get a little blister with horrible people. That is how you find out.

Now one may say that how this is the absolute knowledge? Like if you get a madman, he is a certified mad, say, take a certified madman. Put your hands towards him and you will get this center catching , and this center catching , minimum, but maybe the whole left hand may be burning. If somebody has been to a wrong guru, he also catches this hand and this finger , and sometime he catches this also. If you have eaten something wrong, you catch on this one from that guru. Left side. If you have eaten something wrong from that guru like the vibhuti and all that, then you catch on left Nabhi. This is the left Nabhi center, and this is the Agnya at the back here, this one. This is Swadishthana, on the left side. So that’s how we discover.

Now supposing somebody has a father’s problem, so where do you get the catch? Right Heart. This is Rama’s center. Now if you go on taking Rama’s name, you catch on this finger. But if you go on taking Shiva’s name, you catch on this finger only. That’s how it is to be decoded, and to be verified. Even small children can tell you, if they are realized souls, because knowledge of the spirit has nothing to do with age. It is ageless.

So you become a source of truth, and you become the joy. You become the source of joy. Such a person comforts another person, because such a person is peaceful. He gives peace, not by talking about peace but just by the presence. And thus you become what you call “satchitananda.” “Sat” is the truth, “chit” is the enlightened attention, and “anand” is absolute joy. You don’t live in a relative world any more. This is just very close to you. You don’t have to go anywhere, it’s within you. You have no idea what you are, and how fantastic you are! Just you have to get it, and work it out and know it, that’s all. In one month you could be experts, giving realization.

Now any questions any more? No? You are thoughtlessly aware now! All right. So I would suggest now for certain people who have a left side problem, I will tell you a very simple method which we should teach you, a very simple method of getting rid of your left side. For that I think we’ll have to go inside now to tell them how to put the candle in front of you, and how to work it out. You will immediately see the results.

Now put your left hand towards Me as it is, and right hand on the Mother Earth. This Mother Earth takes away the left side. Sit down. Sit down. It will be helpful to you, madam. Please sit down. Better get your realization, that’s more important than anything else, all right? Nobody’s important than yourself.

Now put your left hand and pass it to the right hand. Now the energy is passing through this hand, going through you, and throwing away all that is the left-sided, jada. Now do you feel cool breeze in your hand? Just see, on the left hand.

Feeling? Like this: towards Me, the fingers should be towards Me. Good. Feeling it? You are very good, I would say. Now you’ll become a real master, I must say that. We need people in Holland. So many seekers are lost, you must save them. So many seekers in Holland. I came here first in ’sixty-five, and that time you were celebrating a very international festival of flowers here, of gardens. And then I felt there are lots of seekers, still very young though.

Now, you put your right hand towards Me – it’s very simple method, you can try every day – right hand towards Me like this, and left hand like this to the sky. This is the right side you are clearing out, to the sky. Clears out your brain completely. Don’t think. You watch Me, but don’t think. You just watch Me without thinking. Just watch Me without thinking.

Take out your shoes, eh? It’s rather cold, but doesn’t matter. Better. Good. Feeling it? Good. Now feel it on top of your head. No, left hand, left hand. Ha, it’s there! It’s very peaceful.

[Lady says: Feels like snow falling.]

Yes, it is! Of course, it is! You know, you will be amazed, in the other building there’s a picture of kundalini just shooting out, I saw it there, absolutely a big picture of that – Sahaja!

Now put this one, left one towards Me, and with the right hand you see now. All right? Good! All of you are feeling it now? Are you feeling? That’s the mantra is wrong, all right? That’s why you’re not feeling. Yes. Ha, better, it’s there! All right.

Now again we’ll give ourselves a protection. Like this: one. Again, let’s start. One. Is two. Is three, nicely. Four, on top of your head, four. So, five. Six, and seven.

Now, to raise your kundalini. This much is good. Let’s start. We have to go like this: up, forward, backward, like this. Let’s start. Look at your left hand, watch your left hand. Now push back your head, and give it a twist. One. Now, so the second. It’s two. Now the third one. One – two – three.

Now place your hands up in the sky and ask the question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the all-pervading Power of God? Is this the Brahmashakti?”

Now take down your hands. See, all the trees are quiet and silent. Nothing is moving, but you feel the breeze. Good! Now the breeze also has started here, out of joy – only here. It’s the nature is so much with us. You’ll be amazed, wherever I went there was always a big rain, everywhere. As soon as I went there – sunshine! Now I’ve been traveling for the last three months: it has happened in Italy, Spain, in France, in Geneva, I mean Switzerland, and here. It’s beautiful. All right?

So I would request you, all of you to keep contact with our center here, take the address, and you become masters. Also we have a group that goes to India when I travel in India, for which then you see if you are all right. If the leaders say, then you can travel also to India. But we don’t allow like that people to travel to India, because they’re all traveling for deeper development. So those who are settled down little bit, they can travel, and we have beautiful time together.

We have no ashrams, and we do not go to tourist places, but we go to the nature and to the very powerful centers in Maharashtra. Of course you cannot have great conveniences, but you enjoy it very much. You can have bath in the rivers. And food is good. They all have been, and people are good. You’ll like them very much. But we go in the villages, and not in the cities. The vibrations are very nice. But only the leaders have to certify, that is important. So there’s hardly I have now about two months more; I think two, three months more. In that, I’m sure all of you can be perfect.

Now we are importing people, one doctor from Australia, another Russian doctor from England, to come down for the follow-on for you, this Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So please make it convenient to be here, and in this time I will be going away but they are having seminars, when you people should come and know all about it. They will tell you everything. But you should not feel hurt, because they know a lot. If they say something you should not mind it; they are like your brothers and sisters. They are not here to please you but tell you all about it, and you become masters yourself. For all this you don’t have to pay anything, and enjoy your spirit.

May God bless you all.

Now anybody who has problems like this – you see, they have already made the candles and they will take you inside, they will help you out. You can go and talk to them if you have time, and discuss with them. They will give you the candles which you’ll work it out; how to work out the candles they’ll tell you. Will be a good idea – talk to them. They will check you and tell you. Better is that they should tell you what sort of a personality you are, and what you have to do. It’s better. There’s nothing wrong in it. So they are here, and there are I think, about – how many are traveling, Sahaja yogis? Sixty Sahaja yogis are in Holland today. So, and you are thirty, I think, new ones or maybe forty – whatever it is.

So you please check yourself out and see what’s wrong with you. They will tell you what are the chakras catching, how to correct it, what is to be done; and face it and just correct it, that’s all. And feel all right and enjoy yourself, isn’t it? As simple as that. In Sahaja Yog we don’t tell everything, specially about Me. Gradually you yourself will understand Me better. Because truth can be quite bright, too bright for the eyes. So take it easy with yourself. Thank you very much.

You have to respect your realization, that’s main thing. You must respect and love yourself. Now you can talk to these people who are here and if they want to tell you what is to be done, you can go inside and correct yourself. Maybe some of you may need their help, and should work out because I want you to be cleared out today, completely.

May God bless you.