Bhoomi Puja/Trigunatmika Puja: Holland is the Holy Land

Huis Overvoorde, Rijswijk (Holland)

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Bhoomi Puja (known as Trigunatmika Puja), Overvoorde: Holland is the Holy Land. Overvoorde (Netherlands) 5 July 1985

Are, you can open the window a little bit, I think. It will be better. One window will do. They are all closed. One window you can. They are opened as much as they will, Shri Mataji. Really? That’s all that can be opened? They have all arrived, so we’ll wait for two minutes for them. Tell them to come from the other side. Can somebody go and tell?

When you are taking photographs I’ll not have this. Better, then I’ll have it later. You must take the right angle and right time. I find, some people take exactly the wrong angle and the wrong time. Yes, where you get the vibrations, that’s the point you must click. That’s it. And because you just take it at a wrong time, photographs do not come out well for some people. Vibrations will tell you when to take. I took photographs of some people and their vibrations stated flowing. It’s all related.

Come along, we’ve been waiting for you! [unclear] has not come? That’s o.k. Shri Mother. Actually we left her or otherwise we would have been too late. Oh, God ! But she will do a little Puja at home by herself, she said. S.M. – But where is she? Y – At home.

And I had to go to fetch Warren in Gent and I learned the Puja was earlier… Why didn’t you take with you? Take her… Poor thing, she’ll feel very bad. We came straight away, to be here faster. Now the people from Brussels and from Gent and from Holland should come forward. Can you move this side a little? So she can sit there. They are so beautiful Shri Mataji in these saris. Looking very beautifully. This is the sari you had in Venice, Shri Mataji. I gave them to ware as a present but I am left with no sari to give them.

So i don’t know what to do… Well I have only white saris left, so I thought I’ll send them some nice saris. All right. You want to take, take photograph now. You see, the thing is, in between you should not. Just a minute she is taking. You must take the photograph at a particular time, you see? Now, say supposing I am talking, that time you should not. Or I am treating somebody, then you should not. So we are in Holland, which is the holy land of Europe. And the holy land of Europe has got lots of water in it, flowing.

It’s at a lower level than the Mother Earth and the sea flows through it. So it’s a good combination of the sea and the earth here. So sea cleanses and the Mother Earth blesses the people of Holland, But if they have lost their moorings and they are flying in the wrong direction, then the same holy land can become a hell land. So we have to be very careful to see that we create more and more Sahaja Yogis in this place. In My reading of the character of the western people I find they are extremely aggressive by nature and very egoistical on the whole. One should not feel that I am saying about you, but I’m saying. You are Sahaja yogis, you belong to the Kingdom of God but I’m telling about in general now. While I’m talking keep your eyes open. I don’t know why people close the eyes, this I can’t understand. Now when we are in the holy land, we find that the Mother Earth has allowed the sea to flow in, and is a very good place for Me to say something to you.

Here the sea has taken refuge in the Mother. The guru has bound itself with the motherly qualities. A person feels more safe on the ground than on the sea or in the air. So today is the best opportunity for Me to say that after the Guru Puja, we have to understand that to be holy means you must allow the guru tattwa to circulate in the Mother principle. Or the guru tattwa is to be controlled and guided and beautified by the Mother principle. It’s only the Mother Earth that is beautiful because it can create so many varieties, so many dramas, so many places. Any other element, if you see, has nothing in it. So it is She who can create. So we should take to the motherly quality more and try to bind our guru principle through that Motherly, beautiful, creative power, so that we make our presence very agreeable, very congenial, very beautiful, full of interest and varieties; every time new flowers, every time new fruits, every time a new, new design. As Kundalini is made of Mother Earth, we are quite capable of doing that.

There are gurus and gurus and gurus but no one so far is such a master as you are of the Kundalini. If they were they would have given Realization to thousands. Why? Because your Mother has penetrated into your guru principle. And has risen your Kundalini, has given you powers to raise Kundalini, breaking your seventh chakra, so clearly. That never happened with anyone. Even incarnations could not do that to the masses, as you are doing. Kundalini is flowing from your hand; the Ganesha is active in you, but it should never give you the ego, or the sternness or the heaviness of the sea. But it should give you the beauty of the Mother Earth. Mother Earth is always bigger than the sea, because She has to contain the sea.

Sea can never be bigger than the Mother Earth. Sometimes it looks, sea, bigger but sea is contained in the Mother Earth. It cannot go beyond. So Mother Earth is always greater, bigger, wider than the sea. So one has to understand that when Kundalini has risen, you have become all of the seven chakras and not only the guru chakra. And when you have become the guru chakra it is also bounded on all sides by the Mother Earth. Under these circumstances, when we are so capable, we are giving Realization to so many people, when we are achieving so many things, if we could just become humble, congenial, beautiful, we can master the whole world. But I find in the styles of Sahaja yogis, especially in the west, and westernized Indians, there is so much of ego still expressed in their talks, in their behavior. They are not capable of it, to see I think sometimes, but better see it. First you may have to act as sweet people, maybe, but you must learn that way.

If you do not understand that all your leadership, all your guru tattwa depends entirely on the loving capacity of your Mother, Her patience. I get angry but perhaps once in a ten years or twelve years, something like that, seldom. That’s better, then the anger has some meaning. But all the time if you are in a temper or you try to show off or if you have so much of ego that you go on asserting on wrong things, then you cannot be effective. Another thing I’ve seen, that ego has no discretion. Ego has no discretion of any kind. If you are egoistical, first thing you lose is discretion. Then what’s the use of having this nonsense of a ego? which doesn’t give you discretion? And people who have greater ego always then assert and you have to agree to that.

You are more impressed by the people who have greater ego than yours. And you like the people who are without any ego so you can oppress on them. But the discretion part is very poor, that you can see. The other day one guru had come, the one gentleman had come, and he has given some mantra by his guru. Now, he can’t hear anything against his guru. Why? Because his ego has chosen that guru. Because the ego has chosen how can the ego be wrong? And ego is always wrong, invariably it is wrong. Everything is upside down with the ego-orientation.

Gradually you will learn that in the west people lack common sense, completely they lack common sense, in everything. I mean if they had common sense there would have been much less problems. But common sense is lacking and also I find the same thing in Sahaja yogis. They lack common sense. You have to become so wise, that common sense should be your nature. But common sense we lack. Like today, (I`ll have some water) today I was discussing about say, the labor problem, which is a very general problem, which is a very general problem. You have a labor problem. For example you have unemployment. Now the whole system that is built in here and we too have adopted some of it but not to that extent, of working hours, is very absurd.

For example, supposing you get up at four o’clock. I mean that’s very big supposition, of course, but supposing we get up at four and we take our bath. Morning time is very peaceful, we can meditate, we can do what we like. Then we finish all the other work we have to do, get yourself ready, have yourself ready, have your breakfast or tea or whatever you want to have. Then by eight o’clock you are ready for work. Supposing you go at eight o’clock for your work. So you can work from eight up to one o’clock very easily, very easily, no problem. Then one o’clock you come back home, have your lunch and have a siesta. If you can have siesta for about two hours, say three, till four o’clock , by five o’clock you again go to work. Then you can work from five to eleven without feeling tired at all.

After eleven you might be. So you put in much more work, much less sleep and you keep fresh and young. But it is, it requires common sense. Now the, how unemployment can be solved; some people can work in the morning, some can work in the evening. Now those who are working in the morning, the ladies could be in the house, men could be outside. Then the men come out in the evening, they can do the household work. Ladies can do in their house or when they are in the house, men can do creative work, like making statutes, hand work, hand-made things. So everybody gets employment. They became more creative, much happier people and so easy to solve the problem. But there is unemployment; Because of unemployment there are so many problems.

Very easy to solve the problem of unemployment. You don’t give any social security or anything. You give them their pay and let them work for shorter time. If you make them create things and sell them, they have more money or they can have nice things around them. Otherwise you can have horrid things like that. So you can have lots of things which are hand-made, plus machine-made things, whatever you want to have. There should be a balance. With common sense we should know how far to go, how far to have balance. Like machine goes on like mad; we cannot control machines. Because we think we get money, we do not.

After some time machines have to stop. So you have to go up to… This, I’m trying to put the guru tattwa into the Mother tattwa, as practical. So common sense should be applied and that can only come when there is no ego. With ego that cannot be common sense “Because I like it, I do it”. But this “I” is a ego who is blind, who is indiscreet, who is stupid. So ultimately we do stupid things. There should be common sense, which one can learn by getting rid of this ego. Now people say, “Mother, how to get rid of ego?” It’s very simple, you have to move left to the right 108 times, in Sahaja yoga.

You have to forgive people, in Sahaja Yoga. And you can watch yourself. First of all, see, do you watch others or you watch yourself? First of all. Like there was a lady traveling with Me, very old lady. And she said, “This man is handsome. This man is not handsome. This woman is good looking, she is pretty”, that way. I was looking at her. I said “This mad woman, she will go really crazy by the time we get down.

She goes on looking into every person, judging everyone, who is handsome, who is not.” And everybody whom she called handsome I found him ugly. So I gave up. I said “You better decide I never tried these things”. Then, “That man is not good, he is very hot tempered, he is this thing, he is that, he talks like that, he walks like that, he shouldn’t do, look like that”, worried about other people. You tell them anything, they’ll go on shaking their neck like that, “Oh, how could you do it?” But you do it yourselves. If they have to say yes, they’ll do it ten times, “yes, yes, yes”. If they have to say no, they’ll go on saying: “no, no, no, no, no”. There is no common sense.

Why to move your neck so many times. See if somebody is saying that, you need not react all the time. So this is another thing, is internal reaction. First is external, seeing everyone, judging everyone, “Oh, I don’t like this station; this is too much dusty”. “This bathroom is not good, that room is not good, that thing is not good”, like that go on, as if you are the Queen of England. Even that could be even more than that because she is not even allowed to choose her dress; Parliament has to decide. Poor thing cannot have any ego at all, poor thing. She has to choose what dress she has to wear for a particular occasion; If the Parliament says yes, she wears. She says no, no. big problem, for them.

But for us, who are free people, we must have common sense to understand what to do, where to do, what to talk, how to talk. But when there is ego, you cannot have common sense. And this is the reason I think the western people have become so stupid in so many things. Whatever I see, I see it’s upside down. Indians, we may be poor people, in the villages. They are not so educated. You are all very well educated people, everything is there, but all has come out of ego. So the common sense is lacking. So those who deal with the Mother Earth, like farmers are, have tremendous common sense. Now in Holland I used to think people will have lot of common sense, because they are farmers you see.

When I had come in ’65, they were better off, much better people, not so nonsensical. They were well dressed, nice, sensible, solid people. Of course I met quite elderly people also, I should say, but I was surprised that in the market you could not get a transistor made in Holland , could not get anything made in Holland. So I said, “How is it? You don’t make anything, machines?” They said, “Why should we? For our twenty-five bulbs of tulips, – in those days – we get one transistor from Japan. So why should we make a transistor?” Common sense. “We send from here twenty five bulbs”.

And they had fields and fields of all kinds of tulips, all over, I mean when I came here. So they said, “For twenty-five bulbs we get one transistor so why should we? We export our bulbs to them and get their transistors. Why should we make transistors?” Then they said “We export our cheese to a particular country, our eggs to Italy , our chicken to this country and we get all that we need.” I was amazed you see. They are so, so proud of their agriculture and so much doing that way, which was a very sensible thing and because they were dealing with the land I thought I’ll find Holland people to be the best. But then I got reports that people are absolutely gone off their heads. They have become like bullocks now Working with the land they have become like bullocks who plough the land. I was surprised “How have they become like bulls?”

They were very sensible people, very sensible. Farmers, sensibly dealing with things and working out things in such a beautiful manner, very innocent and simple people and naive, up to a point of sweetness, very sweet. When we came here they wanted to please us, so they wanted to put a flag for us or for our country. And they put Pakistan’s flag in front of us. So I was very happy to see that. And they were talking of vegetarianism. But when we came, my daughter had suddenly become vegetarian because she had developed a funny nausea in the, in the ship, you see. So she was not eating any meat or like that. So she said “We are, I am vegetarian”. So they said, “All right, then will you have chicken?”

They were that simple you know, very simple people. And now they are talking about vegetarianism. I am surprised. Since ’65 and ’85 only, these twenty years, how much they are changed. Very nice. And they were not busy doing all these exercises, and reducing weight or increasing weight and jogging on the road. Just now, yesterday, I was walking, everybody was jogging like mad. Very sensible, but they have lost their common sense. Because perhaps they do not come in contact with Mother Earth, they are using machines too much, maybe that is one of the reasons. And must be the air from other outside countries coming and they think “They are rustic”, so they must accept that is all that is modern, sophisticated, perhaps, maybe.

There is a story about a farmer, who was traveling by train. And there were some naughty boys who came from the city so they wanted to pull the legs of the farmer. So one of the boys asked him that “If the eggs are selling here in this station for 20 p and in the next station the chicken is selling for one pound, what is my age?” Just to tease him. So immediately the fellow says “You must be twenty-two”. He said “How do you know exactly if I am twenty-two?” He said “Because my brother who is full mad, is forty-four.” Can you see? They are so practical, so “brass”. You see, as you call in American language “brass tacks”, you see.

They know what is it. He looked at him and he said, “Twenty-two”. He said, “How? Why?” “My brother, who is 44, is full mad”. And these boys didn’t know where to look, you see, because they wanted to tease him. And the farmers have great sense. Like we had one minister who had developed a bad neck, you see, wild Vishuddhi. He was Chief Minister. He used to go on like this, his head used to go like this.

So some farmers came to see him. They saw him and they looked at him. They said, “Oh, he’s saying no already, what’s the use of telling him anything?” We have lots of stories of farmers in India, which shows how much they understand life. I had a very nice gardener. He was from a village. So there was one fellow, old fellow, another gardener. He says, “No use talking to this old fellow”. I said, “Why?” He said “If he is a Hindu, then an old man is a gone case.”

I said “Why?” “Because in young age they live like ascetics and in old age they become like bhoots. But if he is a Muslim, they don’t live like ascetics in young age. They enjoy life and in old age they are satisfied souls. So you better talk to a Muslim old man than to a Hindu old man.” I mean their reading is so correct about things, you know. Everything that he said was so practical and so sensible. I was really surprised how he could say these things with such sweetness and with such goodness and how he understood so many things so well. And he was a very young fellow; about I would say thirty, thirty-two years of age. So he came to, he came to Bombay to see us.

He didn’t know our full address, he only knew Marine Drive. So he told the fellow, his taxi fellow, “You drive me at Marine Drive “. He said “Marine Drive is a big place”. He said, “Drive me anywhere in Marine Drive “; he drove. So he went and asked “Is there a very tall gentleman staying in Marine Drive somewhere?” And you see, my husband is one of the tallest in Indians, you see. So he went to the servants, asked “Have you seen any tall sahib anywhere?” He said “There’s one tallest staying there, you see”. So that’s how he came to our house. And he showed them his shoes, “These shoes given to me by my sahib.

He is also very tall, you see”. So he said “This shoe, he has given me, and he wears the same style of shoes”. So servants noticed all these things and they were practical people. So another gardener who met him, he said “Yes, there’s a tall fellow and he wears the same type of shoes”. So he came to our house. How they are sharp and how their eyes are so penetrating, how they know everything about everything. It is remarkable, very remarkable and that is what we have to be. We have to be gurus with the Mother’s influence on us. All the time the Mother controlling us, the Mother guiding us, the Mother making our banks, Mother making our maryadas. So the motherliness is your blessing.

Today you are raising your Kundalini because your guru is a Mother. Otherwise you could never have done it. And that is why motherliness is so important. One of the reasons, perhaps, why the Sahaja yogis run away from the leaders and sometimes from the people who want to have follow-on may be that we do not know that they are just entering in, just opening out. So try to be kind, just hatching The little chicks, you see, will die very fast. You have to handle them very, very carefully. I am saying this after so many years of not saying this, and I am requesting all of you, try to develop. Sit before the mirror and try to act like a Mother. Let us see, practice it, try to be nice, kindly, gentle, patient. If you want to spread Sahaja Yoga in the west, we have to do that way.

Not in Maharashtra, Maharashtra ‘s mothers are quite strict and they are straightforward, and children are used to it. You might find that our, you will say that My, My Mother was a very strict lady but I think I like her very much because she’s taught me so many things. Other my sisters are expert cooks, we are very good in the life, we are doing so well in life, we don’t trouble anyone”. All these things have come from our mother, because She was a strict lady as she would not tolerate any nonsense. She would never tell a lie herself and if you tell her “All right, if this gentleman is coming, you tell that I am not in the house”, “Don’t tell me to tell lies. I’ll tell him that you told me to tell the lies”. That’s how she was and that’s how she treated us. And we lived with that but we didn’t mind it because what she did was for our good. We knew that she was doing it for our good. Not in this country; people don’t understand this fact.

They have ego. They never understand that this is for your good. They will always understand this is aggressiveness because they themselves are aggressed or they are aggressive. If they are aggressed, they are even worse. So try to understand what is the situation is in this country. I have adjusted Myself; you also should adjust yourself here, to the way it is. And that’s how I should not hear any more any complaints about. Now, again the guru tattwa has to go inside, the mother tattwa. So next time I will not have any complaints but they should all say “Oh, Mother, what a nice man, he’s so kind, he’s so gentle, he’s so very sweet”. It doesn’t take at all, anything, to be that.

Now in this good atmosphere when the nature is so abundant and the sun also is hiding its own sharpness, where everything is so beautiful, we should decide that we will behave in a manner that will behoove our Mother. and not fight, not quarrel, not say things. Like somebody in the train now, supposing going, will go and quarrel with the ticket collector? “This is my seat, that is mine”. A Sahaja Yogi does not do that. A Sahaj Yogi, “All right you don’t want? All right, I’ll sit here. All right, whatever is legal I’ll do that, whatever is proper I do. You want it? All right, doesn’t matter.

You don’t allow? All right”. Immediately the person melts away. But if you, “No, this is my seat. I’ve booked it, this, that”. And then your Mother plays tricks there, on top of that. So ultimately you find that the seat was not yours. And you, you feel very upset about it, “how a Sahaja yogi is insulted”? So that is how it is going to work out in this beautiful manner if we understand the beauty of sweetness and beauty of your Mother Earth, how She beautifully creates everything. And even She is so sweet, I tell you that if you are sleeping under a coconut tree, can you imagine now?

A coconut is so big, if it falls on anybody’s head, finished; stomach, also, terrible. It can break your bone. But it will never fall on any human being or any animal. Can you believe it? It’s a fact. That is the Ritambhara PrAgnya. That’s the quality of the Mother Earth. It never falls on any human being or animal. How does She manage that? And you have seen how the flowers also form gentle.

You never see the flowers growing, How the Mother does that? Otherwise we’ll have problems, you see. Suddenly, you see a flower…. So She, slowly She does it and suddenly you find oh! She makes the leaves so beautifully arranged that they all get the sun. How She manages? Then She creates a beautiful shade for you, the color scheme, everything so beautiful. And then how She nourishes that because all the leaves drop down and they give nitrogen again to the Mother Earth and then She again nourishes them up and they will… But the leaves have to fall down if the Sun has to come to the Mother Earth. It is all Her doing but She does it so beautifully that we are not even aware of what She is doing to us.

We don’t know. If you notice it, the one thing about the Mother Earth’s beauty that She creates and how sweetly She does it, you will say that even one billionth of that, if we have, we could be somewhere, already, ruling, in the Kingdom of heaven, this is what it is. So as you have got your Kundalini, you must develop that sweetness in you, in such a manner that people see you and think that you are great mothers. But as you know in the west the mothers are so horrible, the women are so dominating, that people do not have a proper image of a mother also. Women are extremely dominating. Women must learn to dominate, it’s so easy. A bull can dominate anybody, but can they be like Mother Earth, which can bear up all kinds of troubles, all kinds of problems. Can we do that way? Especially that’s why I request women of this country to develop those beautiful qualities and not of domination. Domination, it doesn’t behove a woman, it doesn’t look nice on her.

It’s like a bull, she is wearing as a diamond piece around her neck. It’s not beautifying. So we must give up that idea of dominating or trying to oppress the husband. He says something, we’ll say “no”, to children we say “no”, to everyone we try to dominate. That’s not our character. Even, I think Roosevelt once said that – of course he must have met real Indian women – that an Indian woman, she is like a magnolia in an Indian forest. Of course, here the magnolias are useless but in Indian forest, even one flower in the forest, it is hidden, you can’t see it. But you can smell it. The whole forest is fragrant. you can’t see it anywhere, it’s hidden, a one flower, you can know there is magnolia.

And this is the greatest quality because love is the most attractive thing in the world. Why do you hang around Me? Just ask yourself. Because I have vibrations, My photograph has got. No. You feel that you are loved, that I love you. It’s a very great quality but I have that innate within Me, I don’t have to have it from anywhere. And you too have it. Just expose it and manifest it. May God bless you.

So today we should do actually the Puja of the Bhoomi, would be a better idea. We’ll do the Ganesha’s Puja and then you worship Me as the Mother Earth, as the Ritambhara PrAgnya, which we have not done so far in the holy land. All right? And we have to thank all these Sahaja yogis who are so few here, who have arranged all this and have done such good work. We are thanking you, we are thanking Patricia, and we are thanking these girls, Dominique, and we are thanking these two and we are thanking this gentleman. We are thanking you people. All right? And also Natalie, who is not here. She is a very solid Sahaja Yogini. I hope she will choose her fiancé also with that understanding.

And Robert is here who is another Sahaja Yogi, who has done, I mean who is the one who brought me here. Now, of course, she has some problems, he had some problems, which are to be cured, which can be cured, and everything can be done very well. All of you have to work hard because if you people have problems, other people won’t accept it. So try to be aware of yourself, that’s all. Otherwise everything is fine. May God bless you very much. You have more and more Sahaja Yogis, and you enjoy their company, live with harmony, do not fight with each other. If you have to fight, fight with non Sahaja Yogis but not with Sahaja Yogis. Now, so, first thing should be to wash My Feet, which they can wash. Somebody should read and somebody should do [jadab]. Now, you can come and help them.

And now you can start reading the Ganesha tattwa, this thing. I would like to know what things you have got for your Puja because I would like to give you the things you don’t have. All right. Y: Let’s take the mantra of Shri Ganesha. Shri Mataji: Yes. Two, two of you should come. Come along, you come. Two, two each, yes. Wash it.

Here. Let our ears hear that which is truth. Let our eyes see that which is pure. Let our beings praise that which is divine, and let those who listen hear not my voice but the wisdom of God. Let us worship with the same song, the same strength and the same knowledge. And let our meditation enlighten and enrich. Let there be among us compassion and peace. And now the prayer. Salutation Shri Ganesha, sakshat Shri Jesus. Sakshat Shri Nirmala Devi namoh namaha.

It is You who is the beginning of all the beginnings. It is You who is the doer of all deeds that have been done, are being done and will be done. It is You who supports all things that are supported. It is You who protects all things that are protected. It is You who is the complete, all-pervading Spirit, God’s divine energy. Think clearly brain; speak only the truth. Let Your presence in us speak. Let Your presence in us listen. Let Your presence in us bless. Let Your presence in us protect.

Let Your presence in us, Your disciple, be the disciple. You are all the literature and You are the ability to understand the literature. You are the divine combination of complete truth, complete happiness and complete energy. And You are more. You are all the knowledge and You are the use to which the knowledge is put. You exist until the end of all things, and after the end of all things You are. You create the end of all things, and after the end of all things You remain indifferent. You are the earth and You are the water. You are the fire and You are the air, and You are the space above the air. You are the gunas and You are beyond the gunas.

You are the body and You are beyond the body. You are the essence of time and You are beyond time. You and only You exist at the Mooladhara chakra. You are the Spirit and You are beyond the Spirit. All those who would join God meditate upon You. You are Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra; You are Indra, Agni, Vayu. You are the sun at noon, You are the full moon through all these and more and more. You are the all-pervading energy of innocence and wisdom. You are the divine servant who stops to wash the feet of saints. You are the tiny core of all things without which the larger have no purpose.

You are the key to the libraries of all the Scriptures, without which the truth is hidden. You are the full stop which completes the sentence and without which the sentence loses its meanings. You are the crescent moon, You are the stars, and You are beyond the stars. All things from tiny dot to universe it’s You. You are in the future and beyond the future. You are in all forms. You are where the sounds combine. You are the silence between the sounds. You are the rhythm of all music and all prayers. This is the knowledge of Nirmal Ganesh.

And You Nirmal Ganesh are the master of that knowledge and all the knowledge. You are the God and You are the Goddess. Aum Gam Nirmal Ganapataye. To Your powers, Ganesha, let all surrender. Let the left side of memory and the right side of action surrender to You. And let Your enlightenment prevail. Your first tooth you have and four hands, one holding a rope, the second a goad, the third is raised in blessings and the forth offers sustenance. Your banner is that of a humble mouse. You have long ears and are clothed in red; red decorates You and You are worshipped with red flowers. You have compassion for those who love You and it is for those who love You, that You came to this earth.

You are the first that creates, the energy that pervades and the Spirit that protects. Those who seek union with God pray to You. Those who seek union with God worship You. Om Gam Nirmal Jesus. To Your powers, Aum Jesus let all surrender. Let the left side of memory and the left side of action surrender to You, and let Your enlightenment prevail. You are the Word that was at the beginning. You are the Word that will be the ending. You are He who was born of a virgin and died on the cross. You are He who absorbs all sins and who died to live again.

You are God in man and You are worshipped with red flowers. You have compassion for those who love You and it is for those who love You that You come on this earth. You are the force that creates, the energy that pervades, and the Spirit that protects. Those who seek union with God pray to You. Those who seek union with God worship to You. Shri Ganesha salutations to You. Shri Jesus salutations to You. He who is the beginning of all worship, salutation to You. He who destroys all powers of evil, salutations to You. Sakshat Son of Lord Shiva who is unending bliss salutations to You.

Sakshat Son of Mary Mataji who is unending Love salutations to You. Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who is unending joy salutations to You. We can take now the mantra three times, Shri Adi Bhoomi. Now, you have to say the Mother’s mantras. and then, we can say, after the [Puja], we can go out and then Havan is has to be, Havan, all right? Better. And first we have to do the Havan with the thousand names of, what we have? Ganesha’s have you got? Well, we don’t have so much, we have hundred and eight. Of Shri Ganesha?

Shri Ganesha, yes, maybe we have, I have it somewhere. So hundred and eight names of Shri Ganesh you we must [do]. Better, to establish first of all Shri Ganesha. Then we can talk of the [unclear] time. Ganesha and Gauri go together. Yes, Shri Mataji. So we can start with the washing of the Hands, [Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu you say] and hundred and eight names of Mother after that. Yes, Shri Mataji. The Devas said, “Salutation to the Devi, to the Mahadevi. Salutations always to Her who is ever auspicious.

Salutations to Her who is the primordial cause of the sustaining power. With attention we have made obeisance to Her. Salutations to Her who is terrible, to Her who is eternal. Salutations to Gauri, the supporter of the universe. Salutations only to Her who is of the form of the moon and moonlight, and happiness itself. We bow to Her who is welfare. We make salutations to Her who is prosperity and success. Salutation to the consort of Shiva, who is Herself the good fortune as well as misfortune of kings. Salutations always to Durga. Fortune for Her children and misfortune for Her enemies.

Salutations always to Durga who takes one across in difficulties, who is essence, who is the holder of everything, who is knowledge and discrimination, and who is blue black and also smoke light in complexion. We prostrate before Her who is at once most gentle and most terrible. We salute Her again and again. Salutations to Her who is the support of all the world. Salutations to the Devi who is the form of volition. Salutations again and again who is in all beings, is called Vishnumaya. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings as consciousness. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of intelligence, buddhi. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of sleep, nidra. Salutation again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of hunger, kshudha.

What it is we should understand that this is said that “these powers of Goddess reside in me”. that you are purity. See, these are the powers of the Goddess which reside in you, and you are awakening them by saying this. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in Her form of a reflection, chhaya. Salutation again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of power, shakti. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings as thirst, trishna. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of forgiveness, kshanti. As peace. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of genius, jati. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of modesty, lajja.

Also shame, also shame. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of peace, shanti. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of faith, shraddha. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of wellbeing, lakshmi. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of activity, vritti. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of memory, smruti. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of compassion, daya. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of contentment, tushti. In the Puja you all should keep your eyes open, not to close them. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of error, bhranti.

Bhranti means confusion not…. She creates confusion because without confusion ego cannot be all right. Salutations again and again to the Devi who abides in all beings in the form of Mother, matru. Again. Again. Now, there are so many things they have not said. That shakti rupena samstitah. SY: Shakti we said, Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji: Shakti rupena. Viveka rupena, viveka it’s discretion, viveka rupena. SY: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Everything comes from Her only. God is just a witness. He’s just a witness. All other things belong to us from the Mother. Good. It is done. Now, you can describe how the Devi is made. What, what God gives what things to the Devi. Shri Mataji: That’s a good one.

S.Y. : Absolutely. And that you are giving Me now the saris and everything. You are also Gods now, who are giving Me saris. Nobody gave Me a sari, right? just a little bit more yoghurt and ghee. I would like to request maybe Warren to read it, S.Y.1: which has better pronunciation than myself. S.Y.2: No, no yours is good. It’s beautiful. It’s all right?

It’s all right. Put it. Put all the milk now. SY1: So we do meditation for Mahalakshmi. SY2: Yes. Meditation on Mahalakshmi. I resort to Mahalakshmi, the destroyer of Mahishasura, who is seated on the lotus, is of the complexion of coral Now who is this One? Is the Mother of Christ can you imagine? She killed Mahishasura and She allowed these people to crucify Christ. and who holds in Her eighteen hands rosary, axe, mace, arrow, thunderbolt, lotus, bow, pitcher, rod, shakti, sword, shield, conch, bell, wine-cup, trident, noose and the discus Sudarsana.

Now, with all that. All right? The Rishi said: From yore when Mahisasura was the lord of asuras and Indra the lord of devas, there was a war between the devas and asuras for a full hundred years. In that the army of the devas was vanquished by the valorous asuras. After conquering all the devas, Mahishasura became the lord of Heaven. Then the vanquished devas headed by Brahma, the lord of beings, went to the place where Shiva and Vishnu were. The devas described to them in detail, as it had happened, the story of their defeat wrought by Mahisasura. Mahisasura himself has assumed the jurisdictions of Surya, Indra, Agni, Vayu, Chandra, Yama and Varuna and other devas. Thrown out from heaven by that evil-natured Mahisha, the hosts of devas wander on the earth like mortals. All that has been done by the enemy of the devas, has been related to you both, and we have sought shelter under you both.

May both of you be pleased to think out the means of his destruction. Having thus heard the words of the devas, Vishnu was angry and also Shiva, and their faces became fierce with frowns. The issued forth a great light from the face of Vishnu who was full of intense anger, and from that of Brahma and Shiva too. From the bodies of Indra and other devas also sprang forth a very great light. And all these lights united together. The devas saw there a concentration of light like a mountain blazing excessively, pervading all the quarters with its flames. Then that unique light, produced from the bodies of all the devas, pervading the three worlds with its luster, combined into one and became a female form. By that which was Shiva’s light, Her face came into being; by Yama’s light Her hair, by Vishnu’s light Her arms; You just draw the line, and tell them. and by Candra’s light her two breasts. By Indra’s light her waist, by Varuna’s light her shanks and thighs Varuna’s?

by Varuna’s light her shanks, shanks. Varuna’s light. The light of Varuna. Shri Mataji: What, what is it? SY: It creates shanks. The upper part of the leg, that [binds]. Shri Mataji: Shanks. SY: Shanks. Varuna is, is the Lord of the sea. and thighs and by earth’s light Her hips.

By Brahma’s light her feet came into being; by Surya’s light Her toes, by Vasus’s Her fingers, by Kubera’s light Her nose; by Prajapati’s light Her teeth came into being and similarly by Agni’s light Her three eyes were formed. The light of the two sandhyas became her eye-brows, the light of Vayu her ears; the manifestation of the lights of other devas too contributed to the being of the auspicious Devi. Then looking at Her, who had come into being from the assembled lights of all the devas, the immortals who were oppressed by Mahisasura experienced joy. The bearer of Pinaka drawing forth a trident from his own trident presented it to Her; and Vishnu bringing forth a discus out of his own discus gave Her. Varuna gave Her a conch, Agni a spear; and Maruta gave a bow as well as two quivers full of arrows. Indra, lord of devas, bringing forth a thunderbolt out of his own thunderbolt and a bell from that of His elephant Airavata, gave Her. Yama gave a staff from his own staff of Death and Varuna, the lord of waters, a noose; and Brahma, the lord of beings, gave a string of beads and a water-pot. Surya bestowed His own rays on all the pores of Her skin and Kala gave a spotless sword and a shield. The milk-ocean gave a pure necklace, a pair of garments, a divine crest-jewel, a pair of ear-rings, bracelets, a brilliant half-moon armlets on all arms, a pair of shining anklets, a unique necklace and excellent rings on all the fingers. Visvakarman gave her a very brilliant axe, weapons of various forms and also an impenetrable armour.

The ocean gave her a garland of unfading lotuses for Her head, and another for her breast, besides a very beautiful lotus in her hand. The mountain Himavat gave her a lion to ride on a various jewels. The lord of wealth Kubera gave Her a drinking cup ever full of wine. Sesha, the lord of all serpents, who supports this earth, gave Her a serpent-necklace bedecked with best jewels. Rustom has given Me something, bracelet but I haven’t brought it. Brought it from, he’s brought it from Riad. From the Arab countries. All right. Honored likewise by other devas also with ornaments and weapons, the Devi gave out a loud roar with a defying laugh again and again. What’s that?

[Weakening]. Honored likewise by other devas also with ornaments and weapons, the Devi gave out a loud roar with a defying laugh again and again. By her unending, exceedingly great, terrible roar the entire sky was filled, What are you saying? The entire sky was filled by Her roar. and there was great reverberation. All worlds shook, the seas trembled. The earth quaked and all the mountains rocked. “Victory to you”, exclaimed the devas in joy to Her, the lion-rider. The sages, who bowed their bodies in devotion, extolled her. Seeing the three worlds agitated, the foes of devas, mobilized all their armies and rose up together with uplifted weapons.

Mahishasura, exclaiming in wrath, ‘Ha! What is this?’ rushed towards that roar, surrounded by the innumerable asuras. Then he saw the Devi pervading the three worlds with her lustre. Lustre? I don’t know. Making the earth bend with Her footstep, scraping the sky with Her diadem, shaking the nether worlds with the twang of Her bowstring, and standing there pervading all the quarters around with her thousand arms. Then began a battle between that Devi and the enemies of the devas, in which the quarters of the sky were illumined by the weapons and arms hurled diversely. Mahisasura’s general, a great asura named Chiksura and Chamara, attended by forces comprising four parts, and other asuras fought. A great asura named Udagraha with sixty thousand chariots, and Mahahanu with ten millions Must be the one with so many Rolls Royces.

Can be. and Mahahanu with ten millions of chariots gave battle. Asiloman, another great asura, with fifteen millions of chariots, and Bashkala with six millions fought in that battle. Privarita with many thousands of elephants and horses, and surrounded by ten millions of chariots, fought in that battle. Just imagine. So you can understand these rakshasas in modern times also are having so many Rolls Royces, so many people following them, thousands and thousands, look at that. And only one Goddess to fight. An asura named Bidala fought in that battle surrounded by five crores of chariots. Crores. I mean a chariot I think is equal to the price of a one hundred or maybe one thousand of Rolls Royces.

So it’s all right. They have completed their amount. And other great asuras, thousands in number, surrounded with chariots, elephants and horses fought with the Devi in that battle. Now you should understand how the asuras had such a powerful army, had so many people to fight, had such big elephants and all those things showing how much money they must be having. And that’s what you see today also, same thing. They have all the money, they have all the chariots, they have everything, elephants and everything to fight, but they are not successful. Mahishasura was surrounded in the battle with thousands or crores of hordes, horses, elephants and chariots. Other asuras fought in the battle against the Devi with iron maces and javelins, with spears and clubs, with swords, axes and halberds. Some hurled spears and others nooses. They began to strike Her with swords in order to kill Her.

Showering Her own weapons and arms, that Devi Chandika very easily cut into pieces all those weapons and arms. Without any strain on Her face and with gods and sages extolling her, the Ishvari threw Her weapons and arms at the bodies of the asuras. And the lion also which carried the Devi shaking its mane in rage, stalked among the hordes of the asuras like a conflagration amidst the forest. The side which Ambika, engaged in the battle, heaved became at once her battalions by hundreds and thousands. Energized by the power of the Devi, these battalions fought with battle-axes, javelins, swords and destroyed the asuras. All these battalions, some beat drums, some blew conches and others played on tabors in that great martial festival. Then the Devi killed hundreds of asuras with Her trident, club, showers of spears, swords and the like, and threw down others who were stupefied by the noise of Her bell; and binding others with Her noose, She dragged them on the ground. Some were split into two by the sharp slashes of Her sword, and others, smashed by the blows of Her mace, lay down on the ground; and some severely hammered by Her club vomited forth blood. Pierced in the breast by her trident, some fell on the ground. Pierced all over by Her arrows and resembling porcupines, some of the enemies of devas gave up their lives on that field of battle.

Some had their arms cut off, some, their necks broken the heads of others rolled down; some others were torn asunder in the middle of their trunks, and some great asuras fell on the ground with their legs severed. Some rendered one-armed, one-eyed, and one-legged were again clove in twain by the Devi. And others, though rendered headless, fell and rose again. Headless trunks fought with the Devi with best weapons in their hands. Some of these headless trunks danced there in the battle to the rhythm of the musical instruments. The trunks of some other great asuras, with their swords, spears and lances still in their hands, shouted at the Devi with their just severed heads, ‘Stop, stop’. That part of earth where the battle was fought became impassable with the asuras, elephants and horses and chariots that had been felled. The profuse blood from the asuras, elephants and horses flowed immediately like large rivers amidst that army of the asuras. As fire consumes a huge heap of straw and wood, so did Ambika destroy that vast army of asuras in no time. And her carrier-lion, thundering aloud with quivering mane, prowled about in the battlefield, appearing to search out the vital breaths from the bodies of the enemies of devas.

In that battlefield the battalions of the Devi fought in such a manner with the asuras that the devas in heaven, showering flowers, extolled them. Now, you may say hundred and eight names. And the translation? I have the translation only in German, Shri Mataji. Get seven married ladies. Married ladies, seven. Two are there. Five more. She is the Holy Mother. She does not only give what a loving Mother gives to Her children, but She also gives the highest knowledge, the purest knowledge, the Brahma vidya, the knowledge about the holy, divine vibrations to Her devotees.

She is the Great Empress. She appears for a divine purpose. She is beyond kula, which is the countable dimension in us. She resides in the Sahasrara. She cuts the knots of the maya, the granthis. All of them have to say. You take the name. You say the name first. Married lady, one more. One minute.

There are three saris now, because last time I didn’t take a Mother’s sari from the French Sahaja Yogis. and the Guru’s sari also so they have now said that “Mother in this Puja, we’d like to give you”. So that’s how we have now three saris for Trigunatmika. So the first one is for the Mahakali Shakti. This is the Bhoomi. See how correctly it has come the colour of the Bhoomi. That’s Mahakali. Then you have got the Mahasarawati sari, which is the color of the what we call the actual color of the prithvi tattwa because matter, of the matter. The second, third one is the Mahalakshmi’s color which Mary used to wear very much So that’s how we have got three colors. But I was amazed when I was coming from the program the whole sky was filled Mahalakshmi’s color.

I saw it myself, everybody saw the sky. So this is what it is that we have now got, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, in this place because it’s a holy land, and we got all the three centers, three nadis being represented. This is the first time we have got three nadis represented in a place. But that happened because I didn’t accept it for the Guru Puja, so they have sent it here. See this one. Now, open this out. Seven or four. Just tell them to get up. Show it to everyone. Here, Mr.[Vadha’s] sari is containing the guru sat.

Here also. This is the guru sari has come. Guru is the Brahmadeva, is the One, the Creator and His power is that of Mahasaraswati. And this is what is the sari they were going to give Me for Guru Puja. Now it has come. It has got five lines, which shows the five elements that the Brahmadeva has. So this is the Mahasaraswati’s. How correct it is, see. Now, open it. And five and five makes ten.

That’s how the guru has got ten principles, five on the right and five on the left. Now, this is Mahalakshmi. This is the color I saw in the sky which I had never seen before. This is the sari from Holland. Mangalasutra is not there? Now you take the photographs. O Devi, you who remove the sufferings of your suppliants, be gracious. Be propitious, oh Mother of the whole world. Be gracious, oh Mother of the universe. Protect the universe.

You are, oh Devi, the ruler of all that is moving and unmoving. You are the sole substratum of all the world, because You subsist in the form of the earth. By you, who exist in the shape of water, all this universe is gratified, oh Devi. You are the power of Vishnu, and have endless valor. You are the primordial maya, which is the source of the universe; by you all this universe has been thrown into an illusion, oh Devi. If you become gracious, you become the cause of final emancipation in this world. Ha, I’m already that. Take the whole, you see. I will be [unclear]you to start because you can take at the Feet the whole [thing] of salutations. Salutations be to You, oh Nirmala Devi, oh You who abides as intelligence in the heart of all creatures, and bestow enjoyment and liberation.

Salutations be to You oh Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You, who in the form of minutes, moments, and other divisions of time bring about change in things and have thus the power to destroy the universe. Salutations be to You oh Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You, who are the good of all good, oh auspicious Devi, who are, who accomplish every object, the giver of refuge oh three eyed Gauri. Salutations be to You, oh Shri Nirmala Devi, You who have the power of creation, sustentation and destruction and are eternal. You are the substratum and embodiment of the trigunas. Salutations be to You, oh Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You, who are intent on saving the dejected and distressed that take refuge under You. Oh, You, Devi who remove the sufferings of all. Salutations be to You, oh Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You, who ride in the heavenly chariot, yoked with swans and assume the form of Brahmani. Oh Devi, who sprinkle water with kusha grass. Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You, who bear the trident, the moon and the serpent, and ride a big bull and have the form of Maheshvari. Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You who are attended by the peacock and cock and bear a great spare, oh You, who are sinless and take the form of Kaumari.

Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You, who hold the great weapons of conch, discus, club and bow, and take the form of Vaishnavi, be gracious. Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You, who grasp a huge formidable discus, and uplift the earth with thy tusk, oh, auspicious Devi, who has a boar-like form. Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You who is the fierce form of a man-lion, put forth your efforts to sly the daityas, oh You who possess the benevolence of saving the three worlds. Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, you who have a diadem and a great thunderbolt, are dazzling with a thousand eyes, and took away the life of Vrtra, oh Aindri! Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You who in the form of Shivaduti, slew the mighty hosts of the daityas, oh You of terrible form and loud throat! Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You who have a face terrible with tusks, and are adorned with a garland of heads, oh Chamunda, oh slayer of Munda! Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You who are good fortune, modesty, great wisdom, faith, nourishment and Svadha, oh You who are immovable, oh You, great Night and great Illusion. Salutations be to You, oh, Shri Nirmala Devi, oh You who are intelligence and Sarasvati, oh best One, prosperity, consort of Vishnu, dark One, nature, be propitious. Oh Queen of all, You who exist in the form of all, and possess every might, save us from error, oh Devi. Salutation be to you, Devi Durga.

May this benign countenance of Yours adorned with three eyes, protect us from all fears. Salutation be to You, Nirmala Devi. Terrible with flames, exceedingly sharp destroyer of all the asuras, may your trident guard us from fear. Salutation be to You, Shri Nirmala Devi. They haven’t got, there, some of them. They haven’t got yet. You must give it to a small boy, because she can see. Shri Mataji: Give it to her. SY: Matin. The main Pujari hasn’t got it.

Here’s the one. Give it to the children. I think they have it all, the children. Let it be, let it be. Let it be, let it be, let it be. Let it be. She’s always like that, let it be. She’s been always…. Forget it, forget it. She’s always caught up child.

She is a caught up child. Comes up, goes down, comes up, goes down. Arti, all the children have got it. Then I will not take flowers from you. All right? She’s always a caught up child. They have been always worried about her. It’s all right. She’ll be all right. You want to do the aarti?

You were forgetting all. I think the Feet should be taken on this one. Take out. Put the flowers. It’s all right. Take one photo. Close. Get one photograph. Now it’s all right. May God bless you all.

May God bless you. May God bless you. You too have got three colors. Very fine, except little [unclear]. And here you have to put a line. If you put a line these My eyes come up, you see. You put a line like that. And like this, this much. All right? Little smaller lips, lower lip smaller, upper one is all right.

This one is to be stretched a little. This is smaller and these eyes have got a little line here. All right? Eyes is to be brought out little more that side. Little more. They look small, you see. They are bigger than that. Oh, what is that? French Sahaja Yogis? But they have already given Me a beautiful thing.

He’s not come, here? Patrick? SY: He’s coming at [Christmas]. Shri Mataji: He wants a break. SY: He may come to weekends Mother. Shri Mataji: I see. But I wanted to meet him. All right. SY: He may come tonight. Shri Mataji: May come.

He would have been happy to see that I took the saris. [unclear]. There should not be anything better than that. How did you make these hands? Shri Mataji: You ordered? SY: No, I found them somewhere. You found them? They are just like My hands. It’s beautiful. Our heart is in Your hands Shri Mataji.

Thank you very much. It’s beautiful. This is a heart, it’s made of the glass. So one has to be careful, in handling it, look out. Out of these two. Thank you very much. Hello. Look at them. Such nice girls, aren’t you? Thank you, thank you.

But Arti why are you afraid? See now, they are not afraid. You know, I’ve been to them. Beautiful. Oh, you got it, Ann, from there? How? Thank you very much. Now, see, all the children are giving Me flowers. May God bless you. Nobody’s crying.

All right? Keep somewhere. One person. See now. Who has done that? This is you have done? Oh, great. Good. That’s a good one. What is this?

That is from English [with all heart] for Dutch Sahaja Yogis. English Sahaja Yogis? For the Dutch Sahaja Yogis. For the Dutch Sahaja Yogis he said. SY: From the English? Shri Mataji: From the English to the Dutch? All right. I’m opening for you, you don’t mind. Ha. Now you open.

Take out but this is quite a big opening. Beautiful. I’ll take out and see. There must be a photograph. With a smile, just imagine. Fantastic. Actually first time I saw it. I said “What a face”. Smile becoming a light. Shri Mataji, this is a present from all the present Sahaja Yogis here.

Oh, it’s too much [indeed]. Too much. This is the present of the presents. Beautiful. Very beautiful. Was there the painting like this? I think this is the original image, [after watching this also]. This is the painting. Beautiful. You must see this.

This is made in Holland? SY1: No, it’s made in West Germany, Mother. SY2: Austria. SY1: West Germany. West Germany? I see. May God bless West Germany. I saw this work in New Zealand, you’ll be surprised. But maybe, it might be Japanese, I don’t know, but I saw it. And this is a present from the Sahaja Yogis here for the Dutch Sahaja Yogis.

It will have double purpose. To save a lot of money for Sahaja Yoga. Also double purpose. Shoes, you see. The bhoots run away from shoes. Good idea. Shri Mataji: From where? SY: From Milan. It’s from you? Or from Milan?

From Italy. That’s a painting? This is a painting? Yes, Mother, I think. It’s painted by Adolf Eberle. [unclear] Because it’s the real, this is the real important [start] for our crusade now, the young crusade because this is all the people, yes? And you see they protest but there is [unclear]. and there is a lady with her child and whole looking is on the lady. And she is also moving and sees really the people who are going… Forward.

Shri Mataji: Forward. SY: Forward. Who has done the painting? It is painted by Adolf Eberle and the painting is in Milano. The name of the thing is not there. SY: I’ll write it. Shri Mataji: You write it down here. Thank you very much. You must have the painting of all the Sahaja Yogis like this, it would be a good idea. Shri Mataji, [unclear] and we would like You to give it to destination.

You feel the vibrations. Give it to destination, Mother. Give it to some center. I would say we should give it to Australia. It’s a responsibility. Very big responsibility. [Hindi/Marathi] [Hindi/Marathi] [Hindi/Marathi] [Hindi/Marathi] [Hindi/Marathi] Very beautiful. [Hindi/Marathi] So kind of him. So the ladies who have washed My Feet and the ones who gave Me saris, please come along. Now, you should go and have your lunch I think.

Noodles, in half an hour you will starve, you see. I think I’ll give them too. Better. Shri Mataji: I give. You, Esther, got it? SY: No, Shri Mataji. Then you take it. Now, take it. So if everyone has got it, I am sorry. Shri Mataji: What’s that?

SY: Present for You, Mother. From you? So many hearts. All right, open it. So we have eight and this is the ninth. We really needed the ninth one. Oh, this is the tenth one. This is Alsatian, na? We will have. And we didn’t have this one either.

SY: Dalmatian, Mother. Shri Mataji: What that was? Dalmatian? Good. Thank you. SY: Now we have ten Mother. Shri Mataji: Now, I have ten. One more I must get. I’ll buy Myself. Let My husband buy something for Me.

These are the bangles for the ladies who are here. Very graciously. Yogi Mahajan has come all the way from India. We have to thank him very much. And he has brought these beautiful bangles for the ladies. Please, give one each to anyone. All right, go ahead for your food. I don’t want you to starve. What does he want? A doggy?

Daddy, daddy, Shri Mataji. He wants to go to daddy. Daddy? Why to daddy? You better have some chana. All right? Take some chana. Daddy doesn’t have any chana. Nothing he has. You come the other way round.

Now, take some chana. Come. Little more. He can come. Let all the children have the chana. All those children who want chana, come here, all right? All want chana. That’s it. That is too small. Which one is there?

Come along. Here is the chana. Child is not well, Rajan. You have to see her. All right? Shri Mataji: Father has come? SY: Oh, yes, he’s come Mother. SY: He’s feeling well now. Shri Mataji: What all the doctors are saying? We don’t know.

Expecting answers. Is she all right? I mean, out of danger? Yes, she’s out of danger now. Just she’ll maybe go home today. Oh that’s good. Just, just five minutes ago, someone has phoned from the hospital Shri Mataji, that they can be fetched in a car from there. She can be fetched. That’s good. That’s like a Sahaja Yogini.

All right, but now I would suggest that when she goes back let her stay here for a while and then go all the ladies, let them go by train. And [if it’s somebody’s] little van is too small. And next time it should be a law, anybody carrying a child in the lap is not allowed to come. All right? That is the status to be able to walk around and not in such a way. One should not do this way. And pregnant women are not allowed at all to come. You know that. That’s not to be agreed to at any cost, whatever it is, you see. It’s very dangerous, it worries Me.

Thank God she is all right because of Sahaja Yoga. She’s perfectly all right and she comes back home. So that’s a good thing. Come. But next time make it a point, please make it a point. Only flowers. Shri Mataji: Have I given you already. SY: Yes. So, try to understand that, you see, the pregnancy, you have to be very careful. If you have your own car, all right, if you can have [unclear] if you can travel with someone else, it’s all right.

That too in early pregnancy not in the very advanced pregnancy. Because you have come here to help Me in a way, and also to get help from Me. But if you come during pregnancy at a very advanced stage it can create a problem, you see. So be careful not to do such a thing anymore. And if there are ladies travelling, it’s better they travel by train with small children, but never a child who is not yet walking. If the child is not walking the ladies must stay at home. Please remember that, it’s a law, that we do not allow anybody to come to India with the children. Now, if you have got children, and you want to come to India, then do only one small thing. You notify that you want, “we have got children” and we could find out some crèche in Switzerland, in Rome, in England, anywhere, for these children to be left there. And you can come free, freely there.

That is important. But if the child is very small, I would say, don’t come. But even children are not to be brought to India. So all the children can be kept there. It is during holiday time, we are having this time the program. So please do not bring children to India. Try to keep the children. They can be kept somewhere, not difficult. We can form some crèche in the ashrams and we can manage that. All right.

So now and have your food. Somebody must go and keep the door open. Please put your hand in the door. Shri Mataji, this is the last Puja, for the whole tour of Europe. From all the Sahaja Yogis we want to thank you for the tremendous, beautifully, enjoible tour that you gave us all. Jai Shri Mataji.