Shri Gruha Lakshmi Puja

Brompton Square House, London (England)

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Shri Gruhalakshmi Puja, Brompton Square 1985-0805

So, this is to thank you all for helping in building this house and making it so beautiful. All the thankfulness is from us, both of us. Today is a very interesting day when you are worshipping the Gruhalakshmi here. Means the Gruhalakshmi of this house. In the same way in your family also, in your houses you must do Gruhalakshmis’ puja. The woman has to be the Gruhalakshmi herself and then she should be worshipped (Marathi sentence unclear) where the women are respected and worshipped there reside all the deities, but they should be respectable also. If they are not respectable then the deities won’t reside. This is a big responsibility on a Gruhalakshmi to be the spirit so that all the deities are happy in the family, and once she is respected she will try to be respectable also. So the respect of the Gruhalakshmi is very important. Today we are having this little puja from all the builders who have helped us here with the blessing of Vishnudharma and Brahmadeva. Those who have tried to make this house so beautiful. Also as you know, Blake has described this house which has a special significance and we have to now hand it over to somebody else to the one who will appreciate and respect this house. Who will understand the value and worth of this house and for that we have to pray that it will be sold to such a person who is a person who will be a cogniser, a person who will understand the depth and the aesthetics of this place and the one who will be paying for that, valuing that, so we have to ask for such a blessing.

Of course one should not get attached to anything whatever is created is created. One should never be attached, because we have done this so we should be attached to it. It is not the way it is asahaja. You should think about, one should think about that we have created something beautiful we can recreate another thing and we can produce other better things that is how an artist can go on producing and producing. Of course there is one thing that is there is within us, the joy, then only you produce joy. If there is no joy you cannot. So first of all before doing any work creating anything one must measure up the amount of joy one has received, the blessings one has received from the Deva, and then recreate with that consciousness with that awareness you will find your creation will be very beautiful, and we have to bring the work to a new method of creativity where there is exuberance, exuberance of joy and of Divine aesthetics because the world is going from bad to worse. I find nowadays people may just like to have some sort of a white cloth hanging and calling it a painting. That is not a painting because there is nothing inside. It is (absolutely??) hollow, empty, there is nothing inside so that there is no exuberance. So to recreate that you people have to desire and ask for it and we have people of that kind. It is just to be desired and you all should desire for such things, that people of exuberance should come forward to value such things which are full of joy. May God Bless you.

Unclear additional sentence, then “Ganesha Puja we will do”

[Shri Mataji Reads from Kahlil Gibran, Jesus, The Son of Man. This is a tape of Shri Mataji reading from Kahlil Gibrans’ Jesus the Son of Man. The tape is very inaudible at the beginning and it is not clear where it starts in the text, so I have started it from slightly before the first audible part to ensure all of it is encompassed.]

Were it not for a mother’s desire I would have stripped me of the swaddling-clothes and escaped back to space.

“And were it not for sorrow in all of you I would not have stayed to weep. “Who are you and what are you, Judas Iscariot? And why do you tempt me?

“Have you in truth weighed me in the scale and found me one to lead legions of pygmies, and to direct chariots of the shapeless against an enemy that encamps only in your hatred and marches nowhere but in your fear?

Shr Mataji: Means you have enemies within yourself.

“Too many are the worms that crawl about me feet, and I will give them no battle. I am weary of the jest, and weary of pitying the creepers who deem me coward because I will not move among their guarded walls and towers.

“Pity it is that I must needs pity to the very end. Would that I could turn my steps towards a larger world where larger men dwell. But how shall I?

Shri Mataji: And then he said about the future, OK?

“Your priest and your emperor would have my blood. They shall be satisfied ere I go hence. I would not change the course of the law. And I would not govern folly.

Shri Mataji: It was because of the law that he was crucified.

“Let ignorance reproduce itself until it is weary of its own offspring.

“Let the blind lead the blind to the pitfall.

“And let the dead bury the dead till the earth be choked with its own bitter fruit.

“My kingdom is not of the earth. My kingdom shall be where two or three of you shall meet in love, and in wonder at the loveliness of life, and in good cheer, and in remembrance of me.”

Shri Mataji: This is collectivity. Just understand “My kingdom is not of the earth. My kingdom shall be where two or three of you shall meet in love, and in wonder at the loveliness of life, and in good cheer, and in remembrance of me.”

Then of a sudden He turned to Judas, and He said, “Get you behind me, man. Your kingdoms shall never be in my kingdom.”

Shri Mataji: That’s Kahlil Gibran, it’s tremendous, May God Bless you All. There are so many things written already to encourage us to be walking the right path of our spirit, we should never get desperate or discouraged, there is so much already said about it. May God Bless You.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi