Evening Program and Raksha Bandhan Ceremony

Southlands College, London (England)

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Evening Program and Raksha Bandhan Ceremony, Southlands College, London (England), 1985-08-30

Today on this auspicious day of Rakhipurnima, we have to thank all the artists who have really created such a marvelous, beautiful dance drama in your presence, especially to Mr. Pawar, his wife, his daughter, you are very much obliged, plus the other artist, and so on.

Shri Markandey Mishra, and also Baluji Shrivastava, all these people have shown very great artistic talent today, and it’s a very special day. On this day, we all, as brothers and sisters, are sitting here to watch something so beautifully expressed in the realm of brotherly and sisterly love. So whatever has gone wrong or is better, we all must learn to forgive, that’s important. And the sister always forgives, we all must forgive, and we should be extremely loving and protective, that is the Raksha for our artist who are in England. I feel sometimes that the people who have come from abroad and who are artists in England are to be looked after in the same way all the artists of the world must be looked after and must be encouraged and nourished and cherished so that they take to proper divine manifestation of divine music and drama, everything that is beautiful and pure. So on this day, I especially would like to bless all of them for a higher ascent and in a greater way to express themselves in full ecstasy, the joy of God’s blessings on them as artist and on the listeners and the Sahaja Yogis who are here, a very great report with them, a great report to understand the artists are needing your help in every way of understanding them. They have worked very hard for ages to achieve this. The second thing is that today is such a great day that you must accept Pawar, all the girls of Sahaja Yoginis have to accept Him as a brother and Mrs. Pawar is the sister of all the Sahaja Yogis and we have other artists also as brothers and I’m also very happy to announce the engagement of His daughter, Ashaavani and also we have two great artists, one is the son of Mr. Pawar and our, as you know, from Sahaja Yogis who dance so well, so congratulations to Him also. Last of all we must thank Pedro for organizing all this so well. Despite the fact she was not well, they danced so well, put their heart into it and they made us enjoy it.

Now there’s a program on the 10th they’re having and I hope you’ll make it convenient to see that program which will be very beautifully done, he’s also getting more artists from Glasgow. I hope all of you will make it convenient and ask your other friends to come in to understand other art forms also. You have to understand and appreciate other art forms. Now you have tap dancing but you can see tap dancing is nothing compared to this. You can see it, one must admit, there’s nothing to feel bad about it. You are good at other things but they are good at certain things so we should appreciate good of everyone and every art and this is what it is that I want you to understand that if you have to be universal you must have an universal mind to understand all that is beautifully created in the whole universe unless and until you understand that you cannot grow, you cannot grow wider. So the appreciation of every type of art form is to be appreciated, whether it is Indian, English, American or even African, all sorts of art forms which are divine must be appreciated. This is the only condition that they should be divine, that’s the only condition we have to apply and by God’s grace I’m sure everything will work out very well and one day we will all have a nice report with them as brothers and sisters as we today we have done it on such an auspicious day. May God bless you, all the blessings on you. May God bless you, all the blessings on you.