Shri Vishnumaya Puja: Power Of The Sister

Southlands College, London (England)

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Shri Vishnumaya Puja. Wimbledon, London (UK), 1 September 1985.

Today’s Puja of Vishnumaya, who was the sister of Shri Krishna, was not scheduled as such in an international pujas that we do. But they say for the love of God when all the devotees assemble, God also has to break many rules, and that’s how this puja has been accepted to be done. At least once it should be done, I think, was a good idea. By your love and your devotion it was desired, and so this puja is going to be performed.

It’s just spontaneous that I happened to be in England at this time, because this puja if ever had happened, would have happened in India. Because this is a puja of a deity, Vishnumaya, the seed of which is not easy to plant in the Western countries.

Now the whole Shakti programming has been done in such a way that we have Mother as a Shakti first, the Primordial Mother. Then we have three shaktis coming out of Her, as you know – Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati. And then we have children from them: brothers and sisters. So before the power of what we call the wife or the spouse was created, is the power of the sister is created. So, as you know that Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha were born to these three Shaktis, and they all had sisters. And their sisters were married – like Vishnu’s sister is Parvati and She was married to Shiva. Is very important to understand that these three types of powers always play on the chakras. And if you understand these three powers, how they play, then you will understand what is the importance of Vishnumaya is. Vishnumaya is the power of a sister in a family. So the female is the power, and the male is the kinetic power which asserts the powers of these three powers which surround him. So when the male power comes in, all these powers become helpful acting associates with that power.

Now Vishnumaya’s power is very important to understand, because Mother power is to protect your innocence, because that is the most important thing. To protect your innocence is the Mother’s power. Now, Vishnumaya’s power is to protect your chastity. You don’t understand sometimes what is chastity and what is innocence. Innocence is a power which is not acted upon. Like we have electricity in our house, the electricity exists like innocence exists within us; but enactment of that is done through chastity. A person can say, “I did this very innocently” – no, he cannot. Because whatever you do if it is innocent, cannot be harmful to your character, to your innocence or to your righteousness.

So those people who say like this, that “I did it innocently” are wrong, because innocently if you do anything it becomes chastity. So when innocence is practiced it becomes chastity. You must have respect of your chastity. Chastity is the one which is Vishnumaya’s power within us, Gauri’s power, is the pure virgin. She doesn’t marry. As you know that Vishnumaya was created, just after Her birth She was killed by Kamsa.

Now to understand the significance of chastity within us, we have to know that chastity is the foundation of all dharmas. Unless and until you have sense of chastity you cannot have dharma. Dharma is not possible because that’s the foundation. It will be a house of cards; if you do not have the foundation of chastity it will just collapse in no time.

So is a very important thing is chastity which has been challenged in the West throughout, and that’s why I’m saying is difficult to sow the seed of chastity in this country. And that it should happen, there must be some divine plan I think, that it has happened that this great puja should be performed here. It’s not a easy puja to do – is to be done by people who are innocent, done by people who have lead a very religious life; those who have been very chaste, have respected their chastity. But now as you are saints, before you everything is pure and good, because now you have been leading a saintly life. That’s why chastity has become awakened in you, and chastity works in you as Gauri, as your kundalini. So if you come to the essence of religious life, of righteous life, of Sahaja Yoga life, is chastity. You cannot diversify it. Now this chastity gives you the maryadas, means delimits you.

(Why are you sitting here? Go further, it’s better to be in front. This is – you are not doing the puja. If you are doing the puja, then you sit here. Otherwise, better sit down. Better get My vibrations there, in front. Here, come along.)

So the chastity is the one that gives you maryadas, gives you the limits. How does it give you the limits? Like the, in the sky is the lightning. When the two clouds, who are like Sahaja yogis we can say, came out of the sea and pure water is there in the, those clouds, and they have to be poured out; when they come closer together and cross their limits of their ego, or fight with each other or in any way clash, is, there is this chastity, this lightning that takes place. This lightning which says that “You are wrong. Why are you fighting among yourself? Why are you crossing each other’s ego?” That’s the sister’s job. Yesterday we have had many sisters. Now the sister’s job is not to take sides, but to show that if you cross your limits of your brotherliness, then there will be a lightning.

Now this power of lightning is a part of the power of Shri Krishna which He took it out from Himself. That’s why He became such a sweet, gentle incarnation. He took it out. He said, “Now you’ve become My sister, and every time they try to misbehave you better work it out.” And that’s how Shri Krishna became such a gentle and a very, as they call it, romantic incarnation; because He took out the sisterly part away and He worked it out. But She was always with Him and She worked with Him; because the sister in the family has to see that the brothers don’t fight, they are all looked after well, that they are not challenged by others, that she gives them the maryadas how far to go – how far to go.

Now it’s very important, very, very important for all of us to understand that Freud and all these nonsensical people brought forth the theories to challenge Vishnumaya, so that we should have all kinds of funny relationships, which is an impossibility, is a wrong thing. Now if there is any relationship like that between brothers and sisters, for seven generations the family suffers from terrible diseases – seven generations. But if there’s another like Freud-style relationship, then fourteen generations the family has to suffer.

So the limiting forces of Vishnumaya are such that your ego is controlled, your superego is controlled, your family is controlled. Everybody is under control, under the guidance of this pure power of Vishnumaya which exists within all of us.

And the saddest part is that in all the Western countries Vishnumaya is sick, absolutely sick. I mean, I have lost My hearing even, up to that point it has come, on the left-hand side, because the sense of chastity is completely lacking. We have to forget about the people now who have no sense at all, but now we are Sahaja yogis. So coming to the right point, we have to say that, that many people have still some lingering funny ideas, like “I have a good friendship with that gentleman” or “I’m very friendly with such and such gentleman” and all that. It’s not a maryada then. You cannot have friendship with – between men and women, you cannot, it’s absolutely absurd. In the West the whole culture is funny; because if you go to a dinner party you are supposed to sit with somebody’s husband on both the sides – horrible! But in the East it’s not done, because the Vishnumaya is against these things. She will see to it that husband and wife sit together.

Now here, as you know, the chastity part is so much missing that our left Vishuddhis are catching. And when I talk about it, it catches more. Now when you say you are not guilty, you are actually admitting it to Vishnumaya, to your own sister, saying that “I am not guilty.” But She doesn’t like you to have the guilt upon you.

The wife may like you to have the guilt. She may like that you should have the guilt, because she thinks her power is challenged and that she has somebody who is her rival. But not, not Vishnumaya; the sister does not say that.

But a brother and a sister are never friends. Now in a group we are sitting here. Like that, in any group a brother and a sister, they are, they know that they exist as brothers and sisters but they don’t cling onto one person, they don’t talk to one person, they don’t get friendly with that sister. Like once we had a big fete with these Christians once, I remember, and I must be having at least thirty cousins and four, five brothers I had at that time. And we went to that function, and among Indian Christians we have Christians from all kinds of stratas. So there were some vagabonds I think, they passed some remarks about us, we sisters, you see. We didn’t know we had so many cousins. They all shot out, you see, just like jack-in-the-box, and they all took over and started beating those boys.

And then we realized so many cousins we have. Otherwise we never knew; they were somewhere, we were not talking to them much, we were talking among ourselves, our friends, we girls were talking to each other. Suddenly we found we have so many cousins and so many brothers. It was most surprising that we should have so many cousins there we did not know.

Immediately they jumped on the protection of the chastity of their sister, because she is the basis of their chastity. But normally you don’t talk to your brother much, nor the brother talks to you so much, you don’t get friendly. But at the time of difficulties, at the time of maryadas, at the time of consulting about something that is dear to the family, the sister comes in.

Recently My own brother, younger brother, wrote a letter to Me because there’s a problem in the family. Now My mother is not there, and normally a sister is better because she is easily available to you than the mother. Mother is so busy with the whole family, the whole work, you know what she’s doing. So the sisterly feeling is very important.

Now just imagine that our left Vishuddhi is so bad. It is, of course, because we have never cared for our chastity, we have not respected our chastity. In India it is not so. Women and men all respect their chastity very much. And I’ve asked some foreign-going boys, they said that “Though we were doing all wrong things as they were doing, we all the time somehow knew that we were doing wrong.” I said, “How is it?” He said, “There’s something like a sister’s relationship.”

But now I can say that Indian men are also becoming just like you people, and have lost their power to keep their chastity. The men must respect their chastity, because they think they do not owe anything to the chastity.

And if the basis of your spiritual existence doesn’t exist, you’ll collapse in no time. For that I have many a times said that put your attention on the Mother Earth, the green. Green is the color, if you put your attention into that then you will be saved from these errors you are committing of adultery all the time, your looking at others’ sisters, others’ wives, others’ daughters.

So the relationship that is now being expressed, as you know, is of a daughter, of a sister and of a mother, which is a very, very pure relationship. So much so that now, supposing you use your brains too much, then why does your heart catch – have you thought of that? Why does your heart catch when you use right side too much? What is the reason for catching your heart? Must understand this, it’s the same thing. The relationship of, say, Shiva is to Vishnu in two ways. Firstly Vishnu’s wife – the sister, He has married. All right? Then who is the sister of Shiva? Shiva’s sister is Saraswati. If you work too much on Saraswati, heart will catch. It has maryadas. This is how the intermarriages took place, by which the sister’s relationship is worked out to keep your maryadas of your chakras. If you cross that, you suddenly get into the left or the right because you have crossed the maryadas of that.

Now this sisterly relationship existed in other incarnations also; like Mohammed Sahib had a sisterly relationship with – actually what we have to say that His sister as such was Ali’s wife, but She was born to Him as a daughter. So they can be born as the daughter or as the sister. She was born as Nanaka’s sister, Nanaki. She was born as the daughter of Mohammed Sahib. So it could be a sister or could be the daughter of an incarnation. But daughter and sister are innocent, pure chastity. Now think of it, that those people who cannot understand the importance of chastity, how can they talk of any laws whatsoever? – because “laws” means maryadas, and it has the proper sense through the power of Vishnumaya.

Now you might say that not to steal anybody else’s thing is also not proper, because it belongs to somebody else. But who will tell you? Who is the one that is going to tell you that this is wrong? Of course, there is police, but who has told? The lawmakers. Which part of the unconscious has played is the Vishnumaya; because as soon as you steal something you feel guilty. In the law also this word “guilty” is used. And guilty comes from the left side, is Vishnumaya. So how important it is to have a sense of chastity.

But we are very divided people, and those who have moral chastity may not have material chastity. Those who have got material chastity may not have moral chastity. Moral chastity comes first, that’s very important, because it is innate. And if your moral chastity is perfectly nourished, then automatically the material chastity comes in. But the effect is the same. Whether you do money cheating in Sahaja Yoga or whether you cheat morally, your left Vishuddhi will be caught, and the whole problem will start from left Vishuddhi.

Now supposing somebody tries to cheat in Sahaja Yoga, want to take away the money of Sahaja Yoga or something like that. Immediately his left Vishuddhi will be caught. As soon as the left Vishuddhi will be caught he will start behaving in a funny manner, the whole catch will be shown. If you become immoral also the left Vishuddhi will be caught. Now the whole guilt part comes from there.

Sin against the Mother could be also an insult, in any way answering back to Mother. Many people have a habit, I’ve seen, of saying, “No, Mother.” “No” is never to be said, because if you say “no” that means you go to the left Vishuddhi. The Vishnumaya power will not tolerate your “no” for anything at all. Many people have a habit of saying this, “No, Mother.” This is not to be done, because once you catch your left Vishuddhi all your left chakras become weak, because the chastity which is the basis of all the chakras is weak.

So how much important it is to understand the value of left Vishuddhi. All of us catch on left Vishuddhi, and we do not think that it is such an important thing. But we say, “Oh, left Vishuddhi catching means I’m feeling guilty.” We do not understand that “What have I done? I have crossed the limits, that’s why is showing there. I’ve neglected some kind of a morality. I’ve gone on a wrong path against Mother and Father, that’s why left Vishuddhi’s catching.”

Left Vishuddhi is the indication of the mistakes, of the wrongs, of the sins. We can’t afford to have left Vishuddhi, Sahaja yogis cannot afford to have left Vishuddhi.

To add to the trouble, they smoke, they take all kinds of things. In India they take what you call tamakhu, is a kind of a – what leaves are these? – tobacco leaves, and they think they have done no wrong. But left Vishuddhi catches. Left Vishuddhi, in a way, is the gateway to all kinds of problems for yourself, so be careful not to feel guilty about anything.

Moreover it’s a very vicious – great vicious circle. For example, somebody has done something wrong. I have decided that I have to tell them on their face whether they like it or not, this is wrong, as far as possible. Of course, I try to play sometimes tricks on them to understand, if they do not understand My telling them – up to a point. And then I tell them that “Now you better get out. I cannot have you in My body any more.” So I throw them out of Sahaja Yoga. Once they’re out of Sahaja Yoga at least My headache is over.

Now what I have seen that when this negativity starts acting, people, instead of facing it, facing the mistakes that “I am wrong, I should not have done it, it’s a wrong thing to do,” start giving explanations. Once you start giving explanation, this left Vishuddhi starts becoming like a bloated big lump, and then there’s no possibility of curing, no possibility of cleansing.

So people start giving explanation, “Why I did it, why I did this.” Once it is said is wrong, is wrong; to be accepted, “All right, next time I’m not going to do it, I’m very sorry.” But “sorry” seems to be a very difficult word for at least Western Sahaja yogis and some of the Indian Sahaja yogis also, to say, “Sorry, I’m very sorry.” Indians never feel guilty, is a good idea, but they never say sorry, so it’s just the same.

Now one has to understand that when you have committed a mistake, you are a human being: to err is human and to forgive, divine. But you must know that you have erred. If you go on giving explanations then one thing is definite, you do not understand that God knows everything. If He says you have done wrong, then it is a wrong. How can you challenge, how can you say, “This is the reason I did it. That’s the reason” – it’s the thing one must understand. Because this is the power of electricity, you must understand, gives you a shock. It shocks you. And then you realize that “I have done a mistake.” So don’t create a shock for yourself. Do not behave in a manner that ultimately you end up with a shock.

It’s – of course, the Mother’s power is so forgiving, Sadashiva’s power is so forgiving that you are allowed, and allowed, and allowed to continue with what you are doing, for a while. But it’s been told, is explained to you that this is wrong. But supposing you cross your limits absolutely, then suddenly the Vishnumaya appears and the whole thing gets exposed. In Sahaja Yoga you get exposed. So one must know that though this power is so helpful, so guiding, so improving and nourishing and protecting, still – up to a point. Otherwise it is She only who exposes you, because She can’t bear any more this nonsense from you. So if you go on like that, She’ll just see to it that She is exposed.

You have seen people have been doing all kinds of filthy things. I have known many prime ministers and all these presidents and this and that, when they die – exposed. Nobody says that such and such person was a chaste person. Very few leaders of nations have got this certificate that they were very chaste people. Chastity is a very, very rare certificate they get. Because once you get a power in life then you think you have a free hand, you can be and you can do what you like. You can be a chaste person, you can be any way unchaste, you can do what you like. You become sort of overpowered with this idea that “I have got all the powers, now I am very well placed.” And that becomes a complete delusion for you, and you forget that chastity is so important. So the higher a person is placed in life, the higher positions he occupies, the higher what you call the ego-pampering stuff he gets, the more he presses down on the left Vishuddhi. So such a person escapes into the left Vishuddhi, because in his heart of hearts, in his unconscious he feels guilty.

And the whole thing goes as a guilt, guilt in the left Vishuddhi. And when it goes as a guilt in the left Vishuddhi then it’s a difficult situation, because such a person, he becomes extremely sensitive. You say anything to that person, he feels more guilty. You try to cure his left Vishuddhi, then he becomes even worse. It’s a very bad situation with left Vishuddhi people, and they are the people who have left Vishuddhi always give explanations.

A person who has right Vishuddhi will be arrogant, but left Vishuddhi people have a very sly method of giving answers back and explanation for everything. Whatever You say, they will say, “No, Mother, this is this, this is this.” This is one thing. Not only, it doesn’t end there, it gives you sarcasm. That’s why in the West people never talk straightforward, it’s always sarcastic. To talk straightforward means they think it’s stupid, is unintelligent, if unless and until you talk in a very sarcastic manner which sometimes, you know, it’s difficult to reach. That’s how in a very crooked way they talk. And that crookery comes through this left Vishuddhi problem.

If your left Vishuddhi is so bad, you cannot achieve anything that is sweet, that is beautiful, that’s appreciative. Left Vishuddhi will never appreciate. Those who suffer from left Vishuddhi can never appreciate another person, can never. It will have its own say, it will think, “I’m the best” because it has to exist, that problem has to exist, so how? It’s a kind of a perverted ego that doesn’t want to accept that anybody can be better than me, that anybody I have to follow, that I have to take some lessons from another one.

I’ve had many examples; I see specially people who are with Me, I find they get into left Vishuddhi very fast because they lack in protocol. Once they start lacking in protocol they go into left Vishuddhi.

So to be with Me is a blessing, no doubt, but also one has to be very, very careful that you do not cross the protocols.

Do not try to come over-forward, just prancing. Some people have a habit of crossing the limits, and as soon as you cross the limits left Vishuddhi is created. There should be awe for your Mother, there should be respect for your Mother, which is guarded by left Vishuddhi.

Now this a very hidden power of Shri Ganesha. What you call is the power of Ganesha is left Vishuddhi acting like chastity. Ganesha’s power are all expressed through left Vishuddhi. So those who believe in Ganesha, in pure innocence, must know that in your everyday-to-day behavior, in everyday-to-day action, there should be chastity. Ganesha is expressed as flowers of chastity.

And just see, in the divine law if there’s no chastity, how do you delimit people, how do you make all right, how do you cleanse them, how do you make them evolve? Supposing a tree is growing and there’s no limit in it, it just grows like a wild thing, it has no limits, then what will you get out of it? Nothing.

So to make a person higher and higher, you have to limit it. My father used to give a very good example of this, that if you take some wheat, the wheat ….

(You please now don’t disturb. If you want to go out you can go out, but don’t disturb the people, anybody moving about.)

This is also another thing is, you see. All these things are nothing but the upheaval of the left Vishuddhi. See, all this show-off or disturbing or trying to be overpowering, or very forward person or bumptiousness, all these come from left Vishuddhi, because you want to overcome your left Vishuddhi so you do it. And then this is added to it. The more you try to overcome it, the more it is added to it.

Now the father’s story I must tell you, that he said that you have got the wheat and if you spread it, it just fritters away like attention does. But if you put in a gunny bag, in a bag, you can heap it up and it can achieve a height. In the same way, if you fritter away your attention without chastity, it spreads out; it has no limits, it has no forms, it had no shape. But if you delimit it, then you become higher and higher and higher, and you can rise higher in your spiritual life. As you are the people who want to lead a very spiritual life, you must understand that left Vishuddhi is to be corrected.

Now, how do you correct your left Vishuddhi? I get sometimes very tired with them, really to be – I get very, I just give them up. Because if they are catching and you tell them “You are catching” they become even worse. What a vicious circle it is. What is the cure for it? How to break the vicious circle? – is by facing it. Should say, “What, you are feeling guilty for what? You’re doing the same mistake again and again, and still you’re doing it.” You should give all injections to yourself.

But instead of that they start telling Me, “No, Mother. No, Mother. No, Mother.” You tell yourself, “No, myself. I have done this today, tomorrow I’m going to do it, day after tomorrow I’m going to do it. Stop it now, stop.” And stop at this point. There you exert your Vishnumaya power. Vishnumaya power has to be neutralized, if so, by your mistakes; but if it has to be brought back into its power, you must use Vishnumaya’s power by giving yourself shocks. Then only you can do it. So on that point, on the Vishnumaya point I really fail you. You have to do it.

And that’s why I was thinking about this puja that when you people are doing this puja to Me, if I say anything it will create more Vishnumaya in you. But that’s the easiest way to manage things, you see – “I am feeling guilty” – you’re finished. “I have taken the punishment, I called myself guilty.” It’s like in the court the jury says you are guilty – all right, accept it, “I am guilty,” but no punishment, take no punishment. If you have done wrong, then punish yourself.

Now there are two ways people punish. One is like some people punish them by saying that “I will not have my food.” But those people who have a habit of not having food and this thing, can also become aggressive with that kind of a habit to trouble others by not eating food. I mean, human beings are very crooked. They know how to kill themselves with a crooked knife all the time. So that’s not the way you can correct yourself. If you have to correct yourself, then you have to face yourself in a proper way. Supposing you have done something wrong, then you should do something that you would like to do normally, and punish yourself. You should, you should … I am sorry, you should not do something that you would like to do normally.

Like correcting yourself; somebody is, say, very fond of the gardens, of flowers. When you do some mistake you don’t see flowers for some time, just close your eyes for flowers. Now there are some people, supposing, who are fond of singing, so if you do mistakes then just stop singing. That’s how you have to shock.

You must know Vishnumaya is a lightning, and the lecture has to be like that. It cannot be that soft one, as Shri Krishna was. It’s a very powerful thing I’m telling you, and may God awaken that power within you of Vishnumaya. It’s the most powerful thing that a human being can have, is the most auspicious thing; you become a holy personality. This is one of the ways of getting God’s realization.

It was a nice question aptly asked, right time yesterday, is to establish your chastity – not by giving bandhans, taking vibrations from Mother and then getting lost, not that way: you yourself correcting yourself morning till evening, and facing yourself and not feeling guilty, and learning new things. All the time is the sister who teaches you, all the time, how to be better and better and better, not the Mother; because Mother you can say, “No, Mother.” To a sister if you say – electricity, all right? Try your fingers in the plug and you will know – no explanations!

With this understanding, today we are going to do the puja for the establishment of our chastity, chastity of our emotions and chastity of our mind. Now whatever you have done so far, forget it, forget the past. That is very important also to forget the past, because you see that’s a very good way of explaining, “Because I had this, that’s why it has happened. My mother was like this, that, and my father was like this …” Mother, father, everybody you forget now, you belong to this family, which is a holy family. People who are saints sitting here, among them you are. And automatically these laws will start working, and I will not have to tell you whether you be friendly with that person or not friendly with that person.

You see, interest in another sex all the time is not a sign of chastity. I mean, it’s horrid, absolutely ridiculous, you become stupid. Like some men know so much about what women use, perfumes, this, that. What’s the use? Are you slaves of women, or what? They become experts on this nonsensical thing. You are men, live like men. And women have to have that sense of chastity within themselves, because they’re the powers. Why are you wanting to become like men? I mean, you are the powers behind them. And women must look after their chastity. For that I must say, I must bow to Indian women for that, the way they are humble, the way they are chaste, one has to learn – of course there are many who are not also – but the humility that they have.

There’s only one category which should not have humility: that is the incarnations. I cannot have humility, sorry to say. There are certain qualities you can have and enjoy and cherish, I cannot have. I cannot humble down Myself, cannot do it, I’m sorry – I’m not supposed to do it. No incarnation was humble; they cannot, because they have no guilt. I have put so many guilty people in My left Vishuddhi that My ears are getting blocked trying to clear them out. If you can clear out your guilt My ears will be opened out, My trouble will go away. So please, I request you to keep your left Vishuddhi all right. Don’t feel guilty, be in the center. Be in the center, watch yourself and face yourself, shock yourself, correct yourself. Only such people will ascend.

Another way is meditation. With your left hand towards the photograph, with the light there, right hand on the Mother Earth, you can work it out. Put the light over here, give a bandhan to your left Vishuddhi, you can work it out. But these become rituals if you do not do it from your heart. So first of all face it, mentally face it fully, then do it with these things. Emotionally understand it also, that the emotions you have should have no guilt in it. So for all our practical purposes we are not to use all such words which shows our guilt – but humility.

Humility is very different from a guilty person. Guilty person is the person who is under duress, under pressure, but a humble person is a free person. He is humble in his own freedom, in his own exuberance. Like the trees, when they are loaded with fruit they just bow to the Mother Earth. Like, if you go to the sea, you’ll find that all the trees around the sea, specially the coconut trees, all bend towards the sea because the sea has given them that speciality. The water that is in the coconut comes from the sea. So all of them have that respect, that humility towards the sea. In the same way a person who is not guilty only will be really humble, because guilty people, as I told you, are aggressive by their sarcasm, by their nasty words, by their answering back, by their explanations.

But a humble person is a free person, free to be humble, free to be kindly, to be gentle, to be compassionate. And that sort of Sahaja yogis you have to be, so that when people meet you they’re impressed by your humility. But humility doesn’t have any subservience – innocence and humility.

I, I lack that quality completely. I cannot be humble, and you should never try to humble Me down because that is not to be done. But nobody can say in My behavior when they meet Me that I’m not humble. I act as a very humble person. I can act as a very humble person but to be very frank, I have no humility of any kind within Me, no humility.

Compassion is very different from humility. Humility is a human quality, is a special quality only the bhaktas have. Only the bhaktas have, it’s such a beautiful quality of taking the showers of bliss. The one who gives bliss cannot be humble because it cannot take anything.

It’s the only human beings who are humble, and who can take it and achieve it and receive it. And the person who cannot take is so lonely, so lonely. Such a person cannot get companionship with anyone, because it has to give, and give, and give. It’s so lonely, and has to face everything oneself. Those who are humble can only become friendly with each other, can share their problems with each other. I cannot, because you have no solutions. I have to solve My own problem. So the humility can only help you to articulate and to have rapport with your friends, everyone, share your difficulties.

But again I have to warn you because it always happens, your humility should not be sympathetic. Humility is a detached person, it’s a detached quality. It’s not a quality that gets attached to one person or second person. It’s a humble style of life where you are not arrogant unnecessarily, you don’t shout at people. But in India we say the cow is a very humble animal. It gives its milk, it provides everything, it doesn’t attack anyone. So humility is such a guard for you. Of course, sometimes people take advantage of humble people, doesn’t matter. As long as you have not lost your humility, everything is all right.

But people lose their humility. When people try to trouble them they become left-Vishuddhites and then they lose their humility, and that’s one thing one should not lose; because if you have to keep connection with the Divine then you have to be humble. There’s no other way. If you are not a humble person you cannot keep the relationship. See, two qualities, like a plug and the socket. The plug has to be the plug, the socket has to be socket. In the same way if you have to get something out of the Divine, you have to be humble people. Through arrogance you will not get anything, through aggression you’ll not get anything, through anything ….

Some people also feel that “I love Mother,” but that love is to be expressed through complete humility. That’s the only way, that’s the only channel through which you can approach Me, there’s no way out.

So we end up today on a very high stage. It’s the beginning of God’s realization. But you must speed up with Me. It’s not easy to keep speed with Me, so you have to speed up with Me. If you have to go towards God’s realization, first establish your sense of chastity and humility.

May God bless you.

(So now, we start our Puja. You can wash My Feet if you want. The Ganesh Puja has to be there; one Ganesh stotra.)

Now for this you have to judge yourself. I mean, you have to judge yourself not to accept guilt, but to judge yourself, “Am I a very forward type of a person, do I go forward all the time? Do I sit all the time before everybody else? Do I try to be arrogant to Mother? Do I say ‘no’ to Mother? Do I behave like … ”

And see all these points within yourself. It’s not for others, it’s for you to see, “How far I go? Am I presumptuous, am I bumptious? Am I do things which I should not have done?” Like that you go on into this thing. These are symptomatic, symptoms coming from inside, and once you understand your symptoms, “Oh, I am that. All right, no more.” Face it, tell yourself. As soon as you say, “I’m not guilty,” it doesn’t mean that you do not face it – you face it.

(All right. We’ll have the washing of the Feet.)

Today I’m sorry, only the virgins can worship Me, only the real virgins can worship Me – little girls, if there are any. Hallo, there are, they are coming. Come along, come along, come along, all the children. Hallo, come up …. Nice frock! Ah, ha! Ah, ha! Oh, very nice dress, Athena! Come, hah! Now, where are the others? Come along, all the children, all the children. Only the children can do that. All right, sit down, sit down. Come forward. Oh, somebody’s wearing a sari! … All the children. Sit down, sit down, sit down. All the children have to sit down here, all right? Hallo, India, how are you? Be careful of this light, all right? Can you, can you put that to one side a little bit, for the children I’m rather worried, and then we can enlighten it. Mmm … ah, thank you.

More are coming, they are in the coming. In future we are going to have lots of them, and maybe you will all have to sit outside. Now they sit outside; after some time you all will have to sit outside! That would be the best! They’ll all say, “Out, out!” Let them grow! A new army’s coming forward.

I think you get … can do that. You give it to him, he’ll do it, he’ll just … he’ll do it. He’ll do it carefully now. Come along, come along. Gavin, you move that both sides just a little bit. Hallo, come along, this side.

Now all the little ones should come forward first, all the little ones here. One – all of you are little ones, all right? Now, who are the littlest? Now, is there anyone else coming up? Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down. All right, you come here, you want to come here? All right, now, give him a chance there, all right? Now let it be. Now bring him here. Now, all the girls should come first, and all the boys later. Should we do that way, or should we have the little boys first? Little boys is better, isn’t it – you are sisters, after all. Now let’s have the little boys first, all right. All the little boys, and then the sisters will do that. Now who are the little boys? Ah … all of them. Now the sisters have to wait for a while, all right? See, see the thing, see; how easily acceptable this is. All the sisters – now she’s a sister – now come along, all the sisters have to go back. Did she follow? All right, you stand there. All right, tell her. You stand there. You come forward. All right. Now all the boys, come along. You come here. All the boys have to do it, all the sisters have to wait. There’s the – there are no boys there, no more? Come, come, come, come, come; come! All right. Now, everyone ….

If Pat’s son is there you can call him, Pat’s son, all right. He will do it. Everyone else should sit down. Ah, good. Now all the sisters, all the sisters are sitting down first. You see, the boys are doing first, all right? All the sisters are standing there to look after the boys. Come along. The boys have to come here. Come, come, come; come, come …. All right, let him sit down, he’s the boy. Come along, sit down, you are the boy! Hah! You’re a boy? Those who are boys must sit down. When you sit down, he’ll sit down for a while, he’ll sit down. He’s a nice boy. Not to be shy; nobody has to be shy in here, all right? Hah! Now come along, all the boys, those who are shy are not boys! No, he’s a boy, he’s good. All right. If you are boys, you should not be shy. Only the girls are shy. (He’s shy. It’s all right, don’t force, it’s all right, don’t force the children.)

(Ross is here? He’s not here? Come along. Now you look after that side. Give him, so that he’ll do it. You have to wash My Feet. All right, come along. Say the mantra of … just say it …. Into your hands. Please leave it to him, and you have to wash My Feet, all right? Now, be careful with that. You see, that’s why I have called you, because they are small children.)

[Mantras are sung.]

(Now, wash My Feet. Tell them how to wash. Now, one by one, come along. Wash My Feet. Yes, Markandeya, you wash it, all right. Come along, all of you, wash it. Wash it, wash it hard. All right, we’ll, we’ll have a second group, all right? And next we’ll have second group also. That’s good. You rub it. Rub it, rub it now. Rub it. This one also. Come along, wash My Feet. Dennis, let them … wash My Feet. Come, wash, wash. Wash, wash, wash. Now come along – hallo! Come, wash My Feet. Wash My Feet. Good. Good. Now …. Now the other boys should do it, all right? You’ve done it? All right, now the other boys should wash now. You’ve done it, Hanu? Washed it? All right …. The bigger boys. You come along. Let them wash, all right? Nanaka? Now let them wash, all right? Now you get up. You get up now? Markandeya? Let them come. All right? …. Ah, that’s good. You also … Hanu? Let them come. All right? Come forward …. Now, come along. Done, all right? Now let the girls come in.)

[“Ganesha Atharva Sheersha” is recited.]

(Now the girls come in. Let the boys go, boys have to go. You didn’t do it? All right, ask him to do …. You come along, wash it …. All right. Now, all of you should get up and let the girls do it. All right, you all get up now? Boys have to wash. I think he has washed. You washed it? No? All right, come along, come along …. Put the water here. Let him come …. All right, come forward. Let him come. Good. Get up, Nanak, get up. Danya? Just a minute, just a minute. Some of you – I’ll call all of you one by one, all right? Now, wash it. Wash it now, wash it now. Just help here …. )

(Done! Now, now, let the others come in, now. Get up now. Girls have to come in now …. All the boys have to go …. Nanaka, you get up now, get up, get up nicely. Let the girls come in. Now, come on …. Where is Olympia? …. You stay here. You stay here. Stay here. Girls have to stay. Boys can go …. They have to go now, because this is the girls’ puja …. Both the hands …. All right? Now wipe your hands …. All right, put it on your head. …. All the girls have to sit here. Olympia, where is she? She’s coming. Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down. All right. Olympia, come. All the girls …. You washed, have you? You’ve washed, all right …. Take out this one, let’s take out this one …. You, you can also wipe. You can wipe …. Do it hard.)

Now take the names, hundred-and-eight names straightforward, because that’s really the Gauri’s names.

(Hard. Rub it hard. All right.)

[Yogi:“Shri Mata. Om twameva sakshat, Shri Mata namaha…”]

No, no. You must take My name, Gavin, otherwise vibrations don’t flow. You have to say full thing – what can I do, because there’s the limit.

[One-hundred-and-eight names recited in full.]

…. (Don’t wet the cloth here …. Kevin, you stay on this side. I’ll tell you whatever it is. We’ll ask you for something. You stay there, all right?)

…. (You want to do it? You can come. Be careful, all right? Because everything comes in the photograph.)

…. (Now just a minute, just a minute. I’ll ask everybody to help. Now don’t fight. Everybody will be doing it …. Girls will go away. Just put it here.)

…. (Thank you very much …. It’s all right, rub your hands like this. All hands become red. All over. Rub it like this all over, all the fingers …. )

Do it with your heart, because what is happening is that it’s all mental. Do it with your heart. You, what you are saying is saying to Me; I’m sitting before you – fortunate people! Do it with heart, then only it will be – open your heart, and do it with your heart. Come along! Without feeling guilty, that’s very important.

(Let’s have the Aarti. All the children should go down, all right? You have done it? …. Are you Kevin? You stay here, two of you.)

[After the Aarti the yogis recite “Om Nama Shivaya.”]

Just say “Vishnumaya” – that’s all. Today is not Shiva’s Puja, and without His Puja how can you take His name? Just say Vishnumaya: “Twameva sakshat Shri Vishnumaya …. ”

May God bless you all.

With Shiva’s name both My Feet have become absolutely frozen. All right.

(All right. Bow down …. )

May God bless you all. May God bless you all. May God bless you all.


I think you’d better go and have your lunch.

[Yogi: Mother, there was such a big heart catch these twenty-four hours.]

Open your hearts is the point. Why don’t you open your hearts? Open your hearts. For frivolous thing, nonsensical thing we open our hearts, why not for God? Open it! You are made lotuses, but open the lotus …. Ah …. Ah!

The day should come when we should have Shiva’s Puja in England, let that such a day come. But to do Shiva’s Puja is not a easy thing, you know. You have already reached one stage – Vishnumaya …. Hah! …. Open it out. Unless and until you open your heart, your Brahmarandra cannot be open, your Sahasrara cannot be open. What are you worried about – lunch? I can stop all their watches, if you want!

All right. Now, come along, let’s have it. What a nice thing. Now go ahead, have your lunch.


After lunch, I am going to be here? Yes, I am staying here. You will all go, I will be here …. I told you, I have just stopped their watches! …. If you want you can give Me presents and then there’s time for lunch.


What’s that?

[Yogi: Shri Mataji, this is a present from Austria, to express our – we want to thank You for allowing us to be here, and this is a vase, handmade …. ]

So beautiful!

[Yogi: which should fit for the figures you got in Brighton, from Austria.]

Such a beauty! Thank you very much, thank you. Already you have brought such nice music from Austria, what more do you want to bring? …. What’s that?

[Yogi: A present from France, Mother, with all our love.]

For what?

[Yogi: For Your blessings.]

All right. Now you’d better open it for Me ….

[Yogi: Shri Mataji, we’ve made a magazine in Italian language to let the people know on the circulations of Your speeches, and we would like You to bless it.]

May God bless you. Oh, very beautiful vibrations! Tremendous vibration.

[Yogi: Because they are Your talks in there.]

You have translated? Such vibration. You have? Oh, wow, such vibrations in this book! This is the first book of its kind, first book of My lectures is this one – apart from our “Nirmala Yoga” – first book.

[Yogi: Yes, in Italian language. It’s called that, “The White Horse.” And we want to give one copy for each country, to let them see, if there is the somebody speaking Italian, we’ve got here. And we would like to bring this rakshabandhan from Italy.]

All right. What’s that?

[Yogini: This is some … leaves from our garden. This is olive tree.]

Oh, good, beautiful! What an idea, to give a branch of olive. May God bless you.

[Yogi: And they are from my wife, Shri Mataji.]

From your wife. …. Oh, too much!

[Yogi: They’re made out of Gian. Gian is the town where it’s made. Gian. The name of a town, where pottery are made.]

How do you spell “Gian”?

[Yogi: Gian. G-i-a-n.]

Gian. Really? Even now they make it? But this is contemporary. Beautiful! Otherwise the French art is going down. Very surprising! And what a beauty, what a beauty, just see this now. This is a flower that is liked by Shri Ganesha.


You’ve done it? Beautiful, beautiful. Very well done, thank you very much, thank you. Beautiful. Such artists we have, I didn’t know. Tremendous! Thank you very much …. Look at that one.

(Next present)

Oh, I am already eating the French cheese, and it’s such a big one you have given Me that it will last for the whole year! Thank you, thank you. Can you keep it there? ….

[Yogini: This is from Holland.]

What’s that? What is it? What is it? Again cheese. Thank you. But you always give Me presents. From all of you? Ah, what a beauty, eh? You have an eye for beauty, I must say, real beauty. It’s beautiful, thank you. Gregoire’s wife has given Me a nice one like this, I’ll keep it with that. Thank you.

(Next present)

Prices are increasing! Vishnumaya …. Hah, that’s Vishnumaya, rainbow is Her sign, that after rainbow there won’t be any – that’s the sign that there won’t be any more of lightning. If you see the rainbow, there won’t be any lightning after that, that is assurance. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I don’t know what to say. Thank you very much. Beautiful. May God bless you …. Just bring it this side. Turn it round. Take out the sari.

(Next present)
[Yogini: Very small, Mother, Shri Ganesha has found it for me.]

Oh, really? Shri Ganesha cannot be small. He is very subtle, He is in every atom and He is everywhere, all right? Thank you very much. May God bless you. You are doing very well, I must say, in Sahaja Yoga, I am very happy.

(Next present)

What’s that? It’s so beautiful, I tell you, but there’s no need to open it. It’s so beautiful. Beautiful. Just let them have a look. You have done it? So beautiful.

(Next present)

It’s not Shri Ganesha. That’s an ornament of Shri Ganesh. It’s too expensive a present to be given – coral and pearls – that’s too much! All right, I’ll cherish it. Thank you. With these pujas I am making lot of things, isn’t it; because when you give Me money I can buy something, still it can work on you, but what to do with these – becomes slowly permanent part and parcel of Me. Thank you.

(Next present)

What’s that, something small again from … ? Hester, really it’s great. Oh, it’s too much, too much, too much …. Ah, how symbolic it is, how symbolic. Again say it loudly, to them.

[Yogini: I say, Shri Mataji, this is for the Mother of all the brothers and sisters, the children of the Blossom Times. And Mother, may we be Your flowers.]

Ah, it’s too good. Thank you very much. It is beautiful, too beautiful.

(Next present)
[Yogini: Mother, with Your grace, in honor of You I opened my shop and I called it “Mother’s Love.” And yesterday was the grandest opening of my life. The shop is absolutely beautiful, in Seaford.]


[Yogini: In Seaford, near Brighton.]

Oh, I see.

[Yogini: And there is the logo, and that hopefully will go over the world. All my things have been designed with Your name on.]

Ah, that’s a good idea. “In caring for you and your babies” – great! I always have this in My mind that we should have a proper shop, because it’s difficult to get cotton clothes here, isn’t it?

[Yogini: I’ve got a girl who is making things for me, but I’d like to also have things made up …. ]

I will try to tell that you come from India …. May God bless you …. May God bless you. May God bless you. That’s a very good thing you are doing, may God bless you for that, as there’s not much care for children here, I see; they require lot of attention. What’s this, again? All right …. What’s that? From Lausanne? So beautiful, done so well. Thank you.

(Next present)20:10
[Yogini: I was not prepared, but I bring You something that came from the country I was born in.]

From where?

[Yogini: From Africa. It is a magnetized stone, and it captures the negative vibrations.]

I can see it.

[Yogini: And it was on my neck, so I hope it isn’t too much negativity with it. Thank You, Mother.]

May God bless you.

[Yogini: … and I give You my love.]
(Next present)20:10

What’s that?

[Yogi, presenting a poster: So this is a collective effort from the Sahaja yogis of Munich. Actually it’s more a present for us than for You. Could You give this Your blessings, please?]

What’s that? It’s a very good photograph, I think, very good photograph. For outsiders, it’s very good photograph. May God bless you. Very motherly. Thank you. Thank you very much.


Done? We are in time? …. Something’s still there.

(Group of yogis from Belgium and Holland are coming forward)


All right. I know some of them already. All right, let’s have it. I’m so happy all of you could come, that’s the main point is. That’s the biggest thing, that you all could come today, at such a great puja. And according to Warren, Brussels and the Holland people have a great humility. They are very humble people for spirituality, and the media is also very good. So I think today’s puja was actually because of you people it was performed. He says they’re very humble people, the media is very humble, and there’s a kind of humility that really works there …. So now, what is it? Come along, come along. Dominique, how are you? What is the file you are carrying? What is the file? Who wrote the article, the newspaper people? They liked it? Good, good. That’s why they were saying the media is very helpful, that’s it …. What is it?

[Yogi: The translation’s from the Flemish, but not from French, Mother. It’s a nice article. Very good, very factual reporting, no distortions.]

Good. So that’s it.

[Yogi: Shri Mataji, two years ago we have made a photocopy of Your Lotus Feet in France, and we’re are putting this poster in the shop for copying, You know. And they are sending, they offered this picture of Your Lotus Feet everywhere, just to show what they can do with the photocopy, and so …. ]
[Yogi: Mother, You know the copy of the Feet which the French brought to India, and distributed far and wide – that was the photocopy. And that same photocopy now they are using as it as an example of the promotional material.]

The ones with the Feet one on top of another, a little bit?

[Yogi: No, No, Mother.]

Which one? Which one? Which Feet?

[Yogi: That’s the one with the white carpet, and you can see …. ]

Everything, all the puja?

[Yogi: With sparkling gold on Your Feet …. ]

Oh, I see …. Really? …. Where did you see that?

[Yogi: In Brussels …. ]

Really? So these are doing in Brussels?

[Yogis: Yes, and I think everywhere, all over the world for this company, called – this French company called “Happy Door Color.”]

And they’re sending from France all over?

[Yogis: I think so, yes. You see they give an example of their work, and Your Feet are the example.]

Is it? Such a joke, eh? Because of My Feet it must have come out well, you see, so they are using the idea of advertising. We don’t spend there, but we get the advantage! That’s good, My Feet going all over is the best thing! That’s great, really.

[Yogi: There’s one outstanding thing, Mother, about the Belgian and the Holland people, we’re getting people now from the professional levels. It’s really an interesting trend in Sahaja Yoga; we’re not just getting the hippies and the counter-culture people. It’s a big change.]

No, we had some, but I think they were all very nice, those hippies. They’re nice people, they’re so nice, really. It’s such a blessing to be there; I really, I was very, very happy, because it worked out very well. Now you have to introduce, all right? Let’s start, one by one.

[Yogi: This is Henry from Brussels. Just behind is Jeanine. She is from Holland, actually, but she is living in Brussels. Just four weeks after meeting You, she explained to new people, she explained everything about Sahaja Yoga; it was such a nice program. And she also translates into French. She’s very good.]

Where were you all lost? I don’t know, suddenly I find all My children coming back to Me! All right.

[Yogi: He is yoga teacher, and he wants to slowly come around to Sahaja Yoga.]

Yoga is to be used, but in a particular way. When the Kundalini rises you have to know what chakras are catching, and what you have to correct. Now, unless and until you know what’s wrong with you, then you would not know what to correct. In the same way, you should know what’s wrong with others. So when you know, then you know what chakra is to be corrected, how to correct it, what mantras are to be used. All it’s a big science, and that’s how it has to be understood, because without the Kundalini it’s not connected science, it’s just haphazard.

[Yogi: This is Herman from Antwerp.]

Oh, I see. Antwerp I have been before also.

[Yogi: There are some people whom all of us met them, but it’s very difficult to reach them. They are telephoning to have the book, Gregoire’s book …. ]

This Gregoire’s book? You read his book, and that’s how you came?

[Yogi: Yes. There are some people in Belgium everywhere, but they can’t come in the Brussels …. ]

Oh, great! …. Good. You wanted to expand. How is Natalie?

[Yogini: … she is coming to India Tour.]

Good. That’s good, that’s good. India Tour they should make, I think. How many? Really? Make it fourteen, thirteen’s not a good number! Try to make it fourteen. Only from Belgium?

[Yogi: Shri Mataji, I told them that as a little exception they can register a little late, because …. ]

Yes, they can. You just – you see, now I am going to be here for some time, they can. But you see, it’s a chance, big chance. I don’t know next year, I don’t know what will be the situation, because this will be very interesting and good, the way we have travelled and all that. I mean, you can’t make it anything better than that, the program is only for three weeks. You see, it’s three weeks’ program, you cannot make it smaller than that, isn’t it?

[Yogi: Here is Heidi.]

She’s great, I tell you.

[Yogi: And her mother … from South Africa, also.]

You have a great child. Hello! What is your name?

[Yogi: Marilise. Shri Mataji, her father was in the Himalayas for some time, beating his head on the rocks.]

Himalaya is here!

[Yogi: But now he has come to Sahaja Yoga.]

But they are seekers, you see.

[Yogi: He got quite badly damaged by the lamas, and he’s just suffering a bit at the moment from … ]

Terrible people these lamas are.

[Yogi: They are hoping to come to India, but…]

Let’s see. Take it easy. There’s no hurry, but I think if you can manage will be good idea; because once, he once settles down very well with Sahaja Yoga, once you go to India. And because India, it’s a very different country, where we move about – you won’t find that with the lamas or anyone.

[Yogi: Here is Nina. Actually she is Jewish, half-Jewish. She is from Brussels, but she’s French. She speaks French.]

Yes, she is looking younger and younger, I think. Isn’t she? She’s changed a lot. All her wrinkles gone – she looks much younger now. You’ll introduce all of them?

[Yogi: This is Claudine, Daniel’s mother. She is going to the Canary Islands, and she wants to know more about …. ]

You! You are going to Canary Islands? And take Sahaja Yoga there …. Good place. Now ….

[Yogi: Nina would like to give You something.]

Yes, you gave Me – why did you give Me? I would like to keep with Me, all right? I’ll look after them. Are they seekers? They’ll come round, then don’t you worry.

[Yogi: This is Rene and Anya, from Brussels. He is a doctor and osteopath. He trained in England, and he has now been very actively involved in Sahaja Yoga in Brussels.]

Yes. Yes. It’s attacking from every side: muscular problems, bone problems, so many problems there are of these negative forces, and which are beyond the reach of medical science. See, because if it is the Mooladhara, they don’t understand, they don’t understand the innocence part. So many diseases come from Mooladhara, so many, and they have no way out for it. But to take to something like that, it’s difficult for them to get out of that knowledge. Because this is the knowledge of the knowledge, to get to the essence of it, you see – and then the whole thing changes, it’s very different. It works out. We need osteopaths, really everybody’s Vishuddhi is so bad that only poor Warren has been correcting everybody’s Vishuddhi. And now you can do it also!

[Yogi: This is, behind, Marie-Louise and Jack, from Brussels.]

What is the name? I can’t understand your pronunciation. Marie-Louise, thank you. Only they say “h”, is it; for “Marie” they said “Mahi”? Ah. Good, because you see, “Marie” is “Mary”, becomes “meha”; “meha” means the rain, in Sanskrit. All right?

So how are you, you are looking much younger too. How are you feeling?

Imagine, before going to any other Western countries I went first to Belgium and to Holland, in ‘65. You remember in Holland they celebrated the hundred years or something of the gardening or something they had, in ‘65, do you know that? They had a huge exhibition, that’s the thing I saw. Then I went to Hamburg, and in Hamburg there was a hundred years of the Hamburg boats. So they had a huge, big – what you call them, a celebration with crackers and a lot of these fireworks, all kinds of things, which was a tremendous idea. And we all were on a river, on a boat, and from there we could see these. I’ve never seen such fireworks: things used to break into trees, into flowers, into fruits, everything – the fire, you know – they had made it such special ones. So that happened in Hamburg, and in Holland I was there for this great exhibition, miles together, too. They had fountains and they had little lakes, and they had little brooks running around and bridges, beautiful, and all tulips and everything, beautiful they were – all kinds of flowers. The best sight one could think of, the flowers and the garden. Now ….

[Yogini: First of all I would like to give You the love and the devotion of Richard and Ellen, and other Sahaja yogis who couldn’t come. And then I’d like to introduce here Maria from …. This is Cham Cham, from The Hague.]
[Yogi: …. This is Chandra. She has a remarkable story, Mother. She was born of traditional Indian parents in Holland, for every intent and purpose of Dutch blood, and she’s found the reality of Hinduism in Sahaja Yoga. It’s very beautiful.]

It’s true. No doubt. You see, as every religion is gone into some sort of a pickling, it’s only through Sahaja Yoga you’ll understand they were all true, all true. Every one of them was true, correct, integrated absolutely one with each other. But for that you have to become the spirit, otherwise you cannot understand. But there’s only one thing very good about the Indian philosophy is that, that throughout they have talked of nothing else but spiritual emancipation, and becoming one with the spirit – nothing else. First is first. And also about deities they talked. But Buddha did not talk even that. He said, “Don’t talk of deities, don’t talk of God, don’t talk of anyone; just talk of the spirit.” He was so particular that people should put their attention only to their spirit, to begin with, then we’ll know. Mahavira did the same – both of them.

So you see, in the philosophy it’s not, sort of, one something; but main idea of the whole Indian philosophy is – whether Hindu, Buddhist or Jainist, or any one of these which were in India – is that first thing is to get your Self-realization. And all your life should be built-in on that thing. For example, it is said your chitta should be controlled. You should not allow your attention to go and get involved into everything. So all these ideas, romantic ideas, this is wrong. Keep your attention to yourself. You cannot put your attention to anything where it is wasted – chitta nirodha. And when that started, you see, then only people can see that when you keep your attention to yourself, then your attention rises higher, it’s not frittering away. So the essence of all the religions is the same, it’s the Self-realization, first and foremost thing; and without that it is what you call “without the life” – we have “with dead bodies,” nishpran. Without life if you follow a religion, it has no meaning, it’s all without life. Nothing wrong with the religion as such, but it is without life, they have taken out the life now. Without life it becomes damaged. Life is Sahaja Yoga. Yoga is the …. May God bless you.

[Yogini: This is Karina, from The Hague.]

Oh, we have one Karim there in Holland. We must locate him. Do you have the address of Karim? He’s a young boy, realized soul, a great person, I must say. He used to come here and now his father is in Holland, who drinks a lot. He said – I asked him, “ How is your father?”

“He’s like all other Dutch.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

“They all drink a lot.”

I said, “No, no, everybody drinks, not only the Dutch.” His mother is French and father is Dutch, and they were divorced, so he took away the boy. He comes here sometimes – he’s a great soul, Karim. How it is you found this name “Karima”? How did they give you this name Karima?

[Yogini: No, my name is Karina …. ]

Oh, I see, it’s evolved into that. “Karima” means “Karim,” means “the one who is the creator.” “Karima” is the power of the creator. From there the word “charisma”, “charismatic”, “karishma” comes from there.

[Yogini: This is Henno, from Amsterdam.]

Amsterdam – good.

[Yogini: And this is Herman, from The Hague.]
[Yogi: Henno’s looking to move into the ashram with the others.]

Good. And there’s someone there behind.

[Yogi: They already mentioned me, Mother.]

Did they? What’s your name?

[Yogi: Jack, from Brussels.]

Oh, I see, Jack is from Brussels. Yes, yes, yes, I know. I know Jack.

It’s great, isn’t it? So you also explain to them that Indian Tours are very spartan, you see, as far as the personal comforts are concerned, and mostly this time it is going to be outside. Outside in the open we’ll have pendals and things like that, which would be like a scouting camp. But I think you’ll enjoy it because of the nature and the beauty and the rivers, and everything will be nice – I hope so. But main thing is that in that country you ascend very fast – I have seen it, you see. It’s like nourishes you, it nourishes your being, it’s a fertile land for spiritual ascent, and many have gained a lot, so I think it will be a good idea. Take it easy, there’s no hurry. I am here till the end of this month, definitely; maybe a little later I might go. So take it easy. Whatever is possible, as many as can come I would like to accommodate this time. All right? May God bless you.

Gradually you settle down into your group, of such a kind that the same pattern as this people are, and then we can have a, what you call a regular sort of thing as these people have a trust and things like that, so that it can be settled into a proper way.

Of course, I never see to the trust accounts, and I don’t know what it is doing. But you have to make some people in charge, and collect some money for your programs when I come there. You might need some money for your halls and things like that, for advertising. Whatever it is, you make a proper trust like that and try to make it up now, then we may legalize it also. But for the time being you must have some people who are in charge, and collect some money for programs. Because I don’t need any money, anything, but of course you will need money, and because next year I am definitely going to come there and I’ll be there for some time – I hope so. So you need some money by then.

Last of all, I would like you all to thank Dr. Warren for going there on his own, working it out so well and helping all of them. Now, as Bogdan is going to Geneva, he’ll be looking after the whole of Europe, and he’ll be running from one country to another country – Bogdan, Dr. Bogdan. And he will be doing all the needful. Gregoire, of course, is there behind the scenes, who has done all this; so he is going to guide Bogdan and everyone there, and everything is going to be ….

[Yogini’s question.]

Just come here, I can’t hear you. Just come here.

[Yogini: I wanted to know that if You could come back, that …. ]

But if you meditate, if you put left hand towards photograph, right hand like that, and it should work out. …. No, no, no, no, no – that you should not do …. So Warren will discuss …. Yes, so Patricia is there, and Antonio can help her. All right? Good. I am very happy you are there. Now, better – she is there, and try to help her in every way she wants; because she is doing it well now, she is understanding everything well. …. Anything else? You are looking so beautiful, all of you. …. And Jack, you are in Belgium, isn’t it? …. That’s good. Yes, I have to go home now. I think we have done a very successful seminar, and give a hand to all these people who have come from Holland and Belgium. I wanted to give them the …. Warren …. And the photographs are there, which you all can distribute because there are so many. So those who are going just now first, should get first, then gradually …. So I’ll take your leave now, then distribution will be done. Now, I want to thank you all for inviting Me to this seminar, and it was so beautiful. I hope you won’t take anything, any when I told you about this Vishnumaya. That’s the power, remember, that’s the power. You all have to have that power within you, so when you speak even a word it acts like a lightning, and then like a rainbow. Both are the powers of Vishnumaya.

When rainbow appears, that means there won’t be any lightning, and when there is lightning there won’t be any rainbow. So you are also the rainbow. That means you can create beautiful colors out of one white color, that’s what you are capable of. So you have to show that magic, and also you have to show sometimes that lightning effect. But better take more the lightning inside and the rainbow outside, that would be better.

May God bless you all.

[Yogis sing “Jerusalem”]

May God bless English and the others, all of you who desire to create Jerusalem in England – it’s very important. Let the English also understand and be aware of this, and work it out. Not only the English Sahaja yogis, but all the English.

May God bless you.