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Yogi: When Kundalini becomes with the spirit. A person becomes aware of that spirit as silence and as becomes the witness, it’s like when you’re been on the outside of a roundabout, in a kiddies playground whirling round and you feel ill. And somehow, you go to the center of the roundabout and you sit of the axis of the roundabout and then you can watch the whole thing but you don’t feel sick any more, you see it, you enjoy it but you don’t feel giddy. [UNCLEAR] ..even if you are falling off…hurt. 

So you become the witness and you become silent and at peace. But more than that, you get the coolness of the holy spirit or is the coolness of vibrations… and this coolness is the thing which is the treatment [UNCLEAR] … which enables the Kundalini to rise. To recognise that there is a holiness and…

Shri Mataji: We can’t hear you.

Yogi: A purity. And that holiness, instance and purity of the Divine vibrations is what makes this Kundalini to rise. It’s the conditions which enable the seed within us to sprout. One can then become aware of the mechanism inside, and can be aware of vibrations so instead of just judging things on thoughts, or on feelings, on likes or dislikes that we’ve got from previous experiences.

One can go on vibrations and going by vibrations means that if something is incorrect it is so because it is harmful to us. And it’s harmful to us in very specific ways. These specific ways are to do with these centers within… so that if something is harmful it damages [UNCLEAR] part of our being inside. And when you feel vibrations you know what it is that does the damage because immediately you feel – instead of a coolness comes from something which is pure, natural and holy. You feel heat in a specific area. The chakras are reproduced in the fingertips so that one can feel if the hands get hot or particular fingers get hot, it means that, that chakra is out of order or there’s something which would harm that chakra, is going on. And when all the problems and negativity are gone, there’s no problems any more then both hands feel very cool. Like a machine running very well, feels cool and when there’s a problem develops heat, like a car engine when the water boils off. 

One more thing is that it’s collective. A lot of our problems [UNCLEAR in cities] is that we’ve been individuals trying to find our way in confusion…Improves your own health and other peoples health, your own conditions and their conditions.

[UNCLEAR] also the greatest thing is that you can give them self realisation as well because the Kundalini within you is awakened and that is the thing, [vibrations – UNCLEAR]  realisation to another person but it all comes down to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and that sometimes is difficult for people. But Shri Mataji has come to make any money, there’s no money to be made. This isn’t a shop and we are not selling anything. This is a serious thing but a very joyful thing but we have to be very joyful and yet treat it with a respect and a seriousness. That it is our baptism, it is the possibility of us achieving something.

Unfortunately many people say “Yes, I think I felt something, even though I don’t think I did”, you don’t [UNCLEAR worry] and that’s it. And they never know the riches and the treasure which it is. You can give realisation to others which means that each person gets realisation in Sahaja Yoga becomes a guru themselves. It’s not just that we have the fortunate to have somebody as a genuine Guru, who can give realisation, who does know the science about the chakras inside, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. But more, even greater in fact, the fact

She enables us to become gurus ourselves,in that we can then cure ourselves. We can – we know for ourselves what’s right and wrong on vibrations and we can then read the scriptures, all the scriptures not just one book or another book of one sect or one group but all scriptures.

We can see [UNCLEAR] and we can enjoy it and we can share it and we can grow in it when [there’s] collectivity. Proper self realisation we become collectively aware and this is really what Sahaja Yoga is. It’s this spontaneous self realisation, the fact that you become the spirit which is Divine. But then beyond that it’s the science of how to maintain it, Shri Mataji would describe and has told us many times and then we can tell you. And also it’s an evolution beyond being individuals and just ourselves and into being one with the whole and therefore becoming part and parcel of the subtle being which is the Divine.

Ladies and gentlemen, our very great pleasure introduce you to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth.

What we find true, can never be mis-normal or cannot be misidentified. It cannot be misplaced nor can it be lost if it is not that it is not truth. [UNCLEAR You can take] ignorance, we are in the darkness. If he cannot see, that doesn’t mean that truth doesn’t exist. In these modern times there’s so much confusion, so much of thoughts, so many of people, so many cults and gurus and this and that coming up. So many giving ideas about food, body, about mind, about health, about spirit. Everybody is talking about something. That has created the greatest confusion for honest seeker and every honest seeker feels that I should be able to find out the truth behind everything. 

Now, the truth we know about anything, is actually intelligible to us, on our central nervous system. Whether it feels hot or cold, you can feel it on our fingertips… 

…First feel that way whether we see something white or red, is intelligible to us on our central nervous system. So in our evolutionary process whatever we know through our central nervous system is our achievement. We have become human beings now, we have…