The Holy Ghost

Memorial Hall Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield (England)

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Public Program. Memorial Hall, Sheffield (UK), 20 September 1985.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

It was a thing of great joy to Me to come to Sheffield again. Always this name Sheffield created a kind of a mystery in My mind. The word Sheffield could be the ‘She Field’ and She is the Mother energy, the energy within you which creates this field within you and is in the Gita.
Shri Krishna has talked about the field that we all have a Pradesh – is the field but Desh means the field and the enlightened one is the Pradesh. And that same thing happens to us when this Kundalini rises within you. This Holy Ghost which is described in the bible, She is the Kundalini, She is the Mother.

Actually people don’t know anything about Holy Ghost and we didn’t give Christ much chance to speak about it. He could only speak for three and a half years, is nothing. I can tell you three and a half years in this land anywhere in the whole world it’s so difficult even to convince four people that they have to seek the truth, it’s very difficult. Especially in the land where He was born. It was full of ignorance, complete ignorance. And in that ignorance to speak about realization, to speak about second birth, even to speak about God was so difficult. And He was just crucified for nothing at all, today we may have big organizations in His name but when He lived nobody listened to Him and they crucified Him. He talked about Holy Ghost but this Holy Ghost had been interpreted by people in various ways. They’ve never been able to say what is this Holy Ghost but logically you can come to some conclusion yourselves because you’re all intelligent people.

We talk about the Father, all right, and then the Son. Have you heard of a father producing a son? You have to have the Mother. It’s the Mother who creates the Son. Now why this Holy Ghost was kept as a secret, never talked about it because Christ was afraid – not afraid but was cautious I should say, because such people are never afraid of anything. He was cautious to talk about His Mother because if they had harmed His Mother by any chance, then He had eleven powers of destruction and the destruction of world would have come much earlier than today. He had to play the whole drama of His crucifixion and that’s how He had to go through all that.

In that process He didn’t want to involve His Mother. He didn’t want to explain about Holy Ghost and He knew that it will be later on explained. But logically we must understand what is this Holy Ghost we are talking about? [A dove?] All right, it’s peace. How do you get to the peace? Supposing it is the symbol of peace. Today we see in the world we see these televisions and we hear, we read newspapers and we are shattered and so much of friction, so much of sin. People are not even worried about what they are doing, to what extent human beings can go you can see the way a three year-old child was molested, the innocence is attacked like this. Why? Why human beings cannot control their desires which are so devilish? Why there is so much of friction in this world? We have to think about it and we must also think positively what we can do about it.

Now at the same time there are so many seekers of truth born on this earth. This is the special time and that’s why they are born on this earth. But they are misled, they go to wrong people, they get identified with wrong people.

When I came here, the person who is organizing Sahaja Yoga here told Me that, “Mother, they come, they get their Realization and then they disappear, they start doubting.”

I said, “That’s a good sign, it’s a healthy sign.”

Let them doubt because the way they jump into all these horrible things like gurus and this and that, the way they accept as if they have no personality, they have no discretion. The way they jump into even drugs I don’t know, what happens that we have lost all our personality. They took to any fashion, to any nonsense so easily and to reality with such difficulty. We have lost our discretion that’s what it is, but doesn’t matter whatever it is use your brains. Understand that this world is not created to be destroyed. You’re not created out of amoeba just to be destroyed by something nonsensical like drug(s) or some sort of a guru; nobody has right to destroy you. They cannot create you and they cannot destroy you, nor you have any right to destroy yourself because you cannot create yourself, the one who is your Creator, the one who has loved you who has so beautifully made this beautiful human life is responsible. He is the one who is so earnest about it that you should get your realization, that you should get your second birth, that you should be baptized in the real sense of the word.

I agree religions have shown funny things, some thing so absurd that one can start doubting their credibility. I admit that, but that is the mistake of human beings not of the divine. Divine created beautiful flowers on the same tree of life time and time again but when the people plucked these flowers and said, “These are mine, these are mine.” They became dead and ugly and they are fighting now in the name of God, in the name of religion. Imagine, how can you do such merciless, horrible, brutal things to other human beings but this must shatter you, this must make you understand and you should be aware.

Get out of your sleep now and know that you are the people who are seekers. You have to be more aware, more understanding of your responsibility. It is no use standing there with a banner saying we want peace. How? The peace has to be within. Human beings are not at peace. You see in the art you see today the art has left the Divine behind, the art has become so, chaotic. The expression of esthetics are just missing there’s no beauty in it. You feel the chaotic heart of an artist being expressed in that what he’s made, why? Because he has lost himself.

Now it is the responsibility of you people living in these modern times to become that, that source of peace, which is your Spirit, and the Spirit resides within you. It is all the time there it is the witness of this field I should say the She Field, the field that is to be enlightened by this Kundalini that exists within you but is not enlightened, it has not come into your attention. The Spirit has not come into your attention, that’s why we think this is all talk. There are people who are so called intellectuals; they say this is all talk, talk, talk. For a mental conception it is impossible to tell what lies beyond it because mind is a limited thing. You have to go beyond mind; you have to be triggered into the space to see that. The evolution has been just like your spacecraft going into the space. First, the first thing comes up is the physical being, explodes gets its accelerations then becomes your mental being, your emotional being, your spiritual being and then it has to go to the space. That is the time today is the space age. When we talk of the space age you think of the space, which is beyond this gravity, there is some space, which is beyond all gravities, beyond all temptations, beyond all slaveries.

We talk of our freedom, where is the freedom I just don’t think see. Anybody comes now and says all right, have this drug for so much money. We are finished with it. Anybody comes and says all right, you take up your clothes this way, live like this, we just accept without thinking, without understanding. We have given up the traditions alright whatever was wrong in the tradition should have been given no doubt but everything if you give up then remember we are falling down. We are coming down we are not going up. When you are going up you do not give up the staircase. Staircase is there and you go up higher and higher. No tradition is so bad is to be discarded but if it is so it should be discarded but that is what is the discretion and that discretion is so much lacking today that people can’t see that what we are doing collectively or individually is not constructive.

Now I would say that this is not the time for us just to sit back on the fence and see which side we fall. Either you will fall into hell or you’ll go to heaven. This is the situation, we are so precariously placed, I do not want to frighten you because there is the Spirit within you just to be enlightened, it’s your own, it is there, it’s your own property. It’s not Mine, it’s yours, it’s your own treasure within you. Only this treasure is to be exposed to you. Now for that how can you pay? First thing you must know you cannot pay for it. If I say that then all the gurus are after My life, they want to kill Me, they want to do all those things. You cannot take money for God’s work.

We sold Christ, you know that. He didn’t take any money, did He? We have got such a great personality like Christ and we just want to discard Him, make fun of Him, say all kinds of things about Him, intellectualize Him, organize Him. You cannot touch Him. You’re still human beings, you have to be the Spirit to understand that Great Soul which came on this earth. In the same way any other soul, which was an Incarnation who came on this earth, cannot be understood by our normal understanding, but only a person with that pure intelligence can see this point that I’m not satisfied with what I am, I have to go beyond.

There’s some transformation needed and how will this transformation take place? We can’t do anything about it because we have done nothing to become human beings did we? What did we do to become human beings? Nothing, so going beyond also must be built in within us. The way we became human beings there must be some built-in process by which we will become that higher being. Now the problem at the human level is that somebody has to talk at human level. Say at the fish level, one fish had to come up so the others could follow that fish. At human level, some human being has to tell you about it. That’s how Christ came on this earth. I mean we have a quite a long traditional history of all these great people came on this earth at different places, at different times. According to the time they had to talk. When they talked say, about the flowers, say they talked that they are Gods, like Socrates talked about Gods, like Confucius talked about Gods. When they talked we have to please our gods we started doubting. What god’s he’s talking about? Whatever they saw we could not see, all right. Then they thought no use talking about gods.

If you talk about gods then it becomes a sort of a worship of something that is a flower. We talk about flowers then we think we have become God and we talk about flower all the time. But we have to get to the honey. How do we do it? So they said, “All right, don’t talk about God, talk about abstract, talk about the fragrance, talk about the honey itself.” But how do you become, how do you get to the honey? By talking about it again it became a talk and talk and talk. So how it has to happen that you have to become the bee, the transformation has to take place.

First understand this simple point that some transformation has to take place within us to go or to penetrate into that unknown divine which we call as collective unconscious. Something has to happen to us that we have to become subtler beings. Don’t be satisfied and don’t self certify yourself that “I’m all right; nothing wrong with me.” No, nothing’s wrong with you. Y0ou’re all right, but you have still to be connected to the mains. Like this instrument, if it is not connected to the mains it won’t work. It is as simple as this instrument that you are to be connected with the mains and for that you have got built-in process that has to work out.

It’s nice we have instruments in these modern times that I can use them as an analogies to explain to you. For others they had to use the analogies of the seed that how we imbed the seed in the Mother Earth and the Mother Earth has the capacity to sprout the seed and the seed has the built-in map of all the trees it is going to create. Now if you look at the seed do you see the miracle behind the little seed there? In India we have huge big banyan trees and if you see the seed is so small that it’s quite microscopic and it makes huge big banyan trees. How does it make? We never wonder. Whatever is the wonder, the mystery of this creation we never wonder about it, we never look at it, look at ourselves, what are we? We are human beings, these eyes, can we make eyes like this.

We are making computers, but look at this brain the computer that is within, we don’t have to program it nothing it just knows. You know I’m sitting here, I know you’re sitting here just looking at it. You don’t have to go through the process of finding out what is the process of it and then it moves the whole thing and gives you the program and out of the program something comes out. It is there just at the same instant you know what is it. This kind of a computer is made for us, why? To be wasted, to be confused, to be ended up in a lunatic asylum? We must have the proper value system about ourselves. First of all we are human beings made from amoeba to this stage in thousands of years with great care and delicacy, for what purpose we must ask the question, why are we made? Are we made here just to ruin ourselves or not to do anything just like blind people going about hitting here hitting there. No, we are made to become the Spirit and the whole system is built-in within you. And we have to go into another realm of our awareness into a new dimension. Now these dimensions can be also misinterpreted. It’s such a dangerous line we are into because these modern times are full of horrible people.

Like somebody says that “All right, I can hear voices.” So what?

“I can see light.” So what?

Or somebody says that, “All right, I feel like I’m flying in the air, I leave my body.” So what?

What have you got? You are under the control of something else, you don’t know anything. Logically you must know what you are doing, what’s happening to you, what is within you, you must know each and everything. You have to know that if I have become the light then I must have the power of the light, I don’t see the light. If I see the light I’m not the light. If I become the light, then I have the power of light. In the light you see clearly and that is what you get is collective consciousness. You can feel another person’s Chakras, you can feel your centers and if you know how to cure that, how to improve that and how to raise the Kundalini which is a very, very simple thing – because it is so fundamental that’s why it is so simple.

You can cure yourself, you can cure others and you can live very joyously within yourself. This is what you have to have and that’s how you will realize that we are part and parcel of the whole. The microcosm becomes one with the macrocosm. Not by talking about it by saying about it by mental projections no, it happens to you, it really happens to you when you become the spirit, it works on your central nervous system, you know what you are and what others are. That they’re part and parcel of you is known to you on your central nervous system.

So we come to conclusion that if we have to become the Spirit what should we do? Nothing. What do we do when we put the seed in the Mother Earth? Nothing, but once you become that then you have to look after it. When the seed is sprouted, comes out of the Mother Earth then we have to look after it, and that’s the point where most of the western people fail. The reason is this knowledge is not known to them. Their knowledge is like the tree, which is exposed outside. They don’t have the knowledge of the roots. This is the knowledge of the roots and we have to give and take. We have to talk about it; we have to understand that there’s nothing like India and England two different things. England I call it the heart of the universe, it is, and India is the Kundalini of the universe. The Kundalini has to know England and England has to know the Kundalini. If it is one whole body then one part has to know another part.

So all your misconceptions, or conceptions, or maybe right ideas are all become absolutely evident, vividly seen because you get the light of your own Spirit. That Spirit is missing. That Spirit which is all the time watching you, witnessing you has to be enlightened in the sense that the Spirit must enlighten your attention. That’s how you become the attention and wherever you put the attention you act. It’s very surprising, like if you’re watching the television, watching the television, it’s unreal and you’re looking at the television. They cannot act on you and you cannot act on them because it is artificial. But supposing there’s a gentleman sitting. He’s a living body not artificial you are talking to that person and that person is talking to you it acts. But this attention which is a subtler being within you – your attention – supposing you project it to someone and it acts for the benevolence, never for destruction but for the benevolence. When it acts for the benevolence you are amazed, how does it happen? How can my attention have the power of benevolence? Because in your attention is now the light of the Spirit. So you become benevolent.

You know the truth whether it is true or not. How will you know? I was once in Pune and you see in England they say I’m preaching, I’m preaching about Hinduism, I’m converting everybody to Hindus. And in India they say I’m converting them to Christianity – because I’m doing both you see, [laughter from Shri Mataji and from the audience] So they have a great objection about Me everywhere because they don’t see the integrated work about Sahaja Yoga, all right?

So they said that “This is wrong, whatever She’s saying is not correct because we are Brahmins and we know about our Shastras and we are Brahmins.”

But they didn’t tell Me all this. They talked all these things to others and they said, “We can’t have Her in our hall, She’s not a Brahmin and She’s in a Christian family we can’t have Her.”

So the Brahmins, as usual, all priests as they’re always against the truth you see they were against the truth there also as Brahmins. I didn’t know all these things but suddenly I felt and I said, “Whosoever are Brahmins among you please come forward.”

So four five you see very hefty people came and sat in front like this. I said,” Really are you Brahmins?”

“Yes” they said.

“All right, all put your hands towards Me, like this.”

They put their hands like this towards Me and what happened that they start shaking like this.

I said, “What’s happening? Stop it, why are shaking?

He said to the others who are there they are also shaking. I said yes but ask them from where they come. They said we are certified lunatics coming from a lunatic asylum [audience laughs] because Mother has cured some lunatics so we are sitting here. Then they realized that they were also quite lunatic [audience laughs again] because they’re fundamentalists. If you go to extremes you become lunatic, I mean lunatics at least can be put in the lunatic asylum but these people are going around everywhere, you don’t know how to control them, all over the world they are creating such problems every, every country has them. Somewhere they are very sophisticated so you can’t make them out somewhere they are very closed so you know they are there but some are can be very subtle you can’t make them out but you cannot make them budge from whatever they are holding onto.

So this is how relatively first you realize what is the Truth. With these vibrations, with the vibrations that flow that you feel when the Kundalini crosses through your Brahmarandra as they call it, we can call the fontanel bone area you start feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. Then also you start feeling sometimes little late in your fingers the cool breeze coming in.

Now some people are very proud, “Oh, I’m not feeling anything.”

That’s not a good thing; if you’re not feeling there’s something wrong. Somewhere something missing, normally you should. Children feel it very fast because they’re so innocent, not yet spoiled by anything. They are not so egoistical; they do not have these barriers. Some sort of problem is there that you’re not feeling the cool breeze. You should because this is the All Pervading Power of God which surrounds us, is everywhere and every one of you should feel that cool breeze.

Once you start feeling the cool breeze then you become the joy because first of course you want to try with everything. “Is it cool breeze? Is it cool breeze? That is cool breeze. Should I go or not? Let me see now, if it is cool breeze I’ll go otherwise.”

You go on like that. Then you realize this is the truth, this is the truth, and then the joy of finding the truth emerges. But in India it’s just the other way round. They’re not bothered because they know what happens. They know; they have the knowledge of the roots, so they know what is to be found out. We don’t have to go very far, even, so near, I mean, few years back we should say was, we had Nanaka, we had Kabira. They talked about it very clearly they told about this so vividly that anybody with any sense should understand. Especially Kabira who was such a great poet and such a great incarnation, I would say the way he talked right from all these Brahmins to all the hypocrites and everything he gave them left and right. He was like Saint Michael with a sword in his hand cutting everybody. Like your William Blake*, he was really like your William Blake who gave left and right to all these nonsensical people. He has talked about it, he very clearly describing Sahaj. He said, Nanaka has said (???) you can only get Samadhi through Sahaja.

Sahaja means spontaneous, only spontaneously can you get it. Then you have got Kabira who was treated like a Scheduled Caste. Like a Scheduled Caste he was treated. Nobody respected him. Then we had Ramdas another one a great man I’m told, there is a temple of this Ramdas. I was so amazed that in England it should come and prosper. They were treated just like a Scheduled Caste by these people nobody would listen to them. Nobody would allow them to come in a temple, these great saints, because they were not to be born in a Brahmin family; and these great people have talked, Nanaka has talked very clearly, very recently they have talked about these things. Hundred years back only. William Blake has talked about Sahaja Yoga. He has said, “The men of God, men of God” – that’s you – “will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophet.” He had such hopes of making England into Jerusalem, but where are those English? I have still to meet many.

I’ve worked in this country for twelve years, relentlessly. India I’ve worked very little but we have a thousandfold people who have got realization in India. They may be poor but they know what they have to get, to them to get to their Self-realization is the thing. Nothing else matters, they do not intellectualize, they know already this is it, this is it. Everyone knows, right from President downward everyone knows what to expect, but whatever is our knowledge has been, we have to know that this outside knowledge whatever we have has to have roots and we have to go to our roots. We cannot live with this outside knowledge, we have to know ourselves. Everybody is talking about self-knowledge. There have been so many books, so many things, I mean so much of seeking is on, that we cannot just avoid getting to our spirit, we have to get to it but the only problem where I stumble down is that people do not have (?). They’re very frivolously treating the whole thing, those who have got realization for them the Kingdom of God is awaiting. They are not only welcome but they’ll be cherished and that’s what has to be done.

You have to cherish your Spirit, your Self – you’ve not done it. Only just getting realization, feeling satisfied about it itself is not sufficient. “Now I’m realized, all right, I’ve got the cool breeze, I’m this.” No, you have to grow. It’s still a sapling that has to grow, for that you don’t have to pay anything, nothing. Here these people, really I tell you, they are working so hard because they have achieved a certain height in Sahaja Yoga. They don’t take any money. They were just like you, they had to work hard to first establish themselves, because that is the time where people want to say, “No, Mother said Sahaj, so all right, we’ll sit at home.”

That is only for sprouting I said Sahaj, but we have to look after because we have had conditionings, we have had problems, we have had physical problems, we have had social problems, we have had psychological problems. They are to be attended to and the Kundalini just goes and raise this energy there. Unless and until you know how to maneuver it or work it out, it is very difficult for this Kundalini to manage by Herself. You have to show the will. If you do not have the will nobody can force on you. The Divine is not going to fall at your feet. “All right, all right, get your realization.” You have to knock at the door, and these doors are only six – not many. Six doors which are partly opened out, again closing, again opening out. You have to just know how to knock and how to keep them open, finished. Then you become the light, and once you become the light you give light to others.

That’s how this world is going to be saved. No other way out, no other way out. We have to have transformation; we have to become the Spirit. We have to be enlightened and to be the light in the Great Being that is our Creator, our Preserver and the One who is our existence itself. All these things are so simple. They may look bombastic when we see from outside, but when you come inside it’s so simple, it’s very easy. Sahaj also has another meaning that’s “very easy” – apart from it is spontaneous, it is very easy. We don’t want to do something easy. Like if we can eat our food like this we’ll not, we’ll have to take our hand like this, and if you can eat in a difficult way then it’s very good. That’s human nature. They want to do something like that.

Like some people suggested to Me, “Mother when You go to India and settle down there, then we’ll make these people that, ‘If you have to get realization, you have to go to Mother. Then you must stay on a mountaintop where there will be freezing cold.’ Let them climb up seven miles and then they will come to You and they’ll get their realization. Otherwise they will not because their ego will not be satisfied with given things.”

What about Me? I don’t want to trouble you, why should you? I’ve taken all the troubles; Christ has taken all the troubles for you. Everybody has taken troubles, you better enjoy now. You have to enjoy it; just you have to get it.

There’s no end to My lectures. I’ve been lecturing and lecturing and lecturing and I would say that this subject is so interesting that all here there are at least 60 per cent people who must have heard thousands of My lectures. Still, they would like to hear more and more [Shri Mataji laughs as She speaks] so I would suggest that we finish at this point, but know that once you become the knowledge it’s easier to understand what we are saying. It’s very simple but only thing you have to become the Spirit.

May God Bless You.

Now I would like to have some questions but I’ve seen people when they ask questions they are representatives of some horrid gurus. Their horrid gurus pay them some money because they take a lot of money then they pay them some money. Then they come here as identified with these gurus. I have to request them what have you got out of that guru? Why are you so much enamored by him? Why are you so much charmed by that, what have you got? He’s using you. So please when you ask questions ask independently, freely, I’ll be very happy to answer you but I don’t like that you are talking because somebody has told you something. Whatever you know you ask me I’ll be very happy to answer those questions to you.

May God bless you.

Question: You mentioned Christ, you mentioned the Holy Ghost, you mentioned the Kundalini. If Christ is the Son, what is the Kundalini?

Shri Mataji: She is the Mother. Christ within us is the Spirit and Kundalini is the Holy Ghost, which is the Mother. The reflection of Holy Ghost within us is the Kundalini and the reflection of Christ within us is the spirit. But everybody has played the role. Like Moses, like Abraham, like Socrates, like Lao Tze, everybody has played the role to build up this drama they are all part and parcel of one being. This one you must understand. When they said there is one God, he’s not like rock of Gibraltar. Even rock of Gibraltar has got different molecules you see but to ask God is one means, I don’t know, I can not think of such thing just a one block. He’s not, He has many aspects and these aspects are expressed in these different ways. Of course He’s one, united, integrated, one; but all these aspects are there, and this one God is either in the pockets of the priests or the pockets of the Brahmins or the pockets of the mullahs or the pockets of someone. One God.

Question: Does the Kundalini have any relationship to the Virgin Mary, the physical Mother of Jesus?

Shri Mataji: It is, very much so. Yes you asked the same question. She is the Virgin the (kanya?) but gradually when you come to Sahaja Yoga you will know the Virgin Mary, what is Her exposure is, how many times She was born even in India, what is Her relationship and how great She is. But why Martin Luther did not talk about Virgin Mary? I asked My father who was a realized soul and he gave a good explanation. He said it was (?) it means according to the circumstances at the time, that time suddenly he found that he has to take the people in a more enlightened field and he is doing so he wanted Muslims also to be included, and if you suddenly talk about the Mother, they may not accept.

So for that he avoided, but actually he knew that one day somebody will explain. But human nature is such I must say that if you accept one flower, you’ll not accept another, and when they’re dead – not when they’re living, never, never. When they’re living we’ll never accept it, we’ll never listen to them. But once they’re dead then wonderful because he’s in our pocket, do what you like, it’s very common.

We had one Gyaneshwara, a great saint in India, very great saint and they have built huge big temple for him and he is in a statue. So when we went there they said, “You cannot do meditation here.”

I said, “Why? What did he do? He did meditation.”

He said, “No, you have to do that kind of a dance they do called (?)”

I said, “But he did not do it.’

He said, “So what? We do this way. He was another; he was great. We are not so we have to do this”

So I didn’t know how to argue at with that, so I said, “Look at the statue. Now you are in a statue, better come in a form to tell all these people.” But when he came in form he didn’t even have shoes to wear. He burnt his feet on charred grounds. Nobody gave him water to drink. All the saints suffered.

Any other question please? Yes.

Question: Do you need to believe in God to get realization, like Buddha didn’t believe in God but still got realization.

Shri Mataji: All right, Buddha did not believe that’s not the point – He did believe but He didn’t say about God. I also didn’t say in the beginning about God, because if you start talking about God it creates problems.

That he said all these things because, why, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. You see it is (?) the time, that time. What he thought that the people in India especially were worshipping a God in a temple, the Brahmins, this, that. The Brahmins thought this is a God; they had pocketed all the money and all those things. So how to bring them out of it? He said, “Don’t talk of God; don’t talk of anything. Talk of the Self. First step is Self.”

He said, “First they will have the Self, then they will know where is the God.” Of course in the temple also we have some things, which we can say are swayambus, which are, come out of Mother Earth. It is said in one of the commandments that whatever is created by Mother Earth or by the heavens should not be reproduced, but there is something created. So these temples were all completely monopolized by Brahmins and these Brahmins tried to rule the whole country, that’s the thing happened. So Buddha thought, how to get these people out and He talked about the Self only and nothing else. He said, “First Self”, and I also felt the same way in the beginning. but now the time is different. Now I would say that it can go to any extent this stupidity of these fundamentalists. Like in Nasik when Mahatma Gandhi returned from England they said, “You have to go for (? Chitta)” – means a repentance – “You have to go in for repentance because you put your foot on a foreign land.” Imagine! And they would not allow him to exist. They would not allow him to exist and he had to do it. He said, “Now get rid of these mad people.” He had to do it and it was a Brahmin who killed him ultimately.

So I mean, it’s a very funny world, you know and in that world we come and we tell about something that is truth – which is truth, which is good, which is benevolent, which is the thing, but people just kill. I mean there is no need – at least if you don’t want to hear, all right. Don’t kill them, but they kill. Even Mohammed Sahib was given poison, even Buddha was tortured by the people, very much tortured in the beginning and His disciples also went to extremes later on, not his own disciples but his followers.

So now we have people who beat the seekers on their back. We had one gentleman, his name was, he called himself Omkar. He came from some Llama and he had a broken spine and I had to work for days together to put his spine right, and they used a stick to hit him. Can you imagine? Is it God? Is it religion?

So Buddha and Mahavira, these two persons, at that time did not talk of God, both of them. Later on they again incarnated and talked of God as Hassan and Hussein, as Kabira. And the illusion was that every time He turned His feet the carpet turned with Him. They’re all one; we are only fighting because we don’t see the oneness. So because of the time they did speak but they did not cut out, they had to say, “Stop at this point”, not more because that was the situation. You can see that. All right? So it’s logical.

Question: Do you have to do any practices to raise the force?

Shri Mataji: No, first of all I’d better do it in a different way that you all get your realization, first of all. Then of course, as I said, your Kundalini attends to your problems. She goes down, so then I have to tell you how to raise it, how to bring it back, how to correct yourself. Once you’re established, you can do it to others. So we can say it is in three parts. First is your establishment, like we can say the sprouting of the seed. So that’s the awakening first of all or realization as you touched. And then the second part you establish yourself. In the third part we establish others. All right?

Question: (repeated by Sahaja Yogi) Are You speaking of Kundalini awakening? Others talk about it and then deliver the goods, is this what You’re saying? Yes.

Shri Mataji: It’s true. That’s true. Easy to talk about anything. It’s true when one need not talk. There’s no need to talk, it works silently. It is working in all of you. That’s the right approach, who delivers the good. That’s right, he said the right thing. Who delivers the good? We can be satisfied with artificial things you know, we can, we can be. Be careful on that point, you said the right thing. Correct.

Question: As a realized soul how can one help social problems such as problems in Ethiopia and so on?

Shri Mataji: Well very much. Now Ethiopia’s problem comes from two angles, two angles. First is Ethiopia you know that the Rastafarians. Have you heard about them? It comes from them; Rastafarians took to the wrong side. In their religion itself you are supposed to take the drugs and with taking drugs where will you go? Into your collective subconscious, and what is in your collective subconscious is so injurious that it can give you cancer.

Cancer comes from the left side, which we call as the collective subconscious. It can give all kinds of diseases, which cannot be cured. Most of the incurable diseases come from there and also the famine. The trees will burn. If you want to find out about a person if it is true or not see the flower. Flower will just burn off, if there’s a person who is possessed by the left side, it will just burn off. The cows will not give milk, all things will happen in the nature, and when there are so many people who are doing this nonsensical thing and having all the left sided movement of their attention, they catch onto these and that’s how the whole thing works on their nature. That’s one thing. Now a realized soul if he goes to Ethiopia, by his mere existence there, the nature may change. If he is of a very evolved soul it will, even with attention he can.

Now the second point is, what is gone wrong? You see this is what you say is the sin, the sin, the wages of sin is fear, it’s much more than fear. It acts, this is a sin to go to these things and succumb to collective subconscious. Instead of rising higher, keeping in the center, going to the right and the left we can call it is the sin but in a very wider sense of the word. All right? Now this is one thing that the country has indulged too much into the left side will be grabbed, will be definitely grabbed into the power of negative forces, no doubt about it. Their trees won’t grow, their flowers won’t prosper, their children will die. They will have negative population, they will have all problems of terrible diseases even AIDS comes. AIDS also comes from the same area. It’s a very serious thing and when collectively people start doing it, you just entering into the satanic land where everything can work out. That’s one thing, no use giving them money, it’s very temporary. Easy money is the worst thing; you have to give them something solid, something permanent, something eternal, something living, which will make them grow. That’s one point.

The second point of Ethiopia is a very collective happening, which happened in Ethiopia. I met a minister by chance from Ethiopia who was traveling with Me in the train and he told Me it was a political game. The politics which is not benevolent is no politics at all, it’s a dirty game; and when you go to the extremes you see the falsehood is such a nonsense, such an ignorance, such a darkness that you start moving in it you don’t know where you go till you reach your complete doom; and when you see that you don’t understand what have we done, because to move on a slope is the easiest and that’s how Ethiopia has landed in trouble.

Third point which comes to Me very important that applies to all the nations, whether they are developing or developed, that we don’t realize that we are part and parcel of one world. God never created a separate world. It’s one world. Like one human being it has a heart, all right? It has a liver, it has everything but it’s one and that we are all part and parcel of this. I would say that Roosevelt once said that poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere, and when he said that I think he understood the subtle thing. Anywhere in the body there is poverty, means if there is any disease is a threat to the whole body. But for that we are not yet there, we are not grown up, we are still so insular, so insular.

Like the other day we had a lady who was English, I must say, she came, and in My house I have – because my husband is international diplomat traveling a lot – we have got things from everywhere and she only appreciated English things, invariably even without knowing. She couldn’t appreciate anything even if for sixth century, second century she wouldn’t. So insular, we are all insular, everywhere, whether it’s Indian, whether it’s English whether it’s American, we are very insular people, self-opinionated. We are not global. Unless and until we become global, problems of the world cannot be solved. As if this finger of a leper is affected and then there is no sensitivity in the whole body. Then what happens that if a rat comes and takes away the finger the leper doesn’t know. So the lepers if you go to a leper home they’ll say, “Just have the light for us to see”, but this light when it comes within you see that we are part and parcel of the whole and that’s how you grow up into the global personality. We are still English, British, Irish, Welsh. I was surprised even the Welsh won’t like them to be called British. I mean it’s such a little land like that. Imagine in the heart if you have cells, which do not call themselves cells of the heart, what will happen to that heart? It will collapse.

It is happening everywhere, it’s not only in one country it’s the same as I said in every country we are very insular people. We have to expand and how do we expand, how do we expand? Through our Spirit. As you can see the characters of these people they were global they never talked about one country, two countries, three countries, they talked for everyone. This is the third big mistake, which all the countries are doing and they are fighting, for what? Why are they all fighting, why are they having wars? God did not create wars, did He? It’s not His mistake. This world belongs to Him and not to us. All theories they become self-destructive how can that be called as a benevolent politics? In Sahaja Yoga we will have the politics of Socrates, of giving and of not taking. But we have to have that race raised into that personality that global personality. Can I do it alone? You all have to help Me.

Question: She’s no will power whatsoever, She’s been a drug addict for 15 years, She just wonder she can….

Shri Mataji: Don’t you worry, it’s all there it will come back don’t you worry, all right? Don’t you worry. Love is the most powerful thing, we have never used the power of love, don’t you worry.

Question: I followed Swami Vivekananda for years, advocated stern practices for years and years ….

Shri Mataji: Now he is dead and gone, all right [laughter…applause]. I’m sitting here; I’m your Mother, all right? I agree, I know, I know all that, all horrid things forget it. I’m your Mother, all right? If I can work it out only with My love, why should you worry about Vivekananda? It’s all right, forget it, that’s over. You have done it in previous life. Vivekananda had to do it in this life but you have done it before, all right? You all have finished with it, now you just get your prizes. [Shri Mataji and everyone laughs]You don’t have to do anything like that. You see a person who has to cook who has never cooked before has to go through all rigmarole. But supposing your Mother knows cooking. She’s done the cooking. Come along and have the food, finished. Why to worry? All right? It’s already made. You are a seeker, you have been a seeker. You have done all that many lives, you’ve been to Himalayas so now forget it, forget it. Better have it, all right? There are so many here I can see that kind.

Question: Can we have the food that You’ve prepared?

Shri Mataji: You’re hungry, that’s great. Let’s have it, all right? Should we? Now do not analyze anymore, just have it, don’t analyze, when you’re hungry you don’t analyze from where did you get it, what has happened, how (will) you cook it. You just see the fun, that’s all. You just enjoy it, that’s a good idea.

Question: After you die, would you like to go to heaven or do you wish to stay around?

Shri Mataji: Who I? I die? I think of the present never of the future. You be in the present, don’t worry about the future. We should worry about the present, that’s why you see Buddha talked about the Self. Why talk of the future? Doesn’t exist for Me.

Question: Present and future bind together

Shri Mataji: Yes, Yes but you become first the present, otherwise there’s no binding. Either you are in the future or in the past, first of all become the present. There’s no binding, that’s the chain is missing, that’s why I’m saying become the present. All right?

Question: I want to know the answer, are You going to stay around or are You going to go to heaven when You die?

Shri Mataji: I’m already in heaven (laughter… applause) would you like to join Me? You please join Me in heaven, all right? I’m already in heaven. I see the heaven around Me everywhere, only thing you have to enter into that subtle thing. It’s so beautiful; it’s so beautiful.

All right, now you don’t have to do much, but as I said we have problems within ourselves. We have to little bit work out ourselves, our awakening and doing so you will know also later on if the Kundalini falls off how to raise it. It’s very simple, not much. You have to use your left and right hand because as Mohamed Sahib has said that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak, in the sense that you get your collective consciousness and your fingertips become enlightened. So as all the doctors will also say that we have a sympathetic nervous system acting on our fingertips.

Now when you put the left hand towards Me, it represents your desire to be self realized. So just you have to put your left hand like this nothing else is to be done – simple, but in a humble way. If you say, “now give me realization”, all right, but we have to be humble. That’s very important. When we are humble, we are peaceful and the thing works out faster. So do not analyze it just get it. It’s simple how to eat the food I’m just telling you.

Put your left hand straight like this. First of all it’s better to take the advantage of Mother Earth so you have to take out your shoes. You can keep your socks but better to take out your shoes, because sometimes they can be very tight and your hats. Anything tight, which makes you uncomfortable, should be loosened, that’s all.

Now, just put your left hand straight like this. Everyone should try to do it, it’s very simple, it’s not going to take much time, it’s very simple. Nothing is going to happen to you but, on the contrary, you will become at least ten years younger, that’s a promise. You see a mother when she gives castor oil, also she has to cover it with some chocolates. So now this is one of the temptations for many people must be, but there are so many other things that I cannot describe in this short lecture. So I would say that just put your left hand because this is your own power within you, which you do not know, just put your left hand just like this. All of you please put your left hand on your lap very comfortably. Now your right hand is the one, which is the power of action. With this you act, so you have to use your right hand just first on your heart centre then because in the heart resides the Spirit. Then I’ll tell you one by one, but just now can see on the upper part of the stomach, in the lower part of the stomach, then again in the upper part of the stomach, then on the heart, then here, then here, then here. I will tell you one by one everywhere and then on top of your head here, stretch your hand palm, put it down there and press it hard, that’s all. It’s very simple.

Now this all has to be done with the right hand, just remember this one point and left hand here. What are these centers? I will tell you. One by one, you need not remember. It’s all in the book, but just now you know that it is to be worked out on the left-hand side. Because left-hand side is our desire and we are putting our hand of our desire. Now the left hand is already quite heavy I must say, all right, so now. You put your left hand just like this and at the very outset, as I’ve told in every Western program, you have to forgive yourself. You’re not to feel guilty for anything whatsoever even for reading Vivekananda. You have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself; after all you are the temple of God. So don’t despise yourself, don’t think low of yourself, forgive yourself and say with full confidence that you’re not guilty. This is a fashion also, everybody wants to say “I’m guilty.” It’s a fashion, it’s just a fashion. So please don’t consider yourself guilty for anything you have done in the past what you think of the future. Let your present come up and then you will know that all these were mythical ideas. The truth has to come.

So now you have to close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes. There’s no mesmerism going on, so no need to keep the eyes open. But in any case keep your eyes shut till I tell you to open, because when the Kundalini is rising it’s better to keep your attention inside. At least through the eyes the attention goes out, so if you keep your eyes closed the Kundalini rises much better. Sometimes She does not rise if your attention is out, so I know attention cannot be inside, but when you close your eyes at least it is not going out too much. So the Kundalini rises and It sucks in all your attention, like I can say in My sari if I have the Kundalini rising like that it sucks in the sari like the attention, In the same way it goes up and ultimately pierces through here. It should happen, you all should certify yourself, nobody needs certify you. Once you say you are feeling the cool breeze then you can ask somebody to see you. If you are not feeling it, don’t get desperate, you all can feel it. There are so many here sitting and I’m sure you can be told and helped. And then once you get it, you have to help others. That’s how we are going to work it out.

So now please put left hand like this, right hand on your heart. Now here close your eyes. In the heart resides the Spirit, so please ask Me three times a question in your heart, not loudly. Please ask Me sincerely a question. You can call Me “Shri Mataji” or you can call Me “Mother”, whatever you like. “Mother, am I the Spirit? Mother, am I the Spirit? Mother, am I the Spirit?” Now this is a fundamental question you’re asking to a computer, which has to give you the answer.

Now this question is followed by another question when you put your right hand in the upper part of your stomach on the left-hand side. You’re working everything on the left-hand side and press it hard. Now here is the centre, which gives you the power of mastery over yourself, the mastery over the divine knowledge, the mastery over the working of the divine knowledge. That means you become your own master, you become your own guru, nobody can dominate you, nothing can dominate you, no habits can dominate you. So at this point you press your fingers dig them down here you have to ask the second question to me, Mother am I my own master? Ask this questions three times please, with full faith in yourself ask this question: “Mother, am I my own master? ” This will neutralize all your useless feelings and everything. “Mother am I my own master?”

Now please take your hand down in the lower part of your abdomen and press it hard there on the left-hand side, keep the left hand towards me. Now here is the centre, which is working out the divine technique, the pure knowledge, the true art of this technique is worked out through this centre here. At this centre I cannot force you in any way that you should ask me for your self-realization. It should be your own desire free will ask for it. So here you please ask Me, “Mother, may I have the true knowledge?” This has to be said six times because there are six petals to this center. “Mother, may I have the true knowledge, the pure knowledge of the divine technique?”

(Why don’t you do? You’re so young, please try, it’s very easy. For young people to be that adamant is not good. But please try, it’s worth it.)

Six times please. You must learn to listen and sometimes understand, all right? Now raise this hand again on the left-hand side, on the same center of the principle of the mastery on the upper part of your abdomen of your stomach, on the left-hand side, And now press it hard. This center has got ten petals, so here now you have to help your Kundalini to rise by asserting the truth, by saying ten times with full confidence in yourself, “Mother I am my master. Mother I am my own master. Mother I am my own master.” Please say it ten times.

Now again you raise your hand on top of your heart and put it there with full confidence here, as this centre has got twelve petals you have to say with full confidence in yourself the truth, “Mother I am the Sprit.” You are the Spirit, so please say with full confidence, “Mother I am the Spirit.” Believe Me, you are the Spirit. Twelve times.

You have to know that Divine is the ocean of God’s love. It is the ocean of His forgiveness and you cannot do anything that He cannot forgive. He’s that powerful, His forgiveness is that powerful, so there’s no need for you to feel guilty about anything whatsoever, by that you’re challenging His power of forgiveness. So now you raise your hand in the angle of your neck and your shoulder and push it back towards the spinal chord and press it very hard. Now this is the most difficult center in the West. As I said, when you feel guilty you catch this center and you get all kinds of troubles like angina also troubles like spondylitis and so many other problems.

Now press it hard and with full confidence, you say sixteen times, “Mother I’m not guilty.” Sixteen times. You have to be pleasant with yourself; you have to cherish yourself and not to condemn yourself at all by any chance. You are not guilty. So please say, “Mother, I am not guilty at all” sixteen times. But those who still want to go ahead with it punish themselves by saying it 108 times. That would be the best. (Shri Mataji blowing on her hand and rubbing Her hands) So much heat coming out from there, so much of heat. “I’m not guilty.”

Put your left hand towards Me, say with full confidence. Wow, this is the worst hurdle, I tell you. It’s just a myth; it’s a conception in your head that you’re guilty. What guilt can you have that cannot be washed by the great power of God’s love and forgiveness? (Shri Mataji is rubbing Her hands) Sixteen times or 108 times. You do not know how to love yourself. You’re supposed to be selfish but there’s no selfishness I think. (Shri Mataji is blowing hard and rubbing Her hands)

Now raise this hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides. Now, here is the center where you have to forgive others. I will not say how many times but from your heart, please say, “Mother, I forgive everyone, I forgive everyone, I forgive everyone.” Now maybe you might say it’s very difficult, but it’s not all because it is mythical. What do you do by not forgiving or forgiving? Is nothing, but when you don’t forgive you play into the hands of wrong people. So just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone, everyone I forgive.” This is the greatest weapon Christ has given us – to forgive. Forgive everyone, forgive everyone, forgive everyone.

Now for your own satisfaction you may put your hand on the backside of your head, backside of your head. Here is the center where you have to say that “If I have done anything wrong against the Divine, please forgive me.” You have to ask the Divine the forgiveness, so that there’s no doubt in your mind or sort of lurking guilt. Say that three times of from your heart it will work out, but don’t count the mistakes, so called. Just say that, saying is sufficient. Saying is the enlightened chanting, all right?

Now stretch your hand put it on top of your head, bend you head a little bit forward. On top of your head, bend it and now rub it hard the scalp seven times. Here again I cannot cross your freedom, so you have to say, “Mother, I want my Realization.” I cannot force it on you, so just say, “I want my Realization.” I can only persuade you, but I cannot force it. You have to ask for it. So please say seven times, “Mother, please may I have my realization? Please give me my Realization” seven times.

(Shri Mataji blows seven times into the microphone)

Now bring down your right hand, put it towards Me. Slowly open your eyes and put your left hand bending your head a little bit on top of your head here, little higher and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. With the left hand you see, not with the right, right hand towards Me, the right hand towards Me, the left hand just try to see if you’re feeling any cool breeze out of your head, all right? Don’t get upset. If you’re not feeling doesn’t matter, we’ll work it out. Doesn’t matter. Now turn it round again put it here the right hand, see with the right hand if you’re feeling the cool breeze. Some people don’t feel it, doesn’t matter. Nothing so desperately bad. There is, I can see that. Now left hand again, little higher, maybe little higher, some people feel it very high you see, it shoots off, just see.

Now you may put your hand up towards the sky and ask the question, “Is this the All-Pervading Power of God’s love? Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the Brahma Shakti?” Ask the question three times. Now, such a lot, all the Sahaja Yogis sitting here. Are you feeling? Cool breeze? Or what? Something happening? Now put back your hand, now don’t analyze it just see in the hands are you feeling any cool breeze in the hands. All right, little bit, some feel a little bit; but it’s all right, the beginning has started. Now most of you have got the right hands less, so put the right hand towards Me, left hand like this towards the sky, it will ventilate. Left hand like this and now forgive, forgive everyone, everyone you forgive, just forgive. That’s the mantra. It will release, left hand up. Right hand towards Me and left hand up. Now right hand towards Me. Moving, is it? Slowly, slowly it will move, right hand is difficult because mostly we are very right-sided people, mostly. Yes, good.

Now with the left hand you put towards Me and right hand towards the Mother Earth like this. Left hand towards Me and right hand towards the Mother earth. This is what we are doing: we are correcting the elements within us, bringing them into balance. Which you will know very soon what it was, what we were doing. You’ll know everything. No, no left towards Me, left towards Me and right towards the Mother Earth. Right towards the Mother Earth. Left towards Me, right towards the Mother Earth. Mmm, better. All right?

Now all those who have felt the cool breeze in the head or in the hands raise your both the hands. All of you? Practically? The sprouting has started.

May God bless you.

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